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Photography/ Film / Encapsulation

Glendale, AZ Service range 40 miles I'm willing to discuss special circumstances so please contact me!

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1800

Birth Fee

$1000 to $1800

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 315 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
As of today all hospitals will have to be attended virtually and not in person. Contact me for more details ??

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
We have several wonderful birth centers around the valley and doula support only enhances your experience. While midwives are focusing on the health of you and your baby, a doula makes sure you have all the extra support you and your partner will need. I would be delighted to support you in a birth center and can refer you to the very best that Phoenix has to offer!

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With the right Midwife , birthing at home can be a safe and beautiful way to bring your newborn into the world! Along with your midwife and her team a doula brings an extra special touch and support to a home birth and I'm always delighted to be a part of one! I can refer you to the best should you need a referral!

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Childbirth education services
  • End of life doula services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

ICAN of Phoenix Member

Fee Details

*UPDATE* As of March 28th NO Phoenix Hospital is allowing more than 1 support person . This means you will need to make the difficult choice of whom you want with you. Please contact me or any other of my colleagues to help you navigate your options in today’s environment! We all still believe you can have a very satisfying birth experience!!!! Please do not hesitate to contact me today for more information and questions. Warmly, Rebecca Turrigiano

Glendale, AZ Service range 40 miles I'm willing to discuss special circumstances so please contact me!

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Kristen Wunsch


After having Rebecca as our doula for the successful vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) of our second child, when we found out we were expecting a third child, we knew we wanted her to join us in this journey as well. I was so relieved when she said she was free for my expected due date! 

Each of my births have turned out to be so different, and I firmly believe having Rebecca by my side enabled me to make educated decisions regarding my care and helped me to have my vaginal deliveries as naturally as possible. With my last pregnancy, I had to make decisions that I wasn’t confronted with previously regarding advanced maternal age, gestational diabetes, possibility of early induction, and premature rupture of membranes (PROM). Rebecca is very educated in all birth topics and was able to direct me to evidence-based research to help me make educated decisions that suited my birth preferences. 

Along with her education and expertise, I again relied on Rebecca for her calming, reassuring presence during the various stages of labor and delivery. Knowing that I had her in my corner ready to advocate for me if necessary gave me the inner confidence to focus on my goals of an unmedicated birth and a healthy baby. Rebecca’s physical and emotional support guided me through, and when all was said and done, we had a beautiful baby girl who was able to come into the world with little medical intervention and no pain medications! 

Rebecca is also great with postpartum follow-up and really made me feel cared for. She quickly took care of the placenta encapsulation and stayed in regular contact for the first few weeks. I know she is still available to me for anything I need. 

Rebecca is a beautiful and loving soul, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Lisa Huff


We used Rebecca as our doula for our first baby born in 2015. My husband and I loved her so much, there was no doubt in my mind that we wanted her by our side for our second baby, born December 2019.
Rebecca’s calm demeanor and extreme professionalism make her stand out from the rest. She is incredibly knowledgeable with anything birth and baby related. It’s so comforting having someone of Rebecca’s caliber by your side.
My first baby was a hospital birth. At the recommendation by Rebecca, our second baby was born at a birth center. It was the most incredible experience, one that I will never forget. I will forever be in debt to Rebecca for trusting that I could nail an unmedicated birth outside of a hospital. It was truly magical.
If you chose to have Rebecca by your side during such a special time, you won’t be sorry. She will leave such a wonderful impact, one that will remain with you for the rest of your life.



Rebecca is a wonderful person and a great doula! She was recommended by a friend and we are happy that she was able to share in our birth experience. We gave birth at a birth center and had our first baby (a girl) with no drugs and no complications. She helped my husband with reminders and she was a calm and nonintrusive presence in the birth space. Having a doula definitely added to our peace of mind going into the birth of our first child!



Rebecca is amazing. We had a different doula for our first birth, and we loved her, but if we could have had Rebecca for both, we would have!! It wasn't going to be possible for us to get the same doula for our second birth, and I was nervous about having to choose another. As soon as we meet Rebecca, we knew she was going to be a perfect fit. She's very knowledgeable, answered all our questions, and was available by phone or text anytime. She checked in on me periodically, and I made sure to send her updates from my appointments. I think the best way to describe her is "motherly," because she treats you like you're her daughter. This second birth didn't come naturally, like my first. Rebecca gave great suggestions to help encourage my little one to make his entrance. It was a comfort to have her there. Also, she captured some amazing photos from the birth. Thank you, Rebecca!!



Rebecca was the first doula we met with — and the only one. After our meeting, I knew I wanted her at our birth, and it was definitely the right decision. She has an excellent demeanor: knowledgable, warm, and reassuring with just the right amount of no-nonsense that you want in someone helping you through such a vulnerable time. My husband had been a bit reticent on the idea of a doula, but after the birth, he spoke very highly of Rebecca. 

During the birth, Rebecca noticed early if things were going slowly or stalling, and helped with position chnaged or suggestions to keep things moving or make sure I got rest. She also knew that my husband wanted to be my primary labor partner and new how to assist, step up to let him rest, or step back and let him be there. I achieved my goal of not getting an epidural even though I hadn't taken any birthing classes, and I believe that having Rebecca as a doula was an enormous part of that, as she helped my labor progress and helped me get through the pain and discomfort. Plus, we ended up with beautiful photos of the birth that we'll cherish forever.

Christine Chavez


We were so thrilled to be able to have Rebecca with us for the birth of our second son just a few months ago.  Almost 5 years ago, we had Rebecca as our doula for our first son.  From the beginning, she was truly the perfect match for us.  We wanted a natural birth in a hospital setting.  She was always our advocate and helped us understand all of our options.  The birth of our first son went pretty smoothly and we knew we would need Rebecca as our doula again to guide us through our second birth.  The second birth was more painful for me, but Rebecca kept me calm the entire time.  She assured me it would be over soon and always kept mine (and baby's) best interest at heart.  Without Rebecca, we would not have been able to have a second natural birth.  Her calm demeanor and experience was truly reassuring during birth.  If we were to ever have another baby, there would be doubt that Rebecca would be by our side again. She is amazing and we could not have asked for a better doula to help us carry out our birth plan for both of our babies.  

Jetta Anderson CPM, LM


I am a home birth midwife in Arizona. I have done plenty of work as a doula and find doulas particularly helpful in the home birth setting. One of my favorite, most trusted doulas to work with is Rebecca Turrigiano. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, dependable and knows birth SO well. I love having Rebecca on the team because I know that she is an extension of the love I have for my clients.

Her talent and experience make her worth every penny and the love she has for moms and families is unrivaled. If you are looking for a doula - you can't go wrong choosing this amazing woman.

Rachel Bermant


Rebecca was our doula 3 years ago when our first daughter was born, so there was no question who our doula was going to be the second time around. The original plan was to have our second baby at a birth center, and even though they had birth assistants, I  still felt very strongly about Rebecca being there with us too. It’s so important to have an advocate of your own, you can’t have too much support! Even though my first pregnancy was “easy”, I was inexplicably anxious this time around for the first two trimesters. My gut again was telling me I needed Rebecca there with me, someone who had been there with me and my husband before, someone familiar and most importantly, someone who knows how I labor and deliver (quickly). Rebecca has this incredible calming presence about her, she tells you to relax your shoulders, just breath, and all the tension fades away. As a mama with two whirlwind-crazy births under her belt, the calming presence is extremely important. During my gestational diabetes screening, I was diagnosed with moderate to severe gestational thrombocytopenia (a platelet disorder), I had to unexpectedly spend the night in the hospital and I was beyond distraught. I had called Rebecca panicking and she somehow managed to calm me down, and with her experience, help me through a very nrevwrecking time in not just my pregnancy, but my life. Subsequently, I had unfortunately risked out of the birth center, but knew I could have a positive hospital birth as I had before. The birth ended up being precipitous, but beautiful and thankfully without complication! Rebecca caught every breathtaking moment with her stunning photography and I’m enternally grateful. She truly is a beautiful soul, and an amazing doula with her experience, evidence based knowledge, and calming nature. I’m so happy she’s been a part of our family’s journey! 

Arcelia Rael


We had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for the birth of our first son in April of 2019. From the moment we met her we knew she would be a great fit for our family. Her caring nature, and ability to make you felt heard, combined with her experience and compassion won us over. Over the following months she always made herself available, and provided guidance and encouragement as often as needed.

Even after we found out that a natural birth was not possible, Rebecca remained engaged, encouraging, and timely. She was the first one there when we arrived at the hospital for the surgery, and was there as long as the hospital staff allowed her to stay.  In the waiting room, she engaged with our family and provided them comfort. The pictures she took after delivery and later at home are incredibly touching, and our family will forever be grateful. Thank you again for all of your support, Rebecca!

Gabriela Figueroa


One of the best decisions we made in my 2nd pregnancy was to hire a doula. A good friend of ours recommended Rebecca and we decided to meet with her. We instantly fell in love for the passion she has as a doula. We had lost our 1st son at birth 5 years previously and the reassurance and comfort she gave me through my 2nd pregnancy was the biggest blessing. My absolute favorite aspect of having her by my side was the birth plan that we made together. It was very important to her that my birth went the way I wanted it to, and that I had a say in my birth at the hospital.  This was such a pivotal moment in my pregnancy because it helped me to stand up for myself and trust my maternal instincts which have a tendency to be forgotten in healthcare settings. I am just so grateful for Rebecca and the experience of my birth. We got our baby boy and there is no greater feeling in the world! I cant wait for our next pregnancy, we will definitely be using Rebecca again!

Gabriela Figueroa 



Rebecca was the first doula we met with — and the only one. After our meeting, I knew I wanted her at our birth, and it was definitely the right decision. She has an excellent demeanor: knowledgable, warm, and reassuring with just the right amount of no-nonsense that you want in someone helping you through such a vulnerable time. My husband had been a bit reticent on the idea of a doula, but after the birth, he spoke very highly of Rebecca. 

During the birth, Rebecca noticed early if things were going slowly or stalling, and helped with position chnaged or suggestions to keep things moving or make sure I got rest. She also knew that my husband wanted to be my primary labor partner and new how to assist, step up to let him rest, or step back and let him be there. I achieved my goal of not getting an epidural even though I hadn't taken any birthing classes, and I believe that having Rebecca as a doula was an enormous part of that, as she helped my labor progress and helped me get through the pain and discomfort. Plus, we ended up with beautiful photos of the birth that we'll cherish forever.



Rebecca has been our doula through two pregnancies. With her support, encouragement, and presence throughout this last pregnancy and delivery, we had a successful and empowering VBAC! It was a very healing experience. I don't think we could have done it without her. She was there for both me and husband every step of the way. The images she captured of that journey are unbelievably beautiful. We will treasure them always. Rebecca is a pillar of strength, a calming presence, and credible source of knowledge and wisdom. She was a perfect fit for our family and our needs. We are so grateful for her and will definitely be using her services for any future pregnancies.



Rebecca is everything I was looking for in a doula, knowledgeable and she has a very calming presence and we clicked right away when we met. My husband and I couldn't have been happier with the support that she provided, especially in our situation where our birth plan went totally out the window soon after my water broke and we found out that my son was breach. Rebecca helped to keep my husband and me calm while I dealt with my fear of surgery and I actually ended up having a good c section experience, which she captured beautifully in her photos in the OR.

Nicole Johnson


When my husband and I learned we were pregnant with our second child there was no doubt in our minds we would be working with Rebecca again as she is one of the warmest people we know. I don’t consider myself “tough” when it comes to pain or discomfort. Having given birth to two beautiful children I can say that nothing you do can prepare you for the exact feeling of labour. When I look back on my childbirth experiences I recall having the best support system in my husband and my doula Rebecca. We were blessed to have her with us for the birth of both of our children. Since my first birth, did not go 100% to plan I was really wanting a smooth natural birth with my daughter. The stars aligned that day and with the love and support of Rebecca I was able to stick to my birth plan. I recall moments where I was in and out of consciousness and Rebecca was coaching me through those moments of doubt. She was truly and advocating for me and for my baby. Her genuine support was invaluable. Rebecca truly empowered me to trust my body and I cannot express the gratitude in my heart for her support. Working with Loving Touch Doulas was a wonderful experience!

Jorge Castro


Rebecca was there at home for us and at the hospital. She took the most beautiful pictures of our daughter in the OR. My wife also got a placenta print, tincture & pills. We will definitely be using her again in the future. 

Leslie Castro


Rebecca is an amazing doula. I loved how calm she made me feel about my fears but at the same time she was honest. She was always there by text or phone call and more towarda the end of pregnancy we saw each other more often. There was a time  where I had a car accident and she came to the hospital for support. My husband told me often that he loved having her support. I recommend her to everybody that is having a baby.

Jena Lohl


I interviewed a few Doulas in my area prior to selecting Rebecca. When we met we clicked immediately. She was kind, caring, listened to all my concern, and answered and provided science based evidence to my questions. Rebecca was available by email, text, and phone from the time we hired her. I had a few questions during my pregnancy and she helped me along the way. She was always there. 

I wanted a doula for several reasons as this was our first child and I wanted my husband to feel supported in his role as well and Rebecca did just that for him. She helped the both of us and was exactly the person we both needed. When it came time for plans to change and go the unexpected route for delivery after a very long labor, I needed her to support my husband thru a c-section as he isn’t good with hospitals, blood, and anything like that. It was very important to me that she be in the OR with us. 

Rebecca helped me feel empowered while making decisions and helped me talk thru all the sides of the decisions I was making.  At times when you need to know all sides she plays the devils advocate to make sure you think of all your options which was very helpful when going down a road you didn’t plan for.  I am thankful she was there thru it all  the good, and the bad  I couldn’t have gotten thru 40 hours of labor to need a c section without her there with us by our side.

Rebecca also was our birth photographer on top of everything else. The memories she captured are truly amazing and something I will always cherish. 

We will definitely use Rebecca again for our next birth as well and to once again capture the beautitular memories of bringing our babe into the world. Don’t hesitate to hire her! She becomes a part of your family and we love her! 

Rachael Smith


I knew I wanted a more positive birth experience with my second pregnancy, but didn’t know where to start in navigating through what all my options were. After researching local doulas online, Rebecca seemed like she would be a great fit. At our initial meeting I was at instantly ease with Rebecca, everything “clicked”, and so my husband and I chose her to be our doula (we also hired her for birth photography and placenta encapsulation/tincture).

At our subsequent appointments, Rebecca listened to all our questions and concerns, helped us understand all our options, and we were able to create the perfect birth plan for us with her help. Rebecca was supportive of everything we decided and we never felt like she pushed us in one direction or another.

As early labor set in, and we approached the due date, Rebecca was always available by phone or text to share updates with or ask questions. At one point toward the end, it looked as if a couple of things in the birth plan were going to have to change, which was causing me stress and anxiety. I was able to talk through my options with Rebecca, she validated my feelings at the position I was in, and she went above and beyond in helping me through it.

Labor and delivery at the hospital progressed really fast, but having Rebecca there to remind us of our preferences and give encouraging words was a Godsend. When it came time to push, it was her guiding me through breathing that helped keep me calm and allowed me to focus.

With Rebecca at our side, we were able to fulfill our desired birth plan and have a positive birth experience (and we have the most amazing photos taken by Rebecca to help us remember the whole experience). I cannot recommend Rebecca enough, we are forever grateful for her.

Whitney Barkley


We used Rebecca for our 4th baby and first homebirth. We are so happy with our team we had at our home and Rebecca was the perfect addition. She worked seamlessly with our midwife, took beautiful photos and provided the encouraging words I needed to hear. She was very supportive and encouraging of our last minute switch to do a homebirth and we knew Rebecca would help to ensure I was safe, informed and comfortable at home. Rebecca is very calming and has a very loving presence.  Everyone should consider a doula no matter where  they chose to birth and Rebecca is a great asset to have! 

Lauren Frizzell


Rebecca was the perfect choice for me as my doula for the birth of my second child. She listened to me and did everything she could to fulfill my dream birth. Although things did not go as planned, I’m confident that I would have had a different outcome had Rebecca not have been there. She was very educated and her years of experience really sets her a part. I‘m extremely pleased to have had Rebecca by my side through one of the most difficult things I’ve ever had to face. 

Natalie Brown


It is difficult to put into words how extraordinary and integral it is to have an advocate and friend by your side during one of your most vulnerable and life-changing moments. We found this loving support in Rebecca Turrigiano. Rebecca is everything one would look for in a birth doula. She is compassionate, patient, knowledgeable, and encouraging. We appreciated her expertise throughout birth planning and the birth experience. Rebecca was always there for us, day or night, if we had questions or concerns. Her attentiveness made us feel like "VIP" clients, although we're certain she treats all of her cients with such care. Rebecca honored and encouraged our birth wishes, and when those plans and wishes didn't exactly turn out the way we had hoped, we really leaned on Rebecca to support us through our options for "plan B." I can't imagine our beautiful birth without Rebecca there, and luckily, I odn't have to. Rebecca will unequivocally be a part of our future births. 

Kristen Bunger


Rebecca was highly recommended to us as we prepared for the birth of our first child. From the minute we met this lovely woman she was helpful, kind, loving, honest, and incredibly resourceful. She not only guided us through the birth process before and during birth but she also helped us choose where to deliver, provided options of birth classes, and helped us acclimate to being new parents. Meeting with her before birth was so helpful in order to prepare mentally and to understand all of our options for a hospital birth. Writing the birth plan with her was also so helpful and informative. Throughout this process she did not pressure us to chose one option over others, but she presented us with all of our options and gave us honest assessments of all aspects of the birth process and how things would likely go for us based on what we decided. The day before our son was born I went into labor and texted her all day. She was so patient to guide me as a first time mom as I was pretty unsure of what was happening and what was normal. When it was show time she met us at the hospital in triage at 4am and was present, kind, tough when necessary and just the very best pillar of strength for us the whole time. She was a constant source of reassurance for my husband and I. She also seamlessly transitioned from doula to birth photographer and literally took the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. We were able to have the most beautiful and wonderful birth experience using no interventions because of the way Rebecca prepared us and constantly guided us through the process. I will never have a baby without her and highly recommend her to anyone wanting any kind of birth experience but especially those who want a peaceful, low stress, natural birth. She is amazing and made all the difference for us! We can not say enough about how pleased we were and are with her services! 

Jamie Smith Bruner


We had Rebecca with us for the birth of our first son, where we were able to welcome him to the world through a beautiful birth with no medical interventions.  We knew that we wanted her by our side for the birth of our second son.  In the last two months of our pregnacy, our son turned from head down to a transverse and then a breech position.  Rebecca was so supportive and her training with Spinning Babies was helpful.  She stood by us as we made tough decisions in how to proceed with delivery when the baby was not turning head down.  Rebecca strives to maintain good relationships with hospitals and their staff and it shows.  We were able to have her with us when we had the ECV(attempted to turn the baby) and then for the C-section when our son was unable to turn.  I still remember her warm loving presence as she held my hand throughout the whole procedure, which was exactly what I needed.  My husband was able to go with our son to recovery while she stayed by my side every second until I was able to join them.  We also utilized her Encapsulation services as well, which she brought to us within just a few days.  Through her photography, she captured some very special moments that we will forever cherrish.  We adore Rebecca and would never have a birth without her by our sid.

Rachel A Stryker


After two difficult deliveries, my husband and I decided to seek out a Doula for our third and final child. After meeting with several candidates we selected Rebecca. What a great decision we made! From the prenatal visits, to the delivery room, and post natal contact she was phenomenal. Despite being ill, and it being Christmas Eve, she was available at the hospital for us when we needed her.  Though my perfect delivery didn’t turn out to be the way I had initially hoped, she was very supportive. Rebecca was the voice of calm during the storm. Her cool collected attitude was exactly what we needed to get through the stressful anxious delivery.  She allowed me to be in control of my labor, while supporting every decision I made. I was grateful to have someone with so much compassion and understanding in my corner. We were thankful that she didn’t try to take control or dictate how I would deliver, even after my initial birth plan changed and labor slowed.  After the delivery she remain in close contact and was extremely supportive and helpful when some complications arrived. 

 In addition, we also took advantage of her and capsulation and birth photography services. Both were remarkable, and indescribable. Her work is simply amazing! If you were looking for someone to remain calm and support you every step of the way, Rebecca is the perfect match. 

Heather Gray Torrez


We decided to hire Rebecca as our doula for our third baby. Both of our last births did not go as planned so we were praying that things would be different this time around. During my pregnancy there were some complications & every time I reached out to Rebecca with a new update she was so helpful. She also helped us put together our birth plan and was very knowledgeable about all of our options. I highly recommend the evidence based birth online class that Rebecca provides a link to...this is especially helpful for first time parents. On my daughter’s birth day I was sure to give Rebecca updates throughout the day but our contractions intensified rather quickly. Rebecca was the first one we called & she helped us determine when to head to the hospital. She met us there just a few minutes after we arrived & helped us navigate through ER to triage & into our delivery room in a matter of minutes! Our labor progressed so quickly and our daughter was born less than 30 minutes after we arrived at the hospital. Rebecca was sure to remind us & our team of everything that we had decided for our birth plan & she helped us stick to it as best we could. She was able to snap some special pictures even though our labor was so quick. After Lillian was born Rebecca stayed with us to make sure we were all settled in & she helped us process everything that had just occurred. I am so thankful that she was with us that day and was able to help us achieve the birthing experience that we desired!

Vicki Smith


I'm a little late at posting this, as its Jan 2018, and my baby was born May 2017! However, I didn't want to forget because I loved my birth experience! I was so nervous for birth in general, for that reason I wanted a doula for the delivery room. We choose Rebecca mostly because of her calming demeanor. She also had lots of advice to make the birth process go smoother. I was a little worried because when we signed, I didn't hear too much from her until our at home prep sessions started. But once our sessions started, it felt like she was my personal birth assisstant! We took the evidence based birth "class" from her and it was eye opening. Now when I tell women some of these things, I feel shocked they don't know. But that's because she prepared us well. I loved the natural prep suggestions - the teas and foods to eat, the exercises. I was getting more nervous as the date came closer because the midwives at my OB had an upheaval, but I knew I would be fine because I had Rebecca as my advocate. Because of her guidance, I didn't go to the hospital until it was necessary, which meant I showed up at 7cm and the process seemed to go smoothly and quickly to me! I think she wanted me to have a fully natural birth, but didn't disregard me when I asked for the epidural at 9.5cm. She's definitely a calming presence! She ended up not being able to stay for my actual birth due to a conflict, and she had a backup doula come meet us at the hospital. I was a little disappointed that she didn't get to be the one to take my photos, or make the placenta pills, but the backup was just as great! She followed up a lot afterwards - even checking in on my lots post partum. I still communicate with her occasionally. I recommend anyone have a doula - and Rebecca is one of the best! 

Andrianna Savillo


I'll never forget my birth experience with Rebecca. Pregnancy can be such a time of mixed emotions, inner turmoil along with joy and excitement. Rebecca saw through my fear and emotional battles, she saw through them and guided me along never forsaking her role as a doula even before my child was born. Every step of the way she guided us with wisdom and educated us both with facts to prepare us while always making sure we knew what our rights were as expecting parents. Rebecca is so dedicated in ensuring you have the best possible birth, the best possible outcome. I truly don't know what I would have done without her by my side. She gave me strength when I felt like I didn't have any left. Her presence and the images she captured will stay with me always. It's exactly how I want to remember this special moment in my life. Thank you so much Rebecca, Carl and I are so glad to have found you. We are so grateful you were a part of this journey.

Cory Poetzl


After a lot of research about VBAC, I quickly realized that I was going to need the support of a doula to help guide me through the process.  Rebecca came highly recommended by a friend, and after our initial meeting, my husband and I both knew that she would be a good fit.  She has such a peaceful and calming energy about her that instantly put our fears at ease.  We learned so much from the online Evidence Based Birth education that she provided, which helped me come to the realization that in order to have the best chances at the type of birth that I desired, I would need to switch providers.  The idea of finding a new provider so late in the game was overwhelming to me and was not an easy choice to make by any means, but Rebecca made the process less scary and helped me find a group of providers that were more open to some of my birth preferences.  I made the switch at 34 weeks and had Rebecca's support every step of the way.  Her frequent communication through text was invaluable and helped me to feel encouraged whenever I felt unsure, especially after my due date came and went.  Once I was in active labor, Rebecca met us at the hospital and never left our side.  What happened in the next 5 hours was a bit of a blur, but I remember thinking how calm and professional Rebecca remained, even during moments where I would have been stressed or not able to communicate clearly.  She was so graceful in the way that she worked with the nurses to help us labor in positions that I would have never imagined myself in.  There were many moments where I doubted myself, but in the end, it was Rebecca's encouragement that helped me to find an inner strength that I didn't even know I had and I was ultimately able to achieve a fully unmedicated VBAC.  I will never forget how empowered and supported she made me feel during one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Andrea Qualizza


Rebecca was absolutely amazing!  

She helped my wife and I feel confident about all of our decisions both before and during our birth experience, and would gave us the information we needed to make those decisions. Her calm and confident nature got us through an intense labor.

She stayed for a while after the birth to make sure we were confident enough before leaving us. I can't thank her enough for that.

Rebecca truly loves what she does, and it shows! You will not regret hiring her, you will be lucky to have her! Besides being awesome as a doula she is also a professional photographer. Every single photo that she took found a place in our memories wall.

Thanks Rebecca!

Alison Grissom


We found Rebecca thanks to a couple recommendations from friends. We could not have been more pleased with our experience! She made sure we were fully prepared for every part of our birthing experience: she provided us with an abundance of information that we did not receive from the run-of-the-mill birthing classes. We had no idea we had so many options with our birth experience until we started working with Rebecca! She helped us choose our preferences with confidence, guided us through a somewhat hectic labor, and was that calming voice that helped us remain level-headed when things seemed overwhelming. She was an amazing sounding board and advocate through a very important event in our life and we can't wait to include her in our next birth.

Brittany Angel


I am so thankful I was able to have Rebecca as my doula for my second child. I wanted a doula with my first birth but didn‘t really know where to start and time got away from me. My first birth went fairly well and my wishes were respected (thanks to my sister) but it would have been so much better to have an expert around to help me and my husband navigate the unknown. I chose Rebecca based on a recommendation of a friend and I am so lucky that she agreed to be my doula.

This pregnancy was extremely stressful for me due to several external stressors. Rebecca stuck with me even when I dropped off the face of the earth due to my coping skills (or lack thereof) after a very stressful and traumatic family tragedy. Rebecca’s calm presence and powerful healing energy helped me to get to the mindset that I needed in order to have the unmedicated birth that I planned. I don’t think I could have done it without her. She helped to empower me to do what I needed to do even when I was doubting myself.

On the evening of the delivery, we arrived at an overcrowded hospital to find women waiting for hours to be triaged. Rebecca helped to walk my husband through getting me admitted more quickly as we were ready to find another hospital.

Rebecca’s presence during my labor and delivery was so calming. Her energy transformed the whole room and helped give me mental strength and clarity. She provided constant support and guidance and also helped me discuss my wishes with the hospital staff. 

Rebecca’s support before, during, and after birth has been incredible. I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a doula and would without a doubt use her again. 

We also utilized Rebecca’s birth photography service. I am so glad we did. Her pictures are incredible and we will cherish them forever. I am so glad we had someone to document our daughter’s birth.

Thank you so much!!

Summer Bagley


Rebecca is a rare gem that I feel so blessed to have found to be a part of our birth story. She came alongside us on our journey to VBAC after 2 cesareans. My labor was long and difficult, but she was there every step of the way. This being my first time laboring I had a lot of anxiety going into it due to unexpected circumstances, and I felt like I had such a strong advocate and caring spirit by my side through our 60 hour labor and delivery. My husband and I don't know what we would have done without her presence. She gently guided us in different laboring positions, softly spoke words of encouragement, gave relaxing massage when I needed it, gave my husband the help he needed to keep me comfortable, and even spent a night in my cold hospital room as to not miss the delivery of our sweet son.

The icing on the cake is that I have never had the opportunity to have pictures captured of the moments during and immediately after the births of our first two sons. It is such a treasured gift to have those moments, as hard and intense as they were, to look back and appreciate the journey we took. There were things I didn't have the energy to remember, and when Rebecca came to see me post-partum with pictures of our birth it just made my heart smile being able to relive the experience through her eyes.

I can't recommend Rebecca enough. If you are looking for a sweet spirit to come alongside you on your birth journey who knows what she is doing, is incredibly professional, and will make sure you are well taken care of....don't look any further.

Summer Bagley, mom of 3 amazing boys

Rocio Calderon


Hands down the best choice from the get go, my partner & I both followed our instinct when it came down to choosing Rebecca. She made my birthing experience, pregnancy, and postpartum amazing. She allowed me to feel guided as well as reassured not to mention making my family her own, she's professional and passionate about her life style as a doula! My expectations are beyond above when it comes to a doula after I've had her. She captured and helped me focus on topics that I deserved to experience every second of , as well as informing me about all my options using evidence based birth. 

Jessica A


Where do I start to describe the wonderful care and guidance Rebecca provided us for the birth of our second baby, but first take home baby? A couple years ago we had a late miscarriage and then struggled with fertility to conceive our second baby, who I've called our "first take home baby" since we conceived her. After dicussion, my husband and I decided we wanted a doula present to help us with the birth of our second baby. Rebecca was the first doula we interviewed and we decided on the drive home from meeting her that we didn't need to interview anybody else, she was a good fit for us. She had an immediate understanding in regard to our situation and made us feel so comfortable, we knew we would be in good hands. Since my husband and I weren't able to attend a birth class, she guided us to different resources to help us become more informed about the whole process. During our two pre-birth meetings, she asked us how our doctor appointments were going, provided guidance and support and when it came to fears related to our previous experience, she would acknowledge them and help us work through those feelings. She helped us develop our birth plan and when nothing went according to plan, she was there to support us in the decisions that had to be made. During our induction process Rebecca was knowledgeable about pain interventions and helped me and my husband work through contractions. In our meeting after the birth of our little girl via c-section, she continued to encourage us and help us process a birth that, again, was not according to plan. At the end, she reminded us, either way, we have this perfect little baby in our arms and she's healthy- that's all that matters. My husband and I have discussed over and over, how we don't know how anybody goes through the birth experience without a doula and as far as we're concerned Rebecca is the best available!

Jessica Healy


We are beyond grateful for our doula, Rebecca, from Loving Touch Doulas. What a blessing her presence has been during my pregnancy, the unexpected early arrival of our baby boy, and beyond. She was a perfect fit for our family. What stood out to me was her calm and reassuring demeaner, her wealth of birth related knowledge, and her ability to connect with others so effortlessly. She is also an incredibly talented photographer and captured our birth story in a way that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. My husband and I look forward to being able to use Rebecca's services again as we add to our family down the road.

R Hosier


When my spouse and I discovered I was pregnant with twins (first pregancy), and they were due in the middle of the fire season when he is nearly constantly away from home, we started to research doulas in our area, knowing we would like/need their support and coaching.  Finding and meeting Rebecca made it clear she was the perfect fit for us.  When the time came she was an amazing presence, support, and guide through our births.  We had the unmedicated natural birth we wished for and thanks to her wisdom and guidance progressed smoother and quicker than we ever could have hoped for a first birth, especially with twins.  Her photographs of our family doubling are precious and help immortalize our memories of their birth.  She always seemed to be right there when we had a question or wanted guidance yet was unobtrusive both in presence and photography.  Her steadfast and calm energy would be a benefit to any parents looking for the support of a doula.  Should we have any more children in the future, we would absolutely use Rebecca again! 

Amber Henderson


For my second birth, I knew I wanted to hire a doula because I knew I would need emotional, mental, and physical support.  Rebecca exceeded my expectations.  She worked in tandem with my midwives to create a desirable birth environment and experience.  My birth did not go as planned, but Rebecca was by my side the whole time helping me rationalize each decision we had to make along the way.  I don't think I could have made it through the unexpected without a doula as dedicated as Rebecca.  

Amanda Pineda


As soon as I got pregnant with my third child I knew immediately I wanted to use Becca as my doula. She was already a dear friend of mine but she has this amazing peacefulness to her that I knew I wanted with me if I were going to have an unmedicated birth. Prior to getting pregnant she referred me to a wonderful OB office that supported me and my preferences. My prior pregnancies were okay but I knew that I wanted more of a say with my third. Becca provided me with so much knowledge and support, combined with amazing OB care I felt so confident and encouraged that I could have the birth I wanted. One my preferences was to labor as long as possible at home. Becca had given me information and tips for pain management that helped me once I started to go into labor. She was great about checking in on me and letting me labor as I wanted at home. Once I got into active labor things moved pretty quickly and thankfully Becca made it in time to help me push. She was there cheering me on alongside my husband and I've never felt so empowered! 

We chose to have Becca take photos of the birth and it was well worth it. She captured the most amazing little moments that I will forever cherish. Overall I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Becca as my doula. My husband and I both valued having her for this third pregnancy and would do it all over again! Thank you Becca for helping me to have the labor and birth that I wanted! Xoxo 

Olivia Selin


Rebecca has been our doula twice now. Our first birth was two and a half years ago. I had an emergency C section at 28 weeks after a hard pregnancy and or daughter only lived for 86 minutes. Rebecca stayed with us the entire time and took photos. She was an amazing support system, not only for myself and my husband but for our families as well. We knew when we were ready to get pregnant next that we would use her again. This time we had a drastically different birth. We had a homebirth with a very healthy overdue baby. Rebecca came when we called her and stayed throughout my 32 hour labor. She took photos when she had time but it never interfered with her doula work. She helped support me, taught my husband ways to help and when he was just too tired and needed a break, she would completely step in and give him a minute. She was always present but never in the way. Her photos are gorgeous and we loved having her there. We will use Rebecca as or doula in any future births. I am lucky that I get to call Rebecca my doula and also my friend. I would highly recommend her to any family looking for a doula. 

Matthew Stephenson


Great choice for my wife and I to hire a doula.Rebecca is well known and respected by most hospitals here in Phoenix.We felt like we can focus on the beautiful experience of the birth of our twin girls while Rebecca took care of the difficult and background things that could be a huge distraction to parents without the help of a Doula.Huge knowledge of the process that helped cut down many hours of research and well worth the cost. She takes great pictures too.

Felicia Wren


Rebecca has become apart of our family. When we first interviewed her we knew she was the one. We prayed but we knew the choice was blaringly obvious. She has attended not one but both of our boys births. Rebecca is truly a godsend she was with us every hour of a very long first birth and gave us both support and encouragement when faced with many medical decisions. She was there for us both physically and emotionally during the tolls of labor. When we found out we were expecting again she was one of the first to know. She was there to help us prepare for a natural VBAC at a birth center. She gave us evidenced based knowledge and support. She was there to help us envision what we expected this time around and prepare mentally for any possible triggers. She was there for every text, email, question, and there when I just needed a reminder that I was created for birth. Labor the second time was fast and more intense than I had ever experienced with our first. She was there to support my husband and me through every contraction and push. She worked seemlessly besides the midwives to help me achieve my dream birth. Rebecca was such a blessing and you could truly see her genuine excitement when our precious VBAC baby made his appearance. Just the way I wanted. She did all of this and somehow managed to capture beautiful pictures of our births.

Nicole Ehmann


I used to question if hiring a doula is really worth it. Not anymore! After having Rebecca, I now know it is definitely worth it. She was our doula for my seventh child that unfortunately resulted in an unwanted c-section after many hours of labor. It was so helpful to have her there through the whole experience. She is knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, compassionate, and gifted in this field. I really believe this is something she was meant to do. Rebecca will support you in whatever type of birth you want, or in my case, whatever birth you end up with. If you want one of the best, she is the doula for you!

Cindy Chung


I was referred to Rebecca by my collegaue Stephanie, and luckily Rebecca was able to fit me into her already booked month.  My husband is a busy resident physician so she was very flexible and worked with his busy schedule to set up meeting times.  

I had a lot of questions and anxiety about the birthing process as this was my first time and due to my spine surgery history but Rebecca eased all of my worries during our first meeting.  

When it was time, I mentioned to the physician on call that Rebecca is our doula and she could not praise about how much she enjoyed working with Rebecca!  I ended up having a cesearean section due to unforeseen complications and Rebecca was with us the entire time.  She made sure that my birthing plan wishes for plan C were still being honored even during the emergent process.  She also documented our daughter's birth story and had the most beautiful photos for us during our post-partum visit.  I hope to be able to have Rebecca as our doula again for our next child.  

Jessa Charron


My husband and I were hoping for a VBA2C (vaginal birth after 2 C-sections) for our 3rd child.  Rebecca was such an amazing supporter of our plan not just physically present, but also emotionally before and after.  Unfortunately our birth story didn't go as we had hoped, but she was an amazing resource for us while in labor to try to have a natural childbirth and encourage our little one to get into a good position.  The photos were also so amazing and are going to be so important to share with our child (I didn't even really notice her taking them!).  If you are searching for someone to help support you during your labor (regardless of your birth plan) she is really incredible to have to help and support you as a mom and couple!

Bryan Kingston


When my wife and I found out that we would be having our second child, we immediately called Becca to ask if she would be our Doula again. She had supported us with our first pregnancy and we knew we wanted Becca as part of our birth team again. My wife and I welcomed our second beautiful daughter into the world this past January and Becca was just as amazing as we remembered. She is such a sincere and genuine person and has such a calm demeanor that immediately puts you at ease.

I can vividly remember how nervous I was about our first pregnancy three years ago and honestly how unsure I was about hiring a Doula. Within the first five minutes of our first meeting, Becca had already helped settle my nerves about the pregnancy. She encouraged my wife and I that together the three of us would be prepared for anything. Then she took the time to help me understand her role in the birthing process and how she would be there to support BOTH my wife and I during the pregnancy and labor. I knew then we had found the right Doula.

With both pregnancies, Becca was attentive to both my wife and I. As the father, I was appreciative of how she always made time in our meetings to ask me questions about how I was feeling. I was so grateful to have her with us during labor. It was great to have her experience and support.

Becca is such an amazing person and has a special place in our lives and the lives of our two daughters.

Ginger Sturken-Hawkins


It's hard for me to put into words how much I loved having Rebecca as my doula. She has attended all three of my children's births over the last 6 years. The first was an induced vaginal delivery at Banner Thunderbird hospital. The second was a super fast home birth, and the third was a birthcenter birth at Babymoon Inn. None of my births would have been complete without her services. She was flexible with my schedule for all of our prenatal meetings, and helped me make a plan for each different birth and situation. She is able to work seamlessly with any type of hospital staff, midwife or nurse.

During my most recent birth center birth, she was able to be a quiet comfort when I needed it and speak up for me when I couldn't do it for myself. Even though the birth center provided a midwife and nurse/doula I still relied on Rebecca for the majority of my labor/delivery. She feels like a friend and ally in the delivery room. She is s joy to work with!


Eric Ehmann


Rebecca is a steady, compassionate advocate who was invaluable in our birthing experience. We had a difficult induction that ended in a c section and Rebecca was there though it all, standing with us in strength and support. God bless her! 

Heather Deakin


My husband and I have been parents for more than 5 years but this was our first pregnancy.  This turn of events was a blissful, miraculous surprise and I enjoyed being pregnant but was insecure about unknown pain to be had in labor and delivery.  Early on, Rebecca has recommended a birthing class to take that gave us the tools to prepare our mindsets and my body physically.  Even with the knowledge we had gained from the birthing class I still had an insecurity, a mental block of sorts, that immediately dissolved after our first meeting with Rebecca.  She spoke about the birthing process with such a passion, warmth and comforting zeal that it was contagious and disarming.  Our baby girl decided to come 3 weeks early and we were in constant communication with Rebecca via text until she joined us at the hospital.  Having a doula there with us made all the difference!  My husband was my coach and having Rebecca there eased the tension and pressure he was feeling.  She immediately found the exact spot to apply counter pressure during my contractions and after a few times, showed my husband how to do it and she stepped back allowing him to take the active role he trained for.  Her demeanor was calm and reassuring, always positive and consistantly attentive but no where close to being intrusive.  Rebecca suggested positions that eased my discomfort and helped properly position baby in labor and for delivery.  In the two weeks since giving birth, i have been able to reflect and praise God for my amazing birth experience and the unique talents and depth of expertise provided by Rebecca.

Mary Gerten


This was our first pregnancy and we wanted to find a doula who could help guide us through pregnancy and birth as naturally as possible. Rebecca was the obvious choice right from the initial interview. She had a great deal of knowledge and presented herself and her business professionally. The biggest benefit gained from having Rebecca with us was the knowledge and education she provided during the pregnancy and the birth. I was surprised that almost no information was given to me by my OBGYN office, just the basic, "how are you feeling?" and "do you have any questions?" I wouldn't have known what questions to ask if Rebecca hadn't gone over all of the things that may or may not be offered during the birthing experience. Having her sit with us to create our birth plan gave us the opportunity to ask questions and fully understand the decisions. She was patient and allowed us time to think about things or do more research as needed. At the hospital, our nurse was fairly new and I don't think she had ever experienced a patient who didn't want pitocin. Rebecca was far better than I (especially in my vulnerable state) at articulating my birth plan and supported us in pushing back when the nurse was pushing the drugs.

Having Rebecca there was much like having a mom or a close aunt in the room with us. She just fit right in like part of the family. :)

P.S. The pictures are AMAZING!!

Paige Fernandez


Mu husband and I decided that we would like to have the experience of a doula for our second baby's birth. My first labor experience was great but it was long and tiring for us both. The idea of having the support of such a loving and gentle person as well as the knowledge of a doula sounded wonderful. Rebecca was abundantly generous in so many ways. She was attentive to what we wanted and always very responsive when we had questions or concerns. This isn't just a job for Rebecca- it's truly a passion and that was evident throughout the entire process; she genuinally cares and goes above and beyond to show it.  The moments that she was able to capture during labor and after were more than priceless to us. We are so grateful for her contribution to such a special moment for our family and would absolutely love to work with her again. 


Miriam Shubin


My husband and I decided to hire a doula for the pregnancy and birth of our third child.  Our first son was an induction, lead to a c-section hospital birth and our daughter was a natural birth also in the hospital.  We found that if you desire a natural, drug free birth, having your baby in the hospital without a doula is very challenging.  So, we found Rebecca on google and are so incredibly glad that we did.  She was so supportive, extremely knowledgeable and confident in her craft.  Her confidence was contagious and by the time Olivia was about a month to her due date, we decided to also hire a midwife and have a home birth.  It was the best experience and Rebecca's support made all the difference in the world.  On top of all of that, she took the most beautiful pictures of our birth and we will cherish them for years to come.  Rebecca is top notch and as good as it gets.  I would recommend her services with a 5 star rating!

Hiyori Nirasawa


I am so happy to have Rebecca as our doula for our first pregnancy. My husband and I contacted Rebecca later in our pregnancy due to just moving from another country to Phoenix. It was such a great experience and Rebecca has vast knowledge on all types of resources. It definitely helped me since I was not so familiar with Phoenix area. I was in so much pain due to common pregnancy symptoms such as sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, fatigue, etc, and the Acupuncturist Rebecca recommended was fantastic.What my husband and I loved about Rebecca was that she is highly professional, open-minded, and well prepared. I was in labor for almost 40 hours and Rebecca was with us for 30 hours of it. I cannot imagine how tired she must been, but she was very supportive throughout the whole process, while giving us the space we need. She was great with all the hospital staff and what made a big difference is that when the doctor commented that the baby’s positioning was not ideal, Rebecca worked with the RN to change my positioning so that my baby can be better positioned for birth. I really believe this helped avoid having a possible C-section and I am so happy that I was able to deliver vaginally. We were aiming for a natural birth, but ended up having to get an epidural/ Pitocin due to being in labor too long. It was upsetting at the time, but Rebecca reminded us of what we discussed in our previous meetings. Plan A may have been our first choice, but under circumstance, we had to go with Plan B – which is still an ideal situation. She really did manage our expectations and we couldn’t be happier! We also opted for the placenta encapsulation and so far I’m loving it. The photos Rebecca took was just precious. I’m glad someone was there to capture the special moment and it was great reliving the moment together with the husband. Overall, we loved having Rebecca as our doula and we would recommend her to all our friends and family!

Tammy Weis Trobridge


I am so fortunate to have found Rebecca. I did not have the best experience with my first birth so when I became pregnant (surprisingly at age 44), I knew I wanted things to go differently. My older daughter was Frank breech and born via c-section. My most vivid memory of her birth was being left alone to be stitched up after my newborn and husband were whisked away, while the doctor and nurses talked about their weekend plans. Also, the nurses forced me to give formula when we weren't successful at breastfeeding right away, making me feel like a failure at motherhood already on day two.
Thankfully, after researching doulas, I found Rebecca's profile. At our first meeting I instantly felt comfortable. She reassured me that this birth would be different- no matter how the baby would be born. She would be there to support me before, during and after the birth.
I can not say enough positive things about the impact Rebecca had on my birth experience. She was very supportive of my desire for a natural VBAC and offered many suggestions for how I could successfully achieve my goal. She was always respectful of my decisions, but offered suggestions when needed. She educated me about alternatives to my OB-GYN after we determined that his hospital may not actually allow me to deliver vaginally given my age. At her recommendation, I switched to a midwife at 35 weeks and went on to deliver drug-free at 37 weeks in just over 4 hours.
Without Rebecca my daughter's birth story likely would have been much different, and I owe my wonderful experience to her. She has a calming and reassuring presence, but was my cheerleader when I needed it. She was always my advocate, but in a diplomatic way. As someone who stresses easily, her calming encouragement kept me focused when things got intense, plus she knew when my husband needed reassurance as well. As an added bonus, she captured some beautiful birth photographs that I will treasure forever.

Arianna Doherty


We selected Rebecca to coach us through our first child birth that we hoped would be a natural child birth. Unfortunately due to some complications at the very end of my pregnancy, that wasn't possible. But having Rebecca by our side through the whole process gave us incredible comfort and gave us another person to use as a sounding board for how to proceed each step of the way based on her prior experiences. Having Rebecca in the delivery room with us was like having a family member by our side to support and guide us. She is worth her weight in gold! Hiring her was the best decision we made throughout this process. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Jennifer Ferrer


I am 32 years old and this was my first pregnancy and birth experience. My best friend Amy had told me all about Rebecca when she had her first child and what a huge support she was to her, before then I had never even heard the term doula. In the beginning my husband and I were a little skeptical, but all of my doubts were put to rest the first time I met with Becca in person. Becca is extremely knowledgeable of all things relating to pregnancy and the birth experience. Even before we hired her, she gave me a lot of awesome information and even fun recipes for hydration drinks! Becca would always answer my questions throughout my pregnancy and makes herself available all hours of the day or night. Becca's demeanor has a way of always putting me at ease which is why I knew she would be a key person in my labor and delivery. She is incredibly intuitive to mom and dad's needs and has a silent way of bringing both parents together during what can be a very stressful time. Even though my husband only speaks Spanish, Becca was able to communicate through action and example and lead him to help me through contractions. I'm very grateful she was there the day we had our sweet baby girl. She is also an amazing photographer and now friend.

Melissa Mathew


There are 12 years between this pregnancy and my last. My first pregnancy was a traumatic experience full of interventions. With this pregnancy, I wanted a better experience, one of my choice. I felt by having a doula I could ensure my goal of a positive, empowering birth. My husband at first was hesitant as he works in healthcare and didnt want anyone to overstep our provider. It was really important that we found someone who would work well with our provider and hospital staff. When I called Rebecca I explained my concerns with my first birth and getting my husband on board. We had a meeting the next week, Rebecca was very supportive of my husbands feeling and put his concerns about possibly being replaced and or any issues with our care provider to rest. Rebecca was very supportive,we bonded instantly. Throughout my pregnancy she was there for support. My water broke, 3 weeks early.  I was in a bit of shock and panic, I wasn't expecting it. My husband was on his way home and I called Rebecca she was very calming and helped me focus. We labored a little at home and headed to the hospital. I labored in the tub most of the time, Rebecca was wonderful with counter pressure and other techniques to help with pain. My labor was hard and fast and there were points I felt like I couldn't do it, Rebecca was so calming and helpful. She really was a coach she kept me going when I felt like I couldn't. She gave me the push and confidence I needed. After my delivery I felt great, I had energy and was very aware and connected to the baby. She went skin to skin and nursed immediately. I'm still on cloud 9 from my birth, I look at the pictures Rebecca took and am so proud. I felt heard and empowered at my birth. I will use Rebecca again and recommend her! 

Jennica Webb


As soon as we met Rebecca we knew we wanted her to be part of our special birth journey for our first born. From our first meeting and with subsequent meetings Rebecca provided us with tons of useful information, and knowledge. Each time we met she made us feel very special and really took the time to get to know us which really made us feel like she was a family member guiding us through the process. When our labor came, we ended up being induced since I was experiencing high blood pressure. After 4 long days of hard labor and several different induction methods, including 2 full rounds of pitocin I finally delivered our baby boy, vaginally which was our original birth plan. Although our labor had some bumps in the road, I felt that Rebecca was extremely helpful in guiding us through the decisions we had to make. She was so knowledgeable about everything which helped put us at ease. At our follow up meeting Rebecca was so delighted to see us and our baby she got right down on the floor to see him and ooh and aww at him, just like we do. Rebecca took AMAZING high quality birth photos, capturing our special moments. When we decide to get pregnant again, Rebecca will be the first person we call to make sure she is apart of it with us. I would highly recommend welcoming Rebecca to your journey.

Shea Provencal


As soon as we met Rebecca, we knew that we wanted her to be a part of our birth journey. She was warm, knowledgable, and very open minded- making sure we knew that she would support us in whatever decisions we made and not attempt to impose her own beliefs on us. 

We found those same characteristics to be true as we went through labor, birth, and our post partum visits. She was very helpful in answering any questions we had, but we felt like she happy to support us in whatever made us comfortable and happy. 

We were lucky that we had a labor and birth with bery few complications, but having her there was still very reassuring. I also felt like we got much better care at the hospital because she had built relationships with some of the nurses who specialized in natural birth. Because of that we ended up with an amazing team around us that we're extremely supportive of our choices. 

We also had Rebecca take birth pictures and I am so glad we did. They turned out absolutely beautiful and captured moments that would otherwise be hard to remember (everything in labor becomes kind of a blur!).

I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for a doula and/or birth photographer. :)

Tyler Carrell


After we had our first child, people would often ask my wife and I how the birth went.  Considering that my wife wanted to have a vaginal, and if possible, natural birth, and we ended with a c-section, our story would always begin with: "we are blessed to have a healthy baby, but..."  So when we decided to have another baby, and my wife wanted to try to have a VBAC, I admit I was a bit skeptical.  She also thought that if we hired a doula, that would give us the best chance at a successful VBAC.  Ultimately, I knew how much she wanted a more pleasant birth experience, and I supported her search for the right Duola.

Rebecca was the right Duola.  From the introductory meetings to the actual birth, she alleviated our skepticism and helped us believe that we could and WOULD have a VBAC.  She encouraged our communication throughout the process and helped us filter out the fear and questioning during birth, so that we could focus on the experience and the important decisions along the way. It's difficult to express how different our first birth was compared to the second.  With Rebecca's help, every step of the process seemed to be more and more encouraging.  Finally, on June 16th, even though we had a c-section with the first baby, even though our second baby was past his due date, even though I was skeptical about our chances, we had a successful VBAC.  Thanks to Rebecca, when we people ask how the second birth was, there is no "but.." There is only "It was wonderful."

Stephanie Carrell


When we decided to try for a VBAC with our second child, we knew we wanted a doula for support throughout the process. My husband and I interviewed several doulas, and when we met Rebecca, we instantly knew it was the right fit. I left our interview and every subsequent meeting with Rebecca feeling calm, empowered, and confident. She has an evidence-based practice and shared articles and research with us throughout the pregnancy so we were well informed going into our VBAC. My labor started at 1:30 in the morning and our beautiful boy was born vaginally 23 hours later. Rebecca was at the hospital with us the entire time. Throughout my labor, she was assertive but respectful in her interactions with the hospital staff and our doctor. I am most grateful for her encouragement and ability to keep me moving. I had to be on the monitor the entire time, but Rebecca made sure I was able to walk, shower, and move around as needed. My husband and mom were also present for my labor and delivery and Rebecca made sure they were included in the process. My mother was skeptical of having a doula and was concerned that she would “take over her role.” Now I think my mom is her #1 fan! :)

Though I have only known Rebecca for a short time, she will always hold a special place in my heart as the person who helped me accomplish my greatest achievement. I truly do not think I would have had the strength to go forward with the VBAC if it were not for her encouragement, support, and experience. She will be my first call if I get pregnant again and I would absolutely recommend her to any expecting mother. I should also mention that Rebecca took absolutely stunning photos of my birth that I will forever cherish. Thank you Rebecca!!

Lindsay Race


I would joyfully like to share our experience with Rebecca as our Doula. To start out, this was our second child we were seeking Doula services for. Our first birth experience was not what we had hoped and we were looking for a new doula for the second time around. I was referred to Rebecca by a mutual friend. She came to our house to meet with us and we immediately felt comfortable with her and decided it was a match. I am very particular about things and had a lot of explaining to do from what happened with our daughter's birth. She listened to everything and took all of our words and thoughts into careful consideration. Throughout my pregnancy she was a great support and very helpful with all the questions I had. When the time finally arrived to meet our bundle of joy, Rebecca was my main support to get me through labor and follow my wishes to not use an epidural. Without her support and her knowledge with positions and birthing techniques, I would not have been able to have the wonderful birth experience I did. My husband and I would highly recommend her as a Doula and we would in no way hesitate to use her again! 

Jeff Adkins


As first time parents, we really had no idea what to expect of the birthing experience. Finding a doula was one of the ways we sought greater understanding of the process, what it entails and what to expect.

Rebecca was very informative and frank about her personal experiences as a doula and how she thought they might apply to our situation. She listened to everything we had to say before answering a question or allaying a concern. She provided a pamphlet of printed material with illustrations and examples, which served as a great reference throughout the process.

When time came to deliver the baby, we called her in the middle of the night. She was available as promised and showed up with a caring attitude that saved us both. She helped me (the father) pick up when I needed a break and was very kind and soothing with my wife. She was unobtrusive with the nursing staff at the birthing center, but very mindful of the process and answered any questions we felt we needed to ask.

I can't recommend Rebecca too highly. She is a great educator, advocate, caregiver and friend. We cherish our time with her and would recommend her to anyone looking for the true value a doula can bring to the birthing process.

Lalita Adkins


I cannot imagine making it through my labor without Rebecca. She was a Godsend, and I am forever grateful that she came into our lives to help us reach the most beautiful moment, meeting our little girl. Rebecca, helped guide me through a very difficult 5 hours of hardcore contractions with acupressure, soothing words, as well as being my strong adovcate with respect to avoiding an epidural in favor of Staydol that helped to relax me and give me a bit of reprieve prior to my transiton. Without going into too much detail, I am confident her guideance and presence is what prevented us from going into a C section scenario. REBECCA IS AMAZING!

Rebecca was the only Doula we felt we needed to meet with. She exudes a warm and sincere personality, while at the same time being an absolute professional. She was always available to answer any questions, and would kindly check in on us via text in the weeks leading up to my delivery. I never felt that any of my questions were silly, even if I asked them many times due to my mommy brain. She was always very patient, and understanding. I especially liked that she did not bring any strong opinions to the table, but rather stressed that she wanted us to have the kind of labor we both wanted. 

She assisted us with our birth plan, and reviewed all aspects in minute detail so we were both very clear about our options during delivery. Somethign else that I feel is important to mention, is that she definitely made my husband feel like a very important part of the process.

In our postnatal appt she came to our home to spend time with us as a new family, and brought some very nice pictures from the labor, and a birthstory from her perspective for us to cherish. 

Nicole Johnson


Our experience with Rebecca was amazing! Being that this was our first pregnancy we were doing a lot of research about the birthing process. We knew we wanted to work with a doula as we prepared for the birth of our son. We instantly connected with her and knew she would be wonderful to work with. Rebecca proved to be just that and more. She assisted with our birth plan while allowing us to make decisions for ourselves. She was knowledgeable and always available when we needed her. Rebecca provided guidance and support during such a special time in our lives. She was extremely helpful and attentive throughout my preparing for the baby, during labor and post baby. When things took a turn from my original birth plan she guided me through my labor and proved to be additional support for my husband too. In addition to encouraging me through the toughest part of my labor and delivery Rebecca took the most amazing photos. My husband an I were brought to tears seeing the moments that she captured during the birth of our son. I would highly recommend working with Rebecca. We can't thank her enough! Rebecca was such a pleasure to work with and made the experience of having our son even more memorable. She was a great addition to our birth team. We are planning to have another baby in the future and will most definitely want Rebecca by our side again!

Rachel Regan Bermant


About half way through my pregnancy, my husband and I finally made the decision to hire a doula. A friend of ours had highly recommended their doula, Rebecca. I was intrigued by the birth photography. I was sick when I contacted Rebecca for the interview and she was so sweet, she told me that she actually only one spot available for late April and gave me a tip to get over my illness. This seemed like fate and I didn't look at any other doulas. Both Chris and I loved Rebecca at the interview so we booked on the spot. She has been a wonderful sourse of knowledge and was very supportive of the non medicated, natural birth I wanted. In the last weeks of my pregnancy Rebecca was wonderful, answering my questions all hours of the night and patiently walking me through the multiple false "maybe this is it!" moments I kept having. Rebecca was paramount to my successful natural birth. She came to our house super early in the morning on the real labor day, and patiently hung around with us when labor stalled, was able to get labor going again and reposition the baby allowing me to labor primarily at home. She knew exactly when to head to the hospital and helped me control myself during contractions and delivery. Even though I am a first time mom, I had my baby girl within an hour and a half of arriving at the hospital. Only 11 of those minutes being in the delivery room and delivering my baby. She helped my husband support me and truly helped me have the perfect birth. My baby girl is precious and was brought into this world under the best possible circumstances. Her support doesn't stop at birth either, I am still in contact with her regarding my postpartum wellness. The other services she offers are more than worth it. The photos were priceless and the placenta encapsulations have helped tremendously. Rebecca is truly one of a kind, words cannot express how important it was for her to be apart of my birth story. Both my husband and I are so thankful to have met her.

Liz Hudson


When I set out to hire a doula for my third pregnancy I wanted to interview a few doulas that came as a referrals. Rebecca was the first one who was recommended to me and I knew immediately she was the one. Rebecca is not only warm and caring, but she also radiates with passion for what she does. My birthing plan was to have as little medical interventions as possible at the hospital. What I got was an unexpected home birth. Home birth was the only birth that I had not wrote down details about what I wanted in my birthing plan. In my previous consultations Rebecca was meticulous in learning what my husband and I believed in. It's because of her thorough process that I knew I could trust her to help us through it as if it was my birthing plan. Rebecca remained calm and helped me feel safe the whole time. My birth ended up being one of the best experiences I have ever been through. I could not have had such an incredible experience without her! 



David Hudson


Rebecca, how can we ever repay you?  Our birth story of our daughter Payton is truly unique.  Many people who are in the "natural birth" community are there because of someone they know who had a birth plan that was not possible for one reason or another.  During our pregnancy, the impossible became possible with Rebecca's help.  Our experience from start to finish with Rebecca had a strong yet gentle feel to it.  I believe she empowered my wife Liz to have a completely natural birth with no hospital intervention.  Our family now has a connection with Rebecca that is unmatched by anyone else in the world.  This woman is incredible!  Through God, all things are possible.  I believe God was working through Rebecca on April 12, 2016 and helped us pull off the unthinkable.  Thank you!

Sandra Nedell


We hired Rebecca after researching doulas to support us with the birth of our third child. She was always available when we had questions or concerns and made us feel very supported both before labor and during labor and delivery. She has a very calming personality which is a huge asset during labor! Rebecca views her job as a calling and truly loves supporting families as they bring their babies into the world. We also took advantage of her photography and placenta encapsulation services. The pills were returned very promptly and I'm so thankful for the pictures we have of the birth of our daughter. They are beautiful and we will cherish them always. 

i highly recommend interviewing Rebecca if you are expecting. Regardless of the type of birth you are planning, she will be an asset to your birth team. 


Tyler Schilling


This is a long overdue review for Rebecca. Our daughter is now 6 months old and time has just flown by. When my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our second child I thought to myself “this is odd but happy wife, happy life”. Our first child was a C-section and recovery was very hard for my wife due. Looking back on things, hiring Rebecca was the best birth decision we could have made. I was extremely grateful that I was included with the interview process. When I first met Rebecca I instantly know she was a great fit for our family. She was always calm and was always there to answer with any silly guy questions I had. On the day of delivery I was calling and texting Rebecca letting her know where we were and how we were doing. As soon as she showed up at the hospital I instantly felt relief that one of us (aka Rebecca) knew what we were doing. She was there to support my wife through labor contractions and pain. She showed me pressures points and techniques that helped with my wife pain always guiding and supporting my role. She was reassuring in the labor room, always supporting and informing us of our choices. Watching her interact with the nurses and doctors was amazing she was never in the way and always there when we needed her. My wife was in labor for only 8 hours and we owe it all to Rebecca’s calming voice and encouragement. Even now, 6 months later, my wife (and I) tear up when we think of this day and how much Rebecca helped. Her photos are amazing too!

Stephanie Garrett


I am so incredibly delighted to write yet another review for Rebecca! She was with us in 2014 for the birth of our daughter and was with us again in January for the birth of our son. What I love most about our experience using a doula is that my births were so different! And Rebecca's support was uniquely different and amazing both times. The first was fast and furious and the most recent was slow and at times, frustrating. With our recent birth Rebecca was with me from the very early moments. She provided support at home and encouraged me for more than 12 hours. With her help I easily got to 9.5cm before my labor stalled a little. I was discouraged and tired but she continued to offer new strategies to help me along. Her emotional support kept me going and she was a voice when I didn't have one. She knew exactly what I wanted and what I needed at the right moments. The birth of my son was not what I expected but it was absolutely perfect.  Rebecca is a huge reason I'm able to say that. I'm also pleased to say I now have a house full of Becca's photography. She captured the birth of both my children in the most amazing way. I know with absolute certainty that if I had 10 kids, she would be our first call every time. Rebecca is so much more than a doula for us. Having had her with us for two of the most incredible days of our lives, she's like an extension of family now. You won't find a more compassionate, attentive, loving, supportive person to help navigate the birthing process. Becca is worth her weight in gold! 

Felicia Wren


Where do I begin, there are no words to describe the role Rebecca played in our birth. Rebecca spent time getting to know us during our prenatal visits beyond the realm of purely "clients". She answered every question, every concern, and every phone call or text. She asked for updates and kept us encouraged during our entire pregnancy. As our due date approached she gave us both emotional support during the final days. When the day arrived Rebecca was on call the entire time and when we asked she swiftly made it to our house and continued to labor with us at home. She brought numerous techniques to get us through each and  every contraction. She kept me calm and gave my husband and me an immense amount of support both physically and emotionally to have the birth we desired. I made it to 9 cm dilation in the comfort of our home. This was only made possible because of Rebecca. Rebecca helped us make the tough calls by keeping us informed. Although our Plan "A" could not be achieved due to unforeseen circumstances Rebecca ensured we did everything in our power to have a natural birth. After nearly 40 hours of labor we had to have a C-Section but her support didn't stop there. She continued to capture pictures in the operating room of us becoming a family, moments I will never forget. After recovery she stayed until I was breast feeding and made sure we were all in a good place. Rebecca was everything we needed and exceeded our wildest expectations. As our sweet 10 pound 14 ounce baby boy grows she continues to check-in and give us both assistance and encouragement. Rebecca did far more than assist us during birth, she has forever impacted our lives for the better. 


Rebecca crimi


I wanted my HBA2C ! first thing I was told to do is hire a DOULA.  A doula what's that ? Seriously had no idea but if it's going to increase my odds of getting my vbac I didn't hesitate. My husband and I met two doulas and I was not feeling them but Ive always said threes a charm and thats when we met Rebecca. We purchased her package with pictures and the encapsulation of the placenta. I still did not know how all this was going to help me but Rebecca pointed out the benefits of consuming your own placenta so I did it. Ok so a doula helps" guide"great because being my "1 rst birth" I had no idea about anything. As the months went on I really didn't feel the need to contact her, but she would check up on me and I thought wow a doula is a "friend". Then at 30 wk of pregnancy my world turned upside down! My midwife had dropped me as a client for her own personal reasons I was devastated, heart broken and crushed in my mind she was my only hope for a vbac ,I sat there staring at my phone and that's when it hit me to call Rebecca! I told her the situation and in  five mins she said put me back into my ICAN attitude, even though I couldn't have may home birth she asked me what's your main goal  ?, I said I just want the experience to have my baby vaginally she then pointed me to a VBAC friendly doctor and midwifery That she worked with in the past, She knew how I felt about OB and offered to go with me to my appointment that was scheduled the next day. In the end I did have my VBA2C , yes my birth plan changed but NONE of it would have happened without having Rebecca by my side .

So I've summed it up to this... a doula is guiding , helpful ,  strength, shoulder to cry on, positive ,a mother, best friend , family, phone call, peace, happiness, joy, zen, hope, information, I can , a smile, a hug, believing in one selves body,  and most of all LOVE. I would recommend Rebecca to any and everyone because she is a DOULA. 

Kristen Wunsch


I believe hiring Rebecca as my doula was the most important thing I did to prepare for the birth of my second baby. With my first baby, I planned to have an unmedicated, vaginal birth but ended up with an emergency c-section due to transverse lie. With my second baby, my desire remained for an unmedicated, natural childbirth so I planned to try for a VBAC. I knew I would need extra support and encouragement in order to do my best to have the labor, delivery, and outcome that I desired. I had heard about Rebecca through some mutual acquaintances who loved working with her, but she also came up on DoulaMatch with great reviews. I think most doulas are probably wonderful people, and I did interview a few of those wonderful people, but after meeting Rebecca I knew she was the right fit for me. I felt a connection with her immediately. She has a warm, caring demeanor and her face radiates love and joy. Even in our initial meetings, her presence was calming and encouraging.

As labor day drew closer, I appreciated that Rebecca was in regular contact with me. Every communication was punctuated with love and support. The morning I went into labor, Rebecca came to my home at just the right time. She stayed with me and gently guided me into the next position or next phase. She was encouraging and supportive and knowledgeable -- exactly what I needed! She may say she was just doing her job, but I feel like she went above and beyond in being there for me during labor, getting to the hospital, delivery, and supporting me after the successful VBAC of my baby boy. I did it!!! Rebecca's intuitiveness, genuine care, and knowledge was invaluable to me, and I am forever grateful to this amazing woman for helping me achieve the birth I desired.

Nick Crimi


It's hard to find the words to describe just how wonderful Rebecca is as a person and doula. From the first time we met Rebecca she had a wonderful vibe about her and she immediately made us feel comfortable and supported with our decision to have our vba2c home birth.She supported, educated and empowered us to the fullest teaching  us techniques and helping to organize our home birth but as many birth plans do change our's got turned upside down when our midwife had to cancel us at 8 months we were devastated and felt abandoned Rebecca immediately helped us to find a doctor/midwife  that would be on board with our birth plan and came to the interview the following day with us for support. She again showed so much caring and support to my wife and I helping us now recreate a hospital birth plan while helping ease our minds that we were still going to accomplish our vba2c. She was always a text or call away no matter what the question she had the answer and at 41 weeks when we had to go into the hospital for induction Rebecca stayed in constant communication with me throughout the process which was two days of induction methods at the hospital.When things really started going and Rebecca showed up to the hospital she was a constant support to us, she helped us to make some very difficult decisions throughout our birth and even when the midwife came looking to make the decision for a c-section because the baby had flipped herself it was the support, training and her collaboration with the nurses at the hospital that resulted in our natural birth. We chose her package that includes photography and encapsulation and could not have been happier she captured every important moment with such emotion and the placenta encapsulation was done promptly and came with detailed instructions.I would recommend Rebecca to anyone having a baby and know she would be the first person we would talk with if we were planning of having another child.

Rikki Seleen


December 5, 2015

When we became pregnant, we knew we wanted a doula. Rebecca was the first and only doula we met with; after the interview, we knew she was the perfect fit. She provided us with information, tools, and strategies to empower us throughout our pregnancy. Rebecca was in frequent contact with us in the weeks leading up to our due date, and daily thereafter. When our due date came and went, she eased our fears and assured us that everything was going as it should. Even though our birth did not go exactly as planned( we exhausted every effort for an non-medicated birth), Rebecca's calm and encouraging demeanor made us feel like everything was safe and okay. She gave sound advice yet had the upmost respect for any change of decisions we had to make for the birthing of our baby.

Rebecca's warm personality is well perceived by all. She handled stress with grace, communicated effectively, and worked cooperatively with labor and delivery staff. She recommended a fantastic midwife and we couldn't have asked for a more perfect birthing team.

Post birth, Rebecca still kept in frequent contact, lovingly checking in and wanting updates on our little family. She came by a few days later to drop off placenta capsules and tinctures. My recovery has been smooth sailing and I feel complete and utter joy two weeks post partum. Rebecca was born for this role and we would be honored to have her by our side when we welcome our next baby.

-The Seleen Family

Charrissa Jones


I decided I wanted a doula because my older son would only be 22 months old when I delivered our second. I wanted someone there for me and only me, making it possible for my husband to stay with our older son if need be. It was a fantastic decision, and one I'd make over again if given the chance. I clicked with Rebecca immediately. I had a lofty goal of laboring without pain medications, and she made me believe I could do it. While our son's birth didn't turn out as planned (crash c-section), I still feel as though her presence in our journey was irreplaceable. She was/is always available, and responds quickly when needed. I love Rebecca like a family member. ??

Katie Finney


Rebecca stepped in as our doula after my doula had to leave due to exhaustion ( she had been up for almost 2 days straight with another birth when I went into labor). I had never met Rebecca prior to my labor but she made me feel comfortable right away. My labor and birth did not go as planned- she was extremely supportive and helped us make some difficult decisions. She took the most beautiful photos that make me cry every time I look at them. my husband and I were very happy with Rebecca's support!

Jamie Bruner


When my husband and I made the decision to deliver with a midwife in a hospital setting, we knew we wanted to hire a doula. From the start Rebecca was supportive and informative.  In the prelabor meetings she not only helped us to make informed decisions about our birth-plan but also had us take a proactive approach to getting ready for both labor and postpartum. She was also a wonderful support before and after her arrival at out home. When my waters broke before any contractions had begun, she helped me to remain calm and gave me some instructions on activities to do. I was able to relax and my contractions soon picked up. Rebecca had very clearly listened to our birth vision and came prepared with things to help give us the birth experience we wanted. She was very respectful and conscious of giving us space when needed. As well as giving gentle support to my husband as he coached, encouraged and supported me through labor. Looking back on our hospital experience I feel like my husband was able to be my main emotional and physical support, where Rebecca was my wall that stood between me and the hospital environment. She helped me too remain calm and to remember that I had the right to make the decisions for my birth and to trust my instincts. After our son was born she stayed with us to take pictures and make sure we were settled in as family. Rebecca was also a great support during the following weeks as we faced struggles with breastfeeding. She was supportive emotionally and made sure we got in contact with a trusted lactation consultant. Throughout our experience with Rebecca, we were always impressed with her compassion and professionalism. There is no doubt that we will have her with us for our next birth.  We would recommend her to anyone!

Katherine Schilling


I am beyond happy with Rebecca and our birth experience. Having gone through a tough csection recovery with our first, I really wanted to have a natural VBAC for this birth. I knew that finding a doula was definitely a must. As soon as I met Rebecca I felt like I found not only a doula but a friend. My husband was a little skeptical about getting a doula but as soon as he met Rebecca, he knew that she not only was here to help me but help him through the labor process.

Throughout my pregnancy she was alway there with helpful advice and always avaliable to answer my questions. During our prenatal meetings I felt like I was having coffee with a friend. She always put my mind at ease and took away a lot of stress and worry. When my water broke at 4 am she was on the phone with me talking me through contractions and helping me relax. Once we headed to the hospital she again was right there by my side helping with pain management and helping me labor my way. I could tell it made a huge difference to my husband by taking away a lot of his stress and worry. As he said "it was nice to have another tool in our house that knew exactly what we needed". She was very professional and worked well with the nurses and doctors. I am convinced that I was able to have a very quick labor because of her advice during my third trimester and her calming presence during labor and delivery. 

A doula is worth her weight in gold and Rebecca is amazing! I will definitely recommend her to anyone who is having a baby!

Richard Thorgeirson


Let me start by saying that I am a typical guy, and when my wife told me she wanted a doula, I natually started thinking about the cost,  since I was already worried of the extra expense that comes with a child.  As soon as my wife and I first met with Rebecca, I could see the lasting effects of her possitive personality and loving demenor had on my wifes confidence.   It didn't take long for Rebecca to feel like part of the family.  She was very respectfull in the birthing room, and in regards to some of our spiritual beliefs.  3 months ago Rebecca helped my wife and I naturally bring our baby girl into this world... Looking back I would'nt have it any other way... Her help and guidance was priceless. 

cindi barry


Saturday (9/26) was an incredible day in which we welcomed our second little boy with the incredible support of Rebecca Turrigiano-our awesome doula! She was so fantastic and made the birth experience a great one! She also captured some treasured moments right after Zander entered the world. While my goal was a natural birth, I was not progressing and Becca was so supportive and comforting when we decided on the epidural. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Rebecca, I could not have asked for a better support or birth experience! If you're looking for an awesome doula, check her out!

Elizabeth Hansel


Rebecca did a great job. She was always available for questions when we called and after my baby was "on she made sure they checked everything they were supposed to on my baby and she made sure my wishes were followed.  Rebecca is a kind and patient person and I would recommend her to anyone. 

Yara Boulos


When I was first looking for a doula, I didn't even know where to start. I stumbled across Rebecca's profile and sent her a message. She responded instantly within the hour and I really appreciated that. My husband and I were SOOO excited for our first meeting. When she came over that evening, I knew right away that I wanted her by my side for such an important part of my life! when she left the first meeting, I looked at my husband and told him we needed to sign the forms and send them her way as soon as possible! My goals for my labor was an all natural birth. Rebecca supported everything I wanted and encouraged me to take charge of my labor! Through the whole process she cared so much and answered any questions I had right away! She made sure to make my husband the most involved and important part of everything! The day I went into labor she calmed me down and told me everything I needed to do. She called me and talked me through everything, making me feel safe and making my husband feel completely comfortable in handling the situation until she arrived! When we got to the hospital, my labor got more intense and honestly I can not imagine doing it without Rebecca there by my side! I ended up getting an epidural because I stopped dilating, but I had no regrets because Rebecca was able to comfort me and remind me that my decision is always the best decision. When they came in to tell me I may need a C section, my heart sank. Seeing Rebeccas face and her positivity and support helped calm me down and keep going. She then reminded me that no matter what everything was going to be okay and that I would have my baby in my arms by the end of the night. We prayed that night and she kept telling me "he is fearfully and wonderfully made." I ended up pushing through and avoided the C section. Rebecca stood by me and my husbands side and I couldn't have done it withot her. Her presence alone impacted me so strongly and I felt safe knowing she was there! 

Jennifer Clark


We can't say enough positive things about our experience with Rebecca. First and foremost, she is knowledgeable. Connecting with a doula is important on a relational level, but having actual knowledge about birth is crucial. Our baby was posterior, and we had several other issues throughout labor that required some adjustments to our birth plan. In each situation, I was able to contact Rebecca immediately and discuss other options. She offered wisdom in an unbiased matter and directed us to other resources online and in print. When we were considering changing care providers for our birth, Rebecca gave us confidence to make the decisions that were best for our family and affirmed the things we had said were important to use for birth. The result was us switching providers and having a wonderful, stress-free birth and feeling confident going into the process. Rebecca is also an excellent listener and has a kind, gentle demeanor. This is an excellent skill to have as a doula! By listening well she can tell what are her client's priorities, concerns, and fears are heading in to labor. She is able to to offer an understanding ear, but also respond with measures of action necessary to help alleviate concerns and fears related to the birth process. Whatever your vision for your birth may be, I highly recommend meeting Rebecca and considering her to be your doula. She is a wonderful, attentive, professional care-giver and will help you make your birth the best experience it can possibly be! We are so, so thankful we hired her. She was worth every penny - and more!!!

Amanda Bold


My pregnancy wasnt what you would call a typical situation. Shortly after learning that i was going to be a mother, I lost my babys father to suicide. Needless to say, i was at risk for PPD, so i knew i had to try placenta encapsulation. A friend of mine recommended me to Becca, & we clicked immediately. She got to know my beliefs to incorporate into my birthplan. It was an unspeakable comfort to know i had her as a soldier to fight for me if necessary & as an extra support for me & my mother. Anything i could possibly need or want, she made sure i had; A pair of eyes to focus on during a contraction, a voice with comforting words, a support for my mom, a foot masseuse, a photographer- you name it. Having Rebecca as my birth doula was a godsend that i will never forget. For my next birth i will definitely want her by my side again- it is just that important. The kind of support she provides is greater than you can know until you are in the delivery room, & i simply cant imagine doing it again without her, no matter the circumstance. I could go on to speak volumes about how much comfort, support, & guidance she provided but it wouldnt ever completely convey my gratitude; so hopefully my simple thank you comes close enough. After my Luna was born, she got some amazing photos of us & got us settled before leaving with my placenta. She brought the pills to my house really quickly, & even physical copies of my birth photography to the post natal appointment a couple weeks later. i will definitely be bragging about Rebecca for years to come, & be recommending her to expectant moms & couples i know.

Holly Thorgeirson


We knew we wanted Rebecca to be part of our birth team the first time we met with her.  She truely loves and has a passion for helping women and families achieve the birth experience they desire. She's so warm and tender hearted, and really makes you feel comfortable.  She was always readily available leading up to the birth and especially during our birthing time. She was only a phone call away and came as soon as we needed her.  Her experience and confidence helps you to feel confident during that time.  Whether she was helping with positioning, giving her input and suggestions or simply just comforting you with a smile she was readily there to help.  I was able to have the natural, med-free birth I so desired and feel that it would have been different if we didn't have Rebecca there.  She reminds you of your body's wonderful ability to birth and helps with anything you need along the way. My husband and I were so pleased and loved to have Rebecca's support for this beautiful moment in life. We will definitely hire her again for our next birth!  Thanks so much Rebecca! <3

becca a


I hired Rebecca early in my pregnancy to help my planned VBAC birth. My son arrival was insanely fast, we arrived at the hospital 10 minutes before he was born. Unfortunately Rebecca was unable to make it, however she spent several hours with us after his birth.

Although I didn't used her as I intended I still believe she was worth it. She helped kept my support system informed when it came to what would happen. She help me remain calm and informed throughout my pregnancy and she was there when I needed her.  She was more then willing to work with my pain coping technique (Hypnobabies) and took the extra step to learn more about it. She was such a delightful person and I would use her again.

Marty Urbanowicz


I’ve known about the benefits of doulas for several years now and when my husband and I were expecting our child, we knew we wanted to find a doula to help us. I did extensive research in the Phoenix area and was really impressed by what I read in Rebecca’s client testimonials. When we met her, we knew she was a perfect fit for us. We soon found out that we made the best decision! Rebecca is incredibly knowledgeable. She educated us on everything we needed and wanted to know. Because of her, we felt prepared. She has a wonderful reputation with healthcare providers and was able to refer us to a phenomenal doctor and act as our advocate when we needed it most. You just cannot put a price on this… Having Rebecca on our team made it possible for us to enjoy every moment of our pregnancy and birth. Not only that but she is an incredibly talented photographer. She captured the most precious first moments. These photos are what we cherish most! Additionally, I took advantage of placenta encapsulation that she offers which has helped me tremendously. When it came to my own birth experience, I wanted it to be perfect. When obstacles came up at the end of my pregnancy (my baby was breech), Rebecca was right there to guide us. We had a joyful experience because of her! I am hopeful that others’ in search of a doula will read this review and find it helpful in making a great choice :)

David Aros


If you are researching and shopping around for a doula... You don't need to look any further.  My little girl came into the world on May 28th by way of a home birth... birthing pool to be exact.  My wife endured a fairly long labor somewhere between 20-24 hrs, and Rebecca stood by her side the entire time and assisted with a multitude of techniques that helped my wife tremendously.  She was worth every penny spent ...if your looking for someone that is going to give it her all and dedicate herself to making sure that everything that can be done will be done to ensure comfort and piece of mind during your experience... Then like I said no need to look any further.  You will be in incredible hands... Highly recommend Rebecca!!! 

Alycia S


Pregnant with my first child, I knew I did not want to have your "standard, typical" birth. I also did not feel like I had much support in my life for me feel as confident as I wanted to feel to achieve the type of birth I was wanting. Prior to meeting with Rebecca, I had done much research on doulas, and then started my search. Upon discussion with family members and friends, other than the babies father, not one of them was very supportive of my interest in a doula, nor did they much seem to be supportive or very knowledgeable with the type of birth I was wanting. This made me feel an even deeper need for a doula. We contacted three doulas, our first meeting was with Rebecca. Not even half way through the meeting, we knew we would not be meeting with anyone else. I felt the biggest weight lift off my shoulders, I was able to feel relief. Throughout the whole process Rebecca would check in on me to see how I was doing. Our prenatal meetings were very beneficial to me. We went over all possible outcomes that might arise and made decisions as appropriate, so that I would continuously feel in control. When the big day came, I think we were both surprised on how fast everything went,  but she was ready.  Through my intense & fast labor, she remained by my side, talking me through it, helping me remain as calm and in control as possible.  Im forever thankful I did go through with a doula, and that I was blessed to have found Rebecca. I couldn't imagine having a child without a doula, and would love to have Rebecca again. 

Clay Weaver


Rebecca was a pure blessing to have with us at the birth of our second child. Prior to my wife’s second pregnancy I didn’t know what a doula was. When my wife explained what a doula is, it sounded like a good idea after the experience we had with the birth of our first child. After Rebecca left from our first interview with her, my wife and I knew she was the one for us. Her presence put us at ease and her knowledge helped guide us to the right decision at every obstacle we faced. We changed just about everything from our first birth and made the second birth what we wanted. Rebecca was there at our side from the moment we got to the hospital until our precious boy entered this world. Some of the time we didn’t even realize she was still there, in the background taking photos and making sure the room was peaceful and serene. Her photos are fantastic, by the way. The only regret I have is that we didn’t have her with us at our first birth! I’m sure she would have guided us to a much happier birth than the one we had. I will be forever grateful for the way she was always there for us and led us to the vbac my wife so deserved. Thank you Rebecca for everything you did for my family. We couldn’t have done it as well without you!

Anna Taylor


My husband and I were looking for a new doula for our third son. Our other doula moved out of the state. It was hard looking for someone that would be a good match for us. After, reading Rebecca's web page and testimonials my husband was sold. She was very professional and caring. I called her over late, the day before our son was born, and she stayed all night helping with pain management and emotional support. We went into the hospital early the next morning and we were there all day. She was up beat the whole time and helped both my husband and I. It was great to have someone to lean on for both of us. And I know that I like to be distraction by people talking, so it was very nice that she was great at distraction! : ) She was very informative before, during and after with any questions we had. She was a great fit for us and I would recommend her to anyone. And we will be using her again with our next birth!
Michael and Anna Taylor

David Huff


Rebecca was amazing! I'll be honest, I had no idea what a doula was until my wife brought it to my attention. I'm really happy we hired her. For it being our first child, we weren't sure how things were going to go. With her, we had a game plan, set some personal goals (which my wife exceeded), and the environment was way less stressful. 

In the end, we now have a healthy beautiful baby boy and a lifelong friendship. I wouldn't have been able to do this without her. If you're on the fence about Rebecca, you won't regret it and your wife will appreciate it!

Thank you for everything Rebecca!

Jeremy Johnson


We had a unique situation due to me being in the military stationed in California and the mother of my child living here in Scottsdale. When we started talking about a Doula we narrowed it down to 3 but we never made it past our meeting with Rebecca. After the meeting we both knew she was going to be our Doula, the absolute wealth of knowledge to help the two of us become more educated on birth than I ever imagined possible! It was such a relief to know that in the circumstance where I couldn't be present we had Rebecca to assist in delivering our baby girl. Rebecca gave me more resources than I could have read in 9 months to help me educate myself on the birth process and was always a a text or phone call away for any questions or just to chat with when times were hard being out of state. During the birth Rebecca was a PHENOMENAL coach reassuring, calm, and sweet through the process even though it went faster than anyone anticipated! The undeniable reassuring feeling I had through the whole process was exactly what I needed We are so happy with everything she has done for us and is still helping us with things we need especially since I will have to go back to California soon. It's nice knowing Rebecca is still here if we need her! Thank you so much for helping us with our little blessing! 

Sara Redman


We met and interviewed several wonderful doulas prior to selecting Rebecca as our birth doula. What set her apart for us was her extensive knowledge about birth and lactation, her personal and professional birth experiences,  the way that she is intentional about her collaboration not only with my family members but also with members of the medical team (as I had a hospital delivery), and possibly most importantly--how her calm and confident demeanor made us feel about our upcoming birth experience. In prenatal counseling, Rebecca provided excellent information and resources, addressing our concerns and questions. When it came time for the baby to arrive, Rebecca guided and encouraged us through early labor by phone. She was invaluable once arriving at the hospital, providing direction for me and my family members in strategies for natural pain management, reminding me of my goals and my options as circumstances developed, supporting my decisions and helping me to feel positively about changing my plans, and expertly guiding position changes and coaching me through delivery. While doing all of this, she captured some beautiful moments with her camera that we are grateful to have! Though my little girl began breastfeeding with little to no problem, it was comforting to me to know that I had Rebecca as a resource if things did not go easily. We are so glad that Rebecca was our doula, and hope that she will be able to help us again if we are so blessed as to further expand our family!

Alison Lang


After having our initial meeting with Rebecca, my husband and I knew she was our doula. Rebecca was wonderful and definitely needed during our birth experience. She helped us navigate through some tough decisions we had to make during labor and gave her honest opinion. Her and my husband made an excellent team, keeping me as calm as possible during contractions and encouraging me to try different positions. She is professional yet nuturing.

I also had my placenta encapsulated and purchased the photos, which beautifully captured our experience. I couldn't imagine having a natural labor without her!! I highly recommend her for your birthing experience.

Ruth Lindsay


Rebecca was a loving, reassuring presence for us throughout my pregnancy and labor. Her calm strength eased our stresfull moments and made difficult decisions easier. She was very supportive of my husband and respectfull of his role as coach.

Her post-partum support was invaluable. She checked up on us regulrarly - but not too much! - and gave us good support and advice.

I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone seeking a caring and engaged support person for their labor and/or post-partum care.

She also takes stunning photographs!

Kelsey Reavis


I was a last minute client and from the beginning, Rebecca was very engaged in the process - quick to respond and dependable. I was hoping for a natural birth without pain medications in a hospital. She was flexible and worked well with me and my family. The prenatal appt was informative and inspiring; she was the first person to tell me about a slow leak when your water breaks, which actually happened to me. After I arrived at the hospital, she kept in touch until we decided it was time for her to come in. The minute she got there with her positive attitude, assertiveness, and calming personality, I felt so relieved. During times of concern, she kept our worries at bay while still being realistic. The doctors strongly pushed Pitocin and an epidural on me since my membranes had been ruptured more than 24 hours and I wasn’t progressing "fast enough." Rebecca suggested working through any emotional blockages, as they could have been holding me back. With her guidance and meditation practices, I finally was able to let go. Her pain management techniques truly did ease my pain and helped me listen to my body. Rebecca was instrumental in re-positioning baby, which avoided a lot of extra pain for mama. Rebecca was by my side the whole time during labor and provided sunshine in the room. After I went home, she was quick to hand-deliver the encapsulated placenta and tincture. She checked in on my post-partum recovery including lactation and well-being. She edited and printed photos of my labor, which are fantastic- she caught the perfect moments. She also wrote an account of my labor through her eyes, something for the memory books. Rebecca takes a lot of pride in her work; her finishing touches are thoughtful and tasteful. Despite all her knowledge and preparedness, what I appreciated most was her loving kindness, confidence, and mindfulness. I can't recommend her enough. I have such beautiful memories of my son's birth and so much of that I owe to Rebecca.

Alicia Weaver


After experiencing a difficult birth for our first child, my husband and I knew we needed to do things differently the second time. As a VBAC hopeful, I poured over research and reached out for advice from other women who had done or were wanting the same thing. The number one recommendation was to hire a doula. We found Rebecca and immediately after our first meeting with her felt a peace that we didn't think was possible. Rebecca helped us create a "team" of people who truly all wanted the same outcome for us. She truly pushed the notion that knowledge is power and encouraged us to learn all we could. Rebecca's support during my pregnancy was invaluable as I had a lot of tough emotions to sort out. When things with the pregnancy didn't go as planned, Rebecca was always there pointing out the positives and encouraging us that the fight was not over. I ended up in an induction and still Rebecca remained 100% optimistic that we were going to have the birth experience we desired. Rebecca showed up for our induction bright and early and never left my side, even when it seemed like it was going to be days. She encouraged me mentally during the entire experience along with keeping me moving around and changing positions. I felt empowered having Rebecca by my side, something I desperately needed during my first birth. She encouraged us to make informed decisions about what WE wanted during labor and really pushed us to make our decisions rather than allowing everyone around us to make them for us. In the end we had a beautiful, amazing VBAC. An experience I will never forget and one that I feel may not have happened if we had not hired Rebecca. As a bonus, she captured our birth beautifully with photography. I had no idea she was even taking the pictures she did and am still amazed she was able to be so present in the birth and capture these photos at the same time. We are so grateful to her and would highly recommend her to any couple.

Rhonda Mejia


Due to some unforeseen circumstances and the fact that I would end up going 10 days past my due date, it was looking like our original doula would be unable to make our labor. Enter Rebecca, who graciously agreed to be on call for us should the need arise. This is also a testament to the Phoenix doula community as there were no egos involved, only wanting to do what was best for us. This notion was once again reinforced when BOTH of these beautiful ladies would come together to check in on us.

Ultimately, it was Rebecca that would answer the call. And looking back, I cant imagine it any other way. Rebecca was the perfect blend of strong yet calming support we didn't even know we needed. As an example, one aspect of my experience that I wasn't expecting was the rapid changes in my body temperature.... literally freezing and shivering one minute and the next burning hot. Rebecca and my husband made quite the team, Rebecca armed with blankets and a heated rice sock and my husband ready with the ice chips and a cold cloth.

Rebecca was able to help me manage the pain through full dilation and 2 hours of pushing. In the end, the baby was not descending even after numerous techniques and turns and we heeded the doctors suggestion for cesarean. It was a difficult decision but we felt that we had exhausted all of our options and were confident our doctor would not recommend it if she thought there was another approach. We would find out later, after the initial incision nicked my bladder that that was the source of some of our earlier frustrations. It was during my extended surgery time I felt even more grateful for Rebecca. The team had allowed her in the OR and she stayed by my side as my husband went with our fresh little baby girl.

We would whole heartedly recommend Rebecca to anyone researching doulas and although technically she was our "backup" doula she would be one of the first people we'd call if we were to have another child.

Lisa Pilgrim


I cannot say enough about how incredible Rebecca was in contributing to the birth of my son on March 19th.  Rebecca's exceptional knowledge and kind heart helped ensure our birthing experience was as stress free and memorable as possible.  Being first time parents, both my husband and i were a touch apprehensive and overwhelmed with all things childbirth related.  Upon meeting Rebecca, we both felt an instant wave of relief due to Rebecca's wealth of knowledge in ALL areas of childbirth.  She was on call for us whenever we had any kind of questions - pre birth as well as post birth.  Rebecca made time to come visit us twice post birth and would answer any questions that we had, any time of the day. In fact, she continues to check in with us periodicallly... what a woman!  

Rebecca also offers birth photography and placenta encapulation, both services were money well spent.  The photos were so beautiful, i was truly blown away.  

If my husband and i choose to have another baby, i will ensure that Rebecca is by our side once again.


Todd Garrett


Having already gone through a “standard” birth experience with our son, it’s not like we were starting from scratch. Rebecca educated us with as much, or as little information as we needed. It was all about the facts, but she would give her opinion (backed by those facts) when requested. Topics of discussion ranged from expectations, common misconceptions, massage pointers/techniques, and so on. It was very useful to have articles and information to read through. Being able to leverage this while times were hectic helped me immensely. Now the actual hospital experience: the plan was for my wife to labor at home, and call Rebecca once we were ready. Just shy of 2:00 a.m. it was time. She was here in no time, and never once made us feel like we were a burden (I can’t say that I would feel the same if we were in her shoes). She was our advocate from the second we walked through the door. She made sure that we got the attention and treatment that we deserved, but never overstepped. She made sure I was comfortable, and would only be as involved as I wanted her to be. Honestly, I was very hesitant to pursue the services of a doula. My concern was that I would be tossed aside, deprived of the birthing experience. This was certainly not the case. I was given needed information and confidence. While so much of the birthing experience is about my wife, Rebecca was also there to make sure that I got exactly what I wanted. The best fringe benefit was the fact that she took amazing pictures during the birthing process. She was like a fly on the wall (but in a good way). She would be present when needed, but never got in the way of our special moment. I believe that it takes true love, dedication, and awareness on her part. She was able to work with me to keep my wife calm and collected, regardless of the chaos around us. I am very grateful that she was able to give us the confidence to make our second child’s birth a truly blessed experience.

Katie Douglass


We hired Rebecca to assist with the delivery of our first baby. It was my goal to go all natural and I knew that having the right support system in place was really important. My mom and husband were amazing, but having Rebecca with us made all the difference. She helped all of us through my labor.. providing support for me and guidance for my mom and husband. The pain management techniques were she used were very effective and helped me get through the last few hours of labor when I was exhausted and needed to focus on breathing through the contractions. She also moved me into several different labor positions to help drop the baby and prep me for pushing. After an intense 8 hours, our son was born. Rebecca stayed with us afterwards to make sure that my first experience breastfeeding went ok and that we had everything we needed to transition into recovery. We highly recommend Rebecca if you are interested in having a natural birth and want to hire a doula. I'm so glad that we found her!!!

Shannon Leigh


Not only is Rebecca an amazing mother in law, but she's also an incredible doula. 

Im so grateful that she was present for both of my births. My first birth experience was not as smooth as I would have hoped considering i was induced and had multiple interventions through it, but she was such an awesome support person the entire time. She guided my husband on how he could help, which I know was a big relief for him since we had no clue what to expect or how he could comfort me. She gave me such confidence in my body especially when it came time to push. Her words of encouragment and affimation that I was pushing wonderfully and successfully made all of the difference. When it came time to have my second baby, I was so nervous and scared since my previous experience did not turn out as expected. However, it could not have gone more beautifully. She had my birth plan and was able to communicate my wishes with the nurses and doctors, so that I could focus on laboring and not have to worry about a thing. I wanted to go as long as I could without drugs and I know if she wasnt there, I wouldnt have made it as far as I did. She knew when to let my husband comfort me and she knew when to step in when she could see the pain was too much. Her techniques on helping me get through each contraction were so helpful! When I decided I wanted to get an epidural, she supported me and made me feel so proud that my body made it as far as I did. I was feeling a little guilty because I would have liked to have gone all natural but she reassured me that I knew what was best for my body. She also encapsulated my placenta for me which has helped tremendously with the after birth. I swear by them! I cannot rave enough about how amazing she is. We will definitely be having her support us in all our future births. I wouldnt want to do it without her.


Christine Chavez


Rebecca was an amazing doula for our first experience as parents.  From the beginning, my husband and I wanted to have a natural, unmedicated birth.  We knew that having a doula would help facilitate this.  From our first meeting, Rebecca was supportive, yet very respectful of all our birthing desires and choices.  She shared her personal experiences and definitely made us confident that our natural childbirth would be successful.  Rebecca is personable, professional, and very compassionate.  Upon meeting her, you can tell that she truly loves her job.  She was extremely supportive and made me feel so prepared for the birth of my child.  Throughout labor, Rebecca remained calm and made my husband and I feel so relaxed and comfortable.  Her guidance made me feel as though my own mother was in the room wiith me.  Rebecca cares about her clients and goes above and beyond to ensure that their birthing plans are met and that mom and baby are always safe.  Thank you so much, Rebecca, for helping us bring our little Caleb into this world.  We couldn't have done it without you.  We are grateful for your love and suppport.

Amy McLean


When my husband and I first met with Rebecca it took a matter of minutes for us to know that she was going to be the perfect addition to our birth team. Our instinct was right about Rebecca as she did above and beyond what we could have dreamed from a doula. During our prenatal meetings, she was able to answer the many questions that a first time mom would have about the delivery process and provide us with information and resources to help us prepare. She encouraged us to visualize what we wanted out of that day, from the delivery to post natal care for our baby. Her guidance and support made us go into that day feeling empowered, confident, and prepared for what was to come.

During labor, Rebecca was extremely intuitive, able to read just what support my husband and I needed without interrupting the experience. She knew when to step in and assist and when to step back and let my husband and I share private moments. Her warmth and calmness was contagious, helping us to release our own fear through difficult moments. She encouraged us to stay true our birth plan, as we had asked her to do. However, when it became necessary to make some decisions outside of our plan she was completely supportive. One of those necessary decisions ended up being a c-section. Rebecca was extremely helpful through the process and knew exactly what words of encouragement my husband and I needed to hear to get through it. She was with us every step of the way, even in the OR for the surgery. There she took a step back and photographed, beautifully capturing those precious first moments with our son that we will cherish for a lifetime.

I could not have asked for a better birth experience and for that I give credit to Rebecca.  We could not have found a better doula and will continue to tell everyone we know who plans to have a baby in the future to give her a call. ? If you are considering Rebecca as your doula, you won't regret choosing her!

Sierra Mathews Novack


I would highly recommend Rebecca to anyone! She is kind, caring and knowledgeable. I was also very impressed with her organization and how quickly she responded to our calls, emails and texts. We were going to use her as our doula and birth photographer for a VBAC at Mercy-Gilbert. But at our hospital stay things happened so quickly that instead of calling her to come to the labor and delivery we texted her with a picture of our newborn! Our daughter ended up in the NICU for several days and Rebecca was a constant supportive and positive voice when we needed it the most. She came to the NICU and took some amazing newborn and family photos that I will forever treasure. The placenta encapsulation was nothing short of a work of art. I am so grateful to have met and hired Rebecca. It was one of the best choices and experiences of our birth. Thank you Rebecca!

Ryan McLean


To whom it may concern,

Rebecca was not only there for my wife, but also for me! I gotta say that initially I thought that I, the husband, was all the support my wife would need to make it through labor. Looking back I couldn’t have been more wrong. Now when I originally started writing this I ended up with about 2 pages and then realized that…well…2 pages might be a bit much. Rebecca went above and beyond her job descriptive duties. She was prompt, courteous, joyful, loving, supportive, understanding, encouraging and the list goes on. See…..starting to write 2 pages again:) I really can’t say enough about how grateful my wife and I are to have been blessed with her services. From the essential oils to the maneuvers she was 100% all the time. As a man….I would recommend her for the sheer support she provided even me. We encountered many challenges and she was right there with us through them all. A Doula’s the way for your labor day!

The McLean’s

Kimberly Veverka


My husband and I sought out a doula because we wanted to have a natural childbirth- no drugs, no interventions, but in a hospital.This was our first child and we planned to have a hospital birth with a midwife.Having a midwife, we wanted a doula for the support and guidance through the entire labor.We had the added difficulty of being 2 hours away from the closest hospital. Having a doula to help us decide when we should leave for the hospital was important to help ease that anxiety. Several doulas were not willing to work with us because of the distance so we were extremely grateful when we heard back from Rebecca.She was willing to work with us despite the distance.She was very flexible working with our already scheduled doc appointments to limit our trips into town.She was always on call and when labor began she helped us make the decision on when to start driving.Once admitted Rebecca guided us through the various techniques that helped me progress through labor.I was able to focus on breathing and my husband was able to just be there for me.We didn’t have to think about what to try next.Rebecca did that for us and she has so many tricks in her Mary Poppins bag:) I found her suggestions and encouragement very helpful.Her TENS machine was amazing! In the end I needed an epidural which was something I wanted to avoid and Rebecca knew this.She fully supported us and was only concerned that I was ok with it.She helped us see that it was a good decision for the baby and that I had done all I could to have my baby as naturally as possible.My husband and I are extremely grateful Rebecca gave us a chance, was willing to broaden her comfort zone to work with us though we were so far away and to guide us through natural labor.She worked very well in the hospital setting and with our midwife and was the only constant in our delivery room.She was there the whole time and we are so grateful that she was.

Josh Turrigiano


Having Rebecca as my mother and a doula at my son's births was more of a blessing than I could have imagined. For our first son's birth, she had knowledge being a mother herself and had already been at so many births already, whether friends or family. Although not a certified doula yet, she was still a great comfort and source of knowledge for me and my wife. For our second son, she was now a certified doula and I wasn't sure what kind of new methods and techniques she was going to have in store forus. When it came down to the part when my wife started dilating more and my words of comfort weren't doing a whole lot, I looked to my mother. Her knowledge of different techniques and ways to help the process be an overall more pleasant experience for both my wife and I, made all the difference in the world compared to our first son's birth. The only ways I was able to make my wife's experience less stressful and painful was with tips and tricks my mother showed me. I'm positive that if I didn't have these, I would have felt pretty helpless and unhelpful for the whole birthing process. I couldn't thank her enough for her help and will definitely be having her at our next child's birth if we decide to have more.

Stephanie Lee


I can't say enough about how helpful and knowledgeable Rebecca was during labor. I really wanted a natural birth and Rebecca was my rock for making that possible. She always knew just what to say, what position to suggest, and how to give the perfect pressure to get me through each contraction. She knew when to step back and encourage my husband and when to give him a much needed break. Like my husband said, best money we ever spent.

Andrea Throop


Rebecca was amazing before, during and after labor, and far exceeded my expectations. I had a complicated pregnancy that included fertility treatments, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, and pregnancy induced hypertension. Through my prenatal appointments with Rebecca, she gave me the confidence and information I needed to stay positive and keep faith in my body to carry me through the pregnancy. She was right! I had an amazing birth and baby!

I went in for what I thought was a routine non-stress test, and it turned out that my bag of waters had a leak and I was to deliver that day. Rebecca came to the hospital right away and supported me from early in triage to after my little boy was born. When in triage she made sure that the energy in the room was positive and I was in control of my labor when the nurses were talking induction and C-sections. My control over my own labor with Rebecca's help, I was able to avoid Pitocin and being confined to a bed. She was also a great coach when it came time to push with providing the encouragement I needed. Rebecca stayed after my labor and made sure my family and I were settled.

Rebecca not only provided very useful information and literature during my pregnancy, she also provided very thoughtful and caring surprises. She photographed my labor and made a CD of pictures for us, documented my entire labor, a postpartum appointment, and made a dehydrated heart out of my son’s umbilical cord.

Overall, I had an amazing labor and birth, and Rebecca played a large role in my positive birth experience.


Olivia Hillard-Craig


We hired as Rebecca as our doula very early in our pregnancy, she was amazing from the get go. At 20 weeks we found out We hired as Rebecca as our doula very early in our pregnancy, she was amazing from the get go. At 20 weeks we found out we were having complications and that our baby was sick and would most likely die soon after birth. Rebecca stuck with us and was incredibly supportive the whole way, through the up's and downs and everything we tried to help our daughter. At 27 weeks we had to have a an Emergency C Section. She came completely last minute since we only found out we'd be having her just that day. She helped up finish up our birth plan and waited with my family and was incredibly suportive to us all. She made everyone feel more at ease. We unfortuneatly were told soon after birth that Avery would not make it and we could just hold her until she died. Rebecca took amazing photo's for us of Avery while she was alive and we will treasure those forever. She didn't push herself on us at all and she made us feel the most comfortable that we could at that moment. Rebecca has inspired me to want to become a doula and we will for sure be using her when we decide to have another baby. Thank you Rebecca for being so amazing and being such a pivotal part of our birth story with sweet Avery.

Stephanie Garrett


After a not-so-great experience with our first birth, and a terrible recovery, I knew I wanted to look into different options when I found out I was pregnant with our second child. A friend referred us to Rebecca. We called and she met with us shortly after our initial contact. My husband and I felt such peace in her presence. Rebecca met with us two more times in our home before our daughter arrived, and each time she left we couldn’t believe how empowered and loved and prepared we felt. She offers exceptional advice and suggestions. And while she is knowledgeable and helpful, she’s also an exceptional listener. We felt heard and respected by her. She supported our choices and helped us in creating the exact birth plan we wanted.

When the time came for me to deliver, she knew exactly when to slip into the background and exactly when to step in for us. My birth was incredibly fast. So fast, that most of the experience is still a blur to me. But there was one part I remember so clearly. I was very set on having a natural birth. Just before the doctor gave me the green light to start pushing, I started to panic. I didn’t think there was anything that could calm me in that moment. And then there was Becca. There is something about her voice, calmness, and presence that was able to somehow reassure me in that moment that things were going to be OK. For just a brief moment, I was able to catch my breath again and focus.

We were able to have the exact birth we wanted with Becca’s help. And even after the birth, she has been of incredible help to me. We can't imagine Rebecca NOT being with us for the birth of any future children. She has truly found her calling and it clearly comes natural to her. She has a heart for the beauty of creation and we are so glad that we chose her to share in the experience with us. I would refer every single pregnant friend or family member I have to her. She’s truly amazing.

CariAnn Kingston


When my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child we made the decision to hire a Doula to assist us in having a natural childbirth. We knew the person we hired would have to be passionate, loving, calming, and confident. Rebecca exhibited all of those traits and so much more. From the first day we met to our last formal meeting, she was by our side every step of the way. She offered great advice without forcing her personal opinions on us. She was available for questions at any time and provided great resources to help us feel comfortable and confident about having a natural childbirth. Having her by our side during the delivery was truly a gift. Rebecca knew exactly how to support both of us without interrupting our time as a family. Her presence was comforting and helpful throughout the entire delivery. She used multiple birthing techniques to help me feel as comfortable as possible. During the toughest times of labor, Rebecca would look at me with a calming smile that encouraged and motivated me to keep going.

Rebecca’s support went beyond what we expected. With our permission she captured incredible birthing moments between my husband and I that we will cherish forever. After our baby girl was born, she stayed by our side to ensure we felt comfortable. She assisted in nursing and continued taking pictures of us with our family. A week later she met with us again to check in and offer additional support with nursing and recovery. A few days later as I was cleaning out our hospital bag I found a sweet card she had written to our baby girl in the hospital. This was a special note that perfectly illustrates just how thoughtful and loving she is. Rebecca goes above and beyond to make sure her clients feel taken care of and feel loved. We are truly blessed to have shared this amazing experience with such an incredible person. We feel honored to have her by our side and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Allison Bones


My husband and I feel so strongly about choosing Rebecca as our doula. It was important for us to experience completely natural childbirth, and Rebecca was so supportive in helping us achieve our goal.  This was our second pregnancy.  In our first pregnancy, I experienced preterm labor with twins, who were delivered via emergency c-section two years ago at 24 weeks.  At that time, our son lived 4 days and our daughter lived 8 days.  So, in our second pregnancy, not only did we experience a roller coaster of emotions, we were also committed to doing everything differently, including attempting a VBAC with less than enthusiastic support from much of the traditional medical community.  When it came time to choose a doula, Rebecca's experience profile showed a match to many of our issues, over 40 age, VBAC, prior loss.

From our initial consultation through the postpartum appointment, Rebecca displayed a genuinely warm and caring nature.  On the day I began experiencing serious contractions, Rebecca was available by phone and text, then arrived at our home about 1:30pm.  We went to OB triage around 4pm, I was admitted to labor and delivery at 8pm and with Rebecca's invaluable help, our son made his arrival in to the world a mere 52 minutes later.  I truly believe one of the main reasons labor progressed so quickly and relatively easy was some of the pain management techniques Rebecca employed.  Between these techniques and her calming presence, I was able to stay focused on our goal and achieve what we believed was best for our son, a natural childbirth free of pain medication.

Rebecca provided aftercare and breastfeeding support.  She also shared a CD of the wonderful photographs she took during the day.  We anxiously await her written birth story.  Overall, Rebecca provides an incredible service at an extremely reasonable price.

Raechel Wilkins Clevenger


My experience with Rebecca was amazing!! She was supportive and informative throughout my entire prenatal time with her. I felt a connection and true compassion from her immediately. She was very connected and easy to reach as my EDD got closer. When i went into labor she was immediately available and came to my home promptly, the most amazing part was how she supported me through my homebirth. She stayed overnight for my 22 hour labor she was here the entire time. She helped my midwife prep meals and clean, she cared for my children all while being by my side the whole time and supporting my husband. I have no idea how she did it. She even prayed with us when we needed it most. She helped with pain control and was excellent at labor support. Once the baby was born she stepped right up to take photos and assist with breastfeeding and all my others needs, staying by my side the entire time. Her postpartum visit was wonderful as well! I cannot say enough good things about Rebbeca, I wish i had her at all my births and would hire her again if I was ever to have another! If you are having a homebirth and think a doula is unnecessary you couldn't be further from the truth, they are vital so the Midwife can do her job more effectively and support your spouse and children. I highly recommend Rebecca for any birth!

Lauren Woertz


Rebecca was amazing. I went into labor 3 weeks early and the doula we had hired AND her back up were out of town. Rebecca was recommended and drove over an hour to be with us through 34 hours of labor. During the 3 hours I was pushing she was by my side and even when they started talking c - section she made me believe I could do it and I did! Whether I needed to just talk or more hands on support she was there through it all and she was also a great support for my husband.  I really feel as though we were meant to have her there with us as a calming influence but also, to make me feel empowered. I plan to use Rebecca again for any future children we are blessed with.I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a doula in the Phoenix, AZ area. 

Leyla Meschi


I got educated about doulas late in the game when I was almost 9 months pregnant. I interviewed with a few but from the first meeting I felt a connection with Rebecca. Our game plan to have a natural birth was soon fading and becoming plan B since the baby was breech and my OB was insisting on a scheduled c-section. My husband was skeptic at first and didn't think we would need a doula and it took some convincing for him to be on board. I loved meeting with Rebecca for our prenatal visits. My husband and I learned alot and were given different approaches to how things can be done at the hospital with the baby. She gave us resources and materials to educate ourselves on our own and helped us with the decision making. The day of my c-section she met us at the hospital at 4 am for our check in. Her relaxation technique and her presence was so calming to me. My husband and I were so glad to have her by our side. Afterwards, she stayed with me until I was comfortable with breastfeeding. I am so glad to have found her and will definitely have her as my doula for my next pregnancy. 

Erick Woertz Jr


Rebecca was amazing.  Our regular doula was in CA delivering her friend's baby, which shouldn't have been an issue since we weren't due for 3 more weeks.  Needless to say, her water broke and we were going to the hospital early!

Our doula found Rebecca as a backup, and she was there the first night and then the 2nd day all though the birth.  She gave great advice, was really nice and fun/interesting to talk to, and wasn't intimidating or trying to "take over the room" at all.  

She had a lot of experience and knowledge, so helped us (as first time parents) to make smart decisions with all the information there.

Once we hit the end of labor, Rebecca was there to help hold legs or do whatever she could to aid my wife (we had multiple people, including myself, helping because it's not a 1 person job).

I was very impressed with Rebecca, and would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula.

Kyle Martinez


Rebecca was a great doula because she took the time to really personalize our birth plan based on our wants and needs. No question was dumb, no request too large, and no night time call was too late. She came prepared to our first meeting and every meeting afterwards. She was an excellent coach, provided great suggestions, but never got in the way. She knew when she was needed and when to let parents and nurses step in. She kept track of the entire night so that my wife and I could focus. I would absolutely suggest Rebecca to anyone and everyone.

Carissa Martinez


Rebecca is a very dear friend/mentor of mine, so I was honored to have her as my doula! Rebecca was very professional, informative and thorough through out the entire process, with this being my first experience with a doula, this was very helpful. My husband and I learned many things going through this process with her, and I am so glad we did. I would not have been nearly as pleased with my delivery as I was with her apart of it. Rebecca made herself available 24/7 and was there to always answer my questions or put me at ease, no matter how small the need.

During the delivery process she spoke to my husband many times to make sure the process was going as perfect as we wanted it, she never pushed us one way or another. There were times we needed help staying and track and she just gave us very gentle nudges and reminders to do so. She was at my side whenever I needed her, but also stayed in the background so my husband, mom and mother-in-law could be involved as well.

Something Rebecca did that I thought was above and beyond my expectations, was track every single detail of my labor! Things i cherish but would have never remember through it all. Needless to say, I will never have another child with her by my side!  

Taresa Pierro Pifer


Rebecca was such an invaluable asset to my home laboring. Her initiative and personal skills made it so comfortable for my husband and I. It was great knowing all I had to worry about was myself and my baby because Rebecca knew just went to jump in with her amazing acupressure, TENS, or simply conversation and education. Her observation of my demeanor guided her through the process without myself or my husband having to say anything. I wish she were present with my first!!

David Hawkins


I can't imagine what our experience would have been without Rebecca. As the father, let's be honest, I don't have a lot to do. Yeah yeah, I know, I'm there as support, both literally and emotionally, etc. I get that, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I absolutely loved being there for the birth of both of our children. I attended all the classes alongside of my wife, read up as much as I could on what my role was to be, did my best to ask my wife what she needed, but I'm still just a guy.

Words cannot express the amazing experience it is to have Rebecca, our doula and dear friend there with us. To have a gentle, confident, calm doula at birth and prior to assist in understanding the process of labor was invaluable.

As a father and at the time father-to-be, I cannot speak to what it's like to actually give birth. I can say that I felt very helpless.  To have Rebecca there, to be an advocate for my wife, helping make sure doctors, midwifes, nurses are all on the same page in regards to what we wanted for the whole birthing process and to be with us during my wife’s labor was incredible.  

I know I've rambled on, misspelled words, employed one too many run-on sentences all to say, Rebecca is wonderful doula. I am honored to have had her part of our children's births. It is with no hesitation that I highly recommend Rebecca.



Susie Ratkovic


Rebecca was the calming presence that I needed in my delivery. I truly don't know how my husband and I would have made it through a natural delivery without her encouragement and expertise. She guided us through each phase of labor, offering various pain relief approaches and changing them when needed and showing my husband what he could do to help. She was also my voice with the nurses and doctor, working with them to help me adhere to my birth plan and find comfort without getting in the way of them doing their jobs and monitoring me.

Prior to my labor, Rebecca worked with me to make sure I was preparing myself in the best way possible to have a successful natural birth. She was full of suggestions for getting baby in position, finding comfort in those final weeks of pregnancy, keeping healthy, and making contractions productive once they started. After delivery, Rebecca made herself available to help me with newborn questions and postpartum issues.

Rebecca wasn't just a helper, or "servant" as the translation goes. The bond with her went much deeper than that. My only regret is that I didn't know Rebecca sooner to assist with my first delivery, but I will be forever grateful that I had her for my second.

Nicola Hope


Rebecca Turrigiano was the doula we asked to have at the birth of our first son Reuben. 

We chose her for many reasons: her experience in having had 4 children of her own; her informed manner, giving wonderful advice; and her calm nature, being the very presence we needed in the birthing room when as a first time mum I was scared and didn't really know what was going on. My husband found her being with us so helpful for him too - to relieve some of the pressure on him to be my sole carer when he was doing everything for the first time too. Birth can be pretty traumatic for dads and so having her helping was brilliant for him to know that things were normal and what to expect next. 
My only regret is that we didn't book in more time with her beforehand to prepare for birth and afterwards to cope with having a newborn at home!
We would definitely recommend having Becca as your doula and if we could have flown her over to the UK for the birth of our second son we would have!
Tom and Nicola Hope, Bristol, UK

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