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Kayla Irby


I hired Heather for our 3rd baby! This was my first time hiring a Doula & also first time doing a home birth. 

I was skeptical about hiring a Doula, as I wasn't sure if it would be worth the money, however, being at home I really wanted to make sure we had the support not only I needed but my husband as well. 
We are both pretty private people & love to be independent on most things however this was one thing I really wanted to make sure we both had support to make a natural home birth happen! 


I am so thankful we decided to go with Heather. My birth was very short three hours however, her energy and words of encouragement was extremely helpful. Not only her being there, but being able to capture photos was so worth it. It's my very first birth where we have real photos and I'm so thankful for it.


Heather is very professional and makes you feel like you have known her forever! I was more than comfortable. ??

Elizabeth Perry


I’m not sure there will ever be adequate words to describe the immense gratitude I have for Heather. My pregnancy was textbook “perfect” but when it came time for labor and delivery - I was far from it. From the moment I met Heather to the moment I met my son (and since!) she has not only been a safe place and such a clear, transparent expert in this field, but an INCREDIBLE advocate and support system. Heather provides excellent guidance for expecting parents, will answer any and all questions, teach you how to advocate for yourself, and when things kick into gear she is exactly who you want on your side. She knows her stuff above and beyond and whether it’s your first baby or your fifth - Heather is who you want in your corner. She will forever hold a very special place in my heart, and I could not recommend her more. If I could advocate for investing in one important piece of the puzzle when having a baby - Heather’s doula services would be #1. There is no one better, and you will thank yourself 100x over. Heather - thank you for being such a gift to all of us Mamas. You make a difference and will be forever cherished in my heart.



My husband and I couldn't have had a better birthing experience and don't know how people do it without a doula! At first I was scared of the birth but through her classes, she actually got me excited about the experience. We had a natural birth in a hospital setting and she was able to soothe me and place me in positions that my husband totally wouldn't have known. Hands down would recommend Heather to EVERYBODY. Thank you Heather!!

Arielle Arnold


Heather was the doula for both of my daughters' births and I couldn't have asked for a better doula to help bring them both into this world. We felt lucky to have Heather in the room with us during their births at the hospital. She worked seamlessly with other care providers and gave us the insight, knowledge and support to make the best decisions for our situation. She met us there when things started to pick up and helped me get into different positions, gave advice on things to try, and also made sure I had enough food to keep me going. Her support before, during, and after birth were invaluable and we couldn't imagine doing it without her by our side. 



This woman is amazing! She helped me with my 5th baby and I am SO glad she did. Her recommendations and support plus her knowledge of labor positions helped my baby descend. I had my BEST labor and delivery and I owe a lot of that to Heather and her calm, confident recommendations.

She helped me know when to go to the hospital, she calmed my worries during pushing, and she held me during a few contractions - she is SUPER strong and amazing at what she does! Ten stars!

Brodi George


We picked Heather as our Doula for our first child after I found her online. My husband and I had an immediate connection with Heather, and felt totally comfortable having Heather help guide and support us through our first birth. The emotional support, physical pain relief, and knowledge Heather brought was incredibly valuable. As a mother, I really appreciated how Heather communicated with my OB about what was going on with my labor and delivery. Heather also advocated for my husband and I to have space to make medical decisions. During labor, Heather was the driving force to keep me moving, and therefore keep my baby moving towards delivery. We love Heather like she is family. When we found out we were pregnant with our second, Heather was one of the first calls we made. We were so excited to share another birth with her and selfishly, we wanted to have the same amazing team for our second birth.

Labor with my second was interesting. I had several false starts, but Heather was cool as a cucumber and gave us a plan each day for what we should be doing and what to do at night. When we finally did go into labor, Heather was our champ! She was right there with me every second helping me breathe, finding my center, and working my body to find relief and move baby down and out. I tell everyone having a baby to get a doula, I take it one step further and suggest Heather as your doula. You won't regret having her as part of your team. Heather is invested in your growing family. 

Our family is incredibly grateful for Heather and all she puts into each client.

Jordan Steichen


My husband and I had our first child in February and had no idea what to expect regarding labor and delivery. Since I wanted to do a natural birth, we decided to hire Heather as a support person and advocate to help achieve that. It was by far the best decision we made! She helped us labor at home for as long as possible, provided assistance with pain relief, and helped me stay on track with my goal for a successful and natural birth. She also helped ground me and breathe through every difficult contraction. We feel that we had a great birth experience and can attribute that to Heather! 
Also, her childbirth classes are hybrid, with most being online and one in person. We felt that the information was valuable and enjoyed being able to learn from the comfort of our home. We also love having amazing birth photos and beautiful newborn photography to hang in our home! We highly recommend Heather to anyone looking for extra support for their labor and delivery. She was amazing to work with!



Heather was an invaluable part of the birth teams for both of our daughters.  While each birth experience was vastly different, Heather’s experience, knowledge, and support were so appreciated.  I firmly believe that her presence positively impacted the outcome of both births.  Both times she supported us to ensure we got all information from the hospital staff, outlined and discussed our options and calmy guided us to follow our instincts to get the experience we wanted.  She also captured amazing photos of the births; photos that tell the story of how our babies came into this world.  Without Heather, we wouldn’t have had these experiences documented in this special way. 

Before the actual births, we participated in her birth classes.  These were so helpful in explaining the birth process and the part we all played (mom, baby, partner, and doula).  They took away a lot of the fear of birth, offered tips to prepare for the best birth experience, and empowered us when the big day arrived.  I recommend these classes to first and second time parents!

Heather’s postpartum care visit was crucial, as well.  Our first born had severe feeding problems and we had no idea what to do- especially in the sleep deprived state we were in!  I will never forget Heather sitting in our living room and immediately dialing up a lactation specialist, outlining our baby’s issues, and arranging for the specialist to come to our home the next day (which was a holiday weekend!).  I still wonder what we would have done without that phone call.

Overall, Heather is a very caring and engaging person.  She is passionate about her work and truly empowers her clients to get the birth experience THEY want.  She does that through education and support.  I highly recommend her and truly believe my births would not have been as positive had she not been there!



If you are wondering if you should hire Heather, I would enthusiastically encourage you. Heather took the time to hear my many concerns and walk me through the anxieties I had. When it came to the birth itself, she was exactly what I needed. I had a high risk delivery and needed someone who could support me and work in harmony with professionalism with our medical team, and Heather did just that. Have three other medicated births before this one, I knew all of the tools and "how to" of birth, but when the time came for birth it was easy to forget in the pain. Heather was amazing at recentering my focus, and minimizing my pain. Her birth photography is beautiful and some of my most cherished memories now. If I have another baby, I will need Heather by my side!

Alli Vander Lugt


I knew I wanted to have a doula for support during my first birth experience and I am beyond pleased with the care I received from Heather. Her birth course was fantastic and prepared me for many aspects of the birth process. Using the GentleBirth app meditations and hypnosis allowed me to labor without an epidural. I’m certain I would not have accomplished this without the resources Heather provided. Additionally, she was always more than willing to answer my text messages before I went into labor.  When it came time for her to come to the hospital for my birth, she was assertive and supportive to both myself and my husband. Her presence gave me the confidence I needed to have a wonderful and memorable birth experience. I’m so pleased with her care and would have her as my doula again in a heartbeat.

Ashley Mullane


Heather was absolutely wonderful! She is so kind and knowledgeable and really made my birthing experience amazing. She labored with me at my home for about 45 minutes and was able to read me so well to know exactly when we should head to the birth center. My labor progressed so quickly and I was very thankful to have her help with understanding what was happening. She also did birth photography for me and it is so special to have those memories. I would highly recommend Heather as a doula! 

Alexandra Maffuccio


Heather was unbelievable throughout pregnancy and birth. She is extremely knowledgeable through pregnancy, offering birth courses, answering questions, and meeting one-on-one. I truly do not think I could’ve had an unmedicated birth without her. I was able to labor at home for 15 hrs before going to the hospital, and I wouldn’t have felt comfortable knowing when to go without her. Not to mention she kept me comfortable at home with many different pain relieving techniques and guided my husband on what to do as well. Once at the hospital, she knew exactly what to do and say to get me to the end without needing medication or an epidural, even when I was struggling and feeling like I couldn’t do it anymore. She was also an amazing advocate in making sure the medical team stuck to my desired birth plan. As an added bonus, she takes incredible photos during the pushing phase and first moments with the baby which are so special and I’m so glad we have. If you’re debating using her, don’t hesitate. I promise you she will make your experience better and more comfortable no matter what your birth plan is.



I truly believe I could not have labored naturally without Heather. She is an incredible woman and doula and I highly recommend inviting her into your pregnancy and birth experience. She was able to guide my husband and provide mental and physical support. I felt safe, comfortable and strong once she arrived to our home while laboring. She also took beautiful photos while our daughter was born that we will love and cherish forever.

Thank you Heather for being a vital part of our birth story!

Kristin Brown


I’d recommend Heather to anyone seeking out a doula for their birth! I honestly do not know what my husband and I would have done without her as our coach and support. My labor and delivery ended up being pretty unique and unexpected and Heather pivoted, transitioned, and supported us without missing a beat the whole way. We loved the combination of her classes and her as our doula! It made things very consistent and beneficial. Thank you, Heather!

Shannon Clark


Choosing Heather as our doula was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After the birth of my first child, I felt disappointed by the experience and the lack of support I received.  With this pregnancy, I wanted something different and hiring a doula was an important part of the plan. I knew Heather was the right fit for us after our initial consultation. We loved Heather’s childbirth classes and learned so much. It was also incredibly convenient to be able to stream the classes and not have to worry about juggling childcare for our toddler so that we could attend in-person classes. Heather was great about answering any questions in areas where we needed clarification. She is also a talented photographer and provided photos during our birth and did a newborn session a few days afterward. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience during this birth and am so grateful Heather was there. Heather’s guidance and wisdom helped me feel more prepared for what to expect during labor, so the process didn’t seem as scary. I opted for an unmedicated home birth, and Heather’s calm yet confident demeanor was invaluable during some of the more intense phases of labor. Including Heather as part of our birth team also took stress off of my husband, allowing him to enjoy the experience instead of constantly feeling like he should be doing something to help. Heather is a priceless addition to any birth team, and I’m so grateful for her. She is incredibly knowledgeable, responsive, and trustworthy. I appreciated that Heather took the time to get to know us before my due date and listed to our preferences, questions and concerns. I felt at ease knowing that she has the experience and training to adapt to different situations as necessary. Like others have said, my only regret is not hiring Heather for our first baby. I strongly recommend Heather to anyone looking for a more enjoyable and positive birth experience!  



I am so happy we found Heather and that she offered virtual support during covid. She did offer to come to our house for early labor but we chose to stay virtual which she supported. We chose to go with her full education program as well and very much appreciated the depth of these sessions as well as the zoom follow up after to ask questions. We learned a lot which helped us prepare and she was very accessible for questions. She helped us build a birth preference list, reviewed it and kept it handy during the birth to remind us of preferences when things really got going. She is very responsive to phone or text and was more than willing to pick up the phone to answer a more in depth question rather than texting. She is very professional but also very personable. We worked with her to set expectations for the big day and we felt comfortable with what to do and how to communicate with her when the time came. When the big day came, our expectations were met and we felt very well supported. Since we went all virtual, she was available via text during very early labor (which was about an hour and a half for me) and then we spoke on the phone so she could hear where I was at in the process. She felt we were well on our way so we switched to FaceTime and stayed on video until I went to the hospital. My baby was born 5 hours later and she was on video with us the entire time guiding me and my husband, reminding me to breathe and encouraging position changes to help speed things along. She even took screenshots and got an awesome one of my baby being handed to me!! During labor, She was not directive and didn't tell me I had to do anything but rather used supportive language and encouragement. We checked in a few times after and had a postpartum virtual visit as well. All in all, I am very happy that we chose to have her even though it was all virtual. I wouldn't have traded her support for anything!



Having Heather as part of my birth team as my doula got me through my 72 hour labor. She labored with me for 3 days, helping me find my pattern of rest and active positions to get baby where she needed to be. I had extreme back labor and Heather and my husband got me through every contraction. She helped me breathe, stay calm, and keep my focus. I am so empowered by my successful home birth outcome and owe so much of that to Heather. She is personable, professional, and will help guide you in the birth that you desire. She also takes beautiful birth photography that you will cherish! 

Cami Krabbenhoft


Even though I am a labor and delivery nurse I still had quite a lot of anxiety going into my first VBAC after a planned, smooth cesarean section with my first. Heather helped my husband and I feel comfortable and confident with a VBAC birth and it could not have gone smoother. She provided us with the tools and knowledge we needed to get through early labor and showed up exactly when we needed her as things progressed. I would have left for the hospital hours earlier than I did if Heather had not been there to support and comfort me. She knew exactly what I needed and her hands were such a comfort. Due to the corona pandemic we weren’t able to have her in the delivery room but she walked me right up to the hospital doors and then video chatted with us until baby arrived. Heather worked seamlessly with our midwife and together they made an amazing team. She helped us achieve the most seamless, empowering birth experience in a time of extreme uncertainty. I can’t recommend her enough, I only wish I had known about her with my first pregnancy!

Clerissa Forsgren


My experience with Heather was wonderful she is just so upbeat and positive and has great experience which is why I chose her.  Her classes were a great refresher for my husband and I and very informative. After attending her classes I became excited to have her as part of our birth team. I was looking forward to our birth and thought it may even be a little more fun with all the techniques and knowledge she has to help birth naturally. Unfortunately with all the COVID issues she was not able to be with us in person, but still attended with us virtually which was still a big help for me. She was able to walk me through some rough spots, which I was greatful for. She even dropped off some of her tools for us to use throughout labor at the hospital that were also a great help. Heather did what she could within her power to be there for us and our birth even though COVID changed our plan. You will not be disappointed if you choose her to be apart of your birth team! 

Maggie Kealy-Machella


Heather is an amazing woman and an exceptional doula! We reached out to her because we knew we wanted a doula for our first birth and because she had the experience and the services we wanted most. From the first meeting to our GentleBirth class and to up through the labor and delivery, Heather was exactly what we needed! As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect about labor and had so many questions and concerns, especially as a type A personality. Heather answered so many questions and prepped the mental space for both myself and my husband to have a positive experience of birth no matter how it looked. When I texted late as I was getting contractions to let her know we'd be heading to the hospital, she met us there promptly and helped us get checked in and settled, and got me moving so that I would be dilated enough for actual admission to the labor floor with all sorts of movements and motivation. I'd headed to the hospital because I thought that I couldn't mentally handle it anymore, but with here there, I made it much further than I'd ever expected! Her kindness, focus, and constant calm helped keep myself and my husband in the zone and her patience through my tougher moments was needed: she knew exactly what to do to help me get comfortable and stay calm, I didn't even need to say a word, which was perfect because due to the contractions, speaking wasn't really in the cards. Her capturing of the labor and delivery gave us some amazing images, something that I was glad to have because everything went by so quickly and my mind wasn't focused on some of the smaller details. I'm so grateful we had her because I know that without all her work to prep us and be with us through the birth we wouldn't have had the amazing experience that we did.

Sean King


Heather was so helpful for the birth of our son. I can't imagine going through the labor without her being there. Her knowledge, and calming demeanor helped the process along at every turn. She was familiar with the staff at the hospital, and options available to us.

Heather kept myself and my wife calm as labor progressed by making useful suggestions and techniques that worked well. Her experiences with so many births can not be matched, and we truly appreciated her being there for us! 

We met with Heather several times before the actual labor, and this allowed us to become more comfortable with Heather and her style. She is truly caring about her clients, and invested in the birthing process. 

We would highly recommend her for anyone else, and will contact her again for future births.

Olga Laporte


We are so grateful to have had Heather as our doula! Her knowledge, experience and assistance during the labor were invaluable, and contributed to us having a wonderful experience (despite the things not going the way that we planned). She offered us great education and information throughout (and prior to) the entire experience to help us make informed decisions. Her guidance during the physical part of labor was incredible. Also, the mental/ emotional support she provided before, during and after the birth was absolutely wonderful. We would definitely use her services again and would highly recommend her! 

Kate Finley


We hired Heather for the birth of our second child. Both of us had quite a bit of baggage from the traumatic experience of our first daughter's birth.  Heather's patience and guidance were boundless. We took her hypnobirthing class as well and found it to be invaluable. In fact, I find myself using techniques we learned there right now through the torturous phase of new baby sleep deprivation. She proved adept at rolling with the punches, which is great when things don't go according to plan. I think what I appreciate most was her proactive attitude while we were in the hospital. She went to work immediately upon her arrival creating a peaceful room environment (something I didn't think I cared about until it was done). She helped with labor positions to get things moving. And when I got an epidural she continued actively working on me with stretches through our waiting time and then the delivery. She was exactly what we needed and we are so grateful.

Carla Christensen


My husband and I both agree that hiring Heather as our birth doula was one of the best decisions we made for our pregnancy. We took all of the birth classes from St. Lukes and I practiced prenatal yoga but none of this training could compare with having Heather in the labor room guiding us along each step. She met with us ahead of the labor and helped us determine our birth preferences, including a few options that were never mentioned in our other various courses, so we felt very comfortable with the "plan". During labor Heather knew exactly what to do to keep me comfortable and my husband was even able to rest for a few hours without me even noticing! The classes are great but no substitution for having a dedicated and caring doula like Heather for a wonderful birth experience!!

Rietta McCain


Having moved to the area right in the middle of my second pregnancy, I knew I needed to find a the right doula since having great doula was so critical in the birth of my first child (which was long and didn't go according to 'plan', but the right doula made all the difference). Heather came highly recommended from my midwife group and I couldn't agree more with their high praise of her.

We met with her several times prior to going into labor and she always gave great information and reminders to both me and my husband. She was positive, knowlegeable, and a great resource to have for all those things I had forgotten since our first baby. She also made a lot of suggestions of things for me to do during pregnancy to help make labor easier given some of the things that happened in my first delivery.

Heather supported us wonderfully at home during the early stages of labor. Her work with the rebozo to ease the pain during contractions was amazing and worth hiring her just for that! In addition, she helped us speed us the labor when things weren't really progressing and helped us figure out the right time to go to the hospital.

Once at the hospital, Heather did wonders to make the labor and delivery room feel more relaxing and inviting for us - mini christmas lights, essential oil diffuser, etc. I was worried my labor would slow down when we made the transition to the hospital, but it didn't and I think a lot of that was to do with Heather's attention to making it feel less institutional. Heather was very supportive and thoughtful throughout the whole process - suggesting position changes, offering wet towels, sips of water, etc. It was also very helpful that all the hospital staff knew her.

Heather also did a great job of capturing the birth. Her photography is a great plus!

Keirsten Stewart


Heather joined us rather late in the pregnancy after maybe 5 or 6 interviews, and I am beyond greateful that she was able to do so! I had a few visits with her and she was able to meet my husband and visit our home. My water broke at 1:30am, 2 days before my due date and she was immediately responsive. As a first time mom and doing a home birth, Heather was able to tell me what to expect and help me slow the pace a little into the morning hours. She joined us before the midwives arrived, and immediately assisted with making me confortable and coordinating with the midwives. We had a relatively short labor- about 6 hours. Heather was calming but strong and talked me through the process as I needed. Because we had discussed this beforehand, she also understood when I just needed a hand or a gentle rub and silence. Throughout the labor process, she took photos that our family is able to cherish for years to come- they were stunningly beautiful! When my daughter was just a week old or so, I was able to look through all of the photos and relive the magic of her coming into the world- something that every mother should have the benefit of doing! 

Not only was she supportive of me throughout my labor, but was helpful to my husband as well. He has 2 previous children who were born in a hospital setting so a home birth was new territory! He asked me to pass along that having Heather at the birth was invaluable. She made him feel calm, supported and confident that everything was going smoothly.

I couldn't imagine not having Heather at our birth. We are expecting a second child and we are hoping she is available again! I seriously don't know if anyone else could live up to the expectation that she has set for us as far as the support of a Doula! 

(Our daughter was born in April 2016, and we moved about 2 weeks later. In all the hustle and stress, I didn't even realize that I did not leave a testimonial at the time!)

Kimbra Hill


I can't begin to tell you how incredible Heather has been through my whole pregnancy and birth.  Heather was so helpful in my birthing experience. I was well informed by her, felt safe with her and empowered by the work we did together. I was scared of the birthing experience and Heather helped me to feel safe and confident for my special day. I took Heather's mindful birth classes (which I loved!) so that I would have tools to use during my arduous labor.  I was super grateful that my husband and I had her help once I found out I had to be induced but did not want an epidural. She is knowledgeable and very willing to share her knowledge.  She has a very calm and peaceful demeanor which is very reassuring during labor and after bringing the baby home.  My little one and I had a tough time being successful breastfeeding and Heather visited with us multiple times and helped me get in touch with a lactation specialist as well as a great therapist for my babe!

Kristy “Lyman” Miller


Words will never be able to explain our gratitude to Heather. On February 10th, 2017 our son was born. Thanks to Heather, I was able to achieve exactly the birth I wanted. This is our first baby and I knew if I wanted to have a successful natural birth I would need a fantastic coach to provide me with knowledge and support before, during, and after labor. Heather offered just that. Before our son was born my Husband and I took Gentle Birth Classes from her to help prepare us. Heather provided us with resources for birth affirmations and hypnosis recordings to listen to the weeks prior to delivery to help set the mood and prepare our minds. These resources helped immensely during my 21-hour labor. The morning I went into labor I reached a point at which I started to get nervous as my contractions were building. Just then Heather arrived at our home and the moment she came in she provided me with instant support and relief. She stayed with us at home the remainder of the day as my contractions continued to build. Heather used all of her tools and massaged me constantly through each contraction. She helped us to decide when it was time to go to the hospital and by the time we arrived I had made a lot of progress and was able to deliver within about 3 hours. The timing could not have worked out better. Heather is a true professional, master of her trade, and the best support a woman and man could ask for. Thank you, Heather, over and over for helping us bring this amazing little soul safely into the world.

Christina Davidson


Heather was an absolute life savor during labor! I had heard of doulas prior to my pregnancy and knew that research showed more favorable outcomes and more satisfaction  during labor but I wasn't sure it was right for me. I dont really like being touched and usually like being left alone when hurt or sick. However, I decided that get a doula 'just in case'. Heather was recommended by a friend and she was fabulous. She listened to our wishes for labor and got together with us a few times before labor to talk about how things might go and get comfortable with each other. she has a calming presence is a great listener. I honestly couldn't have done my 27 hour labor without her. She helped me through every contraction and reminded me to breathe. She knew to do things I didn't even know I wanted. She also followed up with us after the birth to talk things through and make sure breastfeeding was going well. She was professional, warm, reassuring, and very accessible. She was willing to skip thanksgiving with her family if I went into labor! My husband was worried she would essentially take his role but afterwords he said she was the best money we spent pregnancy wise.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Jocelyn Ingram


Heather Norris was the perfect support for our birthing experience. She met with us a few times before our sweet baby girl arrived to get to know us, our style, and our desires for the arrival of our first baby. She was very knowledgeable, kind, funny, confident and supportive. She helped us get prepared for the special day when we would get to meet our daughter for the first time. Once the day came, she helped support me through a detour to our original birth plan (induction due to hypertension). She helped me to see the positives of the detour by reminding me that I was in the 40th week already and my husband and I would get to meet our daughter for the first time and be a family of three within hours. She played a major supporting role with me. We used a hypnobirthing approach for a calm and peaceful environment. She massaged me with essential oils, helped me with visualizations, and she was on point with affirmations for me with a calming and confident voice which helped me be confident and relaxed. She was great too for my husband, he can't say enough about her. He tells everyone who is expecting to take advantage of her wonderful services because she is more than worth her weight in gold! We were very fortunate to have achieved a successful birth experience. We were able to realize our desire to have a calm natural birth experience without pain medication. I am so thankful that Heather was there to share in the first few moments of life with our baby girl, Harper! She stayed with us after Harper arrived to ensure we settled in for the night. A few days after we were home, breastfeeding was proving to be very difficult and stressful for Harper and myself. Heather was right there again supporting us. She connected us to a wonderful lactation specialist again we were on the road to success. I have no doubt this experience would not have been the same without her genuine love and support. We sincerely thank you Heather!

Carly Oppie


Heather was my doula for both daughters. She was and is an amazing, educated and open-minded person who is very good at what she does. I had two hospital births, with epidurals, and I never felt as though I "shouldn't" have a doula. Her presence was calming, and it also gave my husband the opportunity to focus more on me. I never had a question that went unanswered throughout the whole process. I will keep in touch with Heather forever! Love her and so grateful to have had the chance to work with her in such important times in my life.

Samantha Westendorf


Looking back we are so glad we hired Heather because we couldn't have done it without her!  Our birth was very long and wasn't progressing as regularly as we would have liked.  Heather knew just what to do at every step along the way to keep our spirits up and to offer advice on techniques and strategies to keep things going.  Without her guidance I imagine that we would have become frustrated at the lack of progress and we would have been at a loss about what to do.  With her help we were able to stay very close to our original birth plan and we can honestly look back and say that although the birth was hard, it was everything we hoped it would be in the end.

If you're on the fence as to whether or not to hire a doula, we recommend it!  Heather's style is professional, knowledgeable and helpful.  She is there when you need her, but never pushy or overwhelming.  She was just what we needed when we needed it!

Addie Neal


This was our second birth with Heather as my Doula.

Every birth is different but she has a way of getting in sync with what you need right as you need it. I would not have it any other way. If I could go back in time I would have chosen her for my first birth as well.  The support for my husband and myself allowed me the natural birth I had hoped for again, even after an induction at 40 weeks this go around. I was worried with the pitocin and monitoring rhings would not work out, but with Heather by my side ,a nd even helping me in the tub my perfect daughter was born after 6 hours or so of labor. I am so greateful for the birth experience she helped create.

Jessica Hruza


Having Heather as our doula completely changed our birth experience.  I know that I will not  be able to adequately put into words what she did for me.  Heather completely understood, and fought for, my deep desire to have a HBaC.  She helped me labor at home, came with me when my midwives recommended that I transfer to the hospital, held my hand during my ceserean, and was there when I finally got to hold my baby.  Heather was there for 36 long hours of labor.  She had energy when I had none.  She pushed me to keep moving and changing positions throughout labor.  I was exhausted and she kept me going.  At the hospital, when the doctors made recommendations, Heather was there to make sure I understood my options.  She advocated for my husband and I, and always made sure we got a moment alone to discuss our decisions together before we made them.  After my baby was delivered, she sat with me for the rest of the surgery while my husband went with our baby to recovery.  Heather stayed until we were moved to the postpartum floor of the hospital.  She understood that the delivery did not go as I had planned, but because of Heather I was able to feel that I had done absolutely everything possible. Her presence made all the difference!  I would choose Heather over and over again!



Heather Norris is incredible! Look no further & call her! My husband and I appreciated and cherished our experience with her. She is educated, articulate, reliable, compassionate, resourceful, and adaptable. She respected our wishes & concerns. She empowered us with knowlege &  started important dialiagues that we didn't realize needed adressing. We had a unique situation: A Gestational Carrier was carrying our son. First of all, we were out of state. Heather was informing us all along the way via texts and calls as soon as the labor process began for our GC (16 days early). We asked that Heather be the first person to hold our baby in case we couldn't make it in time for the delivery. Thankfully we made it on time. Heather eased our worries during our 11 hour travel time to Boise. She greeted us at the delivery room door and explained what we should do and what was going on. She was our link to the birth process & kept us informed & calm. After the birth she helped us with our first feeding, filled us in on the birth process during the hours when we were in route, and even took some goregous photos. Leading up to the birth, Heather worked with our GC and gave her coaching advice that helped our baby turn from a Frank Breeched position into an ideal birthing position. She also spent a great deal of time on the phone with me going over the Birth Plan. She brought up many excellent points for Intended Parents. She is supportive and doesn't judge one bit-- she supports anything that the parents want and desire and helps them understand all the possibilties, implications, etc. She was a wonderful liason between the Doctor and the GC. Her eyes and ears were imparative. We appreciated our consultation with her.Our GC felt immediately comfortable. Heather walked us through explanations of medications during delivery and answered all of our questions...no question was too "out there" for Heather. If she didn't have an answer she did research.

Kasi Backer


Heather is an AMAZING doula! She was right by my side through my entire home birth, there is no way I could have done it without her. Not only was she essential during my birth, but the knowledge and advice she shared during pre-natal visits helped my husband and I feel more prepared for labor. Heather was a key factor in me having a smooth and successful birth and I will definately be contacting her for any future pregnancies.

Alethea Wiese


We are so glad we decided to seek out a doula for our first birth and specifically Heather. She was recommended to us through a friend that had worked with her in a few different birthing setting. Our plan was to labor at home as much as possible with Heather's help and then go to the hopsital to deliver. In the end I had to be induced at 42 weeks. We were in L&D for 3 days and Heather was there for about 85% of the time. She helped explained things that neither I or my husband understood as well as make some vital decisions along the way. On a side note she was also very comforting and a lot of fun! After our son finally arrived we could not of imagined going through the whole thing without her.

Annette Shaun Burtzoff


My husband and I had the most amazing birth experience thanks to Heather! She has been very supportive and knowledgeable from our very first consultation to today.

This pregnancy was our first child and we chose to have an out of hospital birth and wanted to ensure that we had as much support as possible so that we could have an amazing natural child birth.  Heather was available throughout my entire labor and came to my home as soon as I needed her.  She provided great guidance for myself and my husband so that contractions were manageable.

In the end we had a smooth quick labor and Heather is to thank for that.  We highly recommend her and will use her for our next child.

Danielle Sloderbeck


First I must say, having Heather as my doula was the best decision I made during pregnancy. After having a pretty traumatic birth experience with my first child that ended in an emergency cesarean, I knew I needed additional support to have a successful VBAC. She was always readily available to answer questions and was easy to contact. She made me feel comfortable and confident going into labor.  The first meeting I had with Heather I felt at ease and I knew she was the right doula for my husband and I!  I called Heather when my midwife recommended an immediate induction and she helped me walk through different natural induction techniques so that I could avoid using any drugs and also came to the hospital to provide me with some essential oils, all of which was helpful.  After choosing an induction technique and having her present during this not so pleasant process, I was so relieved.  When my contractions started, Heather came back to the hospital and provided me with mental and physical support that allowed me to continue laboring naturally!  She always went above and beyond to help me and was also great to have for my husband since he often needs direction on how to help.  After laboring for quite some time, Heather and my husband were super helpful to help me decide if I should get an epidural.  I felt like Heather was very involved and helped answer my questions but also provided my husband and I space to decide what was best for us and our daughter.  I did get an epidural and due to my progress slowing there after and the babies dipping heart rate we also had to make a decision on whether it was urgent to have our daughter safely.  Let me tell you, I had a horrible doctor on call that evening but having Heather present I believe allowed the doctor to give me space and allow me to make decisions. I ended up having a cesarean again, but this time I felt like I had a choice and still felt empowered!

Laura Swift


I considered hiring a doula with my first child and to this day I really wish I would have. With my second I knew I wanted a doula to help me achieve a drug free birth. Heather was fantastic and worked so well with my nurse midwife. She has a calm but upbeat demeanor which I appreciated at such an intense time. I was able to deliver drug free but most importantly felt supported which is what having a doula is all about.

Sharla Nelson


Heather was great for the birth of our second son, born at home.  I most appreciated her professionalism and enthusiasm.  Heather was great about checking in with me prior to the birth and was extremely knowledgeable about natural childbirth.  My husband loved having her there for support felt like she was a huge help throughout my 12+ hours of labor.  Many, many thanks to Heather for her help on our very special day!

Andrea LaDouceur


Heather attended the birth of my daughter in September.  I was not sure if I should have a doula for my third child, but we are so grateful that we hired her.  We were able to have a pleasant birth experience, and reached my goal of my first pain med-free birth.

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