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BirthME Maine's Birth Guides

Brunswick, ME Service range 60 miles


Birth Fee

$900 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $40

Birth Fee

$900 to $1500

Postpartum Rate

$25 to $40

Years in Operation: 7

Type of practice: Agency

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

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As you begin your journey into parenthood, having a professional guide by your side can help ease the transition. Someone to listen, offer resources, reassurance, and support without opinions. Someone to free your partner from the pressure of needing all the answers, allowing them to be fully present for you and your birth. A professional to care for you, so you can care for your baby. That is YOUR BirthME Doula!

Brunswick, ME Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for BirthME Maine's Birth Guides

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Tracy Krueger


It was really wonderful to have a doula from BirthME! I was able to touch base with Paula during all the pre-labor and early labor I had at home to help me decide what to do and when. She gave us ideas and timelines in the hospital. She helped my husband feel confident with what to do and what to say during labor. He was a great birth partner, and I really think this support made a difference. She was basically a rock during the whole process and it took so much of the anxiety off of me. I kept shouting during labor, “how does anyone do this without a doula?”! The doctors and nurses at Maine General also liked Paula and it was clear she knew how to integrate seamlessly with the hospital birth team. My OB specifically mentioned how much she liked my doula during a follow up appointment. I highly recommend her! (Also, Mary is great too! She wasn't the doula at my birth, but has been warm and helpful and wonderful every time I saw her.)

jocelyn dear


We had a great experience with Paula right from the beginning. Her warmth, sense of humor, and knowledge/experience all worked together so that I felt confident that she would help me through any obstacles that might arise during my pregnancy, the birth, and first weeks with a newborn.


Paula took all of my questions seriously, and responded VERY promptly to message that I left for her. She encouraged me to advocate for myself, and helped me figure out how to do that. Her familiarity with hospital procedures was comforting to me, as I ended up with a c-section and staying in the hopsital slightly longer than anticipated. If I had any questions about what was happening in the hopsital, even after my daughter was born, Paula was always so helpful and quick to provide me with explanations.


She was very easy to reach (we communicated via phone, text, and email). When she hadn't heard from me for a while, Paula checked in on me. She always remembered my specific--and somewhat delicate--personal situation, and gave me individualized food for thought as we discussed my hopes for my daughter's delivery.  Paula was full of fantastic advice, but was never pushy or overwhelming.


My husband and I feel very fortunate to have met Paula, and to have had her support and guidance throughout our transition to parenthood.

Ami Bass


My husband and I could not be more grateful for the invaluable knowledge, expertise, optimism, and support that Paula and Rachel provided prior to, during, and after my labor. Paula's presence, touch, and verbal guidance during labor reduced my fear and greatly increased my comfort and confidence, which made all the difference in allowing me to have the positive and powerful birth I had hoped for. Rachel's sensitive and informed support before and after labor calmed my stress related to waiting for my baby to arrive when my due date had come and gone with no sign of labor, as well as with snafus that arose with nursing after my son was born. This was our first child and if we decide to have another, we will be calling Paula and Rachel again. Thank you BirthME for being such an integral part of the most amazing time of our lives!

Roksana Fuschia


I am so glad I had Paula as my Doula for the birth of my first child! As a first time mom I had many questions about pregnancy and birth. Paula met with us early on in the pregnancy and we were able to chat and decide if she would be a good fit four our family. Paula was easy to talk to and very open to all of our questions. 

We wanted to birth in a hospital setting that was as natural as possible with as few interventions as possible. Paula helped us understand all of our options including labor options(water, positions etc), common interventions for mom (IV, pain management etc) and what happens to baby after they are born (vaccinations, blood tests etc). She provided us with resources so that we could also do our own research to help us make an informed decision. Paula encouraged us to decide what was righ for us, without bias or judgement. 

Having 5 children herself and having been a Doula for many years Paula offered a wealth of information and reassurance for us. My husband was an amazing supporter during labor but having a woman there who had experienced labor and knew what to do and say to help me stay focused and calm was essential. My labor did not follow my birth plan exactly (They rarely do!) but with Paula's help we were able to birth naturally and get through the really challenging moments. After coming home from the hospital Paula visited to help offer breastfeeding advice and to help with my baby wearing questions. 

Absolutely worth the investment! 

Sarah Pine


I was determined to do everything in my power to have the best birth experience possible, so I hired Paula.  I got so much more! She educated my husband and me on pain management techniques and took us through the birthing process preparing us for game day. She helped us with our birth plan and was our advocate in a hospital setting. Paula was amazing supporting me, my husband and our midwife. I am so thankful to have had such a wonderful birth for our family. I needed her most those first few days back home. She would check in at clutch times helping me when I was engorged and worried we had thrush.  Being first time parents and having little experience with babies we were so clueless about everything!  She helped us with cloth diapering, baby wearing and answered our silly questions. She was even there for me months later when I was transitioning back to work learning the challenges of pumping.  I can't thank Paula enough for guiding my husband and I through this uncertain, scary and amazing time in our lives. 

Sarah Marble


Paula was the doula for our first birth. She is the best out there! She helped us prepare by showing us coping techniques, and by teaching us about the natural processes my body would be going through. She also talked to us about what to expect in the first few days after birth. Paula’s positive, relaxed attitude was helpful from the minute we sat down in our first meeting, to the moment we met our son! What I found most wonderful about Paula was that she was incredibly supportive of everything that we wanted. She gave me support, but most importantly, she helped my partner be as helpful and supportive as he could be. This gave him the confidence to make informed decisions, and be the support I needed in a time that might otherwise have been overwhelming and scary. When things didn’t go as planned, she was a very knowledgeable advocate for us and made sure our wishes were known. She is kind, professional, and it is obvious she loves what she does!

Selina Greene Warren


“As a teacher, I spend most of my time planning for my third grade students, so planning my pregnancy and the birth of my son (including a three page birth plan) was easy. Ironically, I didn’t spend any time planning for what coming home with a newborn would consist of. I called Paula the day I came home from the hospital, and she provided more that just postpartum doula services. In addition to assisting with breastfeeding, helping us through Thrush, and helping me plan for becoming a full time working mother who wanted to continue breastfeeding exclusively, Paula became a friend and a trusted confidant who I feel like I can call anytime I need advice or encouragement. My son and I are going on our fifth month of breastfeeding, and we couldn’t have done it without Paula’s assistance. Being a first time mom is the most elating and terrifying journey in the world, and having a guide who is educated and understanding like Paula definitely made a difference, especially during those first few weeks!” ~ Selina, Mother, Wife, and Teacher

Jenny Buck


After my second daughter was born, I suffered a hemorrhage and lost a lot of blood. When I got home, already having a 2 year old, I was SO drained. Paula came over, and helped me realize that I COULD breastfeed, recover and care for my big girl. Paula was there as I dealt with mastitis, all while trying to recover. I ended up getting mastitis again, and had three diagnosed bouts with thrush. I did NOT think I could get through it. I wanted to give up so badly... but Paula knew that if I gave up, I would never forgive myself. She reminded me that I am a fighter, and that with help, I could achieve my goals. Sometimes I would call her even though I knew the answer to my question, just to hear a friendly voice tell me that it would all be okay. She gave me an outlet, an ear and sometimes (more that I'd like to admit) a shoulder to cry on and arms to hug me. Now, my baby is nearly 8 months old, and we are still going strong!! My girl is growing like a weed, and nearly as big as her sister that is almost now 3 years old!! I owe Paula more than I could ever express in words. She is amazing. You will never regret letting her into your life. You may even be lucky enough to be able to call her friend at the end of your journey together!

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