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Heather Clements, CD(DONA)

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Garner, NC Service range 45 miles Serving Orange, Durham, Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Wayne counties. Serving clients in Fayetteville who plan to birth at Baby and Company.



Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Birth Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 150 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 50 families served

Doula Training

  • ProDoula, March 2016
  • ProDoula, July 2018

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1 to 6 births and 1 to 10 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: We have training and experience in caring for multiples.

Attends hospital births? No Hospitals
I have had one child of my own in a hospital so I can offer a personal perspective. I have helped clients labor and have a positive birth experience at WakeMed Cary, WakeMed Raleigh, Rex, UNC, Duke, Duke Regional, and Betsy Johnson hospitals. I encourage creating a birth plan for any hospital birth and I enjoy writing birth plans for my clients! I enjoy working with the hospital staff and my clients to create the best possible birth experience for my families. I'm happy to provide breastfeeding support in the immediate postpartum period and beyond. I have completed the Hypnobabies Hypnodoula training. Contact me at info@doulasofraleigh.com

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have had two children of my own at the Women's Birth and Wellness Center. I am very familiar with their model of care. I most enjoy supporting water births at the WBWC but I am happy to help my client labor in whichever way is most beneficial to them . I am also pleased to say that I have attended several land and waterbirths at Baby and Company.

Attends home births? No Home Births
Unfortunately, my liability insurance does not cover homebirths at this time.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • ASL (American Sign Language)
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

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Garner, NC Service range 45 miles Serving Orange, Durham, Wake, Johnston, Harnett, Wayne counties. Serving clients in Fayetteville who plan to birth at Baby and Company.

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Malissa Albright


After having a doula with my first child in Boston, I knew that I wanted one for my second as well. Upon finding out I was expecting our second child, I immediately went on the doula hunt here in Raleigh, and I was so thankful to have found Heather! I interviewed her over Facetime, and I immediately felt at ease by Heather's kindness and gentle spirit. That type of personality is one you want during labor - someone that calms you down, encourages and helps you! Heather was so prepared for our pre-labor meetings; she asks excellent questions (possibly questions you hadn't though of yourself, like does Dad want to catch the baby?!), and even writes your birth plan for you! (I really appreciated that, since I have a toddler and was exhausted from being pregnant too!)

During my actual labor, she followed my lead and encouraged me, but also wasn't afraid to suggest a change in position or coping strategies if she felt like they would be helpful. She was such an advocate for me in communicating my preferences to the hospital staff and telling them information they needed to know (like the fact that I had broken tailbone!) She also was such a help for my husband, who ovbiously didn't want to bother me with questions he had during the day. :) 

Heather also encapsulates placentas! She does all the work for you, from buying you a cooler bag for the placenta to showing up at your house to do it right after birth. 

You will be so blessed by Heather; I sure was!


Katherine McGrath


I worked with Heather as a sibling doula for my 20 month old daughter during my labor. My daughter had never had a babysitter prior, but Heather's professionalism and demeanor made me beyond confident in leaving my daughter in her care. My daughter is usually shy with strangers but took to Heather right away. She was easy to work with both before labor and during. She was always responsive and accommodating, even agreeing to meet us both at the birth center and my house for playdates. My labor went quickly, but Heather stayed with my daughter post labor until we were ready to leave. She even got her to fall asleep easily for the night in an unfamiliar environment! I can honestly say that Heather enhanced my birth experience by allowing me to focus on my birth rather than worry about my daughter. I highly recommend her as a sibling doula and have no doubts that she would be a calming and supportive presence as a birth doula as well.

Virginia McCray Musselman


You would be so blessed to have Heather as your doula. She helped me with the birth of my first child on September 1, 2016. Her support style is very gentle and she knows right when to suggest a different position and will honor whatever birth experience you want. She was also a great support to my husband who was also working hard to coach me through labor. Another invaluable service she offered was helping us write our birth plan, we told her what we wanted and she created it for us. This took a huge weight off my mind.  Another thing I loved about heather is that she was willing to come to my house whenever I  into labor to support me. A lot of doulas wait until you've progressed more but she was came early on and stayed with me for almost 24 hours since I had a long labor. She is excellent at what she does and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

Kate M


Heather is an amazing birth and postpartum Doula! She is really caring and compassionate and made my whole birth experience as wonderful as it could have possibly been. She was extremely supportive and making sure that I was very comfortable every second. Even though my husband and I had taken a labor and delivery class, we both kind of blanked when the time came about things to do for comfort measures during labor. Heather jumped in immediately and took charge. My birth ended up resulting in a c-section after many many hours due to some complications beyond my control and even though I really didn't want a cesarean, I have absolutely no bitter feelings towards my birth experience because I know that Heather made sure we did every possible thing we could to have a successful vaginal delivery. I cried when they told me she would not be allowed back into the operating room because I really wanted her support back there as well. After the procedure she was extremely supportive and knew all the right things to do to help me recover from surgery comfortably. I didn't want her to leave!

We have continued to use her for day & overnight postpartum support and she has been a great help. She is always thinking ahead about what she can do to be helpful before I even realize I need it. She is extremely caring & compassionate with our baby and is one of the very few people we trust to watch her ...especially overnight!

I would highly recommend hiring Heather as both a birth & postpartum doula!

Kristin Royal


Heather was the last, perfect piece to the puzzle for our labor and delivery! This was our second pregnancy and birth, and we were looking for a doula to be there to aid us in achieving another low intervention birth for our family.  Her warm, inviting, and calm demeanor was perfect for us!

Her meetings with us during the pregnancy always put us at ease and also gave me a time to focus on this pregnancy and birth during the craziness of managing a toddler and work. Come delivery, she helped me know when it was time to head in from home and was a steady voice and presence the entire time.  I am truly grateful for her as she kept me calm when sometimes the nurses were not! We had a smooth and wonderful experience, thanks in large part to her! I will no doubt use her again if we have a third baby!

We also used her placenta encapsulation services which has been wonderful!

Jessica Tisdale


I was in need of a person to support myself and husband through the birthing process. I interviewed a few candidate doulas and Heather had the calmest, well-rounded and an old friend feel to her practice. i was look for the right person who would be kind, likable, knowledgeable and responsive and she was all of this.  I had an amazing birth experience with her, we were able to labor at home in the beginning utlizing many pain management techniques. At the hospital she was a approachable, well liked personality in the room for the hospital staff and we all worked as a team to deliver my baby boy. She had many great pain management suggestions during the hospital delivery and emotionally encouraged/coached me to continue my great breathing techniques and ultimately made me feel like I could continue on my pathway of a no-epidural vaginal birth. We did it in the end and followed our birth plan! I couldn't be more happier with the outcome and recommend her to anyone looking to hire a doula. 


Crystal Wilkinson


We used Heather as a Sibling Doula for the birth of our 4th baby in July 2015. We were new to the area, and didnt have any family/friends around and I was struggling with what we were going to do with my three kids (ages 8, 5, 3) during labor and birth. We were having a homebirth, and wanted the kids around for delivery, but I didn't want them to be a distraction for me or my husband. I was also concerned with what would happen should there be an emergency, who would stay with the kids? We looked at hiring our regular sitter to be "on call" but it wasn't practical for her or her other clients. We found the solution in Heather's Sibling Doula services. 

It was the perfect solution for us, Heather was on call for us in the weeks surrounding the birth. She was familiar with the birthing process, so she was able to support my kids during delivery and answer their questions in an age appropriate way. One of our kids has severe food allergies and asthma and she was comfortable and trained to deal with his issues. Mu kids were immediately comfortable with her and she was great with all three of them. 

In the end, were so glad to have Heather. My labor was long and after delivery I needed to head in to the hospital. Without her I don't know what we would have done with the kids and a stressful time would have been even more stressful. When we returned home everything was under control, my kids and house were well taken care of.

I highly recommend her services. My only regret is that I wasn't able to hire her twice, once for my kids and once to be a doula for me.





Beth Worek


Heather was wonderful and supportive throughout my pregnancy and labor and birth, and the weeks following. She is warm, caring, knowledgeable, funny, and dedicated to her clients. 

Heather made herself available for to answer my questions during pregnancy and supported my goal of a natural, unmedicated birth at Baby and Company. She was sensitive to my anxiety around transferring for a hospital birth, especially once I passed 40 weeks. She was supportive to my desire to use holistic methods to induce labor and provided wonderful recommendations and resources to avoid medical induction. 

On the day of my daughter's birth Heather met us at the birth center and jumped right in to help me and my husband throughout labor. She provided words of encouragement when I was exhausted, always telling me I was doing a great job and to keep it up. She was flexible throughout labor, encouraging me to follow my instincts and do whatever felt natural as I deviated from my birth plan. She was also a wonderful support for my husband, providing him with tools during delivery to help me.

One of the most special roles Hether played that day was taking pictures for us while I delivered our daughter. I'm so happy that she captured that moment for us and I loved seeing the pictures after. And she continued to check in with us in the days following our daughter's birth, offering to provide more support after I told her we were in the hospital 2 days later due to my daughter's jaundice.

I would highly recommend Heather as a doula! I had the best birth I could hope for and will always be grateful for the encouragement and support she provided.  


Leyton Prentice


Heather supported be before, during, and after my recent unmedicated water birth at Baby and Company. She was so kind and welcoming that we clicked right away during our prenatal visit. Although I was trained as a doula myself years ago, there is no replacement for the support that Heather was able to offer me. I had a lot of anxiety leading up to my birth. I was worried about how I would deal with labor since this was my first planned unmedicated birth. She not only offered tremendous support each time I reached out to her, but she would reach out to me as well to ensure I was coping well. This was all before I even went into labor!

I used hypnobirthing and many other techniques to cope with active labor. So, I by the time I felt I needed extra support, and went from my home to the birth center, I was already 8 centimeters. Regardless, HEather showed up exactly when I asked her and needed her to. She immediately went to work setting up the birth environment (she brought Christmas lights from her own house). This made a huge difference in the atmosphere and made for some gorgeous photos! Heather knew where to be during the birth so as not to intrude but still support. She made sure I stayed hydrated and guided my partner on what to do to support me. I gave birth only an hour and a half after ariving at birth center, but Heather's job was not done.

I had excessive blood loss after the birth and needed medical intervention (some pills and an IV which they gave right there at birth center). She stayed with me and continued to support and keep me hydrated. She also facilitated my daughter beastfeeding for the first time since my arm had an IV in it and I couldn't do it myself. The IV was a big fear of mine but with Heather's support it was no big deal at all. 


Heather still continues to check in me and the baby and I'm glad to call her a friend!

Hunter Summerlin


I had some initial difficulty finding a doula with availability on my due date who was willing to travel to my home in a very rural area.  Heather was recommended by another doula I contacted who was moving before my due date.  I cannot say enough positive things about the experience I had with Heather.  She is worth her weight in gold--and then some--and absolutely was the best match for my needs.  Heather is so kind, empathetic, calm, supportive, and prepared.  She scheduled a tour of the hospital where I planned to give birth because she had not been there in a few years.  She traveled to my home twice--no minor feat for where I live.  She offered countless tools and resources to make me feel more prepared, calm, and comfortable.  With Heather's support and encouragement, I was able to achieve my birth goal, a VBAC, in spite of some major medical challenges and a Pitocin induction.  Heather told me that she has attended a lot of VBACs but never an induced VBAC.  I was her first induced VBAC and there aren't words to describe how unflappable and amazing she was during my labor and delivery.  Heather was so thrilled for me even though my induction was long and I used 24+ hours of her time.  Heather is truly a gift and I will never forget her.  She has a good sense of where to be during labor and delivery to provide constant support while being careful not to usurp the roles of the family members present.  She is in constant communication before birth and can give helpful hints for any situations or concerns that arise.  She is rock solid when challenges arise.  I wish every birthing mother the support I had from Heather.  She is certainly a shining star in the doula community.

Alexandra Ten Broek


Heather was a major support to us when we needed her! We moved to Raleigh in the third trimester and hired her just a week before being induced. I had planned an out of hospital birth and was very nervous to be transferred to the hospital but Heather was wonderful! She was constantly supportive in the days leading up to induction and even came prepared with a birth plan that I didn't have a chance to write myself! Without having to discuss every aspect of my desires she intuitively could tell what was important to my husband and I and her guesses were 100% spot on. The day we had our precious Evelyn labor was very fast (only a couple hours!) but Heather was there as quickly as possible once we called her and jumped right in! I consider her extremely calming and maybe the only thing that kept me from completely panicking when labor went so quickly. She constantly provided reassurance and reminding me to breathe and stay calm. I am so glad we asked Heather to be our doula!!

Sandi Hanley


Heather was absoulutely wonderful!  Due to some unforeseen circumtances we contacted her late in my pregnancy and she was super flexible and easy to work with.  She was completely my rock during my labor, which was very fast and intense. We had some bumps during early labor and she was totally wonderful and helped us get the help we needed.  Her calm demeanor really helped keep me focused and she helped me realize I could do this and was doing it.  With her help I was able to deliver my beautiful daughter naturally, in the water, just as I wanted.  I would highly recommend Heather to anyone needing a doula!! 



Camille Collins


I truly believe that Heather was meant to be a doula. I have never met anyone more compassionate, supportive, and enthusiastic about the birth process as her. She offered invaluable knowledge and provided support for both my husband and I that started before I even went into labor by helping us write a birth plan. Heather went over what to expect on the delivery day, answered all our questions, and brought up many valid points we had never thought of as first time parents. We were aiming for a natural, non-medicated birth and my mind was almost completely at ease after our first consultation.

I went into labor 10 days early, and was in complete denial when my water broke at 6 am before getting ready for work. Heather was available to talk to me right away and she kept me calm by telling me what to expect and how the day might proceed. I was admitted to the hospital right away (as Heather suspected), but with no contractions I was starting to see my perfect birth plan go right out the window. Luckily, Heather offered several all-natural methods to get my contractions started, which did work! During the entire labor, she continually provided my husband with comfort measures to help ease my pain but was also there to comfort me herself. After 2.5 hours of pushing, the baby was just not making much progress. After discussing it with the nurse, she suggested a different position for me to try and the baby starting moving down the birth canal again. One hour later we were holding our precious little son, and Heather was there to help him breastfeed for the first time.

With Heathers help, we were able to have the perfect natural, non-medicated birth that I always envisioned, and we were able to follow the birth plan to a T. Of course, in true Heather fashion, she continued to check in on us during the recovery process and offered lots of encouragement and advice postnatal.

Suzanne Parker Miller


We hired Heather Clements as our Postpartum Doula to be present with us in the Recovery Room after my c-section and to help us throughout the first day. We especially wanted help wtih breastfeeding to get started well for better success. We'd had a rough experience with my 3 year old when he was born, and were looking for a better and different experience this time around. We called Heather when my water broke and we were headed to the Hospital. I saw her as I came out of the OR and she was present with us in Recovery and went with us to the Postpartum Room. It was such a blessing to have her calm presence, knowledge, and experience with us in the room as we were getting started with skin-to-skin and the beginnings of breastfeeding. We talked about the experience and she was able to help me process and debrief the feelings and emotions as we worked to get my daughter to latch and feed. 

Our entire c-section experiene this time around has been completely different from the first time in the most wonderful ways, and I attribute much of that to having Heather's support and know-how to walk with us on this journey. My husband and I both feel hiring a Postpartum Doula for my c-section was one of the best decisions we've made. Thank you to Heather for all she did to support and walk along side us!  We are thankful for you!

Selena Helms Reece


Heather is truly amazing at what she does. She seems like she was made to be a doula! When we were interviewing doulas, we selected Heather because I felt she had a very calming precense and would be comforting to have around during labor. She was so calm and encouraging during a very long labor. She helped guide my husband in ways to help keep me comfortable throughout the day. My labor lasted around 18 hours and got pretty intense toward the end. I was able to deliver a 9 lb 2 oz baby without an epidural or medication, thanks to Heather's support and guidance. I really do not think I would have been able to do it naturally without her! I did tear a little and Heather stayed with me and held my hand while the doctor stitched me up and my husband got to be with the baby. It was the craziest, most intense, most amazing day of my life and I'm so glad I had Heather by my side! She is worth every penny!

Rozanna Goocey


Heather was a terrific doula.  She provided informative prenatal sessions, and constantly kept in touch with me as I approached my due date.  I was a strong VBAC candidate, but I didn't go into labor.  I was two weeks overdue, so a c-section was inevitable.  Heather was supportive even after the c-section as she visited me in the hospital and kept in touch after I went home.  In my opinion, Heather demonstrated the willingness to go over and above what was "contracted."  She has a warm and calming presence.  She listened to our needs, and also made helpful and educated suggestions based on what she heard from us.  

Without any hesitation I would recommend Heather as a doula!



Janelle Shewmaker


In my first trimester, I found myself on Doulamatch searching for a doula who could help me have the low-intervention childbirth I wanted but in a hospital setting.  I could not recommend Heather more highly, and she will be one of the first people I contact if I am in need of a doula in the future.  She is friendly, calm under pressure, compassionate, extremely knowledgeable, and works in sync with nurses and doctors on delivery day -- all of the things you want and need when you're doing the hardest work of your life.  I felt very confident with her  by my side during labor and delivery.  My husband had doubts at first about whether we needed a doula at our birth, but after the baby was born and we reflected on our experience, he said he could not imagine our birth experience without Heather.  She gave him a break during labor when he needed it, she supported me the entire time and guided him with comfort measures to use on me when my contractions got really intense, and she was there with a honey stick, Nutrigrain bar, and whiff of peppermint oil in the pushing stage when I felt I couldn't physically continue.  She even hung Christmas lights in the hospital room that I focused on when the contractions were overwhelming.  She stayed in contact with me throughout the pregnancy, was in constant contact with me during most of Christmas Eve when my water broke and I had tons of questions, and she left her family on Christmas to be by my side.  She is truly a devoted doula and played a huge role in my amazing birth experience.  I would also add that her fees are very reasonable and for all of the services you get from her (multiple in person meetings, text and email communications, postpartum visit, and a personalized birth story written from Heather's perspective which is priceless in my opinion!), your money will go far as opposed to other doulas who do not offer the same access or affordability.   

Latonya Spivey


I am extremely grateful that Heather came into our family's lives to assit us with the birth of our son (and first baby). We went on our search for a Doula a little late and met Heather just a little over two months before my due date. She was very informative and prepared at each meeting we had with her and left us with the assurance that we were in great hands. She has a kind and friendly demeanor and does not judge any decisions that you may make about your birth plan. Her response time to emails and phone calls was almost immediate, something that was very important to us. On labor day, Heather arrived very early in the morning to assit us with labor and was a lifesaver. She knew exactly when to direct us to the hospital and was extremely attentive and supportive once there. Not only do I feel that we hired an excellent doula but we also made a new friend! I would highly recommend Heather and would be very likely to use her again if we decide to expand our family in the future.

Grace Purtell


I can't say enough wonderful things about Heather and express what a gift she was to my husband and I as we prepared to welcome our little girl into the world. Being new to the area in addition to a new mom there was so much that i didn't know. Heather spent considerable time with us and was a wealth of information. I had so much confidence going into the birth process because of her. Heather, is kind, patient and gracious. She is everything you could want in a doula! She also helped my husband feel a part of the process and made him feel more comfortable.

As for the labor process, Heather was a great support and encourager. I valued her insight and experience in helping me navigate my contractions and the quick change in the birth plan as my daughter was breeched. She came by the hospital to check on me in addition to my house to make sure the baby was nursing well. The level of care she provided was exceptional and my husband and I kept saying what a lifesaver she was. I would wholeheartedly recommend Heather to any expectant mom to be. She is amazing and we are so thankful for her being a part of our daughter's story!

Sherri Fetzer


I was so fortunate to have found Heather! Within moments of talking with her, I could tell that she was a very caring and kind person. Her passion for people and being a doula was very evident. She made me feel completely at ease in our pre-birth meetings and she was so easy to talk to, I had to apologize for keeping her late each time! 

Heather's presence was that of a close friend who knew me and could anticipate my needs. She seemed to know what I would need before I knew I needed it. She was constantly attending to me and was able to suggest positions for comfort and help me transition into the different positions, decreasing my discomfort through early labor. She comforted me and keep me focused through the rougher times of labor, and really helped me ease through pushing and delivery.

My husband felt the same ease with Heather that I did and was so happy that she was there for both of us. He mentioned that, while he knew I was her main focus, she was attentive to him and his needs as well. He felt like he was able to enjoy the birthing process and birth so much more because of her.

Heather's care did not end after the delivery. She continued to talk with me after I was home and offer her time to listen to me. She offered words of encouragement that I so desperately needed and helped me get through a few post-delivery, rough spots.

Heather went above and beyond anything I could ever expect. She truly made my birth and the birthing process wonderful and stress free for both me and my husband. We are so thankful for all she provided to us and we would love to have her with us again if we are blessed with another child.  



Lauren E. Burke


Heather was an awesome help as a post-partum doula!  She was good at assessing our needs and suggesting ways she could help.  Her calm and confident presence and personable manner were a relief during what can be a very hectic time!  She met with us prior to the birth, and helped us feel prepared in advance by answering questions and providing resources regarding things like babywearing and cloth diapering.  She helped me with breastfeeding and learning how to use a breast pump, did some household chores like the dishes and some laundry, and cared for the baby when we needed a break.  My husband and I even got dinner on the table together one night when Heather was over and had what felt like our first conversation about something other than our baby!  :)  We'd highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Stephanie Ware


The moment I met Heather I knew that she was exactly the type of doula I would want at my birth! Her devotion to her craft is inspiring. She truly lives and breathes this stuff! I was so thrilled when she said she could be my doula, and I knew that she was the perfect match for me. She was a great support prenatally- offering me lots of emotional support when I needed it, putting up with my late-night texts, and just helping me to remain positive through the hard times. 

This was my third birth, but it was my first home birth. Heather arrived right on time- she just knew when to show up- even though I had told her that it was fine and she could take her time :) When she walked through the door I was so relieved! She immediately fit right into my rhythm and started helping me work through my contractions as they progressed. We were able to talk and joke in between contractions quite easily, because she was so calm and such a positive prescence. She even remebered all of the little things that I said I liked (like having my hair brushed). She offered great support to my husband as well and offered him advice on how to support me. She also knew when to step aside and let my husband and I have some time to work together through some contractions. After a short second stage, my baby was born in the birthing pool we had set up in our home! 

After the birth, Heather helped to tuck me into my own bed and then gave me a wonderful post partum foot massage! This was an especially nice touch :) 

Throughout the first week post partum, Heather checked in on me several times and even brought my family dinner (and brownies!) one night.

All in all, I could not be more pleased with Heather's skill as a doula. I will be recommending her to my friends, for sure!

Jessica Rotenberg


I contacted Heather as soon as I was pregnant and was thrilled that she could be our doula. We met with her in preparation for labor and it was great to have someone to bounce ideas off of and calm our nerves down with. It also forced us to get serious about preparing for our birth which was going by the wayside. Heather's experience with both hospital and birth center births was a great help in helping us prepare as well because we were using a birth center instead of a hospital this time. We went in feeling really knowledgable about the differences. 

During the birth, Heather was very calming. She did all of the little things to help so my husband could stay by my side at all times. She thought of comfort measures that we didn't which made labor easier for me. Afterward, it was nice being checked on often via text and phone (and even in person). I even got a neck rub!

I'd highly recommend Heather as a doula!

Katy Bauer


Heather was a very calm, supportive presence from our first prenatal meeting. We met twice and she answered my texts, calls and Facebook messages throughout the pregnancy to answer any questions or give advice several times I needed it. 

When my birthing time came around she met with us at the hospital and was with us for approximately 10 hours through the birth of our son and the first couple post partum hours. I am so grateful for the support she gave me through my labor both physically and mentally. Having her there was not only reassuring and calming for me, but also for my husband. 

Heather really helped me have the birth I was hoping for and I'd definitely hire her again if I have another baby!

Mai Shaffner


Heather helped me have the all natural childbirth I wanted with my third child. She met with me multiple times prior to the birth to discuss my birth preferences ane was always available for questions when I had them. I always felt supported with my decisions and felt that Heather was very knowledgable as well as open to discussing different birthing options. During my labor, Heather was very supportive, offering many different suggestions on positions to try as well as making sure my husband was included. She was helpful with easing back pain with massages and made sure that my needs were met. Heather stayed with me after my daughter's birth to make sure she was available if I needed help nursing or getting around. I felt very in control with Heather's help in having my natural childbirth and was very satisfied with my birthing experience. Heather's warmth, knowledge and support gave me the strength to soldier through the painful contractions, I wish I had had Heather for my first two births!

Tawnie Gainer


Heather was an amazing Doula and as a first time mother, I genuinely cannot imagine going through delivery without her support. Her genuine caring, enthusiasm for her job and expertise would be difficult, if not impossible, to match.

We met several times before the birth and she also checked in with me via text/phone/email to make sure that any questions I had were answered. She guided me through all of the options I had during delivery as well as sharing with me her research and personal experiences. She helped me design a birth plan that I was able to share with my midwives and the hospital so that we could all review it beforehand. I felt very informed when it was time to deliver.

Heather was there for all of the important times (like my Foley Bulb catherization) to help me through everything. I had to have labor induced due to some health concerns and she was with me the entire time I labored. She helped me through contractions and helped me get through the difficult times. When I went into final labor, Heather kept both me and my husband calm during a difficult labor/delivery. When complications arose, she was our rock and helped me deliver without any interventions. Our son was born with shoulder dysplasia (which means he got stuck for a few minutes) and while my husband started to freak out, she kept calm and helped him to stay calm as well. 

After our son was born, Heather continued to offer information and support. He is a happy, healthy baby. We consider Heather a part of our family now and I will definitely be hiring her again when we are blessed with another pregnancy.

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