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Elizabeth Bowes

Bowes Birth Services, LLC

Website: www.bowesbirthservices.com

Phone: 901-235-5360

Birth Fee: $600 to $700

Fee Details: I offer a discount to clients who also enroll in my Childbirth Education class.

Birth Doula Experience: 12 years and 106 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • Bradley

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Lactation Counselor (The Center for Breastfeeding)
  • Lactation Counselor Training (Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding)

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Special needs babies
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Military famiies
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have been a Certified Bradley® Childbirth Educator for over 12 years. I have taught classes and attended births in Florida, Italy, Tennessee and Virginia. I am the ICAN of Hampton Roads Chapter Leader and a member of Birth Matters Virginia.

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Norfolk, VA
Travel Range: 25 Miles

Client Testimonials for Elizabeth Bowes

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Janel Rossetto

My husband was deployed, no family in the area (dual military) and I wanted a natural birth with an experience different than my first child (which was 36 hours of labor).  I did my own work during pregnancy but needed an advisor/advocate/support when labor arrived.  Elizabeth was all that and more!  She was in close, regular communication with me after my delivery date passed.  She gave me tips as we got close to the date OB wanted to induce to help labor begin.  She helped me get to the hospital and spoke up for me when I could not.  Going into labor by yourself at midnight is a scary experience!  I went into labor at 41+3 and had my natural birth experience (with only 4 hours of labor).  While in pain and not paying attention, the nursing staff started to begin an IV.  Elizabeth spoke up for me, knowing my birthing plan, when I was not able to communicate my desires.  It was an experience I will never forget.  Not only should a doula be a standard of care for all women in labor but it should be a covered insurance benefit.  Thanks, Elizabeth!  

Posted 1/22/2017

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Ashley Donaldson

Wow, Elizabeth was my saving grace last year! I found out I was pregnant 3 months before my husband was to deploy overseas. We had a 10 month old at home, so weren't trying to get pregnant again. God had other plans. I met Elizabeth at a local ICAN meeting. I went home that day and looked up her doula services. I hired her almost immediately. I knew she was the doula for my birth. She met with my husband and I before he left. Answered a ton of questions. She made us feel so at ease about the birth. Elizabeth kept in touch during the pregnancy and answered my questions along the way. We met a month before baby's due date to discuss my birth plan. She revised my typed copy and made suggestions. We were ready! I never imagined I would give birth without my husband there. I went into labor the evening of my birthday. Crazy! I wasn't due for a week or so. (I found out it was Elizabeth's husband b-day too). My water broke at 7pm. She took my call immediately and we came up with the game plan. I wasn't having any contractions, so I decided to rest as long as possible. She would be at my home as soon as I needed her. It was around midnight when my contractions started. I texted her to come because I knew it was getting time. I was so scared, but knowing she was on the way made me feel better. She arrived very quickly and had me start walking around the kitchen. Then labor on my birthing ball when contractions hit. She applied counter pressure to my hips for back labor. She drove me get to the hospital and was there every step of the way until my son's birth. She was my strongest advocate for an unmediated, VBAC successful birth. I had no one other than her and I am so grateful. The entire time she encouraged me and helped me focus on my goal. She is truly gifted as a doula. It is her calling. I highly recommend her services. Thank you, Elizabeth!!! 

Posted 1/11/2017

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Seth Ervin

Elizabeth was an amazing, knowledgeable, and calming influence during the birth of our daughter, Alison.  As soon as we started working with her, it was apparent that she was a professional expert on all things labor and delivery related.  Her care and compassion throughout our interactions seamlessly made her feel like a part of our family throughout the process.  She helped us through the planning for the potential of a breach delivery and was a calming influence for me and my wife during my wife's successful version.  When my wife went into labor, Elizabeth showed up at our home and slipped into her role supporting my wife in every way possible.  She was laid back, relaxed, but at the same time, was willing to step in and offer direction and advice to me so I knew the best way to support my wife as she moved from early to active labor.  In between contractions, she helped keep my wife calm and active at the same time by suggesting and accompanying us on a walk through the woods near our home.  When we all went to the birth center, she offered advice, direction, and served as a calming influence for me and my wife.  Through active labor, transition, and the delivery, I felt as though we never had to ask her for anything, as she smoothly and without prompting, would step in and out of her active support role whenever I needed a break and/or my wife needed anything.  Alison was born and Elizabeth was continuously by our side doing whatever was needed.  She even took photos and because of her, the most memorable moments of Alison's birth were even caught on camera.  As a husband present for the birth of our 4th child (the other 3 births without a doula), I never felt so empowered, prepared for, or better able to support my wife than during this delivery with Elizabeth by my side!  You will not find a better, more knowledgeable, or easier to work with doula than Elizabeth!        

Posted 1/7/2017

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Stephanie Holt

It's hard to put into words just how much Elizabeth's support as an instructor, doula and friend meant to us. How can you say thank you adequately when it involves bringing your precious child into the world? Our experience with Elizabeth started off when my husband and I took her Bradley Class. I wanted substance in a childbirth class if I was going to even attempt to go the natural route. I found Elizabeth's class and from day one began to see pregnancy and birth in a whole new light. I kept finding out different factors from the Doctor in my pregnancy that threatened my ability to have a natural vaginal childbirth. I debated having a doula for a while. I found out Elizabeth was available and I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions we made regarding childbirth. Elizabeth came to the hospital in the middle of the night when I was first admitted and she walked the halls with my husband and I to get the baby engaged. She reminded us of things we learned in the class. She encouraged my husband to be the best support he could be. She helped with exercises to engage baby. She and my husband literally held my body up when I stood during intense contractions.  She even went above and beyond afterwards (not to mention in the weeks leading up to the birth, helping me navigate the challenges I was facing and providing me with unbiased answers to questions and research-based data).Little did I know though that the night I came home from the hospital and the weeks following would be some of the hardest of my life. Elizabeth was a source of peace. A reassuring constant light in my darkest hours. She checked up on me daily and even accompanied me to postpartum appointments. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant, taking Elizabeth's Bradley class and/or hiring her as your doula is the best thing you could do for your childbirth experience. Elizabeth is the support you will never regret having. My family is forever grateful for her.

Posted 1/5/2017

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Lauren Ervin

As a certified nurse-midwife, I often work alongside doulas at births.  I have seen the power of a well-supported woman when she gives birth!  When I became pregnant with my 4th child, I knew that I wanted Elizabeth to be my doula.

I found Elizabeth to be knowledgeable, calm, and comforting. She has years of experience in birth in all settings.  Elizabeth spent time getting to know us.  We talked a lot about our ideal birth.  She was available when I needed her.  When my baby was breech at term, she supported me through a successful external cephalic version and all of the decisions that I had to make to get to that point!

During my early labor, her peaceful presence went a long way toward helping me relax and enjoy that special time. When it was time to move toward the birth center, Elizabeth helped with the logistics so that I could focus on my labor. She helped facilitate a quick and gentle admission to the birthing facility. Elizabeth's gentle and professional manner helped maintain a peaceful environment during that difficult time of trainsition from the comforts of my home to the unfamiliar setting of the birth center. She helped communicate my desires to the birth center staff.  

Elizabeth provided my husband with advice on how to support me through my labor as it became more intense and my focus turned inward. Although I had given birth several times before, he appreciated her help and support.  He said that it was the first time that he actually felt helpful! Elizabeth made sure that my husband and I stayed well-hydrated. 

Of all of my births, I felt most supported and empowered in this one. Elizabeth's support made that possible. My husband and I both agree that we would hire Elizabeth again for our next birth.  I recommend Elizabeth to everyone!

Posted 1/5/2017

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Stephanie Andra

I had decided I wanted a natural birth and had read that having a doula is a good thing to have to help achieve this goal. I had looked at a few websites and found elizabeth. She seemed down to earth and not super "out there" like some of the other doulas I had looked into.  I also saw that she taught bradley method classes and researched what those were about. It seemed that taking the classes would also be a good idea, so my husband and I signed up. We learned a lot from the classes, but having her at the hospital with us was an amazing decision. Our circumstances were a little different, so she wasn't able to meet us at our house. That still didn't stop her from being a good doula. She was in constant contact with me, asking how I was feeling, reminding me to eat and drink, etc. Finally we agreed to meet at the hospital. She then continued to remind me to drink and use the bathroom. She would help my husband with different techniques for getting me through contractions. She would also do little things like get ice, so my husband could stay with me. When my ob was being pushy on breaking my water, she reminded me what we had learned in class about that. If she wasn't there, I probably would've caved a lot sooner  from the pressure the ob was putting on me to do that. After I had my baby, she immediately gave me juice to help me recover. She also stayed with me while my husband went to get food. Overall she was very accommodating and amazing during the whole process. I would have her as my doula again for future births, and I would recommend her and her class to anyone looking for low intervention / natural birth!

Posted 6/20/2016

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Desiree Colvin

Elizabeth was my birth instructor and doula for my husband's and my second child.  We had previously had a Bradley birth with our first baby and wanted a repeat experience.  Elizabeth let us join a Bradley class to refresh our understanding of the Bradley birth concepts and we liked her so much we hired her as our doula!  She is a knowledgeable, warm, and caring presence throughout pregnancy and birth.  She met with us during our pregnancy to clarify our hopes and expectations and then when I went into labor, she was there in minutes (it helped that we lived less than a mile from each other at the time)!  She supported me and my husband, provided feedback and kept us both calm throughout the entire process.  She knew just when it was clear that things were getting serious enough for us to head to the hospital and stayed with me throughout the labor and birth and then when our bundle of joy made her debut, she helped me initiate breastfeeding.  I was so grateful for ELizabeth's presence.  Being a Bradley instructor, she very much encourages the husband to be an active coach in the labor and delivery process as well and so she was not only a support to me but also to my husband.  Both of us only have wonderful things to say about Elizabeth and I highly recommend her as a birth instructor and doula!

Posted 5/28/2015

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hannah caroline

Elizabeth was my bradley teacher and doula. She was a great encouragement to me through my last weeks of pregnancy, keeping me grounded and helping me make the decisions that felt right to me as I went late. She helped me do exercises to get baby ideally positioned so my body WOULD go into labor.

When labor started, Elizabeth came and helped me all night while the midwife slept and my hubby slept/set up the birth pool. She provided counter pressure that enabled me to labor drug free with very little issue in first stage. She kept me walking between every contraction, which is good because otherwise my 41 hr labor would have been even longer! She even helped me sleep some through the night by letting me doze off after contractions and waking me before another started so I'd have time to mentally prepare. That was another lifesaver when everything ended up taking so long.

I labored through most of transition no problem with Elizabeth's help, but was encouraged to start pushing at 9.5 cm by my midwife and that is when I experienced the most profound physical and emotional difficulty. I wanted to give up with every contraction, but Elizabeth's encouragement is what helped me get through it. She spoonfed me honey between contractions to keep my energy up.

When my baby was finally crowning and was born, Elizabeth took pictures, and I'm so thankful she did because otherwise his first moments wouldn't have been documented. Then when I had to go to the hospital for bad tearing she stayed with me and continued to provide encouragement.

After the birth, she continued to advocate for me by connecting me with a postpartum doula  in training, bringing me food, and even continuing to encourage me when my son ended up in the hospital with an unexpected heart condition weeks later.

Elizabeth goes above and beyond. She is amazing and I'm so thankful she was my doula!

Posted 5/19/2015

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Emily Hendrickson

Elizabeth is a fantastic doula and I cannot say enough good things about her.  We clicked instantly and I was most impressed by her extensive knowledge and passion about mothers and birth.  She was my Bradley instructor and I loved our classes.  She's personable and professional and very caring and sensitive.  She was there when I needed her and gave me support when I needed it--during the birth, of course, but also before the birth when I was faced with decisions and doubt.  Her calm and helpful manner combined with her years of experience and training made her an amaizing asset to me birth team.  My husband trusted Elizabeth from the start and her presence really boosted his confidence in our homebirth.

During the birth Elizabeth was so helpful--anticipating my needs, offering me water, reminding me of the things we'd practiced.  She helped me stay focused, but was not afraid to suggest position changes or new comfort measures.  She helped with setting up the birth tub, did hip squeezes, cheered me on and never left me alone.  She did everything I needed and I had the most wonderful, perfect birth experience.  


Though I've moved away, Elizabeth and I are still close and she remains an inspiration to me as an examble of service, motherhood and devotion.  If I were to have another baby, I would definitely fly her out to attend my birth! I would not do it without her!

I am so grateful for Elizabeth's service to me, my baby and my family.  She made all the difference.  

Posted 4/23/2015

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Raina Adelman Burditt

Elizabeth is is extremely knowledgeable about birth and has a wide range of experiences assisting mothers. She was very available to me throughout my pregnancy and was an essential support person for my labor. Working with Elizabeth gave me the confidence I needed to achieve my birth plan. She is also very personable and fun to spend time with. I felt an instant connection with her. 

Posted 4/23/2015

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Mollie Madden

Elizabeth was amazing. She was our Bradley teacher as well as our doula, so we felt like we really knew her and she knew us and our history. My first daughter was a c-section after an induction and 40+ hours of labor. Talking about the previous labor and c-section with her helped me figure out how to make my second pregnancy and labor experience different. And boy was it.

We called her from the car just before 4AM, and she met us at the hospital. Thanks to her I knew it was time to go and didn't go in too early. I had back labor, and it took both her providing counterpressure on my back and my husband squeezing my hips to ease the discomfort, and thank goodness for the ball she brought with her. My son was born around 8:30AM--a much faster labor. Knowing she believed i could give birth naturally helped me prepare for a natural birth when well-meaning friends and family suggested a repeat c-section, an induction, and an epidural. Her presence also helped my husband, giving him confidence and support. After the birth she stayed with me, which allowed my husband finally to get coffee. She made sure that my son was latching well. I felt wonderful and it was great to talk to her right after the birth and have her tell me what I missed while focusing on labor/pushing. I love the pictures she took and the records she kept of labor's progress. My husband and I are both so glad she was our doula.

With Elizabeth's help I had an unmedicated VBAC. I couldn't have done it without her (and my husband of course).

Posted 4/22/2015

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Lindsay Cole

I came to Elizabeth late in my pregnancy, but I am so happy I found her when I did!  I found out I was pregnant the same time my husband received orders to be deployed to Afghanistan so at 7 months pregnant, I made the difficult decision to return home to be near family.  I had already hired a doula to assist me during my labor and delivery but she had to cancel at the same time I moved back home.  I was becoming very anxious about the multiple changes taking place so late in my pregnancy but it was at this time that I met Elizabeth.  As a military wife herself, she was very understanding of my situation and offered much comfort in going through labor without my husband present.  And although we only had 2 months till my due date, she managed to meet with me a few times to discuss a plan for my delivery.  With experience assisting in multiple births, attending doula certification classes, and being a Bradley Method instructor, Elizabeth was very knowledgeable about the labor and delivery process and was able to provide me with a lot of information while preparing for delivery.  When my labor began, Elizabeth was readily available to come assist me.  By using the techniques we discussed, she helped me focus through every contraction and helped me move into different positions that were comfortable.  I wished to have a completely drug-free delivery but at 9cm, my progress stalled.  My doctor wanted to start Pitocin but Elizabeth knew that is not what I desired.  She suggested doing the labor dance and within 15-20 minutes, I was ready to push.  It was because of Elizabeth's professional and calm deamonor that I was able to have the natural delivery I wanted with my husband watching via Skype.  I cherish every minute of my labororing experience and give much of the credit to Elizabeth.  Thank you!

Posted 1/14/2014

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Allison Desmarais

Elizabeth Bowes was my Bradley birth class instructor as well as my doula.  She is a wealth of knowledge.  As soon as she entered the room when I was in labor it was like a calming force.  She is supportive and really listens to what you want and what makes you comfortable during labor.  

My daughter's birth did not go as planned and after pushing for 5 hours I ended up having a c-section due to her positioning.  We are forever grateful Elizabeth was with us during our daughter's birth and we know we did everything we could and exhausted all options for natural birth before surgery was required.  Due to Elizabeth's knowledge, advocacy and coaching we never look back and wonder "what if we just tried..."  

Before, during and after my daughter's birth Elizabeth was always available for any questions i had.  She made sure we had a great start with breast feeding and provided a lot of support with my transition to motherhood.  My only regret is that we don't still live in the same area so she could be my doula again!

Posted 10/27/2013

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Emily Amundson

We were lucky enough to have Elizabeth as our Bradley Instructor and Doula.  When I found out I was pregnant I couldn't wait to talk with Elizabeth about it.  I very excitingly sought her out for classes.  Since I was anxious about my first pregnancy I was fortunate to have Elizabeth as a teacher, doula, and a friend.  She was so open, honest, and educated.  I would inundate myself with information and stories, both good and bad, and Elizabeth was the one to reassure.  She gave me positive feedback and stories so that I could find peace.  

When deciding to have a Doula my husband was a tad reluctant.  After all we were studying Bradley, or 'Husband Coached Childbirth'.  He was afraid that his role might get overshadowed.  When I spoke with Elizabeth she was understanding, and reassuring that this would not be the case.  I was persistent in my wanting Elizabeth to attend the birth, and my husband finally agreed. And he was very happy in the end!

My sons birth was very long, Elizabeth was there for nearly half of it.  When I was well into labor, she came over to our home to help me through my contractions, and my husband was able to get some much needed and deserved sleep.  She then met us at the hospital and helped through the duration of labor.  She was able to help recommend some actions to the doctor when I was at 9.5 cm and not progressing.  She helped me to find a comfortable way to push.  When I was worried I wasn't doing a good job pushing she encouraged the doctor to reassure me.  After my son was born, he had to be rushed to the table to be looked over, I was so tired that I didn't even think to ask questions.  Elizabeth was there to help, reminding me to ask the questions, and reassuring me that all was well.  Elizabeth's easy going attitude and awesome sense of humor made her a joy to know, and a wonderful doula.  

Posted 2/25/2013

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