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Kersti Smith

South Bay Birth Services

San Jose, CA Service range 30 miles


Birth Fee

$2200 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $50

Birth Fee

$2200 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$45 to $50

Birth Doula Experience

6 years and 100 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

3 years and 10 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: On-call doula service

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Willing to attend birth at any hospital within my driving distance.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Happy to attend home births, assuming that a midwife is present. I think home birth is a great option and would fully support your decision to birth at your home with a support team.

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • TENS units rental

Languages spoken


San Jose, CA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Kersti Smith

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Stacy Gohman


I've had Kersti assist at the births of both of my sons (2015 and 2017). She was an amazing support in both situations. With my first, my water broke 4 weeks early, and even though he was arriving so early, Kersti made the time to be with us throughout a very long day and night remained professional, kind, caring, and loving. She knew what my husband and I needed, and anticipated those needs before we could speak them. With my second, she was again just there doing things and trying things to make everything move as smoothly as possible. To be honest, I can't specifically remember details of what she did (lots of back massage which helps me), but I know she was there supporting me and my husband, encouraging, soothing, and helping. In a way, that is an ideal trait for a doula -- my husband could focus on me, and I could focus on my body without having to worry about the doula.  If I needed something specific, she responded, but if I didn't know what would help I didn't have to try to figure out things to ask her to do; she just did them.

Both my husband and I consider her a valuable part of our birth team and are very happy we hired her. I would recommend her to anybody.

Mary Soo


My husband and I had discussed hiring a doula early on while I was pregnant, but about two months prior to my delivery date, we had not acted on it and hadn't really revisited the discussion. However, one of my friends worked with Kersti's backup, Wendy Everett, and praised her and explained the benefits of having a doula to me. I initially tried to get into contact with Wendy, but since she was already booked around my delivery date, she referred me to Kersti. My husband and I met with Kersti and immediately liked her. She has a friendly demeanor and demonstrated her knowledge and commitment to her work. We had two meetings with her prior to my delivery where she provided many resources and handouts, including a sample birth plan, and listened to my concerns. Although my child's birth ended up being complicated, and I wasn't able to follow my birth plan, my husband and I do not regret having Kersti there to support us. Kersti has attended over fifty births and recently had a daughter, so having someone with so much experience in this area really made us feel more secure about the birth process as first time parents.

Megan Render


As soon as I became pregnant, I knew that I wanted to have an unmedicated, natural birth if at all possible. I did a lot of research, and was referred to Kersti from another doula friend who wasn't taking clients during the holiday season. My due date was Christmas Day, and Kersti had no issue with availability, which was a huge relief. After meeting Kersti, I instantly felt comfortable with her, and knew that she would be a part of my birth team. Kersti provided a pre-meeting, where we discussed my birth plan. She provided resources and a birth plan template, and asked questions that I hadn't even thought about!


During the birth, she was a fantastic support. She was kind, gentle, and advocated for my birth wishes. (When I wanted to move, she helped me to get intermittent monitoring... When I wanted a larger room with a private bathroom, she helped me to get that. When I started transitioning, she saw the signs and got the midwife.) She helped to guide my husband as my primary birth partner, while providing supplemental support, including counter pressure, guided imagery, and massage, among other things. It was perfect! With her help, I was able to welcome my son into the world without medication or other medical intervention. (He was over 9 pounds, face up, and I pushed for 6 hours, so this was no easy task!)


After the birth, we had another appointment and she checked in, provided breastfeeding support resources, and advice for natural healing. She also took some of the most beautiful pictures during the birth that really captured the most special moments of my life. Kersti is a wonderful person, and is a natural at what she does. I recommend her with the highest regards! She was an integral part of my birth team, and I am forever grateful.

Tatiana Marie Marchuk


My husband and I were very fortunate to find Kersti and work with her. We searched for a doula. I wanted someone who I could connect to as if she were my sister or good friend. We also were searching for someone we could connect with on a spiritual level. Our plan was to really use prayer and faith to help in our labor. We are devout Latter-Day Saint Christians and making the birth of our first born a spiritual experience was what we desired.
From our first meeting with Kersti we were pleased with how professional she was. We knew she was young but she was confident in her role as a doula. She listened and followed through with our desires and plans. She was easy to get a hold of.
When I finally started going into labor, my husband and I loved how Kersti was there for us and very flexible. We decided to labor as much on our own. My labor was having a hard time progressing even after 2 days. She had joined us in our home and helped me as I went through contractions. My midwife had me go into the hospital to be checked. That is when we found out I was barely at 2cm. My midwife suggested to take Pitocin to help. It did help! As my contractions grew closer and stronger, Kersti kept her calm and soothing tone to help me remember to breathe. She sang and hummed along to the church hymns we played. I know she had a prayer in her heart for us. She knew I was focused on Jesus and I love how respectful and reverent she was.
When I was about 6 cm, that is when my body was so exhausted and unable to fight the urge to push. Kersti kept motivating me and assuring me I could do it.  I was given the option to get an epidural or take a risk in trying to hold the push back. Kersti knew my wishes of no epidural and stood by them. I decided I needed an epidural to prevent any more pushing from occurring. Two hours later, I was at a 10 and we were ready to push. Kersti was there by my husband and my side as I pushed. Our beautiful daughter was born perfectly.

Anna Park


Kersti was our doula for my husband and my first child, and we couldn't have chosen better. We wanted a pro to help coach me through, especially because I was aiming for this to be a natural birth. Knowing Kersti was relatively new to the field, her inexperience was one of our big reservations. However, she absolutely proved us wrong. Kersti was born to be a doula. During our meetings, she was very attentive, asking lots of questions about my pregnancy and labor preferences. Being that it was my first pregnancy, I also had a lot of questions. She was thoroughly knowledgeable, and patient in her teaching.

When it came time to my labor, she was truly a God send! I stayed home for as much as the labor as possible, Kersti came over and texted me to check in on how I was doing. She may be tiny, but her hands are magical! They helped me bear through my contractions. My entire labor ended up being 44 hours, so she deserves a gold medal for hanging in there with me! She has such a gentle and peaceful presence, which helped anchor me throughout my labor. She was so attentive to my body language, she was able to tell what I needed and where. Finally at around 30 hours and just barely halfway to being fully dilated, my midwife recommended that I get the epidural. I was incredibly disappointed, what were those 30 hours of excruciating pain for?! But the fear was that my body was so exhausted and tense from the long labor, that it might not have any energy left in it when it came time to push. During my pregnancy, I'd told Kersti that I needed her support and encouragement that I could go through the labor without any interventions. At 39 hours I took the epidural, and Kersti remained supportive and encouraging. I couldn't have asked for a better doula, and would love to have her coach us through again should we have another baby. Thank you so much Kersti, for being such a special and indispensable part of this life changing journey.

Erin Woodhead


We hired Kersti to be the doula for our first baby. We really liked that she seemed practical in her approach and didn't push us to have the birth experience happen in any sort of specific way. Once I went into labor, I opted to stay at home and check in with her via text until we got more info from our midwife about how things were progressing. Kersti was great and gave me a lot of tips to get through early labor. She then met us at the hospital when I was in the late stages of active labor. It was really great to have her there, especially since we don't have family in the area and I didn't want my husband to have to manage the entire labor process without any assistance. It ended up that our daughter arrived about a week early, during a pretty hectic week for us with finishing out work stuff, so having Kersti there so that my husband could attend to some other things was great. She was actively involved in helping me through contractions, but was never overbearing and always had multiple suggestions to try. I had a natural labor and don't know if I could have done it without her! It wasn't what I expected (I guess these things never are) and I'm not sure if my husband could have gotten me through it on his own. We highly recommend Kersti!

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