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Mary Wheatley

Birth Fee: $1200

Birth Doula Experience: 6 years and 40 births attended

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, August 2012
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have the most experience at GW Hospital (and enjoy it there very much!), but have also attended births at Washington Hospital Center, Shady Grove Adventist, Holy Cross, and Sibley.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Some Home Births
Home births with a CNM or CPM only.

College Education

  • BA/BS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Waterbirth

Languages spoken: English

Service Area Map

Area of practice: Hyattsville, MD
Travel Range: 20 Miles

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Client Testimonials for Mary Wheatley

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Barbara Schwabauer

I cannot say enough wonderful things about our doula, Mary Wheatley.  She has been our rock during the births of both our children.  Mary's warm personality and her generous nature make it very easy to get comfortable with her quickly, which is so important when someone is about to become a hugely intimate part of your life!  She was only too happy to give her knowledge and time to help build up my confidence about the birthing process and about what I might experience with my care providers with whom she had had previous experience.  Most importantly, she throws all of her energy into her caregiving skills during labor, which was beyond invaluable to the birthing experience for me and my spouse.  She is very flexible and adaptable to make sure that the comfort support she provides fits who you are, both by getting detailed information up front about what things you like, but also by being able to adapt on the fly during labor.  By way of example, I tend to be very uncomfortable if I am too warm, and we found out while I was in labor that Mary's touch felt too hot to my skin.  Mary quickly came up with another way to comfort me, getting ice water and washclothes to wave cold air on to me, which was just what I needed!  She was also very attentive to us after the birth, advocating for us with the hospital staff for things we wouldn't have even known to ask for and running out to get us some food so we could eat.  I cannot more highly recommend Mary to be your doula and I am so eager to pass her information along to my friends and family who are interested in working with a doula.  I would be happy to speak to anyone who is interested in more information about how great Mary is!  I can be reached via email at

Posted 7/23/2018

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Erika Chaudhuri

I had the pleasure of working with Mary during my first pregnancy with my daughter in 2014. Having a natural vaginal birth was important to me and I understood the value of having a doula. Mary was referred to me and fortunately my due date fit into her schedule. From our initial meeting I knew that Mary was the one. Mary has such a calming and reassuring presence about her. During our pre-birth meetings she prepared us for what to expect and offered wonderful reading resources and recommeded an incredible natural birth class in our area. 

On my daughter's birth day, we met Mary at GW hospital and she stayed by my side the whole time. She was mentally and physically supportive throughout my entire labor and delivery. She was able to get me into a rhymn that got me through the toughest part of labor and provided me strength and encouragment till the very last push. Mary's support continued post-partum at the hospital and at our final home visit. I enjoyed all of my time with Mary and always felt the reasurance that she was just a phone call away should I need some new-Mama advice or emotional support. 

I am forever grateful to have had Mary as my doula. I truly cannot say enough good things about my birthing experience and I can honestly attribute so much of it to Mary. 

Posted 11/10/2016

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Maria Young

Mary was our doula in October 2015 for the birth of our daughter. She was kind and considerate the moment we met her, and really is responsible for our really sweet experience (well, also luck). She's nurturing and knows when you need coaching and when to step back. She also was a very good point of reference for my partner, who was not at all knowledgeable about the world of midwifery/doulas to begin with, and now will always recommend to prospective fathers how helpful it was to have somebody so kind and lovely at our side. 

She also did not push us in one way or another- we decided against medication, and she was supportive... when I got to the hospital, I not surprisingly started to change my mind. Mary walked in (the baby came too fast for her to meet us at home) to the delivery room and calmy told me that I was strong, and to keep trying sans drugs- not because she was interjecting with her personal beliefs, but because she wanted to respect what we had asked her earlier. She is the most wonderful combination of strength and kindness, and is also the best investment we could have made. We were very lucky to cross paths with her. 

Posted 8/1/2016

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Amy Mulry Wesolek

Mary assisted with the birth of our daughter in December 2013.  We so enjoyed working with her and would do so again!  She has a calm and laidback personality, which was important to us, and was knowledgable about all aspects of the birthing process.  Our meetings before the labor was helpful and fun.  Since I ended up being induced, my labor didn't go as planned but Mary was there to help in any way we needed her and to keep us calm.  We were so glad she was there!

Posted 1/8/2016

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Kirsten Collings

I had always had quite a bit of fear related to giving birth and prepared for the experience by focusing on relaxation techniques and reading tons of positive birth stories. The other thing I did was hire Mary. When I tell people about how positive my experience ended up being, I always start by telling them what an amazing birth team I had and Mary was a huge part of that. What I wanted more than anything was a calm room as I birthed. When I first met Mary, I knew she was a perfect fit as a doula for me and my husband. She was calm, a great listener and really friendly.

I ended up laboring for 20 hours and Mary was such a positive, constant presence for us all. She had this way of blending into the room when I wanted quiet and/or to just be with my husband and then surface just when I needed her. She was always ready with something to drink, suggestions for laboring positions or to give my husband and sister a break.

My labor stalled after I fully dilated and it took another 10 hours before my baby finally made her grand appearance. Mary was so patient. As my extremely great midwives and nurses were giving me suggestions for how to move things along, it was Mary’s voice I heard above all. When I was pushing for the 100th time, I remember Mary telling me how great I was doing. And, when it was all over and I had my perfect, 10.5lb baby in my arms, it was so lovely to hear Mary tell me what an amazing job I had done. I’ve already recommended her to one of my best friends and will continue to do so!

Posted 1/8/2016

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Amanda Maxwell

My husband and I met with several doulas when we were trying to find one to work with during our pregnancy/birth, and as soon as we met Mary we knew we wanted to work with her. Her calming, down-to-earth presence instantly made us both feel very comfortable and at ease, which was a high priority for us. It was especially important to me that my husband feel comfortable with our doula, so the fact that he liked her right away helped enormously.

Everytime we met with Mary (our first "interview", 2 pre-birth meetings, and 1 post-partum meeting), we had a great time. Mary is very knowledgeable about every step of the birth and post-partum process, and provided us with lots of information and reading materials whenever we asked for them, without ever pushing the material on us. She gave us excellent suggestions about ways I could be comfortable during labor and ways my husband could help participate in the process, which was important to him. Her reading recommendations were right on the ball, and we just enjoyed spending time with her. 

During my labor, Mary was two steps ahead of everyone else the entire time. It was amazing. She came to our house on the night of our labor when we asked her to, and worked her magic with us till it was time to go to the hospital, keeping me calm, helping me breathe, and showing my husband ways he could help ease my pain. At the hospital (I had a natural vaginal birth), she was by my side the whole time. I can't imagine going through that process without her!

We would recommend Mary to anyone and everyone, and are happy to talk/email anyone who would like more information. We can't say enough good things about her. 

Posted 8/19/2015

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Erin Estey Hertzog

We hired Mary to support me and my husband through the birth of our second child.  My first birth was rather short and uneventful, and my husband is extremely supportive, but I wanted to make sure that I had an additional support person, as my mother (who had acted as a doula the first time around) elected to take on babysitting duty for this birth.  

As it turned out, my second labor was much longer and harder than my first.  I honestly do not think I would have had an unmedicated birth were it not for Mary.  When my labor stalled, she suggested alternative postures and positions to get things moving again.  When it got more intense, she was extremely supportive.  She understood that I needed to be reassured, and did so in a very positive and supportive way.  She also suggested getting in the shower at opportune times, got food for myself and my husband both during labor and after the birth, and was otherwise extremely helpful at every step along the way.  I really can't say enough good things about her and the supportive role that she played.  In addition, for mothers planning to deliver at GW, I can attest that she has a great relationship with the staff and midwives there, as well as a good knowledge of the hospital's policies and procedures, all of which certainly came in handy as well!  

Posted 2/16/2015

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