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Phone: 650.935.5656

Birth Fee: Not specified

Postpartum Rate: Not specified

Fee Details: For birth: 4-week birth prep class, 2 private visits (1 in your home & 1 video chat), your beautiful birth and 1 postpartum visit.

Birth Doula Experience: 6 years and 250 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 6 years and 80 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2009
Type of Practice: Group practice with shared call schedule
Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love home birth! I can't think of a more peaceful, gentle way to enter this world. All three of my babies were born at home and I loved every minute of it.

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep Educator

Languages spoken: English, some Spanish

Client Testimonials for Alicia Fishbein

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Kendall Smith

If you only do one thing in your pregnancy, hire Alicia. She remains hands down the best investment in birth prep, the birthing time experience, and postpartum good vibes we've ever made. I frankly am not sure how people go through this experience without her!! If and when baby number two comes along, she is likely to be our first call. She IS the Dream Birth Doula.

It's hard to quantify and explain her magical, soothing presence and pixie dust she sprinkles on every encounter. As a first time mom, I knew I wanted and needed a Doula and that we would meet several to do our homework in picking one out. The instant we met her we knew she was the one. Not only was she the most prepared, most thorough, most inquisitive, most professional one we met, but we fell completely in love with her energy. At the end of the day, the energy of who is in the room with you is what is going to create the experience. Not only is she the most calming, warm, comforting person on planet earth, but she has so much experience and a wealth of knowledge. She is the complete package we dreamed of, truly. Super responsive, super on it, excellent website for clients, and most importantly, that peaceful dreamy energy. Just listening to her speak and helping plan for our dream birth made me so relaxed and confident instantly.

I'm someone who has a complicated medical history, who struggles with anxiety and was worried about panic during birth. It's a revelation that I felt like a pampered, powerful queen at a spa treatment post yoga bliss around her. My anxiety plummeted working with her, and I can't even put a price on that. Huge. She also had the insight to pair me with a phenomenal HypnoBabies course perfect for my personality and goals.

Meet with her, get your positive birth vibes going, create your dream scenario, do the whole thing. You only give birth to this baby once so it might as well be joyful! You'll never regret it!

Posted 5/12/2018

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Carolin Oelschlegel

I cannot thank Alicia enough for all she's done for us and our baby boy both before, during and after birth. Hiring her was one of the best decisions (and investments!) we've ever made. If your goal is like mine - an unmedicated, natural birth - then she is the most amazing doula you could wish for!

We walked away from our first meeting feeling that we were in good, kind and capable hands. Alicia is passionate about what she's doing, believes in birth and in the power of women to give birth naturally. We liked her gentle attitude and her genuine enthusiasm and quickly, it became evident that she is incredibly resourceful and knowledgeable. Throughout the entire pregnancy - and I shall add even today, months after our boy was born! - she responded to our questions with great insights and practical tips. During my (back) labor, she confidently coached me through specific exercises and positions and I'm convinced that this saved me from any medical interventions. Her encouraging yet soothing voice coupled with her soft gaze felt so reassuring and wonderful. We arrived at the hospital 25 minutes before our boy was born - it was perfect!

We feel extremely fond of her and Alicia has become a crucial part in our son's birth story.

Posted 5/10/2018

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kristina freeland

From the moment I met Alicia I knew she was special. You can just feel the love radiate from her. She really listened to me, and when I asked her for a doctor recommendation and told her about the more "caring" approach I was looking for, she made the suggestion I consider a home birth.

I met with a home birth midwife that Alicia recommended and again.. I just felt like it was all so right, so meant to be. I hired the midwife and Alicia and was ready to go!

Things sped up quickly as I went into labor at exactly 37 weeks and 1 day. So, i missed a bunch of appts discussing what to do during the birth with both Alicia and my midwife. However we didn't even need those extra appointments. Alicia is a Pro and knows what she's doing.

My water broke at midnight and my contractions started around 2am. They were light so I told Alicia not to worry and come in the late morning.

She arrived around 10-11am and from then on never left me side. She was so caring, so completely focused and devoted to me. Massaging me, holding me, brushing my hair, feeding me, keeping me hydrated, keeping me relaxed and breathing through every single contraction. She was so soothing and comforting. Administered tinctures to help speed up my contractions, By 8 pm they finally were coming hard and strong and she kept working her magic on me. They were so hard and so strong for the next 5 hours until 1am I have NO idea how I could of made it though without her. She left the room only to prepare me some food. And when she did I was desperately seeking her. Not wanting anyone but her. 

 Alicia ran the whole show in the most peaceful low whisper. I finally gave birth around 1:30am in my bedroom with the lighting from my pink salt lamps, so soothing and calm. My beautiful baby girl was born 3 weeks early.. but already 7lbs1ounce. She didn't cry at all. Just peacefully entered the world.

Alicia is a true angel Sent from heaven. 

Posted 5/10/2018

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Hannah Elmblad

There are not enough words to express how much we came to LOVE our doula, Alicia. From the beginning, it was clear Alicia was caring, sensitive, and encouraging - but firm and powerful when needed. In our prenatal visits, she gave me lots of exercises and tips/tricks for setting myself up for a successful birth!

Going into labor, I felt extremely prepared - which is a new feeling for me! I was confident that my husband, Alicia, and myself were going to be the best team... And what a team we were! She immediately took charge of the situation and started increasing my water intake, food intake, and change my birth motto to something positive! She brought a new life and attitude to labor and now it was on.

Alicia was great at suggesting changes in position and using soothing techniques like massage and a bath. At one point she rubbed my legs with coconut oil! Whatever I wanted to do, she helped me do it. She also encouraged my husband with the best ways to help - so he was absolutely part of the process. Everything went as planned until I ended up pushing in the shower for forever! Something was not "right" and I was feeling extremely discouraged. Alicia decided to make some changes and had me do 3 extremely painful, but successful positions to try to get baby Chloe in a better position. Sure enough, i just stuck my leg up after the last one and her head was visible! I will save you the details, but she came out perfect and I had successfully dodged the majority of interventions. I literally do not think I could have done it without her - and it was something I will never forget. 

At the end of the day, Alicia believes in birth. She believes in the female body and in the power of a strong woman. Her belief is contagious... And I am SO happy we chose her. If you want someone who is going to support you physically and mentally - she is your gal!

Posted 4/29/2018

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Sara Sanders

You guys. I've tried to write this review so many times but can't quite find the right words. We were so blessed to have Alicia walk with us through pregnancy, and labor and delivery and bear witness to our miracle.

The biggest gift she gave us was her presence. She was calm. She was reassuring. She was persuasive when I was reluctant to try positions that were helpful, yet uncomfortable. She gently and continually empowered my husband and I to make decisions regarding our care. She brought a variety of comfort measures to the room. She seemed to instinctively know how to be present, helpful and unobtrusive during intimate moments. She worked fluidly with my husband, almost as if they had rehearsed everything ahead of time. Her calm during my storm brought a sense of peace to my husband and I. And while it was a painful process, (beautiful and intimate and precious... But yes, also painful) her calm and confidence removed a lot of anxiety that we might have otherwise felt.

What I love is that she was there to hold space and bear witness to the beautiful and difficult work of labor. She brought a lot of expertise and comfort measures into the room-- which were a needed gift. But what I was not expecting was the magnitude of the gift of having her bear witness to our miracle and the work that my husband and I did together.

She will forever be a welcomed part of my son's birth story. And we feel so very fond of her.

Alicia, thank you for all the gifts you gave us. But especially for the gift of your presence and your witness to the sacred moments during Milo's birth.

Posted 4/28/2018

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Anya Luberg

Alicia was our doula on April 2015 in Stanford children's hospital. It was successful VBAC and it would never happen without her.
I had a strong commitment to natural birth and we started to work out on my birth plan around 2 month before birth. Alicia gave me all information about different aspects and options - which would be impossible on regular checkups with my OB. Even if none of doctors will read your plan, it's essential for you to realize the most important things you want. Because the process can be very chaotic, nervous and harmful - especially without doula :) Alicia helped me to stay calm, she did with me all exercises to help the baby to move down (he was kind of stuck), she massaged me and explained to my husband what he'll do next.
All my dreams about birth were come true, because she payed attention to all details, tried to comfort me during this time as much as possible.
I felt myself like VIP really, I was covered with my husbands and Alicia's loving support and we seemed to be a good team! Doctor (who actually wasn't happy with what I'm doing) just came to catch the baby and to congratulate me. I had no need in him during the birth.
She also stayed in touch with nurses: if it wasn't something urgent - she talked to them without involving me.
She is pro in birth, she is good listener and psychologist, she is extremely nice and friendly, she is mom of 3 and just a miracle!
She is a friend of our family now.

My birth experience was so great that I will do it again someday, and will hire Alicia of course :)

Posted 4/28/2018

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Faith Kennard

I really don't even know where to begin, because there are just so many amazing things I want to say about Alicia. First off she is incredibly knowledgeable, and is a fantastic resource for all things pregnancy/childbirth. When I was having issues with my OB she gave me the name of a new doctor who I immediately changed to (at 28 weeks), and she couldn't have been more on the mark with her recommendation. But more importantly she is one of the most calming, caring people I have ever meet. From the minute I meet her, I knew that I wanted her to be a part of my baby's birth story. I honestly don't know if I would have been able to get through my unmedicated labor had she not been there with her soothing voice and comforting touch.

I'm a planner, so before I was even pregnant I knew that I wanted a doula. My husband, who was supportive in my desire to have a "low intervention hospital birth" supported the idea of a doula, but mainly because he knew how important it was to me - truth be told he was more than skeptical, that is up until the day that I delivered. Alicia arrived at our home in the very early morning (with a suitcase full of helpful supplies) and immediately knew what to do to help give me some relief. I love my husband, but he just didn't know how to help me, enter Alicia! He has now said, on a number of occasions that she was "worth her weight in gold". Alicia comforted me throughout my labor and stayed with with us until baby had successfully latched on for the first time, and we were settling into our new roles as mom and dad. I honestly cannot imagine having a child without her there now. She feels more like family than anything else.

There is really only so much that you can say in a Yelp review, so I just highly recommend making an appointment to meet with Alicia, I promise you will love her! She helped give me my "dream birth" and for that I will alway be grateful.

Posted 4/25/2018

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Holly Spencer

Alicia deserves ten gold stars! This was my second birth AND second time getting to have Alicia as my doula. When I found out I was pregnant again, my husband and I knew immediately that we wanted Alicia to be there again for the birth of our second child.

Alicia has great intuition as to what a laboring mother needs. I labored at our home in the SC mountains, spending much of my time in the birthing tub on our back porch with a view of beautiful redwood trees. Alicia brought some essential oils that smelled lovely, poured water on my back (which feels INCREDIBLE while laboring), and led me through affirmations that kept my mind focused during the tough parts.

It's not so much the techniques that Alicia uses that makes her such a great doula, as it is just WHO she is. She has such a calming, yet empowering presence that rubs off on everyone around her. Absolutely the kind of person you want with you at such a precious time. Thank you, Alicia!

Posted 4/25/2018

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Sherrie Tullsen-Chin

Pregnant women and their partners don't usually think in terms of creating their "dream birth". Most women seem to think in terms of just getting through it and putting it behind them, not creating an experience they'll forever look back on with pride and joy.

I started off as one of these women. I wanted to put off thinking about birth until I went into labor, I wanted my epidural, and I wanted to just get through it as easily as possible. I never thought about the price women pay in giving up control over their birth experience. As my due date neared I started really thinking about how I wanted to give birth, and long story short I realized I didn't want to give my power away but I wanted a birth I'd walk away from feeling like I'd kicked ass! :)

Then I realized I had no idea HOW to make that happen, and that I needed help! I started searching for a doula and when I happened upon Dream Birth Doula on Yelp, it gave me pause because it planted the idea that I could CREATE my birth instead of letting it happen to me.

One of the things Alicia said during our first meeting was about the importance of loving the birthing mama, and in that moment I realized I wanted her as my doula, because being loved and cared for was exactly what I needed to give me the strength to have the natural, intervention-free birth I wanted.

The most valuable thing I got from working with Alicia was her faith in us. She convinced me that I had the strength to birth naturally, and her confidence was contagious.

Once I too believed down to my bones that I could do it, the rest was a piece of cake! Even though it was VERY intense, I stayed present and centered in my power the entire time I was birthing, and thanks to Alicia's guidance, support and love I birthed beautifully with practically zero interventions. I'm soooo grateful to Alicia. My husband and I would not have such a beautiful experience to look back on and feel proud of without her! 

Posted 4/25/2018

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Valeria Barnes

Alicia came highly recommended by two friends who had used her services before. She was instantly appealing because of her ability to tune in to my needs for evidence based care. She sent me many resources throughout my pregnancy and checked in frequently. We had frequent 'homework' to prepare us for the physical and emotional toll of a hospital birth.

I had a very long and difficult labor and I don't know how Alicia kept happy and sunny throughout the whole time. She took a couple of naps when I was napping, but as soon as I needed her, she appeared and was ready to help. We spent forever in the hospital bathroom, just the two of us. She brought flameless candles so we just sat in the dark room with just a flickering LED candle for lighting. It was incredibly relaxing in between my contractions.

My incredibly long labor ended in a C-section. Although I had hoped for a natural birth, it wasn't meant to be for me. Alicia was there every step of the way, and she came to visit us at home once we were at home. Alicia helped me to feel strong and empowered despite the curve ball that my little one decided to throw with his inability to turn properly and get into position.

When it's time for us to grow our family once again, Alicia will be the 2nd person to know that I am expecting, after my husband, of course!

Posted 4/25/2018

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Corinne Guerrero

I had a beautiful birth experience due in large part to Alicia. The level of support and comfort she brought to us not to mention the amont of knowledge and expertise she has made for a birth in which I felt completely informed, prepared and calm( as much as you can be while in labor:) )

The whole process of planning for my birth was amazing. She takes the time to get to know you and your spouse and get an idea of what it is you're looking for. She has a wealth of resources to then guide you in creating your birth plan. There were so many things that I hadn't thought of or just assumed would be done a certain way--she really opened my eyes to how much control I had.

She was available for questions/concerns leading up to the birth, and once labor started she did not leave my side:) I labored with her and my husband at home trusting that she would know the right time to leave for the hospital (she did). When I doubted myself she was right there with reassuring words and pain management techniques. She kept track of my timeline and once at the hospital was able to communicate with staff about things such as what time my water broke.
She stayed with us for a couple of hours after my baby boy was born, called the next day to check in on us and visited us at home a few days later.

I can't say enough positive things about Alicia. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a loving supportive presence with them at the birth of their child.

Posted 4/25/2015

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Yi Ng

Alicia is an amazing doula and I couldn't have gone through a 24 hour natural labor without her help!

She has a talent for creating an environment that is as conducive to natural birth as can be achieved in a hospital setting. She used her experience and intuition to help prepare us first time parents for the big day. I didn't really have a sense how disruptive certain hospital processes could be to a natural birthing process, and Alicia gave us the knowledge and vision to think things through. For example, she requested wireless monitors to make me more mobile, and a breast pump to help induce labor naturally. These were just a few examples of how she created a an atmosphere that worked well for me. I was sensitive to bright light and often have headaches during any type of pain. So Alicia brought electric candles for mood lighting and different scented oils to help me relax. The environment she created made the labor process very calming for me.

Best of all, Alicia's knowledge of laboring positions and techniques helped me through many hours of intensive moments. I found early on that standing worked most effectively for me, but it was also very tiring as time progressed. Alicia recommended different lying and sitting positions that worked for me, and I was able to find some brief moments of rest. She knew positions that would help the baby's head progress, and she continued to encourage me to try them without being pushy or demanding. Her consistent support and encouragement throughout the 24 hour period was an invaluable source of positive energy for me.

I highly recommend having Alicia at your birth if you're looking for a natural birth coach who will make that birthing experience wonderful for you and your family. I really wanted to use the strength of my own spirit to bring my daughter into this world, and Alicia made that possible!

Posted 11/28/2013

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