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Casey O'Keefe

Portland Doula, LLC


Phone: 3345595013

Birth Fee: $2150

Postpartum Rate: $45

Birth Doula Experience: 7 years and 115 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience: 6 years

Doula Training

  • DONA International, September 2012
  • Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA), April 2017
Type of Practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per Month: 1 to 6 births and 1 to 3 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • Certified Lactation Counselor (The Center for Breastfeeding)
  • Lactation Counselor Training (Healthy Children's Center for Breastfeeding)

Other Relevant Certifications

  • American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) Certification

College Education

  • BA/BS
  • MA/MS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Addiction Recovery
  • Adoption
  • Cesarean birth
  • Clients on bed rest
  • Expected stillbirth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Induced and high medical technology labor & birth
  • LGBTQP Families
  • Multiples
  • Over 40
  • Plus size mothers
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Prematurity
  • Relinquishing mothers
  • Remote and rural clients birthing away from home
  • Single parents
  • Special needs babies
  • Surrogacy
  • Survivors of Previous Life Trauma
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Teens
  • Twins
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth
  • Women and Families of Color

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a birth and postpartum doula trained with DONA International, toLabor, and CAPPA. I am also a Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC). I have assisted, developed, and taught childbirth education courses, organized local breastfeeding support groups, parenting groups, as well as postpartum support groups. I am knowledgeable about prenatal yoga poses, baby/body positioning, infant massage, cloth diapering, and babywearing. I am comfortable with home, birth center, or hospital births.

Languages spoken: English

Client Testimonials for Casey O'Keefe

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Allie Mouney

My husband and I both feel strongly that we would not have had our desired birth experience without Casey’s presence. Her ability to apply her personal and professional experiences to our birth was invaluable. I had a fast-paced 8-hour labor, and Casey worked amazingly with my husband to keep things calm and controlled in the room. Post-birth, Casey went above and beyond my expectations. She checked in with me frequently for months after my daughter was born, and I felt (and still feel!) very comfortable reaching out to her with random parenting questions, such as how to get my baby to take a bottle. We were so disappointed to hear that Casey would be moving to Portland and would not be around for the recent birth of our second child, but she still took the time to visit us and discuss our other doula options on her own time! We truly consider her a friend and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Posted 5/29/2016

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Jessica Riccardo

From the start I felt at ease and that I had a connection with Casey. She was so supportive, knowledgeable, and open. It was an easy conversation. After interviewing a few other doulas, we decided to work with Casey and I'm so glad!

Our birth was a little crazy. Who's isn't, right? She kept everything calm and made sure I was getting what I needed/wanted out of the experience. She managed to snap a couple photos right after the birth that are some of the most important pictures I have with my daughter.

Despite her own very busy life as a mother of two young girls (I think being a woman that has gone through birth can help in making a great doula), she was very responsive and quick to help throughout pregnancy and offered a lot of support post-partum, which was actually when I felt I needed the most help.


With her lactation consultant training, she has a lot to offer that other doulas do not. I had difficultly getting started and experienced a pretty rough first week or so trying to get the baby to latch and fighting engorgement. Casey helped in person, talked with me on the phone, and texted regularly. Eventually we got there and I breastfed through 12+ months.

She also talked me through things like "Is this throwing up or just spitting up?" "What should I look for in a pediatrician?" and others of the million questions becoming a parent brings. 

Over time I felt like Casey and I became friends beyond the doula relationship. I'll miss her now that I'm having another girl in September. 

If you want a doula that will go above and beyond for you and is an all around amazing person, Casey is definitely your pick. 




Posted 5/11/2016

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Christina Walsh

Casey provided invaluable physical, mental, and emotional support during my labor and delivery of our first child.  She seemed to always know just what I needed and was also able to help my husband to know how he could help best as well.  I feel that her unwavering support was instrumental in alllowing me to achieve my goal of a natural birth, a gift it seems impossible to ever be able to thank someone for enough!  I cannot recommend Casey highly enough for her knowledge, confidence, warm presence, and positive attitude and energy.

Posted 5/3/2016

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Patrick Rudd

I can not say enough great things about the work that Casey O'Keefe did for my family during our pregnancy, labor, and post partum time period.  Casey met with my wife and I twice (with my wife another time) and provided us with a great deal of managable information for us to take in.  She gave us a roadmap that showed what would be taking place and walked my wife through a few different poses for her to practice to make sure that our baby was in the right place for delivery as well as ways in which to help her through the delivery.  She helped us with our birth plan, provided us with what to expect at the hospital, and more importantly for me, she reassured me that she would help me support my wife when our little one was on his way. 

Casey was super responsive to my wife (through texting) when labor began.  She arrived after my wife labored from home (with Casey's support) and was with her for the next 3 hours as she continued to labor at home.  Casey showed me numerous ways to support my wife while comforting her at the same time.  Once we got to the hospital (after Casey told us it was time), we were met with numerous obstacles.  Casey was a champ in her calmness and composure in not only dealing with the lack of a room/space for us, but also managing my wife who was nearly 9 cm dialated at that time.  

Throughout the actual labor and pushing part, she was constantly attentitive to my wife's needs (ice chips, water, chapstick, honey sticks, snacks, comfort) but also reassured me in what I could do to help.  

I would strongly recommend Casey for anyone who needs a great doula.  Our doctor, Dr. Perret, echoed our feelings when she told us later that Casey was one of the best that she had worked with.  Our experience would not have been as incredible as it was without Casey O'Keefe.  

Posted 11/12/2013

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Lindsey Margraf

The best thing we did in preparing for labor and birth was hire Casey.  She was always available to answer questions, provided invaluable information for us, and was so warm and professional.  When I thought I was possibly going into labor (it was just the flu!) she was so helpful and was available to answer my questions and give me suggestions even in the middle of the night.  When I did start early labor, her tips and tricks helped me stay focused and calm until I needed her to come support me in person.  When she arrived at our home, she was the calming, knowledgeable presence that my husband and I needed.  I was able to labor at home until my contractions were fairly close together, which was exactly what I wanted.  When we arrived at the hospital, the check in process was a mess, and Casey helped my husband navigate the issues while supporting me and keeping me focused and calm during an incredibly stressful time.  My doctor was very impressed by how well Casey supported me during labor, and I really felt like I had an incredible team.  I don't know what we would have done without her.  I cannot reccomend her highly enough.  When we decide to have another baby, Casey willl be the first person we call!

Posted 11/12/2013

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Emily Schneller

From the moment I met Casey, I knew we had a connection. It was obvious from the start that she is passionate about helping mothers have positive birth experiences. During the prenatal visits, she helped prepare both my husband and I on what to expect and offered additional resources to help us gain evidence based knowledge to put our minds at ease. As a first time mother who went 2 weeks past my estimated due date, Casey checked in with me daily to see how I was feeling and always made herself available to offer support or answer questions. I was eventually induced and Casey came to the hospital prepared with a whole suitcase of items to help get me through the 24 plus hour labor. If I felt sick- she had peppermint essential oils for me to smell, if my lips were chapped- she had the chap stick ready, if I was hot- she fanned me. She seemed to know what I needed before I even asked. With her support, I was able to endure a pitocin induced labor and successfully birthed a healthy baby boy vaginally with no medication. I know that when I find out that I am pregnant with our second child, Casey will be one of the first calls that I make.  She is warm, professional, knowledgeable, and truly passionate about supporting families as they bring another life into the world. 

Posted 10/18/2013

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Charles Magee

I honeslty cannot say enough good things about Casey and her expertise as a Doula. As a husband and father "we" have a whole different set of expectations in the birth process. For me personally, I don't think you can ever be prepared enough for the pregnancy, birth, and post-partum. Casey supported my wife and I through the whole process. She enlightenend, educated and most likely made our marriage stronger. Being the husband and supporting partner plays a key role. But not knowing what my role should be exactly is hard. Casey made it more apparent what would be expected and brought the missing links together between my wife and I. Needless to say my wife ended up having the birth exactly how she wanted to. I guarantee it wouldn't have gone nearly as smooth without her.To have Casey there to lean on and jump in when necessary helped me and my wife in so many ways. Fellow husbands and soon-to-be fathers a Doula is a must and marriage saver. Not any Doula but Casey O'keefe, she is such a fun-loving, down to earth person, that will not break under pressure. With out a doubt I trusted my wife and new-born in her hands. Overall an amazing person and very passionate about what she does.


Posted 6/3/2013

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Natalie Magee

Casey provided excellent pre-birth, labor and post-partum support for me. She would call and check up on me during my pregnancy and was available to answer any questions I had. I met with her in person and we went over my defeats and expectations for labor. When my actual labor began Casey came to my house and was able to help me labor at home as long as possible before determining when it was time for us to go to the hospital. During labor and birth at the hospital she not only supported me but helped support my husband as well and directed him how to best assist me. She handled conversation with the midwife and nurses so I could focus on my contractions. She also documented my experience using my camera although I never remembered her taking a single picture! While I was pushing she held one of my legs so my husband could be behind me helping cheer me on and after my baby was born she contacted my family for us to let them know it was ok to come to the hospital. Casey was always professional, calm and reassuring. I would highly recommend her and would use her again should I have children in the future. My husband and I bmob felt more secure having her there and she was able to help me achieve my dream of natural childbirth!

Posted 4/20/2013

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