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Rachel Schwepler

Arise Birth Doula

Website: http://www.arisebirthdoula.com/

Phone: 816-489-8990

Birth Fee: $650 to $750

Fee Details: Essential Doula Service Package is $750. Basically money comes second, you come first!! My loyal return client fee is $650! :-) More details on my website. www.arisebirthdoula.com

Birth Doula Experience: 9 years and 270 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Academy of Certified Birth Educators and Labor Support - Labor Support Professional

Doula Training

  • DONA International, March 2013
Type of Practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per Month: 0 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Certified Childbirth Educator (ACBE)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Academy of CPR and First Aid, Inc Certified
  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification
  • CPR Certified - Red Cross
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Rebozo Certification

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Childbirth Education Services
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Personal Assistant at Natural Birth KC, Past member of Doulas of Greater KC, Currently training as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM)

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Grandview, MO
Travel Range: 40 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Rachel Schwepler

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Stephanie Hemberger

Rachel was great! This was our second natural childbirth - We did not have a doula for our first, decided to have one with our second and it was the best decision we made. I had to be induced at the last minute, and I was still able to pull through using natural comfort measures with Rachel by our side. My husband was at the forefront of our birth, and Rachel did an excellent job working with him. If we have a third, we will call upon Rachel! I highly recommend her and am so thankful to her for her support ahead of, during, and after our birth. 

Posted 10/31/2017

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Mackenzie Love

Rachel is hands down the biggest assest to me in my birthing experiences.My first child I had without a doula, and the rest were all with Rachel.With my 2nd child, Rachel is the only reason I was able to achieve my goal of a natural birth.  She was there for me helping me get comfortable, and cheering me on, helping me be able to stay home longer before headed to the hospital. At the hospital, she helped me to voice my needs and wants to the hospital staff in a professional, caring way. Her presence was the calm I needed in the midst of my first natural childbirth. She eased insecurities and fears I had. My next child the labor was a long back labor, which Rachel spent hours putting counter pressure on my back to help ease pain. Her prayers, love, and concern were so wonderful. She stayed with me over 16 hours. Never once did she show any hint of being tired or worn out. After this baby, I had a miscarriage. Rachel was with me during the D&C and helped me stay calm and have peace during that hard situation. And lastly, with my 4th child, Rachel was there again. This time she was my student midwife as well. Rachel came quickly as my doula as she sensed in my messages that this labor might be faster than any of the previous ones. She came in and helped me time contractions while I was in the shower because I still did not believe that IWas really in labor. With them being around 2 minutes apart, she assured me that I was and that the pain was for a reason! She was there guiding me through each contraction, all of which were VERY intense from the begining. This time, I did not want to be touched and she honored that, helping with her words. She was ready to deliver my baby with the midwife showing only 10 minutes prior to delivery. Afterwards Rachel stayed with me until I was ready to sleep. The true loveand servants heart that Rachel shows to her clients cannot be matched by any other! I always say, Everyone needs Rachel at their birth!

Posted 10/23/2017

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Kelly Chesley

Rachel was a catalyst for an incredibly positive birth experience for me (and my husband!) I had a less than desirable (and frankly scary) birth experience with my first child, and upon learning I was pregnant with my second, I knew I wanted to hire Rachel. 

I had heard many good things about her from many of my friends who used her for their births, and so I set up a time to meet. From the moment I met her, I was immediately put at ease in her presence. Her calm demeanor was just so reassuring and makes others around her want to join her in that. It's very rare and very cool! 

Rachel met with my husband and me, on our schedule (which was tough! We both work full time and had a two year old at the time - so she usually came later in the evenings, which was so appreciated. She walked us through our options and was a true source of knowledge for us. When my husband met her, he expressed the same things I thought of her too - something about her personality and the way she interacted with us was just so very likeable. She seemed like an instant friend who was there to help! I never felt Rachel pushed HER agenda on us, or pushed more natural approaches than what we wanted -- it was very focused on what we wanted and needed. 

During my actual birth, Rachel met us at the hospital. Because my water broke very early on and I was Strep B positive, I had to forego laboring at home. Although I was disappointed at that, Rachel was very re-assuring and go with the flow. She helped calm me down even though I was slightly concerned. She created an AWESOME environment and supported all my decisions, while advocating for me and baby with the hospital staff. We LOVE Rachel and couldn't have asked for a better experience! I wish I would have hired her for my first birth :) 

I was able to deliver my son naturally and with no meds and minimal interventions. I attribute much of my experience to her! Thank you Rachel! 

Posted 10/12/2017

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Christina Reynolds

Rachel Schwepler was a God send. I had previously had a C-section and was nervous about having my second child naturally. Rachel was by my side pretty much once we called her (once my contractions started picking up). She was such a presence of peace and comfort as I was in so much pain and also the unknown (because of this being my first vaginal birth). i honestly don't know how I could have gotten through the birth entirely natural and without drugs, without her as my doula. She even stayed a few hours after the birth to be there for emotional support and to help with the baby. My husband and I loved her so much that we are going to have her again with our 3rd child, but this time as our midwife! I am excited to work with her again. She is passionate about what she does and I feel completely safe in her care.

Posted 10/12/2017

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Shannon Parkison

Rachel was my doula for both of my pregnancies/births and I hope to work with her again for any possible future pregnancies! She made me feel comfortable right away and I can't imagine my birth experience without her in it. Her calm and confident personality was just what I needed during the hardest parts of labor. She knew just what to do and say (or not say) to comfort and help me manage my labor. I felt truly cared for by Rachel and now even consider her my friend. I truly believe that Rachel's expertise, experience, and demeanor is unparalleled. 

Posted 9/25/2017

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Natasha Gentry

I met Rachel while pregnant with my third baby. Before I knew she was a doula, we would sit and chat in the office while I waited to go in to my appointment. She made me laugh so hard.. and she was kind and caring. I have never met someone so easy to talk to. We could have sat there and talked for hours. Then she told me she was a doula, and so we met for coffee to talk about it and agreed to have her at my birth. I was incredibly incredibly lucky to have her there. I kind of look back on it all with tears in my eyes. It worked out so well. Rachel really understood what I needed. She had previous experience with the unique situation I was going through. So I went into everything feeling a lot more peace and confidence than I had at my first two births. At the birth, she arrived very quickly. She brings goodies. Like, the best goodies. Heat packs, oils, a soft voice, massage. Rachel knows what she's doing and she's incredible at it. She understands birth, having done it herself a few times! And having been A doula at many births. My birth was so much easier with her there. I can't say how grateful I am that she became a friend and then my doula. There was a absolutely massive difference from my other births, having Rachel there. After the birth was over, she sat next to me on my bed and held Vera. Rachel is sincere and so loving. She looked at Vera and said, "Who are you going to be, little one?" I'll never forget that moment. Then she stayed with us a few hours to make sure we were all okay and just to talk and laugh together. She left and came back to bring us clean blankets. Having Rachel doula changed everything. Thank you, Rachel. For all your kindness and care. I remember so many good things that came out of having you in our lives during Vera's pregnancy and birth. I miss you! Love, Tasha Gentry

Posted 9/23/2017

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Heidi Meythaler

As both a colleague and client of Rachel's, I can highly recommend both her expertise and excellence as a doula. She goes above and beyond to get to know her clients, ensuring that they feel comfortable and confident as they approach their little one's arrival. During labor, Rachel has a wealth of ideas for both progression and comfort. She works well with dads as they serve the laboring mother. I will be hiring Rachel if we are blessed to have another baby!

Posted 9/22/2017

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Trisha Nelson

Rachel was so calming during my whole labor experience. She brought a sense of peace into the room and her voice was so soothing, even when my body was experience pain. I am so thankful for all she did for us before, during, and after birth. She was made for this!

Posted 9/22/2017

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Krista Crank

Rachel was present at both of my births and I would highly recommend her! She has a wonderfully calming presence and is completely supportive. During her pre-birth visits she takes time to talk through your own goals and desires for your birth experience and she does everything she can to help you achieve those goals. She also walked through my house pointing out places/positions in my home that would be helpful during labor at home! Some of my favorite things she did during labor were applying counter pressure to my back, applying hot and/or cold packs, pouring water over my stomach while I was in the tub, and continually lifting up prayers and encouragement throughout the entire process. She was able to read my signals very well to know when to suggest changing positions, eating, going to the bathroom, etc. Even after I had an epidural she continued to be very helpful in suggesting positions for pushing, offering encouragement, and supporting my legs. It is clear that she is very invested in this work and loves the families she gets to work with. After birth she stayed for a while to ensure everything was going well and even took some pictures and video of our extended family coming in to meet the new little one. At a post-partum visit my doctor even commented on Rachel’s powerfully calming presence and said she loved working with her! 

Posted 9/19/2017

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Codi-Rhea Tennant

Rachel was so much more than I expected! I was a gestational carrier, carrying and delivering another families precious baby! That is a unique situation and Rachel was more then up for the challenge. She was thoughtful and so accommodating, even meeting with the Intended parents and I separate before meeting with us together. Rachel was so knowledgeable, easy to talk to and enjoyable to be around. While laboring I felt like I had someone in my corner. She was great at showing others how they could help care for me while laboring. I truly could not have done it without her. She will be at my next birth for sure!

Posted 9/10/2017

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Tanya Li

My experience with Rachel was amazing. I definitely recommend having a doula at birth, especially if it's your first birth. Rachel was with me thru labour at home and in hospital. She advised me when it was time to go to Hospital. She coached me thru early labour so I can rest and save energy for active labor and pushing. My midwife had confidence in doula's judgement as well. 

Overall, excellent job!


Posted 10/8/2015

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Cherie Nicholson

Love Love Love Rachel!!!! She helped me turn my breech baby at 36-37 wks and have the fully natural, intervention free, hospital birth I desired at 39 wks. Her backup doula was awesome too. Amazed Rachel was still able to come after sending her backup bc she was at another birth. They both stayed with me to help me through a very hard and fast 3 1/2 hrs labor and delivery. Rachel even came to one of my prenatal visits to meet my Dr before our birth. She's amazing. She and her backup set up my music and essential oil diffuser, massaged my legs, coached my husband on giving me the counter pressure I needed bc he's so much stronger than them, and worked with me to get the right positions, breathe, and minimize pain through the contractions. Her backup stayed with me a while after while Rachel went back to the other birth... And all that after Rachel had already been awake over 24hrs bc all 3 of her June births happened at once due to a storm and full moon. I can't say enough good things about Rachel. Always available to talk, very knowledgeable, caring, and compassionate. A true servant of the Lord!!!!!!!!!

Posted 10/7/2015

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Becky Harms

Rachel Schwepler was a huge support from beginning to end. She fully equipped me for the physical challenges of labor so I knew what to expect and how to handle it. She is personal, kind, discreet in the best way, well educated and experienced. She met my physical, emotional and spiritual needs during the birth of my son. My husband and I could not imagine doing it with out her. We highly recommend her and will be using her again Next time!!

Posted 10/5/2015

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krista merrill

When I first met Rachel, I was beyond 35 weeks pregnant, and yet she agreed to take me as a client.  Score one for Rachel!

When Rachel came to check out our house for ideas for labor, she asked a lot of questions and didn't judge the (un)cleanliness of the place.  Score two for Rachel!

When I asked Rachel if she would be willing to pray over me/with me/for me during labor & delivery, she happily agreed. Score three for Rachel!

I went into labor on a Tuesday night, but unsure whether I was really in labor, I got ahold of Rachel and she monitored me via the phone.  Unfortunately, my labor progressed quickly and we had to meet Rachel at the birth center, where I had already transitioned!

But Rachel never stopped being my advocate, from helping my husband hold my legs for counterpressure, to praying over me, to taking many beautiful photos of the process (I still don't know how she had the time and presence of mind to record this [in my mind] earth-shaking event!), and finally to running out to get lunch for us after my son's birth.  Just because she is wonderful, she helped my son get off to a great start breastfeeding and gave me encouragement as a brand-new mom.  Score one thousand for Rachel.

The last thing was a really unexpected blessing.  The couple days following my son's birth, Rachel had another birth or two to attend, so I didn't see her until the fifth day - but when she checked on me, I'd had a horrible day with being scared by medical staff about my son's jaundice, and she came to me right away.  She happened to check in, asking whether she could come at that time, though it was late.  I simply said, "Yes, please," and she was there within the hour, comforting me and my husband in our worried new-parent state.  Score one million for Rachel.

I would obviously recommend this beautiful soul to anyone. I love her.


Posted 10/2/2015

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Monica Velasquez

Rachel and her team were absolutely incredible throughout my pregnancy and labor and delivery.  Rachel was so sweet and caring in those long weeks leading up to labor. She encouraged me and believed in me, my body, and the Lord which is exactly what I needed.

The day I went into labor, Rachel was very accommodating to what I felt I needed and gave me space and support when time arose. She continually reminded me that my body was capable of giving birth to my baby boy and that the pain met I was closer to him. When my labor was taking longer then I would have hoped, Rachel was knowledgeable enough to offer help and recommended an essential oil to rub on my belly. Which totally worked! 

When we got to the birth center, Rachel and her student doulas never left my side. I felt supported physically, mentally, and spiritually while they assisted to easing the pain of my contractions and praying.  Now, I will be completely honest, my labor was not a peaceful and calm on my end. I was exhausted, in more pain then I thought I could handle, and my doubts were overwhelming. Rachel continued to tell me that I COULD do this. . Even when I kept telling her I couldn't.  Rachel never stopped believing in me and my body, which is exactly what I needed.  My previous child was born c section because he was "too big" so although I wanted a natural birth.. a part of me wasn't sure I could. But Rachel gave me the confidence I needed in those moments of doubt. 

Then my 9lbs 10oz baby boy was born into my arms. Rachel and her team stayed while my sweet Jayden was monitored and I was stitched up. I fully believe that I was able to birth this baby naturally because of the prayrrs, guidance, support, encouragment, and love that Rachel and her student doulas gave me. 

I am forever grateful for Rachel's sacrifice and support in being my doula and I will have her at my next birth, whenever that is. 


Posted 10/1/2015

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Kelsey Stottlemyre

I was so excited about having a natural birth and I knew I wanted a doula. I'm so glad I found Rachel. My husband and I met with her several times and she helped me feel comfortable and showed us comfort techniques. I would text her with questions all the time and she would calm me down and help me figure out things. She was helping me a lot the last couple weeks of my pregnancy because my baby was breech. She came over and helped me try things to flip the baby. She helped me conquer my life long fear of water so I could do hand stands in the pool and even dive into the pool to try to flip the baby. Unfortunately it didn't work, but I wouldn't have tried it if it weren't for her helping me.


A few days later I went for my doctor appointment and found out I was 100% effaced and dialated to a 7. Rachel got there really fast, even before my husband. She sat with me in pre op while I was getting IVs and stuff for the emergency c section. Then my husband was with me for the surgery and when they took my son to the NICU (he was a month early), Rachel was scrubbed in and ready and she came in and held my hand while they stitched me up.


Rachel stayed the night at the hospital with us and we are so thankful for that. I had a bad reactions to the anesthesia and was throwing up all night so she was handing me the throw up bag and feeding me ice. She helped my husband hold our son on me to try to breast feed because I was too sick to hold him. He had issues and had to go back to the nicu so Rachel and my husband hand to hold the breast pump on me to get the milk to come in. I was so sick and out of it I couldn't do anything. My husband would have been lost if Rachel wasn't there. She even ordered food and had it delivered to the hospital at 2am for my husband. 

Next time I'm pregnant we are definitely hiring Rachel again. My husband agrees it was one if the best investments we made during pregnancy!

Posted 9/30/2015

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Rachel Miller

There is no doubt Rachel has risen up to the calling she has. Although I have a very supportive husband in our homebirths, Rachel has been there to quietly fill any needs that arose. Because of her giftedness in being a doula and also because she has "been there, done that", she knew just what I needed when it was needed. My husband recalls our two labors that she was right there alongside. He remembers being able to take mental and physical breaks because of the support and comfort he knew Rachel would be able to give me during labor. I cannot speak highly enough of Rachel. The dedication she gives cannot compare. She will be there as long as you need her. When the sweet afterglow of birth arrives and you are holding your baby, she will be there to give attention to whatever is needed- nursing support, food for the parents, etc. There would not be any other doula I would consider using.

Posted 7/16/2013

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Chelsea Hartman

Rachel was my doula with both of my children.  When I was pregnant with my first Rachel walked me through everything.  She was honest and helped me to understand everything I wanted to know. she was so sweet and supported everything my husband and I wanted completely.  She talked over what my wishes were before hand and knew my birth plan inside and out.  She was always available for phone calls when I needed them.  On the day I went into labor, Rachel went on walks with me, made me laugh when I was nervous.  I didn't have to worry about anything! she was so calm. She knew what would help me feel better.  After my daughter was born, my arms were too weak to hold my newborn, so Rachel held her on me and assisted in breastfeeding.i had THE BEST experience. 

When i was pregnant with my second baby, I didn't think I'd be able to have Rachel be my doula again because we had moved out of state.  My husband and I both really wanted her there again.  The day before I was induced Rachel called to tell me she was in town and available if we wanted to have her at the birth. It meant so much to me that she would make the trip.  During labor and delivery of my son, Rachel prayed for us and again brought such a calming presence.  This time, I had an epidural so the way I needed her was different.  I didn't need pain relief as much as I needed her strength and reassurance.

 Rachel was amazing for both births.  I think one of my favorite things about Rachel is how down to earth she is and how she followed her dreams to become a doula.  This is something she is incredibly passionate about and I know that because I've seen her heart as she poured herself out for me.  I've known her for 8 years and I haven't met anyone who gives more of themselves then she does.  

Posted 5/29/2013

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Jessica Lauren Vine

Rachel Schwepler is a fabulous doula. I really wasn't sure what a doula was or what they did or even if I needed one initially, but I have to say that having Rachel as a doula was a great idea. She had just had HER baby and she was still there with me through the whole process. She did some really cool push on my back technique that helped with the discomfort of birthing an 11 lb 3 oz baby at home. If you're on the fence about who you want to choose as a doula or if you "need" a doula... Rachel is a great choice and you'll have a great experience.

Posted 5/20/2013

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Michelle Beedle

Rachel was very instrumental in the birth of my daughter, Malana. She was well aware of the risks we were facing with a vbac and committed to helping us achieve the goal. I couldn’t put a price on what she did for us, from the walks, massages, and relaxation techniques to the encouraging emails and prayers, I felt like one pampered lady. This is the type of birthing companion every woman needs and deserves.

Posted 5/20/2013

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