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Cherie Harper Correlli, CD

Baltimore Birth Doula


Phone: 443-799-4725

Birth Fee: $950

Birth Doula Experience: 9 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Hypnobabies - Certified Hypno-Doula
  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2009
  • Madriella, May 2014
  • Hypnobabies, February 2015
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Rebozo Training

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Home Birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Middle River, MD
Travel Range: 40 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Cherie Harper Correlli, CD

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Lisa Ferraro

My husband and I are first-time parents and we wanted someone who would be present to assist in our birthing time (labor) but who would not usurp my Husband's role as my birthing partner. We attended classes in Hypnobabies and our instructor recommended Cherie as she is one of the few doulas in MD who is trained in the Hypnobabies relaxation techniques. In a word, Cherie is terrific! My husband and I both felt immediately comfortable with her when we first met to discuss whether we would be a good birthing team. Cherie is knowledgeable, professional, calm and kind. She was able to answer my questions via email/phone and helped us determine when to go to the hospital since it wasn't entirely clear in our situation. Cherie met us at the hospital the moment we arrived and was great at getting the room set up to be as peaceful as possible and to help answer questions the nurses had so that intake went very smoothly (I gave her a printout of my information ahead of time - HIGHLY recommend doing this if you have a hospital birth as you are not in a position to answer a zillion questions during labor!). Cheri was invaluable for keeping us calm and reminding me of my wishes/techniques I wanted to use during labor as well as applying counter-pressure to my back. Cherie even took a few photos of the our first moments as a family with skin-to-skin contact and my husband cutting the umbilical cord. I highly recommend Cheri and if we have another child, will be sure to call on her sevices again! 

Posted 5/20/2016

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Erica Hine

I almost never write reviews/testimonials about my experiences good or bad. But, I feel the need to share my experience with Cherie as my birth doula. I recently had my first child a few months ago I was very clueless on the whole birthing process did some research found some useful tips online. But, one day I was talking with a close friend about my fears and concerns and she had asked if I had ever heard of a doula. I said no what do they do? She explained that the are a birthing coach who is to give you emotional, physical, and informational support Before and during birth. She then gave me Cherie's name and said she was the best! So I gave her a call and she explained everything I needed to know about my upcoming birth made me comfortable with giving birth.  She was so informative. Then the morning of delivering I called her and she met me at the hospital she didn't leave my side once! She talked me through every pain of every contraction. She was my constant cheerleader from 7am to 12am the next morning telling me I could get through this and I was almost there to the finish line! She not only encouraged me she also helped my husband focus when it was time to push! I honestly do not think my labor would have been as stress free as it was with out my doula by my side! Thank you Cherie for such an amazing experience!




Posted 2/27/2016

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Cassie Sherman-Marks

I could not possibly recommend Cherie more highly. She was absolutely the saving grace of a very difficult birth experience after a very difficult pregnancy. I understand it's fairly common for first-time mothers to be a little off balance and bewildered, and I wasn't really finding the folks reputed to be the best obstetricians in the area anything but unhelpful to my peace of mind - and often even my treatment and care. I needed an informed advocate who could be a sounding board and helper.

We interviewed three people who'd all been highly recommended. Cherie wasn't just the most accommodating and personable, right from the start, but had such reasonable rates that I suspect she could charge considerably more if she wanted. She's a joy to talk to, about any old thing - we probably kept her longer than we should have in the couple conversations we had prior to my baby's birth. To say nothing of the 50-hour-ish extravaganza of my labor.

Cherie was there at the hospital when we got there. She is the reason I got broth, which the nursing staff never would have mentioned despite the fact that I was dehydrated and hungry. She she was there for more than two days continuously. When things needed to change she was flexible. She consoled me for my best laid plans going to hell while we moved along to the next thing. She got along with my sister and husband, who were also there throughout, and she really helped us all stay sane through some touch-and-go times, some hard decisions, some unhelpful hospital staff - and some very helpful ones, who were all the friendlier because of her presence. She took naps in unbelievable positions. She never showed the exhaustion she must have felt. She was absolutely everything I'd hoped for and more.

No person in my family who spent time with Cherie was any less impressed with her than I am. I cannot possibly recommend her more highly. If I ever risk a second pregnancy, I hope to work with her again.

Posted 2/23/2016

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Morgan Wanless

Cherie could not have been any better through the birth of our daughter.
She was on vacation when my water broke 3 weeks early, she was on her way immediately.
I believe She is the reason I had a successful VBAC. She gently reminded me of my plans when I so badly wanted give up. She was there from beginning to end and really brought peace to the situation. Not only that, there were things I was unsure of during birth (even though I had a birth plan), that Cherie was Educated on. She was so kind- bringing me ice and water, distracting me from the pain, and being there when my husband couldn't (He likes to pass out.) 

I would recommend her to everyone. She's the best! 

Posted 9/15/2015

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Jamin Mears

Cherie was the doula for the birth of my 3rd and 4th children. I appreciated her calming presence when she arrived for the birth. My wife and I were grateful for her support.

Posted 2/24/2015

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Lisa Correlli Stanley

I highly recommend Cherie Correlli of Baltimore Birth Doula. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have been able to have a natural birth, with no epidural like I wanted to, had it not been for Cherie. She was amazing! Whatever I needed Cherie was right there and no task was too great or small. Cherie not only helped me but my husband also commented on how much of a support and help Cherie was not just to me but to him as well. I cannot say enough of how excellent Cherie was during the labor and delivery of our child but she also was extremely helpful in the months leading up to that big day. Every concern I had she was always there to offer answers and encouragement. She would send me articles to read about issues or concerns I was having during pregnancy and she would regularly check on me to see how I was doing. Cherie will be your coach, cheerleader and support from the very beginning till even after everything is over. Cherie still checks in with me and it’s been 6 weeks since the birth. Cherie doesn’t replace your partner and the role your partner plays but is an additional support who is trained to help women through labor and delivery. My husband and I are very grateful that Cherie was there by our side for the birth of our beautiful baby girl!

Posted 1/6/2015

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Kelly Appel Mlynski

When I unexpectedly became pregnant with my 3rd chid, I knew I wanted a different birth experience. My two boys were both born via induction at 39 weeks, and I knew I didnt want this again. I was referred to Cherie by someone, and was very impressed after meeting her in person.I felt very relaxed and comfortable around her and she never pushed that something was the "right" way or correct decision, more that it was my choice, and presented my options. She recommended books to read, and videos to watch which were very enlightening! As my pregnancy moved along, she offered frequent support via text, facebook, and inperson meetings. I really wanted a natural birth, and I've always tested Strep B positive in the past. Cherie offered advice on probiotics, which I took daily and I was negative when they tested me.When I started having problems with weakness, fainting, and irregular contractions, a few weeks before my due date, Cherie offered advice and words of encouragement. Everyone was convinced my baby girl would be early including my doctor, and when my due date came and went, I really was worried I would be induced.Cherie gave me a much needed pep talk, and hope that I would have the birth I wanted. When my contractions began (for real this time) 5 days after my due date, she checked with me frequently and encouraged me to rest. I had contractions gradually increasing throughout the night, and she came over to my house in the morning. We laughed, talked, and walked. She was a great support while laboring at home to myself and my husband. I was very excited to find out I was 6cm at the hospital. I remember being so hot during labor, and Cherie had the best thing ever a portable fan! When I was in the birthing tub during transition, and my contractions became one on top of another she became my voice, and talked me through when I was feeling overwhelmed and questioning my abilities.I truly believe she was made to be a doula, and I am so blessed to have met her!

Posted 7/7/2014

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Amanda Kisser

Let me first say that choosing to have a doula with me throughout the pregnancy and birth experience is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Secondly, choosing Cherie as that person was something I will never, ever regret. She loves her job with so much passion and commitment!! As a soon to be mother, she helped me to develop confidence in the decisions I was making for my child. I wanted to have a natural childbirth and Cherie was totally behind me in that decision. She was my number one resource and was a constant guiding hand that supported me no matter what. When I wanted to use hypnobirthing, she supported that. And when I was unable to attend the classes, she even read the book and made time to review it with me, making me flashcards and handouts to practice the techniques of the method. Cherie was without a doubt a difference maker in my labor and birth experience, and I don't know if I would have been as successful in achieving my wishes without her. When I went into labor she came to my home and was a constant supporter, keeping me calm and focused. My confidence was through the roof with her encouragment! When we went to the hospital, She was there to communicate my wishes if I was unable to, she made sure I had everything I wanted and needed, and she helped my husband to be a big part of the experience as well. I was able to deliver my daughter naturally and safely, as I had hoped. I am so thankful to her!

Cherie has a love for childbirth and pregnancy like no other. She is contantly continuing to educate herself as a doula to improve her practice. As a mother of two herself, She knows what its like to want a pleasant and healthy birth experience. She knows what it is like to have that love at first sight moment and to want the best for your child. And she made that moment a reality for me, my husband, and my daughter. I cannot wait to have her by my side again next time! 

Posted 3/26/2014

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Jenn Pedersen

Cherie is absolutely amazing! I cannot promote her enough.  I wanted a minimal intervention natural birth and knew I wanted a doula. I am so thankful I chose Cherie. She met with me before my birth to discuss my wishes and answered all of my questions throughout my pregnancy.  During the birth she was so supportive and calming. She was with me through 20 hours of hard labor. Not only was she a huge emotional support, but physically she helped immensely with the labor pains and contractions. (I made it to 9 cm with no meds but had over an hour of contractions without any pauses and was light headed and having trouble breathing and needed meds to get rest)  I ended up needing an emergency cesarean and she took amazing pictures of the birth for me so that I was able to relive my daughters first moments that I unfortunately missed.  Her price is very reasonable, but even if she cost thousands of dollars-i would figure out a way to get money to have her...worth every penny. Every mama deserves to have a Cherie at their birth!

Posted 3/10/2014

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Amanda Frederick

Cherie was my Doula for the delivery of my first baby. She was always available if I had any questions during my pregnancy and was knowledgeable in answering them. She met with me a couple months prior to my delivery to go over any last minute questions or concerns and go over my birth plan. She was always careful to let me make my own choices for my birth, but would make helpful suggestions or ask good questions that I hadn’t even thought of.
I had planed to deliver our daughter at Special Beginnings Birth Center, but when my water broke at 36 weeks, I knew that wouldn't be an option. Cherie was super flexible and met us at the hospital right after we were admitted.
During my long labor I felt so much more comfortable having Cherie there for support and as my advocate. She was able to support my Husband also, allowing him to sleep and eat which was needed during my extended labor. Cherie gave me more confidence in making my decisions as the plan needed to change. As my labor got intense her encouraging and soothing words were the most helpful. She would remind me over and over to just focus on each contraction and that helped me not get ahead of myself and focus on the moment. When I would say I couldn't do it anymore, she would remind me that at that moment I was doing it! She also suggested different positions during labor and would help me move into them. One of my favorite things she did was keep a log of how my labor progressed and when certain things happened. It has been fun to look back on and be able to remember things. I was for sure able to stick to my plan of not getting an epidural because of my Doula's support. It was a beautiful experience and I'm so thankful she was there for the birth of our daughter!


Posted 9/17/2013

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Vera Jankiewicz

Cherie is an amazingly patience and open minded Doula. During my labor she was always encourage and gave me positive focusing that I needed during a long labor. I would highly recommend this amazing woman!

Posted 8/5/2013

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Julia Correlli Gilmore

Cherie was a tremendous help through my pregnancies and deliveries. I had two planned c-sections, and Cherie was there for much needed support. My husband and family were very helpful, but Cherie's calming presence and knowledge enabled me to find peace and strength for my babies' sake. Looking back, I know that remaining calm was instrumental through pregnancy and birth, and I owe that to Cherie. 

Posted 7/10/2013

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Laura Jacobs Lathroum

Cherie Correlli was the doula for our second daughter's birth and we had a great experience. I had always liked the idea of having a doula but didn't give it much thought until Cherie approached me about being a part of Charlotte's birth. My husband and I both thought it would be helpful and wanted to know more. We had open communication (via email) the first 2 trimesters and we sat down over lunch the beginning of my third trimester to discuss my birth plan. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and was considered "high risk" due to low fetal movement. Cherie was a great sounding board and very knowledgable when it came to both of my pregnancy issues. She was very encouraging and towards the end when I wanted to throw in the towel and beg for an induction, she reminded me of what I truly desired. I knew this baby was big (although the ultrasound said she was 8 lbs 1 oz at 39 weeks) and was nervous to go much past my due date. Because of low fetal movement and my approaching due date, I was induced on my due date.

I went to the hospital on a Friday night and was given a gel to help ripen my cervix so it would be favorable for induction. The script the doctor gave was not the one we had discussed. The one he was giving me was one that I could not get out of bed with. If it was not for Cherie, I would not have known the difference. She informed me of the difference and the nurse called the doctor and he switched it.

My labor was 20 hours and Cherie stayed the entire time and was very supportive and helpful. She gave me support when I needed it and space when needed. If it wasn't for Cherie I would have been bed ridden from the second I walked into the hospital until the end. After 20 hours, I birthed a healthy, baby girl-9lbs 5 oz and 23" long.

Cherie was an amazing support and you will not regret your decision to hire her.

Posted 7/9/2013

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Rachel Childs

Cherie attended the births of both of my daughters. I have hard, fast labors, so when my first daughter, E, arrived, Cherie was hard-pressed to make it in time. Despite that, she came right in and focused on me, offering support, asking questions, taking on my voice so that I knew my wishes would be heard. Fast-forward to the birth of my second daughter, R, and the scenario was similar. Cherie was right beside me and my husband, encouraging me, asking questions of the medical staff, helping me maneuver. My labor was a little longer with R. I pushed for a while and was becoming tired. Cherie became my eyes and ears, noticing interventions being considered and words and looks exchanged between the nurses. She made sure I knew what was going on, advocating for my wishes. Honestly, I don't think my labor and birth experiences would have gone as smoothly without her support. I was glad to have my husband with me, but I think he would agree that having a doula, allowing Cherie to assist us, was invaluable. Forever grateful!

Posted 7/6/2013

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Gina Mears

Cherie attended my last 3 births.  Although they were all very different, she was there when needed and provided the right support for each situation.  Her reassuring presence was a huge help, especially while my husband was busy with our other kids and getting the house and birth supplies ready.  She was able to think clearly during each phase of labor and say what I needed to hear.  Her commitment to a mother's right to be the mother she chooses is one of my favorite qualities of Cherie.  Her knowledge of pregnancy, labor, birth, and the importance of the bonds between mother and baby are all reasons I advise any expectant parents to consider having Cherie support their journey into parenthood.

Posted 7/5/2013

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Amy Childs

Cherie was my doula for my third child, Molly, who was born at Special Beginnings Birth Center.  The experience was great, from start to finish.  When I came to the birth center, I was about 6cm dilated.  I was doing pretty well, but closer to 9cm, things got pretty intense and I started to feel myself tense up.  I was afraid, and could feel my muscles tensing with each contraction.  Cherie gave me some words to think on, and after a warm shower and some relaxation techniques, I was able to calm down and felt labor progressing.  Molly was born shortly after, with help from my amazing midwives.  Cherie did a wonderful job encouraging me and helping me focus.  She was there when needed, and very relaxed the entire time.  I am very thankful to have had her help and support, and she will definitely be there for the birth of my next baby as well!

Posted 7/3/2013

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