Aimee  Patke-Kubes CD(MMCI), CLC, PES Photo

Aimee Patke-Kubes CD(MMCI), CLC, PES

With Child Doula Care

Evanston, IL Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 170 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 72 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2013
  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), May 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I’ve attended births at Prentice, Evanston Northshore, St. Joseph, West Suburban Medical Center, Illinois, St. Francis, Elmhurst, Hinsdale, Swedish Covenant, Lutheran General, Advocate Christ Medical Center, Good Shepherd and St. Mary's

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love working Birth Center families and have attended births at PCC birth center.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I have experience working with the main home birth practices in the Chicagoland area. Will not attend unassisted home births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Past work experience includes supporting at risk and teen mothers as a doula, parent educator, parenting group facilitator and home visitor.

Fee Details

I offer a complimentary prenatal consultation to discuss your needs and to ensure a good match. My fee includes up to 2 prenatal visits, 24 hour on-call availability beginning in the 38th week of your pregnancy and support during your birth. I remain by your side for at least 1-2 hours after birth and leave once your family is settled. I do not have an hourly clause to my contract. The fee also includes 1 follow up home visit and phone/email support as needed throughout the first year. Please contact me for details about scheduling an interview, fees and availability. Please do not hesitate to contact me if your date is blocked out on the calendar, I am always available for placenta encapsulation and my availability for births often changes as babies arrive.

Evanston, IL Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Aimee Patke-Kubes CD(MMCI), CLC, PES

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Kristin Dow


I attribute my VBAC to Aimee and couldn't have gone into labor without her! She has such a gentle, kind nature about her - I 100% never doubted that she would support me however I wanted my birth to go. She recommended so many amazing things to help me prepare for my birth - a VBAC class, positions and stretched to do, a chiropractor, etc. She was always available to answer any questions I had. During labor, she never left my side, always encouraging me and supporting me. If I ever have another child, I will be calling her the second I learn I am pregnant! 

Jorie Lombard


My family and I were lucky enough to have Aimee as part of our family for several months after our third child was born. Aimee's help afforded us an opportunity to get some much needed rest, and I was so thankful to have her as a valuable resource and calming presence in our lives. Aimee is just fantastic in so many ways, and I could go on and on about how great she is. One particular moment that stands out was a stressful morning in my house, when I was doubting that I could handle three kids. Aimee was on her way out after her night shift and headed back home to take care of her own three kids. Instead of rushing, she took the time to listen and connect. Her reassurance that morning will be something I'll never forget. I'll always be grateful to Aimee for her help to all of us and the way she cared for my baby as if she were her own. I highly recommend Aimee for postpartum care.

Jaime McCabe


Aimee was simply fantastic. Both leading up to my wifes delivery date as well as during she was a wealth of knowledge, help and maybe most impressively; CALM. She allowed us to be as curiouis as we wanted, acted as a in itermediary with the millions of nursers who came and went, answered all our questions (dumb or otherwise) and sincerely took her time to be present with us. I can't imagine the experience of having our first child without her.  

Charna Epstein


I am not sure that I can find the words to express how influential Aimee was for me throughout my pregnancy and delivery. Frankly, at first, I wasn't sure I would want or need a doula. When I think back to it all now, I really don't know how I would have done it all without her. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have had Aimee's support, guidance, kindness, and love, especially in that delivery room. It would be an understatment to say that she helped me harness all my strength. She was present with me in every moment in a way that even my most beloved and extensive family support could not provide in those hours of labor. She helped me focus on what I wanted and needed; she helped me stay comfortable and use techniques to naturally help the labor progress. She knew what to ask and how to anticipate what I needed. She empowered me to follow through with my wishes and supported all my decisions; she helped me feel safe and powerful throughout. And most of all, she was my steadfast partner in helping me bring a healthy baby girl into the world. I recommend Aimee to everyone that I can and she was recommended to me by a dear friend who had the same experience with Aimee as her doula. Thank you, Aimee.

Alicia Covington


I honestly do not know what I would have done without Aimee... I am typically a anxious person with millions of questions, and with Aimee I always felt supported. I decided to reach out for Doula support because I desperatly wanted to have a natural un-medicated water birth, but I was scared, as this was my first pregnancy.  Aimee provided a initial phone consultation, and two home appointments prior to the delivery where she in detail helped us to create a birth plan, discussed what to expect, prepared us with comfort strategies, and genuinly invested in helping us to become prepared for this amazing birth journey.  

I ended up having false labor for one day, before eveything quickly started to evolve where we had to go to the hospital.  Aimee was never more then a text away the entire time.  She ended up beating us to the hospital, and remained by my side the entire delivery process.  From the moment we arrived at the hospital, Aimee was my advocate, she helped me remain calm, she massaged by back labor, and calmed by husband and family.  

As my labor intensified, I eventually decided that I needed to get a epidural.  Not once, did I feel judged by Aimee, but rather empowered to make the decision that was right for me.  She remained by my side with ice chips, and continued support me.

We decided to do a few of the recommentations that Aimee had provided such as delayed cord clamping, breast crawl, skin-to-skin, and placenta incapsulation (additional service provided by Aimee).  All of which were amazing!

After the delivery, Aimee came to our home for two follow up visits, and made herself available via text/phone for new mom questions.  I am so glad we had Aimee in our lives on such a special journey.  I whole heartedly recommend her services.



Lindsay Grockis


Aimee did Placenta Encapsulation for me after the birth of my son.  My doula brought her the Placenta after birth and she offered the option to dehydrate in my home or in hers.  I chose not to have it done in my house, but if I did, she would have offered doula support as well during the time she was at my house.  Because I knew I would be exhausted, I had her do it at her house instead.  Regardless, she delivered the capsules a couple days after I returned from the hospital.  During her visit, she explained how the capsules worked and the best ways to take them.  I was very thankful for having them because the first 2-3 weeks after birth I was experiencing some post partum blues and I really think they helped.  She also offered lactation support during her visit and was helpful in answering questions I had as a new mother.  Throughout the whole experience, Aimee was compassionate and supportive.  Being a new mother is tough and I felt like Aimee was easy to talk to about sensitive issues and super professional. I highly recommend Aimee's services for any part of your birth, whether it be doula support or encapsulation, her kindness and support were very appreciated and helpful in my experiences. 

Steph Beer


I could not have done natural birth without Aimee. This woman is incredible. She had patience, stamina, her demeanor was perfect throughout, and she had gravitas with the doctors at Northwestern (and knew her way around the room and maternity floor).

She guided me through all the highs and lows and helped me make good decisions, and she did really really hard work -- both in terms of keeping us calm and keeping me feeling as comfortable as I could. As much as I rave about her, really my husband was most grateful for her and tells everyone that they need a doula and, more importantly, it should be Aimee. Several nurses commented that they appreciated the way she operated in the room -- a quiet force. I never felt alone or underserved, but she gave me space when she sensed I needed it and help when she thought I was losing steam. 

You could not hope for a better person to spend these crucial hours with. 

Erika Sarich Okonski


I worked with Aimee when I was pregnant with my first son in 2015.   My labor was extremely fast (we barely made it to the hospital), so Aimee did not ge there until right after he was born, but she was a great support before and after the birth, answering all my questions and encouraging me through times of doubt.  She even helped point me in the right direction when I was having trouble breastfeeding.  I highly recommend Aimee!

Ariana Hotz


I would definitely recommend Aimee as a doula. Aimee was the calming force through a difficult labor. My Ob-Gyn became very mechanical and barely spoke to me during the whole labor. It was Aimee who informed me what happening during the labor as well helped me relax during the labor. Aimee also told me to feel the head of the baby, which encouraged me to just push until the baby was out.. She also supported all my decisions about what to do during the birth process. It was a special moment when my husband announced the sex of the baby and it was Aimee who suggested that he be the one to announce it instead of the doctor. Furthermore, even after the baby was born Aimee stayed and supported my husband by helping him hold the baby and become acclimated with our newborn baby since I was unable to be with my husband and newborn for several hours after the baby was born.

Ariana Hotz


Hi I would definitely recommend Aimee as a doula. Aimee was the calming force through a difficult labor. My Ob-Gyn became very mechanical and barely spoke to me during the whole labor. It was Aimee who informed me what happening during the labor as well helped me relax during the labor. Aimee also told me to feel the head of the baby, which encouraged me to just push until the baby was out.. She also supported all my decisions about what to do during the birth process. It was a special moment when my husband announced the sex of the baby and it was Aimee who suggested that he be the one to announce it instead of the doctor. Furthermore, even after the baby was born Aimee stayed and supported my husband by helping him hold the baby and become acclimated with our newborn baby since I was unable to be with my husband and newborn for several hours after the baby was born.



Ariana Hotz

Meaghan Biggs


It is difficult to put into words how incredible it was to have Aimee's support during the birth of my son. As first time parents planning a home birth, to say we were a little nervous would be an understatement. Aimee arrived at our home before the midwives and the entire energy in the room changed. I was feeling panicked prior to her arrival and within minutes she had me swaying from side to side and taking long, relaxing breaths. The rest of the labor felt as though she was inside my mind. From offering me water to putting pressure on my hips, she seemed to know what I needed before I could recognize it myself. I believe my husband and mother can also attest to how relaxed they felt in Aimee's presence and how invaluable her services are. In addition to the physical, verbal and emotional encouragement she brings to the labor, she was also a huge help with keeping me calm while I was getting stitched up. She held my hand and stroked my forehead to keep me distracted and focused on my breath. I recommend her services whether you are planning a home birth or hospital birth, unmedicated or not. Aimee's postpartum support was also wonderful! I believe that I have her to thank for my success with breastfeeding, not to mention how sweet she was to answer the numerous "is this poop normal?" texts from my husband and I.
We are planning to move to Michigan before we have a second child, however we have actually discussed postponing the move because we cannot imagine going through labor without Aimee by our side- that is how amazing this woman is! Thank you Aimee for helping our beautiful boy come into this world! 

Lanna Cary


Aimee was a wonderful doula and resource for us throughout my pregnancy and labor. She was always timely in responding to any questions or concerns we had. Whenever I would reach out she would respond with a wealth of knowledge and other resources. During our meetings leading up to the birth-- she spent as much time as we needed talking about the things we wanted to talk about so it became a very personalized experience for us-- as it should be. Her warm demeanor was very comforting during such an unknown time for us. Without any family close by, Aimee definitely fulfilled the role of having a nurturing female companion by our side. Because I had such a long labor that had some very unexpected turns, we felt more comfortable in making our hospital decisions with her support and guidance. It was also nice to have another set of hands to give my husband a break when he needed some time due to the lengthy labor. We highly recommend using Aimee as a doula during your pregnancy and labor/delivery!

Jessica Cooke


This is a long overdue testimonial for Aimee! 9 months later, I haven't forgotten Aimee's kindness, knowledge, and calming prescence. She helped me get through an unplanned induction at 39 weeks with no epidural. She was also the only one in the birthing room with the wherewithall to take pictures, upon my request, after the birth. My husband misplaced his phone during all the action! Thanks Aimee for reassuring me that I could do this, and helping me see it through.

Megan Kelly


I am so grateful to have had Aimee as our doula for the birth of our son - my husband and I can't imagine having done it without her!

As a first-time parent, I was very nervous about having a hospital birth.  I was worried that I would need interventions that would make me feel disappointed about the birth.  In our prenatal meetings and during labor, Aimee provided guidance about what we could do to maximize the chances of having the birth I wanted and achieving our birth plan.  However, she also was incredibly supportive when I made decisions that diverged from the birth plan we wrote, and she made me feel good about changing the plan in the moment.  I had an incredibly happy and empowering birth experience, and I believe Aimee's support was a huge part of that.

Aimee's extensive experience in general and at Prentice were also extremely helpful.  In early labor at home, I struggled to rest because my contractions were intense and close together.  Aimee suggested different positions, getting in the tub, etc. to help me rest as much as possible and she also stayed with me so my husband could get a little much-needed sleep.  At the hospital, she helped us navigate every step, from the triage waiting room through to delivery.  For example, she gave me the confidence to hang on to my baby for the first hour after birth, instead of letting the nurse take him and weigh him right away.  Even the small things make a big difference when you're in labor - like having a straw ready so I could drink water without changing positions!

Overall, I can't recommend Aimee enough!

Portalina Trantiporta


Aimee was our doula for our first child.  Even from the beginning, at our first interview, what struck us about Aimee was her natural ability to relate to her clients.  She was very empathetic and receptive to what we were looking for in our birth experience (unmedicated) and always tailored her services to meet those expectations.

Prior to us going into labor, Aimee was great with answering any questions and also the pre-partum meetings were great in helping us feel prepared for the big day.

And then it came.  She helped coach my husband through the contractions and was in constant contact until she arrived at our house.  Upon arrival she was key in helping me find my rhythm through the contractions and determining when it was time to go to the hospital (we wanted to labor in the comfort of our home for as long as we could).

Upon arrival to the hospital Aimee continued to be on point: working well with the hospital staff and our midwife, super helpful in helping us get supplies and nutrition during transition.  

When our LO was born, all we could think was how awesome it was to have her.  She was the perfect balance of being supportive and allowing us to experience our first birth as a couple.

Aimee also did a post partum visit giving us great tips on lactation and caring for a newborn.

We can't say enough about Aimee; she's a great blend of experience and empathy and will definitely be looking to her should we have another baby on the way.

Emily Wire


As soon as I met Aimee I was impressed with her warmth and encouragement while maintaining a very professional demeanor. She helped me navigate my personal experience with pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery without being pushy or making decisions for me. She has a wonderful gift for connecting while maintaining healthy boundaries in what is an emotionally deep area. I felt she was attuned to not only myself but my husband and family as well. I feel I can completely give Aimee credit for helping my hospital birth go well.  Her knowledge and expertise played parts that I'm certain steered me away from cesarean (something I was trying to avoid and she helped with that). She was an emotional support for me when I was being administered epidural (labor had gotten to the point where epidural was necessary and I was so scared but Aimee was calm and centered, I'm so glad she was there). When my daughter was born she was taken immediately for assessment and Aimee was by my side asking me if I could see and hear my baby. It wasn't until later on the mother baby ward that I realized how her actions had helped me connect in the only way I could to my child's first moments after birth. Aimee's work can be summarized with words like quality, compassion, calm, determined, and strong. She is a wonderful person and has given me great respect for and deeper understanding of being a doula.

Agatha Newman


Aimee was a pleasure to work with.
In all transparency, my husband and I did not know what we were doing when it came to child birth. We did a little research on doulas, but ultimately went with our gut on whom we were comfortable working with.
Aimee's approach really spoke to us. She is flexible, provides good information and counseling and also was a phenomenal listener. She was very attentive to our needs prior to labor and patient with us as we went through the experience of being two weeks overdue.
I gave birth at a teaching hospital that was outcomes-driven (very medical in their approach). They have a schedule and want you to adhere to it. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, but we were very interested in a natural birth and letting things happen naturally, which doesn’t always marry up.
Aimee was great at giving information to us, serving as a bridge between what the hospital wanted, what we wanted and how to come to a resolution between the two.
I also am a firm believer that our baby was delivered vaginally because of her. I was induced and not much happened. Around hour 13, I started running a fever and knew a c-section was coming soon. I asked Aimee if I could do some moving around on the bed, which with the blessing of my doctor, was ok. Aimee showed my husband some great techniques to make me more comfortable and as the c-section consult was coming in, we learned I was ready to push. If I didn't have her support at the time, I likely would have laid in bed because I didn't feel like I was empowered or had a voice.
Aimee also quickly helped me identify mastissis several weeks later. I got to the doctor and on the right medicine quickly and avoided a lot of pain.


Rachel Handler


our experience with Aimee was phenomenal!  She is so knowledgeable, patient and caring. We felt confident that we and our daughter were in safe, excellent hands. She is reliable, professional while also being very empathic and warm. We love her!

Hillary Fulham


Aimee assisted my husband and me during the birth of our son in March and I cannot say enough positive things about her. She is extremely knowledgeable, calming, caring and best of all, has a great sense of humor. We felt comfortable with her from the get-go and appreciated the fact that she had life experience to back up her education and training. She helped us prepare our birth plan with realistic expectations, provided breastfeeding support, placenta encapsulation services and even post-partum resources. She truly has a gift and I will be eternally grateful that she has been a part of this enormously transformative time in our lives.

Anna Sodziak


Finding a post-partum doula was my husbands idea. I didn't think we needed one but I was mistaken! I can't imagine our first days with our baby without Aimee! I'm a first time mom and I also had a c-section. Those two pretty much explain my need for a doula but now I trully think every family should have one! One like Aimee. She was just perfect! calm, present, soft and knowledgable. My baby sensed her wonderful spirit and loved being in Aimee's arms. We read a lot about taking care of a newborn but still questionned ourselves when it came down to it. However Aimee helped us feel confident about taking care of our baby. I wouldn't even trust my mom to take care of our baby as much as I trusted Aimee. She helped us with the baby tremendously and taugh us some awesome skills that we still use! Also she adviced us on products and best practices. All when asked or when we looked confused :) She's the kind of person that's very considerate and warm. I had post-partum depression and Aimee really helped me emotionnally too. I would recommend Aimee to anyone who seeks a gentle and loving care of their newborn.

Emily Fuller


Aimee was a wonderful support and a key part of my succesful VBAC in 2014. I think of her often and was just recommending her to a pregnant woman today when I remembered I had not posted a testimonial here! My husband and I interviewed a few doulas and I knew immediatly upon meeting Aimee that she was the right fit for us. She has a calming and confident vibe that I knew I'd appreciate during my labor. Plus she had experienced a VBAC herself, so I felt she truly understood my perspective. She was great about responding to my texts and emails throughout my pregnancy. When I went into labor, we kept in touch over the phone through early labor and then decided to meet at the hospital since my labor was progressing quickly. She intuitively knew how to support me through my contractions and helped me stay relaxed and calm. I was so incredibly proud when I was able to birth my baby without any intervention or medication. It still feels like one of my greatest achievements and I am so happy that I chose her to be part of my team that day. 

Kathleen Smith


Aimee worked with my family on two separate occaions - as a night nurse for my son and with my twins who were born 2 and a half years later.  We could not have had a better experience with Aimee.  She is an expert with newborns and I always slept comfortably knowing my new babies were in good hands throughout the night.  Aimee was very easy to work with and respectful of our choices as parents.  She is gentle and nurturing, especially with newborns and in addition to feeding and comforting the babies, she was very helpful around the house when asked.  I would highly, highly recommend Aimee.

Suzette Mayobre


Aimee is wonderful! When my second came along, I decided that I dign't want a medicated birth. My previous birth was fairly smooth, and I felt that this time around, I could do it (with some help)! That led me to look for a doula. I met with three. Aimee was the third, and as soon as I met her, I knew she was the right match.

First, let me say that Aimee brings such a sense of calm with her. I immediately felt at ease. This transferred to the day of my daughter's birth. I honestly do not think I could have done it without her. (Note: My husband also thinks HE could not have done it without her!) She was the calm and confident force that I needed to coach me through this. She knew when I needed something and was good at helping me navigate what I needed and what I did not when it came to the slew of things offered to you at a hospital.

Another point, that really made me feel confident in my decision, was the fact that Aimee is a mother herself and has been through this before. I know that there are many wonderful doulas out there without their own children, but for me, this really helped in my choice. She not only guided me using her professional knowledge, but also her own personal experience. She knows exactly what you are going through, and that is comforting.

When you work with Aimee, she will meet with you a few times before your delivery. Each time, she will explain different things as to what you can expect, and she is open to answering any questions. I had never taken a birthing course, and with a 4-yr-old at home and a busy schedule, it didn't seem likely that I would. She suggested some books for me, and listened to any concerns. Having been through the experience once before, I felt that with her guidance, I could do this.

If I had to do it again, I wouldn't change a thing! Aimee is fantastic! My husband adds: "She was wonderful, fantastic, and she took care of everybody, not just mom!"



Morgan Czerwinski


It has taken me four months to write this because of the crazy with a newborn but I absolutely had to let others know how instrumental Aimee was in the birth of our son in January. Around November, i myself logged onto doula match to find assistance for our first delivery. I read reviews and kept hearing how knowledgeable, calm, and sweet she was. Little did I know Aimee would be so much more than just assistance. Our first prenatal meetings were exactly what I hoped for. We learned so much and my husband started getting so excited he came up with a whole list of questions which Aimee answered. Aimee worked with us on our birth plan and we awaited the moment contractions would begin. Everything went according to plan for the first twelve hours of labor, we arrived at the hospital and started preparing to meet our babe. Thirty six hours later, thanks to a lazy uterus, we met our son. Aimee provided comfort, encouragement, and knowledge during every moment. She is a saint and never even asked for a break. Best believe, Aimee will be the one seeing any future children enter this world. 

Liz White


Aimee was with us as a postpartum doula.  She was absolutely outstanding.  I had an emergency c-section and was unable to drive my 2 older children to school.  Aimee connected with them right away and helped me dress and get them out the door to school during the middle of Winter.  She was very aware and intuitive of my needs as a postpartum mother.  The recovery was more difficult than expected, and Aimee was able to offer insight and suggestions in a gentle and thoughtful way.  Aimee is the baby whisperer...she was able to see the subtle needs and cues my babe put off and was very helpful in soothing her and also pointing out what she observed in a reassuring way. Aimee took care of household chores that needed to be done without even asking.  This decreased the anxiety that I was feeling and allowed me to focus on connecting and caring for my daughter and myself during this special, but also very overwhelming time. She was with us for 8 weeks and by the time she left, I felt confident and secure.

Alison Hightower


Aimee was a fanastic support for me and my husband. We planned a home birth VBAC and she supported us through 3 days of laboring at home, through an extremely challenging labor. She was a calming presence who helped to keep me grounded and working through the pain. When we decided to transfer to the hospital, she continued to be there for us. In the end, I did not get my VBAC or home birth, but I know that I fought as hard as I could until the end and that was because of Aimee's wonderful guidance and support. We could not have done it without her. 

Emily Keber Goldrick


Aimee is an amazing doula and a great person. I met Aimee during a 3 day doula workshop and new immediately that I had made a wonderful friend and found my future doula! As a doula myself, all that I know and practice with my own clients totally went out the window when I was in labor. Aimee was able to center me, calm me and get me in a great place to cope with labor. That's all a mom wants right?!-- to be present and empowered in the birth of her child? After the birth of our son last Spring, my husband even said, "Aimee should charge double" :) ...from prental appointments, to email support and labor itself- she's awesome.

Collette Couper


I chose Aimee to be my Doula because she is kind, caring, calm and a patient person.  She is wonderful!  I gave birth to twins April 18th, 2014 filled with nerves about caring for them and questioning everything I was doing.  Aimee gave me a sense of confidence in what I was doing and guided me along the way.  My only regret is that I should have used her more!  She stepped in and took care of the babies (fed them, changed them, bathe them, swaddled them to sleep) and made sure that I took a nap and ate!  I highly recommend Aimee and assure you that you will not regret your choice.  

Elizabeth Poole


I can't put into words how importat Aimee is to the birth experience of my daughter! Without her, I firmly believe we would have been looking at a very different experience. We were with the physician's group at Northwestern and delivered at Prentice.

Picking a doula is not easy - they'll be with you for one of the most physically and emotionally vulnerable days of your life. Like the other doulas we met with, Aimee is well-qualified - but immediately I felt like we clicked. She's easy to talk to, she has a vaired birth history herself, she knew a lot about the different hospitals and providers standard practices and reputations, and she was quick to offer insight about pregnancy, birth, post-partum, and breastfeeding. We were also swayed that she's a certified lactation counselor. Plus, she has awesome taste in music.

While I wanted an unmedicated birth, I knew from the beginnging I was going to have to fight for it considering my providers and my medical history (I had been booted from the midwifery group at Prentice for increasing blood pressure - but not pre-eclampsia). So, something important to me was having a non-judgy or preachy doula if it came down to getting interventions - whether medically necessary or not. Not once - even in the midst of birth when I was getting the dreaded interventions - did she offer criticism or make me feel like I was doing the "wrong" thing. In fact, she made me feel completely confident in my decision when I finally asked for an epidural. 

Throughout the pregnancy, Aimee was suggesting books to read, questions to ask, things to consider, and classes to take. She was always sending tips, articles, suggestios, etc. Even now that our daughter is three months old, we keep reminding ourselves of things she taught us (especially about breastfeeding) - like it's a mantra "Remember, Aimee said this might happen." Aimee is seriously the best!

Dave Maas


Aimee was our post-partum doula and she was a saint.  I honestly don't know how we would have made it through without her.  My wife had some post-partum challenges and Aimee was the absolute perfect calming, supportive presence.  Aimee is incredibly knowledgeable and has great intuition with moms and babies.  She brought a sense of peace to our home as we made the transition to parenthood.  I really can't express enough how wonderful Aimee is - I would wholeheartedly recommend her.  

Greg Ingleright


We were prepared to expect the unexpected with our first birth...our birth just happened to be more unexpected than we prepared for. We were very lucky to have Aimee.

We had a nice dinner and were settling down for the night. Comfortably three weeks before our due date the evening was suddenly disrupted by an event that sent us racing to Prentice. Unsure and nervous we soon discovered that our little girl was on her way. Slightly shocked, we called mothers first, then sisters and third a call to Aimee.

Aimee had just finished two May births and was finally enjoying a well deserved rest when our June baby decided May would be better. She met us moments after we were moved from triage to delivery. Awesome things she did include...

-Played a Pandora playlist which resulted in perfect synchronicity at the final push.

-Used her iPhone to pull up research on cord-blood I was able to use to advocate for our baby... an argument we won as a result.

-Environmental and physical supports that were priceless in assisting my wife's 100% natural delivery.

-Genuine emotional support we really needed. We were still slightly shocked our baby girl was coming early. No family had time to come in support. Aimee was essential and a real professional. 

Aimee meant so much to us as my wife labored to share our miracle with the world. We will forever be in debt to the support Aimee provided. 

Mariya Volzhskaya


It’s hard to overstate how much my partner and I would recommend Aimee and how grateful we are to her for her help in the birth of our son! As soon as we met Aimee we felt reassured by her calm, steady presence, as well as her experience and knowledge.

As soon as labor began, Aimee became part of our team as we started to make decisions about how and when to head to the hospital. The whole time Aimee was in close contact by phone and text. My labor was induced and we stayed in touch with Aimee throughout the whole process. As my contractions started to get stronger, Aimee came to the hospital - at 3 am in the middle of a snowstorm —and was with us for the next 26 hours until after our son was born. I really cannot overstate how helpful she was to us!!! I had a long, complicated labor with multiple interventions and some tricky interactions with hospital personnel. Aimee was a calm, steady presence throughout. She provided direct support to me during all stages of the labor, she suggested comfort measures for me and my partner, she helped us both rest, and she was invaluable during pushing. At one point when labor did not appear to be progressing and we were worried about a C-section, Aimee employed acupressure techniques that helped position our baby and helped us have a vaginal delivery. It was amazing!!! After our son was born, he had to be taken to the nursery for observation and Aimee stayed with me so I wasn’t left on my own. Aimee checked in with us the day after the birth and came back to our house to see how we were doing. She had taken pictures of the birth and helped us fill in gaps in our memory.  Aimee also came to provide post-partum support after my partner went back to work. Whether it was helping me with breast-feeding, helping with stuff around the house, or watching the baby while I took much-needed naps and showers, it was invaluable to have that kind of support. We would recommend Aimee a thousand times over!

Colin Williams


Aimee was our Doula for both our children and I have to say that I can't imagine having done either birth without her. She was an amazing source of calm and support that I personally can't thank her enough for. 

We met with Aimee prior and she walked us through the birth plan, was open to all our wants, and needs, and was there to make her expert advice on things we needed help with. She was also always there for questions we had at anytime, which with my crazy schedule was a real blessing.

On trhe day of each birth she was calling and checking in about the labor and walking me thru any questions I had. She also of course was talking with Lisa and helping her with contraction timings and determining the best time for us to get ready to go to the birthing center(s). 

Both births came VERY quickly once we got to the hospital. Our first child - Aimeee came to our house once the contractions got to the point where I needed hekp helping Lisa. She rode with us to the hospital and was there with us up through, and after the birth. Our second child - Aimee met us at the birthing center minutes after we got there, as we were able to plan the commute from our home to the hospital a little (slightly) better than our 1st child.

For BOTH births, Aimee maintained a calm and a sense of peace that personally provided me with a great sense of confidence - these being the 1st & 2nd births I'd ever been involved in. She helped Lisa, and more importantly helped me help Lisa through both (all natural) births. She worked also directly with our midwives and nurses to make sure that we were worry free.

Aimee stayed with us after the births up until Lisa was good, the baby was good, and I was good. She also was there for any ?'s I had in the days following both births - and checked in with us via phone and hospital visits.

My bottom line is that I couldn't have imagined doing this without Aimee. 


Melissa Best


I can not say enough wonderful things about our experience with Aimee.  From the very first meeting, she was so comforting, supportive and knowledgable.  I was diagnosed with gestationa diabetes and was really upset about how the diagnosis would effect my ability to have the birth I desired.  Aimee reassured us, and sent us loads of informational material about controlling it.

Our pre-labor meetings were great opportuities for us to ask her questions, get information, and she provided supplemental information on pain management techniques, breastfeeding, labor, delivery, what to expect, etc.  As first time parents, we didnt know what we were in for.

My water broke about 3 weeks before my due date and I never went into labor on my own.  This ended with us having to go to the hospital and getting induced.  Certainly not part of my birth plan, but Aimee was there every step of the way.  Her and my husband kept in constant contact throughout the 36 hours from my water breaking until labor starting coming on strong.  She answered text and checked in throughout the night and arrived just in time for the stong labor.

She was invaluable during the labor process.  She was so supportive to me, but most importantly, a second hand, a voice of reason and a element of steadiness to my husband.  In the end, despite several unplanned events (not laboring at home, being induced, being contstantly monitored), I was able to have the unmedicated delivery I desired and could not have done it without Aimee.


After birth, Aimee's support was invaluable as I struggled with breastfeeding.  Her support and positive attitude were very uplifting and comforting through a really difficult time. 

I would highly recommend Aimee.  She was a pleasure to work with!

Stacy Ewing


I got the birth experience I had hoped for, for me, for my husband, and for my baby.
Aimee was a savior and a blessing to have at the birth. I'm a first time mom and Aimee helped helped my husband and I prepare and discuss the birth we desired. We had a plan going in related to labor and after delivery that we were able, with Aimee's insight, to communicate and amazingly the plan was completely respected by all who helped deliver baby. When it was time to push, I became afraid and needed support. Aimee was there for me and was focused on my feelings when the doctor and nurse were focused on a speedy delivery of baby. I pushed much better after I had my needs acknowledged. Aimee helped us with the active parts of labor and let us know when it was time to rest, relax, and regroup. I felt I had the chance to be more instinctual and trust my body and my natural instincts more because of Aimee's support. Also, a big thanks to Aimee to getting me started breast feeding before we had to weigh the baby and change rooms. My baby was awake and ready right after birth and it was great that I got to be with her in her first awake moments.

Stacy Kvet


I highly recommend Aimee Patke-Cubes as a doula for birth and postpartum services. My husband and I selected Aimee based on her low-key, kind, calming presence. I was fearful of the birth process, and was also somewhat embarrassed of my fears. Aimee was non-judgmental and soothing in inviting me to discuss my concerns. She always made time for me and never minimized my feelings. She provided an optimal blend of affirming my emotions while providing useful information to demystify some aspects of birth that I found overwhelming. Aimee was also very open and affirming towards whatever birth plan I chose, allowing me to lead the way with my preferences. Aimee also introduced all kinds of small ways to make me feel more empowered over my birth process. She suggested many options that I never would have thought of myself, or perhaps would not have felt permission to request of my healthcare providers. As a result, I became a more informed patient and was able to introduce certain topics of conversation with my Ob/Gyn that lead to a birth plan that worked very well for me. Aimee was an excellent advocate and helped me to write a birth plan to take to the hospital. Aimee has a calm, friendly, and diplomatic demeanor, to which our healthcare providers responded to very positively. During the delivery, Aimee was an integral part of the delivery team participating alongside the physician and nurse. While I was in labor, I was able to call Aimee for on-the-spot support, and she came quickly to the hospital upon my request. My husband later stated that he was greatly relieved upon her arrival because just seeing her familiar face helped him to feel that everything was going to be okay. Amy has a mature competence and an affirming, open-minded spirit. I would recommend her for anyone regardless of the kind of birth process you plan to have.

buster keaton


Domenica Frenzel's recommendation for Aimee Patke-Kubes:

Aimee Patke-Kubes is remarkable! I didn’t know when we interviewed her prior to my daughter’s birth how invaluable she would be. We met and had planned on about five visits spread out over the first week or so. Aimee was a calm presence in the midst of the pre-arrival jitters. I asked her about systems and further preparedness for our little one. We had read up but the laundry list of things was just that… Aimee looked at our place and made some suggestions like an extra stash of diaper changing gear and good nursing spots—things that would practically make our new family life manageable. Her steady demeanor put me at ease right away. I thought I was getting help to show me the ropes—little did I realize that she would be a very integral part of our first precious weeks with our daughter. My delivery did not go as smoothly as planned. I had complications that limited my physical ability to care for myself and our brand new baby. Aimee helped our family for the first six weeks of our daughter’s life. I was on pain medicine, exhausted, and scared. Aimee helped me navigate so many of our first moments: our daughter’s first bath at home, amazing nursing guidance (as I left the hospital full of information and terrified of doing it all “wrong,”), handling my own physical state as my healing process was not textbook, helping me negotiate a lot of the unexpected and surprising situations, and leading by example with her quiet soothing approach toward our little one. I would try to stay up and ask all the questions I could about the baby and any suggestions Aimee might have for the road ahead. I found her own parenting and birthing experiences a great comfort. Her wisdom and support was such an amazing gift at the most vulnerable point for our fledgling family. I cannot recommend Aimee highly enough!

Jessica Marshall


Aimee made our birth experience unforgettable, special and most of all do-able! I really wanted an unmedicated birth and was nervous about being pushed into interventions that could be avoided.  Aimee was not our assigned doula but when the doula we'd been working with couldn't come, Aimee stepped in right away. She met us at the hospital and jumped in without having ever met us. She was a great support ot my partner and I and ultimately the birth went exactly as I had hoped. She was there supporting us at every point. After the delivery I really struggled with nursing but Aimee checked in on me, visited, texted and called to make sure that I was okay.  She really was one in a million and I'm not sure we could've done it without her!


Veronica DeNicolo


We did not meet Aimee until the day I went into labor.  Our original Doula scheduled was sick and Aimee was filling in for her. We are so happy she did, we absolutely loved her!

 We would not have been able to get through our natural birth plan without her.  She not only helped me through all the tough times but she also coached my husband through my tough times.  Her strategies helped my birthing experience to be amazing and more then I could ask for.  I wanted to labor at home as long as possible and labor in water.  This is what we did and more, we ended up having a water birth at Northwestern!  Aimee helped us stay on track (especially when I veered) and helped come up with different comfortable positions to help me through contractions.  Her knowledge about birthing was present and helped us understand when it was time for us to head to the hospital. Without her my birthing plan would not have stayed on track.  She was super!

Susan Kolpon


We could not recommend Aimee more highly! She is a wonderful doula. I planned a natural birth at Northwestern Prentice, and my husband wanted to be the primary support and was initially a little hesitant about having a doula. However, I had a fairly long labor, and both of us were so indescribably grateful that we had Aimee with us. When we were feeling exhausted and drained, she was so calm and supportive for both of us. She was excellent at sensing our needs, and had great suggestions for comfort measures and ideas to try something new to get things going again. Her familiarity with Prentice was a big help, because she knew what supplies they have on hand that might help with laboring positions, and could also grab things like heat packs (or reheat ours).

When we had to make decisions about an intervention, she helped us have the space from the staff to decide and be sure about what we wanted.

Overall, she was just very soothing and encouraging, and when I started to feel panicky, she was so amazing at reassuring me and restoring my confidence. When I felt like I couldn't do it, she was so encouraging and would let me know that I was already doing it!

I'm sure Aimee was completely exhausted by the end as well (there was a lot of leaning and counter-pressure), but she still stayed with us for a little while as we had skin-to-skin with my daughter, and began breastfeeding. Thanks to her, we even have a few photos of the first moments with our daughter. We also met with her before and after the birth, and she was able to fill in some of the gaps I had forgotten about the labor.

I truly think that my daughter's birth went as well as it did and I feel so positively about it because I felt so emotionally, mentally, and physically supported by Aimee and my husband. We are so deeply appreciative to Aimee for all the help and support she provided to both of us, and definitely give her our highest recommendation. She is fantastic!

Katherine Ivancevich


My husband Matt and I met Aimee about a month before our son Henry was born. She visited our apartment a couple of times to get the lay of the land and to talk to us about our hopes and expectations for Henry's birth. Aimee was able to expertly answer our questions and anticipate our concerns.

Having Aimee there for Henry's birth was absolutely invaluable. Henry was a couple of weeks late, so I had to be induced. I was totally not prepared for that. But Aimee was - she'd be through it with other moms before and was able to help us navigate the many decisions along the way. Through the long night before Henry's birth, Aimee sat vigil so that Matt and I could sleep. At one point in particular, when we had to decide whether to use the vacuum/suction during Henry's delivery, an option our childbirth classes had only briefly touched on, Aimee was able to draw on her childbirth education and, maybe more importantly, her first-hand experiences with other births to help us weigh the pros and cons and make a decision. From start to finish, during our time in the hospital she made sure that we never felt alone or uninformed. She truly was an advocate for me, Matt, and Henry.

Aimee also helped us when we got home with the new baby. Neither of our families live in the area so we were on our own for the first week or so. We really looked forward to Aimee's visits - for tips and encouragement and for friendly, understanding company.

Aimee was also incredibly helpful getting me started and continuing breastfeeding. Of all the things I've done in my life, breastfeeding was, at the beginning, the single most difficult. If not for Aimee's encouragement and her help in accessing resources I'm not sure I would have stuck with it.

Overall, Aimee's personality, demeanor and experience make her a highly recommendable doula. She's a calm, encouraging, and supportive presence that I know you will value as we have.

Natalie Stoneburner Jimenez


Our experience with Aimee as our doula was great that we know we will use her with our next child. She spent a great amount of time prior to delivery discussing our questions and concerns. She also answered my first time mom questions both before and after me I bombarded her with text messages and she always was so kind to answer me with great information. On the day of the delivery, I know that I never would have been able to do a natural labor without her guide and support. Since Aimee prepared us so well with items we needed to bring the hospital we had all the tools we needed to help get me to seeing our sweet baby girl. Throughout our labor Aimee gave great suggestions about new positions and her encouragement through some of the tough contractions is what I focused on. At one point we did need a medical intervention and at first I was very hesitant about it, however, Aimee discussed it with us and helped us understand that it was what we did need to bring our baby into the world. Soon after our sweet Liliana was born! Aimee did a great job of taking care of both my husband and myself. She helped make sure that breastfeeding was going well and allowed my husband and I to enjoy those moments instead of being bombarded by all the craziness that happens after the baby is born. I would highly recommend Aimee for your doula...have her show you her amazing hip works miracles!

Katie McFarlan


We are so glad we decided to hire Aimee for the birth of our first child. Aimee provided support to us before, during, and even after the birth (and even helped me out with some nursing questions via text message when my daughter was almost a year old). She was kind, calm, supportive, and encouraging, all of which I needed during my extremely long labor and delivery. She was always there with water, a cold towel, a hug, a hair thing to tie back my hair, and rub on the back, pressure on the hips, or just shoulders to hang on while I labored. She just knew what I needed.

My husband wasn't sure about the whole doula thing but after meeting with Aimee, he was convinced. Not only did she support me, she supported him-giving him breaks when he physically needed them, giving him encouragement when I was losing it and he was scared, and just helping him know what to do and what to expect. 

Because of Aimee, I had the birth experience I was hoping for. I highly recommend her for labor/delivery support and postpartum help as well. She is like a calm supportive presence, non judging, and helpful, which is exactly what I needed in those first few days after having my daughter.

Susan Crowley


Aimee was an excellent doula.  She met with my husband and myself 2 or 3 times during my pregnancy to talk about the pregnancy and hash out our philosophies on birth.  Funny that you need a philosphy these days, but with so many options out there Aimee helped us understand our choices and gave us some possible scenarios to understand how/why hospitals give certain treatments during birthing.  I only really needed the 2 meetings with Aimee during my pregnancy to be comortable with her.

The day of the birth, Aimee was everything we hoped she would be.  She was on the phone with my husband (via text and voice) while I was at home in the early stages.  She helped my husband understand what was happening and when to decide to have her come to our house.  Aimee traveled with us in our car to the hospital; she was with us every step of the way.  She was calm, collected and really helped keep me focused.  

Aimee knew that I like water and wanted to be in the shower.  The moment we arrived to the birthing room Aimee said, "Sue, I think it would a great idea if we went into the shower."  She was in there with me massaging my back and spraying water on me for 2 to 3 hours (the details are fuzzy).  

After my son was born, she stayed put to keep us company and make sure everything was ok with me and the baby.  

From my husbands perspective, he was happy to have Aimee as a doula because he felt supported as well.  It gave him peace of mind to have someone with experience with birth and hospitals there with us.

After we came home with baby and I was having issues with my milk supply, Aimee made herself available over phone for advice and referrals to lactation consultants.  She also came to visit us 2 months after I was home with baby to see how our new family was doing.  

She was a fantastic choice for our family.  

Jamie Thompson


Every time we met with Aimee her calm and comfortable demeanor won us over and made me feel very confident that she was the right doula for us.  It felt natural to have her at our home.  Which was good because we were planning a home birth!  Even when she walked into the very intense scene of my labor, she stayed calm and reasurring.  Apparently I have irregular contractions and I had fooled everyone.  My midwive wasn't planning on me going into active labor until later that day, meanwhile I was in transition.  Aimee came immediately when my husband called and gave him a much needed and deserved break.  She took over the not-so-pretty tasks at hand and was a God-send to be there instead of going through this unknown and often scary experience alone.  She helped me to the bathroom where we discovered I was crowning, "where are the midwives?" The intensity of her question cued my husband to call and let them know what was happening and they began rushing over to our house.  I was calmer then that at any point in my labor, it was almost over!!  And at that moment, I had all the confidence in the world that if needed, Aimee could deliver this baby!  I was calm and happy.  She helped us get through the last several contractions until the midwives got there in the nick of time and worked seamlessly with them through the end.  She helped clean up and even made me some food.  I felt very taken care of by Aimee and we feel so lucky that she was there for us.  She is great at being there just enough when you need and also giving your space and privacy when that is needed.  I highly recommend Aimee as a doula for anyone.  She is respectful of everyone's birth plan and does what is needed for you personally.

Lauren Arends


I am so happy that I hired a doula. I'm a first time Mom and I wanted a natural child birth, but my husband and I weren't really interested in taking an intensive, months long class. We had a great experience with Aimee. While I was pregnant she answered all of my questions and gave me great information. She also made my husband feel comfortable and confident knowing that he wouldn't be on his own with me when it was baby time. When I went into labor Aimee and my husband stayed in frequent contact via texts until it was time for her to come over to the house. The best thing that Aimee did was keep me at home longer. A big part of my birth plan was laboring at home as long as possible, so when I started asking to go to the hospital Aimee distracted me by suggesting that I have a snack, go to the bathroom, take a walk, etc. I arrived at the hospital already 7cms dialted! Aimee kept me focused and calm during transition and pushing, reminding me to take deep breaths and relax between contractions. It was really wonderful to have her there. I probably would have freaked out and asked for medications if it was just my husband and I, but Aimee helped me deal with the pain naturally. My husband bought me a button that says "My doula was worth the moolah," and I think that is more than true!

Clare Layton


Aimee is a wonderful doula.  She helped me through the birth of my son last summer (July 2012).  My husband and I really enjoyed our prenatal visits with her; she was always on time and very professional, but also warm and caring.  During my labor she was amazing.  She has a beautiful touch, her massage and hands on touch really helped me to relax and stay focused.  When I felt like I couldn't continue (I had a natural birth with no pain medications) she encouraged me and reminded me how much I wanted to birth without drugs.  She also helped my husband help me.  Her presence at our birth gave my husband confidence too.  My favorite thing she did was when I was pushing she turned out the lights in the hospital room, creating a more cozy and peaceful space.  A simple thing, but it helped me relax and made the whole experience feel more personal and less clinical.  

After the birth, Aimee was incredibly helpful too.  She knows so much about breastfeeding and her help and advice was essential to getting the nursing relationship off to a good start.  These days many women struggle with breastfeeding; even though breastfeeding took some practice for me I never doubted that it would work and its because I had such strong support.  A big part of that support was Aimee. 

Aimee is a great doula, she is kind, caring and very knowledegable.  I know she is also deeply respectful of mothers and the choices a mother makes in the birthing process.  Whether you are planning a natural birth, birth with an epidural or a C-Section, Aimee will take good care of you along your way.  Hire her, she is worth it.  

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