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Gwen Kiehne

Seattle Family Doula

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles no ferries, $20/visit travel fee for Eastside, negotiable

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Availability Remarks: I am not currently available for new birth clients in 2021.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Doula Experience

5 years and 50 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

10 years and 180 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 1 births and 1 to 2 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: I can't work in a home where there is smoking inside.

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I worked in a hospital for 6 years before becoming a doula and am completely comfortable in the hospital environment. I have attended unmedicated births in the hospital, inductions, and have been in the OR for a cesarean birth. I am happy to support families choosing a hospital birth.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Birth centers are a wonderful option and there are so many great choices in the Seattle area. I support families choosing a birth center birth.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Absolutely. Birthing in the home can be a beautiful experience and I am honored to work in your home.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Antepartum doula support
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Member of NAPS Doulas and serve on the board for NAPS as the co-director.

Fee Details

Finding the right doula to support you in labor, birth, and during the "4th Trimester" is a personal journey. I would love to assist in that process any way that I can. My birth rate includes up to three prenatal visits, my support throughout your labor and birth, and two postpartum visits. I am a certified lactation educator and will stay after the birth of your baby to assist with feeding. For a full list of my services, please refer to my website: or send me a message.

Service Area

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles no ferries, $20/visit travel fee for Eastside, negotiable

Client Testimonials for Gwen Kiehne

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Tiana Hanley


We hired Gwen as a Sleep Coach when our daugther was 16 months old.  It was the best decision we made and best investment we've spent for the health and wellbeing of our family.  At 16 months, our daughter was still waking 3-4x a night to breastfeed and often wanted to be rocked or nursed to sleep. I had read SO many baby sleep books and tried to implement many of the strategies recommended in these books without much success.  Gwen met with my husband and I, as well as met our little girl, for a few hours one afternoon and gave us a very simple, easy-to-follow sleep plan.  After one night, our daugther caught on to the new routine and started sleeping through the night.  Now, I know our one experience can't be generalized across all children; however, I do believe that it was Gwen's vast knowledge and experience with baby sleep science and behavior, as well as her flexibility, that made all the difference.  She saved us SO much time, energy and money experimenting with all the different methods out there.  She doesn't believe that there ONE method that works for all babies.  I also feared that a sleep coach (or another sleep book) would make me feel as though I had done something wrong with my baby up to this point. Gwen did not make me feel at all like I had been doing things wrong.  To the contrary, she was at all times empathetic, empowering, and (best of all) could have a sense of humor with us about this crazy journey of parenthood. A million thanks to you Gwen!  

Donna Whitsett


Gwen was by my side every step of the way. We procrastinated before hiring a doula (waiting until 2 weeks before the due date I believe), but she made a point to meet with us twice before the birth to understand our birth plan and show us her "bag of tricks" for pain management so I would know what to expect. She is compassionate, a fantastic listener, patient, and kind -- the type of person you want to be able to draw support from during the uncertainties and physical/emotioinal experiences surrounding labor and childbirth. She met us at the hospital when I went in to get checked after my water broke (even though it wasn't "go time"), simply to offer support and be present while I advocated for myself. (Note that it is not her philosophy to advocate for you, make decisions, or tell you what to do -- but she will offer her opinion and support your decisions for the birth experience you want.) Later on, she came over and helped with some tricks to get labor started and then once things were moving helped with pain management, breathing, etc.

She took photos of the birth (without which we wouldn't have had any) and took detailed notes during my 30-hour labor so that I now have a record of what happened when and how things progressed, etc. She also visitied with us twice postpartum and gave breastfeeding advice and just listened when I needed to talk through some frustrations I had about the midwives we used and my eventual need for a C-section. Throughout the entire process, Gwen was very responsive via both text and phone, even at 1 am.

If/when I have a second child, I would absolutely want Gwen by my side!

Margot Jansen


Gwen was an amazing support for our family after the birth of our daughter. She is kind, warm, trustworthy and incredibly knowledgable. We worked with Gwen in several capacities. She did out plancenta encapsulation, which was a smooth and professional process. She offered us post-partum support that was invaluable. I never hestiated leaving my baby with Gwen. She cared for my daughter with ease and confidence. Gwen also supported me on many occasions with nursing, provifig me tips and resources to make the process easier. There are so many life changes that parents are faced with when having a baby, Gwen really helped us navigate those changes. Over the past few months, Gwen has given us a tremendous amount of kindness and support. I do not think I could have gotten through the 4th trimester without her.



We couldn't have imagined the birth of our son without Gwen. My husband was initially not interested in hiring a doula, but after the experience we had with Gwen, he said she was the best choice we made. Gwen is caring, down to earth, confident, and such has gentle warmth. When we have our second child, we hope she's available again as our doula.

Kate Lindsay Scher


Gwen is a talented, knowledgeable doula that provides non-judgmental expertise to help with the new parent transition. My husband and I were first-time parents of twins and, after a challenging delivery put me on unexpected bed rest for a few weeks, we were in need of more help than anticipated. Gwen was available, flexible, and very helpful during these times. Her love of babies is as obvious as her skill in caring for them. Additionally, she helped both my husband and I feel like better parents, helping us learn (and SLEEP!) during those first months. Thank you, Gwen!

Alice Frankowski


Gwen was such a key part of my birth.  She was incredibly perceptive and spot on in observing my response to each contraction, and she gave me solid support and directions that were clear at a time when my mind was elsewhere and my body was going through the most intense pain of my life.  She helped me to have a natural birth with no medication, and without her, I honestly don't think I would have made it all the way through without painkillers.  She helped me to keep at it, and I'm just SO glad she was on my team.  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Gwen to anyone (whether or not they want a natural birth without painkillers), because she was such a phenomenal, supportive part of my experience.

Gwen is also a great postpartum doula and has a wealth of advice and experince, as well as a wonderful listening ear.  She even encapsulated my placenta and demystified the whole process of that for me.  If all of that isn't enough, she's also just a fabulous person all around.  When I met her, I didn't have a clue what a doula was, but I told her that I wanted to hire her no matter what when I had kids because her energy was so grounding and comforting.  Seriously, Gwen is the best.  As a side note, my husband also loved working with her and she really helped both of us individually and together.

If you are looking for a person to make you feel grounded, safe, comfortable (as much as possible, that is), and strong during labor and birth, Gwen is a really solid person to have at your side.  Even if you're just looking for a postpartum doula, Gwen is just all around amazing!

Gülay Birand


Gwen was instrumental in making our transition home with our bundle and our first week back from the hospital an amazing experience! Our baby came a few weeks early & we did not have things ready. Gwen came to the hospital under very late notice to collect my placenta in order to encapsulate it. She not only did this, but made beautiful prints out of my placenta. Our baby had jaundice and my water broke before labor started, so we were in the hospital 3 days. She returned to the hospital to give me the pills and gave me support and lactation advice. She then set out to get things in order around our apartment; diaper station setup, our baby's clothing put away, pumping station arranged, bottles sterilized etc. She also took care of household chores like dishes, laundry etc. and helped us do a lot of firsts with confidence. She intuitively knew what I would need as a new mom - lots of rest/self-care - and made sure I got it. The lactation cookies she made were such a welcome treat! She gave us so much reassurance and help in those first days, we are eternally grateful. When it came time for us to move to our new house amidst a remodel, she was incredibly helpful on the day of the move and the first few days following it. She helped us get organized in the nursery, our closet & our baby's playroom. Most recently, Gwen came to help us again with our baby as we had some final work done on our house. Our little girl slept peacefully in Gwen's arms the entire time. Gwen has always been avaiable via text and email for questions anywhere from breastfeeding to vitamins for baby. She does her research and I found her to be a fount of knowledge. She is an incredibly, loving, kind, resourceful, smart, knowlegeable and helpful doula and I could not recommend her more. If I ever have another baby, I will most definitely request her help again & she will in the meantime continue to be a part of our family.

Stacey Roberts


After the birth of my second child I had an unexpectedly difficult recovery and my son had a series of his own challanges. Along with the change to our family dynamic and a first child becoming a big brother we found ourselves needing some help. Gwen came into my home and family with such a kind and calm spirit. She was able to energize and support while also allowing us to rest and recharge.  She learned a lot about our unique issues and was a wonerful resource as we made decisions for our family. She was a calm and reassuring voice of support for us as we made our way through that early time. I cannot say enough about Gwen - she is an incredible doula and knows how to adjust her support to what is happening in each particular moment and day.  A wonderful gift to a new family to have such grounded and loving support. Thank you, Gwen!!

J. Doe


It's impossible to say enough good things about Gwen Kiehne. Of the many decisions we made before the birth, hiring Gwen for post-partum care was the best decision of all. Gwen combines a quiet sense of humor and tranquil presence with a get-it-done energy.

Pre-set visits were ideal while we lived in an exhausted haze. Gwen came once a week for 4 hrs, for 6 weeks -- and then we extended it because her visits made such a gigantic difference in our lives.

It's hard to say what Gwen *hasn't* helped us with. The first few visits, I had a backlog of errands and was exhausted -- so she drove all around town (dropping off mending and drycleaning, picking up used baby gear, getting groceries), watered the garden, pruned the roses... She ran errands with impressive speed, returning to work on laundry, baby care, dinner, and everything else.

Gwen was excellent at detecting incipient problems (for the whole family): both I and my cat (!) needed additional care after baby arrived, and it was Gwen who gently pointed this out and made sure we followed up. Before our child's acid reflux was diagnosed, Gwen knew how to comfort him; she was the person whose suggestions for dealing with acid reflux (later endorsed by doctors) made the most difference.

In some countries, postpartum mothers have a weekly pediatric nurse visit to have baby weighed, and get any questions answered. Here, Gwen filled that role for us -- in addition to very practical help around the house.

Gwen is very knowledgeable (and keeps up with research on newborn care) -- but will lay out what she knows rather than say what *must* be done.

On a very practical level, Gwen has a incredible ability to Get Stuff Done -- I usually write a list of tasks/questions I hope to get through while she's here, and she just ploughs through them all. I don't know anyone else with that kind of quiet, serene efficiency.

Julia Massey


I thought that I had everything figured out before my labor began.  I diligently went to Penny Simkin's classes with Jared, my husband, never ate lunch meat, squatted 20 times a day, and even did regular Kegels and perineal massages.  "I don't know if I actually NEED a doula," I told my husband.  We hemmed and hawed about it, but a friend said I'd want one to give Jared a break.  Well, in that case....

We found the Dona website that shows students who are completing their certification.  It was a lengthy list and I contacted someone else initially by simply connecting with the first person in my area.  She was unavailable around my due date and said she'd ask her classmates.  Gwen happened to be available, and so we decided to meet.

Gwen was immediately everything I could have hoped for: kind, intuitive, and loving.  I was able to express my confidence and readiness about the birth to her and she, with no judgment whatsoever encouraged me, and made me feel like regardless of what happened that she would BE there.  And that she was....

When my labor started (two weeks "late"), I eagerly messaged back and forth with Gwen and she came over in the wee hours of the morning.  I labored for about 12 or 13 hours and the midwife came.  I was sure I was close to 10cm.  It turned out that I was barely 3cm dilated, and what ensued was another day and a half of labor.  Labor that I would have NEVER made it through without Gwen.

Gwen didn't just give Jared breaks.  She knew EXACTLY what to say, responded to my every need, including needs for space.  I remember when I was actively laboring in the tub, that I looked at her and said, "I don't think i can do this."  She warmly responded with, "you don't have to think how to do this.  Your body will do the work."  It brings tears to my eyes to think of her contribution to my family.

Hire Gwen Kiehne.

Jennifer Lewis


Gwen was incredibly understanding and helpful when we first brought our daughter back from the hospital  Becuase our was a very last minute adoption (basically bought a car seat on the way to the hospital) we felt incredibly overwhelmed and in dire need of the calm, knowledgeable expertise that Gwen brought into our home.  Her presence not only gave me a chance to catch up on sleep or get laundry done, but she was also incredibly supportive and understanding of our situation and showed us and our daughter nothing but compassion and love.  Even after our daughter got a little older I've hired her for an hour or two from time to time when I've struggled with nap times or sleep schedules and Gwen.  We continue to be so grateful to Gwen for helping smooth this transition for us and help us see through the newborn fog so that we could spend our energy and focus on loving our beautiful little girl.

Karen Paik


We were very fortunate to have Gwen Kiehne serve as our post-partum doula from the week of our daughter's birth until she was a few months old. Throughout her time working for us, Gwen was professional, courteous, warm and knowledgeable. From the moment we spoke on the telephone; to the initial consultation in which she surveyed our home, asked informed questions and addressed my concerns; to our time at the hospital where I recovered from a C-section; and throughout the months in which we were lucky to have her with us, we knew that we were in the hands of a real professional. Gwen knew how to enter the family dynamic and find ways in which to assist us. At appropriate times, she smoothly and deftly took charge of household duties like baby care, toddler care, grocery shopping and meal preparation without our even needing to request her help. (Gwen can also cook an impressive array of soups, roasts, risotto, beet salads, quinoa salads, and pastas at her command.)

Gwen showed genuine and loving concern for our daughter, checking in via telephone or email on days that she was not with us. And she thought deeply about issues that our daughter might have been experiencing. For example, Gwen helped us realize that our daughter's bouts of crying were related to her indigestion from milk and nut protein intolerance, and took the initiative to test different hypotheses and come up with solutions, including grocery shopping, preparing meals that were dairy and nut-free, and recommending a probiotic from a local vitamin store. Gwen also figured out a method for inducing our daughter, a notoriously light sleeper who refused to nap in our chaotic household, to sleep. Gwen located a fan in our toddler’s room, turned it on and set our daughter down while drowsy with a pacifier. Without Gwen’s guidance, we would have likely muddled through months of our daughter's uncomfortable and overtired crying. We recommend her without reservation.

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