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Jeanne Stolaas

Doula Birthing Assistant Care

Huntsville, AL Service range 20 miles Serving the Huntsville/Madison area

(256) 852-7309

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • Childbirth International (CBI) - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

15 years and 350 births attended

Doula Training

  • Childbirth International, April 2006
  • DONA International, August 2006

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I will gladly attend births at Crestwood Hospital, Huntsville Hospital and Madison Hospital.

Attends birth center births? No Birth Centers
If we ever have birth centers in our area, I would certainly attend births there.

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am so glad to be able to mark that I can now attend home births in our area of Madison County, Alabama.

Special Services Offered

  • Childbirth education services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

My services include 3 private consultations, phone support, services packet of information, parent guide, lending library, Lamaze See What You Read online childbirth class, complimentary 30 minute prenatal massage, continual labor support and comfort techniques, next day in hospital followup to admire you and your baby, and a pampering StolaSpa gift basket selected especially for you.

Huntsville, AL Service range 20 miles Serving the Huntsville/Madison area

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Client Testimonials for Jeanne Stolaas

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Julie Mobley


I have used Jeanne Stolaas with two of my pregnancies and I absolutely love her. She is incredibly knowledgeable. She helped to make both deliveries as easy as possible. She provided me with the very best support and care. I had a tendency to tighten during contractions and she was able to help me relax. She also helped me relax when I would become anxious. Jeanne Stolaas is an absolutely amazing doula.

Tatiana Robertson


Jeanne was our doula with our 2nd and 3rd babies. She was wonderful! When we found out we were pregnant with our 3rd, my husband was first to tell me to make sure call Jeanne and book her. I liked that she didn't take on too many clients in one month. She was always available through phone and text. With our third, I went in labor in the middle of the night, and she responded right away. Jeanne has so much experience, she just knows what to do and what you need, she has everything you might need in her magic roller case. Also, she didn't "replace" my husband. He was worried about it with our first baby. But he learned that doula helps, not replaces. Another great perk is that Jeanne knows all the nurses at Crestwood, they work together wonderfully. We loved her!


Lauren Worsham Smith


Jeanne assisted me with my second birth, a VBAC. Her presence was so calming to me and she kept an eye on my husband too. My husband had been reluctant at first about hiring a doula because he worried he would be displaced in the birthing room. But Jeanne never  overshadowed my husband and he is now a firm believer that she made the entire experience much easier on both of us. Jeanne is very sweet and supportive. I felt at ease with her immediately. I could not recommend her enough. She is wonderful!

Casey St. Johnahue


Jeanne was such a lifesaver! I knew as soon as I found out I was pregnant I wanted a doula-it was our first baby and we weren't planning on having anyone but my husband and I in the delivery room. Jeanne came highly recommended by two friends, both of whom had used her for successful natural births. We met with Jeanne twice before the big day and she really helped me feel comfortable and at ease. We even discussed my motivations for wanting to go natural, which became important later. When I had to be induced 4 weeks early after a fairly serious car wreck, Jeanne was my rock. She helped me cope not only with the labor but also the complications caused by my other injuries. She also helped me overcome my fears and get a much-needed epidural, which absolutely saved me from becoming too exhausted and having to get a C-section. She knew my husband and I were still shellshocked from the accident and provided great emotional support to both of us. I can't think of a better person to have by your side in any birthing circumstances. I was so grateful to be able to focus on healing and my beautiful healthy baby without having a c-section recovery, as well, and I will always be thankful Jeanne was by my side! 

Sarah Napier


We decided to hire Jeanne after much research about the birth process.  We were not happy about the first birth experience, and wanted a better experience for round two.

We met with Jeanne two times prior to the big day.  She was able to answser all of our questions.  When I had questions in my last few days of our 41 plus week pregnancy, she was available by phone every time I needed to "talk about options" to help us make sure we had the info to make an educated decision.  She was completely supportive of our decisions and the process.  At the hospital and helped me be relaxed, confident, and own the birth.  I could not have asked for a better or easier experience. 

I arrived at the hospital around 3:30pm, Jeanne arriving shortly therefafter.  She paid attention to the little details, like the fact that there were no towels in my room.  She politely asked for towels.  She helped me get comfortable and supported me.  She tried many ways to help alleviate my discomfort.  Just minutes before the birth, my water broke, landing all over her new shoes and clothes.  She wasn't concerned about that a bit, but that I might fall in the puddle.  She yelled loudly for those towels we still didn't have. I knew I had all the support I needed! 

Jeanne was the only person in the room who recognized I was going through transition and completely ready to push.  She suggested the nurse check my progress.  The nurse ran screaming out the door for help, and fortunately a team was ready to assist very fast.  I delivered our baby at 5:35.

My husband was glad he could enjoy the birth and not have to act as an advocate for me during the process.  He said with our first born,  he was so busy he didn't have time to enjoy it. 

I would not attempt to have a child without Jeanne present.  She made all the difference in the world!

Elizabeth Schofield


We hired Jeanne for our second birth. We wanted a natural birth, took the Bradley class, read The Birth Partner, and interviewed at least three doulas before we chose Jeanne. We felt calm around her, like both my husband and I could talk to her about our needs and thoughts. She had an excellent experience base and certifications, and was recommended by my ObGyn, so we knew they would be able to work well together. She stressed that she didn't want to get between us and the doctor since that wasn't her place or her job, her job was to explain things if we asked or gently remind us of things we agreed on beforehand, and to physically help us through. She lived up to all of that excellently. We loved Jeanne's birth binder, full of useful and educational info. I had a very fast birth and got to be one of those (un)lucky people for whom anyone touching any part of my body felt like I was being stabbed with a knife. Jeanne was right about when to go to the hospital - we barely had enough time. From what the nurse told us about the condition of my cervix, she suggested new positions to help it thin out for labor to progress, and her advice was spot on. She had such a calm voice, she was my lodestone as I tried intensely to maintain my calm and allow the contractions to do their job, and she helped my husband hold himself together too. Jeanne explained to the three nurses that we had a code word about epidurals and I hadn't used it yet, otherwise they would have tried to intervene between me and my husband to give me one. In the end I got exactly what I wanted - a drug-free baby. Jeanne earned every dollar we paid her before and after the birth, and I have no regrets at all about hiring her. Hers was a calm and helpful presence. For my next birth I want her there.

Leshia burt


After researching and conversing with our local ICAN network, my husband and I decided we would try to have a vaginal birth after having two previous C-sections with the last one being a rocky recovery. Jeanne was one of the referrals and we were so glad we chose her! She had such a warm personality and worked well with us even though we lived about an hour and fifteen minutes away. She answered questions I had about vbac and helped me to choose the hospital I gave birth at because of her experience with them as a professional. Closer to the time of my delivery, we were sad to announce we were going to have to cancel Jeanne's services due to financial hardship at which time she told us not to worry about the money! I ended up having another C-section due to failure to progress at 40 weeks 6 days and even in the change of plans Jeanne was so gracious! She attended my C-section and was such an encouragement! She also came the next day to visit us at the hospital.  We ended up being able to pay in the end, but because I had C-section rather than the anticipated vaginal birth, she gave us the final deposit back, but because we had developed a wonderful relationship with Jeanne, we gave her half of it back! I recommend Jeanne if you want an experienced, personal professional to assist with your birth experience.



Melissa Crowe


As a first time mom, I had a lot of uncertainties about how I would handle labor, but I knew I wanted a natural, unmedicated birth, if at all possible.  Jeanne came highly recommended as a doula, and my husband and I both liked her immediately.  She answered all of our questions patiently and was a wonderful resource for information.  When the unexpected inevitably happened during labor, Jeanne's gentle, reassuring presence helped me stay calm and focused, and her pain management techniques were invaluable.  She helped us have the birth we'd hoped for!  Should we ever be blessed with another baby, I would definitely want to have her there with us again.

April Hobbs


 I knew I wanted a Doula as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I knew of Jeanne because my sister-in-law had used her for the birth of her first child. My husband was very skeptical about having a doula. I don't know exactly what he thought having one entailed, but he finally came around and allowed me to hire Jeanne. After the birth of our son, neither of us would have had it any other way. In fact, he even said he wanted her for any other deliveries we have in the future. Jeanne was phenomenal. She was always a phone call away if I had a question or concern. I knew I could call her and find out if I needed to call the doctor or could save the time and talk to her. I wanted a natural (no meds) birth and I could not have done it without her. My delivery was extremely fast and I don't think I could have coped well without her by my side coaching me because I had never done that before.  She made my delivery extremely manageable with hot compresses and counter-pressure and experienced coaching.  I never felt insecure or scared the whole time because she stayed right by my side. I look forward to my next experience with her and will definitely be contacting her with my next pregnancy!



Jeanne is an amazing doula and I highly recommend her to all of my pregnant friends! She was able to establish a trusting relationship with us right away and relived many of my anxieties. Her knowledge and extensive experience in natural childbirth made me very confident in the level of care and support i would be receiving even here in Alabama. She was there for me on the phone from the time the contractions started in the morning, till she told us it was time to go to the hospital. Her every move and word at the hospital were extremely helpful and always seemed like exactly what i wanted or needed. She instructed me through every contraction, offering various techniques, positions and tips for pain control. Jeanne was able to gage the pattern of my contractions and my progress much better than nurses and even my OB - they were completely surprised by the baby's appearance, despite Jeanne's warnings about my rapid progression. Im not an easy person when Im in pain, and I was not sure if I could share such a private moment with a hired doula (vs a close friend who helped with my first child's birth), but I was blown away by how easy it was to give birth with Jeanne. Her presence in that birthing suite was precious! She is a professional of the highest grade and a truly talanted doula. The wonderful experience we had is worth a fortune, and both my husband and I are convinced that we would never go into birth without a wonderful experienced doula like Jeanne.

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