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Dena Carmosino

Boston Doula Circle LLC

Melrose, MA Service range 45 miles none

(978) 835-6357

Birth Fee

$1700 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Fee

$1700 to $2200

Postpartum Rate

$35 to $45

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula
  • HypnoBirthing (Mongan Method) - Professional Doula Training Certification

Birth Doula Experience

31 years and 1400 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

18 years and 80 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International, January 2008

Type of practice: Group practice with shared call schedule

Clients per month: 1 to 5 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Homebirth must be attended by a midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Monitrice services
  • Mother roasting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

Our team thinks its important for each family to find the right doula for them. I welcome an email, call , and/or an in person consultation at no charge. If it's a good fit, we will find ways to make the fee fit as well

Melrose, MA Service range 45 miles none

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Client Testimonials for Dena Carmosino

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DanielandAmy D'Ambrosio


What a blessing for my husband & I to have Dena as my coach for the delivery our 5th child. I thought the likelihood of delivering w/out an epidural was slim. Dena really helped prepare me mentally before labor & was a great support & coach during labor. Because of her help, I experienced my 1st completely natural delivery! If I could go back in time, I would have hired Dena for the birth of all my children.

The delivery of my 1st child turned into an emergency c-section. My 2nd child was a successful vbac. For my 3rd, my husband & I  followed the Bradley Method w the goal of no epidural. This method helped until my contractions became long w little to no break. I believe I was almost there, but gave into the suggestions for an epidural. With my 4th, the same thing. I almost made it, & my husband did his best trying to coach me, but when the point came of longer contractions, I turned to telling myself "I can't do this" & the epidural was my escape. With the last 2 deliveries, I felt that if I only had someone knowledgeable to answer my questions & positively coach me, I could make it w/out giving in to an epidural. Going into my 5th pregnancy, I really wanted to experience a natural childbirth. So I searched online for a coach. I found Dena & saw that she was not only a doula with many yrs experience, but also a midwife. I loved to see that she had such knowledge & experience!

Dena was wonderful. Her positive coaching & encouragement during our prenatal visits helped me overcome past experiences & fears. Her knowledge & helpful advice leading up to my delivery was of great help & support. Not only was Dena very responsive in her communication, but she initiated calls and texts to see how I was doing as well as the baby. Dena is very caring & understanding which made me feel very comfortable.

I can't thank Dena enough for helping me experience the birth I've always wanted!

Daniel D'Ambrosio


Dena was an absolute pleasure and blessing to work with.  This was our 5th child and me as the husband and coach still have no idea of how I can really help my poor wife when she's in such pain.  Dena helped my wife and I through the process.  She communicated well with the nurses and doctors and gave us the confidence we needed to have a beautiful delivery. This is the first time my wife delivered without an epideral and I believe it was in large part to Dena's help.  Thank you Dena!  I can highly recommend her. 

Jenna Horne


We had an amazing experience with Dena! To start, Dena really put me & my husband at ease. With the impending arrival of our first child we really didn't know what to expect & we were a bit anxious & nervous about labor & delivery. Dena's calm demeanor & extensive knowlegde made us feel much better about what to expect. We also took hypnobirthing classes w/ Dena. This was a new concept to me, something I didn't know much about. Attending the classes each week was like a support group for expecting parents. We learned so much from Dena & this newfound knowledge made me feel empowered & confident about our birth plan. Dena was always available to us by email, text & phone if we had any questions or concerns. She always responded quickly & with great advice. A few weeks before my due date we met with Dena to discuss our birth plan. This meeting was super helpful & made us feel prepared for the big day. As it turns out, I went into labor 3 weeks early. Dena came to our home & helped me labor there for as long as possible. We wanted to stay at home where it would be calming & a familiar atmosphere without interventions. Dena was so helpful in keeping me comfortable & keeping my husband calm under the pressure of the baby's early arrival! I labored using a TENS machine. This was also something new to me that Dena introduced to us. It was a great help & comfort during labor! We left for the hospital after my water broke & I started having push contractions. My labor progressed very fast after that. We arrived at the hospital just in time & I only had to push for 45 mins & baby arrived! Dena was a great help in managing the very pushy nurse at the hospital who tried to get me to take the epidural. I was able to have a natural child birth! After delivery Dena stayed to make sure baby latched for nursing. And in the weeks after she was there for continued support. I would highly recommend Dena!! 

Katie Tengelsen


Where do I even begin! I selected Dena to be my doula around 38 weeks of
pregnancy. She was super willing to meet with me in a timely way so that we
could be prepared for labor. Dena is extremely knowledgable in midwifery,
baby positioning, and hypnobirthing. My first was a C-section and I was
going for an all natural VBAC. Our big 10 lb 3 oz little man joined us a
week ago (11 days late). Our VBAC plans were successful thanks to Dena who
used her extensive knowledge to help me make sure baby was in a good
position for birth through exercises throughout the the weeks leading up to
the birth and during labor.

While waiting for our little guy to come, Dena had to have surgery. She was
clear and communicative about her plans for backup. We met with Celeste who
immediately had a calming influence on me. Although their strengths were
different, I was excited by the prospect of having Celeste there with Dena
available by phone. I got the best of both worlds as both Dena and Celeste
were able to attend my labor and delivery. I know Dena could have handed the
job to Celeste, but she made it a point to be there (as her recovery
allowed) because she knew how important that was to me.

They were both incredible during my labor at my house and at the hospital.
Dena's expertise as a midwife and doula gave her the insight as to the perfect timing for us to go to hospital. That meant that I wasn't stuck laboring in the hospital for long.
In fact, our little guy was born about an hour after we arrived. Perfect

I highly recommend "Dena the doula" (as my three-year-old lovingly calls
her). She made our birth an incredible experience. 

Scott Friedman


Motherhood is a sacred journey. Birth is a sacred journey. It requires an angel. To me, this is Dena personified. We searched high and low for just the right person to help us welcome our three children into the world. We will never forget that Dena was there for three of the most important moments of our lives, and was an exceptional support all the way through. She is nothing short of amazing. She is who you want at a birth. A fierce advocate, a gentle support, a guide, partner, a friend, and an angel.

Recently I heard, that Dena had an upsetting review posted, resulting from a misunderstanding with a couple she never actually got to work with. This is incredibly unfair, for a woman who has built a lifetime career of giving and beauty. I am in a profession as well, where folks who are angry can post whatever they like, and there isn’t anything you can do about it. But what I can do is stand up and say, please pay this no heed. Over the past 15 years, I have known countless families who have had the blessing of Dena, and have only experienced her as we have. She deserves to have the Internet community support her, and to have those who know what she stands for, stand for her. When a woman gives birth, she never forgets who was there. That becomes the relationship. We would do anything for Dena. Let that be our highest testimonial. Good luck with your journeys.

Amy and Scott Friedman
Newton, MA.

tejvir singh


During the interview process, Dena said she will conduct a cervical exam at home to determine the dilation & hence help us choose the right moment before we head to the hospital. Around week 37, Dena offered to come to our home to introduce her “back-up” with the new piece of information that if the labor begins at night, the back-up will provide us support during the night & Dena will join us in the morning around 7 am. We were not comfortable with it because we had hired Dena because of her credentials & experience & with the understanding that she is our doula & the backup will be there only in case if the labor goes very long. This new development of the back-up being the first person on call did not make sense cause you hire a doula for continuity. Also, on checking the back-up's credentials, we found that she did not have much experience as a Doula. We also contacted another couple who had hired Dena & had a similar experience. We had another call with Dena to clearly establish that she should be the one to come to our place for initial support, the back-up should really be treated as back-up. To this, she pushed back a lot & after a long conversation, she disclosed that she had also accepted work from another couple with due date 1 day before ours. We realized that maybe her business model is to take a lot of bookings even in close proximity & then push back-ups on people. This is ethically unacceptable because Dena clearly charges a premium ($1600-$2000) for her experience & the fact that she will conduct cervical exams at home. She kept us in dark & tried to push on us someone with no experience, who would have been available for much less. We fired Dena right away & asked for our advance back (that was meant to book her). It is another painful story of how we got it back after 3 weeks of follow-up & then collecting the check in-person from Dena’s home. 

Justine Piecuch


We met Dena through her hypnobirthing class and right away I knew she'd be a great fit for us. She was available and on top of everything leading up to our birth. Both Dena and Celeste were with us every step of our extremely fast labor and made it comfortable and relaxing. We were very fortunate to have Dena with us given we did not make it to the hospital in time and the birth took place in the car. Without Dena there I truly don't know what could've happened. Our daughters cord was around her neck and she didn't cry right away when she came out, Dena kept me calm and got us through the scariest moment of my life. She was an amazing advocate by helping me speak up to the nurses to make sure I got the complete natural birth I had hoped for once we got into the hospital. Throughout this experience we truly feel we created more of a bond with Dena that went beyond what we expected. This is our 2nd child and everything went as perfectly as it possibly could. With our first I suffered from post partum depression and decided to have Dena encapsulate my placenta which has made a world of difference in my recovery this time. My husband and I  would highly recommend Dena to anyone.

Erin Djerf Rodenhiser


My experience with Dena for the birth of my third child was nothing short of amazing. I feel grateful to have had the birth that I always dreamed of; it would not have been possible without Dena's support and kindness. Dena was an invaluable resource offering both sound advice & wisdom without being preachy or pushy. She gave a listening ear and made herself fully available when I needed her. Dena eased whatever fears & anxiety I had and provided a more holistic perspective.

I met Dena while attending her HypnoBirthing course and I knew instinctively after taking her class that I wanted to enlist her services as a doula. My pregnancy ran long – exactly 42 weeks and were it not for Dena’s support, I could have easily been talked into an induction. I didn’t want to go that route; I wanted to let nature take its course while ensuring sure the baby was safe. Dena reminded me that our bodies have wisdom and we didn’t need to rush if we didn’t want to (providing baby was safe and sound). Having her help made all the difference in what proved to be a very long and mentally tedious pregnancy. During my delivery, Dena was there to guide me with visualization activities and keep me focused. She supported my husband and was a warm presence in the labor and delivery room. Labor was just that: labor - BUT, it was doable and my body was able to handle it, just as Dena had reiterated it could. I feel grateful to have given birth the way I wanted to – in a relaxed environment, filled with love and peace. I birthed my son in the hospital with the support of my wonderful midwife, with Dena, and lucky for me, another wonderful doula that Dena was training. Surrounded by these women in addition to the awesome nurses at the hospital and my husband made for a very special birth experience that I feel blessed to have had. The birth of my son was empowering and it was Dena's support as a doula that made that possible.

Anna Dietrich


I had exactly the birth experience that I wanted (zero interventions, not even an IV!) thanks to Dena's help.  She was wonderful both allaying my concerns pre-birth and during the big event itself.  Her experience, confidence, and steady support meant that my husband and I could "relax" and concentrate on my bringing our daughter into the world.  Having her at home with us allowed me to labor at home much longer than I would have been comfortable doing without her, something I very much wanted.  When we did go to the hospital, she streamlined my admittance and communicated my birth preferences to the doctors and nurses and continued to offer valuable advice and support all the way through the birth, skin-to-skin, and that first amazing nursing latch.  She even took our best newborn photos.  I would recommend Dena as a doula without any hesitation. I would also say that anyone who wants an intervention-free birth in a hospital setting should work with a doula.  It can be done - I did it thanks to Dena - but it can be a fight, and you don't want to be fighting while you're giving birth!  So thank you again, Dena!

Susan Sharp


Dena was with us for our second son's delivery.  It was such a huge help to have her!  Because of her presence and guidance we were able to have the experience we were hoping for.  Long before delivery, talking and processing both my first son's birth and the hopes/expectations this time around set the stage well.  As birth got closer, she helped me listen to my body and what might be going on to responding accordingly.  I labored at home and felt confident with her there to delay the request of the midwives to come to the birth center early.  Dena did a great job helping my husband to stay involved and support me in ways I couldn't have even asked for.  We're hoping to try for a third and if we're lucky enough for that, I will be calling Dena up first thing!

Kim Parker


Early on in my relationship with Dena, she told me that I could have the birth I wanted. I didn't believe her. I'd seen all the terrible movies about labor and thought it was going to be an awful experience. How delightfully wrong I was! Dena is a wonderful doula: honest, funny, and warm and caring. I can be prickly, so she allowed me my space and time to get to know her, and that patience is commendable. She asked great questions, she listens with her heart and her mind, and she truly wants to provide the best birth possible. One of the other things she said during one of the childbirth classes I took with her was someone said to their child, "giving birth to you was the easist thing I ever did." I wanted to say that to my son. It was a nice coincidence that Dena also teaches the Hypnobirthing classes, because between those classes and her brilliance as a doula, by the time my son was born, I just knew I was going to have the birth I wanted. Dena put me at ease, helped me make sure I was comfortable and relaxed, and most importantly, Dena helped me to realize that I had the power to have the birth I wanted to have, one that was joyful, uncomplicated, peaceful and relatively pain-free. Seriously. On my baby boy's birthing day, Dena talked me through it and his delivery was as I'd desired: lots of breathing, lots of calmness, and so much love. And, indeed, I had the birth I wanted to have. Since Dena has been present at the birth of so many babies, she's a professional. I trusted her completely. I am so fortunate she was present to bring my baby into the world: I will delight in telling him the story of how he entered the world as often as he wants to hear it because it was absolutely fantastic. I have Dena to thank for all of it. If you have the opportunity to have her as your doula, do it. Also hang on to her for post-partum stuff, too. It's hard to let her go (I'm in withdrawal and I miss her dearly, but she's always around). She is simply a gem.

Danielle Robertson


Where to I begin, when describing an experience that was so incredibly life-changing? We met Dena Carmosino not through searching for a doula, but as our hypnobirth instructor. I hadn't planned on hiring a doula, but after our first class I knew I wanted her there for the birth of our third child. Besides being a sweet and down-to-earth person, Dena is a wealth of knowledgable and was always calm and attentive as our doula—from week 32 until I gave birth on my due date. Dena went above and beyond the call of duty. She helped with a variety of issues for several weeks before birth, from the physical strains of bed rest to some emotional anxieties I was experiencing. She talked us through early labor on the phone, then arrived to our home to help me labor at home, where she massaged me and timed surges (contractions). She followed us to the hospital, where delivery went as planned, fast and 100% natural. Dena used many different techniques for helping deliver comfort, through squeezing my hips, back and hip massage, positioning my body to help ease the birth process. She maintained control of the delivery as my advocate, voicing my specific requests throughout. The entire staff of nurses and the delivering OB remarked at how amazing she was... and my husband swears he couldn't have done it without her. I agree!

Rebecca Horr


We had a great experience with Dena.  She was very kind, experienced and calm. Her presence helped us prepare and successfully deliver a 12 lb 3 oz baby naturally. She helped us focus on breathing techniques and remaining in control which were key factors for us for a successful natural delivery.  We highly recommend her services and would work with her again in a heartbeat. 



Lisandra Colón


My husband and I decided to hire Dena very soon after we interviewed her because of her extensive experience as a Doula, her midwife training, and her knowledge in hypnobirthing. Dena was very intuitive from day 1 and was really great at giving me exercises to encourage our baby to get into the correct position for the natural birth we wanted to have. She was amazing at noticing the signals that I could be going into labor very soon and even recommended me to rest on the day before my water broke. My water broke on a Sunday at 7AM and our baby was born on Monday at 10:36AM. Dena gave us the reassurance that everything was fine and that my body will birth whenever both, the baby and me were ready. We decided to stay at home and don’t go to the hospital in order to avoid interventions to “move things along”. We ended up getting to the hospital at 2AM on Monday morning. She was so encouraging throughout the entire process and advocated for me, very politely, to ensure that our birth plan was followed. Dena kept reminding me how strong I was and to trust my body. She allowed my husband and mom to be with me and support me as well and created a beautiful ambiance in the laboring room. She had the intuition to know when was appropriate for her to take over and when to give me some space. She stayed with me after the baby was born at 10:36AM on Monday to help with the breastfeeding. We also took private hypnobirthing lessons with her and that really gave me the strength of mind to endure the intense hours of labor without any pain medication or interventions. We are very satisfied and grateful that we found her; she helped us to achieve and prepare for the type of birth we wanted to have. I would highly recommend Dena; she is an extraordinary Doula, very intuitive, diligent and knowledgeable. My postpartum has been amazing and I attribute that to the beautiful experience we had in the preparation and in the actual birthing of our first child!

Cecile Gunn Desmond


My husband and I had a great and wonderful experience with Dena. I knew Dena as a friend prior to asking her to be our dula. My second child was breech at 37 weeks and I started calling her for advice and eventually decided to hire her to help us navigate the birth process. I had a vaginal birth with my first and wanted the same with my second. My baby was breech when I went into labor. Dena met us at the hospital and it was pretty smooth sailing from there. The mid-wife and OB Dr. were able to externally turn the baby. With Dena's help, advice and non-judgemental support, I decided to go on pitocin to keep the baby's head down to engage the cervix (I was not at all dialated at that point). After only 6 hours, on a pretty low dose of pitocin, I was almost fully dialated. Dena helped me breathe through, talk through, and walk through all those transitions. I was taken off pitocin and labor ensued natrually. Shortly after that, the midwife suggested she "needle" me, to break my water, to keep the cord from being prolapsed. Dena helped me make that desicion too. During the final two hours of labor, Dena helped me utilize the tub to be more comfortable, which was something I really wanted to do. During the final stages of labor, Dena helped me change positions regularly to help keep the labor productive, which was probably the most important part of having her help. She could see when I was progressing and when I wasn't and helped guide me to a more productive place. She coached me in using breathing and relaxation techniques, which ultimately helped me have a natural birth. I had a healthy 9lb 9oz baby, vaginally, with no pain medication. Dena even made sure I could see his (big!) head crowning in a mirror to keep me connected to my body's process, which was amazing. I was able to go through the final stages of birth without being rushed to push, which was wonderful. I highly recommend Dena. She has a ton of experience and knows how to support & guide!!

Jessie Porter Machado


I hired Dena as my Doula for the birth of my first daughter. I interviewed a few doulas before I chose one but as soon as I met Dena I knew I would pick her. She made me feel comfortable immediately. She was always available either by phone or e-mail and her wealth of knowledge and experience was comforting. The night I went into labor I was nervous and unsure of what to expect and I was ready to run out to the hospital when I thought things were progressing quickly. I called Dena and after talking to her on the phone she was able to assess the situation and determine that I didn't need to go yet. Thanks to her I didnt spend unecessary hours at the hospital which was something important to me. I loved working with Dena and I would recommend her to anyone interested in hiring a Doula.

Emily Firor


Dena Carmisino served as my Doula for the birth of my daughter and my son. I felt completely confident in her ability to guide me through my children’s births. We discussed my vision of how I wanted to give birth and she completely supported me every step of the way. For two weeks prior to my son’s birth, I thought I might be going into labor. I called Laura almost daily to talk things over with her and get her advice. She was always available for me, listened to me and gave me reassurance. When I finally was in labor, she came to my house to help me decide when to go to the birth center. During the birth of my son, she coached me every step of the way. I had taken her hypnobirthing classes and she was so in tune with me during my contractions and was able to help me visualize what was happening with my baby and my body. This enabled me to stay relaxed, peaceful and present. She intuitively sensed when my husband and I needed time for the two of us and gave us space. Laura was integral in supporting myself, my husband and my babies in having the most amazing birthing experience and fulfilling on my commitment to have natural childbirths.

Jeremy Quick



Just wanted to take a moment to write you personally to say thanks from a birth partner perspective. Your class really stressed the importance of my role in the birth and taking it very seriously. I learned so much info on helping out my wife and being an active part of the entire birth process. It meant a lot to me that you respected and reinforced the important role of the birth partner. Also it gave me something to do and feel helpful at every stage of the process instead of powerless to help my wife.

Karen Lanoue


We hired Dena for postpartum support after the birth of our second child. Upon  coming downstairs after a nap, we knew we had made a great choice. The kitchen was clean, the laundry was folded, and order was restoring to our house.

Dena has a wonderfully calm presence and a delightful sense of humor. She was gentle and warm with both our newborn and our toddler, who in return was always excited to see 'D'. They both loved her.

With Dena's help, we transitioned to life with two children much more smoothly than life with one. Our only regret was not having hired Dena for the birth of our first child.

S & J


We hired Dena Carmosino for the birth of our first child together. My husband had a daughter 12 years ago and he remembers the birth as intense and a bit scary. He was fearful that (in my first birth) I would also be trapped in an unbearable situation and resort to medical interventions. This time around he was able to participate in a completely unmediated and peaceful birth. I cant say I'm some kind super woman, giving birth was the most challenging experience of my life. I can say that letting Dena teach us hypnobirthing, and have her as our doula was the best choice for the best possible outcome. She completed the team with my husband and I willing to birth naturally. We would do it all again without hesitation or fear. I truly hope other mothers/fathers are able to seek Dena's support and enjoy their unique experience of giving life!

Rebecca Lovleys


Dena is knowledgeable, direct, unflappable, and calm. One of my primary goals was to labor at home as long as possible before going to the hospital. Dena encouraged me to stay at home when I really wanted to give up. She also had educated me about TENS units and helped me rent one (invaluable during early labor), and she administered natural homeopathy. If you're looking for a calm presence, years of knowledge, and a more direct hands off approach, Dena might be a great match for you.

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