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Sharon Hockenbury

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Phone: (425) 999-0437

Birth Fee: $800 to $1500

Fee Details: My goal is to support the mother throughout her pregnancy providing education and support emotionally and physically. My fee includes nutrition and wellness consulting, I am available by phone, texting, email to support you. Fees: $800 - Basic Doula Services. $300 - Placenta Encapsulation $50/ hr. -8 hour maximum - Post-partum support including overnight stay to care for baby while mom/parents sleep. I have 9 children myself, giving me deep compassion and insight regarding the birth process. I have experienced hospital and home births as well as C-sections and VBAC. I have nursed all 9 of my children including one with born with special needs and can offer support to women wanting to breastfeed.

Birth Doula Experience: 20 years and 160 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Other Relevant Certifications

  • Certified Placenta Encapsulator (International Placenta & Postpartum Association - IPPA)
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certified (American Academy of Pediatrics)
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, Emergency Birth CE, Certified Herbalist, Midwife Assistant, Nursing Assistant - Registered, Birthed 9 children, (C-sections, VBACS, Home births, hospital birth)

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Home Birth
  • Over 40
  • Special needs babies
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula
  • Aromatherapy
  • Military famiies
  • Miscarriage Support (Before, During or After)
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Started support groups for women birthing at home. The group then evolved to a support group for women, no matter their way of bringing a child into the world. I also started groups to support women in the role as a wife and mother.

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: North Bend, WA
Travel Range: 100 Miles

Client Testimonials for Sharon Hockenbury

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Crissi Van Wert

I met Sharon during the middle of my 4th pregnancy. I knew of her thru a friend of mine. I was having a tough pregnancy and was at my wits end with what to do. I found her number and called her out of the blue. She did not know me but showed such compassion on me, she helped me survive the next 4.5 months. I would have loved to have had her at my birth but I live 5 hrs away on the other side of the state. She continued to help me devise a plan to get my health back on track. My husband and I went on to have 2 more babies and had great pregnancies. I will be forever grateful for the guidance and support she gave me.

Posted 4/16/2014

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Rhiannon Doyal

Words cannot describe how blessed I feel to have met Sharon. In just a few minutes of talking with her I could instantly tell she was extremely knowledgable. I found that to be so comforting and felt immediately comfortable and connected with her. My prenatal visits were always fun and relaxing. I tend to have a difficult time after the birth. My anxiety tends to take over and Sharon was right there to help me find ways to cope. She was always checking in on me as we worked together to get through the first few months. I strongly recomend all mothers to consider placenta encapsulation. I thought the idea was crazy at first, and frankly, a little gross. But as I began talking with Sharon I started to reconsider. She gave me some great information and answered all my questions. I am so glad I did it. It made such a difference on my physical recovery, along with my mood and milk supply. Sharon is a great support before, during and after birth. I would recommend her to any mother. I feel incredibly blessed to have gotten to know her and greatful to know I can count on her if I ever need help!

Posted 3/30/2014

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Sage Gordon

I met Sharon Hockenbury through my midwife Charlotte LacSeul. I saw her at the majority of my prenatal visits and found her to be extremely knowledgable and professional. As a first time mom I had a lot of questions and concerns. Sharon provided me with comfort, advise, and the info I needed to feel empowered. As a mother, doula, and herbalist, she has in depth knowledge and experience regarding birth, pregnancy, and newborn care. I felt safe and confident in her abilities, but it wasn't until I was in labor that I saw what a truly amazing soul she is! I had a natural birth and she came on shift right when I went into transition. I was in a tremendous amount of pain and started to question if everything was ok. I knew it was going to hurt, a lot, but I never expected it would be so bad and I started to think something must be seriously wrong. I was laying on the bed and starting to panic when she arrived. She climbed on the bed with me and got right in my face. I remember her big beautiful eyes looking right into mine, and she told me that everything was ok and not fight it, to surrender and just let it happen. She started chanting "open" with me and we got into a rhythm with each contraction, "oooooopen, ooooooopen, ooooooopen.... ". Even though the pain was still there, the fear went away. Her clam, knowing presence, and the loving look in her eyes was a beacon of light in my darkest hour.

I highly recommend Sharon to all expecting parents!

Posted 3/30/2014

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Crystal Blair

Sharon has such a calm and gentle voice, yet is very strong in her abilities. Meeting her was such a breath of fresh air! So nice to have another mama of many with so much experience to have at my side. She guided me with nutritional support and has amazing faith in the process and blessing of natural birth. I used her services for placenta encapsulation with my fifth baby and I was amazed at how much more smoothly the roller coaster of postpartum ups and downs went for me.  Her commitment to my care and well being was palpable. I never felt like client with Sharon, but like I had met a long lost friend. She goes above and beyond what is expected.

It's hard to put into words what's so special about Sharon. She's really one of those people that leaves you feeling better and more confident than before you had known her!

Posted 3/18/2014

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Diane Colley

I met Sharon last year when I began going to The Special Delivery Company for my prenatal care. Sharon has such a warm and welcoming personality that I clicked with immediately. She is very knowledgeable and understanding and offered lots of advice in regards to my diet, health of the baby, birth plan, etc. She was the first to show to to my baby's birth and as cheesy as it may sound, she was like an angel walking through the door. She was very soothing and comforting (and patient) through the whole process.

I highly reccomend Sharon to any expecting mothers! She was a God send to me and I'm so thankful for the experience I had with her. Looking forward to having future babies under her care!!



Posted 3/10/2014

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Tiffany Dunham Rose

Sharon actually attended three of my four home births - 24, 22, & 20 years ago! - First just as a friend, but then as an assitant to one of my midwives, and then acted as a doula (although she hadn't officially been given that title yet). At the birth of my daughter, my fifth of six children,  20 years ago, my then-husband was out of town on business and did not come home until 2 weeks after the birth! Sharon helped during the birth (providing lower back counter pressure, walking with me, helping hold up my legs when I was pushing the baby out), and then stayed overnight that first night so that I wasn't alone with my new baby. She made sure I had food to eat, helped me take a shower as I was cleaning up after the birth, and helped monitor my baby and worked with me on breastfeeding (even though this was my 5th child and I hadn't had issues with babies latching on before, I did with this daughter). Even a few months after the birth, when I had my first ever bout of mastitis, she came up to my house (she lived about 45 minutes away and had many of her own children) to make a grated raw potato poultice for my angrily-infected breast, and again made sure I was clean and comfortable and that my other children were fed. She stayed with me until my fever went down and she was confident that I was comfortable and on the mend.

Posted 2/21/2014

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Katy Reed

Sharon helped me have my second child and she will forever be in my heart. She is drenched in sweetness and is the kind of person that makes you feel nourished when you are around. She is a faithful listener, has a deeply compassionate heart, and has an immense ammount of wisdom to share. I was so thankful for her encouraging presence throughout my pregnancy, and during my labor. She talked me through fears, shared in joys and sorrow. Every time I saw her I knew that she deeply cared for me, as well ad my baby.

She has a lot of experience with pregnancy, childbirth, health, nursing, nutrition, and raising children. I learned so much from Miss Sharon and have an insane amount of love and respect for her.

Posted 2/20/2014

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Michelle Hadian

Sharon is amazing!  She supported me throughout my pregnancy alongside my midwife, and was always so loving and knowledgeable during my appointments.  She took the time to answer any questions I had with heart and with wisdom, always giving me plenty of time to process through different questions and thoughts I was considering.

When it came time to give birth, Sharon was such a blessing!  Her warmth, love, and expertise shone through. She encouraged and supported me during labor, and contributed to the sense of peace and joy that permeated my labor experience.

Sharon also came to my home for the Day 2 post-birth visit, and was thorough in her physical exam for my baby and I, and at the same time warm and personable, more like a long time friend than a medical provider.

Sharon has been supporting women through pregnancies and deliveries for decades.  She has tons of experience- but more than that, her love for walking through the season of birthing alongside women is clear.  She loves pregnant mamas and their babies, and truly is passionate about what she does.

For me, it was important to have people supporting me who were Christians.  Sharon loves the Lord, and was praying for me during my pregnancy and delivery.  That is invaluable to me.

I highly recommend Sharon to anyone considering who to stand beside her in the incredible miracle of bringing a baby into the world!

Posted 2/20/2014

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Gretchen Korf

Sharon was at my birth for my 4th baby. I had a homebirth and it was my hardest birth. I could not have done it without Sharon there. She stayed by my side, encouraging me, using essential oils and massage as well as the perfect words to help me. She was also very optimistic when I felt hopeless and didn't let me despair. I have known Sharon for about 7 years prior to this and have always known her to be someone I can count on for truth, advice, encouragement and laughter. She is a strong and wonderful woman who has had her own 9 children and knows what's she's talking about!! as someone so awesome, I knew I had to have Sharon there for my birth. If you choose her as your doula, you will not be disappointed!! 

Posted 2/20/2014

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Teressa Johnson

Sharon is one of those people you meet once and want in your life for the rest of your life.  Not only is she completely adept at her skill in assisting midwives and supporting the birthing process, she's so personable I feel like Ive known her forever. Let actions speak for themselves, and hear my story:Childbirth is the primary reason for choosing a team of care providers, but as a first time mom, I didn't think about the areas connected to childbirth and how I would need support in those areas.  With regards to dealing with family pressures, Sharon sat down and listened and shared advice.  With regards to pregnancy discomfort, Sharon listened and shared advice.  And with regards to mastering breastfeeding, Sharon not only helped me when she was scheduled, she answered my phone calls while she was "off the clock" and texted me to follow up.  Who does that?  Further, with regards to the delight a mom has over her child's firsts, Sharon wanted me to send pics and videos to her phone, and was often times the first to respond with encouragement and excitement over the gurgles and smiles and successful latching.  She's present.  Present in the check-ups, present during delivery, and present after all is said and done.  Though childbirth is a bit traumatic in general, and I need at least a year of separation between experiencing it again, I kind of want to hurry up just to make sure I can have Sharon in my life for another 9+ months! In a world where most hospitals have a rotation of staff and you never really know who you'll end up with for your birthing experience, i couldn't more emphatically recommend building a relationship with someone like Sharon, and trusting her to walk through this crazy experience with you;  both in solidarity, as she's been in our shoes, and in compassion.  But the coolest part is, though she's those things, she's also firey and has spunk, and she won't let you whine! 

Posted 11/6/2013

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Orielle Dokson Green

Sharon was my midwife's assistant and helped me through my first pregnancy and birth.  Both my husband and I felt an instant connection to her.  She is down to earth, non-judgemental, and has seen every type of birth.  She's totally knowledgeable about the entire pregnancy and birth experience not only from a clinical standpoint but from just having been there herself.  She made me feel calm when I was anxieties regarding being pregnant and going through labor.  She was nurturing during labor and I loved loved loved having her there during the most intense and amazing experience of my life.

Posted 10/29/2013

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