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Nicole Werner

Moscow Doula Services and Parent Education

Moscow, ID Service range 100 miles As of January 2020, I will mostly be serving the Coeur d'Alene area.

(208) 596-2557

Birth Fee

$300 to $800

Birth Fee

$300 to $800

Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 125 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have attended births at Gritman (Moscow), St. Joe's (Lewiston), Pullman, and Sacred Heart and Deaconess (Spokane).

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
I had two home births myself. I love home birth!

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Military families support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • TENS units rental

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am the former director of the Uma Center, an organization dedicated to supporting women during the childbearing years. Prior to becoming a birth doula, I was a college professor for 10 years. My PhD is in child development, and I taught courses on child and adolescent development, parent-child relationships, and prevention program planning. I currently teach childbirth and parenting classes at the Uma Center in Moscow.

Fee Details

I believe every woman who wants a doula should have a doula. Please contact me to discuss any financial concerns you have.

Moscow, ID Service range 100 miles As of January 2020, I will mostly be serving the Coeur d'Alene area.

Client Testimonials for Nicole Werner

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Kate Sherrill


Nicole is the person you want during childbirth (and after) and it is a privilege to have her expertise on your side. I am confident that without her guidance, knowledge, and kindness that I would not have delivered vaginally; my hope and vision in delivery. Our son arrived two weeks past due date and she kept a pulse on my progress as the days grew closer, along with my contractions. She assisted me in advocating for myself and has just the right touch with figuring out how to ease you through a contraction. She slept on the floor of my hotel room for TWO nights! Her encouragement kept my spirits high, laughter flowing, and my husband present in the process; I am forever grateful that our paths crossed. Nicole has a natural gift of being with people and has found a calling in her work as a doula. If you are fortunate to have her on your birth team, she will leave an imprint on your memories and heart.

Kristen Tutt


My partner and I went back and forth about using a doula during the birth of our first child. After we took Nicole's Birth Matters class, we decided that we wanted the extra support. Nicole was extremely knowledgeable and was always available to answer the numerous questions that first time parents have. She checked in daily with us as we neared our due date to see how I was feeling and if there were any changes. Once my water broke, Nicole met us at the hospital and was ready to support us in whatever way we needed. During my labor, Nicole was there to offer encouraging words, recommend different positions during contractions and provide support for my partner. Her experience and assistance put us at ease and helped make the entire process go smoother. Although our labor was fairly quick, she was a key part of our team. She made us feel prepared and help us stay focused. We are beyond thankful for her support before, during, and after labor and would highly recommend her for anyone looking for a doula.

Ayana n' Justin Glover


Working with Nicole was an incredible experience! She was referred to us by a friend. When we first decided to meet with her to discuss doula services we were a bit apprehensive that she might have her own agenda of how things should or shouldn't be done, however, our experience was the complete opposite. The only agenda she had was to ensure our family had the birth experience we had hoped for.

As first time parents we had lots of questions and being a grad student as well we hired a doula to help take the pressure off of to remember all the things we learned in our research and in birth classes. She provided videos, reading material and always had evidence based solutions. It was very important to us to have a doula that used and focused on techniques that were evidence based. If we had questions about a given technique she was always able to provide literature for us to look over. She provided great information and support during the last trimester of pregnancy.

Nicole's expertise was irreplaceable during labor. The pre-labor and labor ended up taking a solid 2 days. Nicole was not only able to provide different coping mechanisms for the long labor, but also give my husband much needed respite. The long labor was due to the baby being turned the wrong direction (sunny-side up). We spent most of the labor time at home. Nicole was able to help alleviate excessive back and hip pain and brought techniques to help turn the baby around. My husband was grateful he had someone to turn to for suggestions and techniques for coping as well as being freed up to emotionally support me while Nicole helped with physical issues. She helped me direct my pushing to be effective and was our advocate for using an alternative birthing position at the hospital.

Our experience with Nicole was phenomenal and we would highly recommend to to anyone!


Aleksandra Hollingshead


Nicole is an amazing doula! We met her during Birth Matters classes at the Uma Center and immediately felt that we would like her to be a part of our birthing experience. Nicole was available to us before the birth via email and phone. She came for a house visit approximately two weeks before the birth to answer any questions we may have, come up with a plan, and lend us TENS unit and the Rebozo. 

When I went into early labor, Nicole was in constant contact via phone to answer any questions, provide suggestions, etc. Then, once the more serious contractions started, she came to our house and stayed with us until the baby was born. She helped me stay distracted between early contractions, provided suggestions for relaxation techniques, and breathing. She helped us decide when it was time to drive to the birth center. My labor was relatively long and painful with lots of back pain. Nicole was with us throughout the entire time, providing both emotional and physical support. She applied pressure to my back during contractions, had suggestions for changing positions, etc. Once I started pushing, Nicole was right by my head, whispering encouraging words, and holding my hands. I cannot imagine how we would have managed without her! At every stage of the birth process, I knew I can rely on her, I felt safe thanks to her, and comfortable knowing I am in experienced hands. 

After our son was born, we had to stay at NICU and Nicole remained in touch, and went above and beyond providing us with support, love, and practical help. If I decide to have a second baby, I will definitely ask Nicole to be there with us again. She is the most amazing doula and a wonderful person!!!! 

Chelsea Shors


My husband and I questioned whether a doula was necessary for us, but we decided to have Nicole there with us and it was a great decision! Nicole was available to answer questions that a first time mom had prior to going into labor and while in labor. She was very understanding and supportive of our wishes, as well as very well educated on the topic. Labor was long for me and Nicole was there supporting me and guiding me the entire time. My husband was so greatful to have her there for reassurance and support. My doctor was amazed at her knowledge and her way of assisting me in different positions to encourage the progression of labor. My husband and I highly recommend Nicole. 

Lauren Ethan Crawford


We decided to use a doula at our daughter's birth because we wanted to have someone with extensive experience with both typical births and challenging births with us as our advocate and sounding board. My labor was very long (or at least felt like it), but Nicole gave me the confidence to stay at home for the first 24 hours of contractions. She came to our house and helped with pain management until we decided to go to the hospital. Once at the hospital, she continued to help with pain management, and she gave us advice on alternatives to try before using pitocin. I ended up having pitocin and an epidural before our daughter was born the next day. The staff of Gritman and Nicole worked together to give me an amazing birth experience (even with the drugs). Both my husband and I felt prepared because of Nicole's teaching, advice, and support.

Ann Tripepi


My husband and I weren’t really sure if we needed a doula, but we are so, so glad we hired Nicole and had her with us at the birth of our daughter! We were a bit nervous about the birth (this is our first child), but Nicole was wonderful at answering any questions we had, and met with us multiple times prior to going into labor so we were extremely comfortable with her when it began. Our delivery was augmented with Pitocin as things were progressing slowly, and Nicole kept me calm and as comfortable as possible despite the intense contractions. She helped us keep our sense of humor, and was always encouraging and upbeat. We are so thankful she was there to help us!

Melanie-Angela Neuilly


Hiring Nicole as our doula was pure genius.  I wish I could claim the idea as my own, but it was my husband's...  With a basic OCD personality, I felt I had everything under control: I had made lists to guide my husband through the birthing process so that he could be the perfect birth partner.  He, however, did not feel reassured by the lists, and asked we hire a doula.  Nicole was a perfect fit for us, she put him at ease immediately and supported both of us through the process.

When my labor started looking like it was going to go on forever, having her by our side was priceless.  She kept me focused, helped me through the pain, and reminded me what our priorities were, while allowing for flexibility in light of unforeseen developments.  She also allowed my exhausted husband to get some much needed rest so he could be with me 100% in the moments that mattered most.  She gave us space when we needed it, and was present otherwise, without ever being intrusive.  If it weren't for her, we would have been at the hospital 10 hours before we needed to be there, and might not have been able to deliver our healthy (albeit stubborn and big-headed) baby girl vaginally.

Thank you Nicole, you are now in our lives forever!

Jenny Finau


I never had a doula until my 3rd pregnancy. I was a little sceptical about having someone besides my husband join in on such an intimate experience. My other two pregnancies were c-sections, and I was adamant about having a VBAC. My journey to this decision was not an easy one, as we live in an area that doesn't allow VBACS at our hospitals. Nicole was incredibly supportive of this decision and provided evidence based information to support us.  We had to travel 45 minutes for delivery, and she didn't skip a beat when it was time to go. I can confidently say that because of Nicole, my natural delivery was without incident and progressed quickly. She has wonderful techniques to keep things moving, calm and comfortable. She gave my husband and I an incredible gift. I know without her help, our chances of a repeat c-section would have significantly increased.  Although we are not having anymore children, we will recommend Nicole to anyone having a baby. 

Kristy Olsen


As a professor & engineer, my husband doesn't enter into new things lightly. When we met Nicole and learned of her background as a professor, her personal birth experiences & doula training, we felt she would be strong partner for our birth team. Our birth included an unexpected pre-term labor situation 5 weeks early, debris in the amniotic fluid leading to an induced labor and an unforseen c-ssection and Nicole proved to be invaluable throughout the entire process.  Nicole provided great advice, worked with my body doing stretches in order to naturally induce labor, and great support during labor. During our labor, Nicole was working with another client who was experiencing early signs of labor who went into active labor at a hospital an hour away & Nicole was able to help her deliver AND come alongside me as I went into active labor. She was in communication with me during early labor as well as with our backup doula who assisted us as Nicole was enroute to our hospital.

During labor, Nicole was a lifeline. Besides the full, unconditional support of my husband, Nicole was the other hand I relied on. She encouraged various positions & encouraged the strength she knew was in me. She was a great teammate for my husband as they traded off with hip pressure & other techniques to keep my focus. After 18 hours of labor, including 2 1/2 hours of pushing - an hour in which my son advanced & an 1 1/2 hours in which he did not - we were encouraged towards a C-section. Nicole had seen all I'd given during labor with no pain meds & also knew the situation, making her confident to also encourage us that was the best route for our son & for me. I was very proud that I'd given everything I had towards our son's birth & could not have advanced as far as I did without the help & guidance of Nicole. If we're in the same area & are able to have more children, Nicole will be the first I contact for our birth team!

Erika May


When I decided to have a VBAC I knew my chances for success would greatly increase with a doula. Within minutes of meeting Nicole I knew we were a good match. Her easy going and positive attitude were exactly what I needed. My pregnancy was full of excitement but also with anxiety. I wanted to avoid another c-section but I was not in a region that supported VBACs. I knew I would need to be in active labor when I went to the hospital and that I would have to refuse a c-section. This was not the ideal situation for a successful VBAC but I was determined to try anyway. I needed to be surrounded with people who fully supported me. Nicole and my husband did and became my birth team. I had pre-labor symptoms for about a week. Nicole constantly encouraged me and focused on the progress I WAS making. Nicole reminded me to enjoy the process, which was difficult as I was so worried about the VBAC and what would happen at the hospital. As early labor began, Nicole joined us at our home and remained with us until our daughter was born, nearly 24 hours later. We knew the baby was in the OP position so Nicole suggested many techniques that would help the baby move to an ideal position. My labor was long and strenuous. Nicole made sure I was resting when needed, eating, and moving when needed. I never stayed in one position for long because Nicole made sure to keep me moving. I know this greatly helped my labor progress. We knew going to the hospital too early could lead to unwanted interventions but with Nicole's patience and guidance we arrived at the exact right time. I was in transition and 8cm dilated. The final stage of my labor was intense but somehow I felt calm and peaceful in between contractions. I know this is because Nicole created an atmosphere I was comfortable with, which was mirrored by the hospital staff. With Nicole's gentle and unwaivering support our daughter was born via successful VBAC. I am so thankful for Nicole and the services she provided!

Jennifer Kaufman


During my pregnancy with my third & probably last child, I decided I wanted to attempt unmedicated childbirth and decided to find a doula. I got Nicole's name from our local childbirth educator and when we met for the first time, was impressed with her calm, professional yet personable demeanor. My husband, who can be quite reserved and didn't immediately see the need for a doula since he helped with our two other hospital births (with epidurals), also felt very comfortable with Nicole. We had several episodes of false labor beginning at almost 37 weeks and Nicole came and labored with us at home, gave us suggestions for helping labor progress, and helped keep up my spirits when labor stalled each time. She attended some of my dr's appointments and gave me the suggestion of seeing a chiropractor when my baby was breech (which got him to turn!). She became my go-to person for any question related to pregnancy. She encouraged me to be patient and was there at the end when we induced at 42 weeks. She led my labor team of my husband and friend to help me make it through a quick 2 hour labor without an epidural (even with Pitocin) and birth a 10lb 3 oz baby boy!

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