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Ildi Sebestyén & Samantha Harris

The Budding Belly

White Plains, NY Service range 18 miles Serving Westchester county, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Fairfield county

Birth Fee

$3500 to $3750

Postpartum Rate



Birth Fee

$3500 to $3750

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 364 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

4 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • Pacific Association for Labor Support (PALS) - Certified Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, July 2013
  • Carriage House Birth, February 2019

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
We offer to support you to achieve your desired birth in the hospital of your choice. We stay 2 hours with you after the birth to make sure your needs are met.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We are available to support you to achieve your birth center birth and stay with you an additional 3+ hours to make sure you have all the help you might need.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
We offer to serve you to achieve your desired birth at the comfort of your home. We are happy to be part of your support team, and to provide additional help with set up before and clean up after your birth.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Photography - Birth
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Spanish

Fee Details

- Free consultation via Zoom. - 2 prenatal meetings (2 to 3 hours each) - On call 24/7 from time of signing. You can reach us by phone or email if you have questions, concerns or need guidance. - Continuous labor and delivery support (emotional, physical, informational support). - Immediate postpartum support up to 2 hours after birth. - 2 postpartum visits at home (3 to 5 days after birth and 10 to 12 days after birth). - TENS unit, birth ball and peanut ball upon request.

Service Area

White Plains, NY Service range 18 miles Serving Westchester county, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Fairfield county

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Client Testimonials for Ildi Sebestyén & Samantha Harris

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Christina B.


We had the best experience with Ildi and Sam! I am a recent first time mom, and found that the support and knowledge from both of them was essential during my pregnancy, labor process and postpartum. What stands out to me the most is how genuinely caring they are. They gave me confidence and the tools to advocate for myself, which ultimately helped me in so many ways - getting in a good headspace for labor (as well as physically!), prepping my birth wishes, guiding my husband and I through all our questions and areas we were unsure about, everything that comes with postparum, and so much more. A special shout out goes to Ildi for coming over after we got home from the hospital and helping us get settled, washing bottles, breast pump 101, the first baby bath, and just overall being a comfort to us as we navigate being new parents. It helped us immensely!

Nabeela Ahmed


Sam was my post partum doula for the birth of my daughter in July 2023. She started working with us about 2 weeks before the delivery, informing us about the labor process and answering my extensive list of questions. During this time, above all else she gave me the confidence to get through the experience. After my daughter was born, Sam would come over to my place for 3H session and would be available via text for any outstanding questions. I cannot say enough about this time with her- she was super informative, helpful and always willing to listen. She really helped me establish breastfeeding, figure out pumping and just overall how to be a more confident mom. I would highly recommend her and hope to use her services again for future children! 

Marli Bergner


Working with Sam and Ildi was a beautiful part of our pregnancy, labor, and postpartum experience. Sam and Ildi are both informed, supportive, and cheerleaders. They both are responsive and thoughtful and, as first time parents, gave my husband and I confidence in our decision making around pregnancy, labor and parenting. 

Sam was on call the night of my induction and provided us with strong recommendations that put us in control and limited intervention. When she arrived at the hospital we were met with calmness and so much positivity. She helped with coping mechanisms and made me feel so strong and capable. 

Since birth she's also been extremely communicative: giving us tips for caring for our baby, talking through my personal recovery, and making us feel proud of our accomplishments as new parents. 

We have so much gratitude for both Ildi and Sam and highly recommend working with them for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. We feel lucky to have had them at our side. 



Absolutely highly recommend to use Ildi & Sam's services. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant about hiring a doula due to lack of my knowledge about the whole process, but it was one of the best decisions. We met both of them during first two sessions which were very informative and helpful. Throughout last few weeks leading to the due date, we have been in touch with Sam who was continuously checking on me and baby and giving various advices in regards to my concerns. Both Ildi and Sam possess warm caring personalities that totally fit the work they do. I wish I had hired them as postpartum doulas as well since we already knew them and developed trust through our time together. I would definitely recommend hiring them as birth and postpartum doulas . Once a baby is born, you would want help from people that are not only qualified but also people you can trust. During the birth process we have been in touch with Ildi since the beginning and later she joined us in the hospital when the time was right. I appreciate her knowledge, care and understanding of the process.  Ildi was on top of everything that was happening and communicating/advocating for me and my baby.  Ildi explained nuances that we didn't know or feel comfortable. Overall, it was a great experience and I would definitely hire them again. Thank you so much!

Sameea and Dan


We cannot rave enough about Sam!

We signed on with Sam as a post partum doula, but got so much more out of working with her than we'd expected. She was in touch well before our son was born to check in, offer advice and any other help we needed. When our baby arrived, she was very proactive in setting a time with us, and very flexible in accomodating our schedules.

She was very comfortable taking care of our baby, and jumped right in to helping us. She was great with our baby, and had a solution or recommendation for just about everything we were worried about. She has so much experience and great advice, and found the right balance between guiding and letting us feel out what we wanted to do. She is also an excellent cook :) 

One of the most impressive things about Sam is that she is both incredibly warm and empathetic, and exceptionally effective, a rare combination. We only spent a few hours at a time with her, but our home always felt much more organized and calm after she left. Even when we ran out of things we needed help with, she found ways to make our home, lives and mental health better. We were always amazed at how much better we felt after her visits.

We're very grateful to have found Sam. Her presence and guidance in our home helped us truly enjoy the first month of our son's life, something you can't put a price on. Thank you Sam!!


Hayley Bautz


We absolutely can't recommend Ildi enough! As first time parents, Ildi helped us navigate everything from preparation for a baby, childbirth itself and postpartum. Ildi went above and beyond in helping to bring our son into the world while keeping mom and dad supported before, during and after. 

Ildi's pre-baby visits were extremely helpful to understand and strategize labor basics and pain management techniques. With Ildi's help, we put together 'birth wishes' to highlight what was important to us heading into our first birth experience. While labor didn't go as planned due to an unexpected induction, Ildi was still extremely helpful at the hospital in making sure I felt comfortable and in control. 

As if she wasn't already the BEST with leading up to the baby and labor support, I think where Ildi shone brightest was in her postpartum support. I was experiencing significant postpartum anxiety/depression and Ildi's visits provided advice that I needed on nursing, sleeping and general baby care. 

Ildi was kind, knowledgeable, supportive, informative and nurturing - truly everything we needed for support with our firstborn. I can't imagine what the experience of being a first time mom would have looked like without her!



Non-birthing partner testimonial! -- When my wife and I started discussing the birthing process and she laid out how she envisioned the birth going I knew getting a doula would be a great idea. I can't stress enough how helpful it is to have a doula in your corner helping you labor the way you want to labor according to your values and preferences. Sam and Ildi were amazing and would highly recommend. 



We had a wonderful experience working with Ildi and Sam and would highly recommend them to everyone! We wanted to have a positive happy birth experience and avoid unnecessary medical interventions in a hospital setting and we achieved that with their help!  The prenatal visits were very helpful to prepare for labor and I think all the preparation helped bring my baby into a good position and prepare me for labor; they helped me with colostrum collection which was super helpful to bring to the hospital. When my water broke I felt prepared and was able to go into labor naturally at home with their tips, and Sam helped me labor at home until 7 cm dilated. She was very supportive and helped me achieve a peaceful and happy birth. Our postpartum experience was also great, breastfeeding was very smooth thanks to their help. We would highly recommend Ildi and Sam to everyone! 

Caroline H


Sam and Ildi were lifesavers in the first weeks with our first child. Ildi helped with everything from lactation, to organizing all of the baby gear in our kitchen, helping me finish our nursery set up, giving baby-wearing tips, making us delicious meals and sometimes just letting me get some (much needed) sleep when she was with usa few mornings. Each week. Sam is a baby whisperer and the nights she spent with us were a godsend. It was great to know our daughter was in such good hands as we got some overnight rest. Would highly recommend and absolutely use them again! 



As anxious first time parents, we knew we wanted to work with an experienced doula to counter our lack of experience. With Sam and Ildi, we got two! Individually and together they provided the perfect balance of practical guidance and emotional support. I had a lot of fear around childbirth, and they listened with empathy and zero condescension while giving me and my husband tools to demystify the process and focus our anxieties. When we went in for our ultrasound at 39 weeks and the doctors recommended induction that very day because of low amniotic fluid, I was extremely scared and upset. Sam and Ildi helped me weigh the risks and know what questions to ask and also allowed me to grieve the birth experience I had been hoping for. Luckily for me, the induction progressed so quickly and efficiently that Sam was able to arrive just in time for me to start pushing. She seamlessly integrated herself with the medical staff and supported my head through the pushing. Then, she was invaluable in those first moments with our son Grae, helping us achieve our first latch and skin to skin. As Sam and Ildi had mentioned before the birth, new parents focus so much on the birth event itself, but the first weeks postpartum are often the more challenging time. SO TRUE. We clung to the advice we received from Sam and Ildi during those first weeks, texting them constantly with every random question or concern. Sam was such a vital and calming presence in her postpartum visits, helping us with everything from nursing and bathing to mastering the solly wrap and how to massage our constipated baby’s belly. On one visit, I was particularly emotional and frustrated with breastfeeding, and Sam helped us give Grae a bath. In soothing him, she soothed me too! I cannot recommend Sam and Ildi enough. They are the most expert and wonderful guides on this EPIC transition into parenthood.

Sara P


We could not imagine our daughter's birth without Sam. My husband and I were initially unsure if we wanted to work with a doula, but Sam's support leading up to, during, and after the birth is now such an integral part of our family's story. 

She gave us the tools to feel prepared as first time parents. Meeting with her made this experience feel more approachable. She let us ask a ton of questions during each session and gave personalized advice to empower us to make informed choices about the birthing plan.

She was with us every step of the way during my 32 hour labor. She came to our house to help us navigate pain management and timing for admission to the hospital. Sam was knowledgeable and advocated with the doctors to make sure our birth plan was implemented the way we envisioned. Having someone who had spent time learning about us and was able to quickly build trust with our doctors was a game changer. After the birth, she stayed with us until we moved to Labor and Delivery to help us navigate that early stage. 

After our daughter arrived, Sam had several incredibly useful sessions. In the fog of early first time parenthood, Sam was a clear voice with actionable advice to help soothe and support our baby.  We are immensely grateful for the role Sam played in welcoming our daughter to the world. 



My partner was unsure about working with a doula but we were so happy with our choice to work with a doula. Sam and Ildi made the entire process, especially labor, so much better. They provided key support after labor as well with help answering all of our questions about swaddling, latching, and anything else that came up. We're planning on  using them again with any future pregnancies.

Elizabeth and RJ Osterhoudt


We were so lucky to have Ildi and Sam as our Doula team!  It made us feel much more secure being able to work with both of them before the birth.  Every other Doula we spoke with had a back-up in case they couldn’t be there, but we wouldn’t get to meet them until the big day, which made me somewhat apprehensive.  Ildi was our birth Doula, and she was absolutely amazing!!  She made sure both my husband and I understood what was happening, and helped us ensure our wishes were honored.  The post-partum visits were a great help to us as well.  She answered all our questions, and most importantly helped us to feel comfortable in our new role as parents.  We are so grateful, and highly recommend them to anyone looking for a Doula!!

Jess D.


I cannot say enough wonderful things about both Sam and Ildi! We brought Sam in to help us with nights for the first three weeks postpartum. She is warm, knowledgeable, endlessly patient, and just a lovely presence all around. I was terrified for her time with us to end, but with her help we had gotten into a great routine with our little one that we were able to replicate when we were on our own. 

As for Ildi, she came in as our postpartum doula to help us out during the day. Like Sam, Ildi is one of a kind. So empathetic, kind, and helpful. As a first-time mom, I learned so much from her, and as a mom recovering from a c-section, I honestly don't know what I would have done without her incredible homemade recipes, emotional support, and ability to walk into our house and know exactly what we needed without us having to say a word.

Thank you, Sam and Ildi, for making the fourth trimester SO much easier!

Lucio + Emma


Ildi and Sam were so helpful in navigating the transition to parenthood for us. They provided great birthing classes where we felt supported and able to ask questions. When the time came to give birth, Sam was with us through the 30 hour labor process. She was a valuable resource and support through the journey and we're so glad we choose them. Now with a one month old they continue to offer support and encouragement. So happy we got to work with them! 

Remy Tait


We cannot recommend Sam and Ildi enough as birth partners. Both my husband's family and mine are far away, and we were nervous about having our first child and entering parenthood without cosistent, experienced support nearby. The education we did with Ildi and Sam prior to birth helped us feel reassured and ready for what was ahead. Sam attended our birth (scheduled cesarean due to breech presentation) and helped us establish a healthy breastfeeding relationship almost immediately, which set us up for success and has carried through the following months. Sam also helped us in-home post-partum and taught us so many important things like how to begin or improve bathtime, baby wearing, pumping, breastfeeding, sleep scheduling--the list goes on. We've also texted both of them pretty much whenever we've had a big decision to make or a big issue to deal with, and they've always been knowledgable, kind, and helpful resources and advisors. If you're looking for caring guides and true partners before, during, and after your birth, you cannot do better!

Bree Hudson-Nill


They say hindsight is 20/20 and as I embarked on my pregnancy journey I had no idea how invaluable one simple phone call could be. While I knew I would go the route of a hospital birth, I felt as though I wanted to expand my birthing team to include a doula. This being our first child, we didn't know what to expect and felt like having the added support would help us better advocate for the labor we wanted. I can say it was exactly what we needed and more. Never would I have imagine what an incredible asset Ildi would be when the big day finally arrived. While my pregnancy flew by without any hiccups, my intended natural unmedicated birth plan was met with considerable challenges. In the process of weighing my desires and the health of my child and myself, Ildi was instrumental in helping us make informed decisions during what became 42 hours of labor. Her gentle bedside manner calmed my fears, and her plethora of knowledge and experience allowed us to surrender to the moments with confidence. Chid birth is such a vulnerable time for both partners and having Ildi as our doula was a gift to both myself and my husband. In the scariest of moments, she was a steady constant. Her dedication to our family from start to finish was beyond what I would have ever expected and for that I am forever thankful. If you're looking for a team of doula's that help prepare you for childbirth, be the support you need in advocating for yourself during labor, and offer you guidance on lactation, and post-partum self care, The Budding Belly is a phone call you should make. 



I worked with the Budding Belly for my birth and postpartum. Ildi was my birth doula, and she was beyond amazing!! This was my second birth, and it went so much more smoothly than my first. Ildi came to my house and did a full day of support while I was in labor, working me through different movements and exercises to keep things progressing. Although I had in mind an unmedicated birth, I wasn't sure I could do it. My first labor was 5 days long and ended in an epidural. Nothing wrong with that, I just wanted to see if I could do it without! There were many times when I doubted I could do it, but Ildi encouraged me and kept me going. Finally, at 8 p.m., when my water broke, I immediately felt the baby descend and an enormous desire to just push. Ildi saved me from having the baby right then and there. She had me do breathing exercises to keep the baby in, she raced us to the hospital (she used to race cars in a previous life, apparently! Very helpful in fast labors!), wheeled me up to the emergency room, the baby was already crowning when we got to the delivery room, and he was out in one push! It was a truly amazing experience. BTW - all this happened during a major covid surge, ask Ildi for details!! ;) All our experience both before and after the labor was fantastic. I highly recommend the Budding Belly.

Lauren Freed


We are so happy that we chose to work with the budding belly. Sam and Ildi’s knowledge and guidance throughout pregnancy, labor, and postpartum helped make each step of this big life event much less stressful and easy to understand and go through. The prenatal classes they offered helped my wife and I feel prepared for both what to expect during labor and also postpartum once baby arrived. They both checked in regularly and made sure we had additional resources and tools pre labor to help prepare us.
I had high blood pressure throughout my pregnancy and my doctor insisted on scheduling an induction at 39 weeks. I did not want to have an induction as I was afraid this would lead to a c section, but Sam and Ildi were very reassuring that induction was the right choice and they would support throughout any outcome. My induction lasted multiple days, which was exhausting for both me and my wife. They were in constant communication, helping us to understand what to expect, and what we could do to move things along. I truly believe that without Sam's support and guidance throughout the my labor and multiple hours of pushing I would have needed a C-section. She reassured me, held my hand, made sure my wife was taking care of herself as well as helping her understand how to take care of me. Labor was exhausting and there were a few times I wanted to give up and Sam gave me the motivation and drive to keep pushing, I’m so grateful for that.
Lastly, I knew early on I wanted a doula to help my wife and I advocate for ourselves through pregnancy and labor. Being a part of the lgbtq+ community as well as being a plus size woman it can be nerve wracking finding people in the healthcare field who don’t judge you. Both Ildi and Sam made my wife and I both feel extremely safe and understood from our first conversation. We cannot recommend them enough. 



I can't say enough great things about Ildi and Sam. From the first virtual consultation to our most recent postpartum visits and texts, they have demonstrated such amazing knowledge and support for my family. First of all they are very cool people and compliment each other very well with their backgrounds and experience. As first time parents, my husband and I were seeking as much help through the pregnancy and beyond as possible, knowing how important it is for our well-being.  Ildi was there for my unplanned induction and the birth, and she was the greatest support. She helped me labor through it without pain meds as I'd preferred- something everyone probably thought was crazy! But she'd been through it herself and knew I could if I wanted to.  She also guided my husband, and she was quite a help to the hospital staff too!  I think I had some luck with how my birth story turned out, but for the most part I believe it was due to Ildi's involvement. Postpartum visits were also super helpful, and she and Sam continue to provide support via text. I'm so grateful for their services and couldn't be happier that I chose to work with them. 



As a first time mother of "advanced maternal age", I knew I wanted to have some additional support for me and my husband through the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. When I had my initial meeting with Ildi and Sam, I felt at ease. They both projected a sense of steady calmness paired with knowledge and experience. I appreciated their model of having two doulas on call, and the chance to get to know both of them. Most of all, I appreciated and valued how they were able to help us pivot when I wound up needing to be induced at 37 weeks. I was very thrown by the necessary change in plans and anxious about the outcome both for me and my baby. Ildi and Sam met with my husband and I several times once we knew we'd have to be induced and they reassured us about the aspects of the labor and delivery we could still plan for and have some degree of control over. During my labor, Sam was there with us and her presence was very calming and I felt assuring for both me and my husband--having her there with us helped us both feel less alone with the process. It was so valuable having someone in our corner and with us for the whole day.    And our two postpartum meetings were a wonderful way to debrief and process the experience, as well as have support during the challenging early weeks of parenthood. 
My husband and I are so thankful for our experience working with Sam and Ildi--as my husband has said, he didn't know a doula could support both of us but now he completely sees the value for both partners in having the support of a doula. 



As a first time mother of "advanced maternal age", I knew I wanted to have some additional support for me and my husband through the pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey. When I had my initial meeting with Ildi and Sam, I felt at ease. They both projected a sense of steady calmness paired with knowledge and experience. I appreciated their model of having two doulas on call, and the chance to get to know both of them. Most of all, I appreciated and valued how they were able to help us pivot when I wound up needing to be induced at 37 weeks. I was very thrown by the necessary change in plans and anxious about the outcome both for me and my baby. Ildi and Sam met with my husband and I several times once we knew we'd have to be induced and they reassured us about the aspects of the labor and delivery we could still plan for and have some degree of control over. During my labor, Sam was there with us and her presence was very calming and I felt assuring for both me and my husband--having her there with us helped us both feel less alone with the process. It was so valuable having someone in our corner and with us for the whole day.    And our two postpartum meetings were a wonderful way to debrief and process the experience, as well as have support during the challenging early weeks of parenthood. 
My husband and I are so thankful for our experience working with Sam and Ildi--as my husband has said, he didn't know a doula could support both of us but now he completely sees the value for both partners in having the support of a doula. 



I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Sam and Ildi. I come from a background in healthcare and work as a doctor in a large hospital, so I felt like I knew everything I needed to about the pregnancy and labor and delivery process, but having Sam by our side throughout the delivery and during the postpartum journey was still invaluable. My husband and I both found the prenatal visits we had incredibly helpful, when we learned ways to prepare for and cope during labor, how to change a diaper, how to burp a baby, and how to breastfeed. Additionally, Sam and Ildi provided us with extra online resources that helped me feel particularly prepared for breastfeeding after delivery. We were in the hospital for a prolonged labor and delivery process, and I largely credit Sam's knowledge and support with helping me avoid a cesarean section delivery. She was there throughout my labor, helping with position changes to support the baby descent and progress through the labor process, and her physical and emotional support during the delivery was amazing. At the beginning of my pregnancy, my husband was a little confused about my desire to hire a doula and skeptical about the extra cost, but by the time Sam left the hospital after our daughter was born, he said he did not know how anyone goes through the birthing process without having a doula, and he agreed that her presence was really essential. On top of all this, both Sam and Ildi are both easy to be around and easy to talk to, in addition to all of the knowledge they are able to provide you with. Like I said, I cannot say enough good things about them, and we highly recommend them for anyone looking for a doula team!



My partner and I had an invaluable experience with Ildi as our doula. I was looking for someone who was not only knowledgeable and comforting, but also practical and direct. Ildi brought all of that along with the levity we needed in the months leading up to my baby's birth, as well as during labor and delivery.

Arriving at the hospital with Ildi was a huge relief as she was familiar with everything and able to ease our worries by answering our questions. With all of the nurses and doctors coming and going and the various beeps, cables and machines, having her there to tell us what was what and who was so crucial in soothing our nerves.

I ended up needing a cesarean and I was reassured knowing that I had done everything within my power to prepare for birth, which also meant not necessarily being able to control what it would look like. That preparation included having a doula by my side, and with Ildi there as a supportive figure it truly made all of the difference in making my birthing experience a positive one.

Lara Mahler


Hi contacted Samantha when I was about 22 weeks pregnant, I had a medically complicated pregnancy with many interventions and my husband and I felt like we needed some support navigating what doctors were telling us.

When we initially spoke with Samantha she had a calm and confident presence which right away put us at ease, my husband wasn't sure why we needed a doula but after speaking with Samantha he quickly understood why having her on our team was important.

Samantha educated us and gave me the confidence to ask questions, and advocate for what I felt was important. 
...and of course nothing went as planned, such as life, but on the day of Samantha reassured me that the decision I was making was the right one. After our baby girl was born Samantha did a couple visits to our house where she answered my questions about breastfeeding, sleep and all the new mom things.

If you are looking for a calm, confident, knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely nice person to be on your team and help advocate for you, Samantha is the right choice.



Having the support in pregnancy and childbirth from Ildi and Sam made all the difference! I immensely enjoyed my birthing experience!



I cannot begin to express how wonderful of an experience I had working with Sam and Ildi. I felt supported, educated and prepared throughout my entire experience. The most important thing for me was that they curated information and made is useful and actionable. They were extremely responsive- picking up the phone immediately or calling back within minutes so I never felt alone.

My baby came two weeks early and Ildi supported me through my labor. My water broke, and I was induced at 8pm. She communicated clearly about her arrival time at the hospital and what steps to take in the meantime with both me and my husband. She worked in collaboration with the nurses to the point that they told me how great of a doula she was, and they would love to work with her again. Ildi helped me go through various labor positions until 4am to keep me comfortable and help get my baby in the optimal position. I then got an epidural (which she was in full support of) and she continued to keep me informed about what I was experiencing, coach me through any changes and even tell me and my husband when we should rest! When it came time to push, she was right by my side and still managed to capture videos and photos right after birth. I pushed for less than 10 minutes because the baby was in such a good position.

Ultimately everyone's birth experience is different, but I truly believe working with Ildi set me up for the best possible delivery. Could not recommend working with Sam and Ildi more!!

Lara Mahler


Hi contacted Samantha when I was about 22 weeks pregnant, I had a medically complicated pregnancy with many interventions and my husband and I felt like we needed some support navigating what doctors were telling us.

When we initially spoke with Samantha she had a calm and confident presence which right away put us at ease, my husband wasn't sure why we needed a doula but after speaking with Samantha he quickly understood why having her on our team was important.

Samantha educated us and gave me the confidence to ask questions, and advocate for what I felt was important. 
...and of course nothing went as planned, such as life, but on the day of Samantha reassured me that the decision I was making was the right one. After our baby girl was born Samantha did a couple visits to our house where she answered my questions about breastfeeding, sleep and all the new mom things.

If you are looking for a calm, confident, knowledgeable, friendly, and genuinely nice person to be on your team and help advocate for you, Samantha is the right choice.



Samantha was so great throughout my childbirth experience. As a first time mom she provided me with useful information on what to expect during labor and how to best prepare for it, walked me through different birthing positions and scenarios,  helped me to advocate for what I wanted with my medical team, checked in on me frequently to see how I was feeling physically and mentally, and was just an overall supportive and calming presence before, during & after the labor process. I'm so glad I had her by my side and I couldn't recommend her more! 

Erlika Lopez


I want to start by thanking Samantha, for the support and her dedication with me, it has been a journey of many learnings that thanks to you Samantha I was able to live in a good way. Thanks to her experience, she helped me a lot.
Samantha is a sweet person, with a very good energy and a unique personality that from the first moment we spoke I felt very comfortable and confident with her. Samantha transmits peace, confidence and tranquility. If I have to relive this same experience I would always like to have you close Samantha. the best doula I've ever met. Thanks to your experience as breastfeeding counselor, I can say that my success breastfeeding my baby is thanks to you .. God bless you always Samantha????

Emily Frucci


Sam and Ildi were the perfect match for me and the birth of my little girl Shea. They were super knowledgeable with Ildi's more science focused background and Sam's therapy experience in the prenatal sessions. They make a great duo for bringing a first time mom and dad up to speed on all of the important info for birth.

When it came time for labor, I ended up going 3 weeks early and Sam made sure to be on the phone with us while juggling another birth. Thankfully, she made it in time for delivery. She provided a calming and confident energy and was encouraging throughout. She quickly became a team with my nurse, suggested several different positions and helped visualize how I should be pushing. When Shea was born she kept me calm (and made sure my stressed husband was ok) and reassured us of all things being normal in the craziness post delivery. She also stayed with us until about 2am to make sure we were settled. In the weeks Postpartum, Sam also was in constant contact about lactation and Shea's weight gain, being a source of support that I found more reassuring than the doctors often were. We can't imagine going through the birth and postpartum process without Sam, it made everything less stressful and a more informed and wonderful experience. Truly, you can't go wrong choosing Sam and Ildi!

Tajalli Salam


Ma. Samantha worked as my Pregnancy Daula. Before explaining anything, I would give her 10 out of 10. She did excellent job. 

She was very sincere, responsible, punctual, well planned and well mannered. A good plan is always important. She did a lot of hard work to prepare the Birth Plan for me through a lot of back and forth. This birth plan was submitted to my delivery team in the hospital and it helped the delivery team to conduct the delivery as per my desire. 

she was with me during my delivery in the hospital and she was a great part of the delivery team of the hospital. After successful completion  of delivery, she stayed with me in the hospital till to feel me comfortable. 

before and after delivery, she regularly visited me and took care of my need. 

In short, I am fully satisfied with her service. I wish her every success in future in her profession. 







Back in January 2021  I asked UES  moms group for doula referral. After some disappointment I was lucky to get doula Ildi’s contact. My OB predicted a big baby and offered a C-section. However, my birth plan was no epidural, med free natural delivery! 

I was an RN at Cornell but I would not have done it without my doula. I delivered a healthy baby boy on March 2nd at Alexander C. NYP. The top OBs at Cornell asked my doula for a business card! My nurse said Ildi was one of the best doula’s she had met in her career. 

Ildi was like an extension of our family. She is university educated, experienced, highly professional, passionate about her work and a very warm person. She did not let me give up and advocated for us until the very last. 

After discharge Ildi came to our place to check on me and a baby at home. We were so anxious about the things our boy was going through. Ildi was a great resource and support  postpartum as well. 

Dear Ildi, I am beyond thankful for what you have done for me and my family!                  



We could not recommend Ildi more highly. Being pregnant with our first during a pandemic after recurrent losses was very stressful, and Ildi smoothed the path for us before, during, and after our daughter's birth. From preparing us for what to expect during labor to infant care classes to being in constant touch in the days leading up to labor, Ildi made sure we knew that any question was a good one. During the birth itself, when labor got a little more exciting than we had planned for, she kept us calm and made sure that both of us felt well taken care of. Finally, her follow up visits and remote help, especially on nursing, after we brought our daughter home helped reassure us that what we were experiencing was normal, and helped us troubleshoot those inevitable challenging newborn moments. You should work with Ildi--it's one of the best choices we made in this process!

Elena Nagaeva


I would like to describe Ildi Sebestyen as highly professional, experienced, kind and caring doula who understands and adjusts to clients needs. She helped me to achieve my natural birth plan. Always stayed connected with me before/during/after birth. She is also lactation consultant. I highly recommend her! 



Going into my first pregnancy, I was determined to have a natural birth and for that I knew I needed some extra help in addition to having my husband with me. I met Ildi before I realized I am pregnant. So it was a lucky coincidence. It was not a quiestion for me that I found our doula. She was really motivated, patient and supportive. Ildi is knowledgeable and professional. She provided a lot of useful information e.g. methods for coping, relaxing and spinning babies techniques and answered all of our questions thoughtfully.  

She helped us formulate our birth plan and made us feel as prepared as we could be for the birth. She called me many times (on top of our regular meetings) to inquire about my well being. Throughout our meetings I appreciated that, rather than telling us what we should do, she explained the pros and cons of various decisions.

I started having contractions at the night before our boy was born. I called Ildi (I know, it was really late), she called back and reassured me that it would likely still be a while before the baby arrived, encouraged me to get some rest if I could, and instructed me to call her back when the contractions got faster or more intense. The next morning my husband talked to her on the phone, and then she came over shortly before we left for the hospital. 

At the hospital she worked extremely well with the nurses and with my OB/GYN. She helped me understand what was going on, and when my doctor made a suggestion she explained why it was the good and safe decision to make. This made me feel that I was in control. She stayed with us after our baby boy arrived, and came to our apartment a few days later for a post-partum appointment. She helped me with breatsfeeding, bathing, everything!!!

So a word like a hundred, I am really happy about my birth experience and I am so thankful to Ildi for having been a part of the whole process! 



Joanita T


I loved having Ildi as my doula! Her calming, gentle presence really made a difference for me and my husband when we had our son. She is incredibly experienced and very knowledgable and we felt completely at ease throughout the whole labor process because she was giving us really great advice, but also letting us have the space to make our own informed decisions. 

A few days before I was due, Ildi came by and had us do a little exercise on various scenarios of labor. I didn't know it then, but that exercise made such a huge difference in helping me manage my expectations (in the chaos of having really bad contractions!) when I was going through labor.

Beyond labor support, Ildi also visited us at home postpartum and I remember being so incredibly grateful for her coming by because I was so overwhelmed with having a newborn, being in so much pain from labour, while learning how to breastfeed, being very sleep deprived and having told (incorrectly) by our pediatrician that our baby is not getting enough milk...! I was so thankful for having her and for all the advice and practical tips on how to manage the pain and help with our newborn. Can't recommend her highly enough!

Aparna Palle


My birthing experience was beautiful and stress free primarily because of Ildi my birth doula.

My water broke 6 weeks early, that's when I called Ildi to let her know. She came to the hospital directly in the night and gave me tips to help with pain and stress if labour starts and left since it seemed like I was going to be on hospital bed rest for the remaining two weeks. However, my labour started at 4 am in the morning and Ildi came to the hospital immediately. I had taken epidural before she arrived but she was supportive of that decision. She worked well with the nurses and suggested many positions to help me dilate further. When one of the nurses suggested taking pitocin since I was stuck at 9 cms for 4 hours, Ildi made sure that my husband was involved in the decision and helped us make a conscious decision to take pitocin but to start with mild doses and increase as needed. She helped me relax with various techniques and was super attentive to my needs all the time. While pushing the baby she provided amazing energy and encouragement. When I had the dreaded ring of fire pain and was ready to give up Ildi caught my attention and provided the much needed push and support.
Also she works with Mariah as a team which was very helpful and comforting since I was assured that she had a backup just in case. Mariah helped me with creating a birth plan and also answered a bunch of questions during a prenatal visit. Mariah stepped in for Ildi when she has to step out for a bit. Mariah has a very calming presence and helped me practice breathing techniques.
Ildi provided postpartum support as well and suggested additional resources and referrals for lactation and other new mother tips.

Overall I am thankful that I had Ildi as my doula and wouldn't do it without her if I had to do it again.

James Seidman


Our experience with Ildi and Mariah was outstanding.

Due to complications, I had to be induced on my due date and Ildi and Mariah spent time before helping me try to convince our daughter to start labor before that date. They made sure to check in on us in the week leading up to the induction, which helped me feel prepared for the induction.

Ildi was at the birth, and made the experience so much better than it might have been.  We took a number of birth classes, so we felt like we had learned many strategies to cope with labor pain. But labor itself was an overwhelming experience, so having someone there to tell me when to change positions, to set up new positions, and to support me or help my family support me in the positions helped me cope with the pain and relax between contractions. She also took care of the other people in the room, like making sure my husband took time to ice his back (he has a slipped disk, one of the reasons we decided to hire a doula) and could therefore be present throughout labor. She suggested my mom and sister hold my legs as I pushed, which was special for all of us. She supported my decision to get an epidural and moved me around after that to help labor proceed and not slow down. She took pictures of the birth which have helped us remember special moments of that night.

We cannot overstate how glad we were to have Ildi with us during our daughter's birth and would recommend Birth Matters NW to anyone. We look forward to working with them again if we have another child.

Ginny Bartlett


Ildi is amazing- she has such a gentle, calm, and nurturing personality. I felt at ease the moment I met her, and she was an incredibly beneficial presence during my labor. I wanted a natural, birth with pain medication and I really believe Ildi was instrumental in me achieving that, without ever pushing her views about birth on me at all- she was all about being there to support me in the birth experience I wanted.

I had a few issues during labor, and Ildi helped me stay calm and confident and worked with my medical team to give me the safest birth possile while staying as close to my wishes as possible.

I would absolutely recommend Ildi to any friend looking for a Doula, and I will definitely go with Ildi again if I have another child.

Jessica Smith


I cannot say enough about how much Ildi helped support me through my birth experience.  During my labor, she tried everything she could think of (and then researched some more!) to try and help my baby to turn into a position that would help labor to progress.  She was motivating and compassionate at the same time, and kept me going much longer than I thought I could last.  When I did decide to get an epidural, she was completely understanding and resassuring that I had tried my best and that I was doing what was best for my body and baby.  She respected my choice and never once made me feel like I was giving up, even though I felt like that a bit afterwards.  My labor and the birth were not easy, but Ildi helped my partner and I through the whole thing with grace and kindness.

Natalia Garcia


My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a doula and couldn't be happier with our decision to hire Ildi and Mariah. I was initially very fearful about labor and never imagined our birth experience could be so positive and beautiful and leave me feeling so strong and connected to my partner and baby boy. Ildi was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, humorous, loving, and a wonderful advocate in the hospital. I knew I wanted a medicated birth and was worried that a doula would talk me out of it. Ildi helped me achieve my birth plan without judgment or agenda - we worked through early labor at home and I had an epidural for active labor, as planned. She knew and worked well with all the nurses and coached us through important decisions. She also documented our birth story and took lovely pictures throughout the day. We were so grateful to have her with us. Best decision ever!

Sarina Williamson


First off words can't describe the amazing, caring, woman and Doula Ildi is. She is someone who will forever be in our family and we just don't have words to describe our admiration for her. We met with Ildi in January 2015 to discuss her being our doula. This was our second pregnancy and we were trying and hoping for a VBAC. Shortly after meeting with Ildi we knew she was the Doula for us. We had our preterm appointments with her, shared emails and texts and it was all amazing. When labor started we text her and she called almost instantly and listened to me go thru a contraction. She then headed to our house. Upon arrival we all made the decision it was time to go to the hospital. She kept me calm along with my husband before leaving. Upon checking in and getting situated Ildi was amazing and never left our side. She kept us grounded, connected and constantly made sure we were both eating and drinking to keep our energy. She worked flawlessly with our doctor and nurses. I had the most amazing birth that seemed to go so fast and smoothly. I highly recommend Ildi to all the expecting moms I come into contact with. She has a heart of gold and her soothing voice was one of the many things I needed to accomplish my VBAC. With her on my birth team I knew it was possible.

Joann Kim


We loved working with Ildi for the birth of our first child! She was very responsive to us from the beginning, when we called to ask for information. Ildi called us back right away and was so nice on the phone. She made me feel comfortable even though I had never met her before and didn't know what I was getting myself into! When we first met her in person, she had a calming yet energetic presence, and was so grateful for her prenatal visit - she worked through comfort measures and breathing with us, and we felt prepared as we approached our due date. When I was in pre-labor, she was consistently available by text message to answer any questions I had, and also to check in and encourage me when I was frustrated and waiting for the baby to come. I'm not the most outgoing person, so I really appreciated the times when she reached out to me. She was with us for almost 24 hours. She helped us decide when to go to the hospital after laboring at home for about 6 hours, and stayed with us for a couple hours after our son was born. I don't think I could have achieved my goal of a natural unmedicated birth without Ildi, and I know my husband was such a great support because she was there to check how he was doing and to make sure he was staying hydrated as well. She moved with us from bed to tub to birth ball to tub... She stayed with me while my son went to the NICU after he was born, and even offered to give my mom a ride home from the hospital. Our midwife said that she felt like there wasn't much for her to do because I had such good support around me. I tell everyone that I couldn't have done this without our doula. It was so nice to have someone to talk to after we came home for our post partum visits. Ildi is so giving and awesome to be around. Her positivity was so critical at the most appropriate times. She helped us have an amazing birth experience and remember it positively. Thank you Ildi for playing such a valuable role in the birth of our son!

Arianne Parisi


Working with Ildi was an absolute dream and I can't imagine my birth experience without her. Through my 30 hours of labor Ildi was tireless, knowledgeable, supportive, and a source of strength and calm. She integrated seamlessly into the dynamic of the delivery unit, partnering with our nurses and OB to give us the best possible care. She also supported my husband throughout the experience, helping him engage in my labor where necessary and appropriate, and providing him with reassurance and relief at critical moments. She gave me strength and confidence during very vulnerable and challenging situations.

Beyond her support in the delivery room, Ildi also offered stellar prenatal and postpartum care sessions that helped inform us (first time parents) of what to expect and how to prepare for the challenges of early parenthood. As a bonus, she also captured some absolutely incredible photos of my son's birth and our emotional first moments as a family.

I would recommend Ildi again and again. I am so grateful that we chose to work with a Doula and even more happy that we found Ildi!

Arianne Parisi


Working with Ildi was an absolute dream and I can't imagine my birth experience without her. Through my 30 hours of labor Ildi was tireless, knowledgeable, supportive, and a source of strength and calm. She integrated seamlessly into the dynamic of the delivery unit, partnering with our nurses and OB to give us the best possible care. She also supported my husband throughout the experience, helping him engage in my labor where necessary and appropriate, and providing him with reassurance and relief at critical moments. She gave me strength and confidence during very vulnerable and challenging situations.

Beyond her support in the delivery room, Ildi also offered stellar prenatal and postpartum care sessions that helped inform us (first time parents) of what to expect and how to prepare for the challenges of early parenthood. As a bonus, she also captured some absolutely incredible photos of my son's birth and our emotional first moments as a family.

I would recommend Ildi again and again. I am so grateful that we chose to work with a Doula and even more happy that we found Ildi!

Vanessa DeRoux


Ildi is absolutely incredible- I highly recommend her! From the first moment we met, I felt completely comfortable and at ease in her presence. She exudes confidence and friendliness-- is easy to talk to, personable, knowledgeable, and makes you feel as though she will take care of you no matter what (and she does!). As first time parents, this was exactly what my husband and I needed and were looking for. The prenatal appointments with Ildi and her partner Mariah were very informative and helpful in preparing us for labor and the postpartum appointments were a huge help as well, making sure breastfeeding was getting established appropriately and providing invaluable resources for new parents. Our birth experience was nothing like what we had planned or hoped for, but Ildi was with us every step of the way! My early labor lasted over 24 hours and Ildi was very helpful via text and phone to support and encourage me. When I decided it was time I needed her help in person she was at my home within an hour and was incredible at offering guidance and supporting me through the the more difficult beginning part of active labor. At the hospital, my baby's heartrate kept dropping during contractions, which changed our birth plan significantly, but Ildi was calm and reassuring throughout everything, sharing her knowledge with us and greatly alleviating our stress. I eventually needed a c-section, and Ildi came into the surgery suite with my husband and I, again offering her calm reassurance and knowledge, which was a blessing as we were both exhausted and a little frightened! Ildi was by my side throughout everything and didn't leave until I was out of surgery, recovering, and everything had settled down... a total of about 24 hours with me! Throughout it all, Ildi was an advocate for me and my husband, using her knowledge and experience to help make our experience as enjoyable and memorable as possible. She is a true gem and was invaluable to us!

Kelly Maynard


Ildi is a wonderful doula! She went out of her way to meet my particular needs as a first time mom. Admittedly, I had a lot of anxiety about giving birth. Ildi was able to keep me focused and more relaxed in the weeks leading up to labor and during labor. She is a very hard worker, extremely attentive, very knowledgeable about pregnancy and genuinely cares about woman having the best possible birth experience possible. Thank you Doula Ildi!

Vikrant Arora


My wife and I decided to meet a doula when one of our friend shared her experience of her doula. We were in week 38 and were expecting our first baby when we met Ildi and Mariah. At that time, we were not very sure if having a doula would be worth the money. Ildi came to us after assisting with a birth whole night and we were impressed in the first meeting with her knowledge and her energy. We felt that she would be of great help in helping my wife cope up with labor pain, so we decided to go with her as our doula. In the remaining journey 3 weeks to birth, Ildi gave us a number of reasons which makes us feel proud of our decision of having her as our doula.

Ildi and Mariah met us twice before the due date and educated us on birth and labor pain. They worked with us on understanding what pain coping techniques really worked well with my wife. Like every expecting parents we met, we also wanted to have a normal birth and avoid induction and pain medications as much as possible. Contrary to our desrire,in our regular checkup at 40.5 weeks, we were asked to go for induction on a short notice of a day. Ildi had educated us on how to handle these difficult situations and we decided to wait for natural labor pains. Ildi supported our decision and pointed us to resources which were helpful in going into labor naturally. Finally, the big day arrived the very next day and as expected, Ildi provided excellent support during the labor. With natural induction techniques and no pain medications, we welcomed our baby boy to this world.

Ater the birth, Ildi provided us excellent resources to deal with all the problems that we faced. We are very thankful to Ildi for all the help and would highly recommend her as a doula.

Courtney Keen


We used a doula with the birth of our first child and after she moved out of state we had to find a new one for the arrival of our second.....that's when we met Ildi. From the moment I met her, I knew she'd be the one to help us. Ildi is so easy to talk to and she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anything birth related. I kind of felt like she was an old friend I hadn't seen in a while.

I was nervous that my second birth would be long and hard, like my first, and that since I'd labored mainly at the hospital the first time that I wouldn't know what to do at home. Ildi walked me and my husband through a ton of relaxation techniques, positions, visualizations, and other tools that would help when the time came. She was extremely responsive whenever I had a question or concern before our little guy showed up. She was also very supportive, letting me know that I had the ability to have a natural childbirth, even though I wasn't able to attain that the first time around. She also let me know she'd be supportive no matter what happened during the birth, which I found comforting since some doulas we interviewed were quite obviously opposed to epidurals...even though every birth and body is different and you never know what you'll need until you are in the moment.

When the time finally came, my labor was incredibly fast and our son was born about 15 minutes after getting to the hospital. Ildi made it in right as I started pushing (we'd called her about 20 minutes before that!) and gave me the encouragement to get the job done. Afterwards, Ildi stayed with us until our son was feeding and she kept in touch until we met her a few days after his birth. I'd highly suggest Ildi as a doula and would use her again in a heartbeat if we had another child, she's awesome!

Bridgette Varo


My Doula was Ildi Sebestyen and she is amazing!  I can honestly say that my experience would have been so different without her.  The scariest part about giving birth the first time is not knowing what to expect.  Somone can tell you about their experience and you can read a million books, but you never know what to expect until you are in the siutation.  Ildi was so helpful at managing my pain.  She made sure that i ate.  She helped me take a bath.  She breathed with me when the pain was getting more and more intense.  She giuded my husband to help me as well.  I think one of the misconceptions is that doulas replace the husband and that was absolutely not our experience.  My husband was by my side the entire time as well.  At one point (towards the end) they both were knee deep in a bathtub helping me. :-)

Ildi also provided great information prior to the birth of our son (born September 2014) and conducted in home classes with my husband and I that were very valuable.  It opened up the conversation on a lot of topics that we hadn't discussed before (epsiotomies, delayed cord clamping, etc).  We found this time very important as well.

I would absolutely recommend Ildi as a doula and will definitely use her for our next baby!

Aditi Desai


My husband and I were looking for a doula to help primarily support us during labor and the birth of our second baby. Ildi was recommended by a doula we retained during my first pregnancy. Being second-time parents we started our search pretty late in my pregnancy and met with Ildi around week 37. Ildi was very professional at our first meeting and informed us ahead of time that she was running late. She was eager to hear what we were looking for in a doula and also shared her experience and philosophy during our first meeting.

As mentioned above, our primary focus was on support during labor since I was planning on going natural and not using pain medication. Ildi shared some great resources ahead of our son's birth. He came 9 days late and Ildi was a great resource as we weighed options like induction. She provided us with an unbiased and objective perspective and shared with us considerations that were helpful in evaluating how we should proceed. All this while she never came across as pushy and was always very supportive of ouourr ultimate choice. This was a time of anxiety and it was always helpful to talk to Ildi and we came away reassured of our approach each time we discussed the situation with her.

Ildi was fantastic during the birth and through my labor! I was pushing for a very long time relative to my first pregnancy and could not have done it without my husband's and Ildi's support and encouragement. She came prepared with liquid foods like honey to keep my energy levels up and physically helped a tremendous amount during labor! I needed it since we tried to change positions several times and I was having trounle mustering energy to move on my own. She stayed for a few hours after our son was born helping me while my husband went home to get our daughter.

Ildi came home for one postpartum visit and answered our concerns around breastfeeding. My husband and I would highly recommend her as a doula!

Jenni Swift


My husband & I decided to work with a doula to support us in delivering our first child because we wanted to have someone experienced there to help us through the entire birth journey. We also wanted to find someone who supported our desire to work toward an unmedicated birth, but who would continue to support us should I change my mind or medical interventions became necessary. We wanted a partner, guide, & trusted support. We found all this in Ildi.

Ildi helped my husband & I confidently prepare for birth through one on one training, & she provided great resources for us to read (pregnancy brain required me to read things more than once to retain them). She has a no-nonsense approach to the realities of birth while still guiding us with a gentle & comfortable teaching style. Not only that, but she helped us better understand how to remain in control of the care we were given at the hospital when decisions might need to be made. This confidence came in handy when the big day arrived.

Once I went into labor, Ildi came to the house & helped me not only manage my increasingly painful contractions but also ensured I got a little extra nutrition for the long haul ahead. The three of us were in sync as we headed to the hospital for what was another 19 hours of work ahead of us.

Due to unexpected circumstances I ended up with many of the interventions I was hoping to avoid. However, Ildi was there with me, supporting me in the decisions I had to make & also ensuring I was confident & comfortable with my care. She helped me realize as much of my birth plan as was possible - a true gift. When my husband needed to leave the room, I could confidently let him go knowing Ildi was there with me no matter what happened.

Ildi helped me bring a healthy baby girl into the world. Her post-partum support helped us get started in the best way possible from the first moment. For that I am most grateful.

Rajat Thukral


I decided to hire a doula because it was my first pregnancy. I found pre-delivery visits by Ildi very helpful as she provided good information and helped us prepare our birth plan. I had normal pregnancy until 36 th week and then I started to experience high blood pressure. Hence labor had to be induced at 37 th week. My labor was long, about 60 hours and Ildi supported me in accepting my condition and supporting me throughout. She guided my husband as to how he could help me deal with pain. Ildi is very proactive, energetic, friendly, and a very caring individual. She agreed to come with me for first doctor visit, about a week later after delivery, as I did not feel comfortable driving alone with the baby for the first time. She focused on my emotional well being during postpartum visits and provided great referral for breastfeeding difficulties. We fully endorse Ildi as a doula for all the expecting mothers.

Karen Neiman


We loved Ildie and her gentle, knowledgable support.  Ildie was my doula for the birth of my second child, which I desperately wanted to be a drug free VBAC.  The support and knowledge she provided leading up to the birth helped me feel so much more confident and ready to try for VBAC.  My labor progressed very quickly to 9cm and then stalled for hours.  Ildie was wonderful getting me through contractions and helping with various laboring positions to get baby into optimal position.  I also felt very supported in my decision to finally go for drugs.  I felt her calm encouragment flowing into me and it gave what I needed to get my body dilated that last centimeter and then have a successful VBAC.  I can't imagine having done it without her and will be forever grateful for the awesome support she provided.

Pamela Estevez


Where do I start Ildi made labor easy I know hard to believe but its true. Ildi is such an amazing human being she changed my life for the better I never in a million years thought I could have a baby without any medication but she made that come to reality.

  1. She's super professional
  2. She's amazing at giving you advice (in other words she knows what she's talking about)
  3. Very punctual

I loved that she used everything that made me comfortable she focused on what I wanted at all time's if it wasn't for her moral support I would of given up.

I just loved everything about her if I ever have another baby Ildi would be my doula again. I loved her work

Sada Hertzig


Ildi was great!  I can honestly say that I would have never been able to have a natural child birth experience if it wasn't for her.  Don't get me wrong my husband was great, but it was the extra support and encouragement from them both that allowed me to have my baby without an epidural or pain medication.  I found out at 38 weeks that I had choleostasis and would have to be induced early.  Definately not what I was wanting or expecting.  That is when I knew I really needed a doula and Ildi was the one.  Both prior to my labor and during my labor she was a great resource for answering questions and making sure I had all my questions answered before proceeding with a procedure..   She eased my mind and told me what to expect.  I was still nervous about the procedure, but felt I had a good team around me to support me.

From the inital meeting, Ildi immediatlely made me feel at easy and was very generous with her time.  We had two meetings before meeting at the hospital for my labor.  During those meetings she answered questions, help write a birth plan and went over relaxation techniques, as well as, encouraged me and easied my mind.

I had my first child in hospital without a doula and can say that my second experience with child birth was much better, which I owe to Ildi and a faster labor!  I would recommend always having a doula for labor no matter if it is your first child or 3rd.  I think that they are worth every penny!  So if you are looking for a doula, I would recommend Ildi!

Thanks Ildi!!

Karyn Gaffney


This being my first baby, I knew that I was going to need as much support as I could get during my birth and postpartum.  I chose Ildi because her enthusiasm shone through during our two interviews. She was excited to be a part of our experience and eager to give us information and answer our questions.

During the labor Ildi was attentive - she brought me and my husband anything we needed and kept track of our birth story as it progressed. She was always available to bounce questions off of and helped with suggestions throughout the labor.  Even though our birth didn't take the track that we wanted in the beginning,  she supported us in all our decisions.

Postpartum she was able to come spend time with our new family and answer our multitude of queations. After having your first baby you have so many questions!   Ildi was a wonderful asset to our birth team and we couldn't be more pleased with our experience.

Jennifer Martin


I am so glad we found Ildi and decided to work with her as our doula. My first birth was a c-section for a breech baby but this time I made plans to work towards a Trial of Labor After C-Section (TOLAC) and hopefully end up with a Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC). The more I read about women who had pursued TOLAC and VBAC, everyone recommended finding a doula. When I got a referral for Ildi and my husband and I met with her we were very excited and knew she would be a great help! We really enjoyed the visits we had with her before labor and all the resources she shared with us as we went on the journey of a second pregnancy. When I went overdue to 41 + 1, Ildi was great at helping me stay calm and focused on the goal everytime I emailed or texted her with my fears. In the end, my body went into labor on its own and Ildi was there for my 13 hour all natural trial of labor, real labor, and successful VBAC with my sweet baby Thomas! Ildi was a calm presence helping me through each contraction, keeping my husband and me calm and taken care of, helping support our birth plan even when new medical professionals arrived on each shift, and so much more! We couldn't have had our TOLAC/VBAC or natural birth without her assistance and care. I also loved the post-partum visits with her, it was so fun to debrief the birth experience with her and watch her hold my baby whose birth she helped make so wonderful.  I would recommend Ildi to anyone and hire her again if/when we choose to have another child!

Suzanne Ogden Vannatter


Ildi is, beyond a doubt, the greatest doula I possibly could have hired. I have not only made her promise to be available to deliver all my future children, I am insisting all my friends use her for their children. She is FANTASTIC! Why?

Ildi is beyond knowledgeable. She knows absolutely everything about childbirth, babies, delivery, breastfeeding, and any other question you can possibly have. She educates you as well, giving us packets of great information, answered all my questions through phone/email/text, whatever we needed, and recommended tons of resources such as her favorite websites and lactation consultants. She worked with us with what we wanted for our with her birth plan template, and the nurses at the hospital complimented her on it. The nurses all loved her! Everyone at the hospital either knew her already from previous births or was impressed by her within a few short minutes.

Ildi gives you all her focus. While my husband and I slept, she barely slept more than a few minutes all night because she had trained herself to wake up when she heard my voice so she could be there for me when I needed her! But she was still aware of everything in the room at all times. One time she had to reassure me, direct my husband to go to the baby, and listen to what was going on with our daughter all at the same time, and she made it look easy! There was an extremely scary time when I thought something was wrong with my baby, and Ildi looked me right in the eye and talked me through every second. She told me everything was going to be okay and I knew I could believe her.

She loves what she does and loves her clients. She hugged us and told us she loved us on her way from the hospital, and snuggled our baby girl. I could write a novel about the wonderfulness of Ildi. You will be glad you chose her. I am available as a reference and am happy to talk to anyone who has questions about her.

Lindsay Van Nostrand


Ildi's passion and energy for her work was evident at our first meeting. She provided more encouragement and support than we ever could've imagined. My husband and I did not do a childbirth class, nonetheless we felt prepared thanks to Ildi's prenatal visits where she passed on a vast amount of knowledge. I had a difficult labor that required a hospital transfer. I was really nervous about having a hospital birth, but having ildi there helped put me at ease. I never once considered an epidural thanks to her pain management techniques and encouraging words. She was with me for every contraction and in tune with my needs throughout the labor. Ildi went above and beyond in countless ways. My husband and I highly recommend working with Ildi.

Maria Lan


Ildi was exactly what we needed at our birth. Upon first meeting her, I immediately felt comfortable around her. She had a lot of positive energy and warmth and anyone can see that she was dedicated to what she was doing. When talking to her, it seemed like she had all the time in the world to answer our questions. Ildi has a ton of comfort measures in her "tool box" which she practiced with us at our pre-natal visits. She also provided tons of resources, videos and documents for us to feel well informed. At the birth, she was present every minute of the 12 hour labor. It was my first baby, so I was nervous about what to expect, but Ildi provided the reassuring touch, and encouraging words that helped me keep going. She was right by my side the minute I needed a drink of coconut water, or some light touch. Like she said during the interview, it really is her gentle reassuring touch that got me through. At our post-natal visits, I admited that I preferred her hand on my shoulder over my husband's! Ildi stayed over 2 hours after the birth,  due to some bleeding. She always advocated for us and wanted to make sure we established a good latch. At our post natal visits, our baby was still having problems latching well. She sat with us while we called a list of lactation consultants. She didn't leave until we had an appointment set and she knew help was on the way. We have only positive memories of our birth!!

Plander Nora


I feel blessed for having Ildi as our birth doula. She is a caring, enthusiastic, mindful, warm doula. We had two prenatal meetings with her when she provided us with lots of information on the process of labor and delivery. She was very knowledgeable; she answered all our questions. Her presence during my labor and delivery was as essential as my husband’s. She became a family member in a second and she was caring for both me and my husband in the way nobody else could have been able to care. I wished to have an unmedicated labor and without her I couldn’t have make it through. She provided both physical and emotional support, suggested various laboring positions and coping technique and remained calm, caring, encouraging and professional for the entire time. When I was about to give it up, her encouragement helped me to get through the toughest moments. She also assisted my husband to be a true support for me. After our baby girl was born, Ildi also helped me with the first breastfeeding and she made sure we are all settled down before she left the hospital. Both my husband and I are so thankful to Ildi for all she did for us that there are no words for that. I highly recommend Ildi’s doula services!

Katherine Gee Perrone


Ildi was compassionate, kind, considerate, competant, patient, forgiving, accepting, forthright, respectful, and nurturing. She is exactly the type of person I needed beside me during the life altering experience of childbirth.

The greatest gift Ildi gave us was knowledge. She provided more information and support in our two prenatal sessions than any of the classes I attended or books that I read. She provided handouts, books, articles, and links. She did this because she knew that I wanted to learn everything and was comforted by the information. I appreciated that she knew this about me, and was respectful of my needs.  She was there for me 24/7 during my last few months, answering my texts at 1 am, and alleviating my concerns when my due date came and went.

Because my baby was twelve days overdue, I was induced, and Ildi never left my side. When labor really began, and the pain of back contractions kicked in full force, I was terrified and Ildi helped me manage my fears.  What I appreciated most about Ildi was how much she respected and aided my phenominal hospital nurse, Jen. They worked as an incredible team around me. Ildi also directed my husband and mother, who always felt useful and involved. I needed them all. My entire experience was conflict free, with everyone focusing on the health of the baby and my ability to deliver her safely. When I wanted to give up, I heard Ildi say "You are doing marvelous." When I had just 1/2 centimeter to go, I said, "I can do this!" And Ildi urged, "You ARE doing this!" It gave me such courage!

Ildi was so helpful after the birth, aiding with nursing and the blues. It was wonderfully cathartic to process and celebrate the experience of childbirth. Having Ildi there as a part of my pre-natal, labor, delivery, and post-partum experience was invaluable. I cannot imagine what my experience as a first time mom would have been without her support.

Marita Graube


Doula Ildi was great part of our birth experience. We immediately liked her calm presence when we first met. She is a wealth of knowledge about the whole process and helped us consider all our options. We spent a lot of time together in the prenatal meetings and she taught us some new exercises and relaxation techniques and directed us to several learning resources.

When the big day arrived, Ildi was quick to get to our house and then accompanied us to hospital. She had some great direction for me on how to breathe through the contractions and stay grounded. She really pampered me and made sure I had everything I needed, from a headband to keep my hair back to adjusting the water temperature in the bath to suggesting coping techniques to try. The little things matter and Ildi really pays attention to detail. I was able to easily achieve my goal of a natural birth and can credit that to Ildi as a great guide and confidence booster.

Right after the birth, she was helpful in making sure we had everything we needed and that the baby was starting to nurse. In our postpartum visit she also had great advice for nursing and general well being. Ildi is truly passionate and dedicated to her work and will add immeasurable value to any birth.

Angela Broderick


Ildi was a crucial part of our birth experience. When we found out we had to have a c-section, it felt like we had lost the ability to actively participate in the experience, and we were very disheartened. Ildi empowered us by showing us that there were indeed measures we could take to be more involved in the decisions surrounding our own birth. Ildi was very respectful of our personal needs and decisions, and went out of her way to help provide us both with solid information as well as some much-needed emotional support.

On the day of our birth, Ildi helped to create a positive atmosphere and ensure that we were comfortable and our wishes were being met. Her presence in the delivery room was very calming, and she provided support to Mommy so that Daddy could be with our baby right when he was born before he came to Mommy’s chest. We deeply appreciated Ildi’s genuine sense of care and commitment, and are so thankful that she was a part of our journey.

Eva Forgacs


I found Ildi’s assistance essential during the delivery of my son, and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like a strong, knowledgeable, and compassionate woman’s care during the birthing process. I met Ildi when I was halfway through my second pregnancy. Although I envisioned an unmedicated delivery, I had not yet thought about how to achieve that. Ildi came into my life just at the right time, as if she was sent to help me. She was very warm and personable, therefore I welcomed the chance to get to know her better and explore the option of using her assistance. After meeting with her, her passion for helping pregnant and laboring women was apparent. Along with the knowledge and care for making sure we had the information we needed to make the right decision for us, she was compassionate, which made the right decision apparent: she was the one to help us through the birthing process.

Ildi is very thorough and made sure that the preparatory meetings and information she shared with us helped us get ready mentally and physically for the last part of the pregnancy as well as labor and delivery. When it was time, she guided me through the contractions and pushing, and helped my husband comfort me effectively too. She ensured that that the birth wishes we prepared with her were followed as closely as possible, and she ensured that we understood all of our options when there were decisions to make. With her encouragement, emotional support, and expert guidance I was able to avoid an episiotomy and deliver my son without any pain medication, just like I envisioned. Ildi stayed after delivery to help start breastfeeding and to ensure that my nutritional needs were replenished, to give us the best start possible. Once she made sure that we were taken care of, she respectfully retreated so we could enjoy some quiet family time with our newborn. Ildi helped me achieve the birth experience I wished for and for that I am forever grateful to her.

Mary Newman


I am happy to recommend Ildi Sebestyen as a birth doula.  She recently assisted my daughter with the birth of her daughter. I was my daughter's birthing partner, and we were both quite appreheisive about the delivery.  We were referred to Ildi by the instructor of the birth preparation classes we took at the hospital, since my daughter was very anxious about the delivery.

My daughter called Ildi and liked her immediately.  Ildi came to our house on two occasions prior to my daughter's labor.  We learned alot from her in those meetings, and felt less stressed.  My daughter went into labor shortly after the second meeting.  It was a long labor.  Ildi came to our house in the middle of the night to help assist.   The next night, when my daughter went into heavy labor, Ildi coached her and helped her to breath through the contractions, focus, and try different positions during the contractions.  We went to the hospital around 1:00 in the morning.  My daughter's labor continued all night, and all day - she worked hard and Ildi was there every step of the way.  Ildi was very calming for both my daughter and myself, and was great at explaining what was going on.  That evening, after many long hours of labor and trying to push the baby out, it was decided that a C-secion was needed.  Ildi and I were both allowed to be in the operating room, and her presence and support made an amazing difference for both of us.

Ildi is an angel on earth, I swear.   I really don't know what we would have done without her.   I would recommend Ildi to anybody who is looking for a  birth doula.  Just talk to her once and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Karinne Perrone


I had a wonderful experience with Ildi. We met with her twice before the birth and both times I felt like she was really listening to what we wanted. She also kept in touch through email and phone and was always there if I needed a question answered with advice and good information. She has such a warm personality, was very respectful of our wishes and encouraged us in whatever we decided on.

This was my second child and my labor was very short, but intense. It was such a relief to have her there. From the moment she came in she was trying to help me focus and keep calm while making sure  my husband was doing okay and being informed of the situation by the nurses. She was so encouraging and helped me to use my energy and strength properly.

After our child was born Ildi stayed with us to help get breastfeeding started and to make sure we were feeling comfortable. She also came to visit postpartum to see how we were doing and help answer any questions we had.

Because my labor was so short she was unable to count it towards her certification, but she still was there for me 100%. I so appreciate everything she did for us.

Jessica Low


We decided to work with Ildi after a brief phone interview.  We were drawn to her warm personailty and her passion for natural labor and delivery process.  We found her to be very enthusiastic and eager to offer suggestions and recommendations for various coping/relaxation techniques and positions.  We felt that she had great respect for our birth wishes, and also for our decisions throughout labor and delivery.  We were impressed that she was always present every minute of labor, always there with a soothing voice and encouraging words.  She was such a calm presence for me, and a huge help to my husband.  Post-delivery, she stayed long enough to help establish breastfeeding and ensure my comfort but she then quietly left to give us space to be a family.  We're very thankful for Ildi's assistance with our labor and delivery!

Nathaly H


My experience with Ildi was exceptional. She was not only there supporting me 100% but she also took the time to support my husband and my mother throughout my birthing experience. I was supposed to meet with Ildi before the birth of my child however, my child decided to arrive early. Ildi had sent me an email saying that I could call her before our meeting if I needed her help. So, I did call her once I was at the hospital, and from the moment she came into the room I felt relieved. I don't think that I could have make it through natural birth without her help. She helped me to relax and to focus using different methods to help me deal with the pain without the use of pain medications. She made me feel like family and I felt that I could trust her to help me through my birthing experience. She has also been helping me postpartum to find things my baby and I need such as obtaining a hospitals grade pump and finding the right pediatrician for my child. She does go the extra mile. My family and I really apreciare all that she did for us. She truly has what it takes for this job because she has the passion and heart for this profession. I highly recommend her, for she is great on what she does.

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