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Eva Street, CD(DONA)

Mother's Assurance Birth Services

Website: http://www.mothersassurance.com

Phone: 4438040950

Birth Fee: Not specified

Postpartum Rate: $30 to $35

Birth Doula Experience: 5 years and 63 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 3 years and 14 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Partnership with 1 other doula

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Breastfeeding Specialist (Lactation Education Resources)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • CPR Certified - Red Cross

College Education

  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Domestic Violence
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Teens
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Military families
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Parenting consulting

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

The Birthing Circle of Frederick Board of Directors Member and Local Group Leader

Languages spoken: English, Slovak

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Frederick, MD
Travel Range: 40 Miles

Client Testimonials for Eva Street, CD(DONA)

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Gillian Goldthwaite

We interviewed several doulas as we were preparing for the birth of our first child. With her relaxed and kind demeanor, Eva was our first choice. She was knowledgeable and resourceful and always followed up, which was really important to us.

Eva provided lots of helpful information at our prenatal visits. She was always quick to respond to communications throughout the pregnancy. When we decided that an induction was in the best interest of our baby, Eva scheduled a call with us so that she could better prepare us for the process.

Eva was with us for the day of the induction, labor, and birth. She brought and used a variety of “tools” to help with comfort and relaxation. She made suggestions for ways to relax and find comfort. She comforted us mentally/emotionally throughout the process. She gave encouragement and talked us through the most difficult times. She even held a leg back to assist while pushing!

After birth, Eva stayed to help with anything we needed. She came by to visit in the hospital the next day, as well. She gave is helpful tips with breastfeeding and such at the postpartum visit. 

Overall, out experience with Eva was wonderful and we are very thankful!

Posted 3/21/2018

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Mimi and Brian

Eva was an incredible help to us with the birth of our first child. She coached us through all the steps and was incredibly supportive during labor and following the birth. She continued to help us through the first weeks with advise and encouragement as we got used to being new parents. We would recommend Eva wholeheartedly! Also, for the dads out there, having a doula is a great relief, because, frankly, you don't know what is going on half (all) the time at the hospital, and Eva helped me provide the best support possible to my wife who was doing all the work. 

Posted 2/7/2018

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Katie Raymond

My husband and I decided to hire a doula since we were expecting our first baby and we wanted extra support. From the moment we met Eva for our consultation we knew she was the right fit for our family. She is knowledgeable, patient, kind, and very professional so we knew we were in good hands. She was there with us every step of the way through pregnancy and birth. She made herself available for random first time parent questions and worries and offered a ton of resources for us to look into as we passed the months away waiting for our baby! She even was my exercise buddy for a water aerobics class! When the time came for the birth, Eva was right by our side as I labored for many hours unmedicated and then made the decision for an epidural. She was very supportive of both me and my husband throughout this process and when my delivery ultimately resulted in an unplanned c-section because my son was not descending into the birth canal, she provided moral support to us and our nervous parents in the waiting room. After delivery she came to visit us in the hospital and also in our home and offered her continued support as we settled in. We will always be grateful for having her by our side throughout the greatest day of our lives and look forward to her being there as we hopefully welcome other babies into our family in the future.

Posted 2/9/2017

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Angela Chiang

I found Eva through our Bradley class instructor. I wanted to work with a doula because it was our first pregnancy and I wanted to have additional support for my husband, who was my main coach through our plan of having a natural, un-medicated delivery. Eva met with us for a free consultation and then we had two additional pre-natal visits at the home. She helped cover a number of topics to help us prepare for labor and delivery. She also provided me with additional resources, including books and DVDs. Additionally, Eva checked in with me often during the pregnancy to see how I was progressing.

Eva met us at the hospital at 5am on the night I went into labor. She was a tremendous support during labor and delivery. Labor progressed very quickly but Eva was by my side the entire time, talking into my ear, directing me on what to do and supporting me. She worked with my midwife to put me in different pushing positions when I wasn’t progressing. I’m also super thankful that she helped take pictures after delivery. It was so chaotic that I’m sure my husband and I would have forgotten to capture the moment.

Eva also visited us at home a couple of days after delivery to make sure we were doing okay and that breastfeeding was going well. She helped recommend a lactation consultant when I expressed concerns with latching. I highly recommend Eva and would work with her again.

Posted 3/19/2016

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April Trettel

I’m not sure if I can express fully how glad I am that Eva was a part of our birth experience! My husband and I were on the fence about hiring a doula at all. We interviewed a few and did not click with any of them. We decided at that time to go without a doula. Then, our Bradley instructor suggested we meet with Eva to see if she was a good match. I’m so happy that we did! I knew that Eva’s energy and personality would be a good match for us and that she would be a person I would be comfortable sharing my birth experience with. Leading up to the birth, Eva was so very supportive. She helped me access many resources regarding any concerns I had and would always check on me to see how the pregnancy was going. The closer we got to the birth, the happier my husband and I were that we hired Eva. She gave us so much reassurance and encouragement about our upcoming labor and birth. During labor and birth, I felt the same support and comfort from Eva’s presence that I did leading up to the birth. She helped to keep my calm and focused. I know that techniques that she brought to our experience helped our baby’s transition into the world be smoother. Eva worked so well with my husband to be an amazing support team for me. I felt that I was up against some challenges wanting to have a natural, unmedicated hospital birth. Eva thoroughly understood my birth plan and goals. Her experience was so helpful in navigating the hospital protocol. I know that Eva’s support was essential in achieving the birth I desired. I’m so happy I was able to have an unmedicated birth and so happy that we hired Eva!

Posted 11/24/2015

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sylvia argueta

Ms. Eva Street helped me with my NUVBA2C. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I needed a doula this time to be able to try a VBA2C. I believed getting induced and getting epidurals were what caused me to get c-sections. So, I wanted to make sure I did everyting as naturally as possible this time. I went with Midwifery Care Associates this time and they have a list of many reputable doulas. I also got a Webster Certified Chiropractor, Dr. Katherine Kadin. She reccomended Eva. She worked with me and my partner to help us prepare as much as we could. She taught us some relaxing techniques, labor positions, and delivery positions. She even let us borrow one of her movies and shawls. She made sure we were informed as much as possible. When she is not available her partner is on call. They gave me their emails and phone numbers in case I had any questions or if I thought I was in labor. She kept tabs on me to see how everything was going and appointment info. When I was in labor she arrived at the hospital and helped me out tremendously. She was very calm and relaxing through out the whole time. She suggested different positions to help me bring down the baby. She was very helpful giving me sips of fluids, to make sure I stayed hydrated, and giving me hip squeezes with each contraction. The hip squeezes are what made the pain bearable. She also had very good communication and interaction with my midwife Beverly Jarrett. I think they have worked together before. If I wouldn't of had her support in the hospital, I think I would of requested the epidural again. After having my baby, she stayed until I was moved to the other room. She came back the next day to check up on us and see how we were doing with breastfeeding and if I needed help with anything. She even brought me a nursing pillow. She also visited me home. I truly reccomend her as a doula. She is a wonderful doula.

Posted 2/28/2015

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Melissa Tozier

As we write this, we are home with our beautiful, healthy baby boy who turned 10 days old today! It's a privilege to be his parents, and we welcomed him into the world as a team. Eva Street is the "Unsung Hero" on that team. Because guess what? Labor and delivery are FULL of surprises, and you can only anticipate some of those surprises. For us, Eva provided calm guidance in the face of what COULD have been a devastating set of circumstances. Eva was the first person we called when Mom's water broke at 6:30pm on a Friday night. She shared in our excitement, offered words of encouragement that things were progressing perfectly, and reminded us to stay calm in order to get good rest. Mom's contractions remained irregular for 16+ hours, and Eva checked in with us over text message periodically. Her support was evident, but she was not overbearing in any way. She encouraged Mom, answered our questions with confidence, and left all "medical advice" to our midwives. Ultimately, we learned that the midwife who was supposed to be on call for our delivery had thrown her back out, and we were horrified to learn that there was no midwife availabel to replace her! We were sent into a tailspin of tough decision-making. Would we stick with our home hospital and work with a doctor there? Would we change hospitals in order to work with a midwife whom we had never met? It was awful, but Eva kept us calm and helped us to make what was UNDOUBTEDLY the right decision. Mom arrived at the hospital (FULLY dilated!) and had a successful delivery under the care of a doctor.  Eva was our peace of mind in the labor room. She reminded us of our birth plan preferences, and helped us speak up when those preferences were not being honored. Eva is a true professional and is now a dear friend to our family.  She came to the house a few days after delivery to make sure breastfeeding was still going smoothly.  She continues to be 100% available to us for any questions/concerns.

Posted 9/23/2014

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Meghan Adler

Eva was a wonderful doula, my husband and I highly recommend her. She was a great support for months before, during, and after my 26 hour labor and delivery. She helped educate us to the point were we felt confident making decisions during a very emotional time. Even though labor was a struggle, we were prepared for that possibility and feel completely content with the way everything happened. 

Eva was very hands on from giving massages to helping with different positions. She made the room so relaxing with music, candles, and lighting. She made us feel supported enough that it allowed my husband the flexibility to be able to leave my side for a few minutes to do things like update our parents in the lobby, go to the bathroom, go talk to the nurses, or get a drink, without feeling like he was abandoning me. I know he feels like she was just as much of a support for him as she was for me. 

Overall we had a wonderful birth experience, which wouldn't have been possible without Eva's help. 

Posted 9/1/2014

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Amy Roth Pixton

Eva was great to work with! Her prenatal visits were extremely informative and covered a wealth of information from comfort positions to Breastfeeding and infant care. She was always available for any questions we had before the big day and provided lots of support to my husband and I. Her support was a tremendous help after I had elevated blood pressure readings late in my pregnany and induction discussions were taking place.  Eva was such an asset during my labor by setting a relaxing environment and delivering comforting words. She made sure all my needs were met. Additionally, even though I ended up getting an epidural, Eva made sure I still felt like an active participant in my labor by suggesting different in-bed positions. I would certainly recommend her to any friend looking for a doula! 

Posted 8/11/2014

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Kimberlea Pirrone

Eva was the perfect match for my birth. When Eva came to my home to meet me, my husband, and 20 month old daughter for the interview she brought a warm smile and a kind spirit. As time progressed and we worked together I learned how much Eva knows about birth support. I must say, I was a handful! My first birth went completely the way I had not hoped therefore I was working through a lot of my fears to hopefully have a VBAC. 

Through out our time together, I felt like she was always keeping me on her mind. I would receive a thoughtful email or text with information to help me along my journey.  That made me be able to open up and be more vulnerable with her as I felt like she became my friend theough this journey. 

Finally, at 41+6, labor arrived. Eva was amazing. She helped my husband and I calming work through each step to determine what we were comfortable doing. She was never pushy but would make suggestions and then accept whatever I felt most comfortable with choosing. 

She was amazing during labor and once we arrived to Shady Grove She reminded us that it would take a few minutes for me to get comfortable there and for things to pick back up.

She and my husband were an excellent team! I was so thankful because I needed both of them. I had a essential oil diffuser running to help me (and everyone else) stay as calm as possible while in my labor room. At one point during transition, I was on the verge of freaking out, she reminded my husband of Balance, my calming blend, I brought and had it put on me to ground me.  

Finally, my new daughter was born, at exactly 42 weeks! I couldn't have done it without the team. I know my husband and I would not have achieved the unity in this birth without the help of Eva. We trusted and respected her guidance and are incredibly thankful to her for all  she did. 

Posted 7/21/2014

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Rachael Roan

Eva was wonderful during the easy and difficult times of my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. I was referred to her through my Bradley class teacher and knowing in advance that we wanted to have a natural childbirth we knew we needed all the help we could get. We knew she had experience with the midwife group, Midwifery Care Assoc, we were seeing and the hospital, Shady Grove, we would be delivering in which would be very helpful. Little did we know what was in store for us! Our first few meetings were helpful, full of the transfer of knowledge, introducing us to basic infant care, nursing, and what to expect in the delivery room. Then in my last trimester I found out I had preeclampsia, was hospitalized for a month before being induced a month early, and ended up with a c-section. None of this was anticipated and the experiences were new to Eva as well. She stepped up and took classes on preemie breastfeeding, unprompted by us, and met with me in the hospital several times to discuss my health, her new learnings, and just as friendly visits. I don't have the words to say how helpful it was to have someone besides my husband and best friend caring for me and showing interest in just being with me through the challenging experience, let alone educating me. While I was in the hospital waiting induction, she researched natural early and safe induction methods which led me to try accupressure. She was with my husband and me when I started feeling labor after being induced and despite her help I did end up having an epidural after a 3 hour contraction which left me breathless. When it turned out I needed to have a c-section she was there waiting for me in the recover room and although I don't remember much I know her presence helped my husband and she took some amazing photos for us. She also helped me try to breastfed for the first time. She continued to follow-up with us in the hospital and even after when I was home. She helped us tremendously throughout.

Posted 6/6/2014

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Lindsay Thom

I could not have been more pleased with Eva as my doula. As new parents, my husband and I were excited/scared/nervous, etc. but Eva was there to help every step of the way. She visited with us twice before the birth and provided information on breastfeeding and infant care which was incredibly helpful. She was always available for any questions we had and provided many resources on topics of interest.

Once my labor started, Eva came to our home and used techniques to help my labor progress.  She accompanied us to the hospital and did not leave my side until after I delivered my daughter 18 hours later.  Eva was a calm and supportive presence during delivery and I consider her a major factor in the success of my natural birth.  Her encouragement helped me persevere through 3.5 hours of active pushing even though I was exhausted and wanted to give up at times.  Eva helped me achieve the birth experience I wanted.  

Eva stayed with us for about an hour after our baby was born to help with anything we needed, and she contacted us several times in the weeks to follow to see how we were and to offer any help. We are most grateful for her assistance and recommend her very highly as a doula.

Posted 3/12/2014

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Zivile Goldner

Eva was an amazing doula. She provided us with many resources and she was always available to answer any questions we had. At first I was unsure on whether we really needed a doula at all and how she'd fit in the birth but I didn't regret it after hiring Eva. She met with us a few times prior to delivery and the information she gave about breastfeeding and newborn care was veru useful. Eva also provided great support while I  was in labor and her pain management techniques helped me achieve my goal to have a natural birth. She stayed with us a few hours after birth, gave advice on breastfeeding and made sure we are settled. She also visited us after birth to check in on how everything was going. I couldn't have asked for a better support person during this journey!

Posted 12/14/2013

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Suzanne Browne

Eva was amazing prior to the birth of our daughter, throughout labor and delivery, and after our daughter was born. We met with Eva two times for formal visits prior to the birth but we emailed and had multiple phone conversations throughout my pregnancy. Eva was always more than willing to answer any questions we had and was always so supportive. My husband and I are first time parents and live far away from our families so having Eva throughout this process was comforting to both of us. During labor and delivery Eva was a wonderful support person. She helped me deal with the pain as well as my emotions. She was also an extremely comforting presence for my husband. I truely felt like Eva was a major factor in the success of my natural birth. Eva remained with us for some time after my daughter was born until she knew we felt comfortable with breastfeeding and were ready to be alone with our daughter. She called many times in the days following the birth and came to our home for a post partum visit. I am still in contact with Eva and know that I could contact her for advice or support at any time. Eva is an amazing doula and I am grateful for her support throughout my pregnancy and for her help in achieving a natural delivery.

Posted 9/10/2013

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Stephanie Mazal

Eva was an absolutely wonderful doula! She gave an immeasureable amount of support and encouragement to both myself and husband, and we don't know how we could have done it without her! She gave great suggestions of ways to stay calm, relaxed, and comfortable.

Prior to hiring a doula, I was worried that having one would be "too many cooks in the kitchen" or a "third wheel" and I thought I would want as few people around as possible during labor. However, Eva provided the absolute perfect blend of being involved while still allowing physical and emotional space for my husband and me. She is also so friendly and personable which made my long labor seem much shorter. Additionally, the prenatal and post partum sessions with her were very helpful and informative. It is obvious to anyone that meets her that Eva is truly passionate about what she does!

If we're lucky and blessed enough to have another baby in the future, we will definitely use Eva again!

Posted 9/9/2013

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