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Christine Moss PCD(DONA),LLLL Tampa Bay Area

Doula H.E.L.P.Help Enlighten Loving Parents

Tampa, FL Service range 30 miles

(813) 956-3996

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Postpartum Rate

$30 to $35

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

9 years and 145 families served

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 5

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Baby sign language education
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Contracted Provider Hillsborough County Children's Board, WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor, La Leche League Leader, Tampa Bay Area Lactation Network, International Cesarean Awareness Network, Tampa Bay Birth Network, Hillsborough Country Breastfeeding Task Force

Fee Details

In home visit, I work a 4 hour minimum at $30 - $35 an hour. I will schedule a longer period of time as needed at $30 - $35 an hour. FACE TIME SUPPORT I am now offering FaceTime support. During these safe distancing times, you will be able to have my postpartum doula support. I will be able to see you and your baby. I will educate, support, and answer any questions with fact based knowledge. Breastfeeding or bottle feeding support to help you with a successful beginning. All of your concerns and uncertainties will be discussed. (Fee to be explained when contacted.)

Tampa, FL Service range 30 miles

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Christine was a blessing for my family and I. She was with us through my post partum journey which was extremely vulnerable for me and she was able to guide me through the process in a way that would give me confidence going forward. She is very knowledgeable and it was due to her that I had great success with breast feeding which is something I felt strongly about. She also provide resources for future reference so I would never feel completely lost. She is able to easily understand what a family needs without having to spell it out and provide that support. She is also great with kids and my daughter was very comfortable with her. She would be an asset to any family. 

Esther Mathew


Christine has been such a gift to my family! She was referred to me through a Mom's group when I found out I was expecting twins. I could not have asked for a better match. She was supportive throughout my pregnancy and was flexible with us on scheduling once the twins were born (early, as twins often are). When we first met, Christine said her job was to "mother the mother" and she certianly did! She brings a weath of experience supporting moms and caring for babies and was very comfortable caring for two infants at once. She provided support by caring for the babies, checking in with me on my health (healing from the birth/emotional state/did I need a nap?) and would assist with household chores such as laundry, dishes, and preparing bottles. She provides lactation and breastfeeding support (I exclusively pumped at first) and can do overnights if needed. Christine was always on time and is an excellent communicator. Even now that I have returned to work and my babies are in daycare she remains in contact, checks up on us regularly, and has encourages me to reach out should we need her again. I really feel supported by this woman and her gentle spirit. Her very presence brought calm into my home during this very chaotic life change and I would abcolutely recommend her. 

T Berry


Prior to getting pregnant, I had no idea what a doula was until my mother-in-law asked if I was going to have one.  Now that I know what a doula is, I'm so thankful I had one in Ms. Christine.  She was my postpartum doula and was absolutely terrific!!  

As a new mom navigating the unchartered waters of motherhood, it was such a blessing to have someone who was knowledgable to help guide me through the process.  There were times when I didn't feel I could handle the responsibility of motherhood but because of a wonderful support base, and Ms. Christine being armed with a wealth of information, I made it through.  

She was always available and quick to respond to questions I had through text message or phone calls.  When she would come over, she helped to provide some much needed relief from tending to the baby.  Her being there allowed me to things that I once took for granted like showering and eating.   

Ms. Christine cared and genuinely wanted the best for me and my baby.  She showed me different tricks of trade, if you will, with calming a baby, putting him to sleep, differing holds to relieve discomfort and so much more.  Again, she knew her stuff!

She always encouraged me during the unexpected haze of a newborn.  For that I am grateful.

I highly recommend Ms. Christine because she is great at what she does! 

Michelle Newton


Christine Moss was an angel sent our way to help with our newborn twins.  I never imagined how difficult life would be with twins, especially in the first 6 months of life. Having twins was way harder than my two older singletons.  Sleep deprivation is real and not pretty.  Christine came into our home and we immediately knew she was the one to help us through this tough time.  She was absolutely amazing.  She was so loving and kind to our girls, even our two older girls loved her!  They would ask "is Ms. Christine coming tonight to help out?"  I never once was concerned when she was with them, she took care of them like they were her own children.   if I hear of anyone having twins, I always recommend hiring Christine.  She was a complete angel in our time of need.

Lauren Mooser


My husband and I were first time parents and were terrified to bring home our son. Both sets of parents did not live in Tampa and we needed support. Christine came over the day after we came home from the hospital and from the beginning helped us talk through some of the things we were doing and guide us / teach us how to care for our son.

There's a lot of questions in the beginning on how to do this and how to do that, Christine was open to any questions and responsed promptly. More than anything, Christine gave me confidence to be a Mom. Knowledge is power and she is full of it along with tips to help you get through those first coulple of weeks and beyond.

I would highly recommend Christine as a Postpartum Doula. 

Michelle R.


Christine was a wonderful help to us. We had our second child and had a rough couple of nights when we came home with the new baby trying to breastfeed. With our first child, I ended up pumping for a year but always had to supplement as we had issues breastfeeding. I did not want this to happen again. A friend of mine recommended Christine's services to help us. I always thought a doula was for the childbirth process and never realized the benefits of having a doula after the baby is born. We called Christine and she came the following night to help us. She was able to take care of the little one during the night so my husband and I could get some sleep. With some sleep, we were able to function again and focus on our end goal of successful breastfeeding. Christine observed the little one and suggested that I get the little one checked out for tongue tie. Turns out, that the little one did have a tongue tie and Christine helped us navigate through the doctors to get it resolved so the little one could nurse properly. Christine continued to come for several nights and was able to help us supplement and help my milk come in. The little one was feed every 2-3 hours throughout the night with Christine's help so that the little one could gain the birth weight back in one week as the doctors wanted. Through the process she was able to help us successfully get the little one back to breastfeeding with no supplementing needed. I wish we had known Christine when we had our first child, as if we had, I truly believe our experience breastfeeding would have been totally different. Our first child probably didn't have the same issues as our second child, but I am sure that Christine would have been able to help us figure it out. We were so blessed to have Christine's help during the tough transitional period of our new baby as that was the foundation we needed in order to be successful with breastfeeding.

Mike Hooper


We had our first child in Feb. this year.  My wife wanted to breast feed and we wanted to ensure we had all the right tricks and techniques down.  Christine was a huge help to us.  Taught me how to use the bottle once my wife starting to pump, how to store and warm up the milk which was a huge comfort for me, as you read so many differant things out there.  Nice have a personal coach help with all the in's and outs.  My wife also felt it was a huge help to her, with learning how to feed, and pump.  And our Baby Ella is also happy and healthy and growing bigger by the day thanks to all of Christine's help.  She is even sleeping through the night now!!!

I would strongly suggest Christine to anyone having a baby and wants to breast feed.  She is caring, knowledge and very helpful!!!


Best of Luck!!!


Dr. L. Dukes, OBGYN


My husband and I would both agree that the last 10 months since our son was born have been quite a whirlwind. It has been a gracious and humble journey. We have no nearby family, and as new parents we needed all the help we could getJ. That is where a postpartum doula like Christine fit in for us. Sometimes it’s not all about what you say, but how you say it. Her approach in guiding parents with their newborn did not appear over obtrusive or condescending. It was just the right touch of guided experience and ease of flexibility to allow us to lead the path ourselves. She was always a phone call or text away, and still today she extends herself if needed without solicitation. A gift that keeps givingJ Getting the hang of breastfeeding was difficult at first, but it shortly became a part of my natural flow of the day. I love the bond I will always have with my son. The best advice Christine gave was: “Postpartum is more than 6 weeks”. As a working mom with a hectic career schedule, that speaks volumes to me. It gives me solace that this time is precious with my son and husband, and I can cherish every moment without feeling guilty about those "things" that-- don’t go quite right. I would recommend her without question.

J Renee Rapone


Christine Moss is an amazing postpartum doula!!! My husband, who happens to be an old-fashioned New York Italian man and who doesn't trust outsiders in our home, refers to her as "The Baby Whisperer", which is a HUGE compliment!!! We just love her!!! As we are older parents who experienced quite a few pregnancy losses, we were very nervous when our precious miracle baby was born. During the pregnancy, I knew we would need help in the care of our son as we had a limited support system outside of our little family (as most of our relatives are either in their 80's or have passed on).

I wanted someone who truly cared about babies as well as who could teach us both the skills and/or tips in the every day care of our son; moreover, I needed a doula who could help us in a crisis situation and keep my husband calm. Christine Moss embodies ALL of these qualitites. For example, I had an emergency c-section, which later resulted in quite a few all nighters at Tampa General Hospital in the following weeks. Christine Moss made a point of spending the night or staying late to help my husband in the care of our son while I was in the hospital. Other times, she helped me by just taking over so I could sleep (which furthered the healing process).

In addition, Christine has been my calmer in sooo many ways. My husband and I have learned alot from her, from simple guidance on how to give our son a bath to breastfeeding advice. She is also very easy to communicate with and reach if need be. You can text her any time for any additional information or questions that you need answering. She really is a lovely lady that is truly following her calling as a postpartum doula. We highly recommend her.



I contacted Christine Moss during the pregnancy of my third daughter. I had significant problems with breast feeding both my other daughters and was looking for breast feeding resources.

Previously, once home from the hospital breastfeeding became a very overwhelming and stressful situation. I knew it should be a natural experience between mother and child, but it was very hard for me. I had excruciating pain and ended up with clogged milk ducts and infection. I had very limited breast feeding support and ended up quitting within the first month. I was physically and emotionally devastated each time.

I knew with this baby I would have to surround myself with strong resources and knowledge, if I wanted to be successful. I began researching lactation consultants and was recommended to research doulas as well. I really wanted extra support for breast feeding once home from the hospital. I contacted Christine and from our initial conversation I could tell she was going to be a great resource and support system.

Once home from the hospital Christine was there to walk me through each step of breast feeding and give me confidence. She was very patient and gave simple explanations on many common issues; helping baby latch, how often to feed, and engorgement. She would sit with me and baby for many feedings offering tips and positive conversation. She always made me feel very comfortable and helped elevate any stress. I have successfully breastfed for the almost 4 weeks. I have avoided any serious pain and have had a wonderful bonding experience with my daughter. 

I would highly recommend Christine for breast feeding support and all post-partum recovery. She can give parents knowledge, encouragement, and many times sleep-all very important to having a positive postpartum experience.

Sherley Valdez


Christine was referred to me by Stephanie, a very experienced doula who came to my home for a crash course of Events in labor, for my husband and me. Then I ran into Christine at a meeting of La Leche League before I had my baby. I called her because 10 weeks after my baby was born, we introduced a bottle with the future nanny, and my baby started refusing to latch on the same way she was doing before. Christine came over the same night I called her, and resolved the issue! I was amazed and so grateful because I was able to continue nursing my baby and not give up on breastfeeding!!

she was also able to come over and give me amazing advice on going back to work, the process, post partum mommy brain, experiences of other professionals that returned to work and continued to breastfeed and pump at work. She is a very nice, knowledgable, committed dedicated, sweet lady, whose experience is worth a lot! i highly recommend her and would call her if I have any issues. 

Sherley Valdez, MD

Lindsey Carriera


I worked with Christine for about two months when my son developed an aversion to breast feeding.  He would scream and turn away and completely panic whenever I tried to breast feed him.  It was heartbreaking.  It happened because I was supplemting his breast feeds with formula on the (bad) direction of my son's physicians.  He was not gaining weight like they wanted him to due to severe reflux.  They also told me I was not making enough milk, so on their direction I began to pump constantly to increase my supply, and feed him with bottles to gague his intake.  After this exercise, he refused to go back to my breast.

Christine worked with me for weeks.  We were able to get him back on my breast with a supplementer for a while.  This was so important to me because the reflux episodes happened so much less when he breast fed from me.  I almost crumbled under the sadness of it all when he refused to breast feed.  Christine gave me hope and the knowledge to stay the course.  Some days it took over an hour to get him to latch and feed every time.  It was exhausting on so many levels.

I simply could not have gone through that process without her support.  It took many, many attempts to get back on the breast.  She stood by me for all of them and gave me the strength I needed.  My son took to her moments after meeting her.  She showed me calming techniques and ways to help his reflux as well as breast feeding assistance.

She was a blessing.  I would recommend her to anyone needing help with breast feeding and/or coping with any early motherhood difficulties.  


Suzanne Sanson


I called Christine after my daughter returned from the hospital with her daughter who was suffering from some pretty severe gastric distress.  Christine was wonderfully responsive on the phone and later met with my daughter and gave her invaluable advice that helped her deal with this temporary but distressing problem.  I highly recommend her as a post-partum doula for anyone seeking additional help.

emily blackman


Christine is a fabulous resource for families who are caring for a newborn. She brings a wealth of knowledge on infant and postpartum care, leaving parents with the skills to move forward with confidence. Christine helped our family with breastfeeding, baby wearing, managing our daughter's gas/reflux, developing healthy sleep and play habits, and more. Most importantly, she demonstrated love and affection for our baby girl. Now our baby is happy and thriving! 

Christy Heald


Christine is the perfect fit for anyone looking for help with their newborn! She gives you the peace of mind of having someone with tremendous experience to safely take care of your baby so you can rest and recover from delivery. Christine was an absolute life saver to my husband and I when she spent the night with us and we could finally get a good night's sleep! More than that though, Christine had a wealth of knowledge about everything to do with learning how to take care of your baby. She saved my ability to breast feed my little girl when several lactation consultants could not. She has helped every step of the way with any questions or issues I encounter and had given me the information and confidence that every mother needs to be the best they can be for their baby!!!



I first contacted Christine when our daughter was almost 3 months old. I had been struggling with breastfeeding, we were sleep deprived and my husband travelled for work 4 days a week. With no family living nearby I really needed some help. I received Christine’s information from our birth doula and though I wasn’t sure if it was a little late to hire a post-partum doula I went ahead and called Christine. I am so glad I did. In fact, I wish I had contacted her sooner. Perhaps my breastfeeding experience would have been more enjoyable. By the time Christine came to us I had already decided to strictly feed our baby expressed breast milk by bottle. Christine respected my decision and was very helpful in explaining how I could pump most successfully, how to store breast milk and later, how to gradually reduce my pumping sessions without any discomfort. I believe her support alone has allowed me to continue to feed our daughter (now 9 months) breast milk without being tied to a breast pump all day. In addition, Christine has respectfully offered us many suggestions on how to make life a little easier caring for a baby. She has taken away much of the anxiety I felt in the beginning about being alone with our daughter and perhaps not knowing what to do. Thus, it is safe to say, that Christine has given me the confidence I need to know that what I am doing is right. Lastly, I have to mention how much our daughter loves being around Christine. When she sees her, her eyes light up and she smiles from ear to ear. She always has a good time playing and learning with her. We trust Christine completely and hope to have her with us for a long time.

Jennifer Bingham


Christine was a great support to me in the first few weeks of motherhood, helping me with breastfeeding techniques and questions.  She taught my husband and me how to do many different taks with a newborn that we, as first time parents, had never done including bathing, changing diapers, using a breast pump and playtime activities.  She has been a great resource when we have any questions that come up, and now that we have built a relationship with her, it is wonderful to know we can trust her to watch our baby if we have to get out.  

Pamela HUBER


Christine was fabulous.  She went above and beyond in assisting me with

the transition of an infant in my home.  She even helped me with my one month 

old infant pictures.  If she had not already had a prior commitment with another family

I would gladly continue to use her services.  She is a wealth 

of knowledge.  I highly recommend Christine Moss as a post partum doula!



Before hiring Christine as my postpartum doula, I knew I needed help with learning how to handle an infant. The support during my transition with my newborn was in everyway. She is the baby whisper. My referral about Christine's services include education, peace of mild and calming.

Shannon Polizzi


Christine was a godsend. She came to help out when my family left. My family had been here for two months and then it was me all by myself with two month old twins and a 2 1/2 year old and a husband that was working all the time (he had just started his own business before the twins birth). Christine was the needed extra pair of hands. One of the twins either had colic, a milk protein sensitivity or silent reflux. Christine was able to help soothe him. She worked with both twins on tummy time, play time, helping me to get them on a schedule. She was also great with my 2 1/2 year old. My 2 1/2 year old still asks for Ms. Christine!



I had concerns about breastfeeding before hiring Christine because I was unable to breastfeed my 2 previous children. The service Christine provided to our family was very supportive and positive. I could not have achieved successful breastfeeding without her help. My husband said, "Knowing Christine would help my family made me feel relieved." He also said he was so glad Christine could help my wife with successful breastfeeding.

Anna Boney


Christine was very helpful in being my postpartum doula.  This was my 3rd child to have but with my last two experiences I knew that I needed some help after the baby was born.  I really wanted to breastfeed and with my other two children bfeeding hadn't gone smoothly and I wasn't able to do it as long as I wanted.  Christine came to the hospital the first day she was born and helped me get a good start with bfeeding.  She then continued to come every few days the first two weeks.  When I cracked, like I had the other two times, Christine helped me work through it and now I am successfully breastfeeding without any problems.  She also helped with me duties around the house and even picked up some much needed items for my recovery at the store when I was really struggling with an issue.  She was there to support me in anyway and I am forever thankful for the support she provided me in the first few weeks post delivery.  

Chi-Chi Schickel


With no family nearby to help and a husband who travels for work I knew I would need help once our son was born. Right from the beginning Christine was an amazing resource in educating us about breastfeeding and how to work with the specific nuances of our new baby. She was also very helpful during the first few weeks with things around the house. A few months later we took a weeklong trip in which our baby, who was over stimulated, slept more and ate less. This altered our nursing routine and when we got home my once well nursing baby started rejecting nursing. In an effort to keep him fed I began pumping every time he needed to eat. Within a couple days my milk supply had dramatically diminished and pumping even a small amount of milk had become extremely time consuming. I was home alone with the baby and had been pumping literally day and night for a normally cheerful baby who was quickly becoming a fussy baby because he wasn’t getting enough to eat. I called Christine desperate and in tears thinking I was not going to be able to exclusively breastfeed him any more. She was able to come by that afternoon identify what the problem was and get us immediately back on track, all while being a reassuring and comforting presence that I really needed. Within a couple of days my milk supply was back to normal and we were both much happier. I highly recommend Christine as your postpartum doula – she is a kind, loving and trustworthy presence who has tremendous amounts of experience and knowledge that will only enhance your transition with your new baby. She is a fairy godmother doula all wrapped up in one!

Finnie Cook


When our second baby was born, Christine came to us as a gift from a family member who had previously benefited from the use of a postpartum doula.  At first, I wasn't sure whether I really needed her services as this was my second child and I thought I pretty much had the hang of things.  Christine was able to show me new tricks about babywearing, calming a fussy baby, and breastfeeding that I hadn't known the first time around or had forgotten.  She was a great help with our toddler... assisting in helping him learn about his new little brother and giving pointers on discipline and potty training.  I have never allowed anyone other than family to watch my children before and was a bit nervous about allowing a stranger into my home, but Christine put me at ease very quickly and my toddler warmed up to her by the second visit.  It was so great having another set of hands so that I could focus my attention on bonding with the new baby for part of the day and also spend time with my older child so that he didn't feel left out.  I would definitely recommend Christine's services!

Anastacia Parenti


Christine Moss was a true Godsend for our family when my second daughter was born. We are a military family with no immediate family in the area and my husband was required to be absent a few days after our daughter was born via c-section.  Christine was invaluable as a source of information and support for breastfeeding immediately following the birth of our daughter while still in the hospital, helping me with suggestions and research and giving me the confidence to nurse my daughter when nurses were pushing formula!  Once discharged home, Christine became an immediate member of our family, helping us care for our 2 year old daugther while assisting me with the baby while I recovered from the surgery.  Christine helped me with any nursing problems that came about including a nasty mastasis!  When my older daughter hurt her arm and my husband was away, Christine accompanied me to the Emergency Room which was 30+ miles away in the middle of the night!  When my washing machine stopped working, Christine stepped in to assist with laundry!  What ever I needed, Christine was there to offer assistance and support!  Christine's knowledge of breast feeding and natural ability to support families with children is amazing and we were so fortunate to have her in our lives at that time!  I can confidently say that Christine was a primary factor in the successful nursing of my second daughter and a critical support for our family, making the transition to having two children much smoother for all!  Thank you Christine!!   

Jan & Ty Hoath


We were due to have our second child right around the holidays when we met Christine Moss. We knew we would need help but were not fully understanding of the services Christine could provide and were ignorant as to what we would require until our son was born 3 weeks early. She showed up on our doorstep with the energy and magic of Mary Poppins and was ready to nurture our family in the unique way only Ms. Christine could. She was organized, punctual, thoughtful and most of all loving to our whole family, including our dog. She tenderly cared for our new born, brought crafts and learning activities for our two year old, skillfully guided me in nursing a baby for the second time (as I seemed to have forgotten!) while constantly reminding me of my own needs to take care of myself for my own recovery. She was whatever we needed in the moment to help us in the transition of becoming a family of four while balancing all of our other life commitments. She was truly a blessing as a special addition to our family during those beautiful and unpredictable first months of bringing home a second child. We shall forever be grateful to her for the tender loving care and education she brought to our family. Even my husband, whom was skeptical at first, become her biggest fan. If you are considering hiring Christine as your doula, then look no further! You and your family will be ever so grateful you did!

Amy Cornaire


Christine provided support and encouragement when I had trouble getting my milk to come in after I had the twins. She helped me with the logistics of breastfeeding and caring for two babies which was quite overwhelming at first. She not only provided knowledge and insight into raising newborns, but was also great company in those early days being stuck in the house. And I was always grateful for the extra pair of hands to help with the girls. Her assistance made our parental transition go much smoother.

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