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Malory Teegarden

Teegarden Doula Services

Peoria, IL Service range 45 miles

(309) 712-1701

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Madriella Doula Network - Certified Labor Doula

Birth Doula Experience

12 years and 500 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2009
  • Madriella, October 2014

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I attend all Peoria, Bloomington, and Pekin hospitals. Will also consider clients planning to birth at IVCH/Peru.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Will not attend unassisted birth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am an active homebirth midwife assistant for 11 years and am a midwifery student. I co-founded Doulas Etc, a central IL doula association.

Fee Details

I am happy to provide services on a sliding fee scale if needed, and also flexible with setting up payment plans or trading services.

Peoria, IL Service range 45 miles

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Client Testimonials for Malory Teegarden

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Malory was our birth assist for baby #2. She has such a calm and inviting presence. She is very knowledgeable about the birthing process. I trust her to be a valuable member of my birth team. 



At the very end of my pregnancy I became anemic and my midwife said I should encapsulate my placenta. I called Malory and told her what was going on and asked her if she would help me.  She was very pleasant to work with. 




Malory was my doula and also completed placenta encapsulation for me as well as belly binding services. I was most struck by Malory's gentle, calm, presence as my doula. I felt like her steadfast vigil by my side and the way she exuded confidence in me and in the natural process of birth helped me to allow myself to birth in the way I'd hope to, with peace and trust in my body. She is also so knowledgeable about those postpartum care services she provides and I really appreciate the way she cared for me throughout the whole process: before, during, and after birth. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a calm, knowledgeable and encouraging presence in all stages of pregnancy, birth, and beyond!

-Brittany Ellicott 



Malory did my placenta encapsulation for my second and third babies. She is so sweet and did a great job! She's easy to work with and I recommend her to all of my pregnant friends!

Anna Duffer


I loved working with Malory. She is very informative and helpful. I enjoyed our meetings before the birth where I learned about the process and we walked through questions and expectations. I ended up having an emergency c-section and was so thankful for Malory's reassuring presence throughout that scary time. 



Malory attended my birth in 2016 and was one of the best parts and memories of it. I felt completely loved, supported, held, and confident because I knew with each contraction, she would be by my side, riding the wave with me. I loved how she would be hands on and offer suggestions, but also knew when to sit back and let your own instincts play out. She’s the best of both worlds. She is so very smart and knows her stuff when it comes to birthing babies. It made me feel so safe to have her near. She was always willing to talk or help during pregnancy and never hesitated to believe my intuition. She was made for birth work and I can’t wait to have her attending my next birth in early 2020.

Kate Philbee


I had Malory for my first birth and planned to for my second. She answered all of my “stupid” first-time mom questions while assuring me that I wasn’t stupid at all. In labor, with every contraction, Malory massaged the small of my back to help relieve the pain of back labor. She supported my decision to accept pain relief despite my previous desire to reject it. She even helped remind the nursing staff of my wishes to avoid pacifiers and vaccines after I was so exhausted that I couldn’t think straight. All I had to do was snuggle my baby boy. She was an asset to my birth experience and even my doctors were happy to have her assistance. My baby’s dad wasn’t able to support me. I don’t know what I would have done without her. She encapsulated my placenta after delivery, and it was incredibly not weird like I initially thought it would be. 

The second baby, I was planing to again use Malory. Unfortunately, I had an emergency c-section so she was not able to attend. Regardless, she was a great resource both before and after birth despite not having attended the actual birth. I can honestly say that I recommend her to all of my expecting friends. She truly made all the difference in my birth experience! 

Brandy Luker


I had Mallory do 2 placenta encapsulations and she was my doula for my last home birth. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be my doula. I asked for her help late in my pregnancy and she was quick to respond and accept. She listened to everything I wanted for my birth and all the what if scenarios that may come up(husband was possibly going to miss due to our of state for work). She was so supportive during labor. I had never had a doula before and this was my 4th birth. She made sure I was doing alright and gave me suggestions when I couldn't think for myself anymore from the intense labor pains. She shared in my excitement when we realized we finally had a boy. I wish I could go back and have her for my other births. I am so happy that we made the decision to reach out and ask for her help. 



Malory was wonderful. She showed up as our midwife's assistant, but swapped to doula mode (which was above and beyond her duties) when it was determined that I should transfer from home to the hospital. I have four girls who were all about to become big sisters once more, and we were new to the area without people or resources to call on yet, so this flexibility on her part is truly appreciated by all our family. While we were at our house she was calm and collected and kind. At the hospital she sat with the girls and was wonderfully reassuring. Later, she encapsulated my placenta and that was great too. Malory has a terrific sense of humor and can weather a storm when necessary. 

Jamie Robbins


I was planning a hospital birth and knew I wanted a doula to help me through labor with no interventions. I also knew I wanted a doula to support my husband. But as my due date came closer, a hospital birth wasn’t what I wanted after all. I talked to my doula about having a home birth and she supported me all the way. I had a long labor and she was there for each contraction as baby came closer. She helped me breathe. She helped me trust my body and my baby. Her touch reminded me I wasn’t alone. Her voice was calming and reassuring when I was ready to give up. Her presence and support let my husband know I was safe when he was scared. Without her our fears would have won. We are so grateful she was with us. Holding our hands and giving us strength.

Lexi Brady


She was very informative with the caspules. She also was very friendly too. Loved her. If i vecame pregnant again i would use her instead of doctor. Lexi brady

Johanna Repke


Malory was wonderful!!  She helped me to keep up my confidence through my VBA2C. She is kind gentle and patient.  I highly recommend her services!

Elizephant G


Malory attended my birth as a birthing assistant. It was my first baby and I had never met Malory before, but I found through the labor she had a positive and calming, nonjudgmental presence. She is very knowledgeable and was very helpful when my contractions were on top of each other. I would highly recommend her services!

Rachel Robinson


We were given Malory's name by another doula who had stopped taking clients in the Peoria area.  After our first meeting with Malory, we knew we wanted to hire her to be our doula!  I cannot express enough how thankful I am to her for all of the advice and knowledge about birth she shared with us in the months leading up to birth.  She made us think about things that we would never have thought of on our own, but that we were SO thankful that we had the chance to think about before labor/delivery! Apart from being extremely knowledgable about birth and all therein, she also is really personable, kind, calm, and steady -- all things that make for an amazing person to have by your side during labor!  Immediately when we hired her, months before our birth, she did tell us that her sister was due right around the time I was due, and that if we went into labor at the same time she would be with her sister and would have a great backup doula that would be with me.  We totally understood that, and were confident in both Malory and her backup doula.  Funny enough, it turned out that her sister and myself did go into labor at the same time, so she wasn't able to be with us during our labor and delivery (which I was super sad about!) BUT, Malory was really sweet in putting me in touch with her backup doula (who is also really awesome!), and continued to followup with me right after my birth and meet up with me too once I had gotten settled in to life with a new baby!  I would highly recommend Malory as a doula to anyone looking for a kind, supportive, caring and informed person to be by your side during labor! Thank you SO much Malory for all that you helped us with in our first birthing experience!

Emily Swanson


We hired Malory for doula and placenta encapsulation services and she was more than wonderful. We began the search for a doula for our second pregnancy because we wanted to have a natural birth in an environment where we felt supported and encouraged to make the best choices for our baby. After having a 9 hour labor that ended in an 'emergency C-section' with our first, we knew did not want to repeat that experience. Malory was encouraging and informative every step of the way. She taught me so much about the labor process that I felt confident knowing what was happening during my labor. As things got more intense, she was able to suggest positions and ideas that helped labor progress and helped ease my discomfort. At the hospital, she set the tone for the whole room. Her encouragement helped my husband feel free to encourage me and be very involved and the hospital staff followed her lead, cheering for me as I brought our little girl into the world (unlike my first labor where the nurses yelled at me to not make any noise). She was a supportive and encouraging guide through the journey of pregnancy, labor and delivery. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for someone to help them through that process! And, of you want to have a natural hospital delivery, I would say don't go it alone!! If I could go back, I would have hired Malory for my first birth as well! 

Kristy Ryan


I will never have a baby without a doula that's forsure. Malory is an exquisite one. I just had my first baby on March 5th and I am so glad my friends that used doulas highly recommend one. I used Malory because several people I knew used her also. She was supportive and met with me throughout my pregnancy. She  gave unbiased recommendations which were very helpful. During labor she was very calming and was there for me and my husband. My husband said that having Malory there helped keep the stress level down and it was comforting to have her at our side. If it wasn't for Malory and my wonderful midwife theres a good chance I would of had a csection. But after many hours of labor, lots of different positions and no epidural I can say that I successfully had a natural delivery. There's no way I could of had a natural delivery without malorys support and assistance. She is so sweet and I highly recommend her! 

Carissa Brown


When I decided that I wanted my placenta encapsulated, I asked around to see if other mommas had recommendations for a provider. Time and time again, Malory was suggested! During the encapsulation process, Malory explained the process to us in detail and answered our questions. She came to our home to perform the service and was very clean and professional. My two year old loved her, and my husband and I felt that we chose a great person for the service. I would definitely recommend Malory Teegarden!

Nicole Bradford


I highly recommend choosing Malory Teegarden for your doula!!  She  helped me reach all of my all natural childbirth goals! She was very kind, supportive, encouraging, and has powerful hands for great back massages!! It was also a great perk for my husband as well, as he was able to rest and take breaks as needed during labor and delivery.  I just love her! She also was so helpful in providing evidence-based information when I would have questions in regards to issues I was having. I also recommend every woman  consider encapsulating their placenta. Definitely helps stabilize your hormones and keeps me happy!  Malory  is a wonderful Doula and a blessing.  



Cristina Adamson


There are not enough words to describe how wonderful Malory is.  I love that she is part of our birth story!  I so badly wanted to have a VBAC, so I set out to find a doula.  Malory was the first we met with, and I instantly knew she was the one.  I immediately felt her calmness and I was so soothed by her sweet voice.  We met a few times, and I loved that we chatted about more than just my pregnancy.  I became very comfortable around her, which was important to me since she was going to be present during such a raw and emotional time.  She referred me to a midwife and a chiropractor.  I ended up loving both, and was grateful that she saved me the time of researching.  I appreciated that I could text her whenever I had questions/concerns, and was thankful that she was so helpful and knowledgable (from birth plan to questions that arised while in labor).  My labor was long.  So long.  Malory constantly reminded me that I was strong.  She held my hand, rubbed my back, snuck me honey sticks :) Unfortunately, I ended up having to have a c-section again.  Although I was disappointed that I didn't get to achieve my "dream" birth, I'm still thankful for the experience I did have.  Whenever I felt like caving to the epidural, Malory helped me push through the contraction.  I even got to expericence pushing, I never got to that point with my first son.  It's crazy how happy it makes me when I think of trying to push Bennett out.  I would have never made it that far if I didn't have the emotional support from Malory.  For reasons out of our control, Bennett will be our last biological baby, so I love when I'm reminded of my labor.  Malory used lavender oil while we were in the hospital and now anytime I use it I think of 2 things.. Labor and Malory.  She will forever be so special to me.  

Cathy Gilbert


For my twin pregnancy, my husband and I interviewed several doulas, but went with Malory because of her calm yet fiery demeanor and her willingness to meet with us throughout the pregnancy instead of just toward the end. We were so pleased and grateful for all she taught us and illuminated for us, in terms of helping us interpret what we were told at our doc appointments and laying out our options so that we could make the best decision for us and our babies. She even talked us through a tough decision regarding providers and hospitals, all while never pushing us in any one direction.  During the birth, Malory calmly reminded me to relax and told me repeatedly that I was strong and capable of the natural, med free delivery I so wanted.  Thanks to her encouragement and her guiding my husband as he also gave support, I was able to delivery both twins with minimal interventions.  After the birth, Malory also came to our house to encapsulate the twins' placentas. This was also aN invaluable service--the pills have helped me get back to myself so that I can better care for my new family. I can't speak highly enough of Malory.  

Chris Salvador


We had originally planned on interviewing 3 doulas and selecting the one that best fit our needs. Malory was our first interview and we immediately knew we didn’t need to look for anyone else. She embodied the perfect balance of knowledge, humility, grace, tenacity, advocacy, support, and friendship from our first prenatal meeting all the way through our postpartum goodbye. Without a doubt one of the best in the business and a rare breed, even for doulas. Don’t ever change, Malory.

Lacey Statler


Malory was my doula 3 months ago.  After having one unplanned CSection I desperately wanted to have a VBAC with my second child.  I did the research, and hired the BEST doula in the area.  Because of Malory I felt confident, strong, and optimistic about my upcoming birth.  Unfortunately, I did end up having a second unplanned section.  Malory was along my side for hours while I had a very intense, unpredictable labor that just didn't progress.  Had she not have been there I would have thrown in the towel earlier.  She stayed at the hosptial until my surgery was over and was right there to give me breastfeeding support while in recovery.   Even though I didn't get my dream birth, Malory was worth her weight in gold just being by my side.  

Cara Alexander


Malory assisted at my birth and also encapsulated my placenta. I was very pleased with all she do d for me! Sh even finished my encapsulation on Easter Sunday! She was very pleasant to work with! I would most definitely use her services again!

Jenny Jackson


Malory was present for the home birth of my daughter nearly five years ago this April. She was very calm and professional working alongside our midwife. It was truly a relief to have her as part of my birth team. Feeling respected and cared-for are very important details to a positive birth outcome. Malory's calm demeanor combined with her very helpful, practical doula applications such as helpful relaxation techniques, contributed to a successful birth of our baby girl.

Aleskar and Abby Esquivel


I hired Malory for placenta encapsulation and belly binding. I was so pleased with her services! She was also our midwife's assistant and was very calming during our homebirth. Malory is professional and peaceful, and I'll never forget her letting me cry while rubbing my back when having breastfeeding troubles those early days. Her gentle words encouraged me enough to keep going and are something I will never forget. Malory supports women holistically in her birth work and I can't recommend her enough. 

Jessica Conger


Mallory as amazing! She came to our house to do my placenta encapsulation. She was the perfect mix of professionalism and best friend. She was so personable. I felt like we'd known each other for years, even though we just met. She even helped me with some breastfeeding troubles and recommended a great specialist! I recommend her  all of my friends and anyone I meet who's considering placenta encapsulation or in need of a doula!

Stephanie O'Donnell


After my first birth did not go how I has planned, I wanted to do it differently the second time.  I hired Malory. We would meet throughout my pregnancy to talk about techniques and for her to support me. She was there with a birthing ball at the hospital when I got there. She helped me achieve the labor and delivery I had been striving for. Medication free, intermittent monitoring, chest to chest immediately after birth. I had a wonderful, beautiful experience and I could not have gotten through it without her support. 

Alyssa Morales


Malory was my doula and midwife assistant for my sons birth in 2012 and my daughters birth in 2014. She also did my daughters placenta encapulation. She is such a kind and caring person. Amazing at what she does and very knowledgable. She brings a sense of calm and peace to the birth space. She will be one of the first people if I am blessed with more babies!

Brittany Campbell


I hired Malory for my second child due to having a traumatic first birth (c-sec). She helped me through a long all natural vbac at the hospital, and gave me the strength and comfort I needed! She then was right by my side with my third daughter as well with a successful homebith! Both as my doula and midwife assistant. She also preformed  a placenta print and placenta encapsulation. She is a strong and soft spoken women who will stand up for your wishes and give you knowledgeable, physica, and emotional support through it all! I couldn't have done it without her. Malory lives for her clients and puts there needs first. I would over and over again recommend her!

Noelle Madsen


We had Malory attend two of our births (one hospital and one home birth) as a doula/birth photographer. She has an amazing calming presence and gave us excellent support through labor and delivery. She also gave us gorgeous photographs that I treasure. Despite the fact that we had a 'rush to the hospital' moment, and I gave birth just ten minutes after I got to the delivery room, Malory made it in time, and had her camera ready the second she walked in. I have an entire album of amazing images from a very short time span.  When she came to assist and photograph our home birth, I'll never forget the first thing she said when she walked in -she told me I looked beautiful. It was the support and encouragement I needed in that exact moment. She continued to encourage, help with pain relief (counter pressure!), and provide gentle guidance for my husband as he supported me, throughout my labor and delivery. She is caring, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. I'm so thankful we were able to have her be a part of our births. 

Janessa Stimpert


Malory was absolutely what I needed at my VBAC! My 1st birth was a very preterm delivery of twins by section. i was determined to have a different experience this time. From the moment we met, we "clicked" and were speaking the same language about my wishes and hopes for my birth. My situation was a bit unusual, I work for the hospital (with the LD staff) at which I would deliver, and needed to make clear boundaries between the nursing staff and doula roles, which everyone involved respected. Even when things were serious- I came in labor with very elevated blood pressures and went on magnesium for preeclampsia- her calming presence Helped me remain in control and confident in my birth

She was so helpful in assisting me to keep moving, assume positions of comfort and to help the baby descend well, providing counter pressure, and literally hours of an awesome hip squeeze- one of the only things that truly made me comfortable. She was consistently positive, and though I never quite reached the, "I can't do this!" stage, I know she could have talked me down! I delivered quickly (3-4hrs active labor) and easily with only about 30 min of pushing, despite having a compound presentation, with hand by baby's face. I know this was greatly in part to  Malory's support. Despite having nursed my twins, I missed the chance of immediate skin to skin, latching right  away, which she helped me do. We both cried when my baby girl nursed vigorously within minutes of birth.

Malory encapsulated my placenta, helping us get it from the hospital without complication while also not revealing to the staff my intentions, as I wished. I had awesome success with the capsules and would recommend them to anyone with a history of PPD- I felt like a different mother this time around. 

Overall, I recommend Malory to any mother,  but especially VBACs. She never doubted for a second, and helped me trust my body and my birth.

Cara Alexander


Malory was my midwife's assistant and also did placenta encapsulation for me. I had never met her before she attended my birth so I had no idea what to expect. She is an awesome person. Very kind and gentle. She helped take great care of me. I also appreciated her taking care of my placenta encapsulation. She came over on Easter Sunday to finish it up for me. She was very pleasan to be around!

Melinda Ryken


Malory is absolutely amazing! She was my doula with my first born son, she encapsulated my placenta(I wasn't even gonna do it until I lost a lot of blood after birth and she convinced me of all the amazing natural benefits), and she gave me a back massage before binding my belly a few days after birth. She was so calm and comforting during my labor/delivery too! She is actually the first person to hold my son as she caught him and laid him on my chest. Such a magical moment I'm happy to have shared with her. I would absolutely recommend Malory to all my pregnant friends. :)

Amity Westphalen


Malory attended two of my births. Both ended up being scheduled C-sections. Her guidance and support, prior to the births were phenomenal. She has great resources and knowledge that helped me be as comfortable and calm as possible during a fairly uncomfortable and stressful time.

Her presence in the recovery room was so comforting and helpful. I hired her for the second, for that reason alone. 

Malory is a fantastic listener and a caring spirit. I adore her and recommend her whole-heartedly for any type of birth support. 

Jessica Capati


Malory was my doula at the birth of my second son 2 and a half weeks ago. She was a huge support through my pregnancy, putting up with texts all the time! I was aiming for a natural, unmedicated birth. She helped me through laboring at home and when I ultimately decided on the epidural at the hospital, she was nothing but supportive of my decision. Malory has such a supportive, calm nature that is perfect for labor. She helped me find confidence in myself that I wasn't sure I had. I definitely credit her for my ability to remain focused and calm through the majority of my labor. My husband also felt having her there was a huge benefit! She also was wonderful about offering postpartum support as I sorted through my hormones and emotions about using the epidural and about our changing family. We will definitely ask her to be with us through any future births.

Ashley Brinkmeier


We hired Malory for the birth of our second child. There was such a peace that came over the room once she got there. She was knowledgeable about laboring postions and made sure I was comfortable as I could be. I had a very enpowering unmedicated VBAC, just like I was wanting. She made sure I was informed about procdures and she was supportive in my choices. We are currently TTC #3 and will be hiring her again. 

mali finn


I had a beautiful natural VBAC with Malory 12 days ago.  I wasn't sure that I would be able to manage the pain and intensity of natural childbirth, but now I don't see myself doing it any other way.  Malory is very charismatic and has a quiet, calming presence.  She seemed to know exactly how to help me manage the intensity of labor without me having to explain.  My husband also really appreciated her service and has been telling his friends how important a doula is.  I can't say enough about how wonderful everything went and I don't think I would have been able to do it without Malory! 

Kate Compton


I had back labor. Hellatious back labor. Malory was able to help me to bear the pain with massage techniques and heat until I could get an epidural which I was sure, at first, I would be looked down on for. Malory was very supportive of my decisions for pain management and helped me as I delivered. It was such a comfort knowing that someone was on my side and supporting me. Malory encapsulated my placenta after and was professional and informative on the benefits of encapsulation. Best decision ever! Malory made my birth experience exactly what I hoped for, not to mention all the support she gave me during pregnancy with my random, up-close-and-personal, and often ill-timed questions. 

Kate Compton


I had back labor. Hellatious back labor. Malory was able to help me to bear the pain with massage techniques and heat until I could get an epidural which I was sure, at first, I would be looked down on for. Malory was very supportive of my decisions for pain management and helped me as I delivered. It was such a comfort knowing that someone was on my side and supporting me. Malory encapsulated my placenta after and was professional and informative on the benefits of encapsulation. Best decision ever! Malory made my birth experience exactly what I hoped for, not to mention all the support she gave me during pregnancy with my random, up-close-and-personal, and often ill-timed questions. 

Marcia Mattern


So when it's time for a doula to choose a doula, it's tricky!  I chose to have another homebirth and wanted an experienced calm doula.  That's why I chose Malory!  She met me out and about when I was in early labor.  It's was quite nice to have a casual first stage.  Then when things got intense she came with me home.  Her encouragement during transition made a huge difference.  I reached a point of denial that things would never end and she helped see me through to a healthy home waterbirth!  I highly recommend Malory.

Jordi Ann Gee


Malory was the birth assistant at my homebirth which ended up being a non-emergency transfer to the hospital. Words cannot describe how amazing Malory was during my birth experience. Her presence was always calming and she was so willing to help. I never felt bothered when she was monitoring baby and she was always willing to wait if I was going through a contraction. When I ended up transfering she came to the hospital with me and provided assistant during the labor and delivery process. I had a long hard birth and as exhausted as I knew her and the midwife were she never complained and was there whenever I needed anything. She is such a giving and caring person and her touch is so soothing/grounding. She always goes above and beyond for you! You can tell she loves what she does and takes so much pride in her work. I will never go through another birth without her!! :)

Jessica Oester


Malory was great. She was dedicated and responsive. She was engaged and aware of what I needed. I truly enjoyed working with her. I'd definitely work with her again! 


Aynsley Oller


I had my placenta encapsulated by Mallory. Despite my being in NICU for a week with baby, I didn't have to worry about the encapsualtion because she did such a good job- and for a good price too! I will definitely have her encapsualte my next placenta. I highly recommend her to anybody to asks me about placenta encapsulation. 

Jillian Schoon


The very first time I met Malory it wasn't even doula related but I knew I had to have her at the birth of my first child, who I had at home. She has such a peaceful personality and is such a caring person in general. Even though she was not feeling well and very pregnant she was so helpful during my labor. Helping me deal with the pain and saying encouraging things. I will always use Malory as my doula! She is the best! She also did a fantastic job at my birth photography and with encapsulating my placenta. So multitalented! 

Bryan and Naomi Enneking


I have used Malory for 2 of my births. I first chose to use her because I am the kind of person that can easily get stressed out and it helps me immensely to be around someone who is calming and patient. From the first consultation with Malory, I knew she would be those things and more. She was helpful with providing information and very up front about all her policies and what I could expect from her.

As it turned out, the first time I used her was an unexpected later loss (after 12 weeks). At that time she refunded her expenses and provided her services for free. She came over to my house to pray, encourage, and grieve with me. She helped me thing through all of my options (even those that were not related to me by my Dr. at the time, even though they were perfectly acceptable choices).  She also helped me think through how to discuss my wishes with my Dr. 

It was then with great anticipation that I once again asked Malory to assist me with my next birth a couple of years later. Again, we had a surprise that we were not expecting - I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 31 weeks. Malory came to visit me at the hospital, helped me get information I needed for my early induced delivery, and supported me selflessly, compassionately, knowledgably, and tirelessly throughout the whole intense experience. She helped us negotiate our needs and wishes with the Drs. and nurses on staff in a friendly and cooperative manner. She also supported my husband with encouragement and being a physical presence for me when he was worn out and needed a break. 

All in all, every time someone asks me if I know of a doula in our area, I always refer them to Malory. Not only are her services a true support, but she is also affordable and her clients' needs and desires are her ultimate goal.  She loves what she does and that is clear from the minute you hire her all the way through your pregnancy and beyond.

Xochitl Stafford


I first reached out to Malory for placenta encapsulation. When I first met her to go over that process I instantly felt this overwhelming sense of ease around her and that's when I wanted to know more about her doula services. She explained everything with detail and made me very comfortable. Needless to say I asked her to be my doula :) one of the many things I loved about Malory was her flexibility! She always made herself available whether by phone call, text, or meeting at Starbucks to chat and answer any questions I had leading up to my due date. When it came time for me to have my baby she was there right away and coached me along. I had to have interventions which naturally was disappointing for me because of the birth plan I had sought out but she continually encouraged me and ensured me that it was alright and I was doing great! She is not only a great doula with a wealth of knowledge she is a great person and I would recommend her to anyone :) she also encapsulated my placenta which ended up being the easiest process ever! Thank you Malory for everything you have helped me with!

Lynn F


Malory was the assistant midwife for the home birth of our son Clayton in May 2013. I had a very fast labor and was into transition when my birth team arrived, minus my primary midwife who was at another birth. My baby boy was born not long after, in the water and with a nuchal cord which tightened as he emerged and caused him to inhale some water. He needed some oxygen and assistance to begin breathing on his own. The most amazing team of Malory and our other midwife Amie peacefully and skillfully handled every detail and never let my husband or I feel scared or panicked. I had no idea that there were even initial complications, as Malory peacefully caught our baby and gently got him onto me skin to skin while Amie gave him oxygen. When he needed a little more help, Malory helped me through the last stage of labor and kept me comfortable and updated on my little boy's health. In no time at all, Malory caught the placenta and helped me clean up. She, along with my doula, made sure I had a light snack and some fluid, and got my little boy back on me in a comfortable chair. Malory weighed and measured him and tracked his vitals without him leaving my side. We all had a surprise when he weighed in at 10lbs 8oz, as no one guessed him to be that big! I have some wonderful photos and memories of that first hour and Malory is part of that unforgettable day.  I found out after Clayton's birth that he was the first baby that Malory had caught and she will always be part of his birth story. We did not need to be separated from our new little boy and didn't need a hospital transfer. He is a very strong, healthy, thriving baby now. Malory (and Amie) assisted us in having a peaceful, safe home birth and we are forever grateful.

Rebekah Philosoraptor Buswell


Our first birth was planned to be at home, in water. All natural, peaceful, serene. And then the swelling started, and didn't stop. My blood pressure gradually started to go up. But, we hoped, and still planned on a home birth. We set out to hire a doula because we figured we needed all the help we could get! The instant we saw Malory we knew she was who we wanted. She is gentle, intelligent, informed, and we got along with her immediately. She is peaceful, kind, patient, and dedicated. She helped us find a birth class (incidentally one she was co-teaching!) when no others would fit our schedule. (She let us borrow various baby gear well after the birth, too.)

During this time, my symptoms got worse. I was starting to get headaches and spots in my vision. My husband and I were very worried, and my dreams of a home water birth were quickly fading. Malory helped us cope with the fact that I had developed pre-eclampsia and was now looking at a medicated hospital birth. She even picked me up and drove me to the doctor's office and the hospital when I wasn't in any shape to drive (with a van full of her three kids and new puppy, to boot).

Malory stayed by my side for the majority of an anxiety-filled check-in and 10 hour labor. She was there to give us facts and information to help make easy our decisions about induction and other procedures. The pitocin made labor pains excruciating, and I'm sure she and my husband got tired of telling me to relax, breathe, and make deep moans instead of screaming. She was the first to recognize that I needed to push when I couldn't say anything, and I'll never forget her encouraging shouts of, "stretchy bottom, stretchy bottom!" while pushing.

She made a hard situation so easy to bear and way less scary than it would have been for my husband and I alone. I still feel like I can never fully thank her or repay her enough for what she did for us. <3



Kerrie Gander


Malory has been a long time friend and when I found out I was expecting she was my first call because I knew I needed her as my doula. She was always there when I had questions, even if I asked 100 questions a day. Malory stayed by my side for the whole 69 hours of labor, and when the time came for me to either push a little more so they could use forceps or have a c-section, she encouraged me to push because she knew I could do it. I am very thankful that she stood up to the doctor for me when I couldn't anymore. Without her I know my experience would have been much worse. I feel that everyone should have a doula, and Malory is an excellent choice. She is one of the kindest, most compassionate people I know and she really knows what she is doing. 

Brittany Campbell


I will forever have a special bond with this amazing woman. She helped me bring my 2nd beautiful daughter into this world in a way that I never dreamed possible, all naturally. The moment I met her I knew we were a great fit. She answered all of my questions and concerns before i even asked them. I had a traumatic first c-section birth that left me feeling hopeless to ever get to experience birth the way it was suppose to be. She brought back that hope and made me believe I could do it! Malory was there for me every second of the way always providing amazing materials to read and study. If I had a question she would have an answer right away. I was so comfortable with her and she was the strength that got me through it all. I labored for three days where she was by my side every chance she had, which was a lot:). At home and at the hospital. I trusted her and she had trust in me. Not only did she guide me through my successful vbac but she took amazing photos of it all that I will forever cherish. I am always recommending her to every pregnant woman I know and will always do so.Malory is an amazing woman and doula bringing strength, happiness, support (physically and emotionally), plus whatever you are looking for in the birth room. She taught me positions, tools to use, pressure points, and ways of thinking to get me through my birth.And if there is another baby ever blessed to me then she will be there! Maybe a home birth next time too ;) She was what I was looking for and then some.

Courtney Strauser


Malory was my doula for the birth of my third child.  I met with her seveal times in preparation for the birth. I was always very comfortable with her and really felt that Malory knew a lot about pregnancy and birthing. Spinning babies seemed to be a special interest of Malory's and she offered several exercises to do in preparation for labor. 

I was blessed to have a very fast labor and did not have my birth team present for the actual birth.  Malory arrived before the midwife and quickly took control of the situation.  She made preliminary assessments of both me and the baby. She also delivered the placenta. Malory was a welcome presence and my husband and I were both glad she was there. 

I had had opted for placenta encapsulation and Malory took care of that very unobtrusively. She came back the next day to finish everthing. Malory had very good followup and contacted me a couple times in the following weeks to make sure everything was going well. 

I was very pleased with Malory's service and have recommended her services to others. If I was in need of a doula again, I would not hesitate to call Malory. 


Brandee McKinley


When my husband and I were searching for a doula we had several people highly recommand Malory. The minute we meet her we knew she was going to be a great fit. Not only is Malory compassionate and loving, but she knows her stuff, which was key for us (being first time parents). 

I believe the biggest thing that Malory helped us with was realizing as parents that we had a choice in what we wanted. Often times you feel pressured to do whatever a doctor or nurse tells you, but Malory empowered us to make our own educated choices.

Malory also helped us to create the 'dream team' for our all natural birth. We birthed at a great hospital and had a great doctor/midwife, all because Malory encouraged us to make our own choices. 

During labor Malory did an amazing job of fighting and encouraging my husband and myself. She helped make our wonderful labor experience, even more wondeful. Could not have imagined it without her. 




Rebekah Nestel


Malory was a wonderful birth assistant for us! When the contractions starting coming hard and fast, Malory made it to our house before our midwife did. She sweetly told me I looked "beautiful," which shocked me because I couldn't have felt less beautiful at the time! Malory has a great "bedside" manner (even though I was never actually in a bed for my birth!) - providing as little or as much support as needed in a gentle, encouraging manner. Even though I was scared at the time, the calming presence of Malory and my midwife reassured me. Malory is very professional and knowledgeable about the birth process and has the experience that comes from attending many, varied births. I recommend her highly! She makes an excellent addition to any birth team.

Angela Cupit


 After having 2 hospital births with epidurals ( and no doula), I wanted to try a home birth.  I was skeptical about my ability to handle the pain.  After talking to Malory, who never doubted my ability to handle natural childbirth, I decided that she would be a much needed addition to my birth team.  She supported me throughout pregnancy, with advice and answers to my questions and concerns.  When labor began, she was a calming, encouraging presence.  She involved my husband in ways to support me as well which was a blessing to us both.  I am convinced that I would not have had the beautiful experience I had without her.  My only regret is not having had her at my previous births.  No woman should labor without a doula.  Malory has an amazing talent for supporting women and I am so grateful to her.

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