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Tiffany Guenther, CD(PALS)

Your Birth Choice Doula Services, LLC.

Bellevue, WA Service range 20 miles Unfortunately, no ferries at this time, UNLESS for repeat clients.

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate

$55 to $65

Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 326 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

6 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3 births and 0 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have served in all local hospitals. I will support you during your birth in all area hospitals and work well with staff to ensure a supportive and satisfactory birthing experience. I am also independently contracted with the Swedish Doula Program.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have supported families in all area birth centers and work well with the midwives and birth assistants to ensure a supportive and memorable birthing experience.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I will happily support you during your home birth alongside a licensed or certified nurse midwife.

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Elimination communication education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Full spectrum doula services
  • Hypnosis for birth
  • LGBTQIA+ Support
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Stillbirth and infant loss support
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

President of PALS Doulas from 2016-2018 and a preceptor for PALS Doula's apprenticeship program. I am also engaged with the Swedish Doula Program. While my calendar does fill up rapidly, if you are a past client of mine, please contact me!

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

This price includes 2 prenatal appointments, 24/7 phone and email support once letter of agreement is signed, continuous labor support during labor and 2 postpartum visits. If you are under 18 and expecting a child, Tiffany will greatly reduce this fee to make sure you are well supported and informed. I offer a sliding scale to $1600 for families with financial limitations.

Service Area

Bellevue, WA Service range 20 miles Unfortunately, no ferries at this time, UNLESS for repeat clients.

Client Testimonials for Tiffany Guenther, CD(PALS)

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Sarah Moran


My husband and I hired Tiffany for our twin pregnancy.  We had a scheduled c-section due to baby positioning and being a week overdue.  Tiffany met with us beforehand to outline a birth plan for a variety of scenarios so we knew what to do for c-section ahead of time.  It was wonderful to have Tiffany to support my husband and me.  She knew questions to ask that we wouldn't have throught to ask and was our advocate.  For example, the hospital gives you 1 to be that has an openning so she asked if I wanted a 2nd one for modesty.  She thinks of everything like what scent you may want in the delivery/operating room, she brought lavender scent for me to smell during the c-section.  She was able to hold my hand and comfort me through the process and also encourage my husband on ways he could be an active participant.  For example, if I needed help nursing, she would tell him how to help me rather than doing it herself so we could develop that bond.   She certainly would have helped me herself but knew it was important to us that he take lead.  She also is very savvy medically with what comes next and what is normal during the process and recovery.  She has good insight on breastfeeding and can refer you to lactation consultants.  She takes very good notes which she sends to you on your preferences and a summary of the birth including times.  She will take pictures and videos for you if asked.  Many of our most cherished videos and pictures were taken by Tiffany, we didn't have to worry about the camera and could be present in the moment.  She follows up with you in person after the birth a couple times so you can keep that strong rapport with her.  I highly recommend Tiffany, she has an extremely warm and caring personally.  We also had some good times laughing!

Vanessa Resler


Tiffany is so so amazing, I can't say enough good things about her! I have a history of having medical anxiety and I was worried about having a panic attack during labour, but Tiffany is so knowedgable in her field and such an outstanding and experienced professional that I felt completely safe as soon as she arrived at my house. In fact, I had no panic or anxiety issues at all, and I do owe that to her support and her presence. I delivered at Swedish in Ballard, and she was very familiar with the space and staff, she knew exactly where we needed to go, and she even was thoughtful enough to bring soothing lights for the jacuzzi tub room which would have felt sterile and hospital-like otherwise. She also coached me through a natural birth and gave me guidance in the moment to cope with the intensity, without her pain management advice it would have been a much more difficult experience for me. I was so so appreciative of her post-partum support as well, she was always so quick to respond to my texts, even in the middle of the night, and she was happy to celebrate with me for the highs and help me out through the lows of having my first newborn. I couldn't imagine going through child-birth and post partum witout her help and support. If you want to hire a selfless, caring, supportive, professional, and super smart doula Tiffany is your perfect match!!

Colleen Venter


Hiring Tiffany was the single best decision I made when preparing for the birth of my daughter. She was an amazing resource to have before, during, and after labor. It put my mind at ease knowing I could text her if I had questions and she always responded quickly with helpful information and reassurance.

I was planning an unmedicated birth at Overlake Hospital, and having Tiffany with me helped make that a reality. She guided me through the majority of my labor in my home, offering suggestions and encouragement, and just generally making me feel like I had things well under control.

When we arrived at the hospital and the staff there nearly derailed things by bullying me and using scare tactics, Tiffany was a wonderful advocate for me and reminded me that I had the right to say no. Without her support I don't think I could have avoided the cascade of interventions they were trying to foist upon me and things could have gone very badly. Instead, thanks to her help, I held my own and took a stand so I could have things my way!

After the birth, it was really helpful to have Tiffany visit a couple of times, just to offer support and check in on how we were doing. She is a truly lovely person who really cares about what she does, and I cannot say enough good things!

I will definitely be hiring Tiffany for any future pregnancies I may have, and I strongly recommend her services!

Gregory Noone


Tiffany and Kathleen were both fantastic. As a second-time father, I was initially skeptical about using a doula, particularly since we didn't use one for the birth of our first child. My wife really thought we'd really benefit from using one - both of us, not just her. And I'm so glad that we did. I tend to be overly logical, because I'm a lawyer, and that’s not what most mpthers need during the birth of a baby!! You need compassion and empathy in the delivery room .. two things I'm crap at!!

The process of getting to know Tiffany and Kathleen was great, from the initial 'intro' visit, to the visits in the weeks before our due date . . and we felt so comfortable knowing that one of them would be with us when the baby decided to arrive. Tiffany was the one on duty the night that the baby decided to arrive, and she was a calming and encouraging influence in the crazy hours prior to the baby arriving.

To any prospective father reading this: don't be afraid to use a doula!!!! Don't take it as a negative reflection on you as the primary 'carer' for your wife during the delivery process. And to anyone trying to decide on a doula: Tiffany and Kathleen are fantastic, and I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending either of them.

Kalyn Jarboe


I can't say enough good things about Tiffany and Kathleen! We hired these wonderful ladies for our baby girl that was due in July, but ended up delivering in June due to pre-eclampsia. Kathleen was already attemding another birthing mother, so Tiffany birthed with us the first day, postponing leaving town for her own vacation. Kathleen napped after the other birth wrapped up and then came to relieve Tiffany on day two of our birth. It was wondeful to get to work with both women during our 31 hour labor! Each had different strengths that we needed at the time! Although long, hard, and not what we had planned, our birth was a lovely experience and both Kathleen and Tiffany helped make it that way! I will definitely hire these gals again should we be blessed with any future children! Thank you ladies!

Erin Lynch


We absolutely and unequivocably recommend Tiffany Guenther for prenatal and labor delivery doula services. We hired Tiffany and her Doula partner Kathleen Lynch for the birth of our daughter in March and were absolutely amazed by the experience. Tiffany is a caring, competent, intuitive, thoughtful, intelligent, and considerate person. Her personality meshed well with ours, she worked wonderfully with the hospital staff at Swedish First Hill, and she absolutely helped make our delivery as safe and successful (yay we got a baby!) as possible. Both my partner and I were relieved we hired Tiffany,and even moreso with her care in the months following the delivery. She went above and beyond to help us settle into new parenthood, even helping us coordinate milk donations when we had supply issues. We love Tiffany!

Janelle Kurtz


I had never considered having a doula for my birthing experience. But in our preparations, my husband suggested it, so that he could be more present to me in this time. I approached the search for a doula with hesitation. All of that vanished in meeting Tiffany! From our first conversation, I felt heard--not only in my hopes for an unmedicated birth, but also in my fears about having a doula (namely about concerns over privacy and feeling exposed during birth). Hearing this, Tiffany affirmed my desire for modesty and privacy throughout our time together. She respected this, always asking about how she was engaging and empowering us to set the boundaries for our interactions. Tiffany's kind, compassionate, gentle, knowledgeable and listening spirit made her great to work with. It was an excellent fit that enabled a trusthing relationship that I called upon during the birthing experience.

During the birthing experience, I trusted Tiffany and the support that she brought. This trust led me through when my birth plan seemed to be going in new directions. After my water broke without contractions, Tiffany provided advice on how to naturally encourage contractions and optimal positioning of the baby. She helped with different exercises and kept me calm when none of these things seemed to be doing anything. At the hospital, she helped me to stay in the moment and adapt when medical induction was needed. She reminded me of ways that I was still in control to make decisions and respond to circumstances. This put me back in an empowered state of mind. From there, Tiffany supported me physically with massage, various positions, and a constantly calm, affirming presence. This support helped me and freed my husband to be present to me in his own way. As a bonus, she took pictures during the labor and birth which we treasure. No doubt, Tiffany was instrumental in us having the birth we hoped for! I can't say enough good things--she's such a blessing!

Kerry Guard


Best decision I made was getting a doula and even more so that I got to work with Tiffany.

She was so kind and patient. As soon as she walked into the labor room she started massaging my feet. She talked me through the contractions and helped me visualize moving through them. She kept me hydrated and fed with energy bars. She was able to let my husbad get a break and step in for him when I needed a hand.

The biggest and most significant thing she did was help move the baby down. Durring 30 minute stints she would use differnt techniques to move the baby down as I was going through contractions. She even found me a great resting position that really made the contractions manageable and probably why I lasted 13 hours without pain meds.

The doctor finally recommended pain meds when I hadn't dialated in 3 hours and they were going to introduce pitocin. Tiffany talked me through my pain management options and made sure I was comfortable with my decision of an epidural after 13 hours of contractions that were a minute apart.

When I started pushing she talked me through how to do it, telling me which muscles to use, to relax my legs, and to push baby towards the light.

She documented the entire labor and dlivery. I have pictures of the whole experience.

I recommend every pregnant woman get a doula and if possible, get Tiffany.

She was wonderful!

Sarah C


I knew Tiffany was our doula after about ten minutes into our first interview.  I was nervous and joking around, telling Tiffany that my ultimate fear was pooping during labor (HAH sorry if that's TMI).  After laughing a bit, she looked very seriously at me and said "I SWEAR you will never ever know."  She was funny, she was relaxed, and she UNDERSTOOD.

My husband and I saw her more as a friend than someone we had hired.  She would come over for our meetings and it was always so comfortable.  Like hanging out with an old buddy.  After covering all the information we needed to, it was just so natural that she hang around and talk about her cats or her dog or her daughter.  Getting to know her as a person (and what an awesome person she is!) helped me relax so much.  I knew I could rely on her and trust her.

Tiffany helped me survive a horrible back labor - she was attentive and coached my husband, gently pushing him into roles that helped me the most.  I remember her COMMANDING me to breathe - she was direct and kind and told me exactly what I needed to hear.  After delivery, she stayed with me during a short hospital visit to repair vaginal tearing.  I think I just about squeezed her hand off.  My labor didn't go as I planned, but Tiffany helped me remain calm and in control.

And her postpartum visits were awesome.  I had a lot of trouble nursing and she was constantly texting me, giving me advice, encouragment, and someone to talk to.
Tiffany kept me laughing all through labor.  She was a friend and a confidant and an advocate for my care.  I am BEYOND grateful.  If you're looking for someone you can really trust and rely on, look no further!  Tiffany is your doula!

Bethany Cookro


Tiffany was absolutely amazing! I am so glad we had her as our doula. We were planning a home birth but ended up being induced early and had to deliver at the hospital. I am so thankful Tiffany was there with us. She guided us through the whole hospital process and knew what to expect. She always knew the right, supportive thing to say in the moment and never spoke for us. I am going to make this review short and sweet as there is a babe on my lap. I just could not be more happier with our experience and would use Tiffany again in a heartbeat!!

Elyse Nakajima


The short story

My husband at our 1st interview with Tiffany: "So...why exactly do we need a doula?"

My husband after our 30 hour labor and birth: "I think I would have died without Tiffany."

The long story

My husband and I found Tiffany through several extremely reputable referrals, and we met for an hour long interview. She listened to our background, questions and concerns,  and encouraged us to interview other doulas, but it was too late because we already knew she was the one. My husband is a technologist and was reassured by Tiffany's background in science and respect for evidence-based research and practices. I focused more on making sure I felt supported and understood and confident that my physical and emotional needs wold be honored during an incredibly vulnerable time. Tiffany turned out to be the perfect combination of both.

I had originally hoped to have a drug free, low intervention, out of hospital birth, and ended up with a complicated 30 hour labor in a hospital that ended in a c-section. However, what could have been a very stressful and scary situation was relatively calm and easy with her by our side. Tiffany came to the hospital when we asked her to, and stayed with us for 24 hours until I was stable after surgery and had successfully breastfed.  She worked seamlessly with my midwife and the nursing staff, and was an invaluable support to my husband and me. She remembered specific things we had mentioned during our two pre-labor visits,  and brought them up at appropriate times during labor,  when my husband and I were too exhausted and overwhelmed to think straight.  After the birth, she remained on call 24 / 7 for my questions for two weeks through our two post partum visits as well.

I simply cannot recommend Tiffany highly enough, and I would be honored to have her as a part of my birth team again.



If you are looking for an experienced doula with a kind, calm, and gentle spirit, then Tiffany is the doula for you!

My husband and I had an amazing experience with Tiffany. She met with us twice in our home before labor, during which she helped us formulate our birth plan and addressed any fears or concerns we had, helping us to feel prepared. On the day I went into labor, Tiffany had had been laboring with another client for the entire night before. I was impressed that, although she must have been exhausted, she came straight over to me when she could, and labored with me until my son was born at 4 A.M. the next day. She was with me physically, spiritually, and emotionally through every aspect of my labor. She prayed over me, encouraged me, squeezed my hips, massaged me, positioned me, and supported my husband through all of it. There were so many little things she did to make me more comfortable, such as dimming the lights and lighting candles throughout the room, turning on my music, and making sure all the nurses were honoring my birth plan. Her kindess and gentleness filled the room, calming me and keeping me focused. Before Tiffany left that morning, she made sure that my husband and I were doing well, and that my son was breastfeeding. She also met with us twice postpartum, during which she addressed any breastfeeding concerns that I had and helped me process my birth experience (which she had carefully recorded for me).

Tiffany was an indespensible part of our birth; I couldn't imagine having delivered my son naturally without her. Even my husband, who was hesitant to hire a doula at first, told me he was so glad that we did. It was an honor to have Tiffany by my side on the most amazing day of my life. We love you, Tiffany!

Adam Wabeke


My wife and I carefully considered many amazing candidates for a doula that fit our desired birth plan and felt we had a connection. Tiffany was absolutely amazing! She was the most incredible person brought into our birthing team. She was able to assist my wife as needed, all while ensuring I and her felt supported. She knew when to provide verbal emotional support, as well as providing physical assistance and support. Dudes, if you're reading this, you will WANT a doula! Having someone else be there to "tag team" efforts, stay focused, offer guidance, and remain calm is so critical during childbirth. I would definitely choose her again when the time was right for our second child.

Erin Middleton


Tiffany had such a huge impact on how I felt during the birth of my first son. She helped me feel empowered and in control of my own reactions. That feeling of being in charge and the main participant rather than having childbirth be something that happened to me is something special that I will never forget. Her calming presence helped me to focus and stay in the moment. She was so good at knowing exactly when to be soft and encouraging and when to switch to a tone that would not allow me to be swallowed by my  pain and emotion. My partner was comfortable with her as well and benefitted greatly from having someone there to help guide him as well. I would ask her to be on my birth team again in a heartbeat.

Patricia Wu


My husband and I were very grateful to have Tiffany with us for our first birth. She supported us not only physically, but also emotionally, and spiritually as well(at our request).

Tiffany quickly responded to my texts and gave me helpful information for me to make decisions. Although I also called the on-call midwives line, they took about a half hour to get back to me, meanwhile Tiffany had already responded to my inquiries and helped me to understand what might be going on with me and what actions I might consider to do next. It made my talk with the on-call midwife more productive.The day I went into labor, another of Tiffany’s clients also went into labor, she gave me her back up contact’s info. We ended up using Tiffany’s back up for a couple of hours and she provided us the support we needed that Tiffany and we had talked about in our birth plan. I was hoping to avoid getting an epidural, but I ended up getting one and although I was relieved from pain I was also disappointed, but Tiffany continued to help keep my thoughts positive. She also knew that rotating me into different positions with the epidural might facilitate labor progress as my labor had stalled once I received the epidural. At one point the baby’s heart rate dropped and Tiffany was very keen to see how I was handling the situation and to assure me everything would be okay. When I finally was 100% effaced, it was very comforting to have Tiffany let me know what I would experience next and how to handle it. She relieved my husband so he could get some food and rest at times. My husband was glad to have Tiffany there as it helped him tune into how to help me get through contractions and eventually how to coach me how to push. At our request, Tiffany also took pictures for us of our birth which we did not realize how much we would treasure until we looked at them weeks postpartum.
We would highly recommend Tiffany to anyone we know looking for a doula.

Deepti Munjal


It was a decision I will never regret. I had no experience and had no idea what a doula would do or how she would help when you are in labor and before and after care. Tiffany not only explained me everything in detail but was very patient in answering any of my questions and a lot of repetitive questions (due to my pregnancy mind).

Me and my husband were very relaxed to have tiffany on our side all the time, she was above and beyond our expectations.

The outstanding moments with Tiffany " At every single contraction she hugged me and held me even before my husband or anyone would know."

I would strongly recommend Tiffany to other pregnant women who are looking for any or extra emotional and physical support.

Laura Matrajt


OUr experience with Tiffany was really good. We were not sure we even wanted a doula for the birth of our little one but we are really glad we did.

Tiffany was on top of everything. She is really warm and she was extremely helpful during labor.

Phyllis Starr


Tiffany Guenther was a true godsend to us with the May 2014 birth of our baby, as well as during a challenging third trimester. I would have written this earlier but we have been involved in multiple moves so things have been chaotic, but could not let another day go by without expressing our gratitude to her. She was everything I was looking for in a doula, and even some things I did not know I was looking for! She was professional, organized, knowledgeable, empathetic, helpful, caring, calm, and responsive. We unfortunately did not have a good experience at Swedish Issaquah, which made it all the more meaningful and important how she was there for us, and made it so much better than if it had been just my husband and I. She was completely supportive of us both and we are so appreciative. In the face of some rude hospital staff and inconsistent policies, she displayed great restraint while continuing to be our advocate in a most appropriate way. She stayed quite awhile with us after the birth which was very nice. I had not worked with a doula before this pregnancy with my second child. Tiffany had excellent follow through with anything she said she would do, and checked in with us after doctor appointments, during our remaining time at the hospital, and after we went home. She came to see us soon after getting home, and helped with questions and seeing that we were settled in with our new baby. She also offered a second post-birth visit that was very helpful too. I highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant. My husband and I both agree that having Tiffany share in our pregnancy, birth experience and newborns first weeks was one of the best decisions we made. We are sincerely grateful to her for sharing her calm and caring presence with us, especially when the hospital and providers let us down in so many ways. She is the perfect balance of sweetness and strength - we feel so blessed we met her and were able to have her share in this most special time.

Stephanie Camp


Tiffany is exceptional.  We couldn't be happier with our decision to work with Tiffany as our birth doula. Our meetings pre-labor helped us prepare for the birth of our daughter.  My husband and I both agree that Tiffany was absolutely essential - and I can't imagine what we would have done without her guidance and support.  She was there for us at every step.  Tiffany is calm, knowledgeable, comforting and reassuring.  She guided me through a very challenging labor, teaching and empowering my husband to support me.  Her calm presence and sense of humor were a perfert fit for us and we recommend her without reservation. We hope to be fortunate enough to work with her again.

Christine Davis


My husband and I are so grateful for Tiffany. We had our first baby at home and she was an absolute lifesaver. I had been planning on a hospital birth, but halfway through my pregnancy we decided to have our son at home. Thankfully, Tiffany was available around our due date. She also helped us find our midwife and I cannot thank her enough for that. During my pregnancy, she was always available to answer any questions or calm any fears that I had. She was a great resource and was so quick to answer phone calls and emails. It helped me so much knowing that she had had an out-of-hospital birth and had experienced natural childbirth firsthand.

During labor, she was so respectful of the pain that I was going through. She just knew the right time to hold my hand, to encourage me, to stay quiet, and to give me the extra push to get up and walk around. My husband and I had complete peace of mind about labor and its progression because we were confident in Tiffany. We never felt any fear or feelings of, "Is this normal?".

When my son was being born, Tiffany took lots of pictures. Originally, I was against having any pictures of the birth because I thought that having pictures taken would be distracting. Now I am thankful for them. She took pictures in such a way that I didn't even know what she was doing and I was shocked afterwards to find all of these wonderful pictures of my son's birth.

Tiffany was available to me postpartum and it was so nice knowing that I had her as a resource for any questions that I had. Her postpartum visits were wonderful and it was so nice to see her. Whenever we have our next child, I am definitely going to be calling Tiffany. I recommend her to anybody who is looking to have a doula. I was originally not planning on having a doula, but now I can't imagine giving birth at home without having Tiffany by my side.

Erika Rice Scherpelz


Tiffany was a great help to us before, during, and after our daughter's birth. Before the birth, she met with us twice to go over our birth preferences, discuss comfort measures we could take to help my labor, and the logistics of the day.

My labor was very rapid, so it was a great reassurance to have my husband texting or talking with Tiffany from the moment things got started. At the hospital, she helped both of us and took care of things like getting the bags from the car so my husband works not have to miss anything.

After we were home, Tiffany visited twice and answered our questions about tthe new baby. She gave some good advice and resources that helped me get over my early breastfeeding difficulties.

Tiffany helped provide much needed peace of mind before, during, and after our birth experience. We were incredibly happy to have worked with her.

Sylvia H


Words cannot express how grateful I am to have Tiffany as my doula. Tiffany was the first doula I interviewed and I immediately had a connection with her. She has such a genuine and warm personality, and has an air of quiet confidence that you know you can rely on.  I had the unfortunate experience with prodromal labor, aka labor from hell. My early labor started at 7am on a Thursday and my baby girl was not born until Sunday 11am. Tiffany was with me when I needed her throughout and she was very positive, encouraging, and provided me with very useful exercises and positions to speed things up and make me cope with the contractions at the same time. During the 3 days, Tiffany tirelessly offered physical and emotional support, hip squeezes, foot rubs, and everything else you can think of. Not once did she show a tired face or any impatience despite my super long labor. She is constantly doing something to make me feel better and also make sure my husband gets his rest. She has a remarkable sense of responsibility that is over the top and she made me feel comfortable and know that I am in very good hands.  Tiffany always remained calm and collected, yet strong and empowering at the same time. She is not shy to stand up for you, push you, listen to your needs,  and genuinely have your best interest at heart. Outside of the birth experience, Tiffany is very resourceful and knowledgeable with so much, and always have a smile on her face and ready to help. Tiffany, you are definitely the best doula out there and I thank you so much for being there for me every step of the way!! You are truly a blessing and I am so lucky to have met you. God bless...XOXO

Keri Anne Hahn


From the moment Tiffany showed up at our house for the initial consult, we knew she was the right fit for our second birth-- a planned home birth.  Tiffany has a beautiful spirit and a wonderfully peaceful demeanor.  She was obviously knowledgeable about birth, and we felt instantly comfortable with her.  One reason we chose home birth was to eliminate separation from our toddler.  Tiffany, being an amazing mama to her own toddler, quickly found ways to connect to our son during prenatal visits and offered to help him during our birth if that was needed (and it was and she rocked it). When I unexpectedly went past my due date, Tiffany was easy to talk to about my anxieties, and she checked in on me often.  I went into labor a bit after midnight at 41w5d, and my midwife and Tiffany showed up quickly.  I'm so grateful for their haste because my labor ended up being a mere three and a half hours long.  When Tiffany arrived, she instantly and naturally found her place.  She took over my husband's back massage while he worked on the birth pool.  She helped with the birth pool.  She got me drinks, straws, whatever I needed before I even had to ask. As my body told me to move into a new room, she brought along her LED candles and my affirmation cards and read my affirmations to me.  Most importantly to us, Tiffany prayed with and for us during our birth.  We had agreed to do this ahead of time during a prenatal visit, and it really helped me stay grounded and peaceful during birth.  In our post-birth visits, Tiffany was so sweet and thoughtful.  If we weren't moving, I would honestly try to become her new BFF.  She is passionate about birth, babies, women, and family.  And after experiencing two doulas from our two births, it is clear Tiffany is gifted and truly called to birth work.

Erica Swedberg


My husband and I interviewed many doulas and we are happy to have chosen Tiffany. She met with us several times before the birth of our son to talk about what our desires were for the labor and delivery, and helped guide us in our desion making for our birth plan. My labor came on very quickly, and very forcefully. It was a bit of a whorlwind to get where we needed to be, as we planned to give birth at a friends house. Tiffany was there when we arrived, and was sensitive to my need to be very inward focused. She helped me while I labored outside on the ball, helped me through contractions by squeezing my hips, and giving me something to eat and drink when I could take it. She guided my midwives by letting them know when I needed more quiet time, and dimmer lights once we moved inside.  Tiffany was a huge help to my husband- which therefore helped me. He was able to take breaks to rest, and she helped him to stay grounded. Our son was not born at home- we transitioned to the hospital after 6 hours of pushing at home. Tiffany rode with me in the car- helped me to stay grounded during a rough ride. She was there with me in the hospital, and when our son was born 2 hours after arrival. In the following weeks Tiffany helped me to process my experience which had not gone as planned. This was so important for me, because I had set myself up for something that didn't happen, and having Tiffany to help me to process my exerpence, and recognize the beauty that was there was incredibly healing. Thank you Tiffany!

Elle Pavlenko


First off, I want to say I had an incredible experience with Tiffany as my doula!

Originally, I was set on not going with a doula, but last min I changed my mind. At that point, i was less than 2 weeks from my due date and went on a hunt for a doula. I interviewed 4 doulas total, and the last one was Tiffany. Before even speaking to her, I knew she was the one. There is something about her energy that is warm and loving. During my interview with her, I realized my intuition was right about her. She has the kindest soul, at the same time, educated (with a science degree from UW) and doula certs, which I feel is super comforting. Talking to her about pregnancy, labor and birth is like opening an encyclopedia. She has great information and advice for virtually all my questions.

During my first stage of labor, she was very quick to respond to me with the tons of questions I had in store over the phone. She came over in my second stage of labor. From that point on, until a few hours after birth (about 20 hours total), she was my support and help me 100% of the way in ways midwives couldn’t have. She didn’t even sleep! I honestly don’t know what I would do without her. She was support to me as much as she was to my partner. My partner was honestly clueless as to what to do to help me during labor, he admits it!

I am so happy that I found Tiffany. She made our experience memorable, even took pics for us when that was the LAST thing on our minds. She made me feel at ease, had a ton of labor techniques up her sleeve, kept a positive energy, and kept my partner and myself sane.

I DEFINITELY recommend Tiffany for anyone seeking a doula, and if I were to get pregnant again, I’d seek her out again in a heartbeat.

Karlie McCormick


Tiffany is fantastic! I couldn't imagine what my labor and delivery would have been like without having her there. I had a very long and difficult labor (24+ hours) and Tiffany was there throughout, always suggesting different positions or techniques for managing my contractions. She was a great help to my partner, Josh, as well. She seemed to always sense when I was going to have a contraction so Josh could be there to provide counter pressure or to help me breathe. I ended up needing to go to the hospital for an epidural after laboring for so long and Tiffany was there the whole time, answering questions for my nurses and doctors when I needed her to or when I couldn't remember the answer, holding my hand when they explained to my why I needed to have a c section (aka my worst nightmare) and explaining things to my family that was there. She even came into the operating room with Josh and was able to take pictures for us! She stayed at the hospital as long as I needed her to and her follow-up over the next couple days was great. Bennett was born on Christmas Eve, so her dedication to my family over that time period is even more impressive because I know she was taking time away from her family to check in on ours. This means so much to me! I will contact Tiffany again for my next pregnancy and I will also recommend her to any friends and/or family who are looking for a doula. She is amazing!!

Heidi Muller


Tiffany was such a blessing to have before, during, and after the birth as my volunteer birth doula. This was my first child and despite having some medical knowledge background, I was still very unsure of what to expect from this experience and how to best prepare myself. Tiffany provided ample resources and emotional support for me and my partner. She is very approachable, friendly and was always available for questions & support through phone/email contact. I really enjoyed that she met me in my own home from the beginning and openly shared about her own recent pregnancy, birth, and parenting experiences. Immediately after meeting her I felt a strong bond and had a feeling my doula search was over.

In addition to her giving me advice, professional resources, and practical items like baby clothes, a breast pump, etc., she was a phenomenal support person at my birth. My total labor time lasted 2.5 days. Having Tiffany as my doula to coach me and my support team was a crucial factor in me having a natural birth at the birthing center. She kept in contact by phone on the first day and spent the second day at my house helping me with positioning, breathing, exercises, and other coping techniques. She was with us at the birthing center that evening until the baby was born. Tiffany helped guide me, my partner, and other labor support people through various positions in and out of the birthing tub, somehow bore my weight through many contractions outside of the tub, and was a very calming a reassuring presence throughout the whole labor. I felt so much more comfortable and at ease knowing that she was in the room and that no matter how much worse the contractions became, I could get through them with her guidance and physical/emotional support.

I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have Tiffany throughout this experience. I related to her on a personal level and she performed exceptionally as a doula from pregnancy through postpartum.

Vu Le


Tiffany may have saved our sanity during my wife's 13-hours of back labor. She was patient, thoughtful, and skillful during the painful contractions. And she was helpful in the weeks before and after the baby arrived, providing us with helpful advice and support. She went above and beyond and made this beautiful and terrifying process easier to endure. I don't know what we would have done if she hadn't been there.

Marquita Prinzing


Tiffany is amazing! I never thought I needed a doula but after having Tiffany as my doula, I could never imagine having a birth without her. Tiffany frequently checked in with my husband and I before and after the birth, making sure we had all of questions answered and provided us with resources whenever we needed them. She has a great personality and I felt very comfortable talking to her about my concerns.

I planned a natural, unmedicated birth at a birth center. This was my first birth. As soon as Tiffany showed up, she provided support. I didn’t know it at the time but I had back labor the entire time. She used many techniques to help me cope with the contractions, including providing counter pressure during contractions. She was there with me at my house as I labored at home and joined me at the birth center. She worked very well with the midwife, her assistant, my husband and my family.

I felt so secure with her there and trusted her completely. I would recommend Tiffany to any pregnant woman!

Divya, Vijay


We are very happy that we averted a C-section birth and had a normal VB. Thanks to Tiffany for all the support and motivation. We interviewed several doulas and felt Tiffany as the best match because she is very understanding and caring. She has the ability to sense your feelings and do the right thing as per that. If silence was the need of the hour during the labor or if it was encouragement, Tiffany sensed it right and gave that. She helped make great birth plan and she also is aware that the plan is not set in stone and guided us through various options as the labor went in a different path than anticipated. We would strongly recommend Tiffany for anybody seeking support through the glorious process of childbirth.

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