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Victoria, BC Service range 20 miles Within the Greater Victoria Area

(250) 217-1926


Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

17 years and 350 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, April 2007

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I believe that a birthing parent should choose the right place for them during the labor and birth. I will assist the family in obtaining an atmosphere in the hospital setting that will help reduce tension, stress, fear and uncertainty. I work for the birthing family and not the hospital so my focus is on the needs of my clients. I am proud of the positive relationships I have earned with the hospital staff, and will work with them as a team to ensure that your birthing wishes are respected.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
If Birth Centres existed in my area, I would love to support birthing families in that environment.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I am thrilled to help you prepare your home for the birth of your baby and attend your labour whether you decide to birth in a pool or earth side with a registered Midwife in attendance. I will help clean up and tidy your home after the birth to allow you to focus on getting to know your little one.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Volunteered with the Military Family Resource Centre as a Doula on call and the Kiwanis House for young mothers. Served on the advisory board for the VIHA Collaborative Maternity Care Facility

Fee Details

PLEASE NOTE THAT AS OF JANUARY 30TH 2021, I will be officially retiring from Doula Work. I will continue to work as a Childbirth Educator, BIPOC Doula Trainer with Nesting Doulas, offer mentorship assistance to new doulas and act as a doula referral advocate. I will continue my Birth Work journey and will pursue Maternal Mental Health Counseling training. I look forward to this new chapter of Birth Service work and want to thank every family I have ever worked with for trusting me to support their journeys to parenthood.

Victoria, BC Service range 20 miles Within the Greater Victoria Area

Client Testimonials for Jay Duncan

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Angela G


We can’t thank Jay enough for her support in welcoming our baby! With Jay alongside us, we could relax and focus on becoming a family. Jay’s strength and unwavering confidence in me got me through my “I can’t do this!” moments, and her steady support from early labour onwards was essential to having the natural birth I had hoped for. 

Jay brought such a warm, caring, and calm presence to our home and delivery room. Her wisdom, years of experience, professionalism, and strong established relationships with the hospital and other care providers is such a huge asset and helped us feel really supported in our decision making, and safe within a hospital setting. 

My labour came on fast and Jay was there for me right away (faster than my husband!). I’m not sure how we would have managed to get me sorted and into the car without her!

Jay’s postpartum visits, frequent phone check ins, and referrals helped me through a very difficult start to breastfeeding. It was such a beautiful surprise to find that Jay had captured our first moments with our son (we had discussed snapping a few quick photos if the opportunity arose- she went above and beyond!) Jay was also equipped with things like a Tens machine, yoga ball, aromatherapy - it was so valuable to know that all those options were available to us.

We just feel so fortunate to have had Jay with us through our transition to parenthood. Thank you, Jay!

Hillary Quinn


I can't say enough good things about my experience with having Jay as a doula.  Her prenatal visits were informative, comfortable and comprehensive.  She has such a range of knowledge and extensive experience.  She even did an abridged prenatal class for us.  During labor and delivery she was calm, kind and had great suggestions in terms of coping strategies.  While my labor and delivery was fast, I was still so glad she was there.  I have a strong memory of holding her hand and feeling so supported amidst the chaos.  She also worked well with my partner and ensured that he remained my main support person which is what we wanted.  But perhaps what stands out the most is how she supported me in the post partum period.  I didn't expect to need so much support but ended up really struggling with breastfeeding and Jay showed up for me even when I didn't think to ask for her help.  She would call to check in regularly and was so encouraging.  A doula is a very personal choice but I would reccomend Jay to anyone.  

Kristin Evans


Jay was such a wonderful presence in our lives before, during, and after the birth of our twins. Her support helped us feel confident going in to the birthing process, and her presence during my induction helped my husband and I feel comfortable. Jay was an invaluable support for my husband, reminding him to eat and rest, and helping him make sense of what was happening when that was needed. Jay was also in the O.R. with us for the birth, and captured some truly incredible video for us. We didn't even think to ask for this, but we're SO glad we have that footage now!

While everything up to and including the birth with Jay was fantastic, it was the post-partum care that really meant the world to us. Jay felt like a member of the family, and one we were always so happy to see. Her visits were always so full of geniune care and authentic connection. Her words of encouragement and acts of support were exactly what we needed at such a raw, tender, and difficult time of transition from being a couple to becoming a family of four. 

She is a truly lovely person who brings a lot of passion and love to what she does, and we would recommend her without hesitation. 

Alyx MacAdams


I am so glad Jay was there to support us through and bear witness to our birth experience. I can't imagine how I could have been present for my partner in the way I wanted to be without Jay. She was a wealth of knowledge and experience, she was reassuring and kept both of us feeling calm, strong, and safe. Even from a logistical perspective, I don't know how I could have gone to the bathroom or eaten without knowing Jay would be there with my partner! 

While the day was a blur, one of the most unforgettable moments for me was when Jay, our midwife, and myself were all with my partner just breathing. It was silent, gentle, and strong all at once. Furthermore, as a queer and trans family we received supportive and dignified care from Jay, and I would definitely recommend her to other queer and trans families. I have deep gratitude that Jay was part of our family's birth experience.

Robin Yuen


It is really an honour to write a testimonial for Jay, (an amazing doula and human!) who assisted my partner and I with the homebirth of our daughter. I felt drawn to Jay right away when she did a presentation at my pregnancy care group as she exuded both strength, humour and an obvious passion for what she did. From our first home visit I felt completely at ease with her and less anxious about going through the birthing process. Jay helped inspire confidence that my apartment would work just great for a homebirth which I am so grateful for as in the end I could not imagine having gone through the experience anywhere else- it was what I wanted all along but my worries and apprehension got in the way - which Jay completely dispelled. She made lots of wonderful suggestions like starting a meal train to make sure that I would be set up with support once the baby was born and I had no time to think of the details.

Jay was there to see me through my 22 hour labour from beginning to end with constant care and attention. She massaged me between contractions, moved me into different positions and made sure I was comfortable and nourished. I could not have felt more nurtured. She was also great with my partner making sure he got enough rest and he was an active member of the birth team as requested. During the hardest part of the labour she collaborated beautifully with the midwives and even made my bed so afterwards I could fall into a blissful sleep with my new baby! Her postpartum visits (and amazing meal!) were perfect. Overall Jay is a thoughtful and sensitive doula that truly combines the highest professionalism with a very real human touch. I could not recommend her more.

Amber MacLean Parker


We are so thankful we found Jay to be our prenatal teacher and doula. When we first met, we knew she was the right fit for us - experienced, knowledgeable, confident, kind, funny, and genuinely interested in providing individualized support to us. Her presence throughout my difficult labour, delivery and post natal period allowed me to stay calm and to focus on and enjoy the moment. She also was a fantastic support to my husband and mother. We highly recommend Jay as a doula - can’t inagine what our experience would have been without her! Thank you Jay. 

Sarah Van Vugt


Jay was absolutely incredible, from our first get to know you meeting to the labour and delivery itself to her wonderful postpartum care. I cannot recommend her enough, and I truly don't know how we woud have managed without her support. Jay is incredibly professional, and made the process of working with a doula for the first time easy and comfortable. She is extremely experienced, and knows the Victoria birthing community inside and out, which is a huge advantage. Jay helped us to prepare for the birth of our daughter by asking about our preferences and helping us to think about the kind of labour we wanted, our values, and how we might react to the challenges of labour. She made us feel comfortable, supported, and in control from the start, while offering her expertise when we were uncertain.

I absolutely cannot imagine having managed my labour without Jay. She was able to suggest (and get me to try) positions, strategies, and coping mechanisms I'm sure I would not have benefited from otherwise. Her steadiness, calm, and comforting presence was so valuable and helped me to feel safe during a vulnerable time. Jay gave us helpful advice when we asked and was infallibly respectful of our wishes and preferences. From meeting us at our home, helping me cope through active labour, accompanying us to the hospital, and staying with us through all 16 hours of labour, Jay was an essential and incredible part of our birth experience.

Her postpartum visits were also very valuable. Breastfeeding support, time to talk about my labour and how I felt about it, and even bringing some food by were all amazing and helped us to feel cared for and supported in the challenging first days with a newborn. I have absolutely no reservations in recommending Jay Duncan - if you're lucky enough to secure her as your doula, you are guaranteed the best support possible. Jay is kind, calm, steady, and extremely warm. Thank you for everything, Jay!!!

Dana Felske


Having Jay as my doula was one of the best choices I made in preparing for the birth of my daughter! As a single mom by choice, I felt a doula would be quite beneficial for me. But the agony of choosing one, and feeling confident that I made the right choice was tough. Thankfully all fears and concerns evaporated once I started meeting with Jay. She is one of the kindest and most sincere people I’ve met, and she made me feel so confident, in control and calm, right from our first meeting through to post-partum. Her ability to keep me calm, to make me feel like I was doing everything right and especially, to not pass any judgment was incredible. She worked seamlessly with the midwife, nurses and my birth partner, and her focus stayed on me. Her level of expertise and comfort really showed in the suggestions, tips and encouragement she gave me. This continued right through our post-partum visits too! I highly recommend Jay as your doula! Her positive reinforcement is incredible! 

Stephanie van Citters


Jay was an exceptional support to us as we prepared for, went through labour & delivery and postnatally. She has a deep well of experience and skill.

I noticed she modulated her behaviour to every situation, even as situations changed very quickly. She was encouraging, a source of calm and tranquility during discomfort and was extremely supportive in different ways to both me and my husband throughout.  She gently guided me through labour at home and in the hospital in a way that was uplifting and felt safe and natural. 

Jay has tons of energy and is organized (and funny at the appropriate times), helping my husband and I prepare thoroughly. She was available for queries and provided excellent support post delivery in the following days and weeks. I was so impressed with her service. I believe she goes above and beyond. With her support, we had a wonderful labour and birth which was very calm.

I highly recommend Jay. 5 stars.




Kelsey Elizabeth Ann


Jay is phenomenal! From the first time we met her we instantly felt comfortable with her. She is kind, encouraging, and full of compassion. She helped me meet my goal of labouring at home as long as possible by making me feel safe and secure, but most of all capable of doing it! She was a calm and gentle presence for me. I‘m so thankful for Jay. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to friends and family. 

Jennifer Leigh


We had a great experience with Jay. She is open, kind, and knowledgeable. She helped my partner and me feel calm, relaxed, and prepared for the birth of our daughter. Talking to Jay in the days following the birth helped me process my feelings about the experience, and to generally feel like a rockstar for what I'd just gone through. She is very encouraging and supportive, and she has a sense of humour about it all, too. Thank you again, Jay!

Grant Spychka


Jay was such an incredible coach for us throughout my wife's labour, and was an even greater pillar for me to lean on when things got more intense during the whole process. From the moment we met with her, she was immediately our top choice and we can't imagine not having her with us through it all. Her pre-labour in-home visits weren't just helpful for my wife but for me as well, asking me questions about how I was feeling about parenthood and letting me ask a barrage of (I'm sure silly) questions, and always answered without judgement. She arrived quickly when we called her on the morning of early labour and was the greatest help in that she was always one step ahead, which was amazing for me as the birth partner. She always had a cold cloth, fresh water, a snack, an encouraging word. Whatever we needed next, she already had it at the ready. Jay was also incredible at the hospital especially since she knows them so well there and is well respected. She knew where everything was in the room and was never in the way, only ever helping us move forward as labour progressed. She was calm, logical, and caring without ever being cold or unemotional. She asked before taking pictures of the labour and captured some beautiful moments of our new family meeting for the first time. I honestly don't think my part in the entire process would have been so seamless and so memorable without Jay. She took something that can be daunting and a little scary, and reminded us of how beautiful, natural, and loving childbirth should be. We will absolutely be calling her for our next little one, Thank you Jay for being a part of our little family! 

Lisa Simpson


When I began looking at the doula website and reading profiles I knew I had to have Jay with me for the birth of my baby.

Jay and I had this unspoken connection during my delivery which made for an amazing, "natural" and fearless labour and birth.

Jay has a gift that I believe comes with character and experience. She knows exactally when to move in close, what to say and she is funny! I felt very connected to her and my midwife and the time of my birth and will forever feel a connection to both of them.

Jay has some "fierce" female energy and I just love her!




Elaine O'Neil


I could not even imagine giving birth without Jay by my side.  Jay made my birth such a beautiful experience.  Her knowledge and confidence made me feel at ease and relaxed during my entire labour. 

Alexandria Miller


I feel so fortunanate that Jay was my doula.  Her kindness, compassion and humour were a welcome relief through my whole birth process.  She is exceptionally skilled and knowledgable in the realm of birth and labour and provided my husband and I with an incredible amount of information and support. She will absolutely be my first choice for any future babies to come!

Amanda Farrell-Low


Both my husband and I felt Jay's presence before, during and after our daughter's birth was invaluable, especially as first-time parents. She was a huge support during a long labour and made sure our wishes during our planned hospital birth were respected. I had an overwhelmingly positive birth experience, thanks in no small part to Jay's wisdom, advice and calm, collected presence. She was also a huge help in the days after our daughter was born, when we were sleep deprived and emotional and needed a helping hand. I recommend her to anyone I know looking for a doula. 

Alison M


My husband and I knew Jay was the perfect fit for us right from the very first meeting.  Her experience, sense of humour, and frankness are what stood out to me the most.  Being our first birth, we did not know what to expect nor what we would need from a doula other than delivery room support.  Jay was so much more than that...she knew exactly what I needed in one of the most intimate and vulnerable experiences of our lives, without me having to say a word.  You will never meet a more kindhearted individual that is more passionate about her work.  Highly recommended!    

Erin Frances


Both my partner and I agree that hiring a doula for the birth of our daughter was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. I was petrified of the labour and my husband knew that he would have a hard time keeping me and himself calm. We felt strongly that having someone with experience to support us through it would make a huge difference and we were correct. We interviewed several doulas, but once we met Jay we both knew she was the one for us. She was affable, professional and confident so we hired her on the spot. We ended up with a prodromal labour that lasted 50 hours until my daughter was delivered vaginally, as was our hope. Besides the crucial emotional support it was very practical to have a second set of hands there to relieve my spouse for meals and rest. I cannot say enough positive things about Jay and am truly grateful we got to experience that beautiful time with her. Erin

Jessica Leger


We had hoped for a homebirth and ended up with a c-section. Jay was there every step of the way. For twenty hours of labour, Jay was there for us, providing hands-on pain relief and a calm atsmophere. When complications arose, Jay's guidance enabled my husband and I to be active and informed participant's in the decision making process. But most importantly she reminded us that even though a c-section wasn't the plan, this was still the beautiful moment of our baby's birth. She helped us stay positive and engaged. With Jay's help, we look back on that day with nothing but happiness, gratitude, and love. 



Robyn Reid


Jay is a gem among gems - a beautiful person inside and out with a plethora of qualities enabling her to effortlessly bring whatever it is that the mom-to-be needs at the moment. She has an incredible ability to make even the first meeting with her feel like coffee with an old friend.

She will very likely be claiming, while reading this, that I'm giving her too much credit but that just adds to her character. With all of the strength, compassion, nurturing, and humour she brings with her she also brings humility and a deep understanding of human connections.

Jay brings out the best in the mother she is working with and allows a scary and difficult experience to result in a wonderful and long lasting memory. While my life was only briefly touched by Jay I can say with certainty that she will never be forgotten and I am grateful that she was by my side for one of my life's most important moments.

Trisha Walker


i first me Jay 4 years ago when we were part of her child birth preparation class. I knew then that she would be a wonderful person to have in my corner during my birth. 4 years ago I wasn't able to have Jay with us, but when we learned of our second pregancy last yea, I knew without a doubt I wanted/needed Jay to be by my side. 

From our first offical doulas meeting Jay was professional, kind, caring and devoted. I knew without a doubt she would be there for me and whatever myself or my husband needed. 

Jay stuck my me through my VERY long labour, she never wavered. She knew exactly what I needed without me even knowing what I needed. Ice water, juice, essential oils on the gross smelling hospital pillows, back massages, words of encouragement to keep me going and lots of laughter. She had all the tools, knew exactly what to do but never intruded. She was just there. A beautiful, gentle, hilarious Woman, Doula, Mumma who just knew what was needed when. After a forever long labour I ended up having a cesarean sectionon. This also took ages, but Jay stayed. She was there in the recovery room with her warm hugs and contagious positive outlook. 

After my birth Jay was there when I needed her. A shoulder to cry on, bringing food when I was starving, offering support with feeding baby and just being "my person" to drink tea with. 

Both my husband and I are forever thankful to Jay for helping us, empowering us and supporting us through this wonderful, healing birth experience. 

Cal Roberts


We can’t say enough wonderful things about Jay, she was simply amazing throughout our entire birthing journey. We met with a few Doulas, but knew right away that Jay was the one for us. From the very beginning, Jay’s knowledge, guidance and support meant so much. We are pretty down to earth people and wanted a birth plan that reflected that. We were very appreciative of her openness, honesty and humour - it made us feel safe and secure, even after our LO was born. Jay went way above and beyond what we expected and there is no question that we would ask Jay to be our Doula again - we highly recommend her services to anyone.

Cal, Maria and Kazmira. b. September 12, 2015.

Melanie Bradford


I didn't have a doula for the birth of our first child and I regretted it as soon as my water broke! When I got pregnant with our second child, I called Jay and booked her months in advance - she's that good! Jay was so helpful during my pregnancy - she answered all my questions, eased my fears, and helped me feel confident in creating a birth plan, but also ready to "go with the flow." During labour and delivery, Jay was my angel. She helped me so much and I felt empowered and supported. After our baby was born, we benefited from Jay's extensive breastfeeding knowledge. Both my husband and I felt supported and well taken care of during a very emotional and wonderful time in our life. If you're wondering if you should get a doula, the answer is "yes!" If you're wondering if you should have Jay as your doula, the answer is "definitely, yes!!"

chelsea peddle


Jay is an amazing doula! I had a planed home birth and went in to labour very quickly. Basically no contractions to transition in the space of 30 minutes on my bathroom floor!  When Jay arrived (within minutes of us calling her) I was in a lot of pain and scared because things were progressing so quickly. From the moment she walked through the door her positive engery filled the room. She helped calm and focus me and, together with my husband and mother who was also attending the birth, we became excited that baby was on her way! What a difference! She helped set the tone for my labour as a safe, light hearted and supportive space - just as we had discussed in our pre-labour meetings. Jay really knows her stuff and had many suggestions for pain managment that were very effective.  She seemed to be able to simultaneously do counterpressure on my hips, wipe my forehead with a cool cloth, and help me sip my juice all at the same time. Jay worked seamlessly with my midwives, supported my husband, and helped make my labour and the birth of our daughter a joyous experience. Thank you Jay!

Sarah Petrescu


We had a wonderful birth experience, in large part thanks to Jay. Our daughter came nearly two weeks early so we only had time for one consultation with Jay. This was enough to make us feel comfortable with her and confident that she listened and understood our hopes for a positive birth experience -- plus she was fun to have around! When the first signs of labour came we felt easy approaching her with questions ("Is this normal?" "Should we call the midwife, go to the hospital?"). When labour was full-on she kept us calm, upbeat and yet working to get through contractions and pushing. Jay and Ash (dad) were a great team on either side of mom (Sarah). When our daughter was born, Jay checked in often and was thoughtful enough to bring us a meal and talk through any issues we had. We're proud to have this connection with her around our daughter's birth.

Sarah and Ashley

Danika Sears


 I was so grateful to have Jay's support during my labour, as well as before and after the birth of my baby.  Her calming presence and soothing voice helped me endure the most intense pain I've ever experienced.  She was able to suggest many different coping techniques throughout the labour process, which helped me cope with the pain much better than I could have on my own.  I felt very secure with her by my side -- she supported me both emotionally and physically during labour.  Also, the emotional support she provided before and after the baby's birth was invaluable.  I was able to call her during the few weeks before I went into labour if I had any questions or concerns.  A day after the baby was born, she came to visit us in our hospital room to answer any of my questions and to talk about the birth, if I wanted to.  She even stayed with me at my home one day shortly after the birth when my husband had to be away for an hour and I felt too weak to be alone with the baby.  I am so glad we chose Jay to be our doula, and I would recommend her to any pregnant woman who is looking for a caring, calming presence during the last few weeks of pregnancy, throughout labour, and after the baby's birth.

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