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Caitlyn Undreiner

Caitlyn Undreiner - CPC Doula

Ringwood, NJ Service range 30 miles

(973) 616-2673


Postpartum Rate

$50 to $75

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $75

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula
  • ProDoula - Certified Postpartum & Infant Care Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

8 years and 125 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, June 2012
  • ProDoula, June 2016

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I volunteer my time in a variety of ways as I strive to help close gaps in Maternal Physical and Mental Health. I have been privileged to work with my county's Family Success Center, teaching Circle of Security Parenting classes. I am also a member of Postpartum Support International, a 2020 Mom Ambassador, and co-founder of a local advocacy group for expectant and new parents struggling with Perinatal and Postpartum Mood Disorders.

Fee Details

Since 2012 I have proudly provided professional care, evidence-based education, and non-judgemental support for growing families in New Jersey and the New York Metro Area. With a record of excellence, wide range of services, and holistic approach to family care, I provide the nurture, guidance, and support you need! My fees are based upon the type of service you select and the number of hours you choose to contract for. I have created a variety of Service Packages based on the most frequent requests from clients and also offer Per Diem Services, Classes, and Consultation Services. Please visit my website for further details and contact me with any questions you may have.

Ringwood, NJ Service range 30 miles

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Client Testimonials for Caitlyn Undreiner

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Stephanie Davidson


I had a great experience with Caitlyn as my post-partum doula. She provided invaluable help with my little one right after he was born. She was able to help me get some extra sleep at night and provide some additional support during the day.

Caitlyn was also a wealth of knowledge and provided help with everything from help with baby wearing, setting up our pack and play, and even tips on diapering.

I recommend Caitlyn to anyone who is considering post-partum doula services.


Jaime & Glen


Like all first time parents, those first few days at home hit us hard. I had a rough labor and delivery, and wound up with pretty severe PPA. This is our first child, and we just flat out needed help. I’m lucky to have good access to care, and in addition to the right medication and therapy, I was introduced to Caitlyn. Thank god. With Caitlyn it felt like we enrolled in a “Masters in Baby” program. She helped us understand our baby’s hunger signals and sleep cues, optimal wake schedules, feeding techniques, and just constantly reassured us that what we were experiencing was normal. I can’t tell you how much that alone eased my mind. Rather than a schedule, Caitlyn helped us establish a rhythm with our baby, and we are set up for success for the long haul. She helped us recover from a rough start, and truly turned our experience as new parents around. Her kindness and support helped me gain the confidence I needed as a new mom, and I am forever grateful to have had Caitlyn with us in those early days.

Jillian Dinallo


When my daughter started having trouble connecting her sleep cycles and was having early AM wakes, I reached out to Caitlyn. I was immediately drawn to her style of sleep training since I wasn't a big fan of CIO. She helped put my daughter on an easy to follow yet extremely effective schedule and taught me multiple methods like "wake to sleep" which helped extend my daughters naps from 30/45 mins to about an hour and a half! Ever since we met with Caitlyn, my daughters naps are consist and her wake times have increased. Caitlyn was always more than happy to help me with whatever questions I had post visit and always followed up to make sure it was successful.



Caitlyn was exceptional to work with. She has a very calm and non-judgemental demeanor and was so helpful with numerous questions and concerns that we had with our newborn. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to babies. Caitlyn assisted us during daytime visits and night visits. We valued her help so much. She was also very helpful when we reached out to her outside of her hours that she spent with us. I highly recommend her services! 



Where to begin! All the amazing reviews I read prior to hiring Caitlyn don't even do her justice. I don't think I would have been able to get through the first 3 months of my daughters life without her. Not only was she extremely helpful, but she is such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to everything baby related. I now feel more confident then ever when caring for my daughter all thanks to her. Our family is forever grateful for Caitlyn and she will be greatly missed!

Meg Gaber


Where to begin with Caitlyn as our doula, as it seems words wouldn't do justice as to how much she helped us navigate parenthood. As first-time parents to our son, we were completely overwhelemed and nervous until we had Caitlyn in our home. Caitlyn was with us the second day we were home from the hospital and as you can imagine, I asked her the million questions racing through my brain. She was whip smart when it came to EVERYTHING relating to child care and postpartum. She didn't provide you with a generic response, she truly gave you her informed decision (which was usually backed by science, research, and classes she attended). Needless to say, I trusted her implicitely. She was also never judgemental when I felt my questions were silly or I didn't understand some of the terminology. She genuinely wanted to help and you could feel this is her complete passion. From postpartum care, teaching me how to pump, knowing how to install seamingly every baby gadget, teaching me how to appropriately baby wear, clean baby materials, give a first bath, cut nails, soothe our baby and looking for those cues that he's giving, and providing me with the resources I needed to help put together a routine are just some of the invaluable experiences we shared with her.

My husband and I joke we wish we could have Caitlyn in our home until our son is 18! She is extremely nurturing, non-judgemental, loving, and trustworthy.  Our son took to her immediately and I found myself just copying what she did when she left. When Caitlyn stayed overnight, those were some of the only nights we truly slept  as we knew our baby was in the best care!

Any family would be extremely lucky to experience her warmth and knowledge. She truly sets you up for success and we wouldn't be the confident parents we are today without her.

Jamie & Ben Assor


Caitlin helped us out when our daughter was born earlier this spring, and it was a wonderful experience. She stayed with us on-and-off for the first 5 weeks after our daughter was born, and helped with the overnight shift. She took care of everything overnight, allowing us to catch up on sleep and wake up refreshed on the mornings when she was there. We never even heard a peep overnight, she was so on top of everything. And she even helped with bath time, washing the bottles and folding our newborns laundry, all of which saved much needed time. She is so sweet and knowledgeable, it was like having a true baby expert in the house on call. It was a great experience, and we would definitely recommend her to anyone that asks.

Kaitlyn Cockren


I can’t recommend Caitlyn enough. She taught me how to be a mother! It gave me so much peace of mind to know she was coming each week because I could ask her questions, get her input, learn tips or talk through any number of concerns (from sleep to feeding to how to pack for an overnight trip). After spending eight weeks with her coming to our home, I felt confident and empowered in taking care of my baby. She was always thoughtful, considerate, helpful and sensitive to our particular concerns and situation. I recommended her to another new mom locally and they loved her too! We’re so grateful for the tine we spent with Caitlyn and all she taught us.

Molly Meng


Caitlyn was an absolute godsend during our first weeks home with our baby. Like most first-time parents, we were very nervous to bring our baby home and didn't know what to expect as neither of us had even held a newborn before. Caitlyn brings such a sense of calm with her, when she walked through the door on our first night we both felt so much more at ease. Caitlyn helped us with setting up a pump, bottle feeding, breastfeeding, soothing our baby, diaper changes, what temperature to keep her room at, and so much more. Every question we had, Caitlyn had a clear, informed answer for us. Even long after Caitlyn left, we still reference things that she taught us. 

Having a new baby at home can be stressful and emotional at times. Not only did Caitlyn help us with the practicalities of caring for a newborn, she helped us navigate many of the complex emotions and challenges that first-time parents experience. Perhaps most importantly, Caitlyn allowed us to get some much-needed sleep to recover and adjust to life as a family of three. In the middle of the night, it was such a relief to have Caitlyn with us.

Without a doubt, hiring Caitlyn was the best decision we could have made.  We are forever grateful for all of her help and support, she really allowed us to enjoy our first weeks at home as a family. Could not recommend more highly! 



We contacted Caitlyn when I suspected I’d need a c-section with my second child.  Having a two-year-old toddler, we knew we’d need some extra help this time around.  Best. Decision. Ever.  Truly, I don’t think we would have survived those first two weeks without Caitlyn.  Not only did she help me with nighttime feedings (and handling burping/changing/getting the baby down in between), but her extensive knowledge about breastfeeding, babies (and toddlers!) and women’s health was invaluable.  I was so grateful for those late-night conversations and learned so much from her — even as a second-time mom.  She is extremely kind and patient, and just goes with the flow.  I can’t say enough wonderful things about Caitlyn.  She is the best!

Marci, Pedro & Caelan


I hope by writing this review, I can put into words how amazing Caitlyn was for our family. When I think about describing her, words like Reliable, Trustworthy, Compassionate, Knowledgeable, Professional & Essential come mind. In our situation, we had very little family & friends that were able to help us. Caitlyn was exactly what we needed to smooth our transition into being first time parents. She sometimes knew exactly what we needed even before we needed it! Caitlyn was full of helpful ideas and was quick to respond to any of our requests. She was non judgemental and very supportive!

Inviting a person you don't really know into your home has the potential to feel a little awkward, but Caitlyn immediately gained my trust and confidence. I soon felt very at east with her around. As a new mom, I needed that extra person to make sure my needs were met, whether that meant getting in a nap, taking a shower or eating. And she always asked us "what do you need." In addition to being cared for, Caitlyn also showed us how to do safe infant care from clipping fingernails to bathtime, to creating a really awesome swaddle and so much more! I loved how she was also a wealth of information outside the home with resources that I could follow up on when I was ready. In fact her huge network of contacts and resources was something I feel is an incredible asset. Additionally, her knowledge with sleep training and sleep cycles was so insightful. She had so many helpful tips to calm a baby and help a baby fall asleep and stay asleep. I could go on and on with how she helped, there just isn't enough room in this review.

Towards the end of Caitlyn's stay with us, she started to feel more like a friend that a hired doula. It was sad to see her move on, but this is part of the bitter sweet beauty of her job. She gave me the knowledge and confidence as a new mom to start to stand on my own and that is priceless.

  Thank you Caitlyn!



 I cannot say enough good things about Caitlyn. She was my night doula 2 to 3 times a week for a few months after my son was born. As a first time mom, I had so many questions and I still cannot believe the wealth of knowledge, resources, and level of support Caitlyn offered. She was so very caring, patient, warm and gentle with my son. Caitlyn listens to your needs and makes you feel at ease. She helped to make sure we got the maximum amount of rest we needed to be confident and ready for the next day. I’m so very grateful to have had such a wonderful experience with Caitlyn and she was undoubtably one of the best investments we have made. 

Erica Bell


Caitlyn provided me and my family with such wonderful postpartum support that I wish we could keep her forever. She was a calming and positive presence in our home and we looked forward to her visits. Caitlyn provided us with about five weeks of overnight support. I had a negative experience with the night nurse that I hired for my first son so with the birth of my second son, I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find someone that would provide me with the type of post partum support I wanted but Caitlyn exceeded my expectations. She was very supportive of breastfeeding, a great resource for questions re postpartum recovery, super knowledgeable but provided product and child care information when asked for recommendations so not at all pushy, wonderful with our toddler as well as our newborn so I could relax and get sleep, which really helped in my c section recovery. If we have another child, I will definitely hire Caitlyn again and will absolutely recommend her services to my family and friends. 

Cecile Marcais


Caitlyn was part of our family for a few weeks this year and we could not be happier with her. Thinking about our baby’s first bath, first time in the carrier or best way to swaddle, is thinking about Caitlyn. Thinking about our 3 year old first’s smoothie is also thinking about Caitlyn! Caitlyn is very reassuring and so knowledgeable. We definitely recommend Caitlyn to other families, first child or addition to the family. Again, MERCI ++++ Caitlyn.

Alicia Bajwa


Caitlyn was a wonderful doula. We hired her as a post-partum doula for baby #2 during my first month post partum. Caitlyn is a true baby whisperer. She was able to soothe my baby quickly and he went down for naps easily with her. It was so wonderful having her with us as it allowed me to get some much needed rest and take some time for myself (i.e. eat a meal, take a bath without jumping out at a moment's notice to tend to the baby). I trusted her completely with my baby. She even helped coach me on how to improve my baby's breastfeeding latch. One of the best things about Caitlyn is that she is quick to ask "how can I help?". She finds ways to help you even when you don't know what kind of help to ask for. I highly recommend Caitlyn and would hire her again in a heartbeat. 

Sarah Henderson


I received Caitlyn's name from my birth doula when I was having a very difficult time post-partum and needed some relief at night. Caitlyn was a true lifesaver. I immediately felt comfortable having her in my home and trusting her with my newborn over night. Every time she came over I had a list of 5-10 questions (burping techniques, breastfeeding positions, how to get out baby poop, storing breastmilk, why is my baby crying) which she patiently answered, and without ever making me feel like I was being judged for asking a stupid question. Also, my daughter totally loved her. My daughter had a lot of issues feeding, and I always slept soundly knowing she was in good hands with Caitlyn. I've worked with other doulas who my daughter just did not vibe with, and it's so important to be able to relax when you're paying for someone to come over and watch your child. I would highly recommend Caitlyn, even though I'd love to keep her all to myself :). As a sidenote, I needed Caitlyn desperately one evening and she was already booked - she got me the name of another fabulous doula within 15 minutes. It takes a village folks!

Regina Ledgerwood


Caitlyn was so amazing after I had my third child. I had two other small children and she really helped me give time to each of them as well as establish a routine with the baby. I don’t know what I would have done without her! I highly recommend her and would absolutely hire Caitlyn again in the future!

Tanya Fruchter


My experience with Caitlyn has been extremely positive. From day one I trusted Caitlyn 100% with my little girl. If I was asked to give criticism on Caitlyn‘s performance I’d find that to be impossible. Her punctuality, work ethic, positive attitude, helpfulness, knowledge, and care for my baby have exceeded all  expectactions I had. Anyone looking for someone to care for their child, as well as teach them the ropes of parenthood would be lucky to have Caitlyn. 

Erika Baron


There really aren't words to express how incredible Caitlyn was during a time of great need (both logistical and emotional) for our family.  Our son had just arrived unexpecetedly early and we desperately needed a caring, competent, and intuitive individual to help us organize/prepare our household and emotionally process the entire experience. Caitlyn stepped in and seamlessly fit into our family dynamic.  Within 12 hours litreally everything you could imagine was ready for our return home - nursery put together, feeding equipment cleaned/organized, dishes done, etc.  We walked into my home after a challenging few days and felt like we had returned to a relaxing oasis! The day after discharge, when our son was unexpcetedly re-admitted to the hospital, I can honestly say that we would not have survived without Caitlyn's presence. She sat with us in the hospital and, although we had just met her 24 hours prior, there was no one else we would have rather had by our side. She was calm, rational, supportive, loving, and everything in between.  She is an absolute gem and any family would be incredibly lucky to have her during the beauiful chaos that exists as you bring a new baby into the world!

Pisces Pixie


When we were expecting our twins we thought we’d explore the idea of a postpartum doula. We were a little unsure because we’d never known anyone who used one but being that we were expecting twins (with a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old in the house) we needed help.

We knew within the first 15 minutes of Caitlyn being with us that the idea to use a doula was the right one and that Caitlyn was perfect.

She jumped right in helping me learn how to supplement bottle feed, something I was completely unfamiliar with

She was friendly, professional, assertive, and I still can’t believe how knowledgeable she is with all things baby! She was the extra hands I needed to take care of the babies, especially in those first few days after delivery. She also helped keep the house in order and worked with me to come up with some healthy recipes that she would make and freeze.

I would absolutely recommend her and would encourage anyone who’s even just curious, to go ahead with it. Having her help, including her wealth of baby knowledge, made it so much more possible for me to enjoy those first few weeks and months with our new babies instead of just stressing and being over whelmed

Sara Goldberg


my Husband and I were at our wits end when we contacted Caitlyn . My son was yo every 30-45 minutes at night and would fight sleep at night for hours . We had not slept in weeks . When we met with Caitlyn I immediately felt calmer . She has a very relaxing energy and was very hokitisc taking into consideration everythjnng  our lifestyle and my sons medical history and diet . She came up with a very breast Feeding friendly and compassionate sleep plan for my son . Within 7 days he was going down in his crib awake and putting himself to sleep quietly . i went from nursing him every 2 hours at night to every 5 hours over the next week and he went from waking up 15 times a night to 3 or 4 . she has been immediately responsive when I reach out to problem solve. I wish I had known about Caitlyn sooner . She clearly is super knowledgeable about all things baby and has a very soothing gentle vibe . I highly recommend her . 

Shohini Goldin Bhattacharya


Working with Caitlyn was great! As an anxious first-time mom, I felt overwhelmed and confused - enter Caitlyn. She is such a great resource re: baby sleep, feeding, and helped out with light chores/meal prep as well. She's also just a cool person, and I've enjoyed sending her pictures and updates even after our contracted hours were over. Thanks Caitlyn!

Shaina Bilow


It's hard to put into words just how wonderful it was to have Caitlyn with us for the first six weeks of our son's life. We are so grateful that we found Caitlyn and hired her as our postpartum doula. She's professional, patient, and caring. Caitlyn wasnt just a phenomenal caregiver, she was a fantastic resource and educator for us, too. She helped us figure out all of our baby gear, helped us start off with good sleep and feeding habits for our son, and fit in well at our house. Caitlyn gave advice and suggestions in a constructive, nonjudgmental, and sensitive way - which was so important because being a brand new parent can be fraught with insecurity. Caitlyn was also really accommodating with scheduling. Pro tip: when people ask you what you want for a baby gift, you can direct them to Caitlyn's website and ask for hours with your doula!

Vanessa Formica


When my husband and I found ourselves in an unexpected situation due to a very difficult recovery from a csection, Caitlin came to the rescue.  She was our nightime postpartum doula and was truly a miracle worker. She helped me and my husband feel better but most importantly, my son loved her warm demeanor and took to her like magic. We joked she was just like Mary Poppins showing up with her bag of tricks ??. Caitlin was knowledgable about child development, sleep & eating habits, an expert on all baby brands and gear and she saved us. She is a new friend and resource we feel we can always call on in need. We don't know how we would have made it through our first week without Caitlin. I will recommend her to all my new Mommy friends. And if you are here reading reviews wondering about her services, don't even hesitate!!! Truly professional and more than I could have ever dreamed of when we realized we needed help. Thank you Caitlin!!!

LB Cake


Caitlyn was my post partum doula after my second child, Zelda.  I knew instantly from the moment I met her that she was the one for us and she did not disappoint. She was not only wonderful in taking care of me after my C-section, she was really a part of our family (and still is).  She was able to give me and my husband advice on how to handle two young children, she made me delicious breakfasts, she helped me plan out my nursing and pumping strategy for when I planned to back to work after 8 weeks.  She was so great with our 3 year old son, Atticus (who is quite a handful). She also helped us with finding and training our nanny.  Caitlyn does so much on her part to stay knowledgeable with attending trainings and keeping up with any new developments in her field by reading and studying everything there is to know about children and families.  There isn't anyone I trust more than Caitlyn, and in fact, she's been back to help us lately with me travelling for work.  She was able to care for Zelda dispite her attachment growing stronger. I got rest, and there was minimal distraction to our family life.  Caitlyn is so caring and empathetic; a great conversationalist to boot.  We love her!

alissa schaps


We highly recommend Caitlyn as a postpartum doula. Caitlyn was a tremendous help! As first time parents, we benefitted greatly from Caitlyn's wealth of knowledge, calm demeanor and flexibility. She rearranged her schedule to come to our house within a few hours notice. She taught us how to bathe, care for and feed the baby. She also taught us how to setup and use a breast pump. Caiyn helped with laundry and cooking, which was above and beyond. She had a soothing way of interacting with our baby and her presence in our home was as if we had a long time friend staying with us.  We were very fortunate to have Caitlyn help us transition from the hospital to our home. We would HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is looking for some support When bringing home a newborn. 

Jamie Nazare


I would highly recommend Caitlyn to any parents! I didnt really know what to expect, just hoping to have some help, lol.  Being a first time mom..I was  nervous, tired, anxious, and a million other emotions..  However, I felt completelty comfortable with Caitlyn from the start. The first time she came over, I went in my room and slept!

She was so good with my newborn, and had so many helpful tips. Caitlyn is very professional, always on time, and just so nurturing with my baby.

I was so happy and relieved to have found her. She truly helped my transition into motherhood a little easier.


Kara Altschuler Suna


We had hired Caitlyn when my son was born in December of 2013. After doing much research online and having the opportunity to have met her in person by interviewing her, I felt she was a wonderful fit to assist us with all newborn care. I wanted a postpartum doula to explain and show me all about breast feeding and pumping support along with all phases of general child care being a new mom I was clueless at the time. Caitlyn was a blessing in disguise. She truly is professional, reliables, well educated and most of all patient. She is a genuine and warm person who took so much time to explain things to us and answer questions. I had a hard time with nursing as my son was tounge tied and just never latched on well. It was one of the hardest things to deal with for me personally but Caitlyn motivated and helped me through the process. 

When we had questions, she always called and emailed us back the same day and really was very helpful. I personally highly recommend her! 



Rachel Cohen


After a difficult adjustment after the birth of my first child, I knew I needed more support to do it all again. I was torn between using a baby nurse or post partum doula. As soon as we met Caitlyn, I could see this was a good fit for us and our family needs. Caitlyn is knowledgeable, kind, professional and flexible. She was able to support and guide us on so many things... feeding, products to use, getting to know another personality of a new baby, remembering all the infant care basics, organizing the house and helping with ours and our son's adjustment to being a famiky of four. She has been truly invaluable to us and we could not recommend her more. 

Michelle Tawil


Caitlyn is absolutely amazing!  She is caring, understanding, organized, and always there when we needed her.  In fact, when  I spontaneoulsy got sick with a fever one day, she rearranged her schedule to help us out.  One of the best decisions my husband and I have made was to hire her as our post-partum doula.  Having her to guide us as first time parents was a God-send.  She was there the first night we got  home from the hospital all the way up to our son turning 11 weeks, alternating between over nights and day time shifts.  She helped us give him his first bath, guided me during breastfeeding challenges, and introduced us to different baby-carrying devices, just to name a few, all while building our confidence each step of the way.  To sum it up, if you're thinking of hiring a doula, we whole-heartedly recommend Caitlyn as she is an all-around great person and highly skilled doula!

Michelle and Peter

Katie Penque


Caitlyn showed up after our baby and helped in all the right ways.  It was like having a 2nd mom around.  She knows all of the things moms are juggling and she helped me get them done.  She was always thinking a few steps ahead and anticipating our needs.  She helped with tidying, laundry, cooking, baby care and care for my older child. My toddler LOVES her.  She's excellent at what she does.  It was totally worth the investment because it helped us relax through a big transition.  I highly recommend working with Caitlyn to anyone considering it.

Stephanie Feuss


Caitlyn is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can attest to her incredible knowledge and amazing support! I can not imagine the sensitive time of bringing home a newborn without her. I had suffered postpartum depression with my first and knew Caitlyn would be an integral part of my recovery period for myself and the first months of my daughter's life.

It was not an easy transition for my family to go from one child to two. Caitlyn was there from the beginning to help ease this transition. Caitlyn took care of my postpartum needs while also taking care of baby! She was a huge help with my four year old son who was very high needs when Allison arrived. Caitlyn also offered breastfeeding advice and helped cooking, babysitting and running errands. Her support allowed me special time with my husband, my new baby and also time alone with my four year old son!

Caitlyn is kind and warm and energetic at the same time! Her ability to ease any tension I was feeling while also calming my baby was incredible. I felt immediately comfortable having her in my home and her communication skills, knowledge and ability to listen are beyond what i could have hoped for.

Being a new mother is not easy and neither is becoming a mother of two. I could not have survived emotionally or physically without Caitlyn's dedicated help. She is without a doubt the very best. Caitlyn nurtured my entire family! My little girl is now one and the bond my family has is strong because of Caitlyn's incredible support and care.

Jennifer Burns


Caitlyn is nothing short of AMAZING, compassionate and professional. With twins, I don't know what I would do it without her. Her knowledge, care and practical guidance is unmatched. One of my twins has Down Syndrome and a variety of special medical needs. Caitlyn took a vested interest to not only apply her previous experience with special needs children but she continuously researches different techniques to work with my daughter to further her development. Prior to Caitlyn coming in and working with my family, we had a number of situations where In-home care providers were unprofessional and would force their preferred style of parenting/caregiving on me rather than working with me to help me become the mother I wanted to be. Not Caitlyn. She took time with both my husband and I to understand what was important to us and what approaches we would want to take. When we weren’t sure, she would take the time to present the options and help guide us, not push us, to the best approach for our family (this goes from everything from feeding, sleeping techniques, baby wearing, parenting styles, products to use with our children). She is extremely encouraging and always helps alleviate stressful moments by stepping up and providing thoughtful and knowledgeable care. She also reminds me that I can’t forget to take care of myself. I am now pregnant with my third and the instant I began to feel anxious about delving into new motherhood again, my husband reminded me, “We have Caitlyn, there is no need to stress. She will guide us and help us not just get through it….but to actually enjoy it”. I can’t express enough how she has enriched our family’s lives and gave us the confidence we needed to be great parents. I would highly recommend Caitlyn, she is truly an expert in her field.

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