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Heather Burke Bradley

Pittsburgh Doula Network

Pittsburgh, PA Service range 25 miles We will travel farther for mileage/time reimbursement.

(412) 901-9568


Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

22 years and 230 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

22 years and 300 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 0 to 1 births and 3 to 8 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Director, Pittsburgh Doula Network Founder and Executive Director, Pittsburgh Bereavement Doulas Resolve Through Sharing perinatal loss coordinator and trainer DONA-trained postpartum doula Former certifications: CD, (DONA), Hypnobirthing practitioner

Languages spoken


Fee Details

Postpartum Doula services are $28 per hour.

Pittsburgh, PA Service range 25 miles We will travel farther for mileage/time reimbursement.

Client Testimonials for Heather Burke Bradley

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Emily Beach Thomas


Heather Bradley is a godsend to new moms. She helped us immensely before I gave birth and assisted us with the placement of a labor doula and postpartum doula. Everyone she helped us find were great. hearher is kind, hard working and so knowledgeable. I’m very grateful for her help. 

Kelly Lynn


Our mothers had children, our grandmothers had children, our mothers in law had children. But, the ability to ask questions of someone who deals with newborns EVERY SINGLE DAY? Priceless. Every night Heather came over, I felt like I had a pediatric nurse; an expert, walking through my door. Breastfeeding questions? Answered. Sleep questions? Answered. Postpartum questions? Answered. Sanity? Reclaimed.

No matter how much preparatory reading you do before your baby is born, it's almost of no help when your first little one actually arrives. You just can't be prepared for it. The relief and comfort I felt knowing Heather was coming on a particular night was literally priceless. She was beyond patient with me, which was a feat as I tend to be pretty high strung. Add to that postpartum hormones; I was needy. She was literally an angel walking though my door and I couldn't have been more thankful to have her - her advice, her cooking & culinary expertise, her help around the house, her companionship...everything about her. Best money spent.

Tracy Lynn


Heather was very professional and definitely had a special touch with my newborn which allowed me to get some much needed rest without worrying one bit, she is very hands on and offers a lot of good advice. Thanks Heather!


Gretchen Etter


Heather was an amazing coach and mentor to have by my side for the birth of my first daughter. Her knowledge and support were immeasurable in what turned out to be a difficult birth. I cannot imagine going through the experience without her! 



Jaime Newberg Snyder


Heather was a terrific postpartum doula. She showed up on time every night and did her job well! She worked with us from the time my daughter was born until she was around 3 1/2 months and she did overnights for us. She became part of our family and I could tell how much she loved working with my daughter and babies in general. She helped us to get her to sleep through the night and helped us to determine how to get her to do this through the use of the Merlin's magic sleep suit and finding the formula that was right for her. I would highly recommend Heather as a postpartum doula. I can't say enough great things about her and I am sure your experience will be the same.

lisa phillips


When we had our second daughter we were nervous.  We had a rough experience with our first child when she was a newborn, and we were not sure what we would get the second time around.  Someone talked to me about the idea of having a night-doula, and I contacted Heather.  I remember liking Heather instantly, as did my husband.  She was an incredible resource for us, and having her here several nights a week was incredibly helpful!  I remember feeling quite sad when we actually didn't need her at night any more.....both my husband and I missed her tremendously.  We have recommended Heather to several people and they have all been overwhelmingly happy about their experiences with her. 

Yolanda Scrivofilo Caminos


Heather was truly a lifesaver during the births and aftercare of 2 of my boys. Not only was she organized, timely, proficient and knowledgeable, but she was one of the most affectionate and caring people I know. With each child, I felt COMPLETLEY at peace when she was looking after them with night time care. During each birth, she was quick to help us make important decisions, which helped my births go smoothly. I had a very long and strenuous 36 hour labor with my first son. She frequently talked with me and gave me massages to relax and breathe through the contractions. She was there to give my husband time to take breaks and sleep. There was a scary moment when my son's heart rate decended and she was quick to help move me around until his heart rate went up again. She dealt with serious issues. As I finally gave birth, we discovered that my son had a triple wrapped cord and was facing up, so it could have turned out to be a very bad situation, but she was with us all the way was instrumental in helping us make the right decisions, quickly!  With my second son, my husband crushed his knee and was in a wheel chair when I went into labor and taking very high doses of pain medication, so Heather was able to make important decisions when he couldn't. She made it to my house in under 6 minutes and drove us to the hospital.  During my brief and VERY intense labor, she was there to talk me through help me breathe through a natural birth that I absolutely did not want to experience, but what coach she was! She talked me through, what was for me, a very intense and painful period. I don't think I would have gotten through it as easily without her help. She was calm and incredibly intuitive to my needs. She has always kept in touch with me, as she surely does with all of her clients. She has become a cherished friend and will always be an important part of our lives. She is an amazing doula and I wouldn't choose anyone else-ever!

Yolanda Caminos

Betsy Levine Brown


Without Heather we wouldn't have made it through our first month as parents.  Our son was a wonderful infant, however, with my challenging recovery due to an unexpected, long labor and delivery, my husband and I required sleep, rest and additional support. Healther was beyond words and I often reflect by saying, "we couldn't have done it without Heather!" Beyond her gentle and loving care for our son, her expertise and experience supported my new role of motherhood. She provided superb insight and knowledge into breastfeeding inclusive of helping me connect with a lactation specialist and pediatrician as well as providing resources to help our son with struggles to feed intially. Furthermore, guided us with developing a schedule, taught us how to read the signs for caring for our son, kept our home in order, and helped us to acclimate to being a family of three. We feel so lucky to have Heather in our lives and each evening we go to bed wishing our door would open and there would be Heather!  Every new family should be lucky enough to have the support, expertise and knowledge of Heather.

Beth Nichols


As the Director of Birth Doulas of Pittsburgh, we have referred many postpartum clients to Heather over the years. She has received glowing reviews from clients. Her service is professional and dedicated to helping women and their families during this special time in their life. Thank you Heather for all the work that you and your doulas do for mom's everywhere!

Kate Sphar


 As a single mother by choice, I knew I was going to need some assistance in those first few weeks after my son was born.  Heather was recommended by several experienced doulas and her presence was absolutely vital.  Yes, I was able to get some sleep, but more importantly Heather mentored me through those early days of motherhood, answering questions about baby care and breastfeeding.  In addition she helped with all sorts of things including laundry and light cleaning.  She added her own special touch, making muffins or creating a photo montage of my son as a gift.  All in all a wonderful experience due to her reliability, professionalism, and loving care.

Jen McCrady


A family member and several friends reccomended Heather. She was a godsend. Heather helped us out during night time with my son. She was so knowledgable and was able to answer all of my new mom questions. She was awaesome with my son. Helped get him in sleep routine which was imperative before I went to back to work. I cannot say enough good things Heather. She was the sanity to my sleep deprivation. I plan to have Heather for my next child due in June. Heather is AWESOME! 

Liz Devlin


7 - 1/2 years ago I was pregnant with my only child; a daughter. My parents lived across the country, and my late mother was suffering from early onset dementia. I was devastated that I would not have my mother to help guide me through the first days of motherhood and beyond. I hired Heather Domenico Bradley to help me with post partum care. I can not begin to tell you how Heather's kindness, knowledge & sense of humor helped me through those first months. My daughter had many medical problems early in life, and Heather was always very resourceful in helping me find the assistance my daughter needed; be it medical or homeopathic or otherwise. She is also a fantastic cook! I was always amazed to come downstairs to a delicious meal prepared with whatever I had on hand. We are still very close friends to this day. I will forever be thankful to her for the care she gave me and my family at such a special time in my life.

Judi Rosen


Heather was there every step of the way for us, through three long attempts of labor.

We felt so vulnerable at the time and having her nurturing presence was something that we will always remember.

She wants to be there in the ways that you need her to be, and is amazing at anticipating your needs in the most respectful and gentle manner.

After this experience, we could not have imagined going through the birthing process without her loving and knowing heart and hands.

We are so thankful that she was there!!!


Sarah Buxbaum


 Heather helped me prepare for the birth of my daughter at a time when I had no friends or family nearby. She was there for me when my pregnancy lasted longer than usual, and there for me in my disappointment when the midwives indicated that I would have to go to the hospital rather than their free-standing birth clinic. She helped me navigate the decision-making process at the hospital, and supported my attempt a natural birth. In the end, it seemed that a C-section was the best for my daughter and Heather’s guidance and knowledge allowed me to have an excellent ob/gyn who did a surgery that would support a VBAC and has been completely without complications. This alone would be great reason to recommend Heather to you.

However, Heather did so much more for us. By the time of my daughter’s birth, my husband and parents were in town, but Heather made the postpartum time so much easier. She did many things to allow me time to bond with my daughter, including laundry and cooking. Nearly a decade later, my husband is still talking about her lasagna. Because he was living and working in Canada, I was on my own in Pittsburgh for a while. When it was time to move, Heather helped us drive my stuff and 3 cats into Canada. We are still telling the story of that border crossing. Even though the health certificates for the cats she was driving with were in the second car, behind her, Heather convinced the guard to let her through. That he let her pass still amazes us, given our many other (pre green card) experiences with border crossings, and is a good illustration of how determined and supportive she is for her clients.

I am glad to have this opportunity to let people know how wonderful she is. Any discussion of my daughter’s birth includes accolades for Heather.


M. Courtney Reschoff


 A good friend had recommended Heather to me when I was pregnant with my first child. I felt so blessed to have been connected to Heather because I felt instantly comfortable with her from our first meeting a few months before my due date in August 2009. Her presence really was a gift to my husband and I. She was not only a support for me but also for him. She thought of things that we forgot or didn't think of such as asking if I wanted a mirror so I could see the head coming out. She was also so awesome in helping me make decisions during labor, giving me great feedback. She was with me for the birth of both my boys (17months and 3yrs old) and created birth stories and beautiful dvd's of pictures of their births. I also had Heather help me at night after my second child was born. It was so nice to get some sleep and have Heather there to watch my precious newborn and answer any questions I had. I can't say enough about how positive my experience was with having Heather as my doula. If we have a third some day I want her to be there! She is the best and she was a very important part of the "team" who helped bring my little guys into the world! 

Christina McNaughton


 I met Heather when I was 8 months pregnant with my second child. She was so knowledgeable and supportive when we discussed my previous birth and my plans for my second. It was clear from the very start that her only agenda was to help me to have the birth experience that I desired and personally felt was best for me. The morning I went into labor she made herself available in every way, from monitoring my contractions and seeing to my comfort to tidying up my kitchen and even cooking us breakfast! When the time was right she drove me to the hospital while my husband dropped off our eldest child and met us there. It was such a relief to have Heather there; I felt as though I had my own personal medical advocate. She did all the work of explaining the situation and my needs to the various nurses and doctors along the way and relaying neccesary information, leaving me free to focus inwardly on my labor (I was in transition at this point). During the delivery her support and encouragement were truly invaluable, and after my daughter's birth (by far the most pleasant of my three deliveries thus far), she quietly whisked herself away and left my husband and I to enoy our new baby girl together.

I've experienced  friends/family in the past wanting to support me during labor, only to find they were a drain on me emotionally and physically, as somehow events were made to be about  their own experiences/opinions/needs rather than what I was dealing with at that time. Heather was absolutely wonderful;  I felt she was like a fairy godmother-there when I needed her the most, taking care of everything and freeing me to focus on what was most important, and then silently flitting away once she was no longer needed. Heather is an amazing doula and I'm privileged to call her a friend. I am really looking forward to her presence at my fourth labor this coming July 2013.

Christine Moyers


Heather and her team were with our family as night nurses for more than three months after the birth of our premature twins. Heather's take-charge attitude helped us stay on track during those early days. She taught me so much about childcare, and kept our fussy babies calm and happy and on a good sleep schedule overnight. Heather always went above and beyond--cleaning up the kitchen one evening after we'd had people over, bringing us food, letting us borrow baby supplies--and was cheerful, knowledgable and compassionate. She was always on time, very reliable and a hard worker. We think of Heather as part of our family and I'd recommend her to anyone who needs some extra help at home after the birth of a child.

Christa Bartko


I first met Heather as I was preparing for the birth of my first child. We were recent transplants from State College, and I had been taking HypnoBirthing classes in the hopes of having a natural, unmedicated birth. Heather was one of the few people in the area who had been trained in this method. My birth experience with her in attendance was all that I had hoped it would be. She was supportive of our plan and and helped me to keep my focus on my birthing as well as avoiding unnecessary interventions. She knew all the tricks to help me stay comfortable and calm throughout the process. I had an amazing birth! She took pictures for us - and wrote my daughter's birth story so I would always have a memory of that wonderful day. At the births of my second and third children, she knew me well enough that she could tell just by the change in my breathing and facial expressions that the baby was coming- and got the midwives back in the room just in time! She has become a valued friend in the last 11 years, and I recommend her to everyone expectant mother I meet!

Amy Shegan


Heather was my Birth Doula for my 4th child and her presence and support was invaluable. When I called her she was at my side in no time at all. My birth was incredibly peaceful and even enjoyable and Heather absolutely helped make it so! From a physical perspective she was very comforting and knew just how to touch to help me through (and when not to as well) and on the emotional end I could not have been more at ease knowing the immeasurable support I had. Heather also helped my husband to know how to best support me and her presence was such an incredible blessing on that very important day! I was also fortunate enough to have Heather's help in my postpartum days. In all the recovery that goes on in that time, I was able to manage it comfortably with Heather's help. She somehow knows exactly what is most helpful to a mom and I found complete comfort in knowing that she was there with me. I trust Heather completely and would recommend her wholeheartedly to any mother/family for her unparalleled support and loving care.

Monica Cervone McElwain


 I was lucky to have Heather as my doula for my children, Oban (six) and Lucia (three).  As a new mother expecting our first baby I was excited and very anxious.  In my mind I had a good plan of what I wanted during the delivery.  My birth plan went with eaze and it was all very beautiful. After my sweet baby was born, I had serious complications that was not part of my plan.  I felt that I had climbed the biggest mountain but had more to overcome wth zero strength.  Heather brought my focus back with encouragement and love.  I truly could not get through it without her.  She was a true professional at what she know best and makes you feel so calm and comfortable.  I could of moved many mountains that night because I know Heather would get me through it.   A few years later when I found out I was pregnant again, there was no doubt that Heather would'nt be there.  She wil forever be in my birth plan and has a special place in my heart.  I would recommend her to anyone.

Taryn Sutton Ellis


 I met Heather quite a few years back when she was my doula when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, who is now almost 15 years old.  I had an extremely rough pregnancy with her, almost losing my baby several times, and everytime I had to go to the hospital with a complication Heather was always right there with me, most of the time she got to the hospital before I did, and if she wasn't there, she got there very quickly.  She was my rock through my very rough pregnancy, she was the only support I had.  I will never ever forget how caring and how loving she was.  I just recently got back in touch with her a couple years ago to tell her how much she had meant to me during that time, and that I never forgot her.  She is one of the most caring, special woman I have ever met.  In my mind, she went above and beyond her call of duty, and now everytime I look at my beautiful daughter, I remember Heather, and I always will!

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