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Shaconna Haley

InnerLight Holistic Doula Services

Decatur, GA Service range 25 miles


Birth Fee

$950 to $1800

Birth Fee

$950 to $1800

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Matrona - Certified Holistic Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

24 years and 160 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2003
  • The Matrona, January 2019

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Therapist or counselor
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

One & Strong Alliance Pea & Pod Nutrition and Lactation Support Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Georgia Perinatal Equity Collaborative (GaPQC) - Health Equity GA Postpartum Support International - Advocacy Cmtee

Fee Details

FULL Spectrum Care (extended prenatal 12wk-16wks): $1800 BASIC Spectrum Care /Homebirth (3rd Trimester) $950 OTHER Services: Boutique Services, Pregnancy Coaching

Decatur, GA Service range 25 miles

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Client Testimonials for Shaconna Haley

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Shaconna was by doula for the birth of my 2nd child. We didn't have one for my first baby and, wow, did we miss out!! 
I struggle to find the words to express my gratitude for what Shaconna brought to our experience. She offered emotional and physical support in a way that was easy to accept. She knew when to give guidance and when to step back. She made space for my husband to play a key role in my support, making the experience very intimate and special. Shaconna is also super knowledgeable about natural remedies, herbs and oils! 

I think the 2 things that really make Shaconna stand out are:

1- the positive and warm energy she carries with her.

2- the effort she put into getting to know us before the big day. She got to know us on a deeper level, which made me feel much more understood and comfortable during labor. 
She is just wonderful!

La’Cher Nicholson


I have just had my Doula Discovery seasion with Shaconna and her perinatal assistant Gloria! I am wowed at how incredibly warm and welcoming and loving the entire experience was for me.  It is very clear that Shaconna is overflowing with knowledge about both the text book and deep internal components of the entire experience! Her particular passion for research specific to the social-economical disparities and injustices of black and brown women within this prenatal context was intensely gratifying for me. It almost felt surreal to think that my team could include the heart, brain and experience of Shaconna and one who she has trained with the same methodology!  I'm looking forward to my partner and I doing the work to ready ourselves in the soul work kind of way. I have read several books, but I realize now that book work is cool and a helpful place to start but soul/spirit work is crucial!  I can't wait for us to be guided by this team and I am persuaded that this journey will prove to be helpful to my partner and I as new parents as well as spiritual beings in this world! 

Meredith Woolard


Shaconna helped us bring our baby into the world in January 2018. She was simply amazing & we appreciated every moment she was by our side.

When we first met Shaconna we were impressed with her joyful spirit & her boundless energy. She met with us a few times leading up to our birth, helping us prepare mentally, emotionally, & physically for an unmedicated birth. We felt comfortable having open, honest conversations with her. She helped us manage our expectations and helped us make plans to enjoy our birth experience as much as possible.

When labor began, my husband and I knew what to expect and labored at home as long as possible under Shaconna's guidance. My husband was in touch with her throughout the day as things progressed and she met us at the hospital when we were in transition. When we arrived at the hospital in full labor, Shaconna wrapped me in her arms, looked me in the eye, and helped me control my breathing as I worked through a contraction. I will never forget how grateful I was for her in that moment. Shaconna stayed by our side for the next three hours until our baby was born. During that time, she fed me ice chips & water, held my hand and helped me work through every contraction, guided my breathing, helped cool down the birthing pool that was too hot, and coached me with words of encouragement. She also supported my husband and helped him be present for me. 

As soon as our baby was born, Shaconna captured special moments on video. She took additional care of me, making sure I ate and stayed hydrated, and helped me get the baby to latch. She stayed by our side into the wee hours of the morning until we were transferred to a post-partum room. 

Shaconna is a strong woman. She is built to take on the weight of a laboring woman who's fully leaning on her. She can handle a mom squeezing her hand as hard as needed during a contraction. She has years of experience and an incredible heart.

Monique Wischusen


Shaconna was absolutely amazing! I can’t say enough wonderful things about her. She supported my husband and I with our first birth and I’m forever thankful that she was the one guiding us through this process. I truly believe my birthing experience would not have been as smooth or meaningful without her. She is full of love, wisdom, respect, and strength when it comes to the birthing process. She didn’t leave my side during labor and gave me the strength to continue a natural birth. She really cares about you as a person and wants to make your birthing experience as special and meaningful as possible. Our baby girl came 5 weeks early but because of Shaconna we were prepared for labor. She was our doula but by then end of the experience she became family.


aja wilson


Where do I start? I truly valued & appreciated Shaconna's Services. I always knew I'd want a doula when time to birth a child. Once the search began, it didn't last long. She has such a strong, positive & WISE energy, Everytime she came around my son would respond to her presence. Shaconna made me feel safe and trusting of her ability to ensure I'd have the birth I'd want, the peace I would need, but most of all the emotional support I'd require. 

My services I needed from her were slightly more involved, as I am a single mother.

So first of all, if you're in the same situation with a small support system and needing someone who will make you feel comfortable, safe, loved, encourage you and just be a TRUE birth companion that's there for YOU... she is a perfect go to! I never felt like she was judging and I always felt she genuinely cared for my pregnancy and my well being.

My mother was part of my birthing team as well as the father. The father was unfortunately not as involved with the meetings/birth as we'd she took her Services ABOVE & Beyond! During labor she provided selfless physical and emotional assistance. 

She has a military drill characteristic that I favored most because I knew she wouldn't allow my mindset to weaken/give up. My birth was suppose to be at the Atlanta Birth Center but they admitted me to AMC because of blood pressure, even with her suggesting to just get me in the water - She advocated as much for me as she could.

Labor lasted a while and everyone, including my midwives, was so BEAT by the end. But that amazing woman hung in there and held me up, literally and figuatively, the entire night.

I honest to God couldn't have chosen a better Doula! The compassion, understanding, homework/books, aromatherapy, Wise Words, love & HUGS... lots of healthy hugs! :)

Thank you for everything Shaconna!!! See you again for baby 2!

Lakeisha Jones


Oh how she made me work for it, but at the end it was all worth it! Shaconna is super sweet soul and you can tell she loves what she does. She is full of knowledge about birth and helping to relieve some of the pain. She was very supportive through the entire process for me and even dad. There were many times I just laid on her for comfort during birth and she was there to hug me.  I would defintley recommend her services to anyone looking for a doula!

Alysha Thompson


During my labor, Shaconna was truly a God-sent. From her including my partner to her jumping in herself to message me. I loved how she turned our bathroom into our own little mediation room; she brought relaxing essential oils, and changed the environment to being one of relaxation.  Shaconna is very protective of the laboring mother and is not afraid to be assertive to make sure that my focus was broken. My partner appreciated that she could tell when he needed a break and would step in for a few moments. Shaconna took walks with us, massaged, did counterpressure techniques, brewed tea, and much more. I labored for a LONG time but was able to do so because she was there with me showing me so much love and speaking encouraging words. When I had to be transfered to the hospital, Shaconna stayed at the hospital with me until the baby was born. I don't think I would have been able to labor as long as I did without Shaconna. Thank you sooo much for being our families doula! We love you.

Annemarie Tortorigi


Shaconna stepped in as if I had known her for a lifetime. Her presence during my birth was both eagerly welcomed and abundantly appreciated. Her intuition and gentle guidance allowed me to have the best birth imaginable. I felt safe, secure, nurtured and deeply understood. I honestly get goosebumps writing this testimonial. My son is now 8 months old and recollecting on his entry into the world brings tears to my eyes as my experience was truly transformational. Shaconna was an intrical aspect to that very experience. I am truly eternally grateful and would not have changed a thing! So, thank you Shaconna!! Much, much love. 

LaTonya Sims


Shaconna was instrumental in my overall well being prior to and during the birthing process. During labor, she attended to me needs and kept me focused. I am so grateful that I had her by my side...because I definitely would have lost my mind!

Jenelle Davis


Shaconna Haley was a remarkable Doula! She was kind, courteous, helpful, competent and professional. She provided ongoing support during my labor and her bedside manner was exemplary. She treated my husband and myself with respect and her ability to serve quickly and competently blessed my family tremendously. It enabled me to focus on the birthing process and bonding with my daughter. I highly recommend Shaconna Haley's Doula services without reservation!

Monica Ramos


I'm not going to lie: we had no clue what a doula actually did when we were considering having one. I wasn't sure I even WANTED one. But my midwife STRONGLY recommended Shaconna for my home birth. I have always labored and delivered in a hospital and have always preferred it to be just my husband and I. I feared that I'd find having a doula to be an invasion of privacy. But then labor hit. Even though it was my 5th baby and I knew what to was still my first unmedicated birth. It was a fast and furious labor. Shaconna was an absolute God-send. I have absolutely no idea how I would have done it without her. She let me literally lean on her while I had contractions. She physically supported me when I was giving myself up entirely to the rushes. I had back labor. My husband was pushing on my back and doing double hip squeezes and anything else I, the midwife or Shaconna told him to do.... My midwife was down at one end of the birthing pool, checking vitals and watching for a baby to emerge. Shaconna applied cold compresses to my forehead and held me when I felt overwhelmed. She made sure that I was supported, physically and emotionally; that I never went without hearing "You can do this, mama! You are strong enough!" When I wanted to give up, she promised that I only felt that way because I was at the end of a very hard journey and it was almost over. She held my hand and lunged for the bucket when I felt sick. When I was worried about my other children in the next room, she went and checked on them and assured them that I was okay and that the baby would be here soon. After my healthy little girl came earthside, Shaconna helped me to the bathroom, assisting me in cleaning up and getting dressed, then tucked me into bed. I don't know how she does what she does....she kept me from losing myself in labor and helped me to empower myself beyond anything I ever imagined possible! Thank you, Shaconna!!



Shaconna was such an important part of my first birth. I received a recommendation for her services from my ob/gyn and I've already recommended Shaconna to a friend. She was kind, patient, and lovely to have in my corner from start to finish. She supported me and gave my husband the information and guidance needed to help get me through each and every contraction. She brought her holistic knowledge (which I loved) and I was able to give birth without epidural or cesarean. She provided so much support days before birth, during and after the birth at the hospital. She also provided tons of resources to help with breastfeeding and overall recovery after I came home from the hopsital. I highly recommend Shaconna and I am so glad that she was there during my labor. 

J Raheem


Enlisting the support of a Doula was maybe the best resource I could ask for as a first time father. I did not know that initially but it became crystal clear almost immediately. Like birth classes it is essential to find an individual who resonates with the values of your family. We interviewed several practitioners. Each had unique skills , experiences, and underlying ideology defining their shared mission of supporting women and families in the transformative birth experience. Shaconna was the cohesive presence we needed to synchronize all of the other aspects the birth. She is a wealth of insight and information and certainly helped us synthesize all of the information received via our birth class into a coherent birth plan. She provided invaluable emotional support for my partner and I. She was able to support my partner manage the physical intensity of early labor and birthing. Shaconna managed helpful interactions with caregivers , medical staff, and midwives. Another major appreciation I held for Shaconna came from her acknowledgement that this rites of passage birthed 3 new people and it was to be revered as such. In short Shaconna was a powerful asset. - Jemar Raheem

Khayriyyah Thomas


Shaconna was god sent. She was caring and kind, she made sure everything was for my comfort, and she helped me to be confident and find the strong woman within myself to birth my baby girl. I could call shaconna day or night and she would always be there for me and she always anwered and question I had about my pregnance. While i was in labor she was there every step of the way and took me to the hospital. If it was not for Shaconna I do not believe my labor and deliverey would have went well. 

Joy Sam


I am so grateful that Shaconna Haley helped me with the birth of my daughter. After three c-sections, my doctor’s office recommended a doula to support me through aVBAC. I met her the night before starting early labor. The next morning, I called Shaconna at 8 am to let her know that I was in labor. She said, "I'll be right there" and arrived within an hour.

She provided me with tips and advice about finalizing my birth plan, helped me to pack for our time in the hospital, and was so helpful with not only guiding me through the timing & length of contractions but getting breakfast, lunch and snacks for the journey.

After already spending two full days with me, I fully knew that my investment was minor compared to the services received. I enjoyed spending time with her.

Shaconna was my amazing advocate in that process, helping me to have the experience that I wanted and helping staff to understand my wishes and support me in the process. She is a great coach & cheerleader.

Shaconna supported me and respected my choice to rest enough that I felt like I could continue through active labor and delivery. I'm so glad that she did. After laboring in the pool, Shaconna helped me to get out without falling and was willing to use herself as a brace.

Shaconna is very supportive, considerate, and really cares about others. Although she was first on the list provided by SeeBaby, I interviewed most of the persons on the list. She is willing to go the extra mile to help. Every family deserves to be cared for the way Shaconna helped me.

Shaconna provided tremendous experience, expertise, skill, warmth, and deep calm in the time before, during, and following the birth. She is unwavering in her support and empathy. She works well with medical professionals and got along great with everybody! The gift of her presence for the birth of my daughter was God sent.


Tiffany Sanchez


We were so grateful that Shaconna Haley was able to help us with the birth of our daughter. As I entered my 3rd trimester, Shaconna provided me with tips and advice about creating my birth plan, made suggestions for what to pack for our time in the hospital, and was an extreemly helpful resource.

When I started having contractions five weeks before my due date, I shared with Shaconna that I was going on bed rest.  I remember her face clearly...looking back, I am certian that she knew that I would be in labor within days.

The very next morning I contacted Shaconna at 7:30 am to let her know that I was in labor. She said, "I'll be right there" and  arrived within an hour.

I will always remember that day as one of the best days of my life. I had wanted to experience a natural birth and Shaconna was my amazing advocate in that process, helping me to have the experience that I wanted and helping my friends and family to understand my wishes and support me and my partner in the process. She was also an amazing support/coach for my partner, explaining the birthing process and reminding us that all was okay.

I remember sitting on a yoga ball chatting with the friends and family who had joined us and Shaconna saying, "Time to walk. I don't want to see you for 15 minutes." This happend over and over again, all day long.

Finally, toward the end of the day after a few dramatic contractions, Shaconna told us that I had started active labor and helped my partner get our excited friends and family to the waiting room.

Then, just when I was ready to give in and request something for the pain, Shaconna supported me enough that I felt like I could continue through active labor and delivery. I'm so glad that she did. I was able to complete delivery with no pain medication at all.  It was an empowering, powerful experience: one that we will never forget and one that we wouldn't have had if Shaconna hadn't been there.

Rochelle Gayden


Some people say that you only get one chance to make a first impression s, so when that opportunity presents itself be ready. Shaconna is the rare type of person who needs no window only the opportunity to share , support , nurture , and give love , for her caring nature to warm one up like a blanket in the winter. I was a tough sell. I had successfully birthed three 9lbs and over children without a doula didn't think I needed one this time. If it wasn't my midwives policy for water birthing patients to have one I would have passed on the opportunity all together. Thank God for unknown blessings. My husband and I instantly felt comfortable with her due to her professional attitude and warm personality.  During my pregnancy she was always available and willing to go the extra mile to help our family. Our labor started off normal but slowly changed directions. My husband was at a loss on what to do to to support my changing needs. Shaconna naturally became the guiding light in our storm. Our son had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and was stuck without oxygen for three minutes. While I'm wrestling my doubt , I hear the labor and delivery nurse scream in fear but in the other ear I hear Shaconna's calm voice navigating me into hope. She never lost focus, stayed positive, and gave me the extra strength we needed to deliver our healthy son. My husband says she is our Earth angel. I believe him. I'm glad I was forced to have a doula due to an unknown rule. Every woman deserves to be cared for the way Shaconna helped us. It's our birthright. 

Amy Bowers


Shaconna provided tremendous expertise, skill, warmth, and deep calm in the time before, during, and immediately following the birth of my daughter.  She was unwavering in her support and empathy.  She worked well with other medical professionals and with my husband - got along great with everybody - and of course I like her a whole lot too!  In every way, I was able to let go and be present for my birth experience - including dealing with my many fears - and my trust in Shaconna was a significant reason that I was able to do so.  Even now, several years later, when many other things about the birth process are a blur, Shaconna's incredible care and presence stand out clearly.  The gift of her presence for the birth of my daughter means more to me and my family than I could ever express. 

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