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Sylvia Otvos

Rock the Cradle - Montreal Doula Services

MontrÉAl, QC Service range 15 miles

(514) 975-8973

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1900

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $40

Birth Doula Certifications

  • MotherWit - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 205 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 51 families served

Doula Training

  • MotherWit, September 2012

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 0 to 5 births and 0 to 5 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I will attend home births when a mid-wife is present.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Childbirth education services
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents

Languages Spoken

  • French

Fee Details

We are a team of 6 experienced birth and postpartum doulas. We are able to provide receipts for insurance purposes. We also have various packages depending on the services you'd like. With each package receive a discount on fees as well as various gifts from our favourite partners!

MontrÉAl, QC Service range 15 miles

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Client Testimonials for Sylvia Otvos

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Irina Denisova


It has been almost a year since my daughter was born at St. Mary's hospital of Montreal, but I still remeber vivdly almost every moment of my labour and her birth as if it hapened just yesterday. And more I think about my experience more I am, and will eternaly be, grateful to our doula Sylvia. She was there with us through all ten hours of intense active back labour, calm and focused, with her hands on my lower back, pressing and pressing to alleviate the pain, not leaving me alone even for a minute, my rock amidst a wild sea of labour. It was so comforting to have Sylvia around, not only in terms of pain management but also as a person very familiar with the St Mary's hospital personnel and the hospital culture.  Moreover, Sylvia was able, in extremely tactful manner, to serve as a "buffer" between us and the hospital staff and she was very well percieved by both the nurses and the doctor. Sylvia really made my so much hoped for VBAC possible. Sylvia's presence was crucial not only for my labour. She was also my post-partum doula and this definitely made my first two post-partum months a much happier and an easier time for the whole family. Hiring Sylvia was really the best decision for us.

Kathleen Wynd


J'ai utilisé les services de Sylvia Otvos pour mon 2e accouchement. Je ne savais pas si j'en avais vraiment besoin, mais j'avais eu de bons commentaires et je me disais qu'elle m'aiderait peut-être plus que mn chum! Je n'ai pas regretté! J'ai beaucoup aimé mon expérience. Sylvia m'a fait beaucoup de bien durant l'accouchement. Elle sait quand commencer les points de pression et les massages et elle se retire quand la contraction termine. Ça fait qu'on peut être dans notre bulle, je me suis sentie respectée et sa présence a été rassurante, maternelle et très douce. 

maha Abdelhak


I learned more about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care from my meetings with Sylvia than any class or book. Sylvia was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum.

Sylvia was very nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. She provided active coaching and massage which is very comforting when you're in a lot of pain! She was also very helpful in helping us know what the doctors were doing the whole time.

I couldn't have planned a better birth! Her presence during the birth of our son was a tremendous help and I couldn't have done it without her support during the labor or the postpartum.

Ana Marinescu


Nous avons eu une expérience des plus positives avec Sylvia, que nous recommandons chaleureusement! Elle est à l'écoute des besoins et apréhensions, et nous a fourni beaucoup de renseignemenst utiles pré et post accouchement. Elle accorde beaucoupp d'attention à la future maman, mais aussi au futur papa, afin qu'ils soient tous deux à l'aise avec le processus. Sylvia a été une heuruese présence lors des longues heures de l'accouchement, et nous à permis de vivre ce dernier avec une belle continuité puisque le reste du personnel (infirmières, et médecins) changeait selon les quarts de travail... Elle a aussi été là post-accouchement pour partager notre joie et répondre à nos questons en tout temps dans les semaines qui suivirent. Sa grande disponibilité (appels, textos, visites) et son expertise avec près de 80 accouchements ont été vraiment appréciés et nous sommes privilégies d'avoir bénéficié de cet accompagnement professionel, personalisé et terre à terre. Merci Sylvia! 

Erin Barker


My experience with Sylvia was very positive. I was a second time mom and had a doula (in another city) present at the birth of my first child, so knew the benefits. We chose to have a doula present at the birth of our second son for a lot of the same reasons as with our first, but for some additional reasons too. We wanted a doula present to support me through the pain and to support my husband as he supported me. This time around having a doula to support both of us was even more important because we knew that at some point my husband may have to leave to take care of our first child and this would be a lot easier on everyone if we had a doula there to support us. I reviewed several doula sites and chose to meet with Sylvia because I liked her approach. She didn't seem to be trying to impose her experience on her clients. She didn't want me to have her birth experience. Rather her aim was to support me in the type of birth I wanted -- support through information and education initially and then with her presence at the birth and then following up afterwards. I appreciated that she took the time to meet with me and hear about my first birth experience and then to meet with both my husband and I to answer our questions and discuss our expectations for the second birth. And in the end, I'm not sure what would have happened if we didn't have her support. Baby #2 arrived so quickly that my husband missed the birth while taking our older son to a friend's house, just a few blocks away. We are both so grateful to have had Sylvia and all of her experience there to guide us and support us. The birth of my second child was very different from the birth of my first child. You might think you know what to expect, like we did, but we were taken by suprise the second time around and having Sylvia with us made us all feel more confident. She was positive, up-beat, encouraging, and confident that I could handle it! We can't thank her enough.

Nozue Yasui


My husband and I are very happy that we had Sylvia as our doula. She was very considerate and helpful. The labour was very long but she was by my side for entire active labour (which lasted 24 hours). She messaged me, helped me in the bath, and supported me in every way that she possibly could. We are very thankful for the excellent service that she provided on our most memorable day.

Annie Moralli Storozum


4 months postpartum and my husband and I still talk about how amazing Sylvia was. She was there within 20 minutes of us getting to the hospital and didn't leave my side until a while after my baby was born. Her pain management techniques were so helpful and her overall energy was so comforting. Needless to say she taught us so much during the meetings before the day. Her knowledge is so impressive. I would highly recomment hiring Sylvia! 

Isabelle Larochelle


Sylvia est une Doula exceptionnelle!! Son accompagnement avant la naissance, sa présence pendant l'accouchement et son suivi après l'accouchement furent plus qu'appréciés!! Nous avons pu lui poser beaucoup de questions qui n'étaient pas discutées pendant nos cours prénataux. De plus, Sylvia nous informe sur des solutions alternatives aux options « médicales » souvent proposées d'emblées à l'hôpital.
Grâce à son expérience, on a pu prendre des décisions en toute connaissance de cause. Pendant l'accouchement, autant moi que mon conjoint avons grandement apprécié sa présence! Sa gentillesse, son calme et son support nous ont permis d'apprécier chaque moment sans stress et en se sentant en confiance. Nous n'hésiterions pas à demander à Sylvia de nous accompagner pour un deuxième enfant. Nous la recommandons sans hésiter!!

Arielle G. Aaronson


Sylvia was an exceptional support system throughout the whole birthing process. She was thorough in her explanations and preparation, always texting and emailing me with encouraging words of wisdom. She listened patiently as I agonized over decisions when my birth plan was thrown a curve ball. She sought second and third opinions and read up on my options. Most of all, she made me feel like my concerns were real and legitimate and didn't once brush my worries aside. Thank you, Sylvia!

maude lapointe


After giving birth to my daughter in 2010 at the hospital with an epidural and a 20 hour labour, I was left feeling disconnected and disappointed by the whole experience. So when I got pregnant with my son, who is quite likely to be the last of my children, I felt it was important to do it right and do it as naturally as possible. I found Sylvia's website, read some testimonies, met with her and immediately felt safe and secure in her presence.

When the time came, she met us at the hospital - arriving at the exact moment when the staff was pressuring my husband to leave me all alone to go down to the registration office. I was panicked at the idea of being left to labour alone and my contractions where coming every 45 seconds. Sylvia came in, put down her bag, and immediately started massaging my temples in order to help me relax. My contractions resumed their 3 minute intervals and for the next 3 hours, she massaged my lower back and softly encouraged me.

My son was born sunny-side-up, which impressed the hospital staff because that's apparently a very difficult and painful way to give birth. Thanks to Sylvia's constant massaging of my lower back, i hardly felt any back pain and was able to stay calm during active labour. She and my husband made an excellent team and when I think back about the whole experience, I feel proud and very satisfied. I would highly recommend Sylvia to anyone who, like us, desire a happy, healthy birth experience (with limited medical intervention).

Thank you Sylvia!! 

Lea Thaler


Sylvia was a life saver! When my son was born, I didnt realize how much lack of sleep would affect me. I found it difficult to function. Sylvia was able to give me the rest I desperately needed. From the moment I met her I knew I could trust her to take care of my infant son while I napped. She also provided me with support, advice, and a listening ear when needed, and I greatly appreciate that as well. Sylvia really helped me get through the first 3 months of my son's life and for that I am eternally greatful. I would recommend her services to everyone, as she is wonderful!

Mariana Pérez-Levesque


Nous avons eu recours aux services de Sylvia pour la naissance de notre premier bébé. Nous avons énormément apprécié l'approche non médicale de la préparation à l'accouchement (contrairement à ce qui est offert par les cours prénataux des CSSS) et l'attention donnée aux aspects positifs du travail et de la venue du bébé dans nos vies.  Même si l'accouchement ne s'est pas déroulé comme anticipé, la préparation à ce dernier est, selon nous, tout aussi importante que la venue même du bébé et en ce sens, l'accompagnement de Sylvia a été très utile.  Nous recommandons fortement les services de Sylvia à quelconques parents, qui comme nous, se sont lancés dans une nouvelle aventure et qui avaient besoin d'être informés, sans pour autant être effrayés. 

Mariana et Mathieu

Renee Dunk


Sylvia is a wonderful doula. The meetings we had with her before I went into labour were educational on two fronts - my husband and I felt asking her the simplest of questions (this was our first child so neither of us were experienced by any stretch); they also allowed us to learn new things about each other (not an easy thing to do - we've been together over 15 years).

To make a long story short, the birth of our son was everything that I hoped it wouldn't be as I'd planned for the most natural process possible - I ended up with an induction, an epidural and, eventually, a c-section - but Sylvia's firm yet gentle support in the delivery room empowered my husband and I to question the medical staff to make sure that we understood everything they were telling us, and helped us to feel that we had choices during our birthing experience.

She was a quiet but constant presence in the delivery room - I can imagine how things would have gone without her, but I'm glad I don't have to. She reminded us of things that we'd discussed prior to being admitted to the hospital, but was also able to help us work through new issues when they arose. She was kind, helpful and supportive.

Sylvia's post-partum care was also excellent - she visited our house shortly after we came home from the hospital, and checked in with us via text and email.

I would suggest to any woman that she work with a doula during childbirth - and I couldn't recommend Sylvia more highly. She is a great caregiver.

Vivien Y


We have found Sylvia on this website, we didn't know much about doula at the beginning.  We met up with Sylvia and she explained to us in details how she could help us.  Before the labour, she prepared us with her prenatal classes and she always answered to my questions via text messages or emails.  As the early labour started, she would text me and call me to make sure everything was on track.  Once we decided to go to the hospital, she joined us immediately.  It was a great thing that she could join us promptly since we didn't know much what I had to do and I was in quite some pain already.  During the labour, her massages helped a lot to go through the pain.  She was super encouraging during the whole labour.  I have to say if I didn't have Sylvia, I probably would not be able to deliver without the epidural! It is amazing to give birth without any medical intervention, since you can recover so much faster.  After baby was delivered, Sylvia helped us for the breastfeeding part. Even until now, she still answers to our questions regarding the baby.  It is always good to hear advice from someone who has the knowledge and experience, instead of just blindly searching our concerns online.  In summary, we highly recommend Sylvia's services to you! 

Susan Ballinger


I asked Sylvia Otvos to act as doula for my third pregnancy. I had not hired a doula for my previous pregnancies, and I wondered if I was being a bit silly to do it after already being an experienced mom. Not at all. It was the best decision I could have made, and labour the third time around was a completely different experience. Not only was I able to give birth without an epidural for the first time, but in general, Sylvia's calm presence, her sense of humour, her massages, and her advice regarding pain management were comforting in a way that is difficult to put into words. My husband, who was skeptical about hiring a doula at first, agreed afterward that it was a great decision and that, for him, she made labor an 'enjoyable' experience. 

I have recommended Sylvia to two of my pregnant friends, who have also hired her, and I would recommend her to anyone else who is feeling anxious about giving birth, or who simply wishes to make the experience more meaningful. 

Mélanie Gabriel


Sylvia a été pour nous une excellente doula! Nous ne pouvions pas demander mieux. Ce qui nous a touché, c'est sa capacité à écouter et à comprendre nos besoins. Elle s'est fait présente, douce et professionnelle. Avec elle nous étions bien préparés à l'accouchement et en confiance. Nous gardons de la naissance de notre fils un souvenir des plus heureux!Nous vous la recommandons sans hésitation . Merci Sylvia et bonne succès! 

Melanie, Rémi et Frédéric 

Claudia Pérez


My partner and I were not sure if we wanted to hire a doula for the birth of our first kid. We are very pragmatic, down to earth type of people and we didn't immediately see the benefits of hiring a third party for the birth of our first child. What motivated us to seek some advice was our different hopes on the birthing process and the fear that it would lead to a strong disagrement at the wrong time. Sylvia helped us define our vision, feelings and wishes for the birth. She was a invaluable help during the birthing process as she was a constant presence and guidance for both of us. We have no regrets on our choice and would hire her again if we have more children. 

Katya Lira


We had Sylvia as our doula since we were looking to be better informed, supported and prepared for the birth of our daughter and, even though the delivery turned out to be completely different from what we had hoped and expected, we couldn't have made it without Sylvia's support. From the very beginning we had a pleasant experience after meeting with her for the first time. She made us feel comfortable and in good hands. She was very thorough in the information provided and answered to all of our questions. When my labour started and I was at the hospital, she was following up closely until we were ready for her to arrive and, after she did, she never left my side. Her support and complete dedication were crucial to make the already very difficult process much more bearable. I can honestly say that without her, things would have not been the same. I'm very grateful for all her support, care and genuine interest in my and my baby's well-being. She also followed up with us several times after we were back at home to ensure things were progressing well. We fully recommend Sylvia and are confident that any future mother can greatly benefit from having her as their doula. Thanks Sylvia!

Sarah Rose


In short, Sylvia was incredible. She was extremely knowledgeable, supportive and patient throughout my entire labour. Yes--my body did all the work but Sylvia was with me through every contraction rubbing my back and assuring me the pain would pass. The birthing process in a hospital is a strangely public (all the doctors and nurses constantly monitoring you) yet very intimate (you are in your own bubble!) event. However, through all the poking and prodding, Sylvia managed to keep me feeling calm (or as calm as a labouring mother can be) and comfortable (again, a relative term during birth). Thank you, over and over again, for the life-changing experience: you believed in my VBAC and you helped me trust my body to birth my daughter.

Shamron Spence


I used the services of Sylvia for the birth of my daughter. Her three pre-natal visits were very helpful and very informative. She listen to all our concerns and answered all are questions. She helped me consider what type of birth I wanted to have and how to design a birth plan. Once I went into labour we stayed in touch through the day, at the hospital she helped relieve my panic and keep me clam throughout each contract. She also showed my husband how to help out. When things did not go according plan she was supportive of my decision and continued to reassure me when I started to have doubts. Once the baby was born she help me with my first attempts at breastfeeding. I feel she really made a difference during my birth. Her post-natal visit helped to encourage me with my breastfeeding and that things were going well.

Jillian Witt


Sylvia's support throughout my pregnancy was a huge contributor to not only a successful breech delivery, but my positive outlook on the whole experience. I am confident that we made the decisions that were best for me and our family because I had the right support along the way. Sylvia is supportive, professional and just what we needed!

Jaymi Soroka


I decided to work with a doula for 2 reasons. I wanted private prenantal classes where my husband and I felt comfortable to ask questions and learn about the birth we would both soon expereince and to have support and guidance for a natural birth. Sylvia was detremental in both of these instances. We were able to learn in a comfortable environment (our home) and gained valuable knowledge about what to expect, from the moment your labour starts until you leave the hospital. During labour itself Sylvia was a great comfort and support and helped me to reach my end goal, a birth without epidural. Sylvia and my husband worked together to get me there and I truly believe I could not have done it without her help. She provided counter pressure during contractions, cooled me down with a wet cloth at the right time (small thing.. huge help) and told me countless times I could do this when I felt I could not. I believe she even kept my husbands nerves down as he was not alone. She was also a great advocate for us with the hospital staff, who are great yes, but also have an agenda that might not match your own. Sylvia was working with us and for us and was unwavering in our commitment to a natural birth. I will be working with Sylvia again if I am so lucky to have the chance :)

ben jannet sabrine


J’aimerai partager mes sentiments de reconnaissance envers Sylvia pour tous ce qu’elle m’a offert durant ma période de grossesse jusqu’au accouchement

En effet, elle m’a fournit toutes les explications nécessaires pour comprendre ma nouvelle situation en tant que femme enceinte, elle m’a donné beaucoup de conseils illustrées par des mises en situation surtout concernant la gestion des douleurs

Le jour de mon accouchement, elle m’a accompagné au lieu de la naissance et a passé plus que 9 heures avec moi et ma famille, Elle m’a beaucoup soutenu pour vivre cette première expérience avec beaucoup de courage, de joie et moins de stress

Apres mon accouchement, elle était toujours présente pour me donner l’aide mais cette fois ci à moi et à mon bébé également.

Jusqu'à date, elle est toujours à l’écoute et ne cesse de me faire plaisir par ces précieuses Conseils

C’est une personne accueillante, serviable et très respectueuse.

Merci pour tout Sylvia

Lisa Poh


Sylvia is a wonderful doula, who is always generous with her time and advice. Not only is she knowledgable about the birthing process, you'll be benefitting from her massage techniques and homeopathic remedies during labour, which I really appreciated! What I like most about Sylvia is how calm, relaxed and reassuring she is. She respects your choices and is there to help you have the experence you want. We found that the hospital can tend to push certain decisions on you, so having Sylvia there helped us assess the situation more critically. Without her, we certainly would have felt more helpless. Although I had an emergency c-section in the end, having a doula was worthwhile for reducing my stress levels during a difficult labour and getting off to a good start with breastfeeding. It doesn't end there either. With Sylvia, you're not just gaining a doula's service for your birth but a friend in a fellow mom with helpful tips to solve baby problems months down the road. You won't regret it!

Julie Bourgeois


Being a first-time mom and having high expectations for as natural as possible a birth experience, i enlisted Sylvia as my doula. I found the prep sessions with her very informative and yet relaxed, easing any fears that i had about the impending big day. And even though my daughter's birth came by c-section, Sylvia was there. She had helpful advice and advocated on my behalf while in hospital. I highly recommend Sylvia's service.

Megan M


I'm very glad I chose Sylvia to be my doula.
At our prenatal visits, Sylvia balanced providing information with letting me ramble on about various things that were worrying me, which helped bring issues to the surface that I was able to work through before the birth. She also lent me a book full of recipes for prenatal nutrition.
During the labour and birth she was a reassuring presence, helping me with breathing techniques and other comfort measures when I was having a hard time, and standing back to let me do my thing when I was coping on my own.
She has been great at responding to emailed questions about all sorts of things before and since the birth, helping me to remember details of the birth, and giving very good advice about infant habits (sleeping, breastfeeding, etc).


Christine Zoltok


Sylvia was an invaluable part of our birthing process.

The sessions we had during the pregnancy helped us feel prepared and calm about the birth, so we started the birthing process on the right foot. When my waters broke it was great to have her to call, first to confirm what was happening and then to discuss about when to go to the hospital and to advise us on what might happen when we got there. 

During all the hours of my induction and labour, Sylvia's grounded and relaxed presence helped us  stay calm and positive. As the day progressed she really helped me stay comfortable and help keep things moving along. Besides small suggestions which made big differences - a well-timed shower when I was feeling exhausted and burnt-out, music to pick up the mood, homeopathic pain relief - she also was a champion at relieving the pain in my back with hip presses. (She kindly showed my husband and mother how to do it, but as the pain progressed I was happy to have the expert doing it!) Sylvia also had a really good sense of picking up on what was working for me and encouraging me to keep it up, even at some very intense moments near the very end. She really helped us have the natural childbirth we were hoping for.

We're so grateful to have had Sylvia there for the birth of our daughter. I would recommend her without hesitation!

Donna Cheung


I decided to have a birth doula as I really wanted a bigger support system than just my husband. As first time parents, I wanted someone else there to support not only me but my husband during the whole birthing experience.
When I met Sylvia, we clicked right away. During our 3 prenatal visits, she answered all of our questions very thoroughly and provided us with additional reading material. She was especially helpful in the weeks leading up to the birth and the labour. During labour, her undivided attention and support made my 35 hr labour all the more easier. She knew all my wishes for my birth experience and helped me labour as comfortably as possible. I would definitely recommend having a birth doula, especially Sylvia! Thank you Sylvia! We couldn't have done it without you!

Mehrsa Hashemi


When I became pregnant with my first child, i wanted to know all there was to know about natural child birth. I was ecstatic about the pregnancy and to experience natural child birth. I did not know what a doula was until I watched an episode of TLC's birth stories! It was then that my quest to find a doula began. I came in contact with the doula services near my city, and it was through them that I was connected to Sylvia Otvos.

From the initial visit, Sylvia's useful tips and knowledge grabbed my attention and with every meeting thereafter I felt stronger and believed in my body. I can and will have a vaginal delivery became my motto, so much that i surrounded myself and my thought on empowering myself. 

Once my labour started, i was amazed at how much the breathing techniques which Sylvia taught me, helped me, even during the highest peaks of labour.

I enjoyed my birth very much and I only hope that the next time will be even a better one, with the help of Sylvia.

Sylvia has a pation for births and she emanates sthis with her cluents, i would recommend her to anyone, whether it's their first time or not.

Emma Stephen-Fucci


Sylvia is a kind, knowledgeable, and dedicated doula. She was always available to answer our questions during pregnancy, labour, and even after we brought our baby home. During labour, her experience and calm presence were exactly what I needed. She knew when to let me take the lead and when to step in with suggestions, and was very accommodating of myself and my husband. She was really instrumental in having such a positive birth experience. I couldn't have asked for anyone better, and I highly recommend her!

Nathalie Cholette


Laisser entrer Sylvia dans l'intimité de ma grossesse fut assurément l'une des meilleures décisions prises durant cette grande aventure. Femme passionnée et ouverte d'esprit, elle a su nous accompagner mon amoureux et moi. Mine d'or de savoir, elle nous a renseigné sans jamais nous pousser dans une direction ou dans une autre, réellement respectueuse de nos choix et de nos besoins. Sa présence, sa douceur, sa bonne humeur et ses précieux conseils dans les bons moments et aussi les moins bons sont irremplaçables.  Je pense entre autre au moment où j'ai appris que j'avais un diabète gestationnel, lors de la version manuelle pour repositionner la petite et surtout aux 48 heures qu'ont duré le travail pour aboutir en césarienne. Savoir que papa n'était pas seul et surtout avec elle, lorsque j'étais en salle de réveil, m'a grandement aider à vivre la césarienne paisiblement. On parle d'elle et de notre expérience avec tous nos amis. Nous n'avons qu'une seule hâte, lui téléphoner pour lui annoncer que nous attendons un autre bébé !!!

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