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Joey Larson LM, CPM CLC

Birthing Miracles Pregnancy Services LLC

Platteville, WI Service range 70 miles There will be a charge for distances longer than 30 miles.



Birth Fee

$1100 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$0 to $50

Birth Fee

$1100 to $2500

Postpartum Rate

$0 to $50

Birth Doula Certifications

  • Birth Arts International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 244 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 47 families served

Doula Training

  • Birth Arts International, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4 births and 3 to 6 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Monitrice services
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have worked with birth and families for 10 years. I have had experience in working at a homeless service for young mothers. I have also finished my midwifery apprenticeship and worked with the Plain clothes population. I am currently a director at an parenting education program and teach pregnancy, lactation and care pre and post for families. I am a Certified Lactation Counselor and started the Breastfeeding League of SW Wisconsin.

Fee Details

There are a variety of Doula packages to talk about what is best for your family! I may charge a fee but if that fee is preventing you from contacting me, please don't let it;) We can work out a program. that works for the team:)

Platteville, WI Service range 70 miles There will be a charge for distances longer than 30 miles.

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Client Testimonials for Joey Larson LM, CPM CLC

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Amanda M


My first birth was not a good experience. I had a very long labor, felt like no one ever presented me with any options, and had a long recovery as a result. I also very much  struggled with breastfeeding, which made me feel guilty as a mom. Joey made my second birth a totally different (pretty much opposite) experience. She gave me support and had me try various things (like the date protocol) prior to labor. I'm convinced many of things made all the difference as my active labor phase was only 45 minutes long. In addition, Joey was there to support me every step of the way. She took charge, offered suggestions, let me know my options, and encouraged me. I had a wonderful birth as she encouraged me to listen to my body and do what felt right! I can't imagine doing it without her. In addition, she gave me great lactation support and didn't leave until she was convinced the baby was latching, eating, and doing well. I will be calling her for all my future pregnancies! Thanks, Joey! Labor is no longer a dreaded experience for me! 



Joey was such an amazing resource to help me navigate my pregnancy and birth of my twin boys! As a first time mom, going through pregnancy and birth I had a lot of questions! Joey has been present at so many births that she has a huge knowledge base that made me feel relaxed about my journey knowing someone with this expertise was in my corner. Joey respects your wishes as a mother, and helps you navigate your birth, YOUR way! I would highly recommend her to be your corner throughout pregnancy/delivery/postpartum - you will love it! 



Joey was such an amazing resource to help me navigate my pregnancy and birth of my twin boys! As a first time mom, going through pregnancy and birth I had a lot of questions! Joey has been present at so many births that she has a huge knowledge base that made me feel relaxed about my journey knowing someone with this expertise was in my corner. Joey respects your wishes as a mother, and helps you navigate your birth, YOUR way! I would highly recommend her to be your corner throughout pregnancy/delivery/postpartum - you will love it! 

Madisyn Keller


My experience with Joey as my Doula was nothing but amazing. I feel blessed to have been able to have such a knowledgeable woman to walk me through the stages of pregnancy and birth. Joey took the time to explain and teach me all that goes on during pregnancy, labor, and birth. She always listened to my needs. Joey made me feel more prepared for birth and did an outstanding job keeping me calm and comfortable while in labor! I can’t thank her enough for the countless hours she put into making sure my birth experience was all I could have hoped for. 

Audrey Fultz


My husband and I weren't planning on hiring a doula. We had lots of support already and honestly it seemed like a luxury. We needed the extra backup however when having a couple days of exhausting prodromal labor 3 weeks early. Thankfully Joey was happy to come on short notice and thank heavens because she was the secret weapon we all needed! Joey knows her stuff! She made me do things for labor that weren't fun or pleasant but exactly what I NEEDED. :) I went from start/stalling labor for days to ONLY 2 1/2 hours of active labor and then baby in my arms! I'm convinced my 26 hour labor with my first child would've been a fraction of that had Joey been there. She gave tough love, but again, it was just what me and my baby needed!

She acted as a personal trainer or coach, but she also gave tender massage and touch, encouraged me nonstop with reassurance and praise. Breathing in and out with me, reminding and coaching my pace. Gentle touch to show me where I was tensing and needing to relax. Talking me through making the most of each contraction by directing its energy and power to the right places in my body for best effectiveness. I was struggling with so much anxiety and she helped me push past that fear to bring my baby here safe and sound. She even multitasked to helped my husband help me! He was very willing but needed direction in how to help and she empowered him to have the active role he wanted!

She never left my side for a minute... such a comfort and help in one of the most difficult yet exhilarating times of my life. She's been amazing with postpartum visits too, checking in often just to make sure we're doing okay and adjusting well! I would recommend Joey to anyone! She'll be an added strength and help to your birth no matter the situation or setting. Pregnancy is such a worthwhile marathon and this is a coach who'll make sure you cross the finish line well, strong, and the best you can!



We hired Joey late in my pregnancy after experiencing hightened anxiety about labor and delivery. I thought minimally having another professional by my side would make me feel more at ease. I was in for a surprise. Joey is not just any professional. She is incredibly knowledgeable, she is strong, she is kind, and she is always an advocate for you. Her passion for this vocation combined with her knowledge makes her a powerhouse doula. Whether this is your first baby, or your tenth, Joey is the person you want on your team. For 35 hours, Joey labored with me. During that time she moved me in so many different positions, calmed me down, pumped me up, you name it, she did it. She was teaching our nurses and they were asking for her contact information. I truly cannot imagine labor and delivery without Joey. Because of her, I transformed from an anxious and fearful person, to a strong, badass mama. Hiring Joey was the best decision we made. Not only did she help us grow our little family, she became family as well. 

Heston Swallow


I reached out to Joey about six months into my wife's pregnancy. We had no idea what a doula or midwife was until we went to our birthing class, and when we heard about what they do, I was pretty determined to find someone who would help support my wife through the process of childbirth. I reached out to Joey, and only Joey, and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Joey is kind, intelligent and motivated to help prepare women for the adventure that is childbirth. My wife had a complicated labor which ended in a c-section, but until the very end Joey did everything in her power to move my wife around, change positions, use essential oils and comfort her when she was feeling hopeless. It was clear to me that she was capable, experienced and empathetic to the state my wife was in.
It was really incredible to watch and experience. Joey has become a member of our family and we still keep in touch. I will hire her for every birth we have. 

Andrea Greenfield


Joey was the single best decision that I made during my entire pregnancy. As a first-time mother who is terrified of needles and who hates pain, I absolutely dreaded my upcoming labor. I'd had friends tell horror stories of forced C-sections, unbearable pain, nurses and doctors who yelled at them. I knew I wanted to avoid labor trauma and wanted someone by my side who could educate me on my options and be by my side through my birth.

Enter Joey. Though we hired her when I was 35 weeks pregnant, she went above and beyond to make sure I was ready for labor. She spent multiple hours with us on multiple days to teach us birthing positions, to get us ready for breastfeeding . She provided me with a hodgepodge of resources to prepare my body for labor: nutrition advice, ways to induce labor naturally. She was available constantly by phone and text and email to answer whatever gnawing questions I had. And, perhaps more importantly, she had me journal my fears surrounding labor and breastfeeding and helped calmly educate me to alleviate them.

When I went into labor, I was in horrible pain, unable to get into a labor and delivery room because the hospital was overcrowded. It was Joey's strong pressure on my lower back to relieve the pain of the contractions and her calm, encouraging voice that kept me calm even as i dilated to 9 centimeters until an anastheseologist was available to give an epidural. My baby came after 45 minutes of active labor, with Joey by my side every step of the process. It was a beautiful and spiritual experience. After birth, she stayed with my family for 2 days in the hospital, supporting me as I struggled to nurse and discovering that i had a low iron level (something the nurse forgot to mention).

I am convinced that hiring Joey was the best decision i made during my pregnancy. I am forever grateful for the joy and peace she brought to my daughter's entry into the world and for helping me create a beautiful birth.



Our time with Joey was one that brought me confidence and understanding to my birthing experience. Her knowledge and expertise made me less fearful and more confident heading into our labor and delivery. As a first time mom I felt like she gave me a voice when communicating with my doctor and nurses, and we are so grateful!

I definitely recommend using Joey as your doula, if I could do it all over again I would have hired her sooner!

Katie Massingill


When I found out I was pregnant I was terrified of the birthing process. I didn't know what to do, how to prep, or how to learn. After a couple months, I asked my sister about a birth plan. She and her husband started telling us about Joey and the help she had given them. Immediately my husband and I wanted to meet her. We started childbirth classes and almost immediately my fear started melting away. Joey taught us both so much about pregnancy, child birth, and caring for your newborn, we even learned infant CPR. I wasn't scared anymore. I felt equipped to make our son's birth just that, OUR birth, not just do whatever the doctor says but have an experience that is personal, special, and safe. That was just the beginning. Joey was with us at the hospital during a very long birth. Her strength, attentiveness, and the way she worked with our doctor was wonderful. My husband and I wholeheartedly recommend Birthing Miracles.

Stephanie Anderson


I cannot imagine going through pregnancy, birth, nursing, and recovery without the support of Joey Larson Birthing Miracles! She has been there for both of my pregnancies with my boys and we love her! Although both of my deliveries ended up being unplanned C-sections because of complications out of our control the reassurance and support that Joey Provided helped us to know that we had done everything we could and C-sections or the best thing so that our boys were happy and healthy.

Cat Williams


Joey was AMAZING to work with. My labor was nothing short of fast and intense and this made me absolutely terrified, until Joey arrived. Joey pushed me to do things I didn't want to and NEVER made me feel uncomfortable or that my wishes were not being met. Joey really tries to get to know a mother's wishes or labor and delivery and makes sure those are accommodated.   I felt so empowered and had an amazing birth experience because of Joey coming to my rescue.   


MORE than just the time in the hospital, Joey checked in on us after this new bundle of joy was here to make sure that I had all the help I needed and I was being cared for. So many times, people ask only about how the baby is doing and forget that the mother isn't going to bounce up and be 100% in a few hours. The care before and after was something I didn't expect,  but was a wonderful surprise!


Hands down I would recommend Joey to any of my friends or family who are expecting.

Rebecca Perger


Joey has been an excellent support during the birth of our son. She provided emotional support before, during and after the birth and has been an invaluable resource. We highly recommend her as a doula. 

Vanessa Krause Peterson


Joey has been great I started working with her on my diet to get pregnant after I was diagnosed with pcos. Then when I finally got pregnant she answered all questions I had even though she was busy training as a midwife. She was unable to attend my birth but we had a back up and Joey checked on with us on how things were going. I also had an extremely hard time breastfeeding and getting enough supply my daughter lost about 12% from birth weight and Joey has been great at encouraging me and answering questions when I wanted to give up and quit breastfeeding all together. Now my daughter is gaining weight and we are close to birth weight 5 weeks post partum.

Nura Negaard


I used Joey as a doula and also for placenta encapsulation.  She is a very warm and caring person.  I found her to be readily available to answer my questions at all times and if she had to research to find an answer, she did so very quickly.  She is very knowledgable and is studying to be a midwife.  This is her passion!  She made an effort to get to know my family and myself, even though we contacted her when I was farther along in my pregnancy.  I had a very quick birth and the doctor was not able to be there.  Joey took charge and helped keep the nurses calm when the baby was being born and even gave them some tips and got my focus so that baby could be born safely.  She even reminded my husband to take photos because the birth photographer did not make it to the birth.  She advocated for what we wanted at the time of the birth and directly after in a nice, non pushy way.  As far as the placenta encapsulation, she was very professional and assisted me in discussing my need for the placenta with the hospital staff and processed it quickly.  The pills were packaged beautifully with directions.  This was my third birth and I had not used them before, but had had a placenta smoothie with my last birth and it seemed to help my mood even though my last baby had been colicky for many weeks.  The placenta pills were great.  They kept my mood even and kept me energized even with the lack of sleep.  My hair fell out right away after the births of my other babies and so far, it has not fallen out with using these.  I would highly recommend Joey for doula and/or placenta encapsulation.  You will not find a more caring and committed person to go through this important time with you.

Kimberly Crouse Maertens


I was so blessed to have Joey help me through my entire 3rd pregnancy. During my second pregnancy I had a very scary experience and so Joey was with me every step of the way the third time around. With her help I felt much more confident and she greatly helped minimize my fears by being knowledgable and understanding. I felt comfortable to ask her anything. She also helped tremendously with helping me plan a healthy diet. I had gestational diabetes, but with her help I was able to eat healthy but very tasty food. It was a great pregnancy and I thank God for putting Joey by my side.

Laura Hamilton


My husband and I hired Joey for the birth of our first child. Joey was very accomodating and attentive leading up to the birth of our baby.  She was flexible with scheduling our initial consultation and prenatal appointments. She checked in with me often to see how I was feeling.  Joey made it clear from the beginning that she would make herself available to us for anything that we needed and asked for.  Throughout my pregnancy, I was easily distracted and stressed by my job and as I requested, Joey consistenly sent short friendly reminders to help me stay focused on my health and our baby ("Drink your water today!").  We talked very openly about my plans for a home birth with our midwives and what our expectations of her as our Doula would be. When the day finally came, Joey and I were in contact throughout the afternoon until we decided it was time for her to come to our home.  When she arrived, she identified what I needed and was by my side helping my husband as an additional hand for me to hold onto and other support.  She helped with massaging, trips to the bathroom, cooled me with a cold rag and kept me hydrated with water.  When our little girl was born, she helped with clean up while the mid-wives made us comfortable for the remainder of the night.  Joey has a passion for what she does and is committed to her Mommies and Babies.  She obviously enjoys building a relationship with her clients and will do all she can to help you through the transition into parent-hood including assistance after baby is born if you need it.

Kelsey Schmidt


Thank you Joey for giving me the best natural labor and birth experience. Joey gave me the confidence I needed to ensure that I experience the best natural labor process and also a healthy birth for my baby girl. For me I really wanted a natural birth and giving birth can be a scary thought to some women due to pain etc. and giving into pain medication can be so easy while in the labor process. Joey gave me the strength and empowerment I needed to get through each temptation of having pain medication. It was an incredible help to have Joey by my side believing in me,talking me through each contraction, and encouraging me when at times I thought I couldnt go another secoud. She has such a loving, compassionate and caring heart, no one could replace her!! She was always oncall when ever I had questions and is very knownledgable about the entire birth process from pregnancy all through postpartum. I would definitely recommend her!!

Thank you for believing in me Joey

Jamie Engelbretson


Joey is one of a kind. If you want someone who pays special attention to your inquires or requests, she's your Doula. From our first conversation up to the birth, she went way above and beyond expectations. Even with a few curve balls thrown her way, she shifted gears to make my experience the best it could possibly be. She's all heart and knows what a mother needs to start off her new life as a mom.

I could definitely notice a difference when I started taking the placenta pills. The PPD I thought I was getting was quickly relieved once I started the pills. Highly recommend it.

Thank you, for everything, Joey!

Sarah Bedore


Joey is an amazing doula. She is very knowledgeable, reliable,  and compassionate.  Having Joey as a doula gave me a great sense of security,  knowing that I always had someone to call with any questions, concerns, or fears - she is an excellent support and an amazing educator. When I  learned I was pregnant, I had no idea what I wanted in a birth experience or what to expect. Joey educated me on birthing options and really helped me to discover I wanted. My husband found having a doula greatly beneficial and learned the birthing process and ways to physically and emotionally support me during pregnancy, delivery,  and post-partum. She has been very helpful since my son's birth and he loves her. I would highly recommend her!

Jen Ester


Joey did a great job of leading us through labor. We wanted as natural a birth as possible and Joey worked hard to help us try different techniques to make that happen. She talked us through all of the steps of labor and celebrated each milestone, even the less pleasant ones. Joey spent time getting to know what we did and didn't want and worked hard to advocate for those desires. As first time parents, her expertise was instrumental in getting us successfully and safely through delivery. She has also been a great resource for questions we have as first time parents and responds quickly.

Andy & Rita Tonga


It was an absolute pleasure having Joey present at my birth. All of my children were also present and she took over the situation so I could have the best, and most peaceful home birth possible. I highly recommend Joey:)

Megan Steege


As a first time mom planning a home birth, I wanted to have a doula present but I wasn't sure where to start looking. My husband and I met Joey through our midwife and were lucky enough to have her experience and support through the last 12 weeks of my pregnancy. Joey was such a strong presence at our birth. During labor, I prefered a quiet environment and more subtle help and suggestions. She easily adapted to my wants and was a rock of support when I wasn't sure I could make it through. While her help during and after birth was immense, she truly shined in the first week postpartum. My sweet baby developed severe jaundice at 3 days old and was admitted to the hospital. A blood infection was also suspected which added to our fear and anxiety for our baby. Joey was available 24/7 for us, visiting often, and spent hours of her time sitting with us as we waited for our baby to get healthy again. Her past experiences allowed her to give us unwavering emotional support and guide us through an unknown and scary process. I never would have considered how important strong postpartum support could be, but it really can make all the difference.

I also used Joey's placenta encapsulation service. The service was completed promptly and exactly as promised. While I do not have another post partum experience to compare this one to, I feel like that additional support (especially during that first week) was a huge help. It may seem like a strange practice and something that is easily overlooked, but I strongly recommend it to any mom. I have had a wonderful milk supply, fast uterine shrinking, and very steady emotions post partum.

We will never be able to thank Joey enough for everything she did for us, and for our baby.

Jheremiea Brown


Oh my,where do i start?There is a lot of reason why we love Joey but i will try to make it short :)

Well,hiaving Joey as my doula is probably one of the best thing i have done during my pregnancy.I was supposed to interview more doulas a day after our meet up but  when i met and talked to joey,I knew since then that she was the right doula for me.I am a military wife and my husband was deployed the entire time I was pregnant and only came back for the birth.Our daughter's birth was long (almost3 days)but joey never left.I had a very bad bleeding after birth,and joey didnt leave till she know i was okay.

I reside in st paul and she was in mankato but she never failed to support me.She is always willing to be there whenever i needed her in any way.)She is also very good with kids,i have a 5 year old son who really loves her!.Joey is very supportive,sweet caring and a loving friend,for me joey is not just a doula but also a good friend and until now we still talk and she still gives me advices!We love her :)


Sandra Fraser Maurer


Hiring Joey to be our doula early on in my pregnancy was one of the best decisions we made! Her kindness, attentiveness and strength helped me to feel confident through each phase of pregnancy, and postpartum- especially as a first time mama! (and even when we changed birth plans all together at 33 weeks!) Both my husband and I were reassured by Joey's constant presence and availability throughout pregnancy and her presence and support during labor and birth.

I think what we were most happy about was deciding to hire her for postpartum work. As a doula myself I know that many mamas neglect to prepare for postpartum and I didn't want to be one of them! We were SO glad that Joey was able to come after the baby was born and take care of me so I could continue to take care of my daughter Fiona and heal physically and emotionally. My husband is incredible and very involved, but we both loved having Joey there. She was willing to go above and beyond to make sure we were doing well and starting parenthood on the right foot. It was ideal because we had developed a relationship with her all throughout pregnancy and birth so we were very comfortable having her here once baby had arrived.

We also chose to get our placenta encapsulated- great idea!  This was my first live birth so I have no previous postpartum experience to compare it to, but I have had a very joyful postpartum.  No lactation issues, no major sadness or depression.  Healing very well!  I would definitely recommend it!

Everyone should choose a doula based on who makes them feel comfortable and safe, but beyond that the qualities you want in a doula are: kindness, intuitiveness, openness, gentleness, love, strength enough for you and your family, and a true selfless desire to help you achieve your individual desires for birth without judgment. Joey embodies this true "doula-spirit".


Jayati Saha


I had Joey Larson as my birth doula for my first baby. We were initially considering an elective c-section as advised by my family in India, also we thought it was a better choice since we have no family around. However, when we spoke with Joey, she strongly advocated vaginal delivery and gave me a balanced perspective of both types of birth. We interviewed a handful of doulas but ended up hiring Joey as we felt an instant connection with her and she was very friendly and respectful of our culture and beliefs as well. The only thing I was hesitant was that she was from Mankato and I was birthing in Minneapolis. Joey however, assured that she has never been late to a birth and it was soooooo true. On the D-day, she was with us on time, immensely helped me throughout the process and stayed over 24 hour after I had delivered my baby vaginally! She was also an excellent postpartum resource. I am very fortunate to find her and absolutely believe that she is one of the prime reason for my very pleasant and positive birth experience and would strongly recommend her


Melony Short


Joey was an irreplaceable asset to us during our pregnancy, labor and childbirth. She was always available in the weeks leading up to our birth to answer questions and provide valuable insight and resources to us. She checked in with me regularly and always offered objective, knowledgeable and inspirational feedback to my husband and I. Joey also very kindly offered her services to us at a much reduced rate so we could afford her expertise, which was a great blessing to us. During my labor, Joey really helped to ease the discomfort of my rushes. She became very familiar with our birth plan (and that we wanted a natural childbirth) and did a wonderful job communicating to hospital personnel about our wishes. She and my husband worked as a great team together; she was sure to allow him to coach me, as we had desired, instead of taking over. During the end of my pushing stage, she was there to photograph the event of our daughter’s birth, so we will have those photos now to cherish forever. We are still in contact with her and hope to see her on occasion for a long time! Her experience and calming presence allowed me to birth naturally and for my husband, our new baby and I to have a very positive, peaceful, spiritual and healthy experience!

As an eager and involved partner in the whole process, I was skeptical of the whole Doula thing from the beginning. In her words and actions, Joey quickly reassured me that hiring a Doula was the right decision, and that hiring HER as our Doula was the right decision. I can’t imagine having gone through the process without her calming presence and expertise. Her reading scripture to Melony during the transition phase was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. She was indispensable, and comes highly recommended by all of us involved.


Jessica Gens


We loved having Joey be a part of our special day. Of course, our story happened over several days, which she was very supportive during all of and flexible, especially having to drive over an hour to our hospital. When we had our first meeting, I knew instantly that we would click and I felt comfortable around her and knew I would enjoy having her with us in this journey. She was super sweet in checking in on us and sending text messages as the day drew near to let us know that she was thinking of us. She was very reassuring and calm during the delivery, and even though I had a nurse who wanted to take control, I could still hear Joey's encouraging words and her helpful advice through it all. After we got settled into our room after the delivery, she even went to pick up some pizza and doughnuts for the hungry mommy! :) We would highly recommend Ms. Larson to anyone looking for a kind, caring, sweet, encouraging friend to have alongside you during one of the most unforgettable moments in your life!

Jenna Palmersheim


Amazing. To be honest, that word doesn’t even cover Joey, we just don’t have enough words to describe her. I met Joey after doing some research into Doula’s in our community. Thankfully, she was the only doula to respond to my emails. We met for lunch and within minutes I knew I needed her. Joey has one of those personalities that light up a room and she accepts you for who you are. Having a doula was very important to me because I wanted to try a natural childbirth with this pregnancy, and my husband offered to YouTube how to be there for me. As lovely as that sounded, I knew that he wouldn’t be able to do what I needed, and after meeting Joey, I was beyond positive. I can say with certainty that Joey was an invaluable part to my labor. She knew when to push me a little further when I thought I couldn’t do it, and I found myself putting all my faith in her. At one point, she suggested we try to move to my knees to labor. To be honest, I had no desire. I wanted to curl up from the pain, but I remembered that she knew what she was doing, and said we could try, but if it didn’t work, I’d like to rest (like that is even possible in active labor!!) the moment my knees got to the pillow, I had the urge to push. While pushing, Joey was there cheering me on and was where I needed her. She also told my husband what to do. Being that he is a wallflower, he would have probably preferred to sit in the chair, but she gave him a job that he wouldn’t have thought to do on his own. 4 hours and 22 minutes of labor later, my son was born. Joey brought comfort and joy to my delivery. She helped me face my fears, and did all she could to help me reach my goal of having a natural birth.

Amanda Meyer


After having two of my own children naturally with the aid of doulas, I volunteered to be a gestational surrogate for close friends of mine. I knew I wanted to have a natural delivery if possible, but discovering I was carrying twins was a game-changer. Joey was a tremendous help to all of us as we planned for their delivery. She was sensitive to the needs of the parents, who had previously lost other babies. She helped us navigate through all the possibilities in giving birth, visited the birth center with us, helped us to create a birth plan, and was tireless in researching information about our unique situation. For the safety of myself and the twins, I ended up delivering via a planned c-section, and although Joey wasn't needed for the actual operation, she stayed in touch before and after. While I was recovering, she continued her services with home visits, assisting with lactation concerns and incision care. We were so grateful for Joey's care and attention throughout our entire birthing experience.

Rebecca Sandstrom


I had never used a doula before or even really thought about it, til I had my 3rd child. I had heard from a friend about Joey. My friend had hired Joey as her doula and recommended that I contact her. Since I knew this birth was going to be completely different from my others, I thought I would give it a try. This time I was having a home water birth and thought the extra womanly support would be beneficial. When I met Joey, I was completely at ease. She is so easy going and very educated in what she does. She is also a Christian, which was impotant to me, and offered prayer if I ever needed. We met many times and was on call for me at all times. She even got tickets for us to go listen to one of the greastest midwives of all time speak, Ina May Gaskin. I had just read several of her books to prepare myself and was so surprised that Joey had done this for me. When the night finally came to deliver my son, I had called my midwife and she arrived about 6 and I told Joey to come around 7. She was so supportive. She knew when I needed her and also knew when to give space for my husband and I. She helped to keep me calm and told me how beautiful I was and how I was doing such an amazing job. She really is an awesome doula and I am so blessed to now have her as a friend. Thank Joey for everything you do.

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