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Deborah (Debbie) Van Campen

Debbie the Doula

Fort Worth, TX Service range 36 miles Tarrant, Johnson, Denton and parts of Dallas County

(817) 939-0759

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$25 to $35

Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 150 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

5 years

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

-Chosen as Best Doula in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Childs Magazine 2013 -Nominated for Best Doula in Fort Worth by Fort Worth Childs Magazine 2014

Fort Worth, TX Service range 36 miles Tarrant, Johnson, Denton and parts of Dallas County

Client Testimonials for Deborah (Debbie) Van Campen

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Meredith Adkisson


From my very first visit with Debbie, I  just knew she was going to be a fantastic doula and help provide the birth I was hoping for. She took an immediate interest in my family and was so warm and caring. She truly had my best interest, which made it so easy to trust her. 

The days before I had my baby, I had false labor on and off, and I was getting really frustrated. Debbie was so encouraging and helped me get a positive attitude back. She came to the house and worked her doula magic, and my husband and I swear that's what started my real labor. All through labor she was unbelievably attentive to my needs and wants. She gave both my husband and I such a peace of mind. She felt like a dear friend, and was such an incredible part of my birth experience. There's no one else I would choose for a doula! 

Claire Schleicher


What makes Deboral such an amazing doula is that she was a support system for me and my husband, not only during delivery, but throughout my entire pregnancy and anytime thereafter. Deborah's kindness and compassion was felt every time we communicated. She has a wealth of knowledge regarding pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. We both highly value Deborah's recommendations and continue to use her advice regarding caring for our baby. Once you work with Deborah you quickly realize that she doesnt work as a doula for a job, she does this work as her calling. She made our birthing experience tremendous and we love her dearly for her dedication to our family! 

Meredith Sparks


From the first moment meeting Debbie I knew we were gonna get a long great.  Her welcoming smile and bright personality lit up the room. After our first meeting we immediately began texting almost daily. She always had a quick response that put my mind at ease and answered all my questions precisely. Throughout my pregnancy small questions would arise and all of them were answered by her quickly. As the time to have our baby girl closer she came to our house for a fun but informational visit to go over pain relief techniques and our birth plan. One thing I loved about our visits was how awesome she was with our two year old son Parker. He just loved when she visited. Our birth story is a bit of a crazy one because I delivered our baby girl in the front seat of my car. Debbie was there to catch the head as the EMT arrived. Debbie remained calm through this whole experience which put my mind at ease as well as my husband and son. She was amazing under pressure and I cannot thank her enough for that. At the hospital she stayed to help with breastfeeding and still continues to mentor me on breastfeeding tips almost daily. Debbie is now a great friend and a part of our family and I couldn't have had a better experience from day one! We love you Debbie and appreciate everything you have done and continue to do for our family!

Jynessa Weed


This was our 3rd baby, 1st time using a Doula and choosing Debbie was by far the best decision that I as an expecting mother (vbac) and my husband made. Debbie had an ability to make us feel calm and ready to expect what was coming. She did not push her opinion but did give us an abundance of knowledge. While in labor she made me feel loved, comforted and calm. She had me try many things and positions to help me get comfortable and work through contractions. She made sure that the birth plan was followed to a T, as well as being a huge support to my husband. From the beginning I felt in my heart I had a very special bond with Debbie so when it came time to "hire" her it was a no brainier. Debbie made my VBAC possible, without her I could not have done it. Being a VBAC mom herself she understood me and my goals for my birth. I would absolutely recommend Debbie and her Doula services, we are so grateful she was apart of one of the most intimate and most important times in our lives.

Mindy Buchanan


I could not have had a more beautiful, un-medicated birth without Debbie. Her presence was priceless. She was calm, supportive, and a rock for me and my husband to lean on. Every technique she used helped to push me closer toward my goal. She listened to our desires and constructed the perfect birth plan. Debbie was there to answer any and all questions we had during our pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum care. The birth story she created for us was the cherry on top. We were able to go back in time and remember all the small details of that special day. I highly recommend Debbie as your doula, you will not be disappointed.

Sarah Nichols


Debbie was an awesome doula!!! She is super down to earth and very knowledgeabl. Two things I needed in A doula. I never once felt judged or pushed in any decision. It felt really natural having her there with us every step of the way. My husband and I both were very happy we hired her. She made the navigating through the system way less stressful than our first birth! We rave about her every chance we get!!

Alisen Adcock


Debbie was such a dream to work with! Leading up to my labor and delivery we became friends, not just acquaintances. We were able to spend our meetings getting to know each other; she listened to my desires about this pregnancy and the outcome, she encouraged me to voice my opinion and to follow through with what I wanted. At no time did I feel uncomfortable or judged for what I wanted. When I went into labor she quickly came to be by my side and reassured me that I was doing what I needed to be doing. Throughout my labor and delivery experience Debbie provided her expertise with coping techniques and soft affirmations. She enabled my husband to feel comfortable in knowing how to support me and helped him stay relaxed as well! Debbie was the perfect addition to my birth team and I fully believe I could not have had my perfect birth story without her in it!

Andria Bohling


Debbie was absolutely amazing! She helped make my birth experience  how I had envisioned and she helped me stick to my plan even when I was at my wits end and wanted to give up. She's extremely knowledgeable which made me feel confident and reassured. Then after the birth she still remained a huge help and I knew she genuinely cared about my baby and I. She went above and beyond when we found out my son had a lip and tongue tie which made breastfeeding painful and emotionally stressful, so she found a Dr that would fix it and she even came with me to the appointment. I don't know what I would have done without her, she really is an amazing doula. 

Kaitlyn Reece


To doula the doula isnt always the easy but Debbie humbly agreed to be my doula for the birth of my daughter. Debbie reminded me not to doula myself and to just enjoy my pregnancy and to be confident in my ability to birth. Even though I knew what was going on, it was so incredibly reassuring to hear Debbie say my thoughts out loud to Me. Debbie was very involved in my pregnancy and spent quality time with my husband and I at prenatal visits. I felt so safe in Debbie's care and knew she was going to help me get the birth I wanted. The morning I woke up in labor I was completely underestimating what was happening. Debbie was better able to look at the situation objectively and she came to my side right away knowing things were moving fast. While I didn't need much physical support in my speedy labor, I needed a LOT of emotional support and prayer, both of which Debbie handled with such grace and confidence. I could not have had my home birth without her support and love. Debbie prayed over me and reminded me that everything I was feeling was normal and that I was stronger than anything I was feeling. When it came time to push I had many doubts in myself and fears about what was to come. Debbie held my hand and told me I could do it as prayed over me, and I DID IT. Debbie looked after me post Partum and was always checking in on my in the days and weeklabour the birth of my daughter. I am so grateful to have had you by our side, Debbie. Love you! XOXO

Chelsea Salomone


Debbie was such a wonderful doula. She was so kind, gentle and encouraging. She was a wealth of information, and anything she didn't know she went out of her way to find out for me. I was able to have a VBAC largely in part of Debbie. I will always be so grateful for her. 

Tiffany Peters


My husband and I met Deb through a mutual friend after asking general questions about natural, med free births. I was about 15 weeks pregnant when we made the switch from our OBGYN to a birth center with a midwife. We had no idea what we were getting into, all I knew was that I wanted to experience, REALLY experience, birth as it is truly meant to be this time around (this was our second child). Deb was incredibly knowledgable but more importantly she made us feel comfortable. Comfortable with our decisions and comfortable with her. She was available to answer questions whenever I thought of them and she continuously reassured both my husband and me when our nerves started to get the best of us. We learned more about what we would be physically and emotionally going through from Deb than we did through numerous books, documentaries, birth classes and even our midwife. She made the entire experience, pregnancy included, so positive and memorable. Our birth could not have gone any better. We communicated the entire that time I was in labor and she knew exactly what to do, even when I didn't. She arrived at the birth center and also coordinated with our photographer to make sure that she arrived on time as well. That was a very good thing because I was fully dilated when we showed up! The pain tolerance techniques that she taught us really helped us labor at home. The birth went very smoothly. She encouraged me through each contraction in a very loving way. I know that our entire experience wouldn't have been as positive without her. She is an amazing woman who truly cares about her clients. Deb has become a close family friend of ours and we love her and her family dearly. My husband and I highly recommend her to anyone who is considering hiring a doula. 

Tiffany, Doug & Tucker Peters (Born July 6, 2013)


Carli King


My husband and I were having our first child and wanted some support during delivery since we do not have family in town. I chose Debbie because she has a great personality and is very knowledgeable about the birthing process from both a professional and personal perspective. During the labor process, Debbie was attentive, patient, accommodating, helpful, calm,  understanding, and encourging. She listened to my needs and offered physical, emotional, and spiritual support at the appropriate times. She also served as a great guide for my husband when he wasn't sure what to do. She stayed with us through a long labor and delivery and still keeps in touch. I was beyond pleased with the service she offered and would absolutely recommend her to other expecting mothers. 

Lauren Newton


Wow, where to start? From our first meeting, I knew Deborah was the right doula for me. I felt from day one that we were best friends. I had a complicated pregnancy and I honestly don't know how I would've made it through 10 weeks on bed rest without her constant support. On days I felt like giving up, she knew exactly what to say to lift my spirits and reminded me I could do anything for my baby boy. Any time I had a question, she ALWAYS had an answer. If she didnt have it right then, she would do her research, ask around, and get back with me. We always knew we wanted a doula, but we had no idea how much we needed her!

When D day finally came, she was there the second my husband called her (which was the middle of the night). She was by my side through my labor just like she was during my pregnancy. Her sweet spirit helped keep me calm in my most trying moments of labor. She supported every decision we made from day one to the day we brought our baby boy into the world. But the beauty of it all, she didnt disappear after it was all said and done. She has come to visit, she wrote a beautiful birth story I will cherish forever, and remained a huge support during times when having a newborn isn't always easy. To this day, if I have a question, I text Deborah and she always gets back with me with an answer. She doesn't have to do that. Her "job" is over. But she does it because you are more than a "client" to her, you are her friend.

My pregnancy, labor, and birth of our son is a beautiful story. It is OUR beautiful story and I'm blessed to have Deborah a part of it. 

Kristen Duncan


I hired Debbie to be my doula with my first pregnancy when I was already 35 weeks pregnant! I wanted a natural, un-medicated birth but couldn’t decide on whether or not to hire a doula. My husband and I were referred to Debbie from another doula that did our childbirth education. We contacted her and met up and we instantly felt at ease with her. We are so glad that we did hire her! I had a very long, hard labor and feel like I could not have made it without her. She was such a source of support not only during labor, but after when I had a lot of questions about caring for a newborn. We are expecting our second child, and one of the first things we did this pregnancy was hire Debbie! We decided to switch from an OB to a midwife at a birthcenter, and Debbie has been so great in supporting my decisions. I am excited to experience another birth with Debbie. Kristen

La Shai Hamilton


- I had my baby on Feb 22,2013 and I still call Debbie my Doula. I was so honored to have her on our birthing team; a dream come true for me. I met Debbie at a women's Bible study that she helped to lead. I just remember her being so well organized, a stay-at-home mom, very personable and loving. The BEST part is She prays for me!! I also had a desire to VBAC and she had experienced her own VBAC. She was really helpful in making sure that I was fully informed of all my options before going into labor. She guided me in my research and gave me questions to ask the midwives/doctors. I love feeling empowered and encouraged especially after my experience with my oldest child. The docs induced 10 days early bc they thought she'd be a big baby...I know better now I was able to go 41 weeks this time around and my body went into labor naturally! My early labor went on for two days straight but on the second day she drove 45 minutes to try to assist in natural movements and exercises to try to get my labor to progress and it did! SUCCESS!! We achieved our desire for a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) after 68 hours of labor total (48 hours of early labor and 20 hours of active to birth). We are so overjoyed! God is so good. Thank you Debbie, for all your time and efforts. You will forever be appreciated and every time I look at my baby girl, Sage, I will think of the work; the team it took to get her here!
Love, La Shai Hamilton

Debbie was awesome! Her wealth of knowledge coupled with amazing endurance literally took a load off my shoulders. Dads, if you've never done hip squeezes--you'll quickly find out how tough they get down the home stretch. Debbie was right there to help every time we needed her. She was supportive right from the start, and she was there until we left Labor & Delivery!
Jason Hamilton

Cole N Donna Etheredge


- My Doula, Debbie, was wonderful. She was so supportive, and when I didn’t progress like I had hoped she would always tell me that it was normal. She would give me examples of other moms who had been through the same thing. She also kept in contact with me, texting to find out how I was feeling. If I had a question, she would answer promptly or find out from other resources and get back to me. The contact didn’t stop after the birth. 4 months later she still checks up on me.She did a postpartum visit with me, and she helped me with issues like breast engorgement and breastfeeding problems. She was a wonderful emotional support to me and was so accepting of my feelings. I would highly recommend her to any woman looking to have an incredible birth experience!

Joanna Hise


We cannot say enough great things about Debbie and her services as our doula. After deciding at 30 weeks to have a natural birth for our second son, we knew we needed a doula - and after our interview with Debbie, we immediately knew she was the perfect addition to our birth team. She always took the time to answer any questions we had, offered suggestions and resources, and provided us with a sense of empowerment. Debbie is truly a gem and I can't imagine having the amazing birth experience that I did without her there! You will never regret having this amazing woman by your side - my only regret was not having had her earlier in my pregnancy.
Joanna, Jeremy, Asher and Noah

Samantha Jo Baker



I can't even begin to thank you for all the help and support that you provided
not only in labor, but before and after as well. You helped me find my
childbirth educator, placenta encapsulator, Pediatrician and took all my crazy
phone calls. I think you should add Therapist to your card! Ha! The labor help
was incredible and I know that you used every muscle in your body!! I could not
of done it without your help.

Love, Samantha


- Deb,

I can't thank you enough for everything you did. You went above and beyond the
call of duty and made the whole experience amazing! You are already hired for
our next pregnancy !

P.S. You are GREAT at what you do!

Love ya, Steven


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