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Hilary Scribner, M.Ed, RYT

OmPowered Birth

Website: https://www.ompoweredbirth.com

Phone: 310-488-3920

Birth Fee: $1000 to $1200

Fee Details: I value the opportunity to be a resource for my clients. Prenatal yoga is a beautiful was to bond with baby, create community, feel strong, and prepare for birth and beyond. Practicing with me is particularly special as we build a strong relationship prior to birth so you feel the most comfortable, supported by your partner and doula. I have firm back-up relationships with experienced doulas. My calendar is limited to two birthing families per month so that I can best serve my clients while also balancing the needs of my family. Prenatal yoga classes on Tuesdays at 6:00 and Sundays at 3:30. Next Yoga for Birth: A Partner Workshop is on Sunday, December 8th. All classes taught at Ashtanga Yoga Richmond in Carytown. Next Postpartum Preparation Workshop is July 21st, 7:30-9:30. Next Partner Workshop to be announced soon! OmPowered BIrth's next 6 hour accelerated childbirth education course will be on September 8 & 15th in the evenings. www.ompoweredbirth.com

Birth Doula Experience: 7 years and 115 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2011
Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 2

Attends hospital births? Some Hospitals
For clients planning an unmedicated, hospital birth, I prefer to meet at the home to support labor there until mother and care provider decide it is time to go to the hospital.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
I love attending home births attended by a midwife.

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Personal experience breast and bottle feeding

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher

College Education

  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Domestic Violence
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Spanish Speaking
  • Special needs babies
  • Vaginal breech birth
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Languages spoken: English, intermediate spanish

Client Testimonials for Hilary Scribner, M.Ed, RYT

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Maria Adley

My husband and I recently completed a birth class, and one of our classmates recommended that we also try Hilary's Yoga For Birth workshop. We are so happy we did! It was a beautiful workshop that reinforced what we had learned in our birth class about the stages of labor. We learned some new partner positions for birth as well. Furthermore, it was very relaxing and I truly feel that it strengthened our connection with each other. It really is something so important to do together before giving birth and I highly recommend taking Hilary's workshop!

Posted 12/6/2018

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Lauren Leach

I have now had two births with Hilary as my doula and could not imagine giving birth to my children without her guidance and support. My most recent birth that she attended was my very first home birth with Nancy. Hilary had been a shoo in for my doubla with my first child. As soon as my husband and I met her, we instantly felt at ease. Going into my second pregnancy and a home birth, I immediately knew I wanted Hilary to be with me again.


I attended prenatal yoga classes with Hilary and found them invaluable. They really helped to get me in the right midset for labor. My husband and I also did the couples workshop which was awesome. My husband learned so much from that one class and if we could have squeezed in a second couples workshop we would have.


Having Hilary at my home birth was incredible. She worked seemlessly with my midwife to make sure I was comfortable and cared for. They created this perfectly calming and relaxing atmosphere. It almost felt like I was at a spa. The support and care that Hilary provided was invaluable and I would recommend her to anyone (as would my husband). Thank you Hilary!

Posted 8/7/2018

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Julia Pendleton

When I first signed up try some prenatal yoga classes at the beginning of my second trimester, I never would have imagined that decision would lead to such an amazing experience. From the very first class, I could tell that Hilary was special. She has this presence that is fun, calm and non-judgemental, but also incredibly confident. You just trust her. And you should - she is the real deal. 

After learning that Hilary was a doula through her yoga classes, I did some research on exactly what services doulas provide. We had no family in town, and as first time parents would need some professional and objective support. In the months leading up to the birth of our son, we did the Brighter Birth childbirth classes, as well as the Couples Workshop (both very, very highly recommended!), and I was still attending Hilary's yoga classes once or twice per week. All of this education and preparation was invaluable when it came to the Big Day. 

Having Hilary come to the house after a few hours of active labor (it went pretty quickly) was incredible, and such a great personal touch. Before she arrived I was panicking a little bit, beginning to doubt myself and even talking about getting an epidural. Once she got there it was like magic. Her calming prescence was just what my husband and I needed to stop, relax, and take in the moment. We were having our baby, and everything was going to be alright. 

We got to the hospital at 9cms dilated (thank you, yoga!) and after 2 hours of pushing our baby was here. They had to suction his lungs immediately, and it was great to have Hilary there to reassure us that everything would be okay. Having her advocate for us and help us stick to our birth plan was incredible. I certainly was in no state to do it! 

I can't recommend Hilary highly enough. She is a true professional, and I wish that every mother could experience the incredible birth I had with her by my side.  

Posted 11/7/2017

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Katie Pocalyko

I was a student in Hilary’s Pre-Natal and Combined Pre-Natal/Mom-and-Baby Yoga classes at Ashtanga Yoga for most of 2017.

Hilary is an excellent and supportive yoga teacher. Having done Vinyassa yoga for many years, I found her class very accessible. She teaches with an attention to the small-but-so-important details that help those familiar with yoga already, such as diaphragm breathing, foot and hand alignments, tension-relieving poses, and poses to help position the baby better.

Hilary created a supportive and inclusive atmosphere in her classes through the opening centering time, and I made a few mom-to-be friends because of her encouraging students to get to know one another outside of class.

Finally, Hilary was understanding, informed, and encouraging about the Hypnobirthing method. She helped me see the connections between my Hypnobirthing preparation and pre-natal yoga practice. She was also sensitive to the method’s vocabulary and outlook; she would “warn me” if a birth-story to be shared in class was not in line with the method.

I whole-heartedly endorse taking Hilary’s pre-natal yoga classes and will absolutely sign-up again.

Posted 10/31/2017

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Amanda Cruise

Around 20 weeks pregnant, I started to feel that the demanding group exercise classes at my gym were no longer working for me. I found Hillary's prenatal yoga class and started attending every Tuesday. It felt so good to move, relax, and to do something for myself during pregnancy. I quickly fell in love with the class. Unexpectedly, it also ended up providing me with a fantastic support system of mamas. I ended up becoming friends with several girls in the class that I otherwise never would have met. We would grab dinners together after class and we still keep in touch regularly months after having our babies.

If you are looking for some light exercise during pregnancy, a way to focus your mind and prepare yourself for birth, and/or a great community of mamas-to-be in Richmond, I would highly recommend Hillary's class! I went back for mom and baby yoga several times while on maternity leave and really enjoyed those classes as well. It was a great "safe" way to leave the house early on as a new mom and to know that I was going to an environment where everyone "gets it." I didn't have to worry about whether my daughter would have a fussy feeding or just be feeling fussy in general!

Posted 10/21/2017

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Mandy DeKeyser

Hilary was my doula to help deliver my son.  I couldn't imagine doing it without her.  She was so great in getting me through the tough times of labor when I just wanted to quit. She seemed to know exactly when things weren't working or when something needed to change to make me more comfortable.  She was the one I trusted to reaffirm/communicate the decisions I had made for myself and my son with the medical staff during labor, which I didn't realize until afterwards is so very important.  I was drawn to Hilary after taking her prenatal yoga classes.  Her calming demeanor was want I wanted to be with me and was immensly helpful during labor.  I highly recommend Hilary as a doula and yoga instructor.

Posted 10/12/2017

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Ryland Nisos

Hilary has been such a joy to work with. She teaches the prenatal yoga class that I attend and I also participated in her prenatal workshop with my husband (you'll need to sign up asap because it sells out quickly!) Not only do you learn a lot but it's such a bonding experience with your partner and you get to meet amazing people! I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and throughout my pregnancy there were times that I had trouble sleeping or struggled with lower back pain. After attneding Hilary's classes, my back pain disappeared and I was able to sleep through the night. I highly recommend working with Hilary in any way that you can. 

Posted 10/3/2017

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Tara Cassidy

I truly enjoyed meeting and working with Hilary, and would recommend her prenatal yoga classes and birth doula services without reservation. I am grateful for her reassuring, warm presence and kind expertise as she helped my husband and I prepare for the birth of our first child. Hilary's yoga class helped me manage stress and effectively addressed the various physical discomforts of late pregnancy. It was also a relaxing break that I looked forward to each week. Hilary helped us consider early on what kind of experience we wanted, and made sure that we had the necessary information to make decisions about how to get there. My husband was glad to have her guidance on the best ways for him to help me during labor. During labor, I was filled with the understanding that I can do hard things, something Hilary pointed out over and over during our yoga classes. Thanks to Hilary's support, we felt confident to labor at home and then had the birth experience that we wanted with the midwife at VCU Hospital: calm, no interventions, and joyful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Posted 10/3/2017

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Coffee Bourne

Hilary has a presence that calms you when you step in the room with her. She invites you to be open and vulnerable with her without saying a word. I saw Hilary weekly for prenatal yoga while pregnant with my fourth child. My body thanked me after each class as I felt more connected to my little one and more relaxed in my own skin. My husband and I took a couples yoga workshop for labor with Hilary and really enjoyed it. We used many of her tricks and postures during labor. I can't recommend her enough, even if you just grab a coffee with her and get to know her. She is a great asset to have on your birth team, in whatever role you chose together.

Posted 10/3/2017

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Stephanie L

Our experience with Hilary was excellent.  As first-time parents, she provided just the right amount of support and education throughout the process.  Her home pre and post home visits were invaluable as she gave practical and helpful tips and advice for labor and post delivery.  Would definitely hire again and recommend to other couples!

Posted 8/31/2017

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Melissa Sherrod

How is one supposed to describe a life changing event that went even better than one had prepared? Approaching my baby’s half birthday, I am still often times nostalgic about the event and think, “I could do that again”! Hilary from the first time I met her at Jean Jacques Bakery was positive and reassuring. She made recommendations subtly allowing me to make my own decisions; however, always planting a little seed of things I needed to be thinking about and preparing for in each particular stage of my pregnancy. Repetition is key when preparing for your pregnancy so that your mind can be instantly at ease when necessary. Hilary’s voice, sayings, music choice and yoga classes were the perfect touches and the couples yoga class my last week of pregnancy was the icing on the cake. My husband prepped by Hilary knew exactly how to aide me for the four hours of intense build-up of labor, until Hilary joined us at the house for my last stages and before the transition to the hospital. I was so calm and relaxed that I wasn’t really even thinking, “Is it time to go to the hospital, yet?” I was more or so shocked when I was being told, “It is time to go to the hospital!” Hilary continually challenged me throughout my labor knowing what my goals were ahead of time and also knowing what my greatest fears were. I got to the hospital and come to find out was 10 cm/ 100% effaced/ station +2. Hilary met with me at my home during my third trimester of pregnancy and had me tell her what my birth looked like when I visualized it ahead of time. Hilary at all times was an advocate to make this visualization come to fruition. Nobody rushed me during my delivery and we allowed my baby girl to come into the world when she was ready. It was beautiful, peaceful and everything and more I could have imagined it to be. Hilary prepares you to be successful. She will always hold a special place in my heart.

Posted 2/8/2017

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Laura Dorsey

After being induced with my first child and learning firsthand all the things that I didn't want to have happen during labor, delivery and postpartum, I knew that for my second pregnancy I wanted a totally different experience. With the goal of natural labor for the second time around, I knew I needed to hire a doula and Hilary was an easy choice. As a longtime yogi, Hilary exhibits a level of calm that is pretty infectious, and in turn Hilary has the gift of instantly putting people at ease. When the day came for my son to be born, having Hilary there made me feel safe and secure, which was so important to me after having such a different experience the first time around. I had a lot of anxiety about giving birth naturally, and the minute Hilary arrived, I felt so relieved and knew that we were in good hands. I think a common misconception is that the doula replaces the husband during labor and delivery, but my natural labor experience was extremely intimate. Hilary was there supporting both my husband and I, and her presence allowed us to bond and to trust the process of natural labor. It was reassuring to have someone there who has had a natural labor (twice!) and knew what I was going through, and who could also tell me with certainty that everything was fine, and that what I was experiencing was normal. Women's bodies know how to give birth, and by deciding to have a natural labor, I allowed my body to ease into birth, and that in turn gave me a much better recovery afterwards. The whole experience was so incredible, by having a natural labor, I feel like there really isn't anything I can't do. Having Hilary as our doula made me feel so empowered and fierce, and that feeling has continued ever since my son was born. I would highly recommend Hilary as a doula if having a wonderful natural labor experience is something that you're interested in achieving :-)

Posted 1/22/2017

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sEan Sherrod

My wife and I both knew we wanted a doula for the birth of our first child, and we are so pleased that our paths aligned with Hilary's. From the initial meeting I knew she was going to be a great fit for us. My wife thoroughly enjoyed her prenatal yoga classes and I truly enjoyed the 1 couples birthing yoga class we were able to do together. 

The Big Day:

Hilary couldn't have been more amazing. When things really started progressing at home and I called to let her know she was needed at my house ASAP because there was a baby coming, she calmly responds with, "I can hear the adrenaline in your voice. Let's take a deep breath and relax a second." Now, this was all said in her "doula voice," you'll understand that once you meet with her. It's one of the most relaxing sounds out there and it took a lot of my stress away. 

Once she arrived at the house she just brought a calming presence that helped us both immensely; from the oils, to light touches, this scalp/head massager, and the voice (did I mention the doula voice yet?). Upon arriving at the hospital she was on her A-game which makes us, the hyped up husbands, look like a seasoned pro. I couldn't have asked for a better coach/teammate during the birth process.

I would highly recommend her services and this review hardly touches on how much I valued her presence during the entire pregnancy. She will always have a special place in my heart for how special she made the birthing process be. Thank you, Hilary. 

Posted 1/14/2017

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Kristen Wiley

With plans for a low intervention hospital birth, we decided fairly late in pregnancy that we wanted to hire a doula to be by our side when we brought our son earthside. We were so grateful that Hilary was referred to us. After our initial meeting, I got to know her through prenatal yoga (Hilary is a prenatal and postnatal yoga teacher - I highly recommend both!), and I quickly knew that she was a great fit for us. She was informative and supportive in the final weeks of pregnancy, and such an important presence during the birth of our son. I'm confident that without her guidance and support, our birth story would have been much different.

Througout 30+ hours of labor, Hilary was encouraging, honest, informative, and real. She empowered my husband to be just what I needed - a calm and supportive presence and birth partner through all of the ups and downs. He was my rock. We encountered several complications during labor, but Hilary was there to help us digest the information, ask questions, understand the options, and make the best decisions for us and for our son. During scary moments, she helped to create calmness. Through confusion, she helped to provide clarity. During times of self-doubt, she gave confidence and reassurance. And through tension and discomfort, she encouraged relaxation and [many, many] deep breaths.

I can say with near certainty that our son would have been delivered via emergency c-section without Hilary by our side, and though our ultimate goal was to deliver a healthy baby, I am so grateful it didn't come to that. She empowered me to ask questions, helped us turn Lawson when he was stuck in a less-than-ideal position, and celebrated with us when [after 30+ hours of labor and many threats of emergency c-section] our doctor gave the green light to start pushing. We would highly recommend her to anyone considering a doula - you will not regret it! Thank you, Hilary!!

Posted 12/19/2016

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Leigh Woods

From Dad:
Hilary was exactly what we needed during our son's birth, and exactly what we wanted out of using a doula. I can't express how pleased and impressed I am with her.

From Mom:
Hilary was such a key presence during our pregnancy and delivery. I knew from the get go that I wanted a doula to provide guidance and support for the birth of our first child. Planning for a low intervention birth in a hospital, I knew there was no guarantee of who would deliver our baby, or of any hospital staff being completely devoted to us for the duration of our labor, as they are often supporting multiple births at the same time. We wanted someone with experience and knowledge to be with us every step of the way, and that's exactly what Hilary was for us. The more research and reading I did during pregnancy, the more I didn't want to know. There are about a million different things that may or may not happen during labor and delivery, and there's pretty much no way of knowing what you're going to get, so I found knowing all the possible challenges or outcomes incredibly stressful. Knowing that Hilary would be there with us relieved some of the pressure I felt to research and anticipate everything. Knowing we would have someone there to make suggestions and be able to let us know "this is normal" or "that could be cause for concern" was a great relief for both me and my husband. I was so thankful that he had such great support as he was supporting me. Hilary was always ready with suggestions and techniques, and she was able to strike a great balance of soothing encouragement and matter of fact guidance. During contractions she'd tell me to put my feet down or breathe or relax my jaw- and it was very much like during a yoga class when you want to swear at her directions but then you do them and they are exactly what you needed.

Hands down, no question, I could not have completed that birth unmedicated as I did without Hilary and our midwife. 

Posted 11/21/2016

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Sarah White Chawla

Hilary was great! Even though we had a c-section, her help prior to the birth in navigating the process was invaluable. She came to the hospital early in labor to set up Christmas lights and to make sure we had everything we needed as labor progressed. And, she was there during our Golden Hour to help with initial breastfeeding and skin-to-skin following the c-section. It was also really helpful to participate in her prenatal yoga classes prior to the birth. Those classes reminded me of my own strength and ability to do hard things, while also staying open to the unknown of the birth process.

Posted 10/31/2016

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Angel Ebbole

Hilary is professional, thorough, educated, supportive, kind, and has mastered the art of being in the exact right place, doing the exact right thing, at the exact right time. She was understanding and supportive as I expressed my fears of going into labor and gave me strategies to prepare myself. Hilary is  also an incredible yoga teacher and teaches prenatal yoga with an obvious passion and dedication to making women their strongest selves, both mentally and physically, in preparation for birth.
Hilary was available in the weeks leading up to labor to answer questions or talk through anxieties. We came up with a detailed plan for the big day. When the day arrived, Hilary was just a phone call away until it was time for her to join us. She was with us for several hours while we labored at home, flitting around in the background, anticipating our needs, kindly and clearly giving instructions when needed. Because we were able to place such trust in Hilary, my husband and I were able to focus on one another and experience an intimate labor at home until it was time to go to the hospital, where Hilary continued providing support in many forms until well after our sweet baby was born. She even took pictures during labor and birth which were amazing to see afterwards. Hilary stayed in touch during the first few postpartum weeks to provide support for taking care of our newborn and, as a new mother, encouragement and support to take care of myself physically and emotionally. If we decide to do this again one day, we definitely hope to have Hilary with us.

Posted 9/12/2016

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Sarah Huddle

Hilary was an amazing doula.  She was actually my doula's backup but I now can't imagine her not being there! She was so instrumental in helping us get the birth that we had wanted.  When I didn't feel comfortable with my last appointment she talked me through everything and made a plan.  She was so calming and relaxing during the birth.  I had to keep the fetal monitor on the whole time and when they wanted to do internal fetal monitoring she asked if there was anything else they could do, luckily we got to do something less envasivse.  She was awesome at coming up with new positions because I labored for a while.  When my son flipped posterior she flipped him and the pain got so much better.  They say that you have the birth team that you are supposed to have and I absolutely feel like that is what happened. 

Posted 6/12/2016

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Anna Page

Not only was Hilary’s prenatal yoga class the best weekly gift that I gave to myself during my pregnancy, it was also the most useful tool that I used to prepare myself for my unmedicated labor, both physically and mentally. Of all the prenatal yoga classes that I have attended, hers was the most physically demanding workout (if I wanted it to be). Yet, it was also the most relaxing and rejuvenating part of my week. With the help of Hilary’s calm, encouraging, down-to-earth tone, I found myself surpassing what I thought I could do physically, week after week. After over a decade of sporadic yoga practice, through her class, I really learned the incredible power of my own breath, the realness of “mind over matter”, and my own tremendous strength when I set my mind to something. I also attribute my rapid recovery to my prenatal yoga practice. She is a treasure trove of information about the Richmond birth community (for example, she steered me towards the amazing chiropractic care that I received to deal with the extreme pelvic pain I was experiencing). Her class is also a great place to meet other mamas and to learn through other mamas’ experiences.

As our prenatal doula, Hilary really helped my husband and I flesh out our birth plan, and to think through and make informed prenatal, birth, and post-partum decisions, all of which helped me achieve not only the unmedicated birth that I wanted (of a beautiful, healthy, 9 lb. 3 oz. boy!), but also one of the best/happiest experiences of our lives. We had a wonderful post-partum visit with Hilary at our home (she brought useful resources, tips, and a nourishing meal). I highly recommend her services.

Posted 5/31/2016

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Melissa Sherrod

From the minute you step into the studio, there Hilary is to greet you with a warm, friendly, enthusiastic smile. Her prenatal circle at the beginning of class is welcoming and the resources that are shared are priceless.

Hilary’s prenatal yoga class is challenging, but it is not only toning the physical body, but getting each of our minds ready for the stamina we will need for labor. Deep, mindful breathing is always at the core of her teaching to encourage opening, relaxation and maybe a little smile too.

After my attendance, my physical body feels more open after creating a bit more space than what I had prior to starting the class; the closest I feel to my pre-pregnancy state. I find that I sleep better at night and that common pregnancy discomforts such as lower back pain and swelling have lessened.

I wish I had time to take her class every day. Hilary’s prenatal yoga class helps to relieve stress and dial into what my body needs and tune out the outside word. This prenatal class gives me the encouragement that I need to prepare myself to be a strong mentally prepared mother.

Posted 5/24/2016

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Grey Martin

Hilary is not only an exceptional yoga instructor, but also a compassionate advocate for "your pregnancy." What I mean by that is she doesn't approach pregnancy with rigid ideologies. She is very knowledgable on evidence-based medicine and natural approaches to pregnancy; yet, she imparts her knowledge without judgment if your birth plan takes a different path. And mine took several! 

My introduction to Hilary was through yoga. I will be the first to tell you that I had zero expectations for a prenatal yoga class. I am a fairly reserved person who is not accustomed to openly sharing with strangers, especially what's going on with me mentally and physically. Hilary's class opens with a sharing circle, which was quite a surprise to me at my first class. But what surprised me more was that after a few classes of "warming up," I looked forward to sharing and, more importantly, hearing what was going on with my classmates and Hilary's advice in response. Through yoga, I did a complete 180 in what I "expected" out my pregnancy and delivery. I went from "epidural, please" to wanting as organic and natural an experience as possible. We engaged Hilary as our doula to help us navigate this new path. And then, our baby steered us in a new direction: he was too comfortable in the breech position and I wasn't going to get "my" natural birth. Hilary was there to calm me, coach me through the interventions, and remind me to set aside any expectation and focus on what was most important: I was going to have a beautiful baby! And, oh is he. We are very blessed with a healthy, happy boy.

Hilary was such a positive support and advocate through delivery for both me and my husband and immediately following postpartum. I am so grateful that I found prenatal yoga and, through it, Hilary. Both kept me centered during my first pregnancy. Thank you, Hilary!

Posted 5/19/2016

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Blaine Canfield McDermott

I first met Hilary though her yoga class at yoga source. I loved that she was so easy to connect with and was frankly honest with her pre-natal yoga practice in that she taught some uncomfortable poses that you needed to learn to relax into, because birth is and was not comfortable.

She was a huge resource to us with regard to the vast birthing community here in Richmond. We were new to the area and Hilary put in touch with everyone we were looking to connect with or had questions about in certain areas of birth and parenting.

But most importantlay, the ease at which Hilary helped us through our birth was invaluable. It was just wonderful to have Hilary with us, and it was amazing how she empowered my husband to take charge of a crazy and frankly scary situation that he had no way of preparing for. Obviously no one can prepare you for birth or the birth experience one will have especially first time parents, but we were so thankful that Hilary was there to help guide us. I can remember what the room color was, where everything was placed and even what my husband was wearing, however I do not really remember Hilary. I remember her presences and her voice but I feel like she was there just floating... in a good way around. I mean I do remember the twinkle lights, and the rosemary, and of course her taking our first family picture but it almost seemed as though Hilary was a little guardian angle who was there in spirit. Obviously her role was much more but I just think of it so beautifully... maybe it was all the natural drugs pumping through my body at the time.


We highly recoomend Hilary

Posted 4/7/2016

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Sarah Robb

My husband and I are so grateful to Hilary for her support throughout our pregnancy and during the birth of our sweet baby Mary!  I found Hilary through doulamatch.net and was drawn to her focus on yoga.  After emailing her (she is very responsive), she invited me to her Saturday morning prenatal yoga class.  Not only is Hilary a wonderful, challenging yoga instructor, but the weekly class itself provided a rewarding support network- some of the women in the class are now dear friends of mine.  

Outside of yoga class, Hilary was good at checking in with me- either because the pregnancy reached a milestone or because she could sense that I needed it.  She always had great advice and reminded me of questions that I might want to discuss with the midwives.  Hilary helped us flesh out the type of birth we wanted to have and supported our plans completely. By the time Mary's due date came around, I felt empowered to have an unmedicated birth (Hilary is supportive of other types of births as well- her focus is on making sure the choice is an educated one).  However, if something had come up requiring medical intervention, I can't imagine not having her there to help work through that curveball.

When Mary went past her due date, Hilary was there with support as the days ticked on.  When it was finally time for labor, she was constantly in touch with my husband and responded quickly when things progressed faster than anticipated.  I cannot overstate what a relief it was to have her by my side.  She is calm under pressure, kept me focused on what was coming next, was the perfect mix of gentle support and tough love, and reminded me that I can do hard things- a mantra she often uses during yoga classes.  

Mary's birth would not have been the same without Hilary- being a birth doula is truly what she is meant to do.  Do not hesitate to hire her!



Posted 3/30/2016

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Viktoriya Grogan

It's been nearly three months since Hilary sat with me in my bathroom, helping me work through my strong contractions.  It's been nearly three months, but I remember it like it was yesterday, and I trully believe that my birth story would not have been as great without her support. 

I met Hilary as a student at her prenatal yoga classes, and after one class, I was hooked.  At that point, I wasn't even sure I wanted a doula, but I was moved by how great I felt during and after that yoga session.  In her class, I was able to work as hard as my body wanted to work.  She helped us listen to ourselves, and I never once felt out of place, whether it was a day when I was doing all of the "easy" modifications or the day when I was on the "advanced" spectrum of the yoga postures.  We practiced moving with our breath and she helped us to relax, to smile, through the challenges.  It was perfect.

Hilary is fantastic at connecting with you and bringing out of you the strength you already have.  It goes without saying that she is knowledgeable at what she does, and that she is a wonderful resource.  It goes without saying that she is strong and can do amazing counter-pressure massage at the right point in labor.  However, what was so special for me is that she enabled me to trust myself and my body through labor.  With her, I was not worried or tense, my mind was not preoccupied with any unnecessaary thoughts.  With her, I just rode out one contraction at a time.  My mind was clear. 

Hilary helped my labor for about two hours at home and when we arrived at the hospital, I was complete and ready to push.  My first child, my son, was born two hours later.  Fully unmedicated, no intervention birth. 

Yes, I'm strong. Yes, I had a great medical team with VCU midwives. But, I couldn't have done it without Hilary! Thank you!!

Posted 3/25/2016

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Jennifer Guerin

I would highly recommend hiring Hilary as a Doula. She was extremely helpful and encouraging during my late pregnancy and answered any questions I had very promptly, and calmed my nerves when I became anxious in my first pregnancy. She met with us and gave unbiased advice to assist us in making our decisions regarding our birth. As we neared my due date, she checked in more frequently and reassured me that my symptoms were normal. I went into labor 11 days early, which progressed very quickly, and she was ready to jump into action with us and be a calming force in the chaos. She was very flexible and fluid as our plan changed with the quickly progressing labor. Having her there in person and on the phone prior to the hospital, reassured my significant other and eased both of us. Unfortunately I delivered so quickly, we didn't have time to set up the Christmas lights! Hilary stayed with us at the hospital for an extended period of time to advocate for us and insure that things with my son were taken care of according to our wishes, as we had a minor issue with the hospital staff. She even gave me her gluten free snack she had packed herself, since I am Celiac and the hospital did not have any gluten free food available at that hour.

I almost feel like I needed her help just as much, if not more, after the birth. She came to the house to do her visit and gave advice and countless other tips I'm forgetting, and again gave me information that helped me make decisions regarding my son's post partum care. She was available whenever I had questions or insecurities about anything as a first time mom and linked me up with other local resources. She is extremely knowledgable in her field and is well connected within the community. Her services were invaluable and I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Posted 2/22/2016

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Trevi Wilson

I met Hilary when I started taking prenatal yoga at 14 weeks.  I instantly liked how she taught her yoga class - a perfect mix of challenging poses, relaxation poses and everything in between.  Her words were encouraging and motivating.  It seemed like she always knew the perfect thing to say at the perfect time.

When we decided to hire a doula, it was only natural that she was our first choice.  I had already built a relationship with her through yoga, so it made sense to invite her to experience one of the most intimate, exciting, rewarding and challenging events in our lives.  My boyfriend was a little hesitant at first.  He was afraid having a doula meant he would be replaced or his toes would be stepped on during the entire labor.  During our "interview", Hilary put all his concerns to rest and he was 100% on board.

My labor and delivery was faster than anticipated, but perfect all the same.  Hilary met us at the hospital after we had labored at home for several hours.  I remember Hilary working her magic in the background.  My boyfriend was the person I wanted holding my hand, looking into my eyes, encouraging me and being in the moment with me.  I like to think of Hilary as a little fairy that did everything else...she put up Christmas lights in the bathroom when I labored in the tub, she sprayed my sacrum with warm water, she held a peppermint scented washcloth under my nose to refresh and invigorate me, she stood at the head of the bed when I was pushing and rubbed my head to calm me between pushes.  She even photographed our entire labor with my cell phone which was amazing and gave us the ability to experience the whole thing time and time again.

Hilary is....PRICELESS.  I can't imagine having anyone else at my birth and can not recommend her enough.

Posted 11/26/2015

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Sandra Toro

Hilary is compasionate, caring and very knowledgeable.  I love seen her every week at yoga, (that by the way was awesome!!) and the relationship we stablished for months.  During labor I felt so comfortable with her, that I cant imagine having anybody else there with me during this experience.  She made me and my husband very comfortable and confident.  I knew her knowledge and experience was going to help me have the labor that I want it.  She has a very special place in our hearts and we consider her part of our little family.

Sandra Byrd

Posted 11/24/2015

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Lindsey Chase

I attended Hilary's prenatal yoga class for the first time at around nine weeks, and I loved it from the get go. As an instructor, Hilary is magnetic, laid back but confident, and her classes have an equally fun and empowering vibe. At first, my hope for my prenatal practice was to be strong going into another c-section. As Hilary and the other women in class shared their journeys, I was inspired to wonder, could I have a VBAC?  After class one Saturday, I tentatively asked Hilary what she thought about VBACs, and a big smile spread across her face as she exclaimed, "I think they're awesome!"

Hilary's class and that conversation were the impetus for me to explore that path further, and I decided to try for a VBAC. We were so thrilled when Hilary was available to support us as our doula. Hilary seemed to be so intuitive in class, knowing just when to push us to hold a challenging standing pose and when it was time for something restorative, when to speak reassuring words and when to leave us with our thoughts. I thought she would do the same for labor. And I trusted her, and I liked her, and so I felt comfortable inviting her into this solemn moment. Hilary listened thoughtfully, she really got to know us, she shared her knowledge and insights to help us prepare but also honored our choices, and seemed to be calibrated just to our speed. She managed not to freak out my husband, but to really put him at ease. I began to feel ready to rock it, and knowing Hilary would be with us was a huge part of that. In the days leading up to our birth, Hilary and I kept in frequent contact, and she seemed ready to go whenever he was. 

To our great surprise, we had a very short labor. Miraculously, Hilary joined us in time for the beautiful drug free VBAC delivery of our healthy baby boy. Hilary believed in me, and thought I could do it, before I did, and that really mattered. We will be forever grateful to Hilary, and we think SHE is awesome!

Posted 11/22/2015

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Lauren Leach

As a first time mom who had experienced recurrent pregnancy loss, I had done a ton of research about the kind of birth experience I wanted. I knew I wanted to have a doula's support for my birth but I wanted to make sure I found the right fit for my husband and myself. We met Hilary at a Meet the Doulas event and I knew immediately that I wanted her to be our doula. She has such a calming demeanor. I enjoyed taking prenatal yoga with her in the months leading up to my due date and she offered a ton of support and knowledge about different resources in the community.  At the end of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and due to concerns about how big my baby's belly was growing I had to be induced. I could not imagine going through my labor and delivery without Hilary there.  She kept us all calm and on track even though my birth plan went out the window. I definitely appreciate all she was able to do for me and want her to be my doula for any future babies I may have. 

Posted 10/16/2015

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Jessica Jones

Hilary is passionate and knowledgable about childbirth. She was with us through a long, somewhat challenging labor, and she really helped both my husband and me. She encouraged me, made lots of good suggestions, and helped us make informed decisions. Without her there, we both would have felt much more overwhelmed. We were at the hospital through four shift changes, so the continuous presence of Hilary - and the fact that she was our advocate - were important. Ultimately, she contributed to being able to have the birth I wanted. 




Posted 9/28/2015

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Elizabeth Shurte

Hilary is a top notch doula.  My pregnancy and birth did not go as I had planned and Hilary was both compassionate and flexible.  Hilary is a trained RYT (registered yoga teacher) so she has yogic interventions in her tool kit to assist in preparation for labor and the main event.  I would highly recommend attending her weekly prenatal yoga classes at Yoga Source throughout your pregnancy.  In this way you get to know her a bit better and there is a lovely community of pregnant mamas continually forming around this class so you will make friends in the same boat.  

Posted 8/31/2015

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Britt Staley

Hilary provided wonderful support for us for the birth of our daughter in May 2015. My husband and I chose Hilary because she was cheerful, caring, upbeat and confident -- all attributes we thought we'd want with us in the delivery room. We didn't realize how much she'd also help in preparation, during early labor at home, and after delivery!

We built a relationship with Hilary through the standard preparatorymeetings, but also through weekly prenatal yoga classes. As a yogi, having someone speak the same yoga language of 'breathing through discomfort' and 'listening to your body' seemed helpful. And the weekly classes provided not only a great outlet for me, but also a good opportunity for Hilary and me to get to know each other better in the months before the birth.

During the prep visits, Hilary helped my husband and me think through/articulate our vision for the birth. She also got a good feel for how best to help us, including how to help my husband be the best partner possible during the main event. He had been concerned that a doula might 'replace' him or irritate him by somehow suggesting he was doing things wrong.

I don't remember much about actual labor other than barking orders about water temperature and more ice cold cloths for my head, but Hilary was steady and calming, skillfully brushing aside my "I can't do this..." cries with reassuring and confident "you ARE doing this!". My husband says, "she was very good at working with me to meet your needs" -- strong praise considering his earlier concerns -- and he noted that at times those 'needs' required more than one person's hands/patience, so they were able trade off or work together to develop a sort-of assembly line of cold towels, for example.

After delivery, Hilary checked on us, offering useful resources, tips, and a delicious meal. We would highly recommend her. She was knowledgeable, accessible, and reliable. She proved invaluable during our delivery.

Posted 6/26/2015

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Miggie Mustian

I hired Hilary when I found out my husband had army training two weeks before my due date. I felt like I needed guidance if I went into labor while he was gone. As it turns out, baby came much earlier, as  I was induced three weeks early. I needed Hilary even more during the induction than I realized!  Hilary constantly thought several steps ahead and thought of questions I needed to ask before I even realized I needed that information. She gave me questions to ask my doctors and found resources to help me through very specific complications. She helped guide me through a pregnancy that became more and more high-risk as time went on.  Neither my husband nor I know what we would have done had I not had her to guide me through induction and birth.  the birth I had hoped for ended up taking the better part of a week. Hilary was there through every step. She guided me through pain management, allowing me to use resources like epidurals and other medications at the most effective time. I likely would have ended up in a Caesarian section had she not encouraged me through birth. She gave me specific tools like coaching, breathing techniques, aroma therapy, massage, and information about the entire induction process. One of everyone's favorite Hilary contributions was the strands of Christmas lights that she hung up when I first arrived at the hospital.  All the nurses and doctors remarked how peaceful it made our room. Things are still hazy for me, but her presence shines through my memories of this incredible life event. Lastly my husband would say to all husbands, "you want her there!"

Posted 6/8/2015

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Allison Marchetti

When Hilary first asked me what kind of birth I wanted, I said, "I want to feel safe." Hilary arrived at my house at 7 AM on what would be my son’s birth day. My eyes were closed, but I knew she was there because I felt her cool hands on my back. Her touch was filled with wisdom and strength and experience. I felt safe, like my mother was there with me. As part of her strategy to keep me feeling safe, Hilary encouraged me to labor at home as long as possible. She put sticky notes over the clocks in our house--another effort to keep me feeling secure. I was on my own and my baby’s clock and didn’t need to be concerned with anything else.

At the hospital, Hilary hung my mantras over the tub and strung Christmas lights around the sink. She helped me have the labor I wanted, suggesting comfort measures and calmly encouraging me. Her voice was always at the perfect volume. A few times, she noted tension in my body that I wasn’t even aware of and helped me relax into it. I was impressed by how much she noticed and how intuitive she was--like she had known me my whole life.

I had a few conscious thoughts during birth: One was that I couldn’t have possibly done this without Hilary--the birth, the labor, the pregnancy. She had answered my every email and text with good information. She had called to check in. She had shared suggestions for dealing with the terrible cold I caught at the end of my pregnancy. She had connected with me every Saturday at yoga. She had made my husband feel calm, knowledgeable, important. She had supported my birth plan and stayed by my side while respecting and helping to preserve the safety and privacy I had asked for.

We are tremendously grateful for Hilary, and would strongly recommend her to couples looking for a knowledgeable, experienced, and loving doula.

Posted 6/3/2015

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Joe Kutchera

Hilary Scribner was an amazing asset for Lulu and I during our first birth for our beautiful daughter. Our labor experience was long and with her helpful insights as well as great relationship with the VCU Midwives, our experience became much easier. I relied on and trusted Hilary's knowledge and am glad we did. If we had to do it over again, we would definitely hire Hilary again and would recommend her to other couples considering a doula. Many thanks Hilary!!

Posted 4/6/2015

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Corey Delaney

Because of Hilary, I was able to have the birth that I wanted. Half way through my second pregnancy, I decided to have a VBAC. The emergency c-section I had with my first son was traumatic and left me nervous and depressed. I was determined to remain positive and take control of what factors I could to avoid the same with my second birth. I scrutinized my doctor on VBAC's to make sure we were of the same mind and prepared my body by attending regular yoga classes. It was there that I met Hilary. As my yoga instructor, Hilary helped me rediscover my own strength. I left each class invigorated, powerful, and optimistic. I didn't have a doula for my first birth, but my husband and I decided that we wanted support and Hilary was the natural choice. She proved her value many times over when, a week before my due date, my doctor told me that she was going away and her team was not on board with my birth plan. I was in shock - memories of my first birth flooded my mind and I was completely deflated. Hilary did not miss a beat when I relayed the bad news: she suggested I switch doctors. I was terrified. My son was due to arrive in a week and I was walking away from the doctor who had been with me the prior nine months. But what was clear to Hilary, and what I knew deep down, was that I was too shaken by the turn of events to maintain my confidence and that we needed to regain control of the situation. Hilary contacted every midwife, doctor, and doula she knew. Less than an hour later, I was contacted by a doctor who invited me to see him that day. A week later, I had an amazing VBAC at the new hospital. I was surrounded by people who trusted me and my decisions and whose caring hands supported me in the two-hour whirlwind that the delivery turned out to be. Hilary was a constant reminder of how strong I am. Her voice kept me grounded that day and her faith in my ability to birth my son was the reason my experience was so beautiful. Thank you, Hilary.

Posted 3/16/2015

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Rachel Haga

We are so glad we hired Hilary to be our doula for the birth of our first child. Hilary was very generous with the time she was willing to spend with us in our pre-natal appointments - educating us on our provider, hospital, and birth options and helping us prioritize what was important to us.  We used all of the information she provided to stay strong through labor and delivery and understand that the pain I was feeling wasn't meant to be scary but that it indicated progress. Hilary was also extremely helpful in the first few weeks post partum - she brought a delicious meal for the visit and helped track down breastfeeding resources when I had oversupply issues when our daughter was 4 weeks old.  She was a joy to work with, we were well taken care of, and we were so grateful for her to be such an integral part of the birth of our first baby.

Posted 1/19/2014

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Crystal Carter

After having our first baby, my husband and I agreed that having Hilary as our doula was one of our best decisions. She not only advocated for my choices, but she was a necessary support for my husband. She was exactly the loving and encouraging hands and voice that we needed. Her services helped us to have the birth experience we desired.
Crystal & Kevin

Posted 8/27/2013

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Laura Howard

Hilary was an invaluable resource for me when my first child was born this year.  She was constantly available whenever I had questions, concerns, or just needed someone to talk to during my pregnancy.  Her prenatal counseling and information made me feel extremely confident when labor began, as well as throughout the birth. Thanks to Hilary, I knew exactly what to expect and felt that her preparation allowed me to be much more relaxed than I would have been otherwise. I ended up having a very smooth labor and delivery, and Hilary's guidance before and during the birth definitely contributed greatly. She helped me achieve the birth that I wanted. I can't recommend Hilary Scribner's services enough.

Posted 7/31/2013

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Amy Rose Stabley

We were gifted with Hilary's calmness, kindness and support during the labor and birth of our little boy Mateo. When Hilary arrived she offered relief and sense that everything was going to be ok. Hilary was incredibly attentive to our needs and fully present. She also worked well with the other members of our birth team, our midwife Mary Lou O'Brien and midwife assistant Patricia Grube. I highly recommend her services and would be honored to have her at another birth if we decide to have another child. Amy, Anthony, and Mateo Stabley

Posted 7/31/2013

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