Vanessa Lewis, CBD, PEP, PMUS (Midwife Under Supervision) Photo

Vanessa Lewis, CBD, PEP, PMUS (Midwife Under Supervision)

New Life Blessings Birth, Placenta & Photo

Auburn, MA Service range 55 miles


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $55

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1800

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $55

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 340 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years and 60 families served

Doula Training

  • The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources (toLabor), April 2013
  • Madriella, January 2016
  • Warm Welcome Birth Services, December 2017

Type of practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Postpartum doula support available. New Life Blessings now has a Pediatric RN available on staff!

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have a standard discounts available for preferred hospitals and home birth. Please request more info.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I'm a Primary Midwife Under Supervision (Student/similar to Residency) in process of completing certification as Certified Professional Midwife. I also appreciate opportunities to attend home births as your doula or montrice for additional experience. I have planned 2 home births;1 became a transfer and 1 home water birth, and can offer support with your home birth experience because of my studies and personal experience. DISCOUNT AVAILABLE TO HOME BIRTH DOULA CLIENTS.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother roasting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteer Doula available to displaced moms (Visitation House in Worcester, MA), Massachusetts Midwives Alliance Member, Former Nurtured Beginnings Co-Owner (A Resource for families)

Fee Details

Inviting someone to share in your most life-changing event is vulnerable, sacred & beautiful. As a doula, I support your journey to parenthood with sharing labor/birth/postpartum options & physical comfort skills; massage, aromatherapy, counter pressure, positions to help alleviate discomfort & progress labor. Amazing web-based programs included; Evidence Based Birth eCourse & Client Portal w/ videos & NEED TO KNOWS! Standard $1250- $1500; Some discounts, Insurance invoicing & FSA/HSA reimbursement opportunities.

Auburn, MA Service range 55 miles

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Client Testimonials for Vanessa Lewis, CBD, PEP, PMUS (Midwife Under Supervision)

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Jessica and david


Vanessa is amazing best experience ever had her with 3 of my births and she was always there for me threw my pregnancy any question i had or concern. with this recent birth labor started may 25th 3:30 am texted vanessa with my concern and she talked me threw everything every contraction till i was ready to go to hospital but i was kinda nervous so we got to hospital 4:15am and was examined at 4:30 and was 5cm and was brought right to our room till i delivered we walked squated vanessa made sure o was hydrated and ate to keep me energized we did shower and breathed threw every contraction and did massage and we progressed at 11:30 8cm and took shower water broke was 10cm 12:15 delivered 12:25 a 9lb 3.6 21 inch baby boy all natural vanessa is the way to go she was so calming love her she was the best experience ever and always reminded me thay everything was normal and that my body was doing what it needed to and she was a great comfort for dad aswell and made sure he ate and had coffee and.told him.what was what cause he was s first time dad she took amazing photos ill always treasure shes the best i plan baby number 5 soon and wouldn't have no one else by my side 



I don't know what I would have done without Vanessa. She was so supportive when she was helping me get into a comfortable position or ride out contractions. She made me feel empowered throughout the process, and that I was fully capable of birth. She was so caring and peaceful during the process. She made me feel respected and always asked permission before doing on any checks on me or my baby, like blood pressure or heart rate, and she always explained why she was doing something, and the results. I am so glad Vanessa was at my birth, and I'd highly recommend her to anyone!

Nicole Packard


Vanessa was truly a God send! I knew I wanted a doula and she solidified all of the reasonings for one. She also informed me of all of the hospitals around me which helped make my decision of where to birth. After our first interview I was impressed at the services provided and now looking back she went above and beyond. She was professional, knowledgeable and made us feel confident with the choices we made throughout my pregnancy. Vanessa was there for questions the entire time and really helped me make an informed decision when I went two weeks overdue and induction was scheduled.  She was so empathetic and made me feel confident with my decision.  

My labor went pretty quickly and I’m so glad she just knew when to show up after I had texted my water broke and contractions were picking up. Her support during that time was amazing. She knew exactly how to comfort me and when to suggest new positions or to stand back and give encouragement when my husband was holding me during transition.  She was there helping coach during pushing and I remember hearing her calming voice giving me the words I needed to feel confident that my body was made for this.  I really believe my journey wouldn’t have been so peaceful and during a fast first labor keeping me calm.  She looked out for our needs the entire time.

The postnatal visit was so helpful! She reassured me that I was doing a wonderful job and offered tips and tricks for getting baby to sleep and breastfeeding. I just love her and would recommend anyone on the fence to go with Vanessa! 

Lorelei Plotczyk


Honestly, I used to roll my eyes at the word "doula!" Now I wouldn't have traded my doula Vanessa for the world. I hesitated and procrastinated hiring her, wondering if it would really be worth it. Turns out she was worth her weight in gold, and her services were actually a great value. She strikes the perfect balance of being informative and supportive, but not at all pushy or judgmental. It can take me a while to get comfortable with new people, but she was just easy to be around from the beginning. Again she somehow strikes just the right balance of being just enough, but not too much. Even though I hired her at the last minute, she provided invaluable insight before, during, and after the birth. At the hospital she knew how to win over a nurse who didn't initially seem to love having a doula present, and then when the shifts changed she was the perfect complement to the next nurse (also a midwife), who was obviously impressed by her expertise and trusted her to help with everything. Vanessa advocated for me. She was flexible to my rapidly shifting birth plan. She helped prevent a needless c-section. She took priceless photos and videos of the birth that my mom pointed out were worth her fee alone! She stayed when I had severe postnatal complications, long after her hired time frame, because she truly cares. In the fragile days after the birth she guided me during confusing health issues, breastfeeding, and more. Her postpartum home visit was also priceless, and greatly improved my breastfeeding. She put the baby to sleep, who had been fussing for hours but was still sleeping 4 hours later! Now we use her calming techniques as well. In a nutshell, if you're considering Vanessa, do it - you won't regret it. Her services thoughtfully fill a gap in the whole experience that I don't know how I would otherwise handled. I know it all would have been a lot more confusing without her. I am forever grateful.

Kaite Rosa


Working with Vanessa was a wonderful experience. From the very first moment she walked in the door, we knew she was “the one.” Her energy is so caring and maternal, something that I loved about her and knew I wanted during my birth experience. Months before the birth, she helped explain all the options we would have. I appreciated that she gave us both the “traditional” medical take and the more natural take on things. I felt like, with her support, we were able to make educated and informed decisions. I also appreciate how judgement-free she is. I had planned for a natural birth, but 24hr into my labor, I decided I wanted an epidural. When discussing pain management options, I never felt like Vanessa was pushing me to do one thing vs. another. During labor, Vanessa came to the rescue when dealing with a difficult nurse that we didn’t jive with. She could tell just by the look on my face that this nurse wasn’t making me comfortable, and immediately jumped in to support me and my husband in finding someone better suited to us. Had she not been there, I don’t know we would have had the confidence to speak up. Vanessa was fantastic while I was laboring and absolutely essential when I was pushing. She was a coach and a cheerleader, and I will never forget her gentle but firm affirmations of, “You CAN do this. You ARE doing this!” I highly recommend partnering Vanessa for your birth experience.

Amanda Simpson


A year ago today Vanessa was with my husband and I as we welcomed our daughter into the world. Through the whole experience, from first meeting her in my first trimester, a week past "due," and into the wonder of our first weeks with a brand new person, Vanessa was essential and no small part of our success. During labor and the first hours with our daughter in our arms, Vanessa supported us and trusted my instincts even when I didn't. Vanessa went above and beyond, no matter if it was when I was first trimester and nervous, when I was due and cranky (cranky is putting it mildly), in labor and suddenly facing complications, and establishing nursing that was rocky to start, but a year later is smooth sailing. With hindsight, there are a few things I wish I had done differently, but having Vanessa with us I wouldn't change for the world.

Emily C.


There are endless benefits working with Vanessa and I would never use anyone else. She is a very special person and has a very special way about her. Birth wasn’t fun and I didn’t get them out in one glorious push after 20 minutes of laboring... but they’re here! Vanessa attended the birth of both of our children. I pushed two kids out without having to have c-sections, which I feel wouldn’t have happened without her support and the resources and education she provided throughout. We just love her and now consider her as a part of our family. Vanessa is calming, open minded, warm, and born to do what she does. As a woman, I loved that she was there in unison to raise my voice and guide my husband; which ultimately grew our bond. She facilitated his being able to support me in a way that didn’t demand any additional emotional or mental input from me. She allowed me to focus on doing what I needed to do (labor). My husband loved that he had guidance, backup, and a set of “tools” to leverage. Ultimately, I believe that had Vanessa not participated in assisting with my two vaginal births, we’d be sharing our cesarean stories. My partner was the one who wanted Vanessa’s services for the second time (I felt guilty asking him because of finances) and I was so grateful he asked! I would absolutely recommend Vanessa to everyone I know. It’s most important to know working with Vanessa will vastly change your labor experience for the better!

Leah Cantler


Initially, I hesitated to work with Vanessa due to the higher cost compared to other more local doulas, but Vanessa definitely has more experience and can support in more ways such as lactation support and placenta encapsulation. Since we began working with each other I have more trust in the process of pregnancy and birth. I enjoyed Vanessa’s calm, kind, supportive experienced care which makes the birth process so much better by having a trusting and supportive person be there with you throughout. It helped my partner feel they could be more present during the birth. There is nothing I would have had her do differently. She is an amazing asset to any birth! I would 100% recommend Vanessa and do recommend her services often.

Stephanie Drouin


My husband and I decided to hire a doula because we had agreed that while we wanted a hospital birth for our first child, we also wanted a more peaceful and loving experience than a hospital typically provides. After speaking with Vanessa and two other doulas, we chose Vanessa because she is familiar with HypnoBirthing and is supportive of evidence-based birth. I also felt more of a connection with her after our first conversation during which she took the time to tell me about herself and to find out what kind of birth experience I was looking for. We loved that she spent so much time with us during the two prenatal visits we had with her; she was able to answer all of our questions. When the big day arrived, Vanessa arrived at the hospital and immediately set my husband and I at ease with her presence. As I had planned, I used HypnoBirthing techniques, and decided not to get an epidural. While I was so committed to experiencing labor and birth naturally, I could not have stayed true to that without Vanessa being there to support me emotionally and physically. My labor ended up lasting just over 30 hours, and Vanessa saw me through the whole thing with only a few much needed short breaks for herself. After I had pushed for around 18 hours with tireless coaching and support from Vanessa, our daughter still wasn't born and my doctor advised me to have a C section. It was so hard to hear that, and scary and disappointing after all I had worked for, but after talking it over with both my husband and Vanessa, I knew it was the right thing to do. The doctors performing the surgery allowed Vanessa to be present in the room with us while our beautiful baby girl was born, and it meant so much to us that she was there to support us, and to take a few pictures in those first few moments of our daughter's life! Vanessa went above and beyond our highest hopes and expectations, and we highly recommend her services as a doula.

Jessica Cronin


Vanessa was an integral part of my birthing experience and allowed me to have an empowering and amazing birth experience. While Vanessa played a monumental part of the day of my daughter’s borth, her guidance extended weeks prior to that. Vanessa answered many of my questions in a phone call, visited our home for an interview, came to our home again to discuss a birthing plan, and then came a fourth time to discuss positions to labor in and tools to ease labor pain. She was professional, accommodating and informed, and eased my husband’s and my fears. She even acted out what a laboring mom looks and sounds like in different stages of labor to better inform us of what to expect. When I thought my water broke, I texted her and she helped me know it hadn’t. When I thought labor started a few weeks early, she was readily available via text and told me what to do to be sure. When labor actually started 11 days past my due date, she arrived at my home as soon as I said I needed her aid. She was a calming presence, suggested positions for my husband to stand in to better help me, she made gentle suggestions when she sensed positions were no longer working, and assured me I was making progress without me having to go to the hospital for vaginal checks. She brought aromatherapy tools, performed massage and counterpressure, and encouraged me to listen to my body. My water broke after 14 hours of labor at home, and we went to the hospital. There, Vanessa helped move our car from the emergency entrance, held my hand as I pushed, and made me feel heard when the pain of pushing became a lot. And when my daughter was in my arms, she took the first photo of my husband, daughter and I. I’m grateful we hired her. She allowed my husband and I to experience all the wonder birth has to offer, and I would urge you to have her by your side as you embark on the same journey. 

Sareena Gagner


 The best decision I ever made was to use a Doula for natural childbirth! Vanessa is amazing! She accommodated to every need that I had even ones I didn’t know that I had.

 If I had 10 kids I would use Vanessa every single time! I swear she is the reason why I avoided having an emergency C-section. My baby was having decelerations and I was on a non-rebreather at one point. Just having Vanessa there kept me calm. I also had to be induced three weeks early. Vanessa made me an induction today and I was 3 cm dilated by the time I got to the hospital. One less batch of Pharmaceuticals For me and my baby. I could go on for hours about the importance of having a Doula, especially Vanessa!



Francesca Polverino


I have always been scared of giving birth. 

I come from the south of Italy where we don’t have many resources available to make the labor and birth easier. Thus, when I got pregnant last year  I was terrified by the idea of giving birth and the pain associated. I spent hours and days watching YouTube videos where all sort of women were talking about their childbirth experiences. I hoped in this way I could feel better about what I was going through. But nothing worked and as the due date approached I was more scared. 

One day I watched the testimony of a woman who had a Doula assisting her childbirth and she was very happy about it. Thus I decided to look for my own doula. 

I interviewed 4 doulas before choosing Vanessa. As soon as I saw Vanessa I had no doubt that I wanted her to be next to me during those special moments. Her sweet eyes, her comforting voice, and her knowledge of the woman body and soul made me choose her right away. Today I have my 3 month old baby next to me and I can say that having Vanessa that day was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. She relieved my pain when I was in labor, made me laugh, gave me strength, gave me faith. She stood right next to me for 24 hours straight and took care of everythung I needed. I even let her cut my humbilical chord. She had and will always have a special role in my life. Vanessa is the best doula I could have ever asked for and I would choose her 1 million more times. 

Kayleigh McCarthy


Vanessa is one of the most genuinely kind people I’ve met. She became my doula about halfway through my pregnancy. I was referred to her by my midwife and after a phone conversation I knew I wanted to hire her. We still had a meeting at my home to determine if we would go ahead and work totether. My husband loved her and knew she was the one!  She was there to ask questions to throughout my pregnancy and we decided to hire her as our birth photographer also. i had a false alarm or “trial run” as they called it before my true labor and vanessa was so sweet and didn’t make me feel bad at all for calling her to my house at 3 am. She was great at suggesting things to keep labor going etc. When labor truly happened i was 42 weeks 6 days pregnant. up To that time she checked in with me but wasn’t too much which I appreciated so much. She truly gauges that I like having support but not having people constantly checking in or talking to me. I really just like having the presence of support. Labor was extremely short, 2 and a half hours. vanessa made it to my house 12 minutes before baby was born, midwife made it 7 minutes before, crazy! When Vanessa arrived I was pushing and she offered calm quiet reassurance and encouragement which was perfect. She knew I didn’t need anyone right in my face as I’m an internal Laborer. after Baby was born we were having trouble breastfeeding. Vanessa cane to my house the same night I told her I was having troubles at 8 pm after a full day of teaching. I live an hour and a half away, I was so so thankful for her selflessness. She adjusted our positioning and right away things got better and better all the time! She is amazing, she really knows her stuff and is so genuinely caring and professional. she also made an amazing birth video for me. Love vanessa will definitely be hiring her again! 

Allison Noble


Vanessa was my doula for my first child and i was so pleased with her services! She provided education in two prenatal visits that really gave me knowledge regarding the labor and birth process. We went over different labor positions and techniques and decided which worked best for me. She was an excellent communicator and returned calls, texts, and emails in a timely manner. While in the Hospital, she was an excellent coach for myself and my spouse. She created a peaceful environment.  She never pushed her opinions on you, rather educated you on your options.  After my daughter was born, she had to be whisked away to a medical nursery and my husband went with her, and Vanessa was so kind and stayed with me nearly 2 hours until I could join my family. I would highly recommend her (and so would my OB).

Liana Laddaga Lech


Vanessa was our doula for the birth of my son a year ago. She is so warm and easy to talk to you. I still chat with her every couple months.

I had a plan for my sons birth. I wanted to do everything naturally and labor at home, and Vanessa was all set to help make that happen. My son had other plans. Nothing went the way I wanted it to. But Vanessa was there every step of the way. She made me and my family feel so much better about everything that happened. None of us would have made it through that day without her.

We have not decised if we are going to have a second child, but we have decised to hire Vanessa again if we do.

If you are looking for a doula and you want someone who can interact with hospital staff without making waves, help your family feel comfortable and know how to help you, someone who will be there for you even after your baby arrives, hire Vanessa. you wont regret it.

Thank you for everything Vanessa!

Marie Delmonico


Our experience with Vanessa was extremely pleasant. She traveled to us in Rhode Island for our prenatal visits and the knowledge she shared was so valuable for us as firs time parents. Her support, compassion, and dedication to our family was exactly what we needed. Partners can feel so helpless with a pregnancy, Vanessa helped my husband understand how he could help and be a part of the experience. Having her by our side during our birth was invaluable, her calm demeanor and experience in the field really kept it all in perspective. We opted for the placent encapsulation which was rush delivered with a nice little care package. I would strongly reccomend Vanessa as a Doula for any family. 

Rebecca Huard


Vanessa was a great resource and a huge help for both my husband and I through the entire process of preparing for the birth of our child, during, and even after she was born. Vanessa is very professional and caring, and was available for us whenever we needed her. She met with us twice prior to me going into labor, even though I was pretty far along in my pregnancy when I contacted her (I had been thinking about using a doula for a long time prior). After meeting with Vanessa I was convinced that having a doula was the way to go for us. I wanted to have as natural a birth as possible, and Vanessa was there to advocate for me and help me through the process at the hospital. She met us at her house during the earlier stages of labor as soon as we asked her to be there. She then advised us of when it was time to go to the hospital (and good thing she did- I was only there for a few hours before my little one was born!). She encouraged me to stick to my birth plan, and even met with us after the baby was born to help with some nursing support. I would highly recommend Vanessa for anyone looking to use a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable doula!

Leanne Ross


Vanessa was an integral part of our birth team for the pregnancy and birth of our daughter Ari.  From the beginning, she was extremely professional and easy to work with.  She was so knowledgable, and able to share information in an easy to understand and non-judgmental way.  She made my husband feel extremely included as my birth partner, but took a lot of the burden off of him.  She was an outstanding resource during our pre-natal visits to help to build our birth plan, and so helpful with questions leading up to labor.  On the day my labor started, she was there via text and phone every step of the way until we were sure it was time.  She then came to the house when my husband called to help labor at home as long as possible.  Whether at home or the hospital, she gave us the confidence to know we were making the right decision every step of the way.  She was attentive, comforting, and reassuring...all while helping me feel empowered and in control.  She stayed all the way through establishing breastfeeding, and left only when we felt like we had everything handled.  During the post-natal visit, she answered questions and continued to be a great resource.  It was like catching up with an old friend.  

Both my husband and I agree that we would not have wanted to go through the birthing process without Vanessa a part of it.  We could not recommend her highly enough!

Courtney Shimek


We knew upon first meeting Vanessa that she was the right choice for us. She led us on an informed and nurturing path through our pregnancy. Vanessa offered a level of comfort that was unmatched by other doulas we interviewed. She was also timely, thorough, and compassionate. During labor, Vanessa was essential because she helped me find positions that alleviated back pain I had from an injury years prior. She gave me constant reassurance which was especially important when my water broke in the bathroom and I was in excruciating pain. She came in and calmed me down because I was absolutely terrified. Having her in that very moment eased all my fears. I still tear up just writing this, thinking about her sweet words and how soothing she was. Having Vanessa there to guide us through labor and delivery was more than just piece of mind, she also offered us information that we would not have gotten from being at the hospital alone. We will be using Vanessa when we have our second baby. And I can honestly say that I don't know if I would have considered giving birth again if I didn't have her there during my first birth, making it so manageable.

Hui Kim


(continued below) We knew that Vanessa was helping another client with a difficult birth at the same time, so she wasn’t able to be with us for the first two days in hospital. However, she was able to offer her help and guidance by phone, and her insight and experience helped us to navigate through some tough decisions for us as a couple. She even offered to send another doula to us in her place, but we felt we had the time to wait before we made a decision.

Vanessa was able to join us for day three which was the day our son was born. She greeted us with such warmth and compassion and quickly got to work in making the room more comfortable. We didn’t really know what to expect because we never had a chance to schedule a second prenatal visit with her to go through a labor practice, but she started some aromatherapy which was amazing, and helped us through some exercises to encourage labor progression. We walked up and down the short hall, took up a squatting position, sat on a bouncy ball, and she encouraged my husband to assist me through it all which I really appreciate looking back. When the labor intensified, she guided me through some breathing exercises, and demonstrated some counterpressure maneuvers to my husband which REALLY did the trick! It was hands down the most intense and emotional experience of my life, and Vanessa was able to guide us as a couple to get through it together in a way that wasn’t intrusive, or authoritative. She even had the foresight to take some pictures of the labor and delivery, without us asking, which I am really grateful for.

At the end of the day, even though it wasn’t the birth I had envisioned, with the help of my husband, Vanessa, and the hospital team, we were able to get through it without any pain medication, and looking back now, I can’t really imagine it going any other way. It was a beautiful and empowering experience.

Hui Kim


This testimonial is a nearly a year overdue but my husband and I couldn’t let this opportunity pass us by to thank Vanessa for being a part of our journey and for her instrumental role in the beautiful birth of our darling baby boy. Our son just turned one year old and, as everyone who’s been through it can probably attest, that first year really does fly by, and for us, it all started with a whirlwind birth as well.

My husband and I had been planning for a homebirth with midwives based out of Madison CT, and hiring a doula seemed to be the right decision for us especially since we didn’t have any family or many close friends in the area. We met with several potential doulas through Doula Match, but after meeting Vanessa, we just clicked. From that first warm hug, to the conversation with her, we knew that Vanessa was the right person to have at the birth of our first child. She exuded compassion, calm, and professionalism, and her sweet and gentle voice was one that would prove invaluable during the difficult labor phase (it sounds silly, but that really was important to me!). Although we were outside of her service area, Vanessa agreed to be our doula in part because of our desire to have our baby at home.

Of course, very little often goes according to plan, and my husband and I were alarmed when my water broke at work a month ahead of schedule. We called our midwives because we were outside of the window for home-birthing, and with their guidance we were directed to a hospital in New Haven. At the hospital, because of the situation, I was hooked up to penicillin, and continuous monitoring, and because the labor wasn’t progressing, we attempted the Foley catheter before resorting to Pitocin. My goal for the birth was to try to be as present, involved, and as unmedicated as possible, and the next two days were a struggle. (continued above)

Lisa Marie Bagaco Lewis


Our overall expierence with Vanessa was amazing. I can't say enough good things about her a a person a professionally as a birth coach. My husband and I connected with Vanessa off the bat, through our phone interview and in person interview, we knew she was the coach we would want to support us in this journey of delivering our first baby, our son. The in home sessions with Vanessa were very informative and helpful in our process. From all the techniques we learned during the laboring process to all the decisions we needed to make for our birth plan, Vanessa was able to explain everything we needed to know and then some. Once we made it into the hospital, our experience again, was so much more assuring with Vanessa there to talk us through our options but also through the tough times of the laboring that I experienced. She was always very supportive of my decisions even after having had to choose an epidural after 20 something hours of labor and pain that I could no longer tolerate. She was a blessing for my husband and I and helped welcome our precious son, Vander into the world. I would highly recommend Vanessa to anyone that wants a great doula experience with an overly knowledgeable and experienced background. 

Yeonjoo Son


One of the best decision I have made during my first pregnancy is to work with Vanessa. As I was talking to her I felt connected and comfortable with her to share my most personal exPerience. She was warm and caring. At the same time she was able to demonstrate her knowledge and yet remained flexible to guide us into our own birth plan. She never imposed her opinion. She showed evidence from most current researches and helped us make our own decision.

I was induced due to my overdue. With my second round of pitocin and induced labor being intensified, we asked her to come over and she showed up at the hospital. She maintained calm for entire time and her presence was absolutely reassuring. I truly loved her counter pressure and she reminded me to breath to get through the intense pain. She also knows all the procedures that I felt completely advocated by her. Also my husband felt comfortable with her coaching how to help me and he got some rest with her being with me. It was extremely helpful to have Vanessa who can professionally maintain healthy distance and guiding this overwhelming process with patience and kindness. She blended with my team and detected what I and my husband wanted accurately.

I ended up having a c-section due to my fibroid and I was so scared. I never received a surgery in my life and I felt like a failure. I also hated that things did not work out the way I planned. I was very hesitant to make that decision. She was able to assist me in communicating with my husband who wanted me to get the surgery but respectful to my wish. When she gently mentioned that, I realized I tried everything I could to give a natural birth and it is the time to go on a plan B. She waited until my surgery was over and made sure we were ok. We only had positive experiences with Vanessa and strongly recommend her for anyone!!! She will make the precious birth experience as the best as it can be!

Dennis Colwell


When the topic of a doula was first brought up to me by my wife I was really skeptical.  I ended up reaaching out to Vanessa after a colleague of mine suggested I do so just to talk.  I am very happy I made that call as working with Vanessa completely changed what I thought the birth process could be for myself as a husband and especially for our family.  

She helped educate us on what was going on with my wife's pregnancy as well as prepare us for the day.  Our greater understanding and emotional support allowed us to make informed decisions for our baby and family.  Upon much thought we decided on a home birth and Vanessa was there to support us the whole time.  She helped with so many aspects of the labor it becomes a bit of a blur.  Her ability to be there when needed but also be present and background when appropriate was a true testament to her professionalism.  

We hired Vanessa as our doula but her role was so much more to us.  We feel she was an integral part to our loving, supportive and successful birth of our beautiful daughter.

Thank you Vanessa!

Your friends,

The Colwells

Brittany Minichiello


My husband and I cannot say enough amazing things about Vanessa. From our first phone call, we knew she needed to be a part of the birth of our first child. Unfortunately for us, she wasn't able to make the birth due to another client's birth - but she was beyyond supportive, kind, and caring in the week leading up to and post-birth - making us feel at ease through some important decisions and challenging scenarios. As first time parents, it's so helpful to have someone who is informed, professional, and above-all, rooting for your success as a parent. She went above and beyond for us at every turn and we can't express our gratitude enough. She's worth her weight in gold to us!

-Brit, Dave, and Benjamin Minichiello

Amy Yozura


 We had a wonderful experience working with Vanessa as our birth doula.  She was with us for the birth of our first child and helped to make the experience as comfortable as possible. She helped prepare us for giving birth and dealing with post partum. I would reccomend her very highly to any family looking to use a birth doula. 

Kendra Ryan


I can't even begin to describe the impact Vanessa had the birth of our 2nd baby. After a traumatic c-section with my 1st, I felt depressed; like my body was broken. From day one, Vanessa was always there for me, reassuring me that I could birth my next baby vaginally. She was my emotional rock and became like a sister. She always believed in me, even when I didn't believe in myself. We shared hugs and tears and through it all, she told me to trust in God and trust my body.

Vanessa was with me all night and into the morning as I labored at home. Her knowledge and experience is unparalleled. Thanks to her expert guidance, I arrived at the hospital nearly 9 cm dilated. After an hour and a half of pushing, however, I wanted to give up; despite having my heart set on a natural birth. I doubted whether I could do it without an epidural. But Vanessa never doubted. She gave me the strength I needed. 

And at 1:38 pm on December 9th, 2016, I did it. I pushed my 8lb, 7oz baby girl into the world...reached down, and pulled her up onto my chest myself. It was, without a doubt, the greatest and proudest moment of my entire life.

Thanks to Vanessa, I had a successful VBAC. It was SO healing and SO empowering. I could never have done it without her. To top it off, she created the most beautiful video montage of the labor and birth. It's truly the most treasured gift that my husband and I have ever been given. Every time I watch it, I can't help but cry tears of joy and feel like superwoman! I now affectionately refer to my second daughter as my "birth buddy" :)

Helping mothers birth their babies is Vaness's calling. Her work exudes such grace, love, and faith. I'm so blessed to know her and to have her friendship. I can never repay her or thank her enough for the gift she gave me. That birth changed my life.  I thank God that I was blessed with the natural birth of my dreams. And I thank God that I chose Vanessa as my doula.

Apryl Lynn


Im a mom of 4 and with each I had ac-section. My first 2 I didn't have a doubla but with my 3rd I knew I didn't want the same birth experience . I met Vanessa at a community baby shower and I never knew you could have a doubla when you have ac section.  she made such a difference  overall.  when I got pregnant with my 4th I  knew I needed her assistance again. when it was time to go in to have my baby girl Vanessa helped calm my nerves. she used essential oils to help with nausea and held my hand when I got anxious.  in the delivery room she reminded the doctor of my wishes and made sure I heard what the doctor was saying.  she took beautiful pictures of our life changing moment. once my baby was born she stayed with me til the pain was under control.  she checked in with me after she left and came back to visit and get some baby snuggles. 

We also had Vanessa do some art with the placenta.  she used it as a stamp to make a tree picture. it came out better then I imagined.  

I cant thank Vanessa enough for all her help and love she shown in these special times in our lives.  

Emily Hutt


From the moment we met Vanessa, my husband and I knew we wanted her to be our advocate and cheerleader before, during, and after the birth of our first child. She emanated warmth and professionalism, and quickly became a trusted resource for us. We met several times throughout my pregnancy, and she was supportive and informative, and made herself available for us. I had a small educational about the medical approach to the birthing process, and didnt want to fall into or be feared into an "emergency c-section." I was in labor for 40+ hours. I made two trips to the hospital. During my first trip to the hospital Vanessa's knowledge saved me from being prematurely admitted, which would likely have led to a c-section, due to my baby being in the posterior position. Her knowledge literally saved us from addional costs and afforded us an experience that was as close to what we'd planed for. Vanessa was there physically and emotionally through the whole thing. I have the utmost respect for her wisdom and insight, and the deepest affection as she was there for my family in so many ways. Lastly, I would like to say that Vanessa gave my husband the opportunity to feel confident in his coaching skills. She gave us the space we needed as a couple for this to be an experience that brought us together as a team. There aren't words to express my gratitude for that. We absolutely love Vanessa, highly recommend her, and can't imagine our labor experience without her being a part!

Kelsey Melillo


After having a traumatic birth and hospital stay with our first, my husband and I agreed to hire a doula the second time around.
One day while searching the internet for a local doula, there she was; Vanessa. She was an invaluable part of our birth team, and my pregnancy. She was always an email away with advice/answers for my, sometimes bizarre, questions and support.
I had a strange induction lasting 44 hours, she was there as soon as I let her know I needed her and she never left my side throughout the process, except to leave the room while I had my epidural put in. (Even before I actually got it, she quickly explained that once I asked for the medication everything would move quickly during that process.) When my epidural failed, and things started to get crazy she even prayed with me! After Samantha was born, she stayed until she made sure I was okay. After my daughter’s birth she had a couple of hours to get some sleep then attended 7 other births all back to back with no break, and even with that she still had my placenta encapsulation and tincture ready within a week and my pictures within two!
My husband has even raved about her to our family! He’s said that with the knowledge, experience and support Vanessa brings, she is worth every penny we paid her and more.
I honestly can not wait to get pregnant again, and when I do Vanessa will be the first person I call.

Brittany Falcone


When I found out that we were expecting our first child, I knew that I wanted to hire a doula to help support me through the pregnancy and the delivery. There are so many doulas out there, it was difficult to know who to select but after meeting with Vanessa I knew she would be a great fit to help us through this exciting time. She is professional, knowledgeable, supportive, and so easy to connect with interpersonally the decision to hire her was a no brainer! Vanessa answered questions promptly and thoroughly throughout the pre and post natal period. During labor and delivery, her presence was essential. She made sure I was hydrated, and most importantly helped direct and encourage my husband so that he could support me better. She stepped in and was there by my side immediately when my husband almost fainted during the delivery! I had a long labor and delivery, but despite be tired she never missed a beat. I envisioned a natural childbirth, and Vanessa allowed me to achieve this goal by physicaly and emotionally guiding me the entire time. I also used Vanessa for my placenta encapsulation, which she completed in a timely fashion. I bet a lot of people say they couldn't have done it without her. And the truth is I could have done it with out her (you don't really have a choice when you have a baby afterall) but I wouldn't have wanted to do it without her by our side. My family is eternally grateful to Vanessa. If you're considering hiring a doula, Vanessa would be a great option!

laura johnson


When pregnant with baby #6 I knew I wanted a doula. I wanted the additional support along with the midwife. Vanessa was great! From the beginning to the postpartum period she was super supportive. Always answering questions concerns and contributing with lots of info that I had no idea existed. I was determined to have a natural birth and in the end that's what i got! During labor counter pressure was the contraction killer! Vanessa's kind words breathing and touch got me through. I would highly recommend her doula services to all!

Emily Cagwin


Vanessa is everything I ever wanted in a doula. And as a second time mom, I knew exactly what I was looking for! First and foremost, she's just a wonderful human being and a pleasure to be around. Her love for her work is so evident in her demeanor and her commitment to her clients. Vanessa supported my husband and I in our goal to have another unmedicated birth, this time planning on a hospital setting versus a birth center. In terms of working style, she is a fantastic blend of old school and modern. I know she would be an incredible resource to support any family's birth plan - from planned c-section to home birth - without judgment. For our family, we needed someone who could guide us through an unmedicated birth and help us advocate to forego certain typical hospital interventions. Vanessa did exactly that and so much more. The bonuses of partnering with Vanessa are endless. She has a rich online resource library full of helpful videos and great articles, she secured us access to a wonderful online program called Evidence Based Birth, she was SO responsive via text, email or phone, she offers placenta encapsultion (which we weren't planning on but happily took advantage of), and she also offers photography at the birth as another available option for families. I'm sure my breastfeeding wouldn't have gotten off to such a good start without taking advantage of her resource library on the topic. I watched a great video that refreshed me on the best position to get a good latch with a newborn and it worked like a charm (and I had definitely forgotten - my older daughter is 4 now!). Plus, Vanessa was right there with me in those critical first couple of hours after my son's birth to help us settle in and rest, get started with breastfeeding, and to remind us to eat and make sure that we did! I can't recommend Vanessa more highly - she will be a truly special part of your journey to parenthood.

Emily Cagwin


Vanessa is everything I ever wanted in a doula. And as a second time mom, I knew exactly what I was looking for! First and foremost, she's just a wonderful human being and a pleasure to be around. Her love for her work is so evident in her demeanor and her commitment to her clients. Vanessa supported my husband and I in our goal to have another unmedicated birth, this time planning on a hospital setting versus a birth center. In terms of working style, she is a fantastic blend of old school and modern. I know she would be an incredible resource to support any family's birth plan - from planned c-section to home birth - without judgment. For our family, we needed someone who could guide us through an unmedicated birth and help us advocate to forego certain typical hospital interventions. Vanessa did exactly that and so much more. The bonuses of partnering with Vanessa are endless. She has a rich online resource library full of helpful videos and great articles, she secured us access to a wonderful online program called Evidence Based Birth, she was SO responsive via text, email or phone, she offers placenta encapsultion (which we weren't planning on but happily took advantage of), and she also offers photography at the birth as another available option for families. I'm sure my breastfeeding wouldn't have gotten off to such a good start without taking advantage of her resource library on the topic. I watched a great video that refreshed me on the best position to get a good latch with a newborn and it worked like a charm (and I had definitely forgotten - my older daughter is 4 now!). Plus, Vanessa was right there with me in those critical first couple of hours after my son's birth to help us settle in and rest, get started with breastfeeding, and to remind us to eat and make sure that we did! I can't recommend Vanessa more highly - she will be a truly special part of your journey to parenthood.

natasha mckay


Vanessa was such a strong and calming presence during the birth of my 5th baby. She involved my other children and she empowered my husband and myself throughout the process. She advocated for me and prayed with me and over me. It was by far the best birth experience I've had. I wish she had been there for my other births. She will definitely be there if I have any more.

Jessica Lefebvre


What can I say about Vanessa shes amazen so sweet caring and all about being there for you never once did she leave my side was great about making sure I was hydrated and helped me threw allmy contractions was so soothing her voice and felt so relaxed and let me tell you the best part she gives a amazen massage and had these awesome essential oils worked great for me especially nausea also we walked alot and squatting was helpful we did the yoga ball loved that we different positions she rubbed tenis ball on back that helped and the pressure on hips with hands helped alot I was cold she covered me made sure I was warm she was there every step of the way took amazen photos of my birth she was great for my boyfriend too very supportive asking him how he was in the process she never got side tracked never left my side stood up for me when the dr wanted to kick me out at 6 cm I was in tears Vanessa made sure I wasn't goin anywhere not to mention they didn't have it in records I had a hemorrhage till she said something was scary so glad she was there it was funny my water broke and I literally jumped a foot started crying she held my hand reassured me its a good thing that my baby was coming I calmed rite down just was a amazen experience and now I'm pregnant with baby 3 and I have her again so excited feel very relaxed knowing she will be there every step of the way with me

Vanessa Lewis


(Rebuttal to the testimonial posted below on 5/3/2016) - I was not hired as this client's primary provider or in any medical care capacity. It is discussed in interview and stated in signed contract. - The client expressed her desire for a homebirth after participating in the Evidence Based Birth (R) eCourse for parents. She shared she felt uneasy with her provider as of late and by request I provided her with TWO homebirth midwives contact information at 6.5 months gestation. Due to the out of pocket expense, after discussions with both CPMs the client and partner opted to stay within insurance covered hospital setting. - Client requested referral to different CNM (nurse midwife) for hospital birth and switched practices. There she stated she felt her wishes were also not supported and requested another home birth midwifery contact. I provided a name and phone number of a THIRD CPM which was interviewed and hired out of my presence after estimated due date had passed. - I had previously fufilled the prenatal portion of contract and we kept in contact via phone support. During this time, I listed natural options to nudge body into labor; intercourse, nipple stimulation, aromatherapy, acupressure, acupuncture... - On day of loss, client was not in labor and so I was at my home oncall, anticipating the impending labor call. I received a call from the CPM stating they were in transport to hospital and I promptly left. Upon arrival to hospital I learned baby's heart had stopped. - I emotionally and physically supported client through 37 hours, straight, of induction into postpartum. - I then provided a FULL compassionate refund and offered loss resources. (Rebuttal continued below.)

Vanessa Lewis


(Continued from above.) I am indeed spiritually minded which is purposefully shared on my website in my About section, reflected in the name and also in my email signature. However, I remain strictly professional in visits discussing only information about labor and birth. Religion is never a topic unless specifically initiated by a client and related to birth experience. I do not discriminate against opposing religions or lack thereof. My ideals about birth have remained mine. Of the 60 doula clients I've attended, 57 have been planned hospital births this client is included in 3 planned homebirths number. In addition to the 1 doula client who planned a homebirth and birthed at home (both this client and a preterm labor client transferred), I have attended 5 homebirths as an apprentice midwife with 2 CPMs present and have birthed 2 children of my own - the first a transport from home to hospital and the second at home. I began my journey into midwifery before doula support. This is the first and only loss I've attended. All I can truly say is, I wholeheartedly support and praise each client's decisions, whatever they may be. It is not my birth, my baby or my body so I will never attempt to steer decisions. I have supported women who want epidurals, analgesics, natural birth, ultrasounds, no ultrasounds, etc. How that may be conceived as "brainwashing" is unknown. Although, I can not accept responsibility for a loss which I had no power over, I have experienced a deep hurt in her grief and will continue to care deeply and lovingly for this client. Should she ever need or want, I have conveyed I will still stand by her side.



Vanessa has a pretty website. Vanessa boosts that she has attended many births but I would not recommend her if your belief systems don't align. I would describe hers as being very religious and a supporter of the all natural homepathic remedies of which have a place and fit a certain client. I am not into either. I wish I was more choice when searching but I got caught up in her sales pitch.

Heres why I don't suggest her services: While working with Vanessa, she introduced and recommended a CPM (Midwife) of which we hired - this is Vanessas mentor. Vanessa and this midwife felt I was the perfect candidate for a home birth - I was excited and defaulted to Vanessa for all things pregnancy related. As the time neared for the baby to come, Vanessa kept telling me to do various things to induce labor but nothing was working. I was brainwashed into avoiding the hospital for fear of induction and was told repeatedly that first-time babies are late. I listened. Sadly, we lost the baby around 42 weeks - while I don't have an answer as to why, I do feel Vanessa and the midwife she mentors under (Vanessa wants to become a midwife) both neglected all the signs it was time to go to the hospital. 

Monica T


Our experience with Vanessa was great! She was very patient with us early on and the home visits before labor were helpful in being prepared for what to expect. Amazingly, my labor went according to plan without any major complications. Having Vanessa there really helped in keeping me (and my husband) calm. There were a couple times during the experience where I really thought it was time for the epidural. However, Vanessa's help in massaging my back during awful back labor, her constant positivity and her suggestions for alternative positions during the labor all assisted in helping me achieve the natural labor we were hoping for from the get-go. We are so grateful for Vanessa's support throughout the process!

Whitney Murphy


I can't say enough good things about Vanessa. From the very beginning, I felt an immediate comfort and closeness with her and trusted her fully. My husband and I loved that she was so knowledgable and could explain any topic in incredible detail, answering any questions we had and making sure we had full information. My labor and birth experience ended up being almost the exact opposite of what I had wanted and envisioned but Vanessa helped me to stay calm and focused and explained all my options to me as they arose. She made sure I felt confident in my decisions and comforted me when I needed it most. I highly recommend Vanessa to anyone looking for a doula but be prepared to make a good friend in the process :)

Chantal Bichet


Vanessa is super knowledgeable and the most patient person on earth.  All of my questions and needs could have driven a saint insane.  I can honestly not say enough good things about here.  From her knowledge base, to her reference articles for research, planning to her bedside manner and help in advising of how to interact and negotiate with medical personnel.  I would recommend her 100%! 

Judy Ellman


I contacted Vanessa about placenta encapsulation the evening before I was scheduled to be discharged from the hospital after the birth of my daughter. She agreed to meet us at the hospital the next morning to pick up the placenta, and ended up driving in over two hours of Boston traffic to get there. She was thoroughly communicative the whole time, and kept me updated on the steps in the process. The placenta pills arrived on my doorstep just two days later, beautifully packaged along with a very informative brochure about how to get the most benefit from the placenta, and even some sweet extra gifts like a tree of life pendant with my daughter's birthstone in swarovski crystal. Vanessa was wonderful to work with and I recommend her highly.

Kaitlin Brinley


I used Vanessa for my placenta encapsulation after I delivered my baby girl in July. I had researched several people who have this skill and ended up going with Vanessa and I could not be happier with her services. She was so responsive in her emails and always available when I had questions. I could not believe how quickly she turned the pills around; they were ready the next day. The package I received was absolutely amazing! It included a baby story, organic scrub, homemade wipe solution, the umbilical cord in the shape of a heart with the July birthstone and 125 pills. I am so pleased with Vanessa and her services and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in placenta encapsulation. Thanks Vanessa!

Katherine Parcell


Vanessa was wonderful - we were thrilled to be able to work with her. She was extremely knowledgable, and shared tons of information in an approachable, understandable way. We had a VBAC at 34 weeks, after a week of hospital bed rest.  We appreciated her calm demeanor.  She was open, and honest, and allowed us to be open and honest wither her, about what was working, what we liked/disliked and what we needed. Vanessa helped alot with pain management, both in outlining our options and teaching us Rebozo, but also during labor, helping figure out different positions and ways my partner could support me. She helped us undersatnd our option at different decision points throughout the labor, and felt like she was a great addition to a team of understanding nurses, and together we felt like we had all the info we needed to make decisions and to understand what was going on. She was caring, compassionate, very sweet, got us food after it was all over, and got a little gift for our newest little one. We also had Vanessa take photos, which was an added bonus we wouodn't have done otherwise, and they were beautiful, tasteful, and captured really special moments we are thrilled to have with us forever. Thank you, Vanessa!

Melissa Twarog


I can’t say enough good things about Vanessa. From our first meeting my husband and I knew this was the woman we wanted with us during the birth of our first child. I felt instantly at ease with her. She was always quick to respond to questions leading up to the birth and met with us several times to go over progress, help us plan for the birth and share a few laughs. During labor Vanessa came to our home and was a calming and strong presence. She reassured me and helped me focus on what I needed to do. At the hospital Vanessa was by my side the whole time and made sure I always knew what was happening during my whirlwind delivery. Her presence is why my birth experience was so fantastic, she was my advocate and made sure my birth plan was followed whenever possible. With her I was able to achieve my goal of an un-medicated natural birth. We even shared a few laughs during the actual delivery between pushes. She knew exactly when to step back and when to take charge and made sure my husband was comfortable and involved. After the birth Vanessa stayed with me to help with babies first meal. If it weren’t for Vanessa insisting on the nurses locating a nipple shield breastfeeding would not have been successful. She is the only lactation counselor that took the time to make me feel comfortable and explain positioning and latching and not make me feel inadequate for needing a nipple shield. I was successful at breastfeeding because of Vanessa. I also had Vanessa encapsulate the placenta. The thought and care that went into the encapsulation was obvious when she hand delivered the capsules and all the goodies she added. Even now Vanessa continues to be a great resource and friend. I know I can message her with any question and she will do her best to answer it. Vanessa will be one of the first people I call when baby number 2 is on its way!

Ashley Shadd


I began searching for a doula to help me on my journey to achieve a very much desired VBAC. My husband and I had interviewed a few doulas before we found Vanessa and realized that we didn't quite mesh well with them. When we met with Vanessa we instantly clicked with her and felt comfortable with her from the very beginning- feelings we didn't get from anyone else we had interviewed. What drew us to Vanessa was her faith, her compassion, her knowledge, and her extremely calming demeanor. She was very encouraging and uplifting throughout my entire pregnancy and constantly reassured me that I was in charge of my labor and birth and 100% capable of achieving my VBAC. She was right. She guided me and my husband through my 27hr labor and used her knowledge and skills to help me cope. She was extremely supportive of my wishes and desires and made me feel empowered. She was such a valuable asset to my labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. We are so incredibly gratefull to have found her! I can't speak more highly of her and if we have another baby she will be right there with us!

Ashley Shadd


I began searching for a doula to help me on my journey to achieve a very much desired VBAC. My husband and I had interviewed a few doulas before we found Vanessa and realized that we didn't quite mesh well with them. When we met with Vanessa we instantly clicked with her and felt comfortable with her from the very beginning- feelings we didn't get from anyone else we had interviewed. What drew us to Vanessa was her faith, her compassion, her knowledge, and her extremely calming demeanor. She was very encouraging and uplifting throughout my entire pregnancy and constantly reassured me that I was in charge of my labor and birth and 100% capable of achieving my VBAC. She was right. She guided me and my husband through my 27hr labor and used her knowledge and skills to help me cope. She was extremely supportive of my wishes and desires and made me feel empowered. She was such a valuable asset to my labor, delivery, and postpartum recovery. We are so incredibly gratefull to have found her! I can't speak more highly of her and if we have another baby she will be right there with us!

Jessica Minton


I found out about Vanessa thru posting on a local la leche league's Facebook page. Within that day Vanessa was already contacting me and offering to help me with my baby's latch and the vasospasms I was dealing with. She was such a big help! Not only did she come to my home, but she came as soon as she could. Such a blessing! I had a very difficult time finding a lactation consultant and after searching for a while she came recommended by others on the la leche league Facebook page. I would highly recommend her! She is very encouraging and responds back to your questions very quickly. She really helped me be able to continue in my breastfeeding journey when it was getting difficult. Thank you so much Vanessa! 

Lisa Aube


Vanessa is such a kind and gentle soul, perfect for this line of work! I had the pleasure of having consultations with Vanessa before birth where she was super knowledgeable, kind, and patient. She was always 100% prepared and made you feel like her friend right from the start. After my birth, I utilized Vanessa for some lactation consulting. She was so amazing and encouraging! Made me feel so much more relaxed and confident in what I was doing! Plus she gave me a few different soothing techniques for a crying baby! Later when I returned to work and was stressing out about supply, she was so kind to visit with me again and made me some delicious tea to help! When you meet and work with Vanessa, you immediately feel like you have a new friend! My husband and I highly recommend her for any of your birth needs!  

Payson Hendrix


Thanks to Vanessa and her awesome flexibility, I was able to have a wonderful birth experience at home. Even though my baby arrived in a hospital, I could not have labored at home without the birth tub. Vanessa was so easy to work with throughout the entire process. From working to coordinate details, accesories, and pick up/drop off, I couldn't have asked for a better experience. We even hit a bump when we got home and realized we didn't have the sump pump to drain the tub. Vanessa contacted us before we could even ask and informed us that she had one ordered and overnighted to our home just in case I went into early labor. We all feel very fortunate to have worked with Vanessa on this rental. I experienced triple peak contractions lasting five minutes with no break. I couldn't have gotten through these without the support of my husband, midwives, and especially such a reliable and well worth birth tub!! The floating sensation was wonderful. Thank you Vanessa for all your understanding, availability, ease of contact, and overall genuine care for our well being! We are grateful for your services!!  When baby number two wants to make a debut we will certainly be in contact again!

Love and hugs, Payson, Brandon and baby Charlie Elizabeth??

candice edwards


I can honestly say that you were a HUGE support to both Jay and I during our pregnancy, a very challenging birth and afterwards. We cannot thank you enough.

From coming to my house very late at night to support my early labor, staying by my side for a LONG labor/delivery to being there postpartum for tips and advice. We are so grateful.

I KNOW without a shadow of doubt, that I would not have been able to get through the birth without you. I remember so vividly being coached during the birth, telling me exactly what to do/how to breathe, having Jay and I do tug-of-war, the magic moment of you gently telling me to take a shower (when I didn't want to move) and how amazing it felt, pushing on my back with each contraction....the list can go on. But most importantly, advocating my birth wishes with the medical team when I wasn't able to. This was HUGE!

Last but not least. Thank you Vanessa, for reminding Jay to tell me if we had a boy or a girl! That still makes me laugh to this day.

The experience was amazing, we highly recommend you and hold you both dear in our hearts.

We look forward to using you again when we give Oliver a little brother or sister.

For those wondering if they should use Vanessa, the answer is YES! She is amazing, knows her stuff and best of all, her personality is more of a best friend than a professional. 

Candice, Jay & Oliver.

Kristi Ressler


I am a younger mama (25) and did a lot of reading on natural labor and giving birth and in all my research the one thing that everyone recommended was a qualified doula. My husband and I were on the fence about this because my husband felt that a doula would in someway take away from his "role" as primary support during labor and I wasn't concinved a doula was worth the money we would put out. I waited until I was 35 weeks pregnant to contact Vanessa and she got back to me immediately. I really wanted someone who knew what they were doing, was able to take charge if the situation presented itself but was able to be almost a fly on the wall so my husband didn't feel left out. Vanessa was perfect! She made us both feel so comfortable, knew when to make herself known and offer advice but let my husband really shine. My labor progressed pretty quickly and we called Vanessa when I started panicing that labor was actually happening. It was so just so unbelievably reassuring for a first time mama to know someone was with me at home that knew what was going on. At the hospital it was a whirlwind, but she stayed until my baby boy was born and to make sure she was no longer needed. She was essential in making sure my midwife and nurses knew my birth plan as my husband was so swept up in the events it wasn't his priority and I was uncapable of really anything but getting through contractions.  The details of my labor and birth are not needed, all you need to know about Vanessa is you won't be disappointed and a doula is worth every penny!!! My husband was even recommending her to his friends.

Patricia Lefker


She was absoluty wonderful! So kind and caring and very willing to help me with my baby when I needed her help. She was very nice and explaned things in a way that I could understand. She also shared her expericane with what I was going through which helped me feel less alone in my experiance of becoming a mom. She was ver paitent with me and all my exhaustion and asked me questions and answered all my questions I had. I absolutley LOVED her. :) 

Brigette Martin


I had Vanessa encaspulate my placenta in December.  She was amazingly accomodating and even drove an extra 10 miles to meet my husband at our house to pick up the placenta!  Even with my daughter's birth a few days before Christmas, she still provided an amazing service and in record time, and even included  a cord keepsake!  I would recommend Vanessa for any birthwork one might need.  She is truly a gem!  Thanks again for your help!  The pills have helped so much! <3

Sarah Rogers


Having Vanessa by my side during my pregnancy, labor and delivery made all the difference. I've been struggling with anxiety and medical interventions for a while and was not sure how I would be able to survive my pregnancy. Vanessa was amazing at calming me down, answering my many questions and cheering me on as the weeks went by. Her great love for natural childbirth encouraged both my husband and I to embrace labor together. My hubby was very hands on this time around and we both drew support from Vanessa durring the most difficult moments. We both know that I wouldn't have been able to do what I did to birth my son if it wasn't for Vanessa. I highly recommend having a doula when giving birth and think that every mom should have a Vanessa to walk them through it. Our family is complete for now, but should God say otherwise I'll be calling Vanessa again!!

Jenn Cherry


i first "met" Vanessa via phone after a good friend of mine booked a consultation as a birthday gift.  Speaking with Vanessa on the phone was like talking with a friend - she was Very personable and patient with me as I struggled to come up with questions to ask her.  She offered amazing advice andsuggestions for some literature I should look into regarding birth plans and the like.  After our phone consultation, we booked Vanessa for an at-home birth class.  Vanessa was very accommodating with our busy schedules and came well-prepared with all sorts of information about natural births, birth plans, and covered all options I would have for my birth.  She also showed my husband some helpful massage/pressure points to help ease me through labor.  Amazing!  Our last session was a lactation consultation after my son was born.  We had just come home after a long hospital stay and my son was having difficiluties latching.  Vanessa to the rescue!  She came prepared with techniques that were very successful for us, as well as a kind and patient demeanor as I was falling apart from feeling so overwhelmed and underprepared for the reality of being a new mommy.  She even brought me a calming tea to help me be a bit more centered and relaxed so that nursing would be less stressful for me and a better bonding experience for my son and I.  Although we did not choose to have the entire experience of hiring Vanessa for labor and delivery, her expertise and knowledge during our classes were invaluable.  I highly reccommend her to anyone looking for an experience outside of the typical hospital birth classes.

Cate Downey Potenza


Vanessa was a fantastic doula! She helped us through some of the emotional issues that we had surrounding my emergency CS in 2010 and helped us prepare for our VBAC. She was always available to talk, text and email and addressed all my concerns immediately, often emailing information that was extremely helpful in addressing my concerns. Vanessa joined us for in home visits to prepare for our birth, and came to our home prior to going to the hospital on delivery day to help us stay home as long as we could. She worked with us on positioning, massage, and her soft but firm encouragement was especially helpful. Thank you Vanessa for be a wonderful addition to our VBAC birth!

Katie Broquard


What can I say? It's like Vanessa was an angel sent to me when I needed her the absolute most. The support she gave me went way beyond simple education and coaching during my labor; Vanessa met with me many times and would sit with me and answer all of my questions even if it took a few hours. When I told her about some personal trauma I had been through in the pregnancy, she didn't give me a cold and clinical response, she reached over the table, grabbed my hands with tears of empathy in her eyes, and prayed for healing for myself and my soon to be born son. She even let me borrow her birthing pool and agreed to work with me on payments as she knew that my financial situation wasn't the best. She put helping me first and wasn't watching the clock or concerning herself with costs. She genuinely cared about giving me peace of mind through expert education and always found a way to reassure my fears about birth with information and humor. When I went into labor, she was right there and stayed with me until after my son was born and helped me stay level and positive during the whole birth. I cannot recommend her highly enough! She is a stellar doula and wonderfully caring person. If you want someone who is knowledgeable, professional, warm, hard working, and has the stamina to give continuous support no matter how long it takes your baby to arrive, you want Vanessa Lewis! None of this is exaggeration and I am so blessed that I was able to work with her. I had serious, serious anxiety about labor and she was able to council me, calm me, and guide me through the entire process, right up to the moment my son was in my arms, and then she offered placenta encapsulation and breastfeeding help at a postpartum visit afterwards. She is just outstanding and I don't know what I would have done without her! Vanessa is more than a doula, she is an incredibly caring, reliable person who will always be there for you and knows exactly how best to help you. 

Elizabeth Hanks


Vanessa was an amazing asset to my post partum care. I utilized her placenta encapsoluation services and could not be happier. We discussed the process at length prior to my son's birth. She explained everything, and made it very clear that this is a true passion for her. When my son was born, she was just a phone call away. She promptly came to the hospital where I delivered and picked up my son and my shared placenta. She was so kind, thoughtful, encouraging, and genuine In person. She made me feel at ease and comfortable with her instantly. The process took one day, she even sent pictures to me of the process. When I received my pills, they were neatly packaged with special touches. I could not be happier with her services. I recommend her to every expectant mom I know. I will definitely be calling on her again in the future! She's a wonderful doula. Hithey recommend her services. 

Nichole Duquette


Vanessa is amazing! She was so nice and pleasant at our first meeting. My husband and I both felt very comfortable around her. She was able to connect with us and understood exactly what we wanted.She even went out of her way to understand more about our spiritual beliefs to better accomidate us and be more of a part of it. That was special to us. My first birth was all natural at a birthing center. The second birth we could not afford to do that and we were going to have our baby at a hospital. I was a little nervous about this because I wanted a completely natural birth again. So we decided to hire a doula. Vanessa came highly recommended. She worked with us refreshing the whole birth experince with a small class. She also met with us to go over birth plans and just to check in. Any time I needed to get in touch with her she was always available. Vanessa had so many resources and was very knowledgable. What I love most about her is her passion for this. She understands the importance of care for the mother during labour. That is just astounding. When it came time for our birth, our little bundle of joy came so quickly that barely anyone had time to react! I did not realize that the baby was coming so fast that I told Vanessa not to rush. So unfortunately she ended up missing the birth and we had the baby at home. But she was right there supporting us until the medics arrived and was able to capture some pictures of the beautiful, wonderful, kind of crazy day. Later on she was at the hospital with us and was able to take more pictures for us and was very supportive for me and my husband. Since we did not actually use her services as a doula on the day of the birth, she offered to encapsulate my placenta for free since we had already paid her. This was something that I had wanted but wasn't able to afford so it meant a lot to us. I can not fully express how great Vanessa is! She will always have a special place in my heart for the love that she showed us.

Martha Bishop


Sincere, generous, loving, kind, knowledgeable, helpful, skilled, comforting, spiritual, warm, healing, empowering - these are the adjectives that describe Vanessa.

From the moment we met, I knew I had found my doula. I truly could't have made it through the tough moments without her. She was unfailing - beside me every step of the way - guiding my husband with techniques and lifting me up when I felt defeated and just done - bringing not only encouragement, but new thoughts of positions and comforts to try. 

After we returned home, we received a sweet message from Vanessa with a beautiful photo package she had created! I am astonished at the effort of love from a woman who was once a stranger to now a forever trusted confidant. 

When we plan for baby #2, I'll be sure to call Vanessa! 

mariah perz


hi my name is jessica im 26 year's old and have a 3yr old and i remember my 1st experience i didnt have a doula and i remember my experience was horrible and i swore i would do everything in my power to make my next experience a better one and i found vanessa we set up a meet and greet and i instantly fell in love with her she had a great personality was very open and honest and careing wanted to do everything in her power to help me after hearing what i went threw. and so we hired her and we talked we emailed each other anytime i needed her she was there gave my advice i never even new about. she showed me all kind's of positions that really helped cause i had alot of braxton hicks so i got alot of wonderful info to help and she was great come time when labor hit she had me time them told me to call my provider and she got everything ready met me there had all kind's of wonderful stuff that helped we did alot of walking and breatheing and did the birthing ball which i think was the greatest thing in world and she had all kinds of oils and scents and stuff that was great cause  had nausea which she had a a great scent for that that really helped and she  was right there threw every contraction never left my side she was right there and i had alot of people at hospital trying to talk me into all these drugs and i wanted a natural birth and vanessa made sure i had that and i did and she let me no all my option's and never let me feel as if i had to do what they wanted she let me no it's your birth your decision she was the best thing that ever happened to our family and im forever greatful for her id say if you want a memory you'll always remeber and want lots of comfort go wit vanessa shes great  if i didnt have vanessa i never woul'd have had the birth iwanted. oh and she is great with massages helped alot to with contractions she just was great if i got pregnant again i would so have her again made my experience everything i wanted and more.

Apryl Lynn


We hired Vanessa to be our doula for baby #3. I orginally had no thoughts to hiring a doula or even thought I could since I was having a repeat c-section, but when I met Vanessa I just had to have her as a part of my baby boys birth. During my pregnancy she was very supportive and there for my tons of questions. We talked about things that had went on with my first two c-sections experiences and what I wanted different about this birth. The day of the c-section I was very nervous but she helped calm me down and work through some contractions. She was also a big help for my husband who, even though wouldnt admit, was worried himself. During the surgery she was a great advocate for me and reminded the doctors of my wishes. Everything went smooth. After the surgery, during the recovery I was in a lot of pain and she was right there to help. She also helped make sure breastfeeding was going well. 

Vanessa is a very kind hearted person who genuinely cares for her clinents. I wouldnt change a thing about my birth experience. I cant thank her enough for all the support she gave me and my family during this amazing time in our lives. She has definetly become part of the family. We plan to hire her again next pregnancy and I recommend if anyone is looking for a gentle and loving person to be their doula Vanessa is the perfect match. 

Meg Jaquith


One day, I received a very nice message from Vanessa Lewis.  I hadn't even met her at this point but the advice she had offered me was like talking to a friend!

She spoke to me about everything- from tips and other options on weaning my 20 month old due to a possible job (police academy where you stay at the facility all week) to separation tools that could help with the distance.  The ways that she was able to relate the advice to her own life and family supported her advice.  It was nice to hear what worked for her and her little ones.

This was advice I would have expected from a sister.  When I finished reading, I realized I had tears in my eyes.  She was very helpful and extremely supportive!  She helped me realize it didn't matter what the perception was that society had on breast feeding- it mattered that I was providing what is best for my daughter and our family.

Since our original conversation Vanessa has followed up and asked me how things were going.  She obviously cares, and that means a lot!

Thanks VL!  :)

Stacie Lynn


Having met Vanessa has been a blessing! She was so kind and helpful throughout my pregnancy and labor. She spent time educating and answering questions my husband and I had about labor and birth and was always there when I needed her. I had a traumatic birth with my son, I wanted this one to be different and I was confident that it could be after spending time with her.

When I went into labor, she was by my side so quickly. She helped remind us of positions and massage my husband could do so that he could be a helpful part of this experience. With her calm, quiet, caring voice, and her gentle touch we made it through 16 hours of labor UNMEDICATED! I was so mesmerized by Jade, I didn't even realize that Vanessa was snapping photos... and I am so very thankful for those moments frozen in time. Just beautiful!

We had such a great experience that we asked Vanessa to support us after birth. We hired her as a postpartum doula and to encapsulate my placenta. She came by with a delicious meal, spent time helping with our breastfeeding latch, helped Jared hold his sister and showed him ways a big brother can help mom and sister, and even supported Mark with his concerns with being a new dad! Having her with me for a couple hours a day for about a week after Jade's birth was so helpful to the transition of our household! 

We love you Vanessa! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all you do!

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