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Emilie Sanmartin

Emilie Sanmartin

Calgary, AB Service range 100 miles



Birth Fee

$850 to $1250

Birth Fee

$850 to $1250

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 75 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, November 2012
  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, September 2018

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Belly binding
  • Childbirth education services
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Reiki
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Ex-Director Public Relations, Calgary Doula Association Member of the Doula Association of Alberta

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • French
  • Spanish

Fee Details

If you cannot afford a Doula, please contact me.

Calgary, AB Service range 100 miles

Client Testimonials for Emilie Sanmartin

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Emilie was my birth Doula and the experience was amazing. From the moment we met, I felt a connection. She instantly made me feel relaxed with her calm demeanor and seemed genuinely concerned for my well-being (daily check ins) and what I wanted for my own birth story. Hiring her was one of the best decisions I made.

She was my secondary support person during my birth. It was a stressful labor at first and very, very fast - Emilie was able to drop everything and meet me at the hospital to give birth in less than 30 minutes. She was reassuring and held my hand through the entire labor which I found comforting.

I would highly recommend hiring Emilie as a Doula - you will not be disappointed! I cannot thank her enough for her support.



Kelsi Ribecco


Emilie and Steph were a wonderful doula team to work with. I felt very taken care of at my prenatal appointments. Emilie was extremely empathetic and in tune with my needs. Although she didn't attend my birth, I felt extremely comfortable with her and would have her there. Her and Steph helped me to feel prepared for my c-section and empowered me to ask the right questions and to make appropriate plans so my surgery would be a good experience despite not being the vaginal birth I had hoped for. Even though I had a c-section I can't stress enough how much of a difference having a doula team meant to my husband and I. I loved the communication through WhatsApp - at my finger tips and I knew I could reach out to them for anything. I highly recommend Emilie! 



Emilie was a pleasure to work with and we felt very comfortable with her. She is very knowledgeable and informative and made sure to answer all our questions. We appreciated her experiences and fact based approach to learning all about labour and what is to come. It allowed us to think through and come up with our individualized birth plan. We cannot recommend Emilie enough, you are in good hands and lucky if you  have Emilie on your support team!



Emilie is an awesome doula! 

From far the best decision we have made this pregnancy was to find a doula. I had a lot of anxiety around pregnancy and birth. 

After meeting with our doulas, all the anxiety went away. Emilie is super knowledgeable and I have learned so much about the birth process with her. I went in labor feeling confident and at peace with whatever was going to happen. 

She is also super nice and meeting with her was always such a nice and wholesome experience. 

I would 120% recommend hiring her and would hire her again for all my future babies to come !! 

Jim Madden


Working with Emily and Stephanie was amazing. Not only did they prepare us with a ton of information well before the birth but they also went out of there way to be available to answer any questions we had. During the birth Stephanie was incredible and I am positive it would not have been as smooth as it was without her there. 


After the birth...same thing, Tons of support and information, questions were answered and I feel like they are both a part of our family. 


We would definitely work with them both again. 



We were so lucky to have Emilie as our Doula! She and her colleague spent valuable time with us prior to the birth, helping us understand what to expect and helping us decide on what our birth plan would (ideally) look like. We found that having that 1:1 time with her gave us something extra that we weren't able to get from prenatal courses. She is really good at explaining all aspects of birth in a pretty unbiased way.

When we had our baby nothing happened the way we expected! That said, Emilie was a huge part of helping us get through everything and staying calm. Whether it was holding my hand and reassuring me to snuggling our newborn so my husband could grab a quick bite to eat Emilie was like family. She is a big reason that we feel so great about our experience, even though there were complications. We were so happy to have her there and there is no question that we would want her to be part of any future births in our family.

Jake Moore


Emilie's experience, insight and support were crucial before, during and after labour. She provided my wife with excellent care thoughout the labour, offering emotional and physical support. When my wife was experiencing nauseau and vomiting Emilie had a solution for that. After hours of labour I feel asleep in a chair and woke up to find her helping my wife and our baby girl achieve their first latch for breastfeeding. I didn't know what a Doula could provide going into this but now feel like it was one of the best decisions we made. If you can get a Doula, like Emilie - DO IT! :)

Evan Hahn


We were fortunate enough to be paired with Emilie when preparing for the arrival of our first child and our experience was wonderful.

Our pre-labour sessions with Emilie helped us to mentally prepare for the big day, by discussing our preferences and expecations.  Emilie provided us with a wealth of sound advice and confidence, which made our delivery a very postive experience as we felt as prepared as on can be on such a day.  Having Emilie at our side was comforting throughout, as she has a very relaxed, calming demeanour which really helped to reduce any stress and to keep us focused.

Lastly, by chance, Emilie just happens to be our neighbour and she was very kind and generous in the days following our return home.  We would highly recommend Emilie for those considering a Doula.

Clinton Hallahan


We contracted Emilie in the summer of 2018 to help us prepare for the birth of our first child, and to be there in the room with us when we delivered.

Emilie was a consummate professional, a wonderful guide, and I can honestly think of no decision we made in the lead-up to the the birth that turned out better than hiring her.

Emilie was so present, involved, and integral to the labour that hospital administration mistook her for my wife's partner. As such she was briefly listed as a parent to my kid. This was a problem from a legal point of view, but we should be so lucky as to count her as a third parent. Lord knows we could use such a steady, knowledgeable hand raising our child for the next 20 or so years.

Stop hunting for a great doula, you found one, and contact Emilie immediately.

Susannah Crawford


We are so grateful to have had Emilie as our caring doula. She is a mother, a natural energy healer and a knowledgeable doula and lactation support. The blend of her skills, experience and light energy were exactly what we needed to promote a happy, beautiful and sacred space for birthing; however, it was her willingness to show up in anyway we needed her throughout the entire process that put us at ease.

As we prepared for the birth Emilie met with us to gain a better understanding of the support we were seeking and presented options/questions to have us consider scenarios in advance. My husband and I both felt comforted although we had different wishes and concerns! She has a strong ability to read the room and offer her support as needed, but as I mentioned is willing to do what is requested. She really makes the whole experience about you, your partner and arriving baby. During the birth her presence was peaceful and kind. She did gentle healing techniques to assist me in breathing through the contractions and was by my side holding me up as I pushed for an hour. She even came home with us from the hospital to help us get settled with the baby. She stopped by and checked in on me several times in the first few weeks after delivery to offer support, bringing me natural balms and homemade cookies to promote milk supply, but also to address any questions or concerns related to breastfeeding.

We highly recommend Emilie as a doula and lactation support and were so blessed with her presence as our baby came earth side.

Melinda Foran


Emilie is a supportive doula and gifted healer. She was able to use her strong healing abilities and gentle coaching and encouragement to help me navigate the unexpected. This was my second induction, more challenging than the first, and included a series of interventions. Emilie helped me to navigate the birth with grace and pragmatism. She was an active participant, helping to apply counterpressure, providing reiki and doing whatever needed to be done to support me. She is a calming presence in a storm. You would be lucky to work with Emilie to welcome your baby into your family.

Larissa Evans


For the home birth with my first daughter, I had chosen a popular, experienced doula with decades of experience under her belt. While everything went well, I couldn't help feeling afterwards that it just hadn't been a good fit. When preparing for my second home birth I met Emilie, and my husband and I knew immediately that she was the one. At the time she had only attended a handful of hospital births, but her calm, confident and serene demeanour put us at ease and allowed us to relax into our preparations. She was genuinely interested in helping us create the perfect mood for our second birth and contributed a very strong peaceful energy during my labour. We felt as though she were a trusted family member at our side throughout the entire experience and she helped me feel complete confidence in myself. I truly believe that my first labour would have gone even more smoothly with her support and wished she could have been there as well. Emilie is dedicated to the art of doula-ing, she is extremely knowledgeable and completely willing to do whatever you need her to do as a doula. I would recommend her to anyone, whether this is your first or third birth.

Ann Wade


My husband and I are so happy with the experience we had with Emilie as our doula and we agree that if we ever have another child, we'd like to hire her again. We were impressed from the initial interview as she presented herself as very professional and organized, qualities that we very much appreciate. She was also friendly and calm, qualities that are important for the nature of the work she does. Emilie was very attentive and responsive. During a day of false labor, she made sure to check in to see if things were progressing and she was very understanding about being woken up in the middle of the night over a false alarm. Then when labor really started with my water breaking, she was quick to join us at the hospital, only to find out that I was only 1cm and we were being sent home. She joined us at our home once we felt we needed her and her support was invaluable. I remember telling her I didn't know what I'd do without her when we got to the hospital and it is so true! She was there to offer new ideas for positions, to massage and console, and to remind me to breathe deeply when it was the last thing I wanted to do. She was respectful and supportive of my husband's role as well. At the hospital, Emilie continued to be an excellent source of support. She was there with water and ice whenever I needed it and she got me through 4.5 hours of pushing, along with my husband and the medical staff. She stayed for awhile after the birth to help my daughter breastfeed for the first time and then visited us during her first week. Originally, we weren't going to hire a doula because we saw it as more of a luxury than a necessity, but we changed our minds because we thought it might be necessary to have a second support person to relieve my husband on occasion as he is type 1 diabetic. Having gone through labor and delivery with the help of a doula, I couldn't imagine not having one, regardless of my husband's health needs. Emilie was the perfect choice!

Millie Adam


Emilie was my doula for my 2nd child, which was an attempt at VBAC. My 1st labor had been very long and I felt that if I had had more support to progress the labor, it might not have ended in a C-section.

The pain during this labor was so much more than it had been the first time (and of course it progressed more quickly). I was not coping well in triage (where only my husband was with me) and I was ready to take anything they offered! Luckily, a room opened up so we were out of triage and then Emilie was able to join us. She calmed me down and got me breathing properly so that I could manage the pain. I labored for several more hours without an epidural, which I certainly wouldn't have done without her. Apparently, I looked so outwardly calm that others didn't think I was experiencing that much pain, but in fact it was only the focus on breathing that was holding me together.

Eventually, I did end up getting an epidural and having another C-section due to a serious complication, but even in that case, Emilie was a valuable support in helping me accept the path that I hadn't wanted to repeat. She stayed for the C-section and met me in recovery to help get my baby nursing (which my 1st child hadn't at first).

Emilie has gentle, calm, manner. She is there when you need her and quietly nearby when you don't. She helped communicate my wishes when I didn't have the bandwidth to do it myself. I was very grateful to have her with us during another difficult labor and would highly recommend her. We often have questions when the birth doesn't go as we had hoped and she helped me talk through and come to grips with that as well.

My husband had been hesitant to have someone else in the room, but afterwards he was glad Emilie was there. It was an intense experience for him and Emilie's support allowed him to step back occasionally and have a break, knowing that I was supported. He says "Three IS company".

Roxane Clément


I gave birth to my daughter on August the 12th of 2013, and that was a great experience, thanks to Emilie !

My husband was with me in the labor room, but I really think it was essential for him to have Emilie with us to give him some ideas to ease the labor. She was a great support, advicing on when we should go to the hospital, when we need to ask for the labor room in order to obtain the epidural I wanted. I was not really aware of what she was doing during the labor process but I know my husband used a lot of her pieces of advice. It was like he was using her to help me, but everything came from him, in my point of view. And that was my idea of what a doula can do.. Helping my husband to help me :)

She reassured us, explaining why some people needed to be in the room (anaesthetist...), what they were doing. And the fact that she can speak franch and english was really a big advantage for me.

After the delivery she was also very useful, she helped for the breastfeeding and came to my house the day after I was discharged form the hospital to talk , and see what she can do to help my family during the challenging first weeks.

I am glad I met Emilie, I am sure she will become a friend. The fact that she was there, with me, during this amazing (and scary) experience, is the beginning of a great relationship !

Teresa Olvido


Emilie was with us for our first born.  She met with us and went over our birth plan with us. Emilie explained things to us so that we knew what to expect, and was very open to what we wanted.  We had a very good feeling about her from the start, and it remained throughout the entire process....even to this day.  Thanks to Emilie, we were able to stick to our birth plan, and she guided us through a natural birth.  She is increddibly positive, and compasionate. We are hoping Emilie will be available for our next child, and we consider her to be a dear friend to our family.  We would recommend Emilie to our family and friends, and often do.

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