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Lullababies Doula Services

Mankato, MN Service range 45 miles At this time I will travel for births in Mankato, St Peter, Faribault, Northfield, New Ulm and surrounding cities.


Birth Fee

$850 to $900

Birth Fee

$850 to $900

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 225 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Languages spoken


Fee Details

Congrats on your pregnancy and thank you for your consideration! I charge $850 for births in the Mankato/St. Peter area and $900 beyond that. This includes one prenatal visit at about 35-36 weeks, your entire labor and delivery. I also stay for 2-4 hours after the birth (To help with breastfeeding or answer any questions etc) and I have one postpartum visit with you with in the first 2 weeks after the baby is born. During your birth, besides being an advocate for you, I will support you emotionally and physically. I also take notes (I write a birth summery for you) and can assist with video/photography as well. At our first prenatal visit a $400 deposit is due so I can hold your spot. The deposit counts toward your total fee. I offer optional one-on-one childbirth classes to clients and others for $150. I'll meet with you and your partner for an in-depth look at what you need to know about the process of labor and delivery, tailored to you!

Mankato, MN Service range 45 miles At this time I will travel for births in Mankato, St Peter, Faribault, Northfield, New Ulm and surrounding cities.

Client Testimonials for Raelene Kovaciny

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Leah Nathe


Last winter I was looking into hiring a doula because I was planning to have a natural birth in a hospital setting. When I met Raelene at a community event, I was immediately drawn to her fun loving, yet nurturing personality. I left our first meeting comfortable and confident in Raelene's commitment and expertise. Leading up to our son's birth she was a text or phone call away with any questions I had. When "labor day" finally came, she was the mental, physical, and emotional support I needed to get me through to a successful delivery. I was surprised by how much support I needed in the first two weeks of our son's life but Raelene's support continued even then. I could not recommend her services enough and will certainly be reaching out to her again and again for future births. Thank you Raelene!!

Jesse Van Leeuwe


Raelene was wonderful! I had a doula for my first birth and it was a pretty textbook labor and delivery. I wasn’t sure I needed a doula for my second birth as I expected to be the same or easier than my first one. Raelene’s warm and easy going personality, along with her clear knowledgeability, convinced me that she would be an asset and support I needed. She had great resources to my husband I make some decisions about what we wanted to do differn this time around. She was great at communicating and helpful with all the questions I had, especially when my baby went a week past the guess date and I had off and on prodromal labor for about a day and a half. She helped keep me focused with reassurances and techniques to move things along. She was very patient and kind when I got frustrated through the whole process. Unfortunately she had another client go into early labor once mine finally got going. She was great about communicating with me and her back up doula, though, and her back up was wonderful. Both doulas came to my postpartum visit and were genuinely engaged and excited to recount my birth story. I would definitely recommend Raelene to anyone looking for a doula!!

Nicole McCarthick


Raelene was friendly from the start. The moment I met her, I knew she would be our Doula. She was patient as I relived by 1st child birth and was supportive in all my efforts to avoid that same situation. She work with me during my entire labor as we gave it our all for my much desired VBAC. ALAS, it just wasn't in the cards and after about 29 hours, exhausted and crying, I chose to have a repeat CSECTION. My OBGYN and surgical team were amazing and even though I didn't get my VBAC I wouldn't have done this baby's birth differently. 


Raelene and I tried multiple methods to get and keep things moving. She is a great coach and even got my husband involved.  I highly recommend her as she is educated, resourceful, and compassionate. 

Haley Korbel


Having Raelene during the birth of our daughter was truly amazing! I really wanted a doula because A) my husband gets a little queasy about things and I was unsure how he'd handle being my birth coach, and B) I wanted to have the most calm and natural experience I could. Well, my husband surprised me by being a total rockstar, and Raelene was there to help me along the way, even when it seemed nothing went as planned! She is such a strong, reassuring, supportive, and knowledgeable presence. My husband was also incredibly thankful for her, as she coached him along the way, too. She was always reachable, helped answer questions, give tips, offer help and ease my worries before, during and after labor. The birth story she wrote and presented to us at the follow up visit was such an added bonus, I'd hire her again just for that! When asking my husband if he wanted to add anything to this, his answer was "nothing other than Raelene is awesome and I wouldn't have another baby without her!"

Amy Stillman DeMaster


Raelene was a fantastic doula!  She kept in regular contact throughout the entire pregnancy and was always available to answer questions.  She walked laps around the neighborhood with me for hours the day before Baby was born, and kept in touch during the night after my water broke when I stayed home to rest.  She met us at the hospital as soon as we called - actually, she beat us there!  During labor she was a fantastic advocate for our birth plan.  She was great at small talk during the boring parts and helped with positioning, massage, aromatherapy, and emotional support when things really got going.  She took amazing photos of our newborn and at the postpartum visit gave us a wonderful summary of Baby's birth.  She stayed with us after the birth to make sure breastfeeding was going well.

I would hire Raelene again in an instant.  She is warm, caring, knowledgeable, and flexible.  Highly recommended!

Kelsey Halverson


Raelene is such a wonderful person. From our first pre-natal meeting I knew she'd be a great match for us. She is so positive and so full of light. When I went into the hospital after my water broke, and before I was in active labor, I called Raelene and she was with me in the hospital within 20 minutes. she walked the halls with me, while my husband got his full 8 hours of sleep that night.  She showed me new ways to focus and was always super positive! She also was a huge support with breastfeeding after my baby was born. I was able to send her Facebook messages and she quickly responded with delight! I'd highly highly recommend, Raelene!!! She also wrote an amazing birth story we will have to cherish forever!

Katie Netland


Raelene is beyond fabulous. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, selfless, and your biggest advocate. She is there to support you and your child in the way you want her to. I don't know how I could have done it without her. I would recommend her to anyone, and pay double. She is that incredible and useful.

Suzie Hall


Raelene was so helpful with the birth of our baby girl, choosing to hire a doula  was one of the best decisions my husband and I made. This was our first child and Raelene put me at ease through the end of the pregnancy, the delivery and after. She is calm, patient, and so helpful. She is incredibly knowledgable and went above and beyond to help us when we found out our baby was breech at 39 weeks. I would definitley hire Raelene again when we try for baby #2.

Tami Nelson Caudill


Realene is a fabulous doula and was an absolute god-send for my labor.  Not only did she support me through my birth with care, expertise and compassion, but she supported and advised my husband to make him a better coach. 

This is my 3rd child, the previous 2 were epidural births.  We had prepared using bradley birthing classes and because of this and the fact that it was the 3rd child, my husband questioned the need for a Doula before the delivery and was thinking it would be a "waste of money".  Due to previous medical complications and being very high risk (previous siezures and stroke from pre-eclampsia among other things), I absolutly could NOT have ANY pain medications.  With 2 previous painless epidural births, I was very nervous about this birth and so my husband humored me and agreed to have Raelene there. Raelene made my husband and I feel safe and relaxed during the labor. When all was said and done, my husband was incredibly thankful that Raelene was there and he is now one of the most vocal doula supporters I know - all because of Raelene's FABULOUS work.

I am also a labor and delivery nurse and have not only had her as my own doula, but have worked with her professionally as well. Bar-none she is the best doula i have worked with. Not only does she advocate for her clients appropriatly, but she is respectful and helpful in dealing with the the woman's care team. This seems to make for a more satisfying birth experience for all involved, especially the laboring mother.

I feel like one does not just gain a wonderful labor support and positive birth experience when dealing with raelene, but the feeling that you have meet a true friend.  Thank you Raelene !

Stephanie McNeal Moldaschel


Raelene is awesome, she has a great personality and knows exactly what to do to make your labor and delivery more bearable! She lives her job so much and it shows. I am having her again I liked her so much and I definitely would hate to have to go without her! I would recommend Raelene to anyone having a baby!!

josh ringen


My name is Josh, proud father of 3 wonderul children.  I wanted to take a moment to share some experiences regarding their births.  First off, my wife was amazing during each labor. The first baby was a 24 hour labor and ultimately an epidural was needed, but my baby girl was born healthy.  Those were some long hours and lets not kid outselves: mom was GREAT.  Baby 1 made it easier for my 2 boys to come, both about 8 hours of labor and less than 10 mins of pushing.  Both 10+ pound baby boys (2 years apart) were delivered without any drugs and were natural.  

Going through 3 wonderful and grueling labors and deliveries, one might ask "how can you endure such a long first labor, go natural on the next 2 and they were over 10 pounds?!?!?" My response is a deflection to my wonderful wife who did all the work, but she will give a lot of credit to having a doula.  Not just any doula, but Raelene Kovaciny speficially. She was wonderful to have there and kept my wifes mind at ease and steered course for a natural delivery a possibility.

From the father-to-be's perspective, it was great having her there so I wasn't the only one rubbing shoulders, putting pressure on hips, etc.  Sure I would do it, but having Raelene there gave me a chance to make sure I was doing all I could to be fresh with a clear head.  One of the parents should be of clear mind during labor.  I know the woman goes through physical torture, but the man goes through pyschological terror, so any chance to mentally rest is a good one. 

When I think back to each delivery, I remember how helpful Raelene was, but I really remember each experience bring positive.  That is no coincidence.  Having her there ensured the experience was a positive one and each kid is growing up healthy and happy, which is the real goal, afterall.  

Thanks Raelene for all you did.  Everyone should have you on their side!

Lisa Finnvik


I recently gave birth to my first child and Raelene Kovaciny was my doula. I now understand the immense value that a doula brings to the birth experience. From the moment I announced I was pregnant, she was my constant go-to for information, guidance and a calming presence. Her knowledge of the prenatal experience is second to none. I made it a habit to ask her all the same questions I asked my midwives so I could get both perspectives. Raelene's information and advice was always in line with what my medical professionals were saying but she was able to add a personal touch that no one else could. She gave me the facts and stayed neutral in her opinions, always presenting both the pros and cons. If my question wasn't overly familiar to her, she did the research and sought real-life experiences from her network so I would feel as empowered as possible. The support I received from her leading up to the birth was as valuable as having her there for the actual big day! I was very nervous about giving birth but felt better knowing that she has five children of her own and has attended so many other births. I knew it was very unikely that I would encounter an experience that she hasn't seen. She worked as my advocate throughout the process, asking questions and seeking clarification on my behalf. She was a calm and helpful presence for myself and my husband and knew all the right positions to put me in, muscles to work on and mind sets to strive for as the day progressed. Her wonderful personality and extensive knowledge are surpassed only by her absolute passion for all things babies. Having her by your side from start to finish and knowing she has seen it all (and experienced it herself) is so comforting.  And when that baby arrives, it won't just be the mom and dad that are teary and overwhelmed with joy. It is clear that Raelene sees her job as a blessing and your request for her presence on that day as an honor and she never takes this for granted.

Liz French


Raelene was amazing! I can honestly say that the birth of my son would not have gone the way it did without her by my side.  She was exactly the support that I needed. I had an elective induction and she knew the right questions to ask to make sure I didn't get pushed around by the doctor who was more focused on making sure I had the baby before midnight and not letting my body just do what it knew how to do.  Raelene knew different ways for me to move and to work with my body.

Since the birth of my son I have decided to go into doula work myself, and Raelene is one of the reasons I made that decision. I will definitely be calling her for my next birth, which I am hoping will be a home birth

Carrie Powers Zeldenrust


My name is Carrie and I have four children.  Raelene was at my last two births, even though they were scheduled C-sections.  With my husband being anit-needles and anti-blood, I knew he wouldn't last long in the OR, but I needed someone to be there for me when he left with our baby (I'm not a fan of surgeries either).  Raelene was the perfect person to choose.  You can tell when you meet her that she LOVES what she does.  She's soft-spoken and caring.  She was very thorough in asking us ahead of time what it was that we'd like her to do for us.  She was able to change plans on the spur of the moment perfectly when our plans weren't working to calm me.  We even asked her to cut the baby's cord and she was very honored.  She stayed with me until I was reunited with my husband and new son, which was several hours due to unforeseen circumstances.  We chatted, told funny stories, anything to pass the time.  She is very personable and would be a fantastic doula for your family!  When I found out we were pregnant with our fourth, she was one of the first people we told!  And we rehired her for the birth of our daughter.  IF God decides we are not finished having children, she will for sure be our doula again!  Choosing a doula can be overwhelming, but once you meet Raelene, you will see why choosing her was the easiest thing we did! 

Jenny Kassera


Rae is my hero. Her presence during my daughter's birth took stress off me and my husband. She made it a comfortable atmosphere during an extrememly uncomfortable time. During the pain she kept motivating me to not let the pain take over me but to focus on my love for my child that will take over me the moment I see her. She even made sure I wasn't going to be charged for things I requested that I never ended up getting...the epidural that was being prepared for me for example. She really tried to get to know me and my wants and needs during childbirth. And there is this thing she does that I can't remember the name of but it involves counter pressure. She has your husband squeeze your hips as she pushes on your lower back has relieves some of the pain while the baby moves into the birth canal. Amazing! If I do say so myself. If anyone was looking for a fun and compassionate doula, Rae is your woman. What else can I say but THANK YOU, RAE!

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