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Michelle Ludwig CD(DONA)

Modern Mama Doula Services

Phoenix, AZ Service range 60 miles



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Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 500 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2013

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 0 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at nearly every hospital in the valley.Having a doula present at a hospital birth is a great way to help set the tone for the birth you want. I can help create the atmosphere to be softer and more serene. I have excellent relationships with nurses and practicioners all over the valley to help make sure your birthing day is a seemless event. Consider me your travel guide. I'm there to help facilitate your needs and make sure your birth is everything you imagined it to be.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have excellent connections with Homebirth Midwives to refer to.

Special Services Offered

  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

DONA state ambassador

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We help you achieve your goals, understand your options and empower you to make educated decisions. From the moment you sit down and meet your doula, to your prenatal meetings, to the delivery of your baby we want you to feel connected. We want you to feel safe. We want you to feel strong and empowered. Childbirth can be unpredictable, let us help you navigate your experience. Consider us your travel guides- Never telling you which path you have to take, but making sure you understand the options, the outcomes and how they affect your journey. Through hands on and professional support our goal is to help you enter your parenting journey with confidence. The day you give birth is so much more than just having a baby, and we couldn't agree more. You'll become a mother, whether for the first or fifth time. You and your partner will work as a team to bring your baby earthside. We will offer direction, options and support.

Phoenix, AZ Service range 60 miles

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Dear First-Time Parents-To-Be,
My husband and I cannot encourage you enough to hire a doula. My husband is my best friend, but we both agree, he doesn’t know squat childbirth. :-) He’s a great coach, but we knew we needed someone who has done this hundreds of times and knows the ins and outs of every doctor, every hospital, and has relevant, up-to-date information on labor & delivery. Think of a doula as a wedding coordinator!!

We are SO grateful we hired Michelle with Modern Mama; we both agree she is worth her weight in GOLD! We appreciated being able to text her with questions throughout the last weeks of pregnancy, and REALLY appreciated her support and knowledge during the “labor at home” part.
She was an excellent peace of mind and sounding board as we texted her screen shots from our contraction timer app; she did some contractions on the phone with me and *completely corrected my breathing* which then enabled me to actually get some sleep overnight in between contractions
At the hospital, her support and pain management techniques were so helpful. And let’s not forget her mad photography skills! I’ve been a professional wedding & portrait photographer for 12 years and I was so impressed with the unobtrusive, photojournalistic style other work. I am so so grateful for the images she took. And she got us the photos back before I was ever discharged from the hospital!! So awesome to be able to share those images before my baby was even 48 hours old.

What impressed me most about the whole process with Michelle was how extremely professional, personable, and responsive she was. She was always a doula first and then a photographer second, but she did both beyond our expectations!!! If we are blessed with another baby, we will definitely hire her again. Thank you, Michelle! You have a gift!

britt britt


I was pretty anxious about giving birth and when I met Michelle I knew immediately I was in good hands. We discussed my birth plan a few weeks prior to delivery and it actually went almost exactly as planned. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. She was my biggest advocate at the hospital and made sure I was receiving the best care. I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I am so glad I had her by my side!

Tresa Pentella


We just had our baby girl on Feb 12 2018. We are so grateful that Michelle was there with us. She was truly amazing at being our birthing advocate, educating us on all our choices every step of the way. She truly made a difference in our experience and I can’t stress enough how great it was having her with us.  We bought Michelle‘s VIP package which included a phot session & the pictures turned out amazing.  It also included a free visit from a lactation consultant who is amazing and helped us signifucantly with breastfeedinGo. 

James Jones


When my wife and I found out that we were pregnant we did not know what to expect, so we decided to get a doula. This was well worth it. Michelle was like a tour guide throughout our whole pregnancy. Any concerns or issues we had, she was always there to calm me down and give us answers.

Michelle was absolutely necessary for our pregnancy journey. The leadership and support she showed to my wife and I during labor gave us tremendous confidence and helped us deliver our beautiful baby boy. If you want a doula to prepare you in the best way, I highly recommend Michelle!! Thank you Michelle for all your help!!

Meredith Johnsen


My husband and I are forever thankful for Michelle and her services. She is so professional but yet SO easy to talk to and so helpful. I feel like shes one of my best friends now after everything she helped me with! Her knowledge and expertise saved me so much time, pain and confusion in my labor and delivery. Her extra services like plancenta encapsulation and the kit she puts together are all so great and useful. I recommend her 100% to anyone looking for a Doula. We will be hiring her for each birth going forward. 

emma bottini


Michelle was amazing! She was really supportive and kept in constant communication with me throughout my pregnancy. She is such a wonderful advocate for the mother and I couldn't have asked for anyone better to be there for my labor! There truly isn't enough words to explain how much it meant to have her there.

Karie Johnson


Michelle was professional, knowledgeable, and went beyond my expectations for my third birth. I would choose Michelle over and over again!

Natasha Albright


Michelle was such a blessing! I found her online after reading reviews, and after meeting with her, I knew I wanted her on my team. We connected, I loved her energy and experience, and she KNOWS what she's talking about! My husband was equally as excited and thankful to have her there with us as we experienced labor & delivery for the first time together.

Although probably not extremely common, my labor & delivery experience went pretty much exactly how I envisioned. My labor went smoothly, and I was able to labor at home for several hours before heading to the hospital, all while in contact with Michelle. Since things moved along so quickly, she met us at the hospital soon after and we got down to work! She was SO supportive, she knew exactly what to do to keep me focused and calm, and made my husband feel included throughout the entire process. I definitely couldn't have had such a wonderful labor and delivery experience without Michelle's support and guidance. I can't imagine ever giving birth again without a doula after having her by my side...if we're still in AZ when baby #2 comes, I will definitely have Michelle there.

If you are even considering bringing a doula on board, meet with Michelle. You will be so glad you did.

-Justin, Natasha & Solana

Jolene Hyduke


Let me start off by saying I don't know how women have babies without a doula... I was so blessed to have Michelle Ludwig of Modern Mama Doula Services coach me through labor and the birth of my son. I won't go into every last detail about my long and crazy delivery, but Michelle made me feel comfortable in the most uncomfortable situations and made me feel strong and supported me whenever I doubted myself. My husband and I can't imagine what it would have been like to go through our first birth experience without Michelle. Such a calm and steady presence- Michelle, thank you so much, for everything!
Jason, Jolene and Mack

Rebecca Albregts


Pursuing a Vbac, I knew I needed an advocate and support that I didn't have the first time I gave birth. We decided to hire a Doula, but not just any doula- one that would make me feel like I was strong enough and capable enough to achieve my goal. We interviewed a few Doulas and none fit the bill... until we met Michelle. After our very first meeting, I knew that she was exactly who I was looking for! Before my due date Michelle provided great evidence-based information, and was available to answer ALL my question and concerns (even being a 2nd time Mom.. I still had a lot!) She visited our home and prepared me and my husband for what to expect when labor begins. I felt prepared and ready because we had a plan, I had the support I was seeking. Fast forward to my due date- it came and went.. Michelle continued to check in on me and she how I was doing, keeping my spirits up when I became discouraged. However, the true value of having Michelle as my Doula became obvious as contractions started and we realized I was in prodromal labor... for three days!

Michelle remained a voice of reason, and kept me focused with reminders that patience is a virtue when it comes to a babies birth. Once my baby decided to come, she decided to come fast!! Michelle met us at the hospital and immediately I felt more calm. You should feel like a Goddess in that moment of giving birth, and Michelle along with Midwife created that environment for me. I was able to have the most amazing Vbac, and also have the wonderful photos Michelle took that day! I also encapsulated my placenta, Michelle brought it to my house a few days after and checked in to see how I was doing. I would recommend the Placenta encapsulation as I didn't experience any baby blues and felt fairly energetic and happy. I could go on and on, because my birth story was so amazing due to Michelle's presence, and her ability to show me how I can achieve something that I never thought possible! Thanks Michelle!

Kristi Kawal


I met Michelle through my doula Ashley Wain. Michelle was my back up, and honestly I didn't reach out to her prior to labor because I didn't think I needed to. Well as fate would have it (with the spontaneity of births) Ashley was with another client and had Michelle reach out to me when I went into labor. The first time I met Michelle was when I was being admitted to the hospital. I can honestly say I have never felt like I've known someone forever like I had with her. She jumped right in and made me feel comfortable, during what could have been a super stressful time. The nerves I had from having a doula I hadn't met went right out the window. She was amazing and calming and helped me through some of the worst contractions. While Ashley made it back before I delivered, Michelle decided to stay and see my delivery through, showing her commitment to the births! They were both amazing and I would recommend Michelle to anyone!!

Soniya Hirani


Michelle is simply an amazing person and a wonderful Doula !! 

I was attempting a VBAC and hired Michelle to be my labor Doula. She provided the perfect guidance all throughout my pregnancy and at the prenatal visit. At 32 weeks, my OB/GYN wanted me to schedule a C-section and i did not want to go that route at all, Michelle was a big support at that time to help me make a decision and switch providers and hospitals. She referred me to a pro-natural providers and hospital. I am glad i made the switch with her help and advice. 

During early labor, Michelle kept checking with me over text and gave me tips and advice on what i can do, once active labor kicked in, things moved really fast and Michelle met us directly at the hospital - i felt relieved as soon as i saw her. She was with me every contraction, saying just the right things to keep me going, encouraging me to get into the right positions to push the baby out effectively. I had tuned everyone out except her and my husband and cannot express how important their support was to me to get through every contraction and pushing (i had not taken epidural). In the end, i had my unmedicated dream VBAC. Michelle also took some wonderful pictures during the labor and birth. I had he encapsulate my placenta which she got done in a couple of days - the placenta capsules really helped a lot with the baby blues ! 

To sum it up, Michelle is a powerful woman, who is so passionate about being a Doula and understands completely why a woman wants to have a natural birth experience. 

Rachelle Samora-Hayes


I cannot thank Michelle enough. My birth plan was set and I communiacted everything with all involved- low and behold, my son arrived two months early. Ten days after meeting with Michelle I texted her in the wee hours of the morning telling her I was having contractions. Not only did she respond immediately, she was able to adivse me on what to do since a preterm labor was not in my plans. Throughout the day she checked in with us and when the day arrived later in the week, she arrived when I needed her. Her knowledge and atmosphere she brought into the room was priceless. She did everything she could to attend my "surprise" C-section to no avail, but was the first person to greet me in my recovery room. 

Throughout my tough labor, she really provided me with the reassurance that I knew what I was doing, that I was doing it correctly, and that everything was going to be fine with me and my baby. A few days after the birth she came back to meet my husband and I in the NICU to take pictures of our interactions with our tiny baby boy. Her images are wonderful and still bring tears to my eyes. 

Although we were set for a typical, uneventful birth- Michelle was attentive, prepared, and so caring and understanding during the craziest weeks of my life. Upon refelction with my husband, we both could not have imaginged our birth without her. One last wonderful thing about her is that checked in with us for a couple of weeks after our birth. It meant a lot since she knew the emotional part of a mama not having the birth experience she planned for. She is amazing!

Amanda Sharette-Kay


Michelle is a fantastic doula! My only regret is not getting to know her a bit sooner in my pregnancy (I didn't find her until I was already over 30 weeks pregnant). When I went into labor, she was very intuitive and decided to leave for my house even though we agreed she could wait another hour or so. I ended up progressing more quickly than we all thought and had my baby roughly a half hour I think after she arrived. My only suggestion would be maybe to provide mammas with some "homework" recommendations to help them prepare for labor. This was my second baby, but even so I learned so much through my own reading and research this time around that I think would help other mom-to-be's create a more enjoyable and memorable labor experience (relaxation and meditation techniques, hypnobirthing options, stress management, labor exercises, chiropractic work etc). I think it would be especially helpful for new moms to at least have some suggested readings and a more in-depth description of labor techniques and the physical and emotional benefits of them.

Vanessa Kuenn


I had an amazing labor experience for the birth of my son and I credit so much of that to Michelle! I knew I wanted to have a doula to help during labor, but I wanted to make sure my husband didn't feel like anyone had taken over his role in the process. It wasn't like that all! Michelle came over to our house and helped me labor for a couple hours before we headed to the hospital. Once we got there, she continued to provide the confidence and calmness I had been envisioning for the day. She was also an amazing advocate for us with the hospital staff.

We walked around the triage floor for a while before getting a room and then we labored in the tub. It was so amazing. Looking back, I love knowing that was my birth experience because I couldn't believe how calm everything was at the time. The room was so quiet and peaceful - she helped me breathe through contractions, played some soft music and kept the lights dim. She also helped my husband by having him massage my back and keep me relaxed. Once my baby boy was born, she helped me breastfeed and left shortly after starting our hour of skin to skin time. The images she captured during the process were amazing and they're ones I treasure so much. I highly recommend Michelle!!

Amber Cummins


We couldn't have asked for a better labor coach than Michelle. She's personable, dedicated, supportive, encouraging, and all around made our labor and delivery such a wonderful experience. We left the hospital saying how we couldn't wait to do this all over again!! She was so informative before the birth and a huge help after the birth as well. Her photography during labor and delivery is something I will cherish all of my life. We also requested her placenta encapsulation services, and we are so happy we did! She was also extremely informative for that (which we knew absolutely nothing about), was quick at getting me the pills and teaching me how to use everything properly.

I absolutely loved my labor and delivery and probably would NOT have had such an amazing experience if it weren't for Michelle.

Gioia Milne


 Michelle was a perfect addition to our pregnancy and labor experience! She was in wonderful contact during the end of my pregnancy and eased all my worries of anything that came up or made me nervous!  The information she gave came from research that she had done and she would always send articles and websites to back it up!  The couple times we met together she made me feel very comfortable, and my husband and I were very reassured that we had picked the right person to advocate for us! She helped my husband and I understand every situation we were experiencing during our labor and delivery to know that we were making the right decision for me, and especially our baby! She also took some amazing pictures so that we could remember the special moment, and we can't imagine having this beautiful time without her there to cheer us on!  We know that for our next pregnancy we will definitely be calling on her wonderful services and expertise to have a great experience again! 

Scarlet Filmore


This was my second birth and I was hoping to have a better and more natural birthing experience with little or no medication. I asked my midwife at my OB’s office about Doulas and she said that “every woman should have a Doula when giving birth.” She gave me a few names including Michelle’s. I chose Michelle after meeting for an initial consultation. I found her to be personable, confident and reassuring and she had experience assisting with many births.

Michelle was great from the beginning, always responding to my texts, emails and phone calls when I had questions. I called her around 4am the morning I went in labor and she coached me through the early stages. She came over to my house as the labor progressed and coached me through different positions to help me with the contractions. I liked the way she set small goals for me throughout labor which helped me work through the contractions.

When we decided to head to the hospital, I was 8 centimeters dilated and ready to give birth! Michelle was by my side the entire time helping me and coaching and encouraging me through the contractions and the pushing. Michelle was there to help me with nursing my son after giving birth and she has stayed in touch since.

My husband and I felt good to have the additional support that Michelle provided. There is absolutely NO WAY I could have made it through laboring at home that long and without medication if Michelle was not there to support me through the process.

I felt amazing and empowered having gone through labor without depending on medication and without an epidural. Michelle will support you in your labor whether you want or need medication or if you want to do it without.

I highly recommend hiring Michelle as a Doula and I will definitely call her again if we decide to have another little one. I am very blessed to have worked with her!

Alison Cavatore


Michelle is an amazing doula - We HIGHLY recommend her to anyone considering having a doula.

I never knew about doulas until I met Michelle during a class she was teaching and I was instantly intrigued. She has such a fun, sweet and energetic personality that I instantly connected with, and I knew pretty quickly I wanted her there with my husband and I for the birth of our first child. She takes her job seriously and has a wonderful way of talking you through any questions/concerns related to the final weeks of your pregnancy, labor and/or delivery. She puts you at ease yet keeps you in charge of the birth, offering all the options that may be available, but ultimately letting you have the birth experience you want.

When I went into labor it went very fast and I was already quite far along so Michelle met us directly at the hospital and by the time I got to there I was 7-8cm dilated. She met us at the hospital entrance and stayed with me, holding me and breathing with me through the contractions - she was a star, so incredibly calming and in control, which kept me calm and in control. I told my husband afterwards that looking back at those moments it is amazing how connected I felt to someone I had only met recently. She was a steady hand and calming force throughout the labor and delivery of our baby girl - allowing my husband to enjoy the moment as a soon-to-be dad with me.

We also chose to encapsulate my placenta with Michelle and she was extremely fast with the turnaround and came to our house to drop it off, explain dosage, and catch up after the birth. She also gave us with a little bit of our dried umbilical cord shaped into a heart, which was very sweet. 

There is nothing about the birth of my baby girl that I would change and that is in large part thanks to Michelle. She will always have a special place in our hearts and we couldn't be more grateful that our paths crossed and she came into our lives.

Erin Oertli


My husband and I were new to the Mesa area, and having our first child together, so we decided to hire Michelle to help us navigate through hospitals, OB's and of course, the big day. I have to say it was worth every dollar. No one can 100% prepare you for the day it all happens, but it was amazing how helpful her words of encouragement were, the fact she was a third party that wasn't my husband, and she also helped me labor at home as long as possible, to avoid being at the hospital longer than needed. When you are going through this much pain for as long as labor can take (mine was a total of 28 hours from first contraction), it's hard for your husband to watch. You are also going to need someone who can keep you focused, know what you need to do, understand the next steps and your options, and your husband just isn't 'it' on that day. Michelle was a lifesaver and if I have another baby, I will definitely be hiring her again. 

Katie Daugherty Teahan


Michelle is a fantastic doula! We would highly recommend her to anyone. The first time we met her, we knew she would be our doula, and we didn’t search for anyone else. She is full of energy, extremely knowledgeable, willing to stick up for your birth preferences, and makes you feel comfortable with the process.

When it came time to give birth, she was extremely helpful and supportive. She has experience at several different hospitals around the valley, and knew exactly where everything was in our delivery room to make our experience more comforting. She never left my side during the birth, and she worked well with other members of birth team (MidWife and Nurses). She also did a great job making sure my husband was involved during the entire birth. The photos she took during the birth came out great, and were a fantastic way to document the birth of our son.

She always responded very quickly to our texts and emails. Michelle is also well connected throughout the valley, and was able to recommend other providers (chiropractor, photographer, etc). Also, I recommend getting all the extras! She encapsulated the placenta and got it back to us very quickly. She even offers a care package for after your birth which came in very handy.

Michelle is great, and would be a perfect addition to your birth team. 

Katie Rubin


My husband and I hired Michelle as my doula after deciding on a natural childbirth with minimal medical intervention. She was very knowledgable and did a fantastic job guiding me through various means of preparing my body for birth, as well options for getting through labor, and postnatal decisions. She provided tremendous support to my husband. Michelle even helped me start breastfeeding moments after my daughter was born - the most beautiful experience of my life. There were a few scary moments when my daughter's heart rate dropped. Michelle was right next to me, holding my hand, and talking me through the anxiety. She helped me breathe and calm myself in a way only another mother could do. When it was time to push, Michelle earns the gold medal for motivation. It only took a few highly encouraged pushes for my little angel to arrive. Michelle was invaluable in my birth experience and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula. She also does placenta encapsulation, which I would choose again and again. I've had zero issues with postpartum depression and my milk supply is excellent!

Meagan Hall


I hired Michelle as my doula for my first home birth (and first unmedicated delivery) and honestly do not know what I would have done without her constant support, encouragement, and direction. Nothing can prepare you for the experience of childbirth; it is such an intense, unpredictable and yes, painful, experience that can leave you feeling very out of control and unsure of what to do. Having Michelle there to coach me through the contractions definitely helped to make me feel more in control of my body, and of the situation. 

She has a very bubbly and infectious personality. I liked her and felt comfortable with her right from the beginning, and she really made me look forward to my birth experience with excitement and not fear. And when it did get scary, she was there guiding me through it, and it made a great difference.


Thank you for being there for me, and offering all of your support and encouragement. I look forward to doing it again!


P.S.-the Nip Dip product she sells is highly recommended. It is amazing and not at all sticky like lansinoh. 

Sara Circosta


My husband and I couldn't be more thankful that Michelle was there on the most important day of our lives. We honestly don't know what we would have done without her support, encouragement, knowledge, and amazing sense of humor. Sure, the delivery would have happened, but not the way we had wanted. We had a long, tough labor and Michelle was there for us every step of the way to help with decisions and make sure that what I wanted was always the first priority (and the baby's safety too). We felt like we had a family member in the delivery room with us. We feel so lucky that she was there for us and have already recommended Michelle to other friends. Michelle, I cannot thank you enough - you are amazing!

Amber Cummins


Our experience with Michelle was absolutely wonderful! This was our first pregnancy and she was so supportive before, during and after the birth of our beautiful son. She answered all of my questions leading up to my due date with patience and clarity. She was the best person to have supporting me and my husband through my labor, coaching us both and including him in every step. My husband and I have both said multiple times that she really made our experience truly incredible and we could'nt have done it without her! We will definitely be asking Michelle to assist in all of our births!


Alycia Pyle


We were very lucky in our birth journey to be introduced to Michelle during our search for Doulas. Michelle was not only very professional but she made an instant, genuine connection with me personally that I greatly appreciated. I had full confidence after meeting her that when the time came to have my baby I would be fully supported with the utmost care and attention. We celebrated milestones together throughout my pregnancy and she proved to be one of the best resources I had available- providing me with referrals for chiropractic care, giving me encouragement throughout my pregnancy, and supporting our birth plan to have my three year-old son present.

As I approached the end of my pregnancy, I kept in close contact with Michelle and kept her updated on how I was feeling. She was fantastic about being supportive over the phone and would check in on me regularly to see how I was doing. When I went into labor, Michelle showed up (on her birthday) with such a positive and supportive attitude. She watched for cues from me of each time I was having a contraction and didn't waste time jumping right in and providing support while coaching me through the breathing. Michelle continued to be amazing through the entire birth process, reminding me to breathe, providing pain relief and being very encouraging. As if her support wasn't great enough, she captured such priceless moments with her camera and had all of the pictures edited and sent back to us within a day! These will be memories that we will keep for a lifetime and I couldn't be happier with how the pictures turned out.

Having Michelle present for our birth was such an amazing experience and I can't imagine having a birth any other way! She truly was everything we wanted and needed her to be. Michelle, thank you so much for everything you did for me and my family throughout the nine months, we look forward to future births and babies with you right by our side!

Bailey Williams


I cannot imagine giving birth without the support of Michelle. From preparations to her post-birth check-in, Michelle's support and guidance were invaluable. Michelle brings a great sense of positivity and joy with her, and her professionalism and strength make her the total package as a birthing partner.

Initially, I was very against having an epidural - however, when the full force of labor hit me and I wasn't making much progress, I changed my mind. I was so glad that Michelle helped me to hold out as long as I could and made sure that I was confident in my decision - she reminded me of my initial birth plan and helped me try out different coping methods. When I inisisted that I wanted the epidural, she stood by me and was 100% supportive.

Michelle is very firm in her belief that this is YOUR birth and YOU are in charge. She will help you, cheer you on, and even get a bit strict with you when you are feeling weary (which came in handy with nearly 5 hours of pushing!) - she is the support that is needed in the final stretch. Michelle is also very informative, which was a great gift for first time parents. She followed up on my requests to midwives and nurses, and provided thorough explanations of the procedures and options available to us. Michelle was by our side the whole time - even sleeping in the tub so she could be close by while I slept.

Michelle was also a tremendous support to my husband - from running out to get him a late night burger, to helping him see how and when he could step in to support me. Michelle doesn't get in the way of your partner, she actually helps them to be as involved as they would like to be. For my husband, it was Michelle's suggestion that led to him "catching" our son as he was born, which is still one of the most magical parts of our birth story.  

I cannot recommend Michelle enough and honestly cannot imagine birthing without her. I have no doubt that I will be calling her again!

Kathy Hu


Michelle was my doula for the birth of our first son in September. We would wholeheartedly recommend her as a doula for any expecting parents. Our baby arrived 3 weeks earlier than we had anticipated and even though Michelle had a wedding that particular day, she was with us every step of the way over the phone and then later in the evening arrived at the hospital. We couldn't have been more pleased with our birth experience and it was through her coaching and techniques that I was able to deliver without using an epidural. My husband and I often say that I could have delivered our son without him in the room, but most certainly not without Michelle. For any parents that are considering using Michelle's services, we would definitely encourage it!    

Lyndsay Mancini


I can't say enough great things about Michelle...she helped to make my birth experience something absolutely amazing.  I had suffered a previous loss at 34 weeks and my delivery was obviously a very painful memory for me.  This new pregnancy brought on a lot of anxiety and I wanted to hire a doula so the experience was something different this time around, and so I could get the support I needed to calm my fears and handle my labor and delivery the best way possible.  Michelle helped me accomplish all of this.  She was there for me prior to delivery and was compassionate and understanding when we discussed my prior loss and what I needed this time around.  My husband was afraid hiring a doula was going to "replace" him but after the delivery I heard him tell several people that he highly recommended hiring a doula, and was even giving Michelle's contact information out!  We both benefitted tremendously by having her with us, and I truly believe she was a key component in getting the experience I wanted and needed this time around!  Oh, and the icing on the cake was getting the pictures she captured!!!! I had no idea she was even taking pictures! They were so powerful--both my husband and I cried when we looked through them.  Also, words of advice--the ideas Michelle can give you for the end of pregnancy and post-partum are TRULY invaluable. My healing has gone SO well--mentally, physically, and emotionally.  Thank you, Michelle!!!! We love you! 

Doran Miller


I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity to work with Michelle. I knew headed into my due date that there was a chance that the doula I planned to work with wouldn't be available, and she arranged for Michelle to be "on call" for me if I went into labor that day. Like clockwork, that's exactly what happened and Michelle didn't miss a beat (even when I called her at 2:30 in the morning to ask if my contractions were "real").  Without Michelle, I'm sure we would have headed to the hospital right then, which would have been disastrous given that my labor lasted about 37 hours. Michelle totally put us at ease and helped us understand that it was all normal and we could just stay put. She came over to our house the next day and spent all afternoon with us doing things we probably would not have thought to do -- walking around the neighborhood, getting in different positions, reminding me to eat, and she even helped me take a nap.

After we got to the hospital, there were various points where I needed to make decisions about the direction of my care, and I know without Michelle I would have really struggled with what to do. I felt totally confident in Michelle's guidance and advice, especially given that I was navigating waters that were completely foreign to me. I knew Michelle completely understood what I wanted (a natural drug-free labor and delivery), and she was able to help me make decisions that furthered that goal.  Her strength and support and confidence in my abilities was palpable, and was especially important shortly after we got to the hospital when I experienced a fleeting moment of doubt.

In the end, I had a truly amazing labor and delivery experience, and there is no question that Michelle was an essential part of it. I couldn't have done it without her!

Jessica Hedgepeth


I felt comfortable with Michelle from the minute she came into my house for our first consultation. She has a laid back attitude and fun sense of humor that made me feel at ease. She was very informative and helpful every time I had a question. I felt supported and cared for. I ended up needing a csection and Michelle was a great comfort in the OR and took pictures for us. She got my placenta capsules and tincture to me right away. We had a great in home visit after baby and I were home and she even took more pictures for us. She truly went above and beyond for us. My husband and I felt very comfortable with her and she truly became our friend. I would highly recomend Michelle! 

Matthew Balven


Early on in our her pregnancy my wife, Rachel, had suggested we use a doula.  I wasn't exactly sure what a doula was so I was a little skeptical at first.  My wife explained that she would help us throguh the process of delivering the baby and spefically be an advocate for her wishes in midst of delivery.  I was still not entirely convinced, I mean who is a better advocate for my wife than me, right? 

Well, I have to admit she was right.  Having Michele work with us was one of the best decisions we made during the preganancy.  She really helped Rachel to know what to expect during the delivery and to develop the birth plan that was right for her.  Rachel wanted to do a completely natural birth and Michele gave her the confidence and guidance to do this.  Michele worked very closely with the nurses and doctor in a respectful way to ensure our baby came into the world safely and the way Rachel wanted.  She had many tricks and tools to keep Rachel as comfortable as possible, which I would have never known to use.  As a husband it was very helpful to have her there by our side , which allowed me to relax a bit and enjoy the moment.   I am happy to say the birth went completely smoothly and Rachel was able to do it exactly as she had wanted.  Michele was a pleasure to work with and made the amazing experience of having our baby girl even better for both Rachel and I.

Rachel Balven


My wonderful birth experience would not have been possible without Michelle! Michelle was a benefit from the very beginning. She is a wealth of information on how to make informed decisions during pregnancy, how to take care of your body, and what kind of decisions would need to be made during childbirth. She was especially helpful when I needed guidance on what to do as my due date approached and tips on avoiding a medical induction. Fast forward to my due date when my water broke... (Thanks Michelle!) I labored at home most the day and used her techniques to cope with the contractions. Either my husband or I talked to Michelle throughout the day and she said that she would join my husband and me as soon as we wanted her there. Even on the phone she talked me through some contractions, offering some much needed breathing guidance. By the time I got to the hospital (about 5pm) my husband called Michelle to let her know we were embarking on the part of the journey that we needed her with us. Although my pain was manageable all day, I went for 0 to 60 very quickly at the hospital. I was starting to have a hard time coping with the pain and my husband tried his best to sooth me. Unfortunately, his efforts did nothing for me! Luckily Michelle arrived shortly after we called her and she immediately made me feel both physically and emotionally better! She used counter pressure techniques during my contractions and responded to what my body needed. She guided me in changing into different laboring positions that helped me deal with the pain, especially towards the end. She also worked with the L&D nurses and my husband very well. I felt like I had an amazing team led by Michelle!! Towards the end when it was pushing time, her and my husband helped guide my body towards the best position to get the baby out, and we made it happen! If you want a rockstar birthing experience, I would highly recommend you hire a rockstar doula like Michelle! She is a truly amazing!

Kira Olsen-Medina


Michelle was an absolutely amazing doula! I am happy we chose to have her by our side for this journey. This was my first pregnancy and I didn't know what to expect from a doula, but Michelle was invaluable to our birthing experience. Her caring energy exceeded my expectations. She was a great support to both myself and my husband. I was in labour for 36 hours, her presence and expertise helped me to cope, I couldn't have done it without her! I am so grateful to Michelle for everything she did to make my birthing experience what I wanted it to be. I will continue to hire her for any of my future births, and I highly recommend her as a doula! 

Melissa Crohn


Michelle was like an angel. She responded with enthusiasm to my and my husband's desire to have a natural birth in which he was the primary coach, and celebrated my personal approach to pregnancy and birth. I had devoted most of my pregnancy to working out and eating healthy and was excited to have a labor in which I felt strong and powerful. Michelle definitely helped that become reality.

My birth was ightning-fast - only 6.5 hours - and progressed so fast that we didn't even have time to have Michelle help us at home. We met at the hospital and Michelle immediately made both my husband and I feel as if we were powerfully in control of our experience - and as I was fully dilated upon check-in, we definitely needed that empowerment! With my husband on my left just pouring out support, cheers, and excitement and Michelle on my right giving me specific breathing and pushing tasks to focus on, I never felt a moment where I wanted to abandon our plan of natural birth, or that I could not meet the challenge of birthing my son. Michelle constantly cheered on my "excellent control" and called me "supermama," making me feel powerful at a time when I was tired. 

After my son was born, Michelle told me that when my midwife had come to check me, she had taken her gloves off and claimed "She has some pushing to do" and headed to the hall. Michelle's reaction was, "Oh no - this mama is pushing this baby out!" and through her guidance, within the next contraction my little boy progressed so much that my midwife put her gloves right back on and we delivered within 20 minutes!

Michelle was instrumental in assuring that my husband and I felt calm, confident, and strong during our birth experience, and afterward her words of love and passion for family and parenting were vastly inspirational. Michelle adores her work, birth and the women she works for, and oozes that adoration from every fiber of her being. 

Erica DeBord


I met Michelle through the class she offers at babies r us and immediately knew that I needed her at my birth. Michelle is the type of person that will just make you happier to be around, she has such a great positive vibe to her.

throughout my pregnancy Michelle was available to answer questions and to reassure me of my decisions even when some of my doctors wanted to induce which I didn't want.

Having Michelle at my labor and delivery enabled me to have a fully unmedicated hospital birth, to achieve this i wanted to labor at home for as long as possible and having Michelle there gave me peace of mind that I wouldn't wait too long or go in too early this was important as I am a first time mom and didn't know what to expect. 

She even took pictures at my birth!

Overall Michelle is a very strong, positive person who knows very well what she is doing and the process of birth.

I would highly recommend her to any and everyone!

Gwen Priest


I had an absolutely amazing experience with Michelle Ludwig as my doula.  I seriously lucked out!  I don't how to put into words my experiecne except for that she was seriously amazing and I could not have done it without her.  i had a velementous cord and ultimately had to be induced.  i strongly believe that if it werent for her i would have ended up with pitocin and an epidural.  She knew exactly what to do to help my body progress on it's own aftering my water being broken and how to help me communicate my desires to the nurses, midwife and doctor.  She pushed me just enough when I was doubting myself, but still gave me the control.  SHe knew exactly what to do to help me through my contractions and I couldn't be more thankful to have had her as a part of my baby girls birth.  She is an incredible doula and extremely knowledgable in what your body is going through during labor.. anyone would be lucky to have her as a part of their birth team!! 

Pamela Hesselbacher


We are so happy that we found Michelle to be our doula for the birth of our daughter.  She provided us with great information for things to do during pregnancy to support an easier labor and delivery.  She taught us comfort measures to use during labor that were critical for the time leading up to when she joined us for active labor.  Once she arrived at our house, she jumped right in seamlessly and started helping me to work through the contractions so my husband could get our older child situated and finish packing for the hospital.  The hip squeezes were great, and she knew just what to suggest to help with pain and keep labor moving along.  At the hospital, she was critical too - she was a perfect complement to my husband in helping me through labor.  She would offer me sips of juice, or apply cool washcloths or fan me and offer encouraging words while my husband provided the emotional support I needed.  It was great and he did not feel displaced at all with her presence.  After our baby was born, she also took some lovely pictures that we will always cherish of our first hour together.  We would use Michelle again in a heartbeat, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a great doula!

Juanita Garcia


Michelle prepared me for labor the first time we met. I knew early labor could last a long time, did I think it would happen to me, of course not! But it did! My labor was long and hard but Michelle was by my side the entire time. Encouraging me to breath, suggesting different positions, she wanted me to have a good birth experience. Though my labor wasn't ideal, I am very glad I had Michelle there with me! 

Lena Diamond


Michelle and I met twice before baby Ethan was born. She is a great resource for information. I really liked how knowlegeable she is regarding small details surrounding birth and how to cope with various issues after birth.

My water broke at 2 am and my midwife said to try to hold out till 2 pm. I called Michelle and she answered the phone at 2 am! I progressed faster than expected so that by 7 am, she was at my house helping me shower and I was in too much pain to put clothes on to where when each second stage contraction hit, she'd lift up my bottom and push my hips together to mitigate the pain. Things went from professional to personal real quick, but don't worry ladies, all modesty goes out the window when you get those horrid contractions. She talked my husband and I through what to do and how to minimize the pain. She has a lot of experience in the hospitals and gave advice on what to do to be sure I get helped right away.

When it came time to push, she and her assistant, Ashley, held my legs up and talked me through what was going on and when to push, because I only vaguely felt the contractions due to an epidural. The pushing took twice as long as typical but at no point did she let on that my experience was unusual. This was good otherwise I would have probably freaked out or gotten discouraged. She just beared with me and made suggestions for various positions (my epidural somehow allowed me full feeling in my legs so I was able to move around in the bed). It was my first birth and I had no idea what to expect. Having Michelle there explain things to me and help me get through the experience took a load off my poor, scared husband and myself.

Katherine Faur


I had a very positive experience with Michelle and am grateful that she was able to assist me with the birth of my second son.  From the first time I contacted her,  she was very timely with her responses and was readily available to answer any questions I had.  She actively checked in with me at least weekly, if not more, during the last weeks of my pregnancy.  She also checked in with me immediately and also a few weeks after the birth.  She even went the extra mile to recover the photographs of the birth that I thought were lost forever due to technological misunderstandings.

We started working together rather late in  my pregnancy, around 35 weeks, and I was uncertain of my confidence in my medical providers at this point.   She is well-networked within the community and made a referral she confidently felt could provide the experience I was looking for.  With her help and the help of these providers, I did have the experience I wanted and am thrilled about how my labor and delivery went. 

I also appreciate her postnatal care suggestions, as well as her placenta encapsulation service.  I recovered much more quickly than I did after the delivery of my first son.  

I highly recommend Michelle and will ask for her help again should I have another baby.

Mistie Gibson


I would highly recommend Michelle Ludwig to any first time moms or anyone who would like to improve the birthing and postpartum experience. She is very knowledgable and very respectful of our thoughts and wishes for the entire child birthing experience. My husband and I agree that the experience would not have been as relaxing without her. Thank you Michelle for creating a great experience and helping us bring our baby into the world. 

Ashley Wain


Michelle was amazing! I truly feel like I found the perfect person to coach me through my delivery. This was our second child and the first time we did not have a doula. For this pregnancy I decided I wanted to go as natural as possible and because I had an epidural with my first child I was very hesitant and scared About the pain. When I met with Michelle she put my mind at ease and made me feel very confident with what my body was capable of. She did not try to push me one way or the other she only wanted to help me achieve my goals. When I felt my first contraction I called Michelle and she coached me through until she arrived. when the pain really started I wanted the epidural but Michelle and my husband knew my goals and coached me through. even when I was screaming she got in my ear and so I could only hear her. This was necessary because my husband hated seeing me in that much pain and didn't know how to help. when my sweet girl arrived I was in shock that I did it without pain medication and so quickly. Michelle captured such great photos. She got the most special picture of my husband and I meeting our daughter for the first time. Lastly, the encapsulation process was a breeze. She took the placenta from the hospital and brought me my pills and tincture within 24 hours. Thank you Michelle for the amazing experience! 

Allison Lefebvre


I had a very complex pregnancy. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and was on my second high-risk pregnancy, and at 17 weeks my son was diagnosed with Spina Bifida. I don't know how I would have gotten through an emotional pregnancy and delivery without Michelle as my Doula. She took a new experience for both of us and led me through and made me feel confident in my choices. She did extra research on the conditions I was facing, but still made me feel light-hearted and normal about the goals I wanted for delivery.

When I had my induction, Michelle got me through the pain like I couldn't believe. She would not let me give up and I was able to overcome things I never imagined. She allowed me to have the birthing experience I had hoped for. She kept telling me how proud she was of me and it meant more to me than she will know. When my son was born, he was not breathing and the room was very tense and my husband was crying. Michelle remained enthusiastic and positive and because of that I have happy memories of his birth. She captured gorgeous photos that I will cherish forever.

My son was in the NICU for 5 months and had 7 surgeries while there. Michelle had my placenta capsules to me the next day and repeatedly visited my son and me with lunch. Talk about above and beyond! I felt more comfortable with her than people I have known for years. I have sent 6 of my friends to use Michelle for her services and I'll never stop referring people to her. I can't wait to use her for my next pregnancy.

Kelly Miles


Being a first time mom I was searching for a doula that would help me and my husband through the labor and delivery process.  Michelle was a perfect fit for us. Because of how quick and strong my contractions started, Michelle first met us at the hospital and immediately took charge, letting the hospital staff know what my intentions were for labor and delivery while also talking me through my contractions.  Michelle offered me the words of encouragement I needed during delivery and helped me visualize the birthing process.  After our little girl was born Michelle captured our first moments together as a family.  We will forever cherish the moments she photographed.  We are greatfull to have had Michelle as our doula! 

Madeline Alvarez


Let me start by saying I had a horrible birth experience with my first born. Trying for a vbac and an all around better experience this time around I knew a doula was a must. I heard great things about Michelle before interviewing her and once I met her I knew she would be one kick ass doula. With her extensive knowledge in all things baby she answered my questions and calmed me down throughout my pregnancy. One thing I loved most about Michelle is she is like having a really great friend who had a calming demanor that just put me at ease. Come Labor Day she coached me though some painful contractions, kept me focused and helped me make some really tough decisions. I felt empowered, respected and heard during my birth and even with it resulting in a repeat cesarean I am overjoyed with the birth of my son and how completely superior the experience was from my first. Michelle listens to your needs, gives you the facts and helps you in any way you need. You would be lucky to have a doula like Michelle no matter what kind of birth you are hoping for. 

Nicole Schubert


Michelle was very helpful in preparing me for natural labor. She had great suggestions for the final weeks of my pregnancy to make sure baby was positioned optimally and that my cervix would dilate and efface on it's own without induction. I truly believe her suggestions made a big difference as my labor came a week before my due date and was very quick! 

As for labor coaching I'm afraid she wasn't there for much of it. Things went quicker than expected so I was ready to push by the time she arrived! It was a very fast and intense 5 hour labor. When she did arrive she was very helpful in getting us to the hospital (almost didn't make it) and she was a comforting presence when I was feeling like everything was out of control. 

She's got a great personality and is warm and kind. I just wish I had her there for my whole labor!

Raianne Wright


I have nothing but good things to say about Michelle.  I had complications during my pregnancy, and she was always willing to answer my questions.  She also contacted me several times to make sure I was doing alright.  I honestly don't know how I would have made it through labor and delivery without her.  When my baby finally decided to come, everything moved very quickly.  She helped me stay calm while my husband was running around the house like a crazy man, trying to get everything ready for us to head to the hospital.   Once we got to the hospital, Michelle knew exactly where to go and who to talk to, and she was extremely supportive during delivery.  She helped me relax between contractions and encouraged me while I was pushing.  Michelle took the most beautiful pictures in the sweet moments after our baby was born.  She made sure I was comfortable and even brought me a cup of cold juice.  Like she told me, after all that hard work, it was the best juice I have ever tasted.  She stayed with us for about an hour after the birth, and checked in with us several times afterward.  Both my husband and I feel like Michelle was an invaluable part of our birth experience.  We highly recommend her to everyone!

Sarah Tschider


Nothing could have prepared me for labor and delivery.  But despite over 30 hours of back labor, with Michelle by my side, I stuck to my birth plan and had a natural birth.  Michelle was incredible, whether being constantly available by phone and text during the early hours of labor or encouraging me to during the more difficult later stages of labor.  She always had my best interests at heart, suggesting positions to try to accelerate labor, and helping me to focus during pushing when I was ready to give up.  I don't know how I would have survived without her.  She was clearly comfortable interacting with the medical personell at the hospital and my obstetrician loved her.  I would highly, highly recommend her to anyone looking for grounded, calm, knowledgable support and guidance during their labor.

Justin Skipton


My wife and I recetly had our first child. A baby boy named Lucca. While going through the process my wife mentioned hiring a doula. I had no idea what a doula was at the time. Her insistence paid off and we hired Michelle Ludwig to help us through our first birth. My wife and I wanted to have the baby as naturally as possible but not too over the top. Michelle was a perfect fit. She helped explain what each item meant and why they were telling us one thing or another. This helped to keep the experience as easy and calm as it should be. We had an absolutely perfect birth from thanks to Michelle's introduction to the birthing class and eventually a new doctor who understood our opinions and desires for the birth process. I would highly reccomend Michelle.


Thanks Michelle.


Justin, Kat and Lucca

Casey Padilla


I would highly recommend Michelle to anyone! I was so fortunate to have her as my original doulas backup. Her personalitly was just what I needed at the time of my labor. Michelle was very knowledgeable, making my labor that much easier. Positioning, breathing, informing me what would or could happen next. I couldn't have done it without her and I would love to work with her again. 

Martha Zimpfer-Suraci


Michelle was AMAZING! She was full of knowledge, very warm and personable, but most importantly, Michelle was a great LISTENER! She truly made the effort to understand my previous birth experience and what I wanted for my next birth experience.  In addition, I never felt any judgement from Michelle about any of my choices. In fact, that was what I was initially worried about in hiring a doula -- I didn't want to be judged or "talked into" anything I didn't really want.  However, nothing could have been further from the truth! Michelle supported me in every decision I made, and simply provided me with the necessary information surrounding the decision. I cannot speak more highly of Michelle, and I would recommend her to all of my friends! Because of her, I had a wonderful second birth experience.  

Dez Creekmore


Michele was amazing!  My labor with my 5th baby progressed very quickly by the time I called her to come help and when she got there she jumped right in.  Needless to say the baby was born 10 minutes later but her presence in that last 10 min was just what I needed.  This was my only birth without an epidural and I am so thankful to have someone to support me in the birthing experience I wanted.  She was also the only person to get any good pictures! Lol. I am so thankful for her professionalism and support.  

Ryiah Eden


Wow! What a long road this has been! I want to lead by saying that I unfortunately did not get the birth experience I wanted, which is something everybody should be aware *could* happen, but what I did get was emense support and education from my Doula, Michelle. I remained well informed and she really guided me through a rough emotional journey. Without Michelle's calm energy, love, and support, I couldn't imagine what I would have done or what the outcome could be. 

I am a single momma who had been told for years by doctors that I would not be able to conceive. Here I was through my first trimester, and dealing with all of the physical and emotional changes that come with pregnancy without the support of a partner. I was on my own. I knew I couldn't do it alone, so I sought out a doula. I spoke with several doulas over the phone, but it was Michelle's bright and bubbly personality that made me feel like she was the one. I immediately felt like I could tell her anything, and that she would be a strong and comfortable place to fall. Her humour is right aligned with mine too! It must be a Socal girl thing. Haha! Sometimes some reassurance mixed with sarcasm was all I needed. 

I also should mention that I have some extreme anxiety  (PTSD) that made the experience especially tough, and Michelle was just perfect throughout. It is a fine balance of sympathy and empowerment that you have to walk with somebody that has emotional issues. She always made me feel like my concerns were heard. She always made me feel valid for feeling the way I did. She would not let me sink into my anxiety. Michelle always was calm, and made sure I was well educated and felt empowered, even in the most powerless situation. Above all, she kept my head up in an otherwise unfortunate situation. 

I now have a beautiful, healthy baby girl and I am on the road to recovery. Michelle is such a wonderfull person to have on your side.

Amanda Myers


Michelle was an absolute Godsend for my pregnancy and especially during my labor and delivery. After a rough time laboring with my first child, I knew I needed more support for my second and thank God we made the decision to use a doula. Throughout my pregnancy Michelle was there to answer questions and be a great guide for what rights I have as a patient in the medical system. 

36 weeks- Met with Michelle for pre-labor appointment. Michelle went over things such as how to prepare my body for labor, such as Evening Prirose Oil, Red Raspberry Leaf Tea, birthing ball,and other things. We went over what the process would be once I went into labor.

At 42 weeks my midwife decided it was time to induce me. I was terrifed.  Michelle assured me it was going to be ok. Michelle arrived when my contractions got steady and in perfect timing for the pain I was in at this point. After a few more hours of this intense contractions and only being at 4 cm I was wanting pain relief. I got an epidural that Michelle walked me through as I was having contractions and we finally got some relief. About 36 hours after the process started I was dilated to where they wanted me to push. The baby wasnt coming in the birth canal. After 2 hours the midwife called in the OB for a second opinion becuase the baby wasnt moving down the birth canal becuase his position. This terrified me, becuase the last thing I wanted was a C-Section. I buckled down and with the guidance of Michelle I was able to welcome my baby boy into this world 36 hours after the induction began. 

After the delivery Michelle encapsulated my placenta which I highly recommend to help post partum depression, breastfeeding, healing, energy, among many other things. She was also a great resource on where to go for Breastfeeding support, recommended taking our baby to a chiropractor. 

I highly highly recommend Michelle as a doula. I know you wont be disappointed!

Marina Moore-Moreno


I am so thankful to have connected with Michelle! I didn't decide to reach out to her until the end of my pregnancy but it was one of the best choices I made.  She called me shortly after reaching out & answered all of my silly "first time mom" questions. We arranged for her to come to my home later that week for my appointment with her.  I immediately felt such relief upon welcoming her in my home, she was friendly, bubbly & I felt like we were old friends. She spent plenty of time with me making sure to go over anything & everything I could possibly need (& want) to know. Over the next few weeks she was amazing at answering my numerous questions via text & phone calls; each time completely putting my mind at ease. I had quite a few bumps in the road towards the very end of my pregnancy & she was able to get everything taken care of to make sure that I was under the least amount of stress possible. I ended up needing to be induced within a few hours after a follow up OB appointment, Michelle had a death in the family so wasn't able to be there for my induction & delivery but her back up doula, Kelly made sure to take amazing care of me.  Michelle encapsulated my placenta & had them to my home the day I was discharged (cutest packaging btw!) & the next day came over to check on me & talk all about my delivery. I can't recommend Michelle enough, she changed the way I look at childbirth & if it wasn't for her, I can't even imagine what kind of delivery I would've ended up having. She is absolutely amazing at what she does!

Violetta Hancock


Michelle was an instrumental member of my team. I strongly believe that having a team that supports your beliefs with regard to the birthing experience you desire is essential. Michelle is knowledgeable and was always a text message or a phone call away whenever I had questions or concerns. Michelle provided emotional support and practical knowledge of methods to ease the pains related to pregnancy and labor. But, most importantly, she was able to assist in implementing these techniques during my labor that helped with the pain, and allowed me to delay my epidural. I strongly recommend her services.

kmfdm86 .


Michelle was amazing for us! She helped us develop out birth plan and gave us an understanding of what to expect. On the day I went into labor, the perfect storm of births hit so she wasn't able to meet us at the hospital, but her partner Kelly was able to be there with us. Michelle was able to communicate to her our wants and needs so she could help most effectively. In the end we got a two-for-one deal once Michelle arrived. She was an awesome and super encouraging coach during the birth itself. During our postpartum visit she was also incredible, offering advice about breastfeeding and ultimately referring us to an awesome lactation consultant. She was a great comfort and wealth of knowledge, you can't go wrong with her!

k fenton


Michelle is amazing! My labor was longer and more challenging than I ever imagined. I never planned on having a natural birth however, when the epidural stopped working when I got to 7ish cm, my delivery turned into some what of a natural birth.  Something I was not prepared for and because my labor was much longer than I ever thought, I think support from only my husband would have been challenging for both of us. With my husband and Michelle there I made it through and was able to have a vaginal birth that I wanted although there were times when I just wanted to give in and have a c-section, both Michelle and my husband continually found ways to support my labor and get me through.  I coulnd't have done it without Michelle.  In making the decision to hire Michelle as my doula, a friend once said, it's always nice to have a doula and not need her rather than need a doula and not have one.  I never thought my labor would take so long and when I was so exhausted from the labor Michelle was in my corner thinking of ways to work with the nurses and doctors to try other methods and help progress my labor.  Without Michelle, I feel that I most likely would have had a longer labor and probably ended up having a c-section.  I highly recommend Michlle a a doula and would hire her again in an instant!  

Christan Sheppard


Michelle is a lovely person with a God given gift. She was a wonderful support to both my husband and I for the birth of our first son. With her guidanice and support we were able to have our son with Dr. Sally Wareing without any analgesics- we had overwhelming support throughout the process and are so grateful to have been referred to Michelle by Kelly Sunshine. If you Are looking for a doula that is bubbly and sweet- a true cheer leader but a calm advocate- Michelle will be a perfect fit. 

Linda Boeka Polzin


Michelle is truly an amazing doula and person. She is great with making sure I had enough information and knew what my options were. Unfortunately, we weren't able to use all of her services as I had to have a c-section due to baby distress. However, she was there for me through the entire process. Her follow up is also wonderful. She made sure I was doing ok and that I knew all of the resources available to me. This included help with lactation and breast feeding. She has great resources including chiropractic care and also massage during pregnancy. I would highly recommend Michelle for your care. You will be in great hands!

Amber Turner


From the moment we met Michelle at starbucks to do the consultation, she had us laughing. We felt so at ease with her. We obviously decided to hire her as our doula, which i will never regret! During our whole partnership she never once got pushy or overbearing. She was always so polite and eager to answer all the questions we had. When she came over to go through the labor/delivery role play she was very open about the experience and that it wasnt going to be a walk in the park, but it wasnt this horrible, gruesome, excuriating experience that most women, that have gone through childbirth, like to make it out to be. I appreciated this more than I can express in words because she reassured me that I wasnt nuts for going all natural!

When the day that we had all been waiting for came, I kept her updated and when it came to the point that i could not longer talk through my contractions my boyfriend gave her a call and let her know that it was probably time to come over. Once she arrived she had me moving around and breathing though my contractions with ease. 

Once the contractions became closer together, and I felt the need, we went over to my birthing center. She kept track of my contractions and took pictures throughtout the night. When crunch time began she never once got pushy or nervous. She kept me calm and focused. When i was ready to push she was right there holding my hand, continously reassuring me of how strong i was. How I could do this, how I was almost there, and how I was about to meet my daughter. Without her I know my boyfriend and I couldnt have done it the way we wanted. She is an amazing women! I couldnt have found a better person to help me through my first childbirth. When she came over the weekend after to give me my capsules, she explained everything very well and even help me with some quesions i had on latching. I would HIGHLY reccommend Michelle, she is wonderful, friendly, and caring! Thank you michelle!!!:)

Sara Sitler-Vermilya


There really are no words for how thankful I am to have had Michelle present during the labor and birth of my son. Not only was she so supportive and encouraging, she was very knowledgable and helped me navigate the choices on my terms. She was so comforting and encouraging throughout the entire process and offered so many thoughtful items and personal touches with her package. Both my husband and I agree that we would not have survived without her. 

Kathryn Ross


My experience with Michelle was nothing short of perfect - even if my delivery was not what I expected. Starting from the begining I knew she was the right fit for me because of her knowledge, sense of humor and her positive, encouraging attitude. She answered all my silly "first time Mom" questions and she made me feel confident. During our last meeting she went through a run-down of how the day of delivery might go, which made me excited to go on this journey with her. When that day finally came she was there to help me along - first over the phone, then coming to my house, and then off to the hospital. At the hospital she knew exactly where to go, what to do, who to talk to, etc. I didn't have to do anything but work through my contractions (which she also helped with). When we got to my room we went through a few different positions to see what was most confortable for me. All along the way she was encouraging me to breathe and let everything pass over me like a wave. This soothing encouragment was exactly what I needed to find my groove. I would follow her voice because I knew it would not steer me wrong. It helped me relax and stay calm and focused. And her hip squeezes were amazing! She hit the spot each time and it helped so much with my back pain. Even when I decided to steer off course of my birth plan she was more than supportive of my decisions for my own body. Not sticking to my birth plan made me feel defeated and disheartened but she continually told me I was a rockstar and reminded me of how strong I was - which is so great to hear! After delivery she was checking in to make sure I was feeing well and to see if I needed anything. She was prompt in getting my plecenta to me, which was great because it was one less thng I had to worry about. My husband and I are so grateful we found such an amazing doula - we cannot imagine the birth of our son without her.

Diana Boehler


Michelle is an incredible advocate, educator and supporter. She was always available when I needed her and happy to answer my questions along the way. She was made to be a doula. Her knowledge, compassion and positivity make her a perfect person to have in the delivery room. Michelle truly loves to help bring babies into the world and it translates into the care she gives her clients. I'd recommend her to anyone. I will never have another baby without her there.


Diana Boehler


Michelle was made to doula. I could not have asked for a better experience. She truly appreciates having the opportunity to help babies come into the world and it translates to her care for her clients. I will never have another baby without her. 

I hired Michelle to doula for my second son's birth at our first meeting. It was the best decision I could have made. She was an amazing educator and advocate through out our time working together. She was supportive of my decisions regarding the birth plan but offered helpful advice when I asked. Michelle was always available when I needed her and came to the hospital as soon as I asked her to come. Her calm, positive nature was exactly what I needed in the delivery room and her breathing techniques were the only thing that got me through the contractions. She worked almost as hard as I did!


Monica Aniol


My S.O. and I were blessed with the news that we were about to have our first baby. As exciting as the news was it was also terrifying. All of the books, classes and advice of others was great, but it seemed like nothing could really put us at ease of what was to come. As the delivery date drew closer we found our amazing doula Michelle at around 34 weeks. I cannot express what a kind, knowledgeable, and big-hearted woman she is. Her caring nature throughout the end of our pregnancy was more helpful than anyone can imagine. She is an excellent communicator and stays in touch with you every step of the way and is able to offer great advice and words of encouragement to help you through the though days towards the end. The end of my pregnancy was a rough one. I went over my due date and experienced prodromal labor for 3 days prior to my actual delivery. I was physically and emotionally exhausted and so was my boyfriend by then. Michelle was in constant contact and with us every step of the way and keeping us at ease. The big day started at midnight and Michelle came as soon as we needed her. She was amazing during labor, and there the whole time, helping with every part she could. Her knowledge of positioning and breathing helped get us through. My S.O. bless his heart would have been lost without her there, she was able to help him help me and never made him feel left out. We decided to have my placenta encapsulated by Michelle afterward, and she delivered it to us at home a few days later during our postpartum visit. If we ever have another baby, Michelle will definitely be there, and I would highly recommend having her at your side as your doula. I cannot imagine having this experience without her.

Ashley Rice


It's hard to put into words how pleased/grateful/thankful I am for Michelle.  My water broke at 8:30p on Sunday night and I was instantly able to gather advice on the next steps regarding laboring from both Michelle and Kelly.  On Monday at 8am I checked into the hospital, with my labor not progressing.  While advised from our midwives to try a few interventions to try and get my labor going (at this point I wasn't having consistent contractions), Michelle and Kelly were there to provide us with advice.  After several hours of still no contractions, Michelle came to the hospital around 6:00p, prior to Pitocin being administered.  Here's where shit got real.  Once the contractions started and the intensity increased, Michelle was able to help myself and my husband maintain focus on my breathing techniques while working through the challenge of the contractions. She provided verbal and tactile comfort and continued to reassure me that I would be able to make it to the finish line. Once I was out of the transistion zone and into pushing, Michelle was able to help me redirect my breathing to more of pushing and after 30-40 mintues, at 2:30a, my sweet baby girl was born.  

Michelle stayed with us for about 2 hours post-partum, took my placenta, and also took some amazing pictures I will forever cherish.  Her and Kelly came to our house once we were released from the hospital to follow-up and provide continued care.  I highly recommend Michelle to anyone who is looking for a doula.  Her support, knowledge, and enthusiam towards my husband's and I plan to have a natural birth helped us to accomplish this goal successfully, even when it didn't pan out.


All in all, Michelle is awesome!  

Amanda Menser


There are not enough words to describe how amazing Michelle is! My first two births started with induction, one ended with severe complications, the other with an epidural. I wanted to have my third baby naturally. I did not want to be induced, I did not want an epidural as I completely hated it during the previous birth. At 40 weeks, 5 days I was told that it was best to induce due to my specific circumstances and I was devestated. Michelle was there for me, unwavering in her belief that my body knew exactly what to do. With the help of a foley bulb, my waters broke that night and I went into labor without the help of synthetic drugs. Michelle was there rooting for me, assisting me more than she will ever know, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and with the most caring smile on her face! She truly is a blessing! I ended up giving birth the following day to a sweet baby boy, with her and the amazing Kelly Sunshine by my side! It was an awesome day! Looking back, I saw the day full of laughter, almost up until the moment I had my baby. I got the birth I wanted and I couldnt have done it without this amazing woman! Thank you so much Michelle! You are beautifully inspiring in every way! 

Claudia B.


I originally hired Kelly Sunshine as my doula but circumstances beyond our control would keep her from being present during my early labor.  She called Michelle for me and she was quickly by my side.  I have to admit I was nervous this time around.  My first baby girl was delivered via csection and I was hoping for a successful VBAC.  My doula put me in touch with the most amazing doctor, midwife, and hospital facility equipped to handle my needs.  Michelle was so happy, confident, and outgoing.  Her presence calmed me and helped me feel like I was in control.  She was able to teach me multiple positions to help alleviate my pain during this pitocin-induced labor and when the time came she taught me how to breathe effectively.  I have always been shy or embarrased when it comes to nudity but Michelle made me feel so comfortable that all of those feelings went away.  She helped me get in the tub and even played soft music to help me relax.  She even kept a record of times to mark my active labor and later wrote the most beautiful birth story detailing all of the special moments I couldn't keep in order.  Michelle also took photographs during the entire labor and delivery.  I will forever cherish these special keepsakes!  She was right by my side as I pushed for 15 minutes and delivered my beautiful baby girl via VBAC less than 12 hours after the start of my labor.  I have no doubt that if I were to have another baby in the future I would want her by my side once more.  Michelle, thank you for making this day so special for my husband and I.  You went above and beyond to ensure that all of our meeds were met, and for that I will always be grateful.  You have such a beautiful and caring heart! I will definitely recommend you and your services to all pregnant mamas that come my way!

Caitlin Jones


Michelle is/was a blessing to us from the minute we met her.  She listened to my whole story with my previous birth and the wants and needs we felt we had for this birth.  She helped us along the way with ideas and guidance to make this birth a beautiful experience and was available whenever I had a question or concern. 

Michelle felt like family being in the delivery room with me during my labor. I felt incredibly comfortable to be able to wrap my arms around her neck or hold her hands.  I trust(ed) her entirely as I knew she had our best interest at heart.  She was incredibly encouraging and supportive, constantly telling me how well I was doing and helping me make it through every single contraction, even down to the pushing how effective I was being, because in that moment you don't always feel like what you're doing is working.  After our son was born Michelle was still right on with telling me how wonderful I did and helping me make sure he latched properly.

The biggest help during labor was Michelle helping me make the correct noises during each contraction.  Instead of holding in all of the pain and tightening my muscles in my face and wanting to yell, she helped me redirect the feelings and push them out with effective noises that were of lower tones and thus not holding it all in and being tense with each one.

Michelle also encapsulated my placenta and made a tincture as well for me.  I can not say enough how much this has helped not only with my moods as well as my milk supply.  I have felt so amazing since giving birth I have to say it's hard to take it easy :)

We had our post partum visit and Michelle wrote up our birth story and it brought me to tears.  This birth experience has been such a wonderfully beautiful one and my husband and I truly feel blessed to have had Michelle by our side.

You will love her!

Tiffany Deacon Husar


Michelle is amazing! I actually met Michelle the night I went into labor With my VBAC.  She was a backup to my hired doula, Kelly, and due to Kelly having two of her clients in labor at the same time and at the same hospital, Kelly called in Michelle to assist with both of us! I'm glad she did because Michelle was outstanding. She walked the halls with me to get labor going, she helped me try different labor positions, was there helping me breathe through the tough contractions, put counter pressure on my back and hips, had essential oils ready when I dry heaved, helped calm me when I hit an emotional wall, and encouraged me during pushing. Even though we met just that night, it was like we had known each other for a long time. I am so lucky to have met her and had her present at the labor and birth of our son.

Lindsey Parker


Before I became pregnant, I never imagined that giving birth could be such an empowering, incredible experience. I know, for absolute certainity, that I had the most amazing natural water birth of my dreams because of the knowledge, strength, passion, calmness, and love given by my doula, Michelle. From pregnancy, to labor, to the birth of our son, Michelle was always beyond supportative both emotionally and physically for both my husband and myself. I was able to believe in my body, my mind, and myself as a whole, and had no doubt that I could bring my baby into the world the way I wanted to. Words will never be able to truly express how much Michelle helped me throughout the entire process, and I can not imagine our journey without her there. Michelle is hands down, the most amazing doula you will find out there! We are so blessed and thankful to have had you with us Michelle - Thank you for being the Amazing person that you are!!!

y sistrunk


Michelle was gracious enough to bless us with her doula services via phone and at the hospital in the middle of the night during labor and delivery. She was very calming and soothing to me during my hormonal driven emotional breakdowns when I truly believed it was me against the world. She also helped to ease the atmosphere during my labor. I would recommend Michelle for not only her doula services but also for placenta encapsulation service, and for being a support/friend long after her doula contract period has ended. 

Joshua Walton


All the words in the world could not describe how greatful we are to have Michelle as our doula. She was at my wife's side every second keeping her calm and relaxed.  My wife wanted an unmedicated birth and Michelle respected and carried out ALL of our birthplan requests.  She is truly a blessing in disguise!

Mary Laura Lind


Michelle was great! I had a very fast labor and delivery and it was great to have such an experienced Doula there to help!  She did a great job supporting me and coaching me, expecially through the pushing phase.  I highly recommend Michelle!

Elizabeth Verghese


Michelle was the perfect doula for our family. She provided fun and strength to the whole experience. Because of her, we had the natural birth experience we had hoped for. She kept me busy walking and moving so the labor would progress, but she also followed my lead. When my doctor decided I should augment contractions with pitocin for the last 3 cm, she carried me through by holding my gaze and coaching me through the hardest part. Even though I wanted to give up, I made it through the last grueling hour because she made me believe I could do it.

Because of Michelle, our daughter was born with no epidural, no tearing and after only four pushes. 

Michelle is a natural born doula. She is  very genuine, down to earth, and positive. Any time spent in her presence will bring you joy.


Timothy Mullens


She was simply amazing.  A absolute ball of positive energy. . She was super helpful with everything.  From making a birth plan to the after care of my lady. Would use her again in a heartbeat. 


Delia Vasquez


I first met Michelle through a mutual friend before she became a doula and it was like the sunshine walked into the room.  Her energy is so positive and uplifting.  When I heard she was becoming a doula and I was almost due I jumped at the chance to have her attend my labor and delivery!  I always have believed that I should have as much positive energy surrounding me during this time.

This is my second baby and I'm 9 years older than when I had my first.  I've been nervous and having quite the emotional roller coaster throughout this pregnancy.  I knew what I wanted as far as my birthing experience and Michelle was so supportive and also gave me really valuable additional information.  I learned about placenta encapsulation through her and am so grateful for it!


She's intelligent and gives such good feedback and support!  My family and I are so blessed to have had the opportunity to know her.  She made a great team with my husband in creating a support system for me during my pregnancy, labor and delivery!   Anyone that has a chance to know her is very fortunate.


She has truly found her calling and I appreciate that I got to be there at the beginning of it!

Rhiannon Mikkelson


Michelle was absolutely AMAZING!! She has definitely found her calling. She is passionate about natural birth and her job as a doula. She supported me throughout the entire birthing process, and talked me through every contraction, every push, and never let me falter. She knew every tip and trick to get me through the natural labor and delivery that I was wanting, and never once did I ask for anything to intervene with that process. I delivered an 8lb 13oz healthy baby boy with polyhydramnios. Every birthing center that I called denied me because of the "high risk" involved, but I had the best hospital birth. My OB was amazing in my requests to not have pitocin, even after birth, if I didn't need it and her and the nurse that I had were very much involved in giving me the birth that I was wanting. Not once were my requests even questioned, and Michelle helped with involving them and talking with them before the major stuff began to make sure that everything was in line and taken care of. My husband, my mom, and myself are incredibly grateful for Michelle and everything that she did for us. If I was having another baby, I would absolutely want her there again. If you are looking for a doula, you absolutely NEED to have Michelle there!! 

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