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Julie Pichon

Birth by Design

Avon, IN Service range 25 miles none


Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: My calendar fill up quickly. Please contact me early in your pregnancy if you are considering a birth doula. My postpartum doula services are available during the daytime on week days only.

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

19 years and 545 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 7 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, March 2004

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 3 to 4 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Within 15 mile radius of Avon

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend home births with a CNM or CPM in attendance.

Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Indy Birth Alliance leadership team

Fee Details

Free consultation, 2-3 home prenatal visits, labor at home, hospital and/or birth center, breastfeeding support and postpartum visit are all included. Birth photography and birth story are an optional service. I am willing to negotiate on price when there is a financial need. My full package includes photography and an illustrated birth story. I specialize in supporting VBAC clients.

Service Area

Avon, IN Service range 25 miles none

Client Testimonials for Julie Pichon

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Kim U.


Our experience with Julie was wonderful. She spent hours with us prior to the birth, going over everything we might need to know about how birth works and addressing all our questions. The day of the birth, we had to make a decision - we needed to induce. Julie was so helpful from the start. It took many hours for labor to really get going, but Julie was with us the whole way. As first time parents, we were new to everything that was happening. She helped us understand what the doctors and nurses were saying and doing, she helped us through my difficult labor, and was there to counsel us on a last minute change of plans. Her presence and experience was calming for us during the moments of uncertainty. Finally, we crossed the finish line with the birth of our beautiful child, and we couldn't be happier!



We had a wonderful experience with Julie. She had a calming and informative spirit, never making me feel silly about my questions and helping me to feel confident in our birth plan. She provided strong support and encouragement. We were so grateful to have her with us on the most important day of our lives! 



My husband and I hired and worked with Julie starting at about 25 weeks pregnant and then for labor/delivery and for postpartum/breastfeeding support. For a first time pregnancy/baby, it was important for us to receive this support.  I went into pregnancy and labor with quite a bit of anxiety and was really looking for someone to help me mentally (and physically).  Julie was truly a GEM.  She has a special 'calm' nature about her that is inviting, comforting and so caring.  She has so many beautiful qualities that make her such an expert at what she does-- not to mention that she has helped in countless births and has such great experience. She is responsive, reliable, clear and soooo informed!  I never had a problem reaching out to her and hearing back.  She anticipated my doctors appointments and always followed up after each one. She met us where we were at and helped us focus on what our birthing goals were and shared insight on flexibility and what to expect. 

I relied quite a bit on prayer throughout my anxious stages in pregancny and Julie was always lifting us up in prayer and encouraged me to keep the faith during my challlenging moments. That understanding meant so much to me.  Her insight and support for my husband was exactly what he needed and was looking for.  He wanted to be present in all of the important ways throughout this special time and to be guided by Julie's caring and informative nature was wonderful for him.  The day of the birth was met with peace, calm, love, support, happiness, and God-- and that was truly incredible to us.  Julie was there holding our hands through it all.  God truly blessed us with her amazing role in the birth of our son and we are forever grateful.


Madison Kunkler


It was a great blessing to have Julie Pichon as my doula. She guided me through every decision throughout my pregnancy journey by providing the research and facts to help me make the best decision. Julie always responded to my communication in a timely manner. Her voice is extremely calming, bringing the peace and relaxation your body needs during labor. I highly recommend Julie!

Elizabeth Ledbetter


Julie was an amazing resource for me as I pursued my dream of a VBA2C. Her vast experience was so valuable to me as she was able to answer any and all questions I had and left me feeling prepared and empowered for my birth. Ultimately we learned my baby was breech upon arrival to the hospital, so I had to have a c section. I am soooo grateful Julie was there with me as my husband was out of town (baby girl came very early!). She held my hand in the OR and gave me updates on my baby who had to be taken to the NICU. Julie is an amazing woman and I'm so grateful for her support before during and after birth! 



I can't imagine the birth of my second daughter without having Julie as our doula. She was so knowledgeable and helped both my husband and I feel educated and prepared for birth. Her experience alone gave us confidence and calmed a lot of our anxieties. She stayed in the hospital with us for the entirety of my unexpected induction and helped me make informed decisions on the spot that I felt good about. I trusted her and looked to her for guidance. She was a huge advocate for me and such a calming and peaceful presence. I truly felt like she was invested in and cared about me, my family and my birth experience. Julie had a huge, positive impact on my birth experience and largely contributed to me being able to have a natural, unmedicated hospital induction. I'd hire her again and recommend her to anyone looking for a doula in a heartbeat! 

Hayley Beach


Julie was such a great support to me abs my husband. From day one, we knew we needed Julie on our team. She is so organized abs asks great questions. She has done this so many times that it truly shows in all her work. She cares for mother, father, and baby. There was never a time when I second guessed her judgement or plan. She is very thoughtful and slow to speak when asked questions. My delivery did not go exactly as we planned but Julie was very supportive the whole way through. She encouraged my husband on how to relate to me the whole time and how to be helpful. For him, that was huge because he felt very accomplished, knew what to do, and it felt like we were all in it together. She took pictures throughout the labor so that we could just enjoy the process and not worry about documenting it. She also documented each appointment I had and what was going on throughout the pregnancy abs we got a little booklet at the end with all those details. Some I had forgotten and now it’s a beautifully binded story with pictures for us to look back on for years to come. It was completely worth every penny to have her there. Not only that but she has continued to Elbe engaged and answers any questions I’ve had months later after the birth. She has been a fantastic support for us and would use her again, no question. She made all the difference for our family because she was that perfect missing link between the midwife, nurses, and my husband and me. 



We feel very blessed to have had Julie alongside us during pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum. I appreciated having such a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially since this was my first baby. I could reach out to her anytime during pregnancy and postpartum with questions or concerns, and she always had helpful ideas and sound advice. We were particularly grateful that she was able to guide us through our birth preferences as well as practice some labor positions and techniques in our home during the third trimester.

Julie was instrumental during labor in helping my husband and I decide when to leave for the hospital, and once we arrived she exuded peace and calm while also ensuring that my labor wishes were respected. She was able to suggest different positions, help to get the temperature of the birth tub up when we had hot water issues, and remind me of how to relax through contractions. Knowing Julie was by my side, encouraging me and praying for me, gave me strength and perseverance during my natural labor. During postpartum, her frequent check-ins were invaluable in helping my husband and I through the many questions that come up when breastfeeding and caring for a newborn for the first time. 

I highly recommend Julie—she is not only an amazing doula, but a wonderful person to have supporting you in this major life moment. She is truly a “mother to the mother”!



We had a great experience with Julie as our doula! She attended both of the births of our two sons. She is very knowledgeable, and had great suggestions throughout my pregnancy. In labor, she suggested multiple positions and helped with decision making by vocalizing our options with our birth plan in mind. In postpartum, Julie supported us in breastfeeding and home visits when we could talk through and process our birth story.

Cen Chen


Before I met Julie, I was scared and nervous about this delivery! Though I had a natural birth before,I was dealing with fear! First, by chatting with her on zoom, she makes me feel so much better and  left me with joy! 1. First appointment with Julie was a changing point! she listened to me and my husband and she asked the right questions and offered right help! She left me with material to learn birthing knowledge and leaving me a book called " Holy Labor" ! This changed my perspective of thinking about labor. 2. Second appointment Julie came to refresh me with posture and breathing and position during early labor! She helped me with practicing relaxation and told me use ChristianHypernobirthing app which helped me for nights wouldn't sleep! 3. On the day of my delivery, Julie responded me early 4 am in the morning! She made right judgement to come to me at the right time, and stayed with me through early labor and timed my contraction and told us to go to hospital at the right timing! When we were in the triage room waiting was longer than we thought but Julie stayed calm and confident! She told me she would catch the baby if we had to! She prayed at the right timing for the right thing!  Before getting into water Julie had her hands on me every time when contraction came! Most important thing of this birth was Julie's confidence in me having a water birth! I want it but it failed me first time! As she encouraged me and my girl did emerge and delivered in water! I felt much more confident and this birth made me stronger!I'm super thankful that Julie responds to me timely and checked on me regularly! 5. Julie stayed with me afterbirth! She helped Jessica latched on and nursing! Early latching and nursing made breastfeeding a lot easier and smoother! When she came for postpartum visit, Julie helped us with latching again!   If I would be pregnant again I will not think twice and ask Julie for help again! 




Julie is wonderful! I couldn’t have asked for a better doula for my VBAC. She really took the time to understand my feelings toward a VBAC and helped me make informed decisions based on my desires, hesitations and fears. Julie was great about presenting me with options and respecting my decisions.

I was blown away by the amount of postpartum support Julie provides. She checked in with me often and answered all of my questions. Two months later and I'm still texting her with questions.

Julie is so knowledgeable about birth and newborns, her expertise was invaluable in my journey to have a successful VBAC. I recommend her to anyone wanting the guidance and expertise of a doula before, during and after delivery.

Hannah Gill


Julie was our doula for the birth of my daughter on 05/20/2022. I was looking for a doula to attend my birth and help achieve my first vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). I found Julie via groups on social media. We loved her as soon as we interviewed her because her energy and personality are so calming and comforting and she makes you feel like a friend or family member, not a client. She provided so much support and was there for me and all of my questions and worries throughout pregnancy. With her support, I never doubted whether I would have my VBAC. She worked so well with my husband to support me during birth and was one of the main reasons I was able to birth unmedicated. Julie helped me get over mental and physical hurdles and I could not have done it without her. If you have the chance to have Julie as your doula, I promise you will not regret it. 



Julie is wonderful! My husband and I decided very late in my pregnancy (week 35) that we wanted to include a doula. Thankfully and luckily Julie was available. She combined her typical 3 visits into 2 to accommodate the timing. The information she gave us was so incredibly helpful. My husband and I felt much more prepared for labor and the birth of our first child. It also was a great way to connect with Julie and know that we had someone who was so knowledgable and supportive on our side. My labor ended up being very fast - less than 3 hours. I expected a much longer labor and didn't ask Julie to come to the house right away. But when we realized things were progressing so quickly, the support and advice she was able to give us via the phone made all the difference. If she hadn't been able to tell by hearing my contraction through the phone that we needed to get to the hospital asap, we would've been frozen in fear at home! Instead, we called the ambulance and were able to make it to the hospital just in time. Her help after the birth with breastfeeding was also fantastic. She was a great resource during the early stage of our baby's life and really helped with that transition. I can't say enough great things about Julie as a doula!

Kate Sudduth


My husband and I just had our first child. We interviewed Julie and a few other doulas as we looked to determine who we wanted to work with. Julie stood out due to having a plan for every session in prenatal and postpartum sessions. The level of detail and planning she had was comforting to me. 

Each session was extremely helpful in getting us both prepared to bring our daughter into this world. Julie was great about checking in via text and answering any questions I may throw her way. 

I went two weeks past my due date and my labor and delivery did not go as planned. Julie was a huge help during that process. She helped me walk through every decision in helping provide pros/cons and suggestions. She spent HOURS (days really) in the hospital with me. She was helpful in not only the actual work of birthing my daughter. She was there to help give my husband breaks to get sleep, eat, etc. We were so grateful for Julie and all she did for us! 

After my daughter arrived, she was great in checking in and following up with us. I would full heartedly recommend Julie to anyone considering hiring a doula. She was worth every penny and more! 



Julie has been by my side for my last two births. They were very different from one another and in both instances I was so grateful to have her there with me. She was able to support me in every way I needed and her presence was invaluable. I don't recommend child birth without a doula, and I highly recommend Julie.




Julie has been our doula for both of our girls, and we could not imagine a better experience. Julie is knowledgeable, compassionate and skilled. With her help with positioning, both were born quickly. If we have another little one, Julie will be our doula again (if she'll have us ;) ). 

Kayleigh F.


It has taken me a while to write a much-deserved review for Doula Julie. My baby was born with the love & support of Julie on 2/15/21. I’d seen so many documentaries and had dealt with intense physical pain in hospitals. Not only did I strongly believe I could take the pain, but I really didn’t want to be in a hospital. 18+ hrs after my water broke and baby wasn’t coming, Julie was there to go from the birthing center to the hospital. She was there and even knew some of the staff- including the midwife I plan to use for baby#2. When 10 (or something) more hours passed, Julie was still there- supporting me and my partner, working with that midwife.  I am 99% sure she slept less than my partner did. She did so much work during my labor, providing tools, holding a running shower head on my back, and trying all the positions we could to get baby to come for another day - while being a photographer. She helped me when the time came to think about getting an epidural. And when things started to go south and a C-Section was needed, Julie was there. She wasn’t in the OR. That really sucked (there’s no other way to say it). The hospital said only one, her or my partner. I chose him, but sometimes I wish I would have chosen her because he didn’t know what to say. Who could expect him to? Julie knew my heart was set on breastfeeding. When I was tired from the surgery and couldn’t hold my baby, Julie held my baby to my breast for me- and held me while I cried. Nothing went as I wanted – except for her. I wanted a good Doula – and I got a great Doula. I don’t know how I would have got through it without her. I was so grateful Julie was there through it all. She was there before the birth too. Her meetups we so educational, and informative! I loved the ‘relaxed professionalism’ Julie balances. There really are not enough good things I can say about Julie.

Lauren Gaudion


Navigating pregnancy and labor for the first time seemed very daunting to me, so I knew I wanted to have support from a doula early on in my pregnancy. Julie was on a list from my midwife, and from the first time I called her to inquire her availability, she was incredibly responsive--that responsiveness continues today as I am in the early days of breast feeding and motherhood. Julie came to our house for our initial meeting, and we were at ease right away, knowing Julie, her experience and her personality and demeanor would bring just the peace of mind we needed in this journey. She is thorough with information she shared to ensure you are informed and prepared for what's to come. She's also very cognizant in making the experience what YOU want, not just what she thinks is best but providing information and guidance so you can make an informed decision. By the time labor came about, I felt ready to go, thanks to all of Julie's support. My pregnancy ended with an emergency C-section due to the shape of my uterus and the baby's heart rate dropping with each contraction, but Julie was by my side through the contractions, guiding me and my husband through positions and breathing while also talking me through various options. She was an incredible advocate for me with the nurses and hospital staff, and I felt no regret for the c-section (even though it's what I wanted to avoid) because I was confident we tried every other option because of Julie by our side. She has been a very valuable resource for me through breastfeeding as well, texting me to check in as well as giving me encouragement, pointers and suggestions when I text with questions. I have told Julie many times that she is an angel on earth. I know my birthing experience would have been very different emotionally had we not had a doula--and specifically Julie. I would recommend her to anyone and would tell any first time mothers that a doula is worth every penny.

Libby Harmon


Julie was absolutely amazing for the birth of our first child. She is so knowledgeable, thorough and caring in her approach. I am a person who likes to know as much as possible, especially when it's such an unknown and new process with the labor and delivery of your first child, so Julie's experience drew me to her immediately. She did a wonderful job explaining and preparing us for the labor and delivery experience, answering questions and putting us at ease for all the possibilities we could expect. Once labor started, she was integral in getting us through a very long, difficult and unexpected c-section. She was amazing support for my husband as well when she explained what to expect as they both went in for my c-section. I could not recommend Julie more highly, and to boot our son was her 500th birth! You are lucky to have Julie as your doula through the birthing process. 

Jennifer Ball


This was my third delivery, but my first with a doula. Julie was an absolute godsend!! Her time spent with my husband and I, prior to delivery, was just what we needed to give us both the tools to get through a natural delivery. While I ended up needing Pitocin, it was Julie's Spinning Babies training (combined with her coaching and supporting my nurses) that successfully delivered my stalled delivery and helped me avoid further interventions. The support Julie provided was more than "just a doula" - she surrounded our delivery with prayer and with the confidence that my body could get through this. I am so grateful!!



Julie has been such a blessing all around.  SHe has attended 100's of births, has a warm personality, and calming demeanor. Julie came to our home several times before the birth and had a ground-up approach to teaching my husband and I the ins and outs of birth. With each meeting, we felt much more confident about our big day! Throughout my pregnancy I had questions regarding everything from soothing aches and pains, to supplements I could take, any I'm sure a lot more! Julie would promptly reply to my questions with a wealth of resources. 

When the big day had arrived, Julie was there with us at the hospital from the time labor was induced (not the plan, but we had to roll with it!), to the moment we met our sweet girl. During labor she gently pushed me to stay active, reminding me of the goals I had set and continuously keeping my sights set on meeting our baby! It's hereI should add that Julie always encouraged my husband to be my teammate, during pregnancy and during labor. She taught both of us simultaneously at our in-home meetings. She helped my husband prepare for all of the ways he would be supporting me throughout 3rd trimester, all stages of labor, birth, and postpartum. He did not feel as though his role as husband, father, and teammate was ever in jeapordy with Julie's presence. If anything, he felt more confident in the ways he would be able to help me. 

Julie is a lactation consultant as well as a doula (the complete package!). She helped our baby latch just seconds after birth, and stayed until she was sure she was feeding well. She visited us several times during the post partum period to check on our breastfeeding journey. When my daughter had a stomach illness at 3mos old and struggled to gain weight as she recovered, Julie stopped by to check on us and even let us use her scale to track our baby's weight! Julie has been a huge part of our birth and parenting journey, we are so blessed to have her in our lives



I had my second baby with Julie and it was a great experience. She was recommended to me by a friend and I will also recommend her to my friends. Her help and support made my labor experience amazing especially during covid hospital policy restrictions. Julie is very knowledgeable and supportive in your choices. She drove to me 1 hour to take me to the hospital at night. When we arrived she was so calm that I totally was able to relax and labor. She handled all the communication with nurses when I was in labor. Julie was a real advocate which was very necessary for a woman at this point so you can concentrate on contractions. The support I got helped me so much. I had unmedicated vaginal birth which quickly progressed and I had my baby in 4 hours from 1 contraction. And I think the big part contributed to such a quick labor was Julie. During pregnancy we met 2 times and she also was very responsive via messenger. Her recommendations on exercise for SPD made my pregnancy a bit more comfortable. After labor support was also helpful. I wish I had doula with my first! If you want true support hire Julie without a doubt!



Julie's contact information sat on a post-it in my drawer for a year. My previous postpartum doula was moving away and left recommendations for doula services for our next baby. Julie was top on that list.

When I was about 34 weeks pregnant with baby #2, I contacted Julie about taking me on as a postpartum client. After our first meeting, Julie had me so pumped and excited that I might be a candidate for a VBAC that not only did I hire her as postpartum doula but as birth doula as well! I unfortunately never considered a doula for my first birth which ended in a C section and I will always wonder if things could have been different had Julie been there with us.

With my due date right around the corner, Julie jumped into action and got things rolling to prepare for a TOLAC. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with preeclampsia and at 39+1, with no signs of labor in sight, I decided for safety to have a repeat C section. Due to covid, the hospital would not allow doulas to be present except for immediately after the C section for a maximum of 2 hours.

Well I am so happy that Julie was there! I owe much of my breastfeeding success to Julie. For baby #1, I ended up exclusively pumping for a multitude of reasons but baby #2 is nursing like a champ! Julie was there to keep me calm and explain what was happening while the nurses tended to some "extra bleeding." She helped keep me focused on getting baby to nurse and allowed me to relax through that big blur of exciting/scary time.

Julie has also been our postpartum doula for the past 3 months. She was invaluable through my recovery process after my C section. She has been excellent with my 22 month old daughter as well as the baby. We trust her completely and her presence in the home is calming and supportive. Her vast knowledge on all things pregnancy, postpartum, baby, women, life etc is SO valuable. I am glad to have met Julie and she has become a very important part of our lives.

Heather Moslander


My birth experience was exactly what I needed and wanted thanks in part to Julie's dedication and support. I was attempting a VBAC, and felt that I needed the support of a doula to be able to achieve that.

Julie was nothing short of a perfect fit for me because of the faith we have in common. She has a very calming and gentle spirit about her that is reassuring and made me feel confident in her abilities to support me and my birth plan. I love that she is highly recommended by my doctor. She has an impressive record of attending over 500 births and is a certified lactation consultant.

Julie's education and prenatal prep helped me be prepared to labor well and actually enjoy labor. I was able to successfully labor with just the help of my husband in the car on the way to the hospital. My labor was too quick for Julie to get to the hospital to attend the birth, but she did so well in preparing me that I was able to labor well without any anesthetic.

Julie is always just a call away. She is like a personal consultant for any questions I can think of. I will 100% recommend her services and will be using her again in the future. 



My daughter was due March 25th, 2020. I was excited to have my third child and this time I wanted to do it naturally! We worked with Julie and I was excited to have a person on my side to help us get to a natural delivery after not the first two times. Little did we know that COVID would happen. In the middle of a very crazy and scary time Julie stood by our side and help make sure that we were focused on our baby and what our original plan was to have her naturally. Our doctor was encouraging us to induce as many were nervous and wanted to just have their babies and not be in the hospital. Julie kept me focused on our end goal. She helped me make sure that my baby and I were staying safe and not re-acting to the circumstances around us. Our little girl took her time. She did not come until well after her due date. We did finally agree to schedule an induction date on April 4th. The night before Julie had us try a few more things to start my contractions naturally. It WORKED! We started contractions and Julie came over but the contractions slowed. Julie stayed the night at our house as things slowed so much. We got to the hospital and Julie continued to help as contractions increased. Julie was by my side when our baby decided she was going to come fast! I barely was able to get on the table before she came. Julie was there when the Dr. couldn’t even get in the room before the baby came. Julie was the calming force during that entire day. She kept us focused and helped reduce all of the other concerns. Julie will be a great resource and person to help you through anything including COVID!



I have had 5 successful vbacks with Julie. 3 births were in person and 2 births were virtual assistant births.
I live 3hrs from Julie that being said I did not know if she would be able to make my fast deliveries.
The first virtual assistant birth was a placenta abruption, very scary! Julie kept me calm reassuring me what was going on and kept me focused on the baby and my body. She helped me with breathing and was able to speak to the doctors on my behalf. She helped me get through a very scary birth!!!
The other virtual assistant birth was extremely fast but I was grateful for her being there because my husband passed out as the baby was crowing. Julie was able to keep me focused to push the baby out! Yes! So thankful she was there!
From the very beginning to the very end Julie was a very calming, dependable, knowledgeable support for me. I am forever thankful for her and would use her again!

Megan Hicks


I had such a positive experience with Julie, and I highly recommend working with her!

As a first time mom I had a lot of questions and really enjoyed our homevisits leading up to the birth of my baby. Julie always came with lots of educational info and stayed until all of my (many) questions were answered.  As my due date approached Julie regularly checked in with me and offered me support via text. When I went into labor Julie texted me the entire time, came to my home, and then followed us to the hospital. My labor was 24 hours long and Julie was there to support me the entire time! My labor was difficult but with the support of her and birth team I was able to stick to my birth plan and have a natural, unmedicated waterbirth. Her postpartum support was also very helpful to me, and I'm so greatful that she does a postpartum homevisit and helps with breastfeeding. I seriously cannot say enough good things about her or her services.


Laura G


When I found out I was pregnant with my first, the thought of having a doula by my side was always in the back of my mind. However, it wasn't until my third trimester that I actually reached out and found Julie. Julie was very calming and informative -- My first 2 trimesters were relatively easy, but I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes and also activity restrictions and I wanted extra support to walk me through the final stretch. Julie walked me through the labor process and also doubles as a lactation consultant which was super helpful in starting breastfeeding off successfully. Julie made herself available to answer any questions or uncertainties that I had before, during, and even after labor. 

With Julie present in the delivery room, I was able to achieve the natural labor that I wanted. She not only supported me, but more importantly my husband through the duration. I feel that this was important because I was VERY focused on my contractions and making it through them to get to pushing. That left my husband to try to figure out how to support me without me being able to vocalize my needs. With Julie's experience she was able to help guide him into all the right things and also provide a helping hand to speak up for me to nursing staff. 

Overall I am so happy I found Julie and looking back am so happy with how my labor progressed! Highly recommend reaching out to her as well.



Julie has been my doula with 4 births, and it just wouldn't be the same without her.  She provides loving support, and reminds me that God built me to do this and I can accomplish all things through Him.  She is professional and makes sure to go above and beyond to care for myslef as well as my family.  She makes sure to check in on me throughout the pregnancy and beyond, truly making her a dear friend! I would reccomend Julie to anyone looking for birth support; whether it's a 1st time mom, VBAC, or any other type of birth.  She will work as a liason between you and your care provider to make sure that you have the birth experience you were hoping for. 



I had a traumatic birth and c-section with my first child, so when we got pregnant with our second, investing in a doula was so important to my husband and I. I looked at many doula websites and even talked with several before hearing from our chiropractor that Julie fit the description of who I was looking for. I wanted someone who was experienced, motherly, and a pro when it comes to VBACs. Meeting Julie was wonderful and I quickly felt like she was the right choice. I felt that she very adequately prepared us for a successful VBAC and we were as confident as we could be as my due date approached. I felt so supported throughout my pregnancy! Because of the trauma with my first birth and because it led to a c-section, Julie knew just what to recommend for me to have a better experience the second time around. One of the things that she recommended was Hypnobabies, and I am SO glad that she did - it was such a necessity for me. On birthing day, I woke up in labor and texted Julie right away. We kept in touch throughout the morning and then she came to our home to support my husband and I before heading to the hospital. I ended up having a wonderful, successful, redemptive VBAC shortly after arriving there. I can confidently say that we wouldn't have had the experience that we did without Julie by our sides. Her guidance, advice, and experience was priceless. She kept in touch following birth, was always up for answering our questions, and we have found her to be a truly dedicated birth worker who we trust greatly. Birth can sometimes be a wild ride, but having someone like her by your side can and will improve your experience in the best way!



Julie helped me to deliver my first baby this year and made all the difference in my labor experience. I had a long labor with a big baby at the hospital and the practice I chose to deliver with had different staff every 12 hours, so having someone knowledgeable that I had built a trusting relationship with made me feel more confident and safe in the process. She helped me understand what was going on, advocate for myself, and feel a little bit in control of an unfamiliar situation.

I also credit Julie with my excellent breastfeeding relationship. She helped make sure that my baby was practicing a good latch as soon as possible after birth and was available for any questions I had along the way to make sure we stayed on track early on, helping me feel supported. My little guy is already up 6 lbs from his birth weight at two months! 


Kendra Bourque


Julie was w/us for our 1st birth-we knew then Julie would be w/us for every birth. We did a homebirth for our 2nd-thanks to Julie's never ending list of recommendations for every pregnancy need, she connected us w/a midwife. We expected labor to go fast so I called Julie when my water broke-w/in 1 hr she was at our house. Working w/her on a home birth meant we could labor together more than we did w/hospital birth bc of the logistics of travel time. She was essential in gaging my progress; updating the midwife throughout the day-deciding when the midwife should arrive. W/out her, we would've been lost on how to tell when we needed the midwife. Julie talked though my fears and built my confidence w/every contraction. She helped me stay focused on labor when our 1st baby was on my mind. Being home w/our oldest was a benefit to homebirth but w/out Julie's help to keep my attention on what my body was doing, I would've fought labor for several hours. She advised my husband when to get the tub ready for our desired waterbirth, which is something I would have failed at w/out her. At the start of this pregnancy, I admit I was a bit confused at why I needed a doula AND midwife for a home birth; seemed their duties overlapped a lot. But after going through labor/delivery w/both a doula and midwife, I saw how extremely deprived our experience would've been w/out Julie. She was very mindful of my physical needs and instrumental in helping my labor progress but also extremely  attentive to my mental/emotional needs throughout the day. Julie stayed well after the midwife had gone home, to contine monitoring us and ensure we had everything we needed to settle into rest. She provides so much knowledge, calmness, reassurance and support - I wish we could have Julie w/us for every life event-not just birth! She fits so seamlessly into the birth process-it's impossible to imagine it w/out her!



We really enjoyed our experience working with Julie throughout the birthing process. She was very professional, caring, and went above our expectations during each meeting and throughout our journey. She really helped us have a successful VBac and we would not have been able to do it without her. She helped informed us of what to do before labor and delivery to have baby in the best position. She helped with getting us into the positions to help have the baby during labor. She was attentive to our needs and is excellent at reading people. Overall, we are happy we when with Julie as our doula and if we have another baby, we would be honored to work with her again! 

Becky Schaefer


I couldn't imagine a better doula.  Julie exceeded my expectations in every way.  She is incredibly genuine, caring, nurturing, helpful, well connected, supportive, knowledgeable and comforting.  She is an excellent communicator.  She built a relationship with me, knew me and cared about me throughout the pregnancy, delivery and post-partum.  Her calm confidence gave me strength. She is the best!



Even though we were pretty sure we were going to go with a doula, we could only start looking for one 4 weeks before my due date because of an imminent out-of-state move. We were glad that Julie was available during that time despite a couple more soon-to-be moms she was working with. My whole labor and delivery experience was surreal and very eventful, to say the least. It began with Julie coming to our house to walk us through the labor process. She herself had just come from delivering twins and had already been on her feet for at least a day. During that visit, I started getting contractions but was not very concerned as I was already experiencing Braxton-Hicks and had a week to go before my due date. But as luck would have it, my contractions continued and we had to go to the hospital the next day.

Julie stayed on the phone with us since early morning that day and came to our house sometime before lunch. Given the imminent snow storm, we were concerned about not making it to the hospital but still waited till I was far enough so that the hospital wouldn't send us back. Julie was very supportive then and suggested several natural methods to expedite the labor. Even at the hospital, she provided constant support, from the very minor to the major things like providing massages, suggesting different positions, to even something as small as bringing ice chips for me. She was the reason my husband was able to get some sleep during my labor. So, despite being up from a previous delivery, she stayed up throughout my labor process to make sure I was taken care of. She probably only slept for an hour early in the morning, when I was finally able to rest.

Even though, in hindsight, I would choose to do some things differently, having Julie around was invaluable. In addition to all this, she managed to take notes and create a beautiful birth story for us which has helped us remember and recount that day despite it being a surreal experience.



I can't say enough about how supportive and dedicated Julie was to me, my birth plan, my husband and our child. I had a really difficult birth that involved quite a bit of back labor and I don't think my husband and I would've gotten through it without her. Julie is professional, communicates well and I especially appreciated how she included my husband at his level of comfort throughout the entire process. 



Julie was marvelous from start to finish. My husband and I are incredibly thankful that we were able to get connected with her and work with her. She was a wealth of information on everything from lactation to preparing your body for labor. During labor and delivery she helped direct my husband and provided much-needed hands-on support as well. 

One particular highlight of working with Julie is the birth story she put together, along with photos. Labor can be a blur, so having the story has been so wonderful, and an easy way to recount the day to our friends and family. 

I plan to work with Julie with the future children we have, God-willing, and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and gifted doula. 

Becki Fleury


I was in search of a doula to help me achieve the most natural birth my body would allow. The doula I had previously sought out was unable to take me as a client, but highly recommended Julie. Upon meeting her I just knew she was the one. She hadn't even pulled away from our home when my husband and I texted her to ask her to help us deliver our first child. She was there for every phone call, text message, and every moment of my birth. In fact, she came from another birth to be at my house to help me with contractions before heading to the hospital.  She never missed a beat despite going for two days straight. And when my beautifully stubborn baby girl decided a c-section was the only option, Julie was there. She visited me after my daughter was born. She worked with me on breastfeeding. And despite us relocating to Texas, she holds a special place in my family. I consider her a friend. She is knowledgeable, honest, supportive, a woman of faith and an amazing mentor, mother, doula, and friend. I only wish she could travel to Texas to support me in a VBAC! I would recommend Julie Pichon to anyone looking for a doula!

Tara Moore


After finding out I no longer Needed a C-section three weeks before my due date I was scrambling to find a doula! I am so lucky Julie was Available to work with me and my family in my last stage of pregnancy and through my labor and delivery. Julie was able to meet with us twice before labor and gave us great education and resources. I especially liked the pathway of labor with pictures and her explanation gave me a better understanding of when to know to go to the hospital. She even involved my 2.5 year old and called her my little doula. I was 10 days past my due date and Julie was checking in with me nearly everyday. The night I went into labor Julie beat us to the hospital and I was so happy to see her there with a wheel chair! Julie was such a key player on my birth team as she coached me consistently through a quick, but intense labor and delivery. She advocated for me on a few things and got the okay from my OB/GYN to deliver on my hands and knees!  With Julie I was able to meet my natural birth goals, and ended up with so much more than I expected. And she got it all written down In a book with pictures that I will cherish forever. Julie was able to help me with breastfeeding at our first follow-up visit and Gave me references of who to work with further.  

Thank you so much Julie! You truly are an expert at labor, delivery and breastfeeding and your compassionate care is priceless. 

Kayla Helmer


To be concise, I highly recommend the services of a doula, and Julie in particular. Julie provided my family and I with professional expertise and protection, calm support and service, and nurturing care. With over twenty years of experience, Julie has served many mothers in my community. She also knew most of the staff at the hospital where I delivered. My obstetrician father told me that doulas decrease the rate of unnecessary interference, but I still felt vulnerable and afraid going into labor because I had had a prior c-section. Sure enough, my labor began with the doctors recommending an induction. Julie’s calm perspective tempered the fear and pressure to make a quick decision. When I did decide to induce, which was a derivation from the original all-natural plan, it was a decision that I made with Julie’s helpful input. This type of interaction was typical of the whole experience. The weight of decision-making was not only on my or my husband's shoulders, or in the hands of a rotating staff of doctors and nurses; I had a calm, experienced advocate. I was induced, then in labor, for about 48 hours, so having a consistent expert in the room took away the tone change that can happen between even the best doctors and nurses. Julie was able to focus, take notes, and ask questions in a way that allowed my husband and I to focus on the labor, which was very intense!! Then, she was invaluable for the physical part of giving birth. She guided me through a series of stretches that ended in my water breaking, then she coached me through positions all night while I labored. Julie told me that the goal of a doula was to be a “mother to the mother,” and this was what she did for me. Even in the following weeks after the birth, she checked in regarding nursing, sleep, and recovery. Julie provided something you can’t pay for; she joyfully helped my family when we were vulnerable. She served us with excellence.

Bobby Grangier


I would highly recommend Julie and Birth by Design to any couple considering a doula service to assist in their birth. From the minute my wife and I met Julie, I knew that she would be extremely helpful in the process leading up to the birth of our son. Not only that, but without Julie, I can honestly say that my wife (or I) would not have gotten as far as we did in the labor process. While ultimately my wife ended up needing to have a birth by cesarean for the safety of our son, Julie prepared us and was highly effective in coaching Meg and myself throughout her 10-hour labor process. Julie’s attention to detail, knowledge of the birthing process, patient’s rights, and respect of her client’s wishes are second to none. My wife and I would recommend Julie without hesitation to anyone seeking a doula to assist with their birth.



Jeff and I wanted a natural birth and were encouraged to contact Julie by the Midwife at our OBGYN, Jeff was initially opposed and i wasn't convinced for the need of a doula.  We met with Julie in Aug & immediately felt comfortable with her.  She was willing to educate & share local resources for pregnancy before we had decided to commit to her.  After learning of her extensive experience in assisted births, education in lactation, & reviewing some referals, we knew she was the right match.  Overall, Julie educated us on what to expect prior to birth and the day of birth (visually & written) which lead to nothing surprising us the day of.  She helped us narrow down what was really important to us and the reasoning for it & assisted with finalizing our Birth Plan.  She loaned us books & CD's to answer any question we had on top of her own suggestions/experience.  We practiced birthing positions/breathing to ensure we were ready during the 2 visits to our home prior to birth.  On the deliveryday, she came to the home & assisted at the hospital.  She visited us again after the birth of our son to support in lactation and overall well being of Jeff & I and continues to check-in weeks later.  Why would we suggest Julie?  Peace of mind.  She handled the small things like music, smell and lighting without us thinking about it.  Our day of delivery had challenges, but with her support we were prepared & we felt comfortable & confident in the decisions we were making. Jeff had support physically and emotionally & she coached me to move into positions needed to move labor along & when the time came to shift the baby due to be sunny-side up, she moved us into action resulting in a safe delivery without medical intervention.  Julie is caring, compassionate, well informed and would be a great addition to your birthing experience.

Karen Snodgrass


Julie was an absolutely amazing doula for us! She was with me from start to finish to complete one of the biggest goals in my life, giving birth to our daughter naturally. Julie’s calm and patient spirit was just what I needed to make it through. I also loved how she got my husband prepared as well. He had never been through a natural birth before and he definitely felt more prepared to help me because of Julie. I would highly recommend Julie and am so thankful that she was brought into my life and I know our baby girl has such a great start to life since she came into the world naturally. Another highlight of our time with Julie is that she did a birth story for us that we will forever treasure and that gives great detail of that beautiful day!

Megan Grangier


I would highly recommend Julie to anyone looking for a doula. From the moment I met Julie, I knew she was the right doula for my second birth. She is extremely knowledgeable about what options are available in labor and specifically what options are available for someone who is attempting a vaginal birth after cesarean. In addition to the wealth of knowledge that Julie brings to your birth process, she brings her caring and supportive personality. It was the little things she did for me throughout my labor that I will forever remember…running her fingers through my hair, putting a cool wash cloth on my neck. Her awareness about breastfeeding is second to none, with her help I was able to breastfeed my son while on the operating table!! Not only was she a huge help to me, but also to my husband. Even though it was our second birth, it was the first labor we had experienced and neither of us knew what to expect and appreciated Julie's assistance.

Without hesitation my husband and I would have Julie as part of our birth plan if we decide to expand our family.

Kristen Allen


I wish every laboring mama could have Julie as her doula. I had a C-section due to failure to descend/lack of provider support in 2013 and deeply desired a VBAC this time around. I had educated myself, and decided that a doula and a homebirth midwife would offer me the best chance to have the birth I wanted. Julie was warm, knowledgeable, and kind throughout the entire process, from our preconception appointment (which she said was her first ever--I like to be prepared!) to my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum periods.

My labor was long, and she ended up being with my husband and me for more than 24 hours. My baby wasn't positioned ideally, and due to excruciating nerve pain and getting stuck at 9.5 cm for several hours, I chose to transfer to the hospital, and Julie, my husband, midwife, and assistant made that transition as seamless as possible. Julie met us at the hospital and stayed with me, continuing to offer support even after I got the epidural I hadn't planned on...and even though we were all exhausted. She helped the midwife and RN on duty move me into several different positions--as I couldn't feel my legs due to the epidurals--to try to move my baby down, and in the end, she and my entire birth team helped me safely achieve the VBAC I had longed for for 4 years, encouraging and believing in me the entire time.

After my son was born, she stayed with us for 2-3 more hours to ensure breastfeeding was well-established and offered continued breastfeeding support by phone for the next couple weeks.

Julie has the sweetest spirit, the kindest heart, and the knowledge and experience to make her an invaluable resource in the Indy birthing community. I'm so, so glad we chose to hire her.

Nate Miley


Julie Pichon brought all 4 of my daughters into this world and I am eternally grateful for all she did for my wife and I.  For our first birth, Julie met with us to prepare us for what to expect physically and emotionally.  She met with us in person and via phone calls.  She helped us craft a birth plan and feel prepared for the natural birth we wanted.  Our first birth was a grueling experience of back labor, hours of pushing, and for me as husband, filled with moments of fear as I didn't know what was happening or to expect.  Julie was there explaining options, interpreting doctor's words, praying over us, and encouraging us.  We could never have succeeded in natural birth without her.  Three natural births later we still felt so grateful for her help.  Our fourth birth happened across state lines and Julie made the journey to TN to help us with our last child.  What a blessing that was as again, birth was a fearful experience for us and Julie was a rock and encouragement during birth.  Our final birth involved an epidural and even though that was not the natural birth we wanted, Julie was again supportive and wonderful during that new experience.

Julie also chronicled our births through written and photographed birth stories that are true treasures for us.  They help us remember the journey prior to, during, and immediately after the births of our sweet daughters.

While I cannot put a price on the invaluable support Julie was during birth and the beautiful birth stories she made for us, the price she charged us was pennies for the hours of work she put in.  I cannot imagine a birth not involving Julie because of her knowledge, experience, and care for both my wife and for me.  She always went above and beyond for us and I'm happy to answer any questions about her inestimable value to any expecting couple.

Nate Miley 317-504-8944

Elizabeth Dooms


My husband and I are beyond greatful for Julie! She was so calm and knowledgeable that she put us both at ease throughout the entire pregnancy and delivery! Her prenatal visits were better than any class at the hospital in preparing us for childbirth. I truly believe without her help and support the birth of our first child would have gone very differently. In fact, when we found out we were expecting our second child, asking her to be our Doula was one of the first calls we made!

Laura Ridderman


We are so grateful for Julie's assistance with our third child's birth. We used a different doula with our first two pregnancies, but we found out in our third trimester that our original doula wouldn't be available. We reached out to Julie, who very quickly set up a time to meet with us, and we instantly felt at ease with her and knew she would be a wonderful doula. She was a wealth of knowledge and support as we navigated unexpected challenges towards the end of the pregnancy (breech presentation, needing to be induced, etc). She kept in constant communication with us as our due date approached and offered lots of support. On the day of our induction, she spent close to 12 hours with us at the hospital and helped me avoid further medical intervention. She worked seemlessly with our nurse and OBGYN - both of which seemed to value her presence in the delivery room. She was helpful with pain management, positioning, and offering suggestions to keep my labor progressing. I was able to deliver naturally and have Julie to thank for that! After delivery, she stayed to help us get settled and breastfeed for the first time. And in the coming weeks, she was available to answer questions and offer support. We would highly recommend Julie to any other expectant mothers - her experience and expertise are unmatched!

Heidi D Radabaugh


Julie has a beautiful gift! We were first time parents and wanted a natural birth. My husband is a physician who has done many labors, and still learned a lot from her. Julie was very patient with us and answered all of our questions. Not only did she help us prioritize what was most important to us, but she was a steady force in the delivery room. I personally underestimated the strength needed for a natural birth, but she kept us on point. She did not replace my husband, but rather worked with him and provided direction so that he could help me. Julie had a great balance of staying calm and directed, while also respecting the different direction of some nurses. She even prayed with us! Lastly, her health didn't end once our son was born: her  breastfeeding tips  have  really gotten us off to a great start. I now see the beauty of breastfeeding and feel generally competent. Overall, I feel that she put the power and knowledge back into the parents' hands. We would undoubtedly use Julie for another natural birth!

Mary Kathryne Cohoat


Julie provided wonderful support for me during my pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period. She was kind and caring, as well as extremely knowledgeable. She helped me write my birth plan and communicate my wishes to the hospital staff upon arrival. She helped me make important decisions, while never being pushy with her own opinions. She also wrote my birth story for me, from her perspective and it was so fun to read all the details of my labor and delivery that I may not have remembered or been aware of at the time. I would highly recommend Julie. She has tons of experience and is a wonderful doula.

Emily Thyr


My husband and I began our search for a doula even before we became pregnant. This being my first child, I knew that I was going to need personal support to go through a natural home birth, and I also wanted someone I could trust to look out for my baby and I in regards to specific wishes I had. My husband was concerned about the price tag involved with hiring a midwife and a doula, but agreed that the first time around we should probably be safe rather than sorry. Ask him now, and he will tell you that there is no way we will ever go through another birth without having Julie by our side. Julie is careful to get to know you so that she can serve you according to your personality and needs. I never felt like I was just another new mom. She gave me wonderful books to read, ask me my opinion so she knew what I thought, and help educate me in areas that I didn't even know I needed to be educated in. During the actual birth, she could anticipate what was happening before it happened. I was so concerned about people not following my birth plan, but I actually couldn't even remember that I'd written a birth plan. It was juli who followed it and therefore enabled me to birth my son. I thought that there was no way I could ever be more grateful to her than I was the day that Ethan was born. I was wrong! The subsequent weeks were full of her support, help, and presents as I learned to care for my new baby. She cooked me lunch, watch my baby so I could take a shower, helped me learn how to nurse Ethan, and really looked out for me. Well my husband, mother, father, Midwife, and family were wonderful, they were definitely focused on my son. Julie was there for me, and I will never forget it! She will bring you a peace of mind, and care for you in ways that you don't even know you need for the birth. :-)

Kayla Marie Swenson


Julie is a fabulous doula. She is so incredibly attentive and aware of the mother's needs and knows exactly what to say and do to ease worries and fears and help you have the most positive birth experience possible, even if things don't go exactly according to plan! She goes above and beyond all of her duties to cultivate real and lasting relationships with her clients and is a wonderful and inspiring person, beyond just being a doula. I was so thankful that I hired her for both of my births, even though they ended in c-sections. I would not have changed a thing! She was the perfect support person to assure me that only I, as a mother, can make the choices necessary during my birth experience. She allowed me to feel empowered and in control through two births that went nothing like I had hoped and that is invaluable to me! She's amazing and worth every penny.

Emily S


Julie is a miracle worker! My daughter was readmitted to the hospital at five days old due to dehydration. The lactation consultants at the hospital were always too busy to really spend time with us to determine what the issue was with her breastfeeding. Julie came to our home once and she solved all of our issues! Our child had a bad latch so Julie gave us techniques and tips to get her to breastfeed more efficiently with less frustration. We are so grateful for Julie and all of the knowledge that she has! Our daughter is now four months old, exclusively breastfed, and in the 95th percentile for weight! I highly recommend this doula to anyone that needs help with breastfeeding!

Kendra Mitchell



We cannot say enough GREAT things about Julie! My boyfriend and I are beyond thankful for her amazing services! She is truly one of a kind! She was so approachable, patient, helpful, supportive - every thing you want in a support person!

I wanted a natural home birth experience but we were delivering in a hospital since we live so far from a reputable hospital just in case emergency medical care was needed. I didn't want the hospital environment to pose an added challenge to getting the birth experience I was so determined to have, so we decided a doula would be a great resource in helping us achieve our goals.
Julie was INVALUABLE to us throughout not only the delivery but the birth education and the postpartum period after we came home from the hospital! She has tremendous experience and is so knowledgeable and has access to great resources/recommendations for additional help as needed.

She guided us through the overwhelming process to becoming parents and honestly, we aren't really sure now, how we could have managed it without her! We will definitely be calling Julie to attend the birth of all our children! She was a Godsend in every way and we will never forget how positive an impact she had on our journey to parenthood!

Cassandra Ginter


I don't know where to even begin! Julie was AMAZING! My first pregnancy ended in a c-section, but this second time around I knew I wanted a VBAC. I didn't even consider a doula until I was researching ways to improve VBAC success rates, and hiring a doula kept coming up. We found Julie, and at our initial consultation I knew I wanted her present at my birth. Our prenatal meetings were incredibly helpful for me to flesh out fears, desires, etc. prior to the birth. She kept in consistent contact with me leading up to my due date, and then when I found out (on my due date) that my blood pressure had shot WAY up and baby needed to be born, she made plans to be with us the following morning for my induction (on election day).

Julie's presence at my birth was really priceless. We had some tough decisions to make within the first few hours since I was a VBAC patient being induced (yes, it can happen!), and she was so calm and supportive. She did not make any decisions for us, but she helped us to talk through what the doctors were suggesting and how the various options would affect my birth plan. Once labor started, she helped me relax, walked the halls with me, suggested various positions, showed my husband what to do, and just stayed a calm, supportive, encouraging presence in the room. I hit a point where I was DONE with labor, and she calmly encouraged me to give her some more time to move things along (I was asking for an epidural, which was in direct contrast with my birth plan). When it was clear that I needed the epidural to help me relax and let go, she supported that decision as well. After 18 hours of labor, I delivered my 9lb 4oz baby via SUCCESSFUL VBAC and I truly believe that Julie was instrumental in that success!

It's seriously difficult to put into words how much her presence and support matters, but I can say that she'll be the first person we call when we're expecting again!

Courtney Castagne McCavit


Julie is an amazing support to have as a doula. As a FTM I was nervous about both pregnancy and the entire birthing process. Additionally, my spouse was often less involved and supportive as I needed him to be. I initially planned on a natural vaginal birth and Julie was able to educate me on both coping tools and medical pain manangement to ensure I knew I had options for whatever would come up. When I decided during labor that I would need an epidural, Julie still supported me and encouraged my decisions against further (in my opinion) unnecessary medical interventions. Additionally, Julie worked great with my IU North hospital medical team and had previous experience in working with most of the OBGYNs. I strongly feel that without Julie, my pregnancy and birth would not have gone as smoothly and I may have had to suffer unnecessary medical interventions. I will be seeking Julie's doula expertise for all of my future pregnancies.

Lindsey Baugh


Julie Pichon is an excellent Doula that I would recommend to anyone going through any kind of birth experience.  She is caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable.  She will give great information but also take into account the mothers wishes.  She will also help the partner to be able to support the mother throughout the birth as well.

Jennifer Goffinet Taylor


If you're planning a vbac, hire this lady! Julie was instrumental in my vba2c success. She was incredibly knowledgable and supportive for my pregnancy, particularly when I went past my due date. She was an excellent resource in handling my doctors concerns and approaches. I wouldn't consider having another baby without her!

Amanda Wilson


We used Julie as our doula for both of  pregnancies. We cannot possible put into words how much we appreciated her! Julie brought us a wealth of information leading up to the births, which left us feeling very prepared. She was also very knowledgeable in all things pregnancy/birth/lactation! We felt so comfortable making every decision along the way as Julie helped explain all the pros, cons and details of the issue at hand. It was so wonderful to have that kind of confidence while in labor and needing to make quick decisions! The biggest blessing to us was having Julie by our side during delivery. She used her knowledge and experience to help control my pain as I had natural births. She also brought a great sense of calm to the room throughout the process. I can't imagine giving birth without her! Julie's passion for breastfeeding was also extremely helpful, not only when initiating breastfeeding, but all throughout the process. She was always there to answer any questions or concerns. Julie's kind and loving personality mixed in with her extensive knowledge makes her one amazing doula! We feel so blessed to have found her and for her to have been a part of the births of our daughters!

Courtney Ward


My husband and I are so happy we chose Julie as our doula. She spent a considerable amount of time with us before the birth to educate us and help us plan the birth we wanted. Not only was she a great support for me during labor, but she was a calming presence for my husband as well! I also appreciated her postpartum follow up visit/check-ins. I would recommend her to anyone seeking a doula in the Indy area!

Amy Poer


Julie has been such a supportive and informative doula for us for 5 births!  For our first birth, she was instrumental in providing materials by which we became informed and gained knowledge on how to have a successful natural birth in a hospital setting.  She supported us, and was with us, through the journey.  As a first time mom, she helped tremendously even after the birth for several weeks as she helped us navigate breastfeeding and answered countless questions.  She continued to be flexible with us in our future births, assisting as we needed...funny, though, how each birth brought new questions and concerns, and she readily and willingly helped calm my nerves and give new ideas for birth positions, etc etc.  Her dedication stood out above and beyond with our most recent birth.  Labor in the weeks leading to the birth proved to be different than what we were expecting.  We planned a home birth and in the process, had several 'false starts' if you will....Julie spent the night at our home during the first false start, and then on the day that our baby finally arrived, she stayed with us for the entire day and night.  She spent more time with us during those days than she had to it seemed for the previous births combined...and she did so with such willingness!  we consider her a dear friend!

Michele Harper


I adore Julie. Two of my three births were with her, and I wish she could have been there for my first as well. She knew exactly what to say to the nurses and doctors, and she could tell what I wanted and needed when I was too into labor to even say a word. All three of my birth were cesarians, and with my third, Julie had them put my daughter on my chest and breastfeed while I was still on the table. The nurses commented several times about how they'd never seen a baby respond so well after a cesarian. Thank you, Julie, for insisting on skin-to-skin and breastfeeding right away! She did far above what she had to and was there for me when I needed her most.

Amanda Knowles


Julie has probably been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  She has been my doula for the births of all five of my children.  We met in early 2006 when I was pregnant with my first child.  That entire pregnancy was filled with complications and much worry from my husband and myself.  When we met Julie, her kind heart and sweet spirit got me through some of the most difficult times of my pregnancy.  If she had not been there with (and for) us, my nightmare would have been much worse.  She was the ray of hope that I could get through my labor and delivery.  Afterwards, her caring about me was what began my healing process.  With the birth of each of my four other children, Julie reminded me of how strong I could be and how God created me just for this task.  With my last pregnancy and birth was challenging (though not as much as the first).  I went into being induced with a lot of fear and hesitation.  Memories of my first birth flooded my mind, heart and body multiple times a day.  Julie was there for all of it.  She continuously reminded me that this was going to be a different experience and different outcome.  Not once did she seem to be impatient or tired of hearing the same issues creep into every conversation we had.  When the time came to give birth, she took charge and forced me to find my strength and courage to do what needed to be done.  She was and still is a wonderful friend that I cherish dearly.  And, while I still have a long way to go in healing from my first birth, I am confident that she will be there for me as much as I need her.  God has truly blessed me with a wonderful doula and friend that I will hold dear to my heart for a lifetime.

Jill Koons


Julie was an exceptional help during my labor & delivery for both of my pregnancies.  She met with my husband and me several times before both births to educate us and help relieve any anxiety about the big day.  She was knowledgeable & practiced in the natural birthing process (HypnoBabies) that I chose to use and she helped me stay calm & focused while talking me through the different stages of labor.  I am quick to recommend Julie to my pregnant friends, telling them it was the best money ever spent.  She offers an invaluable service and I am so thankful to have had her by my side through the entire process!

Brenna Bishop


I had known Julie for 8 years before she became my doula.  I had never thought I would need one because I have had 5 c-sections.  However, with this last pregnancy, I wanted to try for a natural delivery.  The group I was with originally, who claim to provide their own doula services, dropped me at 37 1/2 weeks of pregnancy.  Completely distraught, I called Julie that night.  She worked the phones for me all weekend, calling all her contacts, to try to find me a care provider who would support a VBAC.  We decided to go back to my original OB and see if she would let us try.  She agreed to it and we immediately signed a contract with Julie as our doula.  She did such an amazing job (In a short amount of time) of getting us ready for a natural labor.  She came with us to our next OB appt. at 39 weeks of pregnancy and got to meet our Doctor.  She was very respectful and polite and helped us come up with lots of questions to ask our Doctor so that we could all achieve my goal of a natural delivery.  At 41 weeks, I went into heavy labor.  Contractions started at 2-3 minutes apart and lasted around 75 seconds.  This was the real deal!!  Julie came right over.  She was so calm, cool and collected!  Her demeanor, experience and attitude really put our minds at peace so we could focus on delivering this baby.

During labor, Julie helped me "breathe out" each contraction and to stay calm.  She assisted me in position changes, comfort measures, and communicating with the staff.  She kept me grounded during the surreal experience that is delivering a child. She followed up with me for several days, checking on me and the baby and offering useful nursing and recovery advice.  Julie helped our dreams come true and she will always be an integral part of that day; one of the best days of my life!  Thank you Julie!  You are my hero!!

Emily Kerkhof


Our experience with Julie was wonderful! From our initial meeting/interview, I was very comfortable with Julie, and she made it very easy to ask any question I had, no matter how odd it seemed. During our pre-birth meetings, my husband and I appreciated how she listened to what our preferences were for our son's birth. She also provided an amazing amount of information during these meetings. She answered every single question we had, and we had a lot!

Julie was great about keeping in touch as our due date approached. She checked in to see how I was feeling, and she always let me know if she was going to be unavailable for any reason.

Our labor and birth went very smoothly, thanks in large part to Julie's presence. I was amazed at how she seemed to know exactly what I needed, when I needed it. It was through her suggestions that I found the most comfortable positions for labor, and she convinced me to try positions that were much more comfortable, even though I didn't think I would like the positions she suggested. Her confidence in me during labor and birth is what enabled me to have the medication-free birth that I wanted. Her calm reassurances helped me believe that I could do it, and I can't thank her enough for that.

Julie was also extremely helpful and supportive after our child was born. She was always available to answer my questions about breastfeeding and to reassure me that what we were experiencing was normal. She checked in on us daily for at least a week after our son was born (and at least weekly for about six weeks after he was born), and that support was incredible.

I highly recommend Julie as a doula. I won't hesitate to contact her again if we choose to have another child!

Carrie Archual


We would absolutely recommend Julie as a labor and birth doula. We hope to have many more children, and would be happy if Julie were present at every birth!

She was an immense help in all areas. Prenatally, she met with us several times, always careful to answer all our questions and make gentle suggestions of things we might think about. She gave great attention and education prenatally.

She was available for any and all questions, all the time, via phone, at any hour. I was so thankful for this, and never felt like I was bothering her at all. During labor, she arrived to our home in the middle of the night and quietly integrated herself. She has the most gentle and quiet demeanor - perfect for labor. She is so full of knowledge. My labor was stalling out several times, and she had so many tricks up her sleeve - a million positions and whatnot to try out. I feel like we did everything possible, which I was so thankful for. Her knowledge base and experience seems unmatched by others. She was an incredible help in labor, and when it came time for delivery, I was starting to fizzle out, asking for an epidural. She reminded us how close we were, and how far we'd come, and helped push us through in those trying moments. She was an immense encouragement and ultimately helped us to have the natural birth we wanted.

She was a great advocate for me with the nurses at the hospital, and she went above and beyond in all respects. She put herself in the position of answering any and all of my requests and needs.

Postnatlaly, she was available for breastfeeding and general mama support, which we so appreciated. She is incredible, and I can't recommend her enough!

Erin Stansifer


Julie was a dream come true! I knew I wanted a natural birth, but knew that without an expert, that I would be asking for an epidural an hour into labor. Her expertise, calm demeanor, and acceptance of everyone made it a pleasure to have her present at both of our childrens births. I had significant trouble breastfeeding our first baby and Julies post birth care helped us not only avoid a dangerous situation, but provided great knowlegde and support as we tried to work though breast feeding. I reccomend Julie to everyone I know! If you are debating using the dula process, go for it! It is worth every penny and more, thank you Julie!

Bethany Frederickson


My husband & I were extremely blessed and thankful for hired Julie Pichon as our Doula. I was pregnant with our first child and had so many questions. She was very kind, patient, and full of information. She assisted us in answering questions or concerns, as well as, allowed us to decide on the type of birth we desired. Never did she force us into doing anything we didn't want but helped encourage us to create the birth story we wanted and prayed for. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who is pregnant.

I chose to birth our daughter natural, waterbirth at a hospital. Julie supported my husband and I through the whole process. She was a full of peace and assurance. She helped my husband be supportive and make the decisions I didn't need to worry about. I loved that from the beginning she visited us in our home and knew us so when the birth happened she was like having a wonderful and reassuring mother as my advocate.

She is experienced, trained, and full of wisdom. One of the most beneficial aspects of hiring Julie was how much she encouraged my husband & was the support he needed at the birth!

Julie is truly amazing in so many ways & worth every penny!

Anna Modansky


My husband and I knew Julie would be the perfect fit as a doula for the birth of our first child after our first interview.  She came highly recommended from a family friend who used her services for the births of their 3 children.   Upon initially meeting Julie, it was clear that she was warm, caring, interested in getting to know me and my husband, knowledgeable and eager to help me have the best birthing experience possible.

After two 3 hour sessions in the last stretch of pregnancy, Julie helped us become comfortable with birthing techniques, figuring out what was important to my husband and I and trying different relaxation techniques.  We felt at ease and confident that the upcoming birth would go smoothly. 

My baby was past due and with a planned induction, nothing was going as I had planned or imagined.  Julie was supportive and helpful with frequent phone calls and checking in on my well-being.  Throughout the labor process she was attentive, supportive of both my husband and me providing helpful recommendations.   After labor and delivery, I had a near hemorrhage and no energy left.   Julie assisted with breastfeeding as I could barely lift my head off the bed.  This was important to me to establish a good start to breast feeding and am so appreciative that Julie was there to help and assist as I was unable to.

After delivery Julie checked on us daily to see how baby and me were doing.  She helped with any breastfeeding concerns.    We also chose to have Julie make a birthing story for us, which turned out beautifully and will be a wonderful book to have and reflect back on in the future.

I would recommend Julie to any family member or friend interested or thinking of having a doula.

Katie Bopp Flanagan


Julie was an angel from heaven during my 56 hour labor! I was planning on having a homebirth after a cesearean (HBAC). My labor started on a Saturday morning and by the evening I was having regular strong back labor. Julie came over and we all thought the baby would be born that night/morning. Little did we know we were only at the beginning. I had  excruciating back labor at home for about 48 hours and Julie was there for every single contraction Putting counter pressure on my back. I think she took maybe 2 small breaks to go to the bathroom and eat. Her hands were like magic, i was in so much pain but somehow her hands made it tolerable. During those 48 hours she had me walking, in the tub, and many different positions to help labor progress. It was such hard work but she never gave up on me! She knew how desperately I wanted a VBAC and homebirth. On Monday around noon I decided to transfer to the hospital for pain relief. I was at 7cm and hopeful that being able to rest and relax I would be able to save my VBAC. Julie actually drove me to the hospital with my husband following so that I could kneel in the backseat of her car. Hands and knees was the only position I could stand the back labor. I got an epidural at the hospital and we all could rest for a little while. Julie and the midwife discovered that the baby was facing my left hip and not engaged on my cervix, which was the reason for my crazy long labor. Julie knew the positions I needed to be in to get the baby down. She waa able to manipulate the labor bed and myself so that while I was laboring down the baby moved down. Once it was time to push she had me on my side and we got the baby out in 45 mins! I saw two sides of Julie, at home she was my emotional and physical rock. At the hospital I saw her vast knowledge of the medical equipment and how well she works with the staff. Without Julie there is no way I would have gotten my vbac. I could not possibly recommend her more.

Natalie Thom


Julie was a wonderful help. She prepared us for birth with excellent information and advice before the birth, and then gently guided us through the labor and delivery process. She gave us spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical support, which gave us both immense peace of mind. She also continues to follow up with us now that we're home with our baby girl. I am so grateful to Julie for all her expertise and wisdom; she helped us have a truly wonderful pregnancy and birth experience! I would hire her again and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great doula.

Jen Garcia


Julie was a fantastic support during my labor. My OB really urged me to have an unmedicated labor so that I could push in different positions, and I'm not sure I could have gotten through it without Julie's support. She worked so well with my nurse, having me try multiple positions to get baby to move down. I also had some unexpected and serious complications in the weeks after the birth, and Julie has continued to check in and provide support. We're very thankful for her!

Cassidy Sevier


My husband and I had a wonderful doula experience with Julie! She is extremely knowledgeable, and we enjoyed getting to know her before our birth. She had great advice on what to pack for the hospital, exercises to prepare for labor, and relaxation exercises to practice at home. We talked a lot in the days leading up to our birth, and she was very good at staying in touch. The night of our birth I was hesitant to leave for the hospital, thinking that it might be false labor. Her encouragement and support helped me to have confidence that it was really time. And good thing, we arrived just a couple hours before baby did! I tend to birth quickly, and Julie was wonderful at stressing this with the nurses. So that even though I wasn't dilating quickly they still prepared for baby's birth. So when I went from 3 cm dilation at 1am to baby in arms at 2:02am, everyone was as ready as they could be. It was the natural birth we had worked for, and Julie was a great support every step of the way. She met with us afterwards and asked if there was anything we would have done differently. We told her no, and it's true. It was the natural, loving birth that we had envisioned, and her prescence was an incredible addition to it.

Lydia Ballenger


Julie is wonderful! She listened to our wants for birth plans.  She was able to provide us with resources to assist us. Most of all- Julie was such a calming force (for both my husband and myself) during an intense time. She was a pleasure to work with for both of our unmedicated births. We would have her again if we were planning a third!

Amber Shultz


Julie has been amazing. This was my second pregnancy and was attempting a VBAC. She was supportive through the whole pregnancy. My first pregnancy we took all the classes with the hospital and thought we knew what was going on. This time, Julie suggested helpful books, classes, tips and exercises that were beneficial. When I did go into labor, it was an intense 5 days. The first two days, she kept in touch and gave suggestions to help labor along. When I needed her to come over, she did and spent three days straight with me. She never left my side and was a great support for my husband. In the end I did end up with a repeat c-section; however, this time I felt like I gave it my all. Julie helped me in the OR and was able to get my daughter to nurse before they were done stitching me up. I couldn’t have been happier. She also typed up and provided pictures of the whole experience, which I treasure. She captured what we went through and some beautiful pictures of my husband and I working as a team. When I went back to work freaking out about my daughter refusing a bottle, Julie was available to help. We just love her and would recommend her to anyone.

Melissa Whybrew


We are so thankful for Julie's help and involvement in our son's birth. After meeting Julie, I went from being terrified of labor (to the point of tears) to giving birth naturally.  I always am thankful for giving our son the best possible start to his life from the first second of his birth. And everything went so smoothly because of Julie's presence and involvment with the staff and doctors. I look back at the labor very fondly. And it changed my life in so many ways. Gave me courage to tackle all kinds of things, because after giving birth naturally, for HOURS, there's nothing I should not be able to do!! Thanks for helping me discover that strength!!

Hannah Kim


I could not be more pleased with the service we received from Julie as our doula! She was so supportive during labor and helped coach me through a number of complications. She provided verbal coaching, and physical and emotional support; she was such a solid rock throughout. Her postpartum care and breastfeeding support were invaluable, as we dealt with a number of issues, including tongue and lip ties. She was always available and always willing to help, going way above and beyond what our contract outlined. I was originally concerned about the cost of a doula, but Julie made it absolutely worth every penny spent! She helped me with a successful VBAC and was a persistent advocate for my birth plan. Julie is knowledgable and thorough and has been a part of so many births. I highly recommend her and will definitely use her services again, should we decide to have another baby!

Heather Mayes


My husband and I chose Julie after hearing so many good things from a friend who has used Julie for several births. When we met Julie, we could tell immediately that she already personally cared about our birth experience and our baby. Over the course of my pregnancy she was available via text message, phone, or email and always got back to me quickly with helpful information. In our pre-birth meetings, she helped my husband and I really decide what we wanted for our birth and gave us a lot of education about birth and breastfeeding.

Throughout my labor and birth, she was right by my side suggesting positions, offering encouragement, and even giving massage when asked. My husband still talks about how glad he is that Julie was there to support both of us. She does an excellent job communicating with the medical staff and making sure that you understand your options. I am so glad I had Julie and was able to experience the natural birth that I had hoped for.

Not only am I thankful for Julie during my birth, she has also been a great help afterward with breastfeeding. She checked in several times a week after my baby was born and still was happy to answer my questions even months after the birth. I will also always treasure the birth story that she created for us. Julie is a great doula and person. I have already recommended her to several friends.

Lauren Hall


Julie was a Godsend! Originally we decided we needed a doula to help with my labor and help my husband remain calm so I could stay calm. Not only did Julie accomplish this but so much more. She provided us with the tools to prepare for labor - physically, mentally and spiritually. We can't imagine going through labor without her.

Shannon Garcia


Julie is a simply amazing doula. We have used her for the birth of our daughter and son. I did home births both times so it was important to me to have a solid birthing team at my birth. Julie came to our house several times before the birth. She was great at discovering our needs and desires for the birth. She helped us to think through things we hadn't thought of and she helped us create our birth plan.

Julie is great at giving advice to help get labor started. She was quick to arrive at my house when I felt I needed her to come. She was instrumental in keeping me as calm and relaxed as possible. She also helped my husband to feel comfortable and included in the process. He never took a back seat and she was always encouraging him to help in whatever way he could. Julie's strength is her calming presence. She has the ability to be firm when you feel like you can't go on and keep you motivated to continue.

Probably my favorite part about having Julie as my doula is her post-partum support. She is dedicated to helping you start breastfeeding right. She was a wealth of knowledge. I had breastfeeding issues with both children and she was quick to offer advice and support. She came to the house several times and was always available to talk on the phone. My son is now 3 months old and I still contact her with breastfeeding questions.

I am quick to recommend Julie to anyone. She is such a loving and wonderful woman with an excellent track record in supporting births. For those interested in home birth, I strongly suggest having Julie be a part of your birthing team. You will not be disappointed in her care.

Liz Escoffery


We are so appreciative of the fine job Julie did at preparing us for and supporting us during labor and delivery. It was very important to me to try to have an all-natural, no-intervention birth, and with her there we were able to meet our goal. She supported my husband and allowed him to be my primary support per our request and offered many helpful ideas regarding positions and kept our spirits up. I had a lot of questions the first few weeks following my son's birth related to breastfeeding and feeding schedule and Julie was on-call for us to give us the support we needed. Working with Julie was the best decision we could have made for this birth!

Maria Richter Fischer


Julie was wonderful to have as our doula.

She helped me prepare and think through a plan for my second birth. She made it just on time for my extremely fast labor, but I was so happy to see her. She's a calming and comforting presence and has so much experience. Highly recommend!

Elizabeth Roth


I am so glad Julie was my doula.  I intereviewed several doulas, and I could tell after meeting Julie that she would be a good match.  She came prepared and had questions for me and was happy to answer my questions as well.  She listened really well, which I felt was essential.  She has a calm and caring demeanor.  I could tell that it was important to her to support me in what I wanted.  She wasn't there to force her thoughts and ideas on me, which I appreciated.

I was anxious about giving birth - this was my first time, and while I really wanted to give birth naturally, I wasn't sure I could do it.  Julie encouraged me to have confidence in myself and she recommended a couple books that were really helpful.

She met with me twice for visits to get to know my husband and me and to practice things that might help during my daughter's birth.  After each interaction with Julie, I felt calmer and more ready to give birth.

She came to my home when I was in labor and then went with us to the hospital.  The whole time she was a calm and supportive presence.  I think she helped my husband as much as me.  She offered helpful suggestions during the birth that I didn't feel pressured to take if I didn't want to.

Julie does this job because she loves people and loves the miracle of birth.  She never said that to me -- I could tell it by her stories of births and her support and care for me during my pregnancy and birthing time.  I think you'll be glad if you get lucky enough to have Julie as your doula!

Emilee Minks


A close friend who works as a Labor and Delivery nurse at IU Health highly recommended Julie when I mentioned I was interested in having a doula for our third child. My first two deliveries were inductions with epidurals, but we had planned a natural birth using Hypnobabies for our third. Julie met with us in our home and we discussed our hopes and desires for our delivery. She gave us the information we needed to make informed decisions and supported us in developing our birth plan. We met with Julie again in our home closer to our due date and practiced relaxation techniques and birthing positions and she listened to my preferences. This made me feel confident going into our birthing time.
During our birthing time, Julie was a tremendous help offering encouragement and reassurance. Her experience allowed her to be in tune with my labor and prepare me for what was next. I know Julie’s presence gave my husband and I the support we needed to achieve the natural birth we had hoped and planned for. Julie’s quiet, calm demeanor was a blessing during our birthing time. She was always available by phone or text if I had questions or just needed to talk. She was also a tremendous help after the birth when our daughter had trouble breastfeeding. If you are considering a doula, Julie has the demeanor, compassion, and experience to help you.

Emily Bryant


After hearing about doulas from a friend who had used one, we contacted Julie Pichon in 2007 to work with my husband and I with the birth of our first child. I was extremely anxious and had never been through any medical events of this magnitude. 2 children later, Julie present at the birth of both, I would never dream of doing it without her! Julie's calm and caring presence was extremely helpful, as both births were lengthy and different. Her knowledge of birth and pregnancy were invaluable as we experienced the gamut--early and long vaginal birth, to late and long labor before a c-section--and she was wonderful at answering questions and allaying my fears of the unknown. Her support of my husband throughout enabled him to support me and made the experience wonderful for both of us.

Julie is very accepting and supportive of what the parents want to do. I know she has experienced home birth, but I knew I wanted a hospital delivery with an epidural, and she coached me through what was OUR birth plan, giving us suggestions on pain tolerance, getting the baby to move down, and how to stay active with an epidural. Consequently, I think about the births of my children fondly, proud of myself, and comfortable with the choices we made to get them into this world. Julie's advice and counsel continued unofficially through breastfeeding troubles, fretting over weight gains, sleep issues, and clogged ducts. And her talent is appreciated every time we read our babies' birth stories and reflect on the joy our children bring us. She truly enjoys births and helping mamas enjoy their babies. I can't find the words to more clearly express that what she does is amazing and that my birth experiences would have been very different and less purposeful without her.


Nicole Oliver-Berry


I am a 29 year old mother of three.  My husband is a veteran of the US Navy.  I met Julie when I was pregnant with our first child.  At that time my husband was in Iraq and scheduled to return for the birth.  But there are no gurantees with the military so I wanted as much support as I could get.  In the end I was right.  I went into labor a week early and my husband was in route and could not be reached.  Because I have had some reactions to anesthetics in the past I had a natural labor.  Julie made sure that I was comfortable and as pain free as possible.  She made my labor as enjoyable as labor can be when you are in pain.  My oldest daughter just turned six and I have had two more fantastic births with Julie.  She has always made sure that I had exactly what I wanted and needed during each labor.  I recommend having a doula and Julie in particular.  She is the best.

Erin Montgomery


Julie has been there for both of my births. I am a single mom and my mom has passed away so Julie filled the role. With my first child my partner didn't want to be my support person so I called Julie. She attended my classes with me and definitely helped me in my pursuit of a pain medicine free birth. She hadn't even gone through doula training for that birth 8 yrs ago but I had a vaginal birth with pitocin and without any pain medicine. If that isn't a testament to her amazing skills I don't know what is.

For my second child we were both more prepared:) I was completely alone this time. She assisted me in finding a provider who allowed water birth, laboring in the tub and my 7 yr old daughter attending the birth. My labor was slow starting but Julie gave me many ideas to get things amped up. She walked around Target and Barnes and Noble as well as took me for Chinese food:) When things got going we headed to the hospital. At the hospital they separated us per policy. So I was alone. Julie continued to advocate for me until they let her back in with me. The hospital was ignoring me and Julie got them to realize that I was getting close. If she hadn't I would have probably had by baby in the triage. Once in the room they didn't get the door on the tub right and it was leaking. Noone but Julie knew why it was leaking. She fixed it and I was able to have my beautiful baby girl EXACTLY how I planned (10 minutes later).

Kasie Miller


I contacted Julie when I was 38.5 weeks pregnant and in a sheer panic after my previous doula plans had fallen through. 

A friend who had worked with Julie shared her information and I'm so thankful! When she answered the phone I knew things would be okay. She was calm, patient and immediately willing to work with us. She asked many questions to get to know me and my plans, and I felt I already knew her by the time we met.

Our prenatal visit was wonderful. Julie took her time to explain things in detail and led us through some relaxation techniques while explaining the labor process. My husband and I felt so prepared! And in those last couple of weeks when I was discouraged and uncomfortable, Julie remained steady and encouraging.

 I  felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm when Julie arrived for my labor, knowing she would help me get through it and meet our sweet baby! When I grew fearful and tense during those last minutes,  her soothing voice kept me grounded and relaxed.  I am convinced her presence changed the mood of the room as the Dr. and nurses even seemed calm and quiet. She stayed with us after the birth of our son and helped me begin breastfeeding while making sure I was comfortable and refueled. 

Julie's expertise and encouragement didn't stop in the delivery room. She visited us a week after we came home and has kept in touch often, answering questions  and offering advice on adjusting to our new life. 

In short, Julie clearly has a passion for what she does and is a fantastic doula. It was a blessing to find someone who is reliable, knowledgeable, and confident. I regret not calling her the minute I became pregnant. She became such a source of information, comfort and confidence, and I will recommend her any chance I get. I hope to have her with us again if/when we welcome more children in the future!

Michelle Greene


As first-time parents, my husband and I felt nervous about the birthing process.  Julie helped us to feel at ease from our initial meeting.  It was reassuring to have her as an advocate for me at the hospital/medical enviornment.  My husband says she was a great coach, helping him to help me during the labor process.  She followed-up with me several times after our baby's birth as well, offering breastfeeding advice and tips, and checking in on our general well-being as new parents.  Julie's calm demeanor and knowledge-base were absolutely invaluable to us!

Sophie Beacham


Julie Pichon was our doula for the birth of our second child. She was amazing, within minutes of meeting her I knew that she was going to be a great match for us. She put us completely at ease after a difficult birth with our first child and prepared us to take on natural childbirth. The meetings we had before the birth were great and really helped set the tone of how with wished things would go. Unfortunately my water only broke partially and after 24 hours I didn't go into labor so I wasn't able to labor at home before going to the hospital. But Julie arrived at the hospital shortly after they broke my water completely and helped us stick to our plan and advocated against pitocin for us. After 6 hours of natural drug free labor we had our beautiful daughter in our arms. During labor she was incredibly supportive and really helped keep us calm and focused on our goal. I would absolutely consider have her as my doula if we decided to have more children. She was also very helpful during the postpartum period answering any questions I had and making sure breastfeeding was going well.

Nichole and Aaron Scholl


My husband and I had our baby boy, Hudson, in November 2010. We were around 30 weeks pregnant when we first met Julie. I knew I wanted to have a natural childbirth but because I didn’t know what to expect was very scared. We were in the midst of relocating to Indianapolis with new jobs, a new house and having a baby! Julie was so accommodating with our crazy schedules in meeting for childbirth preparations. I didn’t want to take away anything from my husband during the birth of our first child, and remember Julie saying she would be there for us in any manner we wanted her to. That was a huge relief to me…she knew what to expect even though we didn’t and knew how to comfort me during the birth but would be ok with my husband being right there too. The pre-birth education Julie provided was outstanding….that alone was so helpful and the hard part hadn’t even come yet! Julie helped me write a birth plan so that everyone knew what our wishes were. She came to our house for a few hours before going to the hospital and was by my side for 13+ hours through the night and into the next day. She walked the halls at Clarian North with me for hours and pushed me to fight through the pain. She was wonderful! Julie also helped me with breast-feeding for a few weeks after birth. Hudson is now 7 months old and Julie has still been there to help me with questions with breast-feeding and to offer encouragement to fight through some infections. We will definitely be calling on Julie again to help with our next child in the future!

Christine Fiebke


Julie did my pre-labor visits and post-partum follow-up. Her back-up doula was there for me during labor & delivery as she was w/ a laboring mom already (who was several weeks early). She & her back-up were absolutely wonderful. My husband & I highly recommend her!

Jill Wesley


Julie served as the doula for the birth of our first child in May of 2009. Julie was a great help to us in thinking through the type of birth that we wanted without pushing us in any direction. She was great about giving us the tools to think about what our top priorities really were. It was important to me to find a doula who was as interested in the mother’s experience as the baby’s, we found that with Julie. Her follow-up post-delivery was also much appreciated as I adjusted to life as a new mom. I would recommend Julie to anyone considering a doula assisted birth.

Stephanie Nicolini-Borem


 Our experience with Julie was nothing put positive! We had an amazing prenatal prepartion thanks to Julie's visists prior to our son's birth. The exercises she taught us helped us prepare our mind for the birthing process. When he entered our world 2 weeks early, we were floored by his early arrival, but Julie helped center us and continue our birth plan as previously discussed. She remained an advocate for our needs when we had a hard time focusing, and helped us fullfill our most important wish; a drugh free birth. After the birth, we strugged with breastfeeding and Julie made visists,  follow up calls, and sent emails that helped us with our questions and concerns. Thank you Julie-you are the best!

Kate Miley


We had a wonderful experience with our Doula, Julie Pichon. From the first day we met her, we were very confidant she would be the perfect match for our needs. My labor wasn't easy (not that anyone else's is!) and I am certain that if she had been there, we would not have had the natural birth experience we had intended to have. Throughout our experience, she intuitively read my needs and was able to offer just the right amount of support in the right moments. I am so thankful for her knowledge, support, and the relationship we built with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for birth support.

Kate Miley


We had a wonderful experience with our Doula, Julie Pichon. From the first day we met her, we were very confidant she would be the perfect match for our needs. My labor wasn't easy (not that anyone else's is!) and I am certain that if she had been there, we would not have had the natural birth experience we had intended to have. Throughout our experience, she intuitively read my needs and was able to offer just the right amount of support in the right moments. I am so thankful for her knowledge, support, and the relationship we built with her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for birth support

Sarah Shaffer


We were so pleased to have Julie with us for the birth of BOTH of our boys.  With our first son we were very close to having a c-section, but with Julie's help we were able to use different positions to help him move down the birth canal.  Long story short, we had a complication-free vaginal delivery, the doctor and hospital staff were all suprised and we were so happy!  Julie not only brings a wealth of knowledge to the delivery room, but is an experienced lactation consultant.   It was comforting to know that Julie was lifting our family up in prayer the entire step of the way.   She leaves you with a detailed birth story and pictures to help you remember the blessed experience.  Thank you Julie!

Lawana Penrod


I have been blessed to work with Julie with all three of my children's births.  The first time around we tried to have a natural birth in the hospital and Julie worked with us to prepare for that.  My son decided to come early and we ended up having Julie's backup there with us for my son's 26hr labor and eventually an "emergency" c-section.  While we were not completely happy with our hospital experience we did appreciate Julie's help preparing for the labor.

With my second son we chose a CNM to attend our homebirth and also Julie to assist through out the 19hr labor.  With Julie and the midwife's help we were able to try different positions and relaxation techniques to help me during the long labor and 2hrs of pushing.

Lastly, Julie also attended the homebirth of my daughter.  Hers was the smoothest and shortest of the three.  I was in labor about 7hrs this time and only 15min of pushing.  Again Julie was very helpful with encouragement both to me and to my husband - Julie's experience helps her to have ideas and suggestions for the husband in how he can best support his laboring wife.

I would definitely have Julie there if we have any more children.  She has been a true blessing to our family.

Cara Mehlon


 Having a doula is more than just a service but it's also gaining a friend. Julie is there for every step of the way. Our prenatal visits gave my husband and me the confidence we needed going into our baby's birth. I was never worried or affraid, only prepared and excited for the experience of birth and meeting our baby girl. Julie was able to give us wonderful suggestions about how long to stay and labor at home and when to head to the hospital. She was able to get me to walk  to get the baby to move down. She also took photos for me and my husband so that we could remember the special event in more detail and created a birth story for us to cherish for many years. Reading all of the books and taking the classes are so important but having someone there just for you is so helpful in every way. All in all, my labor was fairly short and I attribute a lot of that to the support and knowledge I had from my doula. The best day of our lives.

Whitney Dahlstrom


My husband and I could not have asked for a better birth experience, we honestly feel it was perfect. Julie was very instrumental in our prenatal, birth and postpartum stages. The prenatal visits with Julie really helped us feel confident, educated and prepared for what was to come. She was able to answer every question we had, educated us and calm any fears and nervousness. We had so much faith that whatever Julie said we should do, is exactly what we would do. When contractions started (2:00am) Julie was there to start our 9 hour labor journey. I felt calm and confident that I could experience a natural birth because Julie (and my husband) offered labor support by encouraging words, massage and coaching. Julie acted as a strong support for not only myself but also my husband. She and my husband worked together as a team to offer the best comfort for me. My natural birthing experiencee was a success, but Julie's support did not stop there. Julie made sure I felt comfortable caring for a newborn and was sure to answer any questions or concerns I had about being a new mom. My favorite part about the entire experience with Julie was my birth story she put together. Words cannot describe how special this book is to my husband and I. We are able to relive our pregnancy and birthing journey from start to finish. A huge thank you goes to Julie for everything she did-It would not have been the same without her!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Kiefer


At the sight of blood or a needle (especially when it comes to me) my husband becomes very queasy and he’s not the best decision maker in the heat of the moment, so I had major concerns that he wouldn’t be much help during the childbirth process. My OB was pregnant herself, so I would have a new doctor for my pregnancy. I knew right away I wanted a doula. That’s when we met Julie. She came over several times so we could get acquainted. She was so calm and knowledgeable. I think she really helped reassure my husband! She gave us many tools to use during labor. I loved doing Hypbirth. Since I wanted to be more nontraditional, Julie helped me create a good birth plan and even went along to present it to my OB. When I found out my baby was presenting face forward, Julie reassured me that everything would be okay. She gave me techniques to try to reposition the baby. It worked! She stuck with me through my extremely long labor and not only coached me, but my husband, too. When the lactation specialist at the hospital was unavailable, Julie helped make sure our son was latching on properly. She’s extremely knowledgeable on breastfeeding. After we came home from the hospital, she came over and handed us a beautiful birth story that I will cherish forever. She continued to make herself available and offer resources until we got the hang of this first-time parenting thing. We were so glad to have Julie with us for the birth of our son. I have since recommended Julie to some friends of ours and would recommend her again and again. It was extremely comforting not only having a woman experienced in childbirth by our side, but one whose primary focus was on Sarah, Anthony, and most importantly, Grayson - not on some hospital procedure. We love Julie!

Karen Timby


It was so great to have Julie helping with my labor.  It seemed to go on and on and was nothing like I hoped (because my son wasn't in the right position) and she was so helpful coordinating with the doctor and nurses. I know if she hadn't been there I would have just been pushed into having a c-section, which I really didn't want.  She helped my understand everything that was going on and explained all my choices.  It was also nice to have her there so my husband could leave to get food and talk to our families and I wasn't left alone.

Rachel Snyder


 Julie was wonderful! She took the time to get to know us as a couple during the prenatal visits, so we felt very comfortable having her there and taking her advice. She really helped us consider things about our birth plan we hadn't thought about previously, and she just has a very calming presence in the delivery room. Not to mention her vast knowledge, which helped us have the best birth possible, despite a really long labor (she was there for 40 of our 42 hours!) and some slight complications. She truly had our best interest at heart, and she helped us to understand our options. I'm so glad she shared in the birth of our son, and she'll definitely be there when we add to our family!

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