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New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 4

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

*We work with the Northern Manhattan Perinatal Partnership who offers trained doulas free of charge to women in Harlem and surrounding northern Manhattan neighborhoods. *Member of the Metro Doula Group.

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New York, NY Serves families in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens

Client Testimonials for Naima Beckles

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Oliver Burkeman


We had the sense that Naima would be a highly competent and reassuring presence during labor from our very first meeting, and our subsequent experiences only reinforced that. My partner benefited greatly from both her expertise and her empathetic approach; as for me, I'm not sure how I could have navigated the process sanely without her. (I now understand why people say a good doula can be as invaluable to the birth partner as to the mother…) More specifically, when we ended up having to make choices about an unplanned c-section, she was an excellent advocate who left us feeling confident in our decisions. We'd recommend her unhesitatingly.

Debbie Kuan


Naima was a wonderful doula. Our baby arrived one month early, so I hadn't even had a chance to have my prenatal meetings and I had not even met Naima in person yet. (Michele was the one scheduled to attend my birth, but because of the unexpected early labor, Naima attended instead.) She was a truly calming presence and knew exactly how to help my labor along, which I believe helped me dilate quickly (I got to full dilation in a couple of hours, and no one on the hospital staff could believe I'd progressed from 1 cm to 9.5 cm as quickly as I did). Her massages on my lower back were instrumental in helping me through transition, which was so excruciating. Overall, she helped contribute to a wonderful, though of course challenging, birth experience.

Michele also helped me during a trying episode during my third trimester; her reassuring words and empathy really got me through an awful day of pain. Postpartum, she taught me hand-expression and the side-lying hold which made the night feedings in the early weeks so much easier. Both were always on call with any questions that I had, and I was really grateful for all of their guidance and support.


Crystal Gaudio


Naima was my doula for my first pregnancy, a home birth and she was wonderful.  From the moment my husband and I met her we knew she was the one we wanted at our birth.  She has a easy and kind manner.  She is very approachable and relaxed.  She came to visit before the birth just to get to know us and it was like meeting an old friend.  It was easy to ask her questions and talk about our fears and expectations.  At the birth she was professional and so helpful, from giving me snacks and drinks to messaging my back during active labor and holding my hand during pushing, she was always there to help without being asked.  I would recommend Naima to anyone looking for a kind hearted professional doula.  I can't think of enough great things to say about her.  Just wonderful.

Emily Griset


Naima was an amazing support throughout the whole birth process.  With her practical knowledge, calming presence, and encouragement Naima was integral to me achieving my labor goals and made the experience infinitely better.  My husband and I feel lucky to have shared our daughter's birth with Naima.  I cannot recommend her more enthusiastically!

Meejin Hwang


I gave birth on September 29 and Naima was my doula. Since it was my first baby and 3 weeks earlier than my due, me and my husband were in panic. But we could overcome the hard moments in my labor with her, Naima. In my 31 hours long labor, she was very professional and calm. I did not have to say what I want at that moments. She was always there where I wanted. She did her best to reduce my pain with gentle masage, aromatic scents, hepful words. I cannot even imagine how could I endure my contraction without her back massage.The best thing that I liked was her calm voice and trustful eyes. Now I'm spending happy time (but tired also..haha) with my little one, and I want to say thank you to Naima. 

Audrey Aubou


I met Naima quite early in my pregnancy, around my 4th month. She was recommended by a friend of mine, who is also a doula. From the beginning she was very professional and gave me a lot of valuable information about the birth process. 

She understood I was trying to have a natural birth, but also that I wasn't opposed to an epidural in case of a pain hard to managed, and I appreciated her flexibility. 

I had registered for childbirth education classes at the hospital but finally we chose to take the classes at home with Naima instead. It was very efficient, we met twice for two hours and she explained all the process of labor to me and my husband. She also explained very clearly to him what he was supposed to do, showed useful videos, best positions, massage and pain relieving techniques. 

In the labor room, Naima was extremely efficient, yet very discrete. She never took my husband or mom's place ; she worked with them as a team to help me deal with the process. When my labor stalled, we tried different techniques to make progress instead of relying only on what the doctors and nurses were saying. I eventually had a C-section because baby was in distress but I'm happy with my whole birth process because I was able to manage a long labor naturally, thanks to Naima.


I highly recommend her! 

Shawn M


We had a great experience with Naima Beckles as our doula for our first home birth (and first baby!)

During all of our prenatal meetings, Naima was calm, focused, and very present. We felt heard and seen by her- and it was very easy to communicate our needs, even if they were not very clear to us at the time. We felt comfortable to give her a window into our selves, so that she may properly assess our needs and wants from her more knowledgeable store of information. Naima was open about her own birth experiences, which was very helpful and reassuring. She was prompt for all of our meetings, and it always seemed as if she had lots of time for us- we never felt rushed or as if we were being squeezed into someone else's schedule. She had a very gentle and uplifting tone, which we felt was a good fit for our personal style as a family.
During the birth- Naima was organized and incredibly responsive. My early labor contractions started a week before my actual delivery and Naima was in touch and highly responsive during the entire period. For the night of my active labor, Naima was wonderful. I am so glad that she was our doula- the experience was different than what we had imagined (of course!) and she was so flexible and was able to follow our lead and determine how she could best recommend things, and provide support. I felt very supported by Naima through the whole process, and feel happy that she is a part of our memories from this special time in our life.

Prentiss Benjamin


Naima's presence in our home after the birth of our son was truly a gift.  As a new mom recovering from surgery, whose husband often travelled for work, I desperately needed help.  She brings a rare combination of grace, warmth, gentleness, and groundedness that allowed my son and I to find our way together.  Quite simply, she allowed me the confidence to become the mom that I wanted to be.

Her visits gave me hope and fortitude. She helped me work out my son's sleeping and feeding schedule. I looked to her for advice on infant care (like how to cut fingernails!), how to travel with baby in the cold winter months, plane travel, and so much more. She generously shared her own stories about motherhood, which made me feel connected to a larger community of mothers.

My son LOVED her visits; his face lit up like the sun every time she came.  Often, they would play together for hours while I slept.  She danced with my son, read to him, invented games, sang to him... She was incredibly gentle and caring with him.  She also cared for me.  For example, if both my son and I were sleeping, Naima would do the things that she knew would make my life easier, like folding laundry and tidying up the kitchen. 

I truly believe that Naima helped give my son and I the very best start to our new lives. I feel incredlbly lucky to have met and worked with her and am forever grateful for her presence in our lives.  


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