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Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Birth Fee


Postpartum Rate


Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Northwest Association of Postpartum Support (NAPS) - Certified Postpartum Doula

Birth Doula Experience

14 years and 185 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

14 years and 65 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 2 births and 0 to 1 postpartum families

Postpartum limits/restrictions: No limits. I will work nights and have had extensive experience with twins. I also provide prenatal and postpartum massage at www.SeattlePregnancyMassage.com

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
In Seattle, I attend births at all west side hospitals and birth centers.I offer many opportunities to meet and get to know your wishes during pregnancy. During labor I support you and your partner / family members throughout labor and the transition from home to birth center and remain by your side to help you during the first couple of hours after having your baby. I offer support during baby's first week to check that everyone is adjusting properly and that feeding is going well.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I attend all Seattle west side birth centers. I offer many opportunities to meet and get to know your wishes during pregnancy. During labor I support you and your partner / family members throughout labor and the transition from home to birth center and remain by your side to help you during the first couple of hours after having your baby. I offer support during baby's first week to check that everyone is adjusting properly and that feeding is going well.

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I attend home births that are also attended by a midwife. I do not attend unassisted births. I offer many opportunities to meet and get to know your wishes during pregnancy. During labor I support you and your partner / family members throughout labor and remain by your side to help you during the first few hours after having your baby. I offer support during baby's first week to check that everyone is adjusting properly and that feeding is going well.

Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly casting
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Reflexology
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I serve on the board of the Northwest Association for Postpartum Support.

Languages Spoken

  • English

Fee Details

In Seattle, I provide in-person doula support to all the major hospitals and birth centers on the west side. Read more about these services on my website at www.seattlepregnancymassage.com

Seattle, WA Service range 10 miles

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Kate Whetten


We met Emma via the Swedish Hospital Doula Program and what an incredible find she was!  We wanted to bring our first child into the world with as few interventions and medications as possible and heard that using a doula was the way to go.  We cannot recommend Emma more highly! She has a warm, open personality and our family immediately connected with her and felt extremely comfortable in her presence.  Her support before, during, and after the birth of our son was everything we had hoped it would be.  It was very comforting knowing that there was someone other than my husband and me to communicate our desires with the hospital staff. Her work as a pregnancy massage therapist was also a wonderful addition and support, especially in the later days of the pregnancy.  We have already recommended Emma to friends and will definitely use her again! Emma is worth every penny and then some!



Emma was essential in making us feel confident someone had our backs during labor. She has a lot of experience and is very well equipped. Her peaceful and serene manner was very helpful and she fantastic in helping me manage my pain. Plus, she’s very knowledgeable and well informed on all things labor and delivery. I would highly recommend her doula services!

Madeleine Cortes


Emma was an absolute godsend during my delivery. I went from having a completely natural birth plan to needing most interventions and Emma was there supporting me and empowering me through each one. Through the first have of my labor, I got to experience induced labor without pain medication and I felt strong and stable with Emma’s support for both me and my partner. When it was clear an emergency cesarean was required Emma was right there with us helping us adjust to this new reality and what it meant. I will be forever grateful to her!!



Emma is such an experienced, calm, and supportive doula. Leading up to the birth, she gave us a lot of great information to help us prepare for labor and for newborn care. During labor, we had to make a few major, urgent decisions for my care and for my baby, and having Emma’s input and guidance helped my husband and I feel so much more confident during such a vulnerable time. Her presence also allowed my husband to focus on connecting with and caring for me, while Emma jumped in and did whatever needed to be done to keep me moving and as comfortable as possible, including helping the nurses out at key moments. My husband and I agreed that having Emma as our doula was the best decision we made for ensuring a positive birth experience.

Kalin McKenna


I always knew I wanted a doula present for the birth of my first baby. My husband hadn't given a doula much thought, but being a first time dad and a supportive partner was open to the idea. We met with several doulas throughout the Seattle area, but within minutes of meeting Emma and Liz, I was certain we would select Birth to Baby. Not only did they both have years of experience, but I felt comfortable with both of them immediately. Conversation came easy, I felt like I had known them both for years despite only being in their office for five minutes, and I knew they would be able to provide guidance and support we needed as we welcomed our baby into the world.

Emma was incredible during the birth of our daughter. My labor was fast and strong. She helped my husband with massage techniques to help make me more comfortable. She talked me through the changes that were happening to my body, so I could process and make sense of my labor. She remembered the intricacies of my birth plan and advocated for me to get in the tub to manage my pain. She knew before I did that the baby was ready to come and alerted the doctor and nursing staff. She was supportive through the entirety of the birth, and took the most amazing pictures and videos to help us remember our most special day.

Emma checked in with us daily after the birth and made her home visit when our daughter was about a week old. She helped with the latch and breastfeeding, but most importantly she helped me remember that my body needed rest and recovery, despite my short labor. She gave me the guidance I needed to make sure I was still taking care of me, in addition to our little girl.

We cannot recommend Emma and Liz high enough, I know we will be reaching out to Birth to Baby if and when we choose to grow our family.

Jacob Lipson


A short perspective from a dad's point of view: Emma was a phenomenal support to both my wife and I during both pregnancy and delivery. I credit the pre-birth conversations and tutorials for making us both much more comfortable with what to expect, and how to prepare. And when the big day itself came, Emma was a champion. Despite having come almost directly from another client's 24 hour+ birth experience, Emma was calm, collected, thoughtful, and supportive throughout the process. She gave me great tips on how I could support my wife, in addition to directly helping with massage and other activities to ease the pains of the labor process. I think the thing that I appreciated most about having Emma there was being able to discretely ask questions about what was happening when the birth started to get a little dicey towards the end. Having her there allowed me to decrease my anxiety and get my questions answered without bothering the doctor, or distractig my wife. And of course, that is to say nothing of the coaching and support that she gave my wife, which was also invaluable. All in all, we really, really appreciated having Emma's help with the birth of our first child! 

Amanda Jack


Emma was such a great support to my husband and I as we prepared for the birth of our daughter. We met with Emma 6 weeks before our daughters birth to discuss the kind of birth we would hope for and what techniques we would like to use to cope with pain management during labor. Emma was great and really explained her role in detail and how she would support us during the birth process. As it happened our daughter was born 1 month prematurely and even though Emma had other clients during this time she was there for us before, during and after the birth. I ended up having a c-section due to our baby being in breech position and having low amniotic fluid. Emma was there for us leading up to the c-section while I stayed in hospital for monitoring, during the c-section and after for the recovery period. Emma was an amazing support immediately after the birth in terms of helping to get our baby to breastfeed, which is not as easy after a cesarean birth. We are so grateful for her support. She was there for my husband and I through the entire process and really helped to put us at ease. Emma is lovely to work, very calm and reassuring and very knowledgeable about the whole birthing process. Emma also came to visit us at home after the birth of our daughter and she had lots of great tips with breast and bottle feeding and we really appreciated the follow up support. We can’t thank Emma enough and would highly recommend her as a Doula. 

Brianne Beemster


Our experience with Emma from the warm pre-visits, massages, our birth and to now has been one that we feel very fortunate to have had. I knew that having a doula would be an important part of our experience in bringing our daughter into this world, but I was not clear on how impactful it would be to our family on the whole. Not only is Emma simply one of those calming presences that people are drawn to, but also a wonderful balance of knowledge and deeper, insightful wisdom. She just gets it and that has a lot to do with her patience and understanding to the human condition.

We had a wild, spontaneous and far from imagined birth at home. All of our calming approaches and prep for the day did not feel accessible at the onset of my 5 hour labor. Emma took us through that journey with a kindness, cleverness and love that was well beyond what I thought a doula would do for us. We are grateful for her gift to Maya simply by her presence that day. Also, in the days to follow she helped with challenges of breastfeeding, when times weren't getting any easier she introduced us to a wonderful lactation specialist, who introduced us to our amazing pediatrician. Her network honorably reflects her values as a doula. She is someone whose approach you will reflect on, someone you want to be part of your birth story and someone you will tell stories about to others and your little ones. I couldnt have asked for more.

Annie McCullough


Emma proved herself to be an invaluable member or our pregnancy, labor, and delivery care team. In preparation for our new arrival, Emma shared precisely the knowledge we needed and simplified the abundance of information and instruction available to expecting parents. One reason a birth doula was so appealing is because my delivery would be handled by an OB team and I wouldn’t know which doctor would be on call at the time of my birth. With Emma as apart of my team, I knew I’d have a familiar face present through the experience! Emma won our lasting appreciation during the interesting way my labor progressed, providing guidance through early labor, and experienced, calm company while my wife snoozed later, and critically Emma knew when it was time to head to the hospital! Ultimately, with Emma’s invaluable expertise, I was fortunate to have a dream birth experience, laboring at home and delivering our baby at our planned hospital without interventions, all with Emma’s immediate guidance as we welcomed our new family member. We encourage every expecting person we meet to try and include a doula as a part of their team too, and they’re usually nodding in agreement once we’ve shared all the reasons why Emma has our sincere appreciation!
With gratitude,
Annie & Nicole, and Baby Lindsey too!

Ellen Banakis


On why having a doula team is amazing even if you have an emergency c-section

I did not have the birth experience I anticipated. To be honest going in, I didn’t think I had too many expectation of what the birth would be but emergency c-section was not on that list.

“We have an L&D 911 all available staff to the room, L&D 911” Within moments our room swarmed with people and I was flipped onto all fours with an oxygen mask on. Emma was right with me, calming explaining what the doctors were doing, what was happening with my baby, helping me to stay calm. Once everyone was stable Emma and later Liz came and guided us through the next few hours and eventual decision to have a C-Section. Emma and Liz made sure that I understood what was happening and felt like I had agency in the decision making process. Afterwards Liz was right there to help me breastfeed for the first time.

We hired Emma and Liz for two main reasons. 1) Our families are far away and we wanted additional support and guidance through the birth of our first child; 2) My husband is a physician and I wanted someone to ensure that he was able to be a dad first in the delivery room. We got both of those things but so much more out of our doula experience. The pre-birth classes are awesome, and the post-birth baby reunion is where we met some great friends.

I felt immensely supported and cared from the moment we hired Emma and Liz. I wanted a hospital birth with an epidural and Emma and Liz totally supported us with that birth plan. They worked well as part of our team and with the hospital staff. So much so that our nurses were asking for their card.

Another friend had a home birth with Emma and Liz, another an unmedicated hospital birth with midwives. All of us felt that we were supported and that Emma and Liz were committed to us having the birth experience we wanted.

Amanda Harris


We had such a blast getting to know Emma - from our first interview, she made us feel welcome and excited about having them as part of our special experience. The little "extras" (doula "tea"/newborn class, spinning babies lesson, loan of the TENS unit, etc.) were all incredibly helpful as we prepared for the arrival of our little girl. My labor ended up being quite different than I had imagined it would be and looooooong, but Emma was an amazing force. Her positive energy, encouraging words, and counter-pressure powered me through many hours of painful back labor and put dad at ease when he wasn't sure what to do or say to help. In his words, "having a baby is like moving to a foreign country where you don't know the language; Emma is an essential interpreter for this journey."

Kristin Vorce


Emma was a calming presence during my labor, guiding us through the birth of our first child in May 2017. I especially remember Emma helping me from the car to the triage room of the hospital when I was having very powerful contractions (my husband was parking the car). I was so grateful that she was there. Giving birth was incredibly difficult, but Emma made me feel cared for, and in the end, I feel like I had an empowering birth experience.

Also, I really enjoyed her prenatal massages as well as sessions with her before the birth to help prepare for early parenthood and breastfeeding. I highly recommend Emma as a doula.

Kelly Lipscomb


Emma Christensen at Seattle Birth Doulas was pivotal in making my prenatal and birthing process wonderful. Her prenatal massage and reflexology services were incredible. I recommend that all of my pregnant friends go to her for massage, even if they are not in the market for a doula.

Emma provided great pre-birth support through her one-on-one session at our house ahead of our home birth. She went over everything from what we'll need at the birth to the best bottles to use. Post-partum, Emma did a home visit to help check in and answer any questions. She provided some suggestions on nursing and latch issues, and ultimately recommended we visit a lactation consultant at the Lytle Center.

As for my birth, Emma was incredible. I went into labor in the middle of the night, and Emma came promptly after we called her. As soon as she arrived, she was 100% on. She had let me use her TENS Unit during labor and that was crucial to help manage contractions. After my labor stalled during the pushing phase, Emma was great in making suggestions about getting things going and staying positive. After 4 hours of pushing, we ended up transferring to the hospital. Emma piled into the back seat with me while my husband drove. She helped me manage pushing during the 20 minute drive, and escorted me to where I needed to go once Jake dropped us off at the front door.

During an unexpected C-section, Emma offered to join me and Jake in the OR, which turned out to be great. She told us what was happening and answered any questions we had. She also took Jake's phone and took tons of photos of both of us. Emma even stayed with us after the delivery and helped me get nursing going.

I would absolutely, without hesitation, recommend Emma.She was patient, informative, and just a joy to work with. Hiring Emma will be an investment you do not regret.

Andrea Eberly


Emma is a great doula. I went into labor on one of those rare times in Seattle when it snowed. A lot. She still made it to my apartment when I went into labor and provided support. My labor slowed down, so she went back home and I tried to get more rest. When it finally felt right to go to the hospital, she met us which was actually really nice because even though I had toured the hospital my husband and I were totally not in the frame of mind to navigate the labyrinthine halls! Labor progressed fine, and I managed to keep going without pain medications. (Emma provides great education about labor so I felt like I had a good game plan going into labor) Between her and my husband (she helped guide him to be an effective birth partner) I just got into a nice zone. Contraction, breathe, try to rest, contraction, breathe, try to relax... Until I suddenly HAD TO PUSH. So the midwife came in and informed me I was on at 8.5 cm. Ugh. I was glad to have a doula for labor, but when I found out i was not fully dilated but had such a strong urge to push, this is where Emma's expertise really made it possible for me to keep going. She helped me get through the contractions without pushing. Finally I was at 10cm and could push. Now it was the opposite--instead of trying to dissipate pushing energy, she helped me focus it. Unfortunately not long after I had the baby it became clear I had major bleeding and they just rushed me away and left my husband with the baby, confused and overwhelmed. Emma went to the OR with me so my husband could stay with the baby and once I was under, she went right back to help my husband with the new baby and to let him know that I was being taken care of in the OR. Once I was back from the OR, I was pretty out of it, and she helped try to get nursing going with the baby. Even with the scary bleeding, I still feel okay about my birth experience and I am very happy that Emma was a part of it. I wholly recommend her.

Iris Kennedy


Emma was simply amazing!

Pre-birth, Emma visited with us to establish a wonderful client/patient relationship. She became our doula very late in my pregnancy (34 weeks) and we were still able to connect in order to have the birth we desired. She was available via phone for any mommy questions I had.

My labor would have not happened without my lovely husband and the brilliant support of Emma. Though my husband was my rock during this time, it was all thanks to Emma and her style of guiding and aiding my husband throughout this challenging time. I remember my husband’s voice but felt Emma's presence of calm and tranquility. She never imposed onto our moment of laboring but instead was a great support. Though my birth did not turn out as anticipated, she worked very hard to maintain the integrity of our choices and desires of the birth plan we had written.

Post-birth, she continues to be part of our lives! This is essential to us as she was an integral part of our daughter’s birth day! I still feel free to reference her as first-time parents with questions and get such great feedback with her amazing knowledge in this field.

Though during my labor with our daughter, I swore I would not have another child (pain and emotions are always on high) I knew after I saw my daughter, I would want another child and would WANT Emma to be part of our next birth. Our family and Emma will work together in order to have a home, water birth for our second child. She is highly supportive of our alternative choices and for this we will always thank her!

Enough cannot be said about the power of doulas and Emma.

Rachael Petru Horowitz


After interviewing a few doulas, my husband and I extended an invitation to Emma to join us in the delivery room for our big day. It was our first baby and we were eager to have an expert advocate on our side - Emma is just that kind of person!

In our first "getting to know you" meeting, she gave off an air of calm confidence. She asked questions which inspired us to consider our opinions about labor and delivery and helped us get to the bottom of our dreams and desires for our delivery. In our second meeting she presented us with current, comprehensive information on the labor process from start to finish and was able to explain to us the various possible medical interventions that could occur in a hospital birth (she even showed us a few medical devices). She made it clear that she was there to support our decisions and I felt that, should I opt for an epidural, she would remain non-judgmental.

Our doctor indicated that he wanted to induce. Emma came to my home and did a long reflexology session to get my body ready for labor. When I was sent to the hospital later that evening, I was dilated and my body was ready to cooperate with the induction medications being delivered. Emma arrived at the hospital just before my doctor put me on pitocin. She did energy work to help ease my discomfort and increase the productivity of my contractions. When labor intensified, Emma was an angel on my shoulder providing calm, reassuring instructions. In less than 3 hours after the pictocin drip started, I was pushing - and that only took 30 minutes!

Emma was a critical key to my epidural-free delivery. She was nothing short of amazing and I'd absolutely, without reservation recommend her services!

Dani Spies


After my husband and I decided we wanted to have a home birth I knew right away that I wanted to have a doula there for some extra support.  After lots of researching and lots of recommendations, we decided to hire Emma - and let me tell you, "There is NO way we could have done it without her!".

I had a long "early labor" and my saving grace was Emma's reflexology!!  The reflexology really helped me to relax during a time that I probably would have otherwise been going insane and I 'm also convinced that it helped to progress my labor as well.

Emma was a great support to both me and my husband during the labor and offered a fountain of knowledge both before and after our baby was born!  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an excellent doula.



Mimi Dwyer


Emma was our doula in June 2009 for the birth of our little girl.  She was amazing through whole process.  On our first initial visit, Emma took her time and explained the whole laboring process to us and answered any questions we might have.  For our second visit, she pampered me with a great reflexology session which was fantastic since the pains of pregnancy were starting to set in at 38 weeks. 

She was extremely supportive throughout our labor and was with us entire time.  I couldn't have gone through our big day without her.  I would highly recommend Emma to anyone looking for a doula.  Emma is professional, knowlegeable and dedicated plus she really cares about the parents and the baby.  Her postpartum visit was great too.  She taught us various soothing techniques, educated us on cloth diapering and just checked on our overall well being as new parents.  I can't say enough great things about her!  Emma was wonderful and we would defintiely use her again! 

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