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Lauren Pineda, AAHCC, CD(DONA)

Natural Birth Class, Doula, & Placenta Services

Seattle, WA Service range 13 miles Please contact me to see if I serve your area.


Birth Fee

$900 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $100

Birth Fee

$900 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $100

Birth Doula Certifications

  • The Bradley Method of Husband-Coached Natural Childbirth - Certified Doula

Birth Doula Experience

10 years

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 5 births and 0 to 2 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Having a natural, unmedicated, no/low intervention hospital birth can at times seem like a big task. Hiring a doula specializing in natural childbirth with hospital experience can greatly increase your chances of having the beautiful birth you desire. I have had my own Natural Birth at a hospital with my first baby. I also have helped many, many of my clients/students have beautiful natural hospital births.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I love working with your birth team at our local birth centers! They are a great option for those seeking a serene, private environment they may not have at home.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I love Homebirth! I have had home water births with four of our five babies as well as supporting many homebirthing families as their doula. I am also free birth friendly.

Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Henna belly designs
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator

Fee Details

***Congratulations on your pregnancy or new baby!*** I am so excited that you are searching for a doula. As a doula and childbirth educator, it has been an honor serving hundreds of families during this exciting time. I would love the privilege to chat to see if we'd be a good fit. Please see my website for the Birth and Postpartum Doula Services packages offered. I believe your Doula services should be as beautifully unique as you are. I offer at cost doula services and childbirth education classes for teens(18& under) and for military wives with a deployed spouse on a limited basis per year. I also am open to payment plans & partial bartering for those with a need. Please see my website or contact me for more details. :)

Seattle, WA Service range 13 miles Please contact me to see if I serve your area.

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Client Testimonials for Lauren Pineda, AAHCC, CD(DONA)

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Caroline Dufault


Working with Lauren as my doula was the best decision that my husband and I made during my pregnancy. This was my first baby, and you really don’t know what labor will truly be like until you’ve experienced it. When my labor started it was intense with frequent contractiona from the start. It quickly felt like an overwhelming experience that would never end. My husband was by my side the entire time- but we relied on Lauren to reassure us that “this is normal” and to help get me into different positions to help progress my labor. Once we got to the hospital, I was ready to give up and get an epidural. Lauren’s confidence in me and her reassurance and techniques for pain relief and position changes were the reason I was able to safely nauturally deliver my beautiful 9lb 14oz baby boy! Lauren was even kind enough to snap some photos right as he was being born - beautiful photos that our family will truesure forever. My husband and I agree that Lauren is worth her weight in gold and we never want to go through another labor and delivery without her by our side! 

Brittney Mitchell


Lauren was a wonderful support while my husband and I navigated the new season of welcoming our first child. She helped us overcome the seemingly insurmountable task of creating a birth plan by taking the time to listen and hear our heart for each matter. Lauren was a primary source of information and encouragement. It was imperative that everyone around me during labor would champion for a peace and joy-filled experience. Lauren embodied this sentiment. I could not have asked for a better doula!

Katie Contos


It's been over two years since our daughter's birth, but I was talking with my husband over the weekend about how much having Lauren as a doula impacted our birth story (and my life), so here I am! We hired Lauren as our birth doula and did private Bradley classes with her. I always knew I wanted to do everything I could to have an unmedicated birth, and had planned to deliver our baby in the hostpital. After an unsettling appointment with a different OB in the practice, I talked with Lauren about my doubts surrounding my care when it came to the actual birth day. She gave my husband and I a homework assignment (with no persuasion or judement) and out of that homework came our desire to switch gears to a home birth. I think I was 35-36 weeks along when we made the switch, and once we decided to do it, Lauren helped us find midwives and prepare for a different birthing experience. When it came to the big day I had a pretty fast labor but got held up in the pushing phase due to a malpositioned baby. Lauren got out her rebozo, did some magical and intentional belly sifting while I pushed, and I believe that's what saved me from a hospital transfer. It was a better experience than I could have ever imagined.


And because of my empowered, educated birth experience, I left my corporate job and became a birth doula myself. It's been almost two years since I attended my first birth as a trained doula and I can't help but think about the impression having Lauren as our doula left on me. Thank you, Lauren for changing the way I viewed birth, and for helping us welcome our girl into the world in such a gentle, peaceful manner, and for showing me how important and meaningful birth support can truly be. 

Catherine Tacoronte


Lauren is absolutely amazing! She gives the best care hands down! Lauren lives in Seattle and we are in Phoenix AZ! She sent us things in the mail and had several skype calls with us to make sure that we were ready for signs of (real) labor and then the delivery. We called Lauren after I had started labor and she took the first flight out to phoenix!! I ended up laboring at home for two days! When my labor progressed she came with us to the hospital and coached me the whole time. She gave very helpful advice and kept my husband and I calm through the very long and painful process of birth. She was so ENCOURAGING and I could not have done it naturally without her help!!! We were so thankful to have a beautiful heathy baby and mom.

We had Lauren make pills out of my placenta and I had no post-partum whatsoever! She went above and beyond for us and I know she will for you too! She's the most amazing doula and I would reccomend her to anyone! Thanks Lauren for all your love and care! 

Jillian Olguin


We used Lauren as our Doula during the birth of our Daughter and Lauren was WONDERFUL!  Definitely a resource I would recommend and use again.  Lauren was wonderfully professional and so very helpful.  We had an unexpected C-Section and Lauren was there every step of the way.  Such a wonderful comfort and great advice that she offered.  After returning home from the hospital, Lauren checked in on us at our house to see how we were doing and to offer her services.  

Thank you Lauren for all that you do!  You are wonderful!

Stephanie Smith


Lauren was our Bradley Method instructor, and we couldn’t be happier! She helped empower us to make the best decisions for our family's childbirth experience. She provides excellent information, both in and out of classes, and is always willing to share extra materials and references for topics you wish to research further. Lauren is professional, kind, and caring. If you take her course you won’t be disappointed!

Amanda Geismann


We worked with Lauren for both birthing classes and doula services for the birth of our first daughter this past year.  We had no idea what to expect going into childbirth, but with Lauren's classes as well as her doula assistance, we not only felt very prepared and informed about child labor and delivery, but we felt so supported by Lauren throughout the process.  I definitely feel combining the birthing classes with the doula services was an ideal option for us; without the classes, we would not have been as equipped to recognize labor stages as they were happening.  During labor, Lauren came over to our house and labored with us at home for several hours before identifying the right time for us to head to the hospital to deliver our baby. Once at the hospital, we were pretty much ready to push and I was able to have the natural childbirth I had desired.

Without Lauren as our doula, I know we would have gone to the hospital much earlier and been out of the comfort of our home for a longer period of time during labor.  I truly feel that laboring at home and with Lauren's support was key in allowing us to have a natural childbirth.  Lauren's support at the hospital was amazing as well - she was a true advocate for seeing through our birth plan without overstepping the midwife group we worked with. I have vivid memories of holding Lauren's hand (as well as my husband's) during pushing and after delivery. She provided so much comfort and support during that time, which was so overwhelming for us as first-time parents.  (She also took awesome pictures on my phone during the delivery and right after, which are priceless!!)

We are very grateful for all that Lauren did for us and so happy we were able to work with her! 

Maureen Almeter


Lauren is a great doula! She is very calm, supportive, and knowledgeable.  I was fortunate to have had her at my second birth and it was beautiful and healing (a big change from the birth of my first child in which I did not have a doula).  It was everything I wanted it to be and Lauren played a huge part in that.  She kept me calm and confident through the harder stages. Lauren helped empower me and my ability to birth a baby naturally and at home, exactly where I wanted to be.  She respects the beauty of birth and all that comes with it.  My midwife enjoyed working with her so much that she now recommends her to clients. Thank you, Lauren! I will be forever grateful. :)



We met Lauren through her Bradley Method class, which was very informative and helpful in preparing us for what to expect during birth.  It was also a great way to meet other expecting couples and make some lasting friendships.  When we signed up for Lauren's class, we didn't really know what our options were outside of a hospital birth.  Lauren does a great job of explaining the alternatives.  She recommended some midwives for us to talk to and some birthing centers that we could tour.  We ended up giving birth at a birth center attended by a midwife she had recommended, and with Lauren as our doula!  We are so glad we did.  Lauren was a great help and support throughout the process: pre-labor visits with excellent advice, supportive guidance through labor, and a very welcome visit after the baby had arrived.  We went ten days overdue, and during that difficult wait Lauren was a regular presence, always ready with a tip or just a welcome hug.  Our labor got serious in the middle of the night, and the indefatiguable Lauren was there and helped us until baby arrived at 8 pm the next night.  She is a wonder of stamina and positive energy.  We highly recommend Lauren to assist at your birth!

Lisa Beresiwsky


Through, we hired Lauren for the birth of our first baby.

In addition to the benefits for baby of having a natural birth, I have always been a very physically active person, competing in triathlons, races, and CrossFit—and I really wanted to carry that into labor.

My husband and I were in communication with Lauren while we labored at home. After my water broke, we drove to the hospital and Lauren met us there almost immediately. What a difference she made!! She came in, dimmed the lights, set up candles, and immediately began coaching us on breathing, relaxation, and pain management techniques. It felt like my pain level (and the anxiety level in the room) dropped immediately.

Being GBS positive, I received antibiotics throughout labor, and Lauren noticed that the IV wasn’t working. Thanks to her support, I received the prescribed doses, with my last dose of antibiotics being given just minutes before our baby was born.

Lauren was a superstar during labor! I stayed very active—moving to many different positions. Lauren encouraged the position changes and sat, squatted and stood next to me massaging, coaching, and encouraging me for hours. I don’t know how she had so much energy!! She always seemed to say what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it. I don’t know if I could have had a natural birth without her help!

After several hours of labor and pushing, I gave birth while squatting on the floor, hanging onto a rope. We were at a hospital where doctors and nurses sometimes frown on that sort of thing, but Lauren advocated for us, not allowing them to force me into the hospital bed. I gave birth to our beautiful, healthy baby boy after an amazing, intense birth experience. My husband and I were very grateful for Lauren’s calm presence and help, and we can’t recommend her highly enough!

mark adlerbert


I'm so glad we met Lauren. During the labor, this sweet, gentle, young woman radiated calm and confidence and took control of the situation. She guided us, coordinated with the midwives and comforted both Sarah and I, allowing the midwives to focus entirely on the heath of mom and baby. As Sarah's partner, her presence allowed me the room to experience my emotions and also be present. I could come up for air and knew Sarah was safe. Being there while Sarah was giving birth to Gwen was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and I can't imagine going through it without Lauren's help. She's awesome.

Sarah Yerkan


I found Lauren while searching for a doula during my third trimester of pregnancy last summer. My partner and I, while expecting our first baby, did not have much of a clue what else to expect. After one meeting with Lauren, we knew that she would be the perfect person to help us on our journey. She was smart, sensitive, and cool. We discussed possibilities of natural labor, home birthing, and opened our eyes to the really awesome possibility of having an empowering and beautiful birthing experience. Mark and I soon decided to leave the OB practice we were seeing & find a great midwife instead. When we hired Lauren, she offered to teach us in her Bradley class and we learned so much, leaving class feeling truly prepared and excited for labor! Our baby, Gwen, was born in our home on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon after a long 42 hours of labor. I had been having contractions every 10-15 minutes for 2 sleepless nights before I called Lauren to come over. In the middle of the night, she answered right away was there for me throughout an intense, scary, and magical birth. She was my rock. She knew just what to say, where to rub, and was stern and sweet with me when I just couldn't keep going. The midwives had medical concerns to worry about and Mark was just so nervous! I honestly can say Lauren is the person who really got me through, and we both love her for that! We are truly blessed to have been able to experience the birth of our daughter with her, and look forward to having her with us for the next!

Scott Seunghoon Kim


Both my wife and I had a great pleasure working with Lauren throughout the course. We were not sure whether we wanted a doula or not until after my wife's 7-month pregnancy, but looking back on the journey, we're so happy that we made a right decision, and especially the decision to go with Lauren. As a husband, all the worries that I had had prior to the contraction (i.e. Will I remember this? Will I not forget ABC if XYZ happens?) just came out the way I had been worried on the delivery day - not remembering everything I had studied, not 100% sure if I forgot anything I'd need for the delivery from home, and of course all the plans in the delivery room that I had made in advance. All of these concerns were resolved or softened thanks to the Lauren's help.

Not only from the spouse's perspective, Lauren was such a master of helping out the mother. Anyone can easily imagine how important it is to help the mother out in a consistent yet soft manner so she can fully focus on the delivery process and feel safe. Lauren was such an experienced doula in that area, and indeed she did a tremendous job of suggesting different poses for the delivery, which worked out extremely well. As far as I could tell, this was something that could only come from her expertise and experiences, and I couldn't be any happier with her skills and execution.

Considering our pleasant experience with Lauren, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to my friends and family members and would be more than happy to work with her again in the future!

Jennifer Hansen


Looking back on our labor and the preparation that led up to it, Lauren was an integral part of our entire experience! We could not have been more thankful that she was there and feel that she was a big reason why our labor ended in a happy and healthy mom and baby. She was our childbirth class instructor and we felt so blessed to have her as our doula as well. Leading up to our labor, Lauren was available for any questions we had and we felt so at ease knowing that she would be there at the birth to answer any questions we had as she was a wealth of knowledge. When labor actually began, Lauren was with us for 28+ hours! She provided support to us in so many ways and I don’t think we would have had the same peace of mind during the experience if she hadn’t been there. Labor is an extremely scary and uncertain time and we felt better knowing that Lauren was in our corner and advocating for us throughout the process. We had a long labor and hours of pushing, but looking back, it would have been a much scarier process without Lauren there to help with positions, techniques, and to assure us that everything was happening as it should. She was very helpful postpartum as well, reminding us that she was always there 24/7 for questions and support and I would recommend Lauren to anyone thinking of hiring a doula, which was the best possible choice we could have made for our labor and for a positive birth experience!

Jennifer Van Nuys-Young


Lauren was our doula for the home birth of our second child. I greatly appreciated the knowledge and resources, in addition to her compassion and care, she brought to our birth experience. Initially, my husband and I were contemplating a home birth versus a hospital birth and with Lauren's gentle and non-judgemental guidance, we chose what felt right for us with confidence. We are so happy with the choice we made and our birth experience. Lauren also helped us find a midwife that was a perfect fit for our family and I feel so grateful for the team of care providers we had around us when my daughter was born. Lauren's doula support during my labor flowed seemlessly with my husband as my birth partner. She stepped in to offer support at just the right times and helped guide my husband and I when we felt unsure about how to handle the different stages of labor. I am confident my labor was a better experience because Lauren was a part of it. Additionally, we used her placenta encapsulation and smoothie offerings and my recovery after this birth was far smoother and quicker than it was after the birth of my first child. I would highly recommend Lauren as a child birth educational resource and doula. We are so grateful she was a part of our experience for the birth of our daughter.

Genevieve Knaus


Lauren was first my Bradley teacher and she was fabulous.  After the 12 week series I felt so at peace about the upcoming birth naturally, and confident about my rights if I should need to transfer to a hospital.  I also was lovingly challenged to think more deeply about issues surrounding hospital birth and about the domino effect of certain procedures etc.  Because of Lauren's class, I ended up changing from an OB to a midwife and from a hospital birth to a birth center and I am so happy that I did - I felt completely in control of how my labor and birth went.  It was so empowering and I know that it would have been a much different experience in the hospital.  Both my husband and I felt so much more knowledgable about the birth and labor process after the class and felt confident that we could do it together without medication and intervention.  

As a doula she was incredible supportive throughout the entire labor and was a great resource for questions when we didn't want to needlessly bother our midwife.  She helped us to think through important details surrounding the day of the birth and the labor and took the best pictures during!  

After the birth, Lauren also encapsulated the placenta for us.  We couldn't have been happier!

Sameth El


I found out very late during my pregnancy that my baby was breech. I did not know what to do so I reached out to Lauren who was then my Bradley Method instructor. She was so helpful and had so many resources and reccomendations on natural childbirth that it only made sense to me to ask her to be my doula when I decided to go with homebirth. Lauren is very knowledgable and she gave me confidant in myself to deliver a breech baby. We decided to try homebirth but unfortunatly because I was so late in my preganancy that the midwife was unable to transfer me into her care.  Even though we were not able to deliver my baby naturally, Lauren was still able to be there for me in the operating room along side with my husband when I had my baby girl. She helped me through the surgery and also during postpartum. I had some challanges with nursing and Lauren again helped me out with breast feeding and bringing my baby back to birth weight. I am glad that I chose her to be my doula. She had answers and recommendations to all of my worries and any questions I had.

Jackie Happel


I first met Lauren because she was our Bradley Method birth class instructor. Me and my husband were expecting our first child and everything was so brand new to us! We learned so much in our birth class through her and we were set up to give birth in a hospital, so we felt we would love some extra outside and knowledgable support during my labor and birth. We really wanted and believed that a natural birth was possible for us so we wanted to protect that possibility as much as we could, so we felt it natural to ask Lauren to be our Doula.

My husband was extremely knowledgeable due to our birth class experience so he was really involved physically during my labor but also highly involved in the health care provider conversations because he understood terminology and procedures thanks to Lauren's birth class. Having Lauren there with us as our Doula, not only gave me double support having her and my husband being really involved, but she was a tremendous resource to my husband. They would tag team holding me up and assisting me in various laboring positions. They both took turns feeding me and they both constantly encouraged me. My mom was in the room too, so she did great at involving my mom when my mom was comfortable and she was great at delegating certain tasks to my mom when everything else was being taken care of. 

There were issues I was having in my labor due to my son being posterior and my midwife wanting me to get an epidural. Because of Lauren's wisdom and the way she advocated for me and my husband's choices, we were able to choose to not go with the epidural and my son was born healthy and naturally (I was also completely healthy throughout) Lauren supported our personal choices so well and was a tremendous advocate for our birth plan in the hospital setting. She really worked well with the hospital staff as well. :)

calvin qu


Laurens’ Birthing Class:A+
Tons of information that makes you think about the HOW and the WHY of what you want your birthing process to be. 
Lauren as a doula:A+
Helpful, knowledgeable, and great guide throughout the birth experience. She makes the natural birthing process so much less daunting and helps to keep it a wife and husband process while being very involved throughout.

We were able to have a hospital & OBGYN oriented birth that was still natural which met our criteria we had going in. Our goal was to have a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario and it turned out very successful for us; however, please remember that you need to vet your birthing team thoroughly regardless of what anybody says. By this I mean that if you are like us and want to have a natural birth at the hospital, you NEED to have an OBGYN that is on board. CHECK REVIEWS OF DOCTORS and ask tons of questions early. Don’t forget that you can change birthing team members at any time.  Vetting is crucial, finding a “best fit” for what you want is of the utmost importance for both your sanity and ease of the birthing process. This means that you need to actually know what you and your partner specifically expect out of the process. At the very least, Laurens’ class provides a variety of information about the process as a whole. We recommend the class for its information regarding the birthing process and we were extremely pleased and grateful to have her as our Doula, so much so that we are planning to hire her for our second child when that time comes around. Good Luck!

Meggy Cline


Lauren was both our Bradley Method trainer and our Doula. She was incredible in both areas, though this review covers specifically her performance as our Doula. Lauren is extremely well prepared, and was extremely dedicated to the birth process both before, during, and after the birth of our daughter. Our birth center birth was not an easy one, but Lauren was on top of it from start to finish, helping in many ways from coaching to providing food that we had forgotten, to assisting us with decision making. She was key to our ability to have a natural birth. Lauren is a wonderful, positive individual who cares a lot about her clients and is incredibly dedicated and passionate about what she does. In short, she did a wonderful job, and was a huge asset to our successful and natural birth, and we highly recommend her.

Michael & Meggy Cline

Allison Gifford


We hired Lauren as our doula after getting to know her as the instructor of our birthing class.  During the doula / birth preperation she was amazing. We planned for a hospital birth and she helped us with several rounds of revisions on our birth plans.  She had recent experience with hospital births, so she had suggestions for specific wording, etc.

For us, when labor started Lauren and I texted back and forth and I was much further along than I was leading on through text messages.  When Lauren arrived at our home, she was very helpful but labor had progressed to the second stage and I was ready to push.  Lauren was there for about an hour before my daughter was born, but she was so incredibly helpful for what could have made two first time parents very scared.

When our daughter surprisngly made her enterance Lauren quickly picked her up unwrapped the cord from her neck,  made sure she was breathing. Then helped get me to bed to start nursing and was overall the cool headed backbone that my husband and I needed.  When my placenta wouldn't exit after several natural attempts (but never pulling on the cord), she recommended we go to the hospital.  Lauren stayed with us at the hospital until the next morning and was so kind to keep notes of everybody's name who had helped us along the way (from the Paramedics to the hospital staff).

She followed up with a home visit and showed me how to use the Moby Wrap and was often checking in on me to see how breastfeeding was going.  She made our amazing and exciting homebirth experience that much better because she was confident and cool headed through the entire process.  We loved having Lauren as part of our birth team.


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