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Elizabeth Evangelous

I've always been the type of person who planned on only having my husband in the room when I gave birth. But I'm so glad I made the choice to have Melissa as my - really OUR - doula. Melissa provided solid support both before and during labor, providing us with the tools necessary to tackle contractions and handle a natural birth. She spent time teaching us pain management techniques to help me labor at home as long as possible, was easily accessible by phone, and was a calm presence throughout our time at the hospital. My husband was also thankful to have her as our partner in such an important event and her presence helped him relax and focus on supporting me. If you're on the fence about hiring a doula, I highly recommend Melissa's professional and knowledgeable services!

Posted 10/26/2017

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Laura Johnson

I had a wonderful experience having Melissa as my doula. I felt she was always available to answer any questions I had and to offer helpful advice. Knowing she would be the hospital at a moment's notice was so comforting since my husband is out of town often for work. It really made a world of difference. Melissa also provides many different suggestions for comfort during delivery which really helped. I would definitely recommend her. 

Posted 3/6/2017

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M Horsman

Having Melissa as our doula made a big difference in our birth experience. Being able to meet with her prior to the birth helped to prepare me mentally for what to expect and I really valued being able to try out a variety of pain relief techniques. We practiced a number of them and talked through how I might feel about each. This was my second pregnancy and it went a lot faster, so it was empowering to take some time to talk through my birth expectations this time and give voice to more of what I was feeling. Having Melissa as a part of the birth was also a gift. She respected my desire for a relatively hands-off labor (which is what I had anticipated), but instead encouraged me verbally through the labor, reminding me of what I was doing, helping me to stay focused and helping me to not give in to negative talk when I felt tired or that I couldn't keep going. She was probably just as excited to see our baby as we were. She was truly invested in our story and helping it to be the best experience possible. - Melanie

It was great that she came over and we could practice what the birth would be like, so that on the day we would be ready and we knew what might work and what might not. She was really good at trying lots of things on the day on the birth and then if Melanie didn't like it, she dropped it and didn't try it again. She was very encouraging and never gave up with empowering words. She was knowledgeable about the birthing process and it was helpful to explain what to expect as the day went on from the birth and from the midwife. -Shawn

Posted 1/8/2017

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S Burk

If you are questioning if you should hire a doula, stop. Melissa is amazing. I couldn't have asked for anything more. She was positive, encouraging, and so supportive.

At the birth center, Melissa and my husband coached me through a 22 hour labor and she never once asked for a break, or stopped helping me. It did not matter if I needed a drink, a position change, or encouragement, Melissa was right there every step of the way. She was my sounding board, cheerleader, and helper. Her mere presence brought so much peace and strength to the experience.

I believe that it speaks volumes that the midwives and nurses (I was there for long time) all commented on how nice it was to work with Melissa. I will definitely be using her for any future births!

Posted 1/2/2017

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Zack McBride

I want to start by saying that I was admittedly nervous from the time my wife showed me the the positive pregnancy test right up until the delivery room. I had no clue what to expect as this was a first time for me. My wife and I decided that we were not going to have any family in the delivery room. Instead we decided to hire a doula. My wife and I met Melissa to discuss our birthing plan which was go natural if possible and she completely supported us. I could tell right from the start she was very familiar with the medical terminology associated with the process. She did a wonderful job showing and explaining things to us. When my wife went into labor we kept in close contact with melissa. I remember thinking on the  way to the hospital that I hope Melissa beats us there. My wife, Melissa and I were the only ones in the delivery room. She was a very calming presence for the both of us. I think it speaks volume when the doctor and the nurses acknowledged what a fabulous doula Melissa was. The doctor even stated that we made an excellent birthing team. I would suggest anyone pregnant having a doula in the room after the wonderful experience we had. Melissa definitely knows what she is doing and how to help. Thank you Melissa!

Posted 10/14/2015

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Cady Coleman

Melissa was an AMAZING part of my experience giving birth for the very first time. I should note that I really wanted to have a completely drug free delivery and my husband felt otherwise. In his opinion he felt I should get the epidural, why feel pain if I don't have to? (Secretly I think he thought the experience would be easier for him if I was feeling no pain) I was not having any of this. I should also add that we did not take a single class on what to expect. We were in the dark until Melissa came along. She met with us at our home and spoke about the experience of giving birth ways to cope with pain and a couple of things to expect in the future. She automatically made my husband and myself feel at ease with what was to come. Her down to earth personality and calm deminer made myself and my husband feel as though we could discuss anothing with her. As the pregnancy progressed she remained in constant contact with us, checking in and seeing how things were progressing. My due date quickly came and went and no baby. Naturally when I started feeling early labor contractions 6 days after my due date I was ready to go and so was Melissa! I called her at 3 am to tell her what I had been experiencing. She talked me through it, gave me some pointers and shared my excitement! SO personable. Well that 3 am call wasn't even the real thing. The next morning she was there too when we called at 6am to tell her we were on our way and she hit the road! She was at the hospital with us before we even got check in. Once things really picked up I was so happy to have her there and so was my husband. She and my husband were a team helping me out while helping each other out passing off duties of pain managment. I was able to deliver drug free. Melissa has such a passion for what she does. She is amazing at it and its truly her calling. Anyone would be lucky to have her at theit birth. She made such an impact on us we even let her cut our babies chord! 


Posted 10/14/2015

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Michelle Cressman

I wanted to have a natural labor and delivery, and my husband was supportive of my wishes, but he was also worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle helping me through the labor by himself. We both learned that having a doula present during labor can increase the chance of having a natural birth. We started researching doulas and found Melissa. We interviewed with her at our home and felt very comfortable hiring her as our doula.

My husband and I both felt relief that we had someone very knowledgeable on our side. She met with us again as I approached the last few weeks of my pregnancy for a hands on session of comfort measure techniques including massage, movements, positions, etc that could be used during labor.

On the day I went into labor, Melissa met with us at the hospital an hour after I got admitted. I ended up being in labor for 24 hours, and Melissa was with us the entire time! I really felt that the three of us--my husband, Melissa, and myself--were a team. Melissa suggested different things throughout my labor to help me manage my pain, to help move the labor along, and to help get my baby in the proper position for birth. My baby was not in the most favorable position so Melissa contacted other douas to get advice on what to do to help reposition my baby.

Melissa was by my side along with my husband for my 4 and a half hours of pushing! Believe me, I wanted to say “I can’t do this anymore!”, but with the two of them telling me how awesome I was doing and how proud they were of me, I couldn’t give up! My son's birth did not go according to my birth plan, but I was able to have a vaginal birth, which was my ultimate goal. I could not have done it without my husband and Melissa!

Posted 8/6/2015

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Chris Cressman

When my wife told me she wanted a natural childbirth I was happy to support her but nervous as well. I was skeptical of my ability to coach her through a natural labor in a hospital where medical interventions are the norm.

With my wife’s consent, I began looking for a doula to help us through the labor. Melissa was responsive via email and met us at our home for an interview. After hiring her, she met us at our home again to discuss our birth plan and to practice natural pain management techniques. After that visit, a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I felt much more prepared for our labor and delivery.

My wife had a long labor ending in a vaginal birth to our delight. Melissa was with us in the hospital for the full 24 hours. She helped us communicate with hospital staff and made certain that we understood everything that was happening. She was able to suggest techniques to help my wife dilate when things were moving slowly, and she contacted her colleagues for additional techniques to reposition the baby when we needed them. Melissa helped us talk through our decision to deviate from our birth plan and accept medical intervention to help us achieve a vaginal delivery. Throughout the labor, my wife looked to Melissa for advice and support, and Melissa’s positive encouragement was a decisive part of us getting the outcome we wanted.

Melissa’s consistent presence also allowed me to step away to eat or simply to maintain my composure. Labor is hard for dads too, and having Melissa there to support us both was a great relief.

Posted 8/1/2015

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Allison Pellerito

Melissa was a great support to my pregnancy, labor, and delivery of our first child.  She visited us in our home prior to the birth and gave us several strategies for labor.  She was also available and supportive over email with specific questions we had regarding the birth.  When my labor began, I labored at home as long as possible.  And, though we did not have Melissa come to our home in this time, she was available by phone whenever we called and was more than willing to come to assist.  During our time at the hospital, she was calm, compassionate, and was good at anticipating my needs.  Melissa was very encouraging in all of our interactions with her, which helped me have the labor and delivery for which I was hoping.  She is a good listener, passionate about what she does, and her calm spirit was very helpful to have in every stage.

Posted 6/28/2015

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Sandy Ribeyre Leitao

I really appreciated Melissa's support before and during the birth of my third daughter. She was a great calm and strong presence. 

I liked how open and interested she was in my choices, in particular my use of hypnobabies.  I particularly liked what a good job she did involving my husband and in preparing us with specific measures to help keep me comfortable.

Melissa was supportive and encouraging when I considered opting for anesthesia, and helped to make sure I was doing what I really wanted to do.

Thankfully we didn't need to go for the anesthesia and overall I had a great birth experience.  Thanks Melissa!


Posted 10/7/2014

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Kathryn Krueger

I was so grateful to have Melissa supporting me through my delivery. She met us at the birth center in the middle of the night and was very respectul of my laboring style; at times I prefer to be alone during contractions, and she was helpful in providing comfort when I asked for it. She also antipicated my needs and was continually looking for ways that she could provide extra comfort. While I had a fast labor, the pushing phase was longer and more intense than I expected, and Melissa was a particularly invaluable support then. Her encouragement as well as her physical support were critical at that time. Melissa is a very conscientious and caring person who is genuinely concerned for the comfort of her clients. I was very comfortable laboring with her and felt well supported and encouraged througout. I would highly recommend her!

Posted 2/23/2014

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Kelly Alberts

Melissa was an amazing support during my labor and delivery two week ago! She arrived at my home in the middle of the night and helped my husband and me work through active labor. She had many tools and techniques to manage painful contractions and gave great verbal encouragement. She came with us to the birth center and was very hands-on when it came to helping me breathe through contractions and manage the intensity of contractions as labor progressed. Melissa held my hand and coached me through the pushing and was there to celebrate when our daughter made her grand entrance into the world! 

Posted 2/11/2014

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Farzana S Ity

Melissa is a wonderful doula. She attended the hospital tour with us to become familiar with the hospital environment. I called her when my water broke around 5am while my husband was at work. Melissa came asap & drove me to the hospital which was 40 min away (If I would call the ambulance, they would take me to the hospital that is 5 min away from my home where I did not wanna give birth). She was so supportive and encouraging during my labor. We had a nice fun time when i was not having pain. My super scared husband became super brave only because of her. Though I ended up having a c-sec, I don't know what would I do without her. My next vbac baby's doula definitely will be Melissa. Thank you so much Melissa :)

Posted 7/13/2013

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