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Ashley Mitchell

Irish Lily Doula

Lincoln, ME Service range 45 miles I will always serve my 50 mile radius. I serve a higher radius with a .50 per mile charge. I do not cross the Maine boarder.


Birth Fee

$0 to $400

Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: I do need notice on all schedule requests as your doula. I do prefer to build a relationship and plan with all my clients so I can really serve you. Communication is key :)

Birth Fee

$0 to $400

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 50 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 100 families served

Doula Training

  • Madriella, October 2015

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: As of now, pertaining to postpartum services, I am not available until after 5pm Monday-Saturday unless otherwise arrange, this is due to my family commitments (mother of 5), and author and volunteer commitments. I do require a postpartum schedule. I hope you are able to start discussions with me sooner rather than later so we can build a relationship together and make a plan of your needs before the timeframe that you would like my assistance. I prefer to build a relationship with all the mothers I work with so we are both comfortable and I can be helpful. Communication is essential. I do not own a smart phone.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I do love and prefer homebirth and will standby those considering unassisted

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • End of life doula services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Babyloss Volunteer Doula First Step Pregnancy Resource Center Volunteer Grieve Out Loud Volunteer The Military Doula Military Birth and Family Support Services

Fee Details

I believe that everyone deserves a trained doula if they choose. I am fully trained to support you and the birth you choose. I am knowledgeable about breast and bottle feeding. I believe every woman deserves a doula, I am blessed enough to be in a position to offer reduced rates for those that are in need, please email me for more information. I run a professional and judgement free environment. I am with you every step of the way and fully support your choices and views and will help you accomplish those instead of providing alternatives. I am an instructor for numerous classes and work with churches, schools and centers on reduced rates. I do require postpartum schedules and notices of due dates/due months.I have a working cellphone, I do not own a smart phone.

Lincoln, ME Service range 45 miles I will always serve my 50 mile radius. I serve a higher radius with a .50 per mile charge. I do not cross the Maine boarder.

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Liberty Vice


I hired Ashley right after I found out the gender of my baby.Ashley was warm, happy, and welcoming.She is funny, full of joy, and knows so much.While Ashley was full of support before my birth it was during and after labor she was amazing. During labor she massaged me and kept me motivated. She helped me cope and reminded me that everything was my decision. When I was thinking about the epidural she said-its all your choice and you will do fantastic either way. You've come this far and your baby will love you no matter what. That was the best thing to hear and has stuck with me, it will always stick with me, and I ended up pulling through-though looking back it is hard to believe. After birth was hard, not right after but a few days after. After we were discharged we went home like a normal couple. My gestational diabetes and blood pressure teamed up and took a turn for the worse. I had to be readmitted. I let Ashley know, even though I knew I had my baby and I was done her services. She still came to the hospital, still checked in on me. SHe was focused on me at a time where everyone was focused on my baby, and before that my pregnancy. I didn't realize it till after it all, but she was the only one in my life during my pregnancy, during labor, and after labor who was focused on me. When your asked the question "who is taking care of you" the answer always is yourself, husband, family, whatever excuse you make, but in the end no one really seems to be taking care of you and you are taking care of yourself. Ashley took care of me, helped me, supported me, and I needed that. I am a firsttime mom and just listen to everything I'm told, I am nervous and nonconfrontational.It is amazing to have support and someone in my corner. Everytime I wanted to do something or was thinking of a way to parent Ashley said "You've got this, here are some good resources to accomplish that". She is awesome and I cannot wait to work with her for all my future kids. 

Mae Clarckson


I really enjoyed working with Ashley. I signed up for her Christian Childbirth Education class and took it with my mom. It was a wonderful opportunity. I really enjoyed the class and after taking the class I hired Ashley as my doula and my mother signed up for her personal doula training. My mother raved about her training and is very excited to attend not just my birth but the birth of my 6 sisters when the time comes. Ashley was informative and caring. She worked very well with the staff and stayed with me from the start of labor until I said I was ready for her to go. She checked in weekly through out my pregnancy and checked in many times after I brought my baby home. She took the time to visit me twice and brough food each time, which was so good! Her positive attitude is what I needed for my pregnancy. During my labor anytime a nurse or doctor asked me a question she put the power in my hands which was amazing, it was such a good feeling. When they asked if I wanted my water broken she said "It is up to you. Remember you said no when you wrote your birth plan but right now it is up to you", that felt really nice. When they were offering medication she would tell me it was my choice to make but I had been preparing for it and I made it this far. Birth is hard, regardless, but Ashley made it a lot more positive and bareable. I am so glad to have had her with me. 

Veronica Ellslenko


A non pushy, christian, lesbian friendly doula. There is such a thing!! I hired Ashley to help me have the natural birth of my and my wife's dreams. I am a unique situation, or so I think lol. She helped me to find the information I needed to feel confident in my decision and in my ability to birth our daughter. She stayed in contact with me and my wife throughout my pregnancy, asked about our feelings and how we were individually, and offered us advice and support. She was friendly, helpful, happy, and encouraging. She helped me to make informed decisions (I LOVE her binders) and to remain true to our wishes. She encouraged me to stay away from google and when it didnt work passed on helpful information for me, she was never rude and never corrected me.She worked well with the nurses and hospital staff and never raised an eye brow. She went above and beyond to do the little things to help me be comfortable before, during and after my labor and delivery and kept my wife more than involved. It was definitely OUR birth and I have her to thank.

Harper Falker


I am very happy.I knew her when we were kids through girlscout camping groups,thecivil rights conference during middle school,&scout events during our high school days,we were normally the oldest ones by that point.I was nervous about hiring her.I went here&saw she was the only one who was actually in my area(some say they are but are 70-100 miles aways from the hospital)so after a lot of debate I emailed her.If you knew her, she is no longer the loud kid,she is not pushy,self centered or anything that I remember.Was nothing but kind,open,supportive.She is incredibly intelligent,knowledgeable about not just birth but parenting in general.She was always full of smiles.She always listened to me,she checked in weekly with emails,always answered my call.I was surprised to hear that she had never worked with friends or family before, I mean I after my experience I had with her I wish she was my friend first-score the personalization and discounts.Shefully supported my hospital birth and later on in my pregnancy supported my c-section choice. She prepared me for what was to come.She always had science articles to share.Shetaught me great relaxation techniques to get me through my csection,i was no longer worried or scared by the time my day came.I had gestational diabetes,that was scary but she calmed me with evidence,support,explained to me why it was so important for me to change the way I was eating,I was essentially giving my baby diabetes.Her helping me through my GD was the most helpful,i needed that information.Another thing that was nice is she supported my choice in circumcision,didn't question me or lecture me,Im also Jewish so I really didnt want to hear about it.Her postpartumsupport is equally great,my recovery and breastfeeding experience was better because of her.She really listened to me and my baby and helped us get to know eachother and deal with eachother better.I can vouch for her and see that people really do change and grow up.Happy!

Estelle Hogg


I don't know what my daughter would have done without Ashley being by her side. She was the calm and listening ear in the storm when I lost my grandson. She is a wonderful woman. She helped us in our choices and even helped paln a memorial. Thank you.

Mary Hones


She supported me through a vaginal birth after c-section. She met with me and my husband for private childbirth education classes during my pregnancy, and helped us prepare a birth plan. She also provided educational reading at my request to help me make infomed choices about my care. My pregnancy lasted 43 weeks and she helped me advocate for myself and my baby when the doctors were insisting on a c-section. On the night my daughter was born, she met us at the hospital, and helped me advocate for myself again. She is very well educated on when ACOG indicates a c-section is necessary, and she helped me make informed decisions that led to my daughter's healthy vaginal birth. I firmly believe that she helped me shorten my labor. She is awesome a peanut ball. Ashley added a sense of safety that came from knowing she was there to support me. When the doctors handed me forms to consent to surgery, she reminded us to ask for all the options and to take our time on a decision. She supported me in breastfeedingband helped make it easy. I credit her in helping me recover emotionally after giving birth. She is responsible for helping me experience an empowering vaginal birth, and I will be grateful for the rest of my life! Hire Ashley!

Sindy Hofferman


Ashley was a great doula through my whole pregnancy, labor, and postpartum period. She helped me hone in on what I was most concerned about and helped find solutions to confront those. Ashley is an extremely knowledgeable doula. During the labor itself she was a huge support. She had a calm, steady, presence and worked hand in hand with the midwife and hospital staff. I appreciated that Ashley was around during my pregnancy and labor. She is so happy, positive, and chipper. The consistency of her support and happiness really gave me confidence, this was especially true during her postpartum visits. Because Ashley has witnessed and taught the whole cycle, the support she provided me was perfect for what I needed. I highly recommend Ashley as a doula.

Heather Fish


If you need an doula for emotional support Ashley is the best. Ashley was just what I needed to get through my pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy was incredibly hard on me, especially mentally and I really needed an emotional guard. She listen to my every word and issues, day or night. I never realized the value and impact of having emotional help was. I really feel like I needed her. She talked me through  my choices,  explained everything to me, and told me it was ok to delay  anything until I understood it better. She made sure I was happy and most of all satisfied. I was really happy working with Ashley. I am excited to next be her student in doula training. 

Brandie Hill


Ashley was my doula for the birth of my second child. I was attempting a vbac. I think the most invaluable support I received from her was the help in researching evidence based practices and easy exercises to help prepare my body for pregnancy. She also had some of the greatest techniques to relax and calm my mind. I remembering calling her late at night when something popped in my head and getting three links to articles shortly after. She is a resource machine! I felt so much more knowledgeable this time around. I did get my vbac birth. I was able to labor to fully dilated and I pushed for 3 hours with her help. It was so comforting to have a familiar face to greet me at the hospital. There is no way I would feel this much peace with my birth if it weren't for her! I also love how she got to know and include our whole family. I would not hesitate to hire her for any future pregnancies, which i plan to do, or recommend her to anyone I know who is expecting!

Willa Galdone


Having a choice in childbirth is hard these days. I was nervous about hiring a doula because I am not a natural hippy. I knew that I may opt to have my baby early due to some health issues and it seems that is super frown upon in today's birth community.  When I told Ashley that I was opting to be induced at 36 weeks because I had some slight non threatening health issues that I wanted to be taken care of the first thing she asked was "do you have a good support system in the case your baby may go to nicu?" That was very comforting to me that I was not approached with judgment. While I was reassured by my doctors that my baby looked very developed and would not need to be in nicu I appreciate knowing that I had options that I didn't know about in the event he was sent off to nicu. While I was a little stubborn about it at first I am glad I listenlistened. I was induced at 36 weeks by my own choosing and my boy did spend a few daysin nicu. Because of ashley telling me it was better to be prepared than not prepared I had a good birth plan in place that included nicu and I had asked my mother and sister to request time off to help me and my baby. I was prepared,  had a good support system, and my choice to be induced early was never once questioned. Thank you for that. If you are looking for a doula who does not question your choices and just wants you to be ready for your choices I suggest at least interviewing ashley, and hopefully hiring her.

Toni Beck


Ashley holds a fantastic in-depth doula training workshop.  I made the right choice by going to her one day workshop.  it is detailed, personal, passionate,  and fun. Plus her spice muffins are to die for. I learned a lot about not just being a doula but how much a doula is needed and I wish I had one at my birth, I will definitely have Ashley at my next birth. I know all the comfort measures and even how to help woman who choose an epidural.  I feel very confident to work for myself now. How doulas are not mainstream in Maine is beyond me. She really helped me see how important and hard it is to provide facts and non judgmental support. She really cares about her work and I hope she passed on that passion to me. She is a great teacher and mentor.

Tracy Lucado


Not sure if this is where I would say thanks but I'd like to give you some credit. I really appreciate the fact that you took time out of your day to send me a lot of helpful information, good freezing recipes, and pretty much being my pre labor doula through phone and email. I also appreciate you finding me a few doulas to choose from. I appreciate you working with me even though you said you have been ill. I hope next time I have a baby you won't be ill and I'll be able to work in person with you.

sherry beaty


I know how important these testimonials are so I just wanted to take a quick second to say thanks to ashley for being my phone doula. I really appreciate the time she took to talk me through birth before durring and after and Skype with me. I also appreciate her not coming into my birth in person with how ill she has been the past three weeks. i appreciate the time and effort she took to support me even through she was sick. Thank you.

jennie castella


Honestly I don't know how Ashley does it. She was amazing last week when I called her on a whim. Our baby lost his heart beat. I am still devastated. But Ashley deserves me to say thank you. She came to my side, no questions asked and stayed with me until I was discharged. She cried with me, listened to me, and has answered my call every day since. I am incredibly greatful I had Ashley by myside. One of the nurses told me that she was at my hospital 4 times just last week with woman who had lost a child. I know I am blessed to have found her. I am grateful she took the time to be with me after what sounds like a busy week. Having someone drop everything and be a call away is very helpful at this time. 

Lorin Cainer


I had a great birth and postpartum experience with ashley. as a first time mother I didn't think having a doula was a needed thing. after hiring Ashley after seeing her on Facebook I am so glad I did. Before my baby was born I had a freezer full of healthy crock pot meals, she taught me how to can and I had an unlimited supply of applesauce and canned veggies and fruit without salt. When I had my baby I was excited when I saw her bag. It had everything from water to snacks to a robozo and even a fan and wash clothes. she was prepared and magic with her hands. Postpartum baby was great. She worked with us for two months. Laundry was always done, breastfeeding was a huge success, and she always made sure I had something ready to eat and made a lot of snacks. She was great, truthful, friendly, and funny. I am very happy with my service. I highly reccomend her. She drove 1.5 hr to my birth and to serve me pp. Very happy.

Lincoln Scooutsandclubs


My name is Sally Belch-Koslow. Ashley attended my birth in april 2013 I chose to have a homebirth. Ashley was amazing. She opened my eyes to the hip squeeze which was fantastic! She was caring, attentive, made me drink my water, and asked about my feelings more than talking about the pain. I needed that, having someone more concerned about my feelings was exactly what I needed, I just didn't know that until then. She was caring, loving, and even sent a card on my daughters first birthday. Thank you Ashley for caring so much!

marie smith


I will really miss Ashley's siblig story time here on base. I am sad to see her move!

Her family is so much fun and her class here was such a help with my kids! My son went from "no baby" to feeling y tummy and running to the labor room to see his little brother.

After my young son was born she made him seem like a person instead of "that baby" to my oldest on.

I am sad to see her sibling story time leave. I hope some day she considers to start it back up wherever her life and the army take her.

Thank you Ashley for making sibling story time available!

Birth Availability for Ashley Mitchell

= Available. Calendar last updated: 11-18-2019

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