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Fremont, CA Service range 40 miles

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Fee

Not specified

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 600 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Infant massage education
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • TENS units rental

Languages spoken

English, Tamil, Samoan, French

Fee Details

I have many packages to fit a mother's needs. Please refer to my website for more details!

Fremont, CA Service range 40 miles

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Viji is the absolute best !! She is extremely knowledgeable, caring,  helpful and goes above and beyond to ensure you have the best birthing experience! She has great intuition and coupled with her Ayurvedic knowledge, it really has a positive effect on your pregnancy. Viji comes prepared with all the tools to make labor as pain free as possible and provides training on how to manage the pain during active labor.

Personally, we hired Viji early on and believe that is the best decision we made! We had already heard a lot of positive things about Viji and when we met her, that sealed the deal. Throughout the pregnancy, Viji was always available and answered all our questions/concerns/doubts round the clock. Viji provided careful guidance to ensure that our end goal of a natural unmedicated birth was met. Viji’s Ayurvedic analysis helped me understand my body type, and she provided a game plan that helped avoid any complications through the pregnancy. Viji walked us through the entire process of delivering a baby in the prenatal meetings and educated us on all the available options before and during labor.

During labor, Viji helped expedite the dilation process by suggesting different techniques using her intuition, she  provided me with the confidence and encouragement to go unmedicated and stood by my side through it all. I can’t thank her enough for all that she did, she is extremely talented and following her suggestions helped me immensely during the entire labor process. As first time parents, she was a huge help and a blessing  and I would highly recommend her services.



I worked with Viji for my second pregnancy and I just don't have enough words to thank her and my friend who referred her. Though this was my second pregnancy I was little worried as I was in my mid 30's and also my first one was born 10 years back and I had forgotten most of it. Viji is someone who is just best at her profession. She is a treasure of knowledge when it comes to labor and delivery, Ayurveda and health in general. Her approach to pregnancy or any health issue or even her initial Ayurvedic assessment is very systematic and addresses the issues from the root cause level. Her massages and body work sessions are a great relief, she knows the pain points and how to fix them so aptly. Her sessions could be helpful for anyone though not going through pregnancy. She also guided us with good referrals to doctors and chiropractors for any issue during pregnancy. Viji is very professional and prompt with her appointments. Her responses were very quick to any of my questions. Viji has lots of positive vibes and is a very lively person who would calm down anyone who is worried about pregnancy, with her guidance, motivation and timely help. She always made me feel comfortable during her sessions by understanding what were my expectations and then giving the best advice to achieve them. Her sessions were very interactive and educating for both me and my husband. She has a holistic understanding of the body, mind, emotional states and offers good advice on how to do well in each of these aspects. I have benefited a lot by working with her and very thankful to her for helping me achieve the kind of child birth I wished for.



I am glad I had Viji by my side during my journey to becoming mother. I believe it is one of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy. I can’t say enough good things about Viji. She is exceptional and very thorough in her work. She is also Ayurveda practitioner and my Ayurveda analysis helped me to understand and know my body better. Viji is very professional and very committed to her clients.

As being first time parents, we had very little idea what to expect going forward in pregnancy. She explained each and every step of pregnancy and childbirth to us in very detailed manner. After doing my Ayurveda analysis she helped me adjust my diet to avoid any possible complication. Her suggestions were very useful at every step in my pregnancy. She has been very prompt in responding to our queries. During my pregnancy she was my first go-to person to ask anything related to baby or pregnancy. She has many tips/suggestions up her sleeve which can help in avoiding any avoidable complication during pregnancy.

Viji was just awesome and exceptional on my delivery day, she exceeded all our (me and my husband’s) expectations. She was very motivating and supportive that day. I achieved my dream birth and a lot of that credit goes to Viji. Undoubtedly, she is one of the best in her profession.



Viji has immense knowledge about L&D and Ayurveda. The first thing we did was the Ayurvedic analysis not only to help me with pregnancy but beyond that. Her Ayurvedic analysis and recommendations helped me with my health issues prior to pregnancy as well. With Viji’s help, I overcame my pre existing health issue and never faced the issue during my pregnancy. From the meditations, morning massages, diet plans and exercise routine, I blindly followed Viji’s recommendations and I have to say that my pregnancy was smooth without any complications. Viji met with us for our prenatal meetings and explained the physiology, terminology, processes, medications - their pros and cons about childbirth.

Being first time parents the process was overwhelming but Viji by our side during L&D made sure I was taken care all the time more than the hospital staff could care for. The hospital staff were so relaxed as they knew Viji was so knowledgeable. She was so calm and created a very positive environment for birth of our child. Viji and my husband were my support system through out the labor and my husband knew what to expect during the process as Viji made sure he was prepared for the big day.!

Viji is someone who is always committed and would go above and beyond to help her clients. She helped me through the postpartum period with breastfeeding techniques. After our contract period, I developed a skin condition and I was skeptical to reach out to Viji as our contract has ended but when we exchanged texts about something else I mentioned about the issue and she jumped in right away to help me with it and with her recommendation I was able to overcome the issue in no time. The best investment we have made so far is hiring Viji to be our birth coach and if we are fortunate enough to have another child, we would hire Viji in a heart beat. We highly recommend Viji.!!

Dylan Fish


Viji was incredible through our entire process. From preparing us with everything we needed to know ahead of time - which included working with our very unique schedules and coordinating virtual meetings from multiple time zones across the pacific - to being a rock at the hospital during a complicated and challenging labor and birth. We couldn’t have done it without Viji and we are forever grateful for her knowledge and guidance during such a special time in our lives. She continues to be a wealth of information in the weeks and months after the birth of our child and we couldn’t be happier with our choice to employ her services. Julia, Dylan and Sonny



I was quite skeptical about having an exclusive birth coach considering all birth classes, training sessions and wealth of information we got from friends and family. What I realized in the end is that having the right team makes all the difference when you have to make some quick and scary decisions.

When we met Viji, we were going through lot of issues in the first trimester. Viji helped identify the rootcause for these problems and made things a lot better. We initially thought Viji would be helpful only during labor but she proved to be an invaluable resource supporting us through the whole journey. Below are some specific examples to illustrate what I mean:
- Help/Guidance: Starting from picking an Obgyn all the way through post-partum support, Viji was there to help with anything we needed. She was always available to answer questions, offer advice/recommendation and most importantly, guide us through the entire labor process.
- Birth classes: The 1:1 training sessions were one of the best we had. Viji's detailed notes and reference articles were very helpful for us to ask the right questions and make some informed decisions towards the end.
- Labor support: Last but definitely not the least, Viji was oncall 24/7 when we really needed her. We had a complicated labor and Viji helped us successfully navigate out of a near C-section.

Laura Pandya


I had the great honor of working with Viji for the birth of my first baby. I knew from the moment of our first conversation that she was the perfect match for me and my husband as we embarked on this new chapter of our lives. Viji’s support throughout my pregnancy was indispensable. Her knowledge is immense as she addressed all my questions, big and small, while making me feel empowered every step of the way. She has a wealth of evidence based research but her expertise in Ayurvedic medicine was the biggest draw for me and really what sets her apart from other Doulas, thus making her approach truly holistic and all encompassing. I believe this is what allowed her to be so compassionately attentive to both my mental and emotional state, giving me the tools I needed to maintain a beautiful balance throughout my pregnancy. On the day of my son’s arrival, she was the rock my husband and I needed while laboring at home and during our delivery at the hospital. Although I remained open to my labor experience, my preference was for a natural non-medicated birth. I ended up with all of that and only pushed for 10 minutes! I know none of it would have been possible without Viji. I continue to work with her through postpartum to give my body and mind the support it needs in my new role as a mom. Our bodywork sessions post baby have helped me restore my body’s equilibrium sooner than I anticipated. Should we be so fortunate to have another baby, my first call will be to Viji - even before letting my family know! In the meantime though I look forward to continuing my health journey with her as we work together in coaching sessions to keep me strong, grounded and mindful in my body and heart.

Swathi Mantha


We have found not only an amazing birth coach in Viji but also a great friend ! Over the course of my pregnancy, my husband and I had decided to try for a natural birth and Viji through her expertise and experience - supported and guided us at every step of the way. Viji is a great birth coach and no amount of fee would justify her contribution towards our successful birthing.

In retrospect, I feel the pain of normal and natural delivery is all worth it and couldn’t have possibly achieved our natural birth without Viji’s help ! We trust her expertise, knowledge, extraordinary intuition and cannot recommend her more ! All in all, very glad she got a slot open for us just in time. May god bless her !

Anna & Carter L


My husband and I are so grateful to have Viji as our doula. From the first time we met, we felt an amazing connection with her. It feels like she could read our minds - she asked all the right questions and quickly figured out exactly what we needed. We liked the fact that she has a science background and knowledge of Ayurveda. As a result, she was able to apply both western and eastern medicine in her practice.

Throughout my pregnancy, Viji was always quick in replying to our many questions and her advice were so helpful. She guided us on what to expect and things we should pay attention to specific to each trimester and in relation to the detailed ayurvedic analysis that she performed on me. I had severe round ligament pain during my second trimester and my OB could not help me with it as it was one of many symptoms you could get during pregnancy. However, after my body work session with Viji where she focused on massaging my ligaments, the pain magically went away!

During my actual labor and delivery, Viji offered more than we could ever ask for. Not only did she work really well with the nurses, midwife and my husband as a team, she knew exactly what to anticipate every step of the way and was able to support the medical staff and advocate for the best care I can get. I could not remain still before they administered the epidural because of the intense pain, but Viji held me down and coached me to hold steady so that the anesthesiologist could successfully perform his job. While pushing, Viji pulled me up and supported my neck and counted and breathed with me at every contraction. Her physical strength, on-point guidance, and unwavering spirit and endurance were truly impressive and enabled me to have the birth experience I wantd. Viji is truly an amazing woman, and we really could not imagine going through pregnancy and childbirth without her.

Matt Watkinson


The review below is posted on behalf of my wife who who is busy feeding our beautiful, healthy baby. I have to agree that Viji was incredible from start to finish - we recommend her unreservedly.

From our very first meeting Viji exuded confidence, compassion and incredible expertise that went far above and beyond the general job-description of a doula.

She brings an incredibly versatile skill set to the table. Most importantly though, she is an infinitely compassionate woman, 150% present with her clients, and utterly committed and passionate about her work. She has an arsenal of resources to help ease any pregnancy-related discomfort whether physical or emotional. I asked her a lot of questions over the course of my pregnancy, and every advice she gave me was 100% right!

When it came to the birth itself there is no way I could have accomplished what I did without Viji’s coaching and support. I was committed to having a natural, un-medicated birth. However, I did not expect that my labor would be four days long and literally the most exhausting and painful thing I have ever gone through. Viji was with me every step of the way. I felt completely protected, empowered and capable of achieving my goal of a natural birth - and I did!

To this day, I am in awe with the sheer level of energy and grit Viji brought to my birthing process.She was 100% with me - physically, emotionally and spiritually - the whole way through. Each time I had a contraction she would coach me, help me breathe right, massage my body - literally for hours upon hours. She would make sure my husband was feeling OK, and support him as he supported me.

I am in awe with Viji’s strength, commitment, wisdom and deep, heartfelt compassion. I don’t know how she does what she does on a daily basis, and words can’t describe how grateful I am to her. My husband and I can’t recommend her enough.

Deepti Rajshekar


I am so grateful to have found Viji before my second pregnancy. Her holistic approach combined with her knowledge of Ayurveda and medical science makes her services unique. Couple that with her compassion, kindness and enthusiasm - you have found yourself an excellent care provider for your pregnancy, labor/delivery and postpartum care.

I had all day nausea and lost weight during pregnancy. I did a consultation and she identified the issues that are contributing towards my pregnancy uneasiness. She diagnosed the reason for nausea and suggested a remedy that did wonders for me. She gave me a comprehensive analysis of my health which had simple solutions.Viji is very intuitive. I have had several issues for which medical sciences did not have solution but Viji always had one. I learnt that I did not have to suffer so much just because I’m pregnant. Things can be made easier. She also taught me how to advocate for myself to avoid interventions. In my third trimester, I ended up having severe back pain. I went to Viji for a prenatal massage. She explained how she will be working on my body and mind. It is the best session I have ever had. I walked out feeling light both physically and mentally. My pain was all gone. Viji gave me instructions to follow and it was like a wake up call for me to relax and concentrate on my health. She also helped with baby’s position in the last month which made my delivery easy.I am happy to report I had an easy and quick labor and delivery. Recovery has been a breeze. Viji was kind enough to follow up with me regularly to check if I had any postpartum issues. I was able to regulate my milk supply with her help and so far I have no plugged ducts/mastitis.

First time moms, please do yourself a favor. Build a strong support system to assist you in pregnancy, l&d and postpartum. Viji can be your pillar throughout and I assure you, you’ll have a rather pleasant experience with her help. 

Poorna Rajaraman


By the time I was in the 2nd trimester for my 3rd pregnancy, i was very tired and stressed out. Having another kid after 2 very active boys, along with lot more responsibilities that I had already taken up was very difficult. It was a miracle that I just stumped on Viji's name as ayurvedic doula online when I did. We decided to meet up with her for a pregnancy consultation. With the herbs and daily rituals she enforced and mainly the coaching from her with a non-give up attitude on me, I was able to get through the stress and also my chronic constipation and other pregnancy related symptoms that was bothering me. Viji is very knowledgeable about various pregnancy issues and mainly I was looking for the empathy she gave me to get through the stressful time in my pregnancy. We ended up hiring her as our labor and delivery doula as well. I had a successful second vbac mainly with her help. I would definitely recommend her as a doula!

A. Mous


Having Viji as our Birth Doula was honestly THE BEST decision my husband and I made for my pregnancy. We are forever grateful for having found her. She's a true gem:

  • Viji is a true natural born healer, with great understandings of natural and medical processes. She's easy to work with, and gets along very well with everyone including the possible not so friendly, know-it-all, medical staff/Drs.
  • She wholeheartedly cares about her clients. She was far more knowledgeable and helpful than any nurse line and farrrrrrrr more caring than any Dr. She's very responsive, and helped put our mind at ease during apparent complications throughout my pregnancy and advised us on the correct course of action.
  • She doesn't force her opinion and approaches onto others, and just provides you with the right tools and information to make the decision that you feel works best for you.
  • She's there for you and has your family's best interest at heart. She provided us with the right tools on how to handle the contractions and pain. During my delivery (at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital in Stanford) she helped my husband and I like an angel from heaven. She advocated for my rights and guided my husband on where my likings where possible and where we needed to step back and allow the medical crew to take over. We got to the hospital at 11:36 pm and my daughter was born naturally at 12:01 am the next day (less than 30min!)
  • She's very honest and sincere, doesn't cut corners and is very genuine.
  • Moreover, after the lactation consultant that I worked with, turned out to be useless, she even provided us with the right tools on how to handle the situation, and get the milk flowing. I'm super grateful for her kind guidance and care.

priya R


My husband and i hired Viji as our birth doula and it was the best decision we made.Viji is more a family friend than a doula.
We met Viji 4 times before my delivery and she educated us on childbirth and what to expect during labor.
We completely trusted Viji's techniques.
During the labor she was constantly in touch with us .She helped us to take the right decisions by telling us the pros and cons of each procedure.The massage she gave was a great pain relief during contractions.Thank you Viji ,for all your support and guidance. I definitely can't justify how you helped me.

I would 100% recommend Viji for anyone who is seeking a birth doula.

Leema Hiroi


I don’t usually write reviews, but feel it’s important to acknowledge Viji’s extraordinary service. This is because I truly hope more women can have a beautiful and empowering journey to motherhood especially in healthcare culture that can often leave women feeling disempowered and weak.

Three years ago, I gave a birth to my daughter. She is the best thing that ever happened to me, but my labor was traumatic and wreaked havoc on my body. I then suffered from postpartum depression. When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I began seeking a more holistic path that led me to Viji.

I believe what made my birth experience so profound, was doing a combination of both Viji’s coaching and bodywork sessions, which are rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom. Viji gently guided me to understand that pregnancy is a journey where the causes made during pregnancy would ultimately affect not only the birth, but also the postpartum period and beyond. Through our coaching sessions Viji guided me to process issues and events in a healthy and transformative way. I soon saw how these sessions positively affected my health, pregnancy and even worldview. I felt empowered to trust myself and my body.

On the day I went into labor I just happened to be having a bodywork session with Viji. By the end of our session I was in active labor. With Viji by my side every step of the way I walked into the hospital and several minutes later, after just two pushes, my son was born. Never before had I experienced the beauty, power and strength of my body as I did then!

My baby is now 8 weeks old and I’m having a truly beautiful healing postpartum experience this time. I am eternally grateful to Viji, an amazing person and now true friend, whom I could wholeheartedly trust with my life at my most vulnerable time.

Meena Srinivasan


My husband and I hired Viji as our doula and it was undoubtedly the best decision we ever made and completely worth the financial investment. She is a miracle worker and it's so clear that she is doing the work that God has intended her to do. She seems to have a sixth sense about all things pre and post natal and she guided us through our birth journey with such confidence we both felt we could let go, fully depend on her and go through it all with ease. There is so much information out there and it can feel overwhelming, having one trusted source in Viji was such a huge asset. Throughout my pregnancy she was just an email away and her response time was unbelievable and every question I asked was met with a prompt, insightful, research backed response.

Because of her guidance I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. I had a vaginal delivery and an easy labor lasting only a few hours. She guided me and my husband through every step both before we left for the hospital and once we got there. There's no way we could have had the positive birth experience we had without her. She is highly intuitive and blends eastern and western medicine seamlessly.

Once our son was born we decided to continue to work with her and she provided our newborn with craniosacral therapy and was able to identify digestive issues and help us see our son is not a fussy baby but was rather experiencing a lot of discomfort and she showed us ways to relieve his pain.

Viji is as good as it gets, her services are priceless.

cecilia melero


Viji is as good as it gets! It took me some time to write this review for her, because I could not find the words to describe how amazing she is. I booked Viji when I was around 35 weeks along with my second. I had planned for a natural delivery and was scared that I wasn't going to find a qualified doula in time. Luckily Viji was available and after speaking to her over the phone, my husband and I felt a connection and booked her right away. Leading up to the due date Viji did a home visit to get to know us better as well as go over the birth plan. I immediately felt at ease because I knew someone qualified and compassionate was in my corner. Not only did Viji support and help me achieve the labor of my dreams, my husband and mom also were very glad we had Viji because she coached everyone on how to best help during labor. After I had delivered my son, Viji stayed to make sure everything went smoothly afterwards and then did a home visit a few days later to make sure breastfeeding/ healing was going well. When I told her I was having milk supply issues, she recommend some supplements and they worked like a charm. If you decide to book Viji, my advise is to trust her completely and take her advise because she is a professional and had great intuition. I truly feel so blessed to have met her.

shwetha jogithaya


When me and my husband decided to have a baby , we wanted to be well equipped with as much as information as possible ,so that we can be ready for any complications thats where viji enters our journey,We met Viji three times before my delivery and she educated us on childbirth and what to expect during labor and our stay at the hospital.Viji gave us the confidence and courage to switch doctor and Hospital late in my pregnancy .we were going to KP santa clara but switched to Kp redwood ,though it was far for us ,it was totally worth it.Although, I was in my 28th week of pregnancy when we hired Viji for her services, It was worth it, it's never too late to hire Viji.
Viji follows a holistic approach in order to guide/coach you during the pregnancy. She performed Ayurvedic analysis for me based on my lifestyle, feelings and food intake in order to determine various root causes for any issues.
for example when she read my analysis she right away was able to tell why I had my gastric problems and what triggered them she suggested remedies which not only was targeted for getting my body prepared for easy delivery but hela the body for later part of life too,I can't thank viji enough for that.
She provided me some amazing ways to calm my nerves , I completely trust Viji's ability to do this analysis and can’t thank her enough for guiding me through the process.
We met once postpartum and I shared with Viji the problems I was facing and with the baby, she magically and loving fixed the issues, one of the problems was the baby was not sleepig for long , she showed the techniques to get baby comfortable and get good sleep.This made me and my husband sigh in relief.In Viji, you will find a caring coach and a friend that you can completely trust who gives you that individual care and guides till the end.I have found a friend and a confidant in Viji .I highly recommend Viji for everyone who is seeking a birth coach!

Kayo Higashimura


I didn't know what to expect when I was referred to Viji. She was referred to me to help with my breast/clogged duct/edema issue. I had been breastfeeding for over 2.5 years and then had an issue. Fiji was so thorough in obtaining my history, assessing not just what I went to there for but also my overall health. Her knowledge was very medical (I am in the medical field so that was great) and her approach was so comforting. Her hands are magical and I felt so much better. I will be going back to help evaluate and treat other areas of my body. Ayurveda practice was something very new to me but a practice that was very effective and I would refer Viji!

Anusha Subramanyam


When my husband and I got to know that we were expecting a baby, there were lots of questions and concerns about the whole birthing process. We were introduced to Viji (Divine Journey) by common acquaintances, initially we were not sure of what this whole pregnancy support meant. We had conversations with Viji about Labor support and what birthing process entails. Viji worked towards our goals and made sure to connect and make us comfortable through this process. We wanted a less complicated affair during pregnancy (like any expecting parents) and Viji was our go-to person for all things related to pregnancy. She assisted with diet plans, counseling with ayurvedic assessments and also considered dietary constraints for special cases such as gestational diabetes etc. She maintains a healthy balance educating parents about pro's and cons of any decision related to birthing process.

Our prenatal sessions with Viji were super informative, she invested a lot of time in educating us with minute details about phases of pregnancy. She used to followup with clear emails and documents on our discussions and followups (so things don't fall through the cracks). I wanted to add that Viji prefers open lines of communication, there were times I was not sure if I could talk about topics to Viji and yet she would warm me up for those conversations.

A day before the baby's delivery, we met Viji when she asked us if we were ready for the baby (two days before the due-date to be precise). She gave this massage, which was refreshing and expedited the entire labor process. Next day just like she mentioned, I started experiencing labor and voila! we had our beautiful baby!

Viji is now like family to us, and we were lucky to have her around!

Sarika Prasad


I can't imagine delivery of our second daughter without Viji's support and care! This was my second pregnancy and I decided to go for VBAC (Vaginal Birth After CSection) needless to say my first delivery was C section and I did not want go through surgery again!! My husband was supportive of my decision. One of our friend spoke to us about Doula services and recommended Viji. We dint even know the meaning of Doula, but we heard such good reviews about her that even before we met her, we had decided to take her support! We instantly got connected during our first really did feel like meeting a long lost friend. She has that charisma and warmth! After that I always looked forward to meet her. She constantly kept in touch via emails and she used to clarify all the questions I had (I usually had lot of questions :)) since it was only my husband with me during delivery...having her with us like a family member was such a relief for both me and my husband!! She was up all through the night with us encouraging and supporting. My daughter was born at around 1.30am! Thanks to her, it was a successful VBAC..yeeeaahhh!! Post that I had some concerns with breastfeeding and Viji came immediately to help! We also recently did a family photo shoot with her which we are going to cherish for the rest of our lives. Love you Viji!!

Janani Bs


Part2:Below is my husband’s perspective about Viji.

This is our first baby so we were unaware of doula. We came in contact with Viji from my friend. After coming to know about her experience through other people reviews, we decided to have her as our coach. At first we thought it was expensive to get her services (Only later did we know that we are getting more than what we paid for!) she made sure we were comfortable before signing up and also went the extra mile to make sure that we had absolutely no doubts in working with her. On seeing how she dealt with my wife and me, I knew she was on top of things. We trusted Viji to the extent that we weren’t worried if any symptoms appeared because we knew she would take care of it! She met with us regularly during our pregnancy and ensured her clients are comfortable. I still remember how she cancelled her trip to see her parents to be with us when my wife was in labor. Her presence was very much felt in the hospital on seeing how the nurses and doctors listened to her recommendations. This is the kind of person you would need when you are laboring in the hospital. For some reason My wife had to go through a emergency C-section & this decision was made easier with her presence as she was right there with us through out the ordeal. During the operation she was right by my side and was more concerned than me! Words just can’t express how she helped us through the entire pregnancy. She took care of a lot of things that I was unaware off. She met us and made sure we were doing well even after coming back home. She is part of our family and bond with my son is an everlasting one. If you are like me, reading through all the reviews about Viji and also thinking that her services is expensive, you can stop right here! If there is anyone you will need during your pregnancy, I would say it is Viji. If we have another baby, we can’t imagine anyone else other than Viji to help us with it.

Janani Bs


Let me start by saying that no amount of words can describe how important Viji was during my pregnancy. She is truly an amazing birth coach, even amazing person and friend! She has become a part of our family over a short period of time. Her support was so much more than just what a doula or birth coach do. Knowing that we need additional support to navigate through the system and to guide us after hearing some horror stories from our friends about their birthing, we approached Viji. From the moment we met, she knew exactly how my pregnancy was going to progress and started to guide me to ensure that my birth was according to my plan. She is highly intuitive as in She knew I was at risk for Cholestasis and started to treat me even before any symptoms appeared. This is her main specialty. She just knows how things would progress with respect to her clients. Her main focus was to ensure that I was happy, physically and emotionally and healthy throughout my pregnancy. If I didn't check in with her regularly she was sure to reach out. She was more like a life coach for us during my pregnancy. She made me emotionally stronger for my labor &also helped me to rediscover myself. She taught me how to process & express my suppressed emotions. She sacrificed a lot of her own personal time to help me to realize my strength. She wanted us to have the best childbirth experience possible & which we did. During my labor she got me to relax my body through the contractions and she also helped the labor progress quickly through the use of essential oils. Her presence made the entire experience enjoyable. She was very attentive and encouraging with words and action throughout my labor. The birth of my son was a wonderful experience in large part because of her. She made sure we knew how to handle him and has always been there for me when I needed her. I would highly recommend going with Viji if you want the best possible holistic and natural birthing experience.

Mamal Karani Poladia


My husband and I always wanted to have a positive experience during my pregnancy. Our OB had made it more complicated than it actually was, which resulted us feeling stressed out. Viji changed our pregnancy experience from negative to positive one. I never loved my OB and Viji gave us the confidence and courage to switch doctors.

She performed Ayurvedic analysis for me based on my lifestyle, feelings and food intake in order to determine various root causes for the issues I was facing. I am surprised with how spot on her analysis was. For example, she was also able to identify a condition that I could develop post-partum. Initially I was skeptical about it, but was surprised to find my doctor mention the same finding based on blood work. This experience changed my outlook towards Ayurvedic analysis, I completely trust Viji's ability to do this analysis and can’t thank her enough for guiding me through the process.

We met Viji three times before my delivery and she educated us on childbirth and what to expect during labor and our stay at the hospital. Because of her, we didn't feel the need to attend any of the other classes. She also worked with me to work on tiniest fear I could potentially encounter during my pregnancy, labor and post-partum. Although, I delivered 5 weeks before my due date, my husband and I felt completely prepared as during our birthing process.

After birth of my son, Viji was always available to answer any questions I had about postpartum recovery and about my baby. Viji also performed craniosacral therapy on the baby, and this helped him tremendously with latching and breastfeeding. We met once postpartum and I shared with Viji the anxieties I had. Viji helped me believe that I had tremendous potential, and that I should trust my instincts in caring for the baby.

In Viji, you will find a coach and a friend that you can completely trust and who will deliver more than you ever imagined or expected.

Anupama Krishnan


I approached Viji in a situation when i had almost run out of all options known to the medical world in preserving my pregnancy. In despair ( after several trials and miscarriages) I reached out to her to see if there is something that she sees in my fertility that everyone is missing. I, in my mind was looking for a fertility specialist and counselor in her but what I ended up with is a life coach, Ayurvedic consultant, friend, parent, healer and above everything a response from god for all my prayers. As unbelievable as it sounds she helped me find the guru within me. Her clients are not lying when they say she delivers more than she charges. She is unbelievably responsive to queries, works for you throughout her day not just during meetings and coaching sessions. She made me feel safe protectedI was floored the moment she was able to help me connect my medical fertility issues with my mind and behavioral patterns. I was also amazed at how she helped me fix my medical diagnosis with simple behavioral modifications. It would be an understatement if I told Viji helped me think, she literally rewired the way I think and process events. She is a healer in the true sense, not only does she cure you but she also empowers you to find your own cure from within. I literally saw my self losing dress sizes simply by changing the I think and process life.Whether or not you are considering pregnancy I would recommend Viji to you and just everyone I know, but considering she only has 24 hours in her day I would definitely recommend her for couples facing unexplained infertility issues. Please talk to viji before investing in series of fertility treatments. You will come out knowing what exactly is going on and how you can fix it. The whole experience will end up becoming spiritual, divine and much more meaningful while being joyous. I now have another reason to want to become a mother and that's because I want Viji as my doula.

Neha Monga


As soon as I found out that I was pregnant I knew I wanted a natural birth w/o interventions & pain medications. What I did not know was that how I would do it on my own. I often used to doubt my ability to cope with labor & birth. So I started looking for a doula and found Viji on Yelp. I liked her instantly. She brings with her many years of experience as a birth coach and doula. Her vast knowledge about Ayurveda & essential oils makes her the best out there.
In the beginning my husband wasn't convinced about hiring Viji as her services are expensive, but he was sold after our first meeting with her.We both felt supported & confident in birthing our baby naturally.She told my husband how he could help me during labor and be more useful.
Viji was present with me throughout my labor in the Hospital.She took care of my every small need. It was my husband's and her words of encouragement that kept me going when I had given up. Viji also helped us make informed decisions. I wouldn't have been able to achieve my birth goal w/o the support from my husband and Viji.
Viji sincerely wants to help women have the birth they want. She is very passionate about it and this keeps her ticking. Being a doula is hard, it means sometimes you have to be up and working for 2 days straight. But she doesn't let this deter her. She is very committed & punctual, she would arrive for her appointments on time even if she had been up all night helping another client. She understands the human body very well, and uses her knowledge & her amazing sense of intuition during the bodywork sessions.I followed all the things she asked me to practice during pregnancy and this helped me cope with labor. Our relationship has gone from being a professional relationship to that of friendship. Her husband Eswar is great and together they make a great team. We love them both!
I highly recommend her. Worth every penny. She isn't just talented, she is gifted!

Pradeepthi Chunduri


Viji is the walking encyclopedia for births. Her knowledge of Ayurveda combined with her experience and passion for helping others sets her apart from everybody else. I had cholestasis with my first pregnancy and PUPPS post pregnancy. I was looking for doulas for a VBAC and Viji is the ONLY ONE to tell me that she can help me with the cholestasis. I met 3 doctors before her and everyone said I have more than 95% chances of getting it again. But I need to follow what she says early in my pregnancy. Sounds.fair but hesitated to take the concierge package (of course, it's a lot of money) my husband encouraged me to try and I finally took a risk for my health! The best investment I have ever made! Viji is the kind of person who values your money and the level of service she provides is extraordinary. She gives a customized plan for every client based on their health issues and emotional state. Recorded meditations, yoga, exercises, diet everything was customized. She was there for me in every possible way... She is my google and wiki! I used to text her small and big any questions and any time of the day her response time was less than 5 mins. Viji helped me emotionally, throughout the pregnancy. supported me in every possible way! I was on bed rest from 28 weeks, and the confidence Viji gave me during that time is commendable. She helped me right from choosing a doctor in my first trimester to choosing a lactation consultant when my son was on a nursing strike.I was rushed to the OR in the last minute, but the confidence Viji gave me even before entering the theater is the ONLY reason I had a successful and miracle VBAC right on the due date. I had a lot of false alarms and she was so patient and encouraging. I neither had cholestasis nor PUPPS. I followed everything Viji said and didn't have any postpartum depression after the pregnancy, I feel more confident about myself and she not only helped me but the whole family!

Regina Marie


Viji came into my life at a crucial point in my pregnancy. I was in my last trimester and moving to a completely new place where I would have no support system. Viji was there for me throughout that hard transition and she was and continues to be my strongest supporter. She is clear, concise, knows her abilities and honestly never steered me wrong. Every recommendation she gave me worked. She helped me to regain a sense of calm I didn’t have for my first two trimesters. She provided a plan for diet, lifestyle, stress reduction, and preparing for labor. She makes sure you understand everything she says easily, and has a way of reading her clients quickly, that she can pick up how you need to have information presented to you so that you remember it. It is easy to trust in someone who has so much experience and confidence in what she does. Viji builds relationships with her clients. She is readily available whenever I have questions, day or night. It’s difficult to put into words and a few paragraphs how much Viji has meant to me. I had a very difficult pregnancy and my baby was also born premature which added to the stress. Viji made sure I had support in place to get me through every obstacle I encountered. She is an inspiration to me because she pays such close attention to her clients needs and she makes you feel like you are family. I recommend Viji as your doula as you simply cannot go wrong. Her approach is one of healing the body inside and out and making sure you and your baby are at your healthiest. She has a gentle and healing approach to her clients to support throughout pregnancy, but is also thorough in her recommendations that you never feel lost. She is someone that you will feel at ease with and be able to talk to like a friend you have known your whole life. I am forever grateful to this woman and will cherish all the wisdom and support she has given me.

Simi Buttar


I actually met Viji about 9 weeks postpartum and now I often wonder how different my pregnancy and birth experience would have been had I met Viji when I initially became pregnant. Viji has helped me to conquer my postpartum depression and conquer problematic patterns of thought and behavior that were a part of me well before my husband and I decided to have a child.

Viji has a way of communicating with you that makes one feel safe, protected, and completely disarmed. She is so gentle and non-judgmental that reaching out to her for help only felt natural. I had silently been suffering with postpartum depression and Viji was one of the first people to 'see' me and what I was going through. I was always just "okay enough" to to pass the check boxes for PPD screening at the doctors office, carry on with my day and take care of my son, but inside I felt lost, confused, and extremely conflicted to the point that I often felt paralyzed by life.

Viji took me through an Ayurvedic analysis - carefully studying all parts of my emotional and physically well being and quickly came up with a customized plan to help me take back control of myself and my life. We started a series of coaching sessions through which Viji helped me discover and understand parts of myself that I never knew existed. It was testing and extremely challenging but Viji's positive attitude, support and love helped me get through it and I now understand my feelings, wants, and desires in a way that I never knew was possible.

Working with Viji is the best investment I've ever made and it's made me a better mother, wife, and most importantly my own biggest advocate.  She has given me the tools to face life's challenges head on and. Our journey has been transformative and completely life-changing and I'm so grateful to Viji for her unwavering faith, compassion, and devotion to her clients. Everybody needs a "Viji" on their team!

Sara To (Yap)


My husband and I really don’t know how people go through the labor process without a doula, let alone someone like Viji to support you through the process. This was our second time working with Viji. We have a hunch that she JUST might be an angel. We wouldn’t doubt it. In this second experience of working with her, she again supported our entire family. Here are some examples of how she helped us through these 9+ months:

  • Viji became like a life coach. Since the birth process involves more than just delivery, she would check in to see how I was doing physically, emotionally and just juggling everything as a current mother. In many ways, she was my accountability friend.
  • Viji cares not only about your general health but also the long term health of her clients. She assessed my diet and taught me how to take care of my certain body type through the Ayurveda system of medicine. Many of her recommendations continue to help postpartum (i.e. using sesame oil, drinking warm liquids).
  • As a doula, Viji has supported not only me but my whole family by coaching my husband through the birthing process and also just by nature, being very loving person to my children.
  • Viji also provided a list of helping exercises and practices to do before delivery. She also provided a useful hospital packing list.
  • Her bedside manner, relationship with the hospital staff and her clients helped smooth the process during delivery. We were so grateful for her being by our side and encouraging us through the delivery.
  • We also want to credit her “team” which is her husband, Eswar. They work well together and leverage each other’s strengths.

If we were to ever have another child, we would definitely work with Viji. We are so grateful for her.

Chauncey LP


I am very thankful for Viji.

As a soon-to-be father, there was a whole lot I had never learned about pregnancy, labor, and the first weeks of having a new baby. My wife can usually depend on me in difficult times, but when it came to having our first baby, I can't stress enough how grateful I am that we had such a knowledgable, loving, and strong-willed person helping us through it.

To any men who are wondering whether or not hiring a doula is a good idea, I can honestly say YES, call Viji, you will not regret it, and YES, I would do it again in a heartbeat. Viji is wonderful. She was there for us from the get-go, answering all of our questions, letting us know what to expect, building a relationship with us.

So when it comes time to go to the hospital and deliver the little guy (and fear and worry and a general sense of helplessness are kicking in), she tells us how things are going to progress, calms us down. She's level-headed, strong, her years of experience showing through.

Now we're at the hospital - the woman I love is going into labor and she's in excruciating pain and I feel like there's absolutely nothing I can do. It's a terrible feeling. Viji arrives and boom, she's on our side, she's in control of the situation, and that feeling of helplessness vanishes. She explains what is happening, and she knows how to help, and she knows where to massage and squeeze and she shows me what to do, how to be of help. When doctors and nurses recommend drugs or procedures in hospital jargon, she breaks it down in a way it makes sense. She works tirelessly for hours, making my wife as comfortable as is possible, guiding us, giving advice and direction. And by the afternoon we have a safe delivery and an amazing little boy.

Having Viji there to help us from pregnancy to our son's first few weeks was priceless and I can't recommend her enough. If we have a second kid, I sure hope she isn't booked up.

Nina Sui


I had the perfect birth experience all because of Viji. Viji has facilitated hundred of births, so she knows which hospitals are the best for your needs and which doctors are the best. Half way through my pregnancy, I discovered that I had a large ovarian cyst. Viji went out of her way to prescribe a custom daily routine for me, including a recording of breathing exercises. She recommended specific oil for self massage and prenatal yoga sequences. I ended up switching doctors and hospitals mid-pregnancy based on Viji's recommendations. As an Ayurvedic Birth support coach, not only does she provide birth doula support, but she also offers bodywork and Ayurvedic consultations. Viji has an unique intuition when it comes to predicting labor. I scheduled an induction per my doctor's suggestion. Upon discussing with Viji, we came up with a plan to initiate labor on my own using natural methods that worked!Having Viji is like having a birth coach and a strategist. No one can predict how labor will actually play out. Viji will guide you throughout the stages of labor. She knows your end goal, and she knows the various routes that can achieve it. Having Viji with me during the entire delivery insures that someone is acting on behalf of my best interest. After delivery, in less than 24 hrs, Viji came back to the hospital to give me the placenta pills. Even after delivery, Viji continues to provide support during the postpartum in-home visit. I would highly recommend you book Viji ASAP, because there are many benefits to building a long term relationship with your doula throughout your pregnancy. Having unlimited email support and exchanges with Viji made my entire pregnancy stress-free. With the clutter of information on the internet these days, Viji will let you know what is important and what milestones to expect next. Every woman deserves to have the best birth experience possible and the best support team in place. Viji is worth every penny and more.

Rita Yau


My husband and I first hired Viji as our doula for our first born child back in 2014. We knew that when we decided to get pregnant with our second child, we would instantly reach out and see if she was available to be a part of our second child’s birth. Both my children were born prematurely (35 weeks for my first and 34 weeks for my second), without Viji’s support and knowledge to walk us through a scary and vulnerable time, I’m not sure my husband and I would have had the confidence we did to go through with each birth. Viji provided the emotional and physical support that I desperately needed during my labor. I never had to ask her for anything during my labor, she just knew what needed to be done. She gave us step by step instructions prior to both births so we would how to prepare for labor and what to expect. With my second child, given my history of preterm labor, Viji provided additional support, advice and tips that would help me mentally get into the mindset of delivering early. She would always be chasing me to get updates on my pregnancy and based on whatever issues I was having, she would provide me with information or a remedy to fix the issue at hand. I cannot express how happy we are to have had her be a part of both of our children’s births and HIGHLY recommend her services. She is awesome at what she does!

wendy mortsch


While pregnant I heard so many horror stories about labor and delivery. My husband and I knew our top priority was to have a happy and healthy birth for our baby, and major abdominal surgery followed by 8 weeks of recovery just wasn’t what we had in mind. So, as my due date approached, I felt a growing sense of urgency to work with an effective doula. After meeting with several other doulas, the heavens parted and we met Viji. In my life there are very few people I've connected with right away. Viji is a rare exception and the immediate rapport I felt with her is something I don't take lightly. From the moment early labor began, she was right by my side – in fact she knew I was in early labor before I did; I thought I just had a case of indigestion. ;) As a result of her exquisite coaching, my labor only lasted 7 hours and I pushed for 34 minutes before our beautiful daughter was born. Truthfully, there were several moments during labor when I felt myself seriously doubting whether or not I could do it, and each time I felt the hysteria rising, Viji quickly calmed me down and figuratively walked me back from the edge of the precipice. Without her, I’m confident my labor would have gone downhill fast. My labor was better than anything I could have ever imagined – it was the absolute best experience of my life! Shortly after delivery, with Viji’s tender guidance, our baby latched on like a pro. Viji truly is a rare sparkling gem and her genuine compassion for what she does is incredibly uncommon. She is a highly intuitive labor and baby “whisperer" and we’re extremely thankful to have had her as our coach. We are greatly honored to consider her family.

Sherrie Tullsen-Chin


Viji is a gem! She's a doula but she also provides infant craniosacral therapy for breastfeeding and other issues. We found Viji through our lactation consultant, who diagnosed my daughter with a lip/tongue tie which we had corrected but my daughter developed an aversion to breastfeeding from the trauma of the tie releases. She refused to open her mouth wide and at one point refused to nurse at all. My daughter and I were both stressed and weary about breastfeeding from all the difficulties and it was negatively impacting our relationship and our bond.

Then we met with Viji and she helped me believe success was still possible and admonished me that none of what had transpired was my fault...but it was all solvable. She helped me remember that my baby loves me and wants to breastfeed, even if she wasn't happy with it at that moment. That confidence boost completely changed the context of breastfeeding from stressful to hopeful and the change in my attitude helped me model calm and confidence for my little one as well.

The other huge gift I got from Viji's support was learning to trust my intuition as a mother. I was confused and deflated from all the conflicting advice I'd heard and read, and it caused me to doubt my own hunches about what was causing our troubles and how to fix them. Viji insisted I trust myself. She was the first expert who gave me permission to do this instead of giving me a long list of rules and to dos. Viji also gave us several concrete tools and techniques to use at home to help further strengthen our bond and to help my daughter lean to trust our relationship and breastfeeding again.

Since starting to work with Viji we are back to exclusively breastfeeding! My daughter's latch still isn't perfect but she's working it out on her own with me setting a loving and positive tone for our breastfeeding times. We now both look forward to breastfeeding again and I'm SO grateful to Viji for helping us turn things around.

Ramya S


We wanted to have trial of labor after C-sec; and Viji was recommended to us by a very good friend. We wanted all the help for the labor, and Viji was the right person! I had 3 prenatal visits where she went through the labor process in detail, and also gave breathing and posture techniques to start practicing for managing through labor. The breathing exercises immensely helped me to manage the initial labor. Viji was readily available for any questions/concerns at anytime, and did a very good job with her strict follow through to keep me on track and build a positive attitude.
On the day of labor, she met us in the hospital, and immediately helped to manage the contraction pains. My biggest hurdle was in the pushing phase, where Viji was greatly responsible for me going all the way through to get the baby out vaginally. She guided us to try various pushing positions to find out which will work best. She worked together very well with the very supportive l&d staff through the longest pushing phase! I was completely exhausted and gave up but for Viji, who never stopped and kept saying you can do it ..until the little head was finally out, truly unbelievable, and the most joyous moment. The journey with Viji is truly divine, and we highly recommend her.

Elizabeth Belliveau


I can not recommend Viji enough! The moment I found out I was pregnant with my second child I knew that I needed her on my team again. With the goal of having another completely natural birth this time around, I felt the only way I could be successful was with Viji by my side. She is extremely experienced and a wealth of knowledge. With my due date rapidly approaching, I was feeling completely unprepared for the natural birthing process. During a prenatal visit, Viji completely put me at ease, as she walked me and my husband through our plan leading up to the big day. She was diligent at regularly following up with me to encourage that I was carrying out daily prescribed exercises and that I was making time to complete the individualized mediation she had recorded just for me.

Viji was always very in tune with me. When I called her at 2 am to tell her my water had broken, she answered immediately and replied, “I knew it! I felt like it was going to happen tonight.” Her techniques were extremely effective in alleviating the pain experienced during each contraction. Viji never left my side throughout my labor or delivery and has been extremely accessible to both myself and my husband for support since the birth of our second son. Viji is an absolute gem and I can not encourage anyone enough to take full advantage of her services.

Natalie Dale


Viji is a gifted and intuitive healer. She is more than a doula, she is your advocate and your support system. We were thrilled with our birth experience 2 years ago that she assisted us with, and the moment we knew we were expecting again, I contacted her to make sure she could be with us again!

She helped us think through the details of preparing for delivery with a 2 year old at home. She sat with us as our induction started and helped us feel at ease, shared her thoughts and experiences and has become more than a hired service provider, she is a trusted friend.

She provided a relaxing massage with oils as the induction began, and waited patiently for things to progress. As contractions intensified, she knew just when to provide the TENS unit and cold compress to my forehead and neck. She continued to apply oils and counter pressure through each contraction. I started to feel tired and exhausted and wasn't sure I could keep going without an epidural, but she helped me find that last bit of strength and manage until the end. She saw me struggling and watched the contractions on the monitor and pulled the doctors in when she realized I had progressed very quickly and was about ready to push! She was there to take priceless pictures of my second son being born and our first meeting with him. It was very emotional and she helped it be a happy and joyous time.

The next day Viji brought the placenta pills that she had worked tirelessly to provide. Viji is a wealth of knowledge, confidence and ability. Her services are priceless and you will be thrilled you made the investment in your birthing experience.

Jessica Jennings


I do not know where to begin when describing the extraordinary person Viji is. She has meant the world to me through the incredible process of pregnancy and labor. This is my first baby and I really wanted to try my best to have a natural, unmediated delivery. I started researching doulas and after reading her background and reviews, I confidently knew she was the right person. Hiring Viji as my doula was by far one of the best decisions I have made. I am certain that without Viji’s love and support during labor I would not have been able to do it. The birth experience that I desired was carried out successfully because of her. Besides support during labor, Viji also held classes for us before the due date, composed the placenta encapsulation, and brought them back the next day after being up with me all night. In addition, she came to check on us right after we got home from the hospital. I honestly can’t imagine having this experience without Viji and feel so lucky that she is a part of our lives.

Jacquie Kush


After a pretty bad postpartum period with my first child, I decided to try placenta encapsulation with my second. Viji Natarajan was recommended to me and I feel like we clicked right away. She asked questions about my previous postpartum experience and about my health and temperament in general. I feel like she really listened and used the information. The placenta pick up was seamless and Viji delivered the capsules back to the hospital the next day – even though she was on her way to a formal event! My postpartum experience was great, my mood and energy levels were fantastic. When I had my third baby, I went right back to Viji again. She is such a warm and caring person and it shows in the way she treats her clients. I completely recommend her.

M. Theresa Castillo


Viji has helped deliver both my babies into this world. I found her in 2013 when a former client of hers gave a very convincing recommendation of her on a Bay Area Moms forum. I interviewed 2 other doulas, but there was something about Viji. We had chemistry from our first meeting, and I had a great feeling she understood exactly what I wanted and my vision for an all natural birth plan.

I had hip surgery a year before my first baby which made my pregnancy very difficult. With my second, I moved out of the Bay and down to Anaheim in 2015. I interviewed 3 doulas close to me in Orange County but they didn’t compare to Viji. Because of the 500 mile difference, Viji doesn’t have any clients in So. California. Logistically it’s a nightmare, and since a baby has it’s own timeline, coordination is a challenge, but when I asked Viji to be there for me, she said “Yes”. She goes above and beyond for her clients. With both pregnancies, she worked with me on yoga exercises to strengthen my hip muscles, recommended healthy eating habits to not gain extra weight, and educated me on the Hypnobabies program to have a natural birth. Our relationship is almost sisterly, so when she gets on me about maintaining a holistic pregnancy it comes from a place of genuine concern and love.

I could not be more happy. Viji has helped me more than I could have imagined. She is more than a birth coach, she is my life coach. To this day she checks in on me regularly, even on stuff not birth or pregnancy related. She always encourages me like no other and during the birth, just when I think I can’t do anymore she gets a few more pushes out of me. She was a strong advocate for me and my all natural birth plan when the hospital staff were so eager to push an epidural on me.

I highly recommend Viji. Your birth plan may or may not go as you envisioned, but I have no doubt that you will get pretty close with the help of Viji.

Farheen Mirza


Viji was a godsend for the delivery for my first child. I am a physician myself an was surprised at how stressful pregnancy and the idea of experiencing my first delivery would be. Viji is a 100% dedicated to you as your doula. She goes above and beyond to answer all your questions and decrease all your fears. I had a wonderful experiencewith my delivery because she was there. I actually had a pretty awful labor and delivery nurse in the room with me and if it weren't for Viji I would never had known what to do. She acts as such a leader helping your OB the nurses and you work together to have the smoothest delivery possible. Once she is in your life she is always there for you. She truly cares about you and your family. I think the best decision I made my pregnancy was bringing Viji as my doula. Doula isn't even the right word to describe her. She becomes like your sister and helps you through every layer of pregnancy delivery and postpartum. She is now part of our family. 

Divya Ramkumar


Soon after I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted a doula. Viji was recommended to us by our very close friend who had a VBAC and gives complete credit to Viji so it was a very easy decision for us to go with her and we are so glad we did.
We met with her three times before labor for detailed sessions on everything that leads up to labor, the actual labor itself and postpartum care. Viji is extremely prompt with responses at any time of the hour. After meeting her multiple times, my husband and I felt confident enough and felt very supported.
We were incredibly blessed to have Viji as our doula. We cannot express our gratitude and love for this amazing person. Viji brings a sense of calm and peace in any tension filled surrounding. Her knowledge on Ayurveda, essential oil, Reiki is incredible. She is a pain management queen.
After being at the hospital for 2 full days with zero progress we were just stressed and anxious. Viji walked in to just say hi and spread some positivity. Coincidence or its just her and my water broke as soon as she walked in :) Her faith and prayers is really something. She motivated us the whole time and honored our birth preferences. There cannot be a better experience and would hire Viji a zillion times over again. She is a gifted person and I consider myself very lucky to have met her. My husband and I have a new friend now :) If you are expecting just go with Viji if she is available and you will feel blessed and thankful later

Subhashini Natarajan


Before meeting Viji, we had no idea what a birth coach's role was. We were afraid a birth coach would hinder on the participation of the family in the birth process and were very hesitant to share a very private life changing moment with a stranger. But, we had THE MOST PERFECT BIRTH WE COULD HAVE EVER HOPED FOR! We had a 100% natural unmedicated birth, from start to finish and in our own terms. My entire labor lasted less than 6 hours with 21 minutes of pushing and a beautiful baby boy to take home at the end of it. 

Viji's clarity of thought and her immense confidence that stems from years of experience in the field of medical research, holistic medicine and social service was invaluable. Viji made us feel at ease with her ability to communicate with the initiated, uninitiated and the in-between with complete ease. She is able to navigate deftly amongst a myriad of people - the mother, father, family, hospital staff without stepping on anyone's toes. All we heard from everyone in the labor room was how EASY it was to work with her! She is a leader but underplays it like a CHAMPION! You will be surprised how much she knows her way around the labor room - starting from where the hospital gear is kept, to interpreting contractions patterns - MIND BOGGLING! Her empathy and complete surrender to the service she provides to the expecting/laboring mother is inspiring!

I’d recommend her to all expecting parents who believe in the naturalness of childbirth and the capability of the human body to know how to do it without unnecessary intervention. And to expecting parents who would like to rejoice in the experience of their personal journey completely empowered and supported. My immediate thoughts go to my own recovery after my birth experience. The sense of accomplishment and joy looking back at how I was supported to achieve this ON MY OWN and IN MY OWN TERMS is what I will be forever grateful for to Viji.

Ajeya Krishnamurthy


When we knew we were having a baby, we decided to seek the help of a doula. Viji's name popped up as the popular one. We met her and liked her instantaneously! She guided us extremely well through the birthing process. The first morning after we came home, Viji was tremendously useful. Our little baby girl was crying her lungs out and we did not know what to do. Viji helped my wife and daughter learn how to nurse and my daughter went to sleep soon after...peace!! I would highly recommend Viji as an essential part of the birthing process. She is a great doula among many other things :-)

Crystal Fleming


Viji is a very special person. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about everything pregnancy/birthing, but she is also very intuitive and deep. It was my first pregnancy and I didn’t want to walk the amazing yet scary journey alone, so my husband and I hired Viji. It was a perfect decision. At any time she was only a text/call away. Because she is good, she is busy - but when it’s your turn she will provide you with the utmost care, honor, sensitivity, knowledge, and support. The birthing process is unpredictable and I can't imagine having done it without Viji by my side. Now, if she will only come across the country to help with the second one!! Viji is AMAZING.

Erin Geiman


My first birth experience was scary and traumatic. I knew I wanted a doula the second time around so I could have a knowledgeable advocate in my corner. Viji was just that and a whole lot more. Viji is incredibly knowledgeable, caring, energetic, and warm. Like a good friend, Viji was always available to answer questions, call me out when she knew something was on my mind, and lend a listening ear. The prenatal visits helped me prepare physically and emotionally for birth and the aromatherapy massage and products were amazing.

On the day of our daughter’s birth we were in regular contact and she suggested that we go to the hospital.  We trusted Viji’s judgment and thank goodness we did. Viji put me in a good laboring position and I was at 10cm in less than 2 hours after arriving to the hospital. The massage, counter pressure, essential oils, and Viji’s calming presence made laboring manageable. I felt an urge to push and 20 minutes later our beautiful baby girl was born naturally with no intervention, no fear, and no pain. I felt a rush of euphoria that I cannot even begin to explain. It truly was a beautiful and transcendent experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.

We were incredibly blessed to have Viji as our doula. No amount of words can express our gratitude and love for this amazing woman. Viji brings a sense of calm and peace that only experience and a God given gift can bring. Deep in my heart I know that it was Viji that allowed me to achieve my ideal birthing experience. My husband, a true doula skeptic, now wholeheartedly recommends having a doula (especially Viji) to all expecting couples. As a pharmacist, I was really interested in the placenta encapsulation and I do feel it made a dramatic difference in my mood and milk production. Knowing that Viji can only take a limited number of clients, it is a great privilege to have this amazing woman as your doula!

Bethany Layport


I was told once that when you found the right doula you would just "know". It wouldn't take endless questions, it wouldn't be a hard decision. Instead, it would be this intuitive confidence that this person in front of you is supposed to be with you in labor. I am grateful to say that is exactly how it was with my husband and I when we met Viji. We resonated with her from the beginning and knew that she was the right person to complete our labor team. From the very first meeting, we felt reassured by her loving and warm presence. We were also so impressed and thankful for her vast arsenal of knowledge, tips, and tricks regarding everything from labor and delivery to postpartum care to circumcision (we had a baby boy), etc. She never conveyed an opinion about "right" or "wrong" choices...just gave us information.

During labor itself, I was immeasurably grateful to have her support (first via phone and then in person). I firmly believe that Viji was critical to my success in having the natural labor I wanted. She came to our home at exactly the right time and was right there helping me through the toughest moments (especially when my husband needed a break to go sleep). And while our delivery was done with midwives at El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, it was Viji and my husband who coached me through pushing, and it was their loving and supportive presence I know I needed. If you are considering a doula to assist you in labor (and I hope you do), I would highly encourage you to meet with Viji as she would make a fantastic (and potentially critical) addition to your labor team.

Edgar Manalo


Our world completely changed when Ethan Luke blessed our lives on March 11, 2014. As new parents preparing for child birth, Viji Natarajan was truly a Godsend! Being skeptical about hiring a doula in the beginning, Viji took her time to answer all of our questions and educate us on being pregnant and the childbirth process! But what sold me on Viji was her ability to connect with Theresa, my wife. Her ability to connect with her and assure everything would go perfectly - the way it was meant for us - separates Viji from other Doula's we reviewed and interviewed.

On the day my wife would be delivering our baby, Viji was with us from the beginning! She multitask ed by providing attention to my wife, coaching me on how to be the best support to my wife, and as well the middle person between us and the medical team.

We are proud to say, without Viji, my wife may not have experienced her perfect birth story - pushing naturally for 4 hours and without any pain medication. While my wife performed like a super star, Viji was the coach behind it all! In Viji, not only did we hire the best Doula, we found a life time friend!

I highly recommend Viji if your spouse/partner is looking for a Doula! When my wife and I plan for our second, we will be calling on Viji to be our Doula again!

Minauti Dave


My husband and I were fortunate to have Viji Natarajan as our doula for my pregnancy and the birth of our son, Niam. Viji was a storehouse of information regarding my pregnancy, delivery and post partum care. This information was invaluable as it ensured a smooth pregnancy and delivery. Viji provided an immense amount of moral, emotional and even physical support. She not only helped me assuage my doubts and fears about my delivery, she physically eased my pain and got me through the most challenging parts of it. My husband and I were more than satisfied with Viji’s knowledge, spirit and care.

Maricar Abaya-Antonio


“Belief, hard work, love–you have those things, you can do anything." Quote from one of my favorite author/writer Mitch Albom is what resonates with us when we think of Viji and how she worked, helped and guided my husband and I in our pregnancy,labor and delivery. I was considered a high-risk pregnancy because of my age and was referred to multiple pregnancy specialist and ob/gyne to monitor my pregnancy. My husband and I had so many questions, anxieties and experienced more challenges and difficulties from the second pregnancy. Viji eased our worries away and helped us enjoy the whole process of in pregnancy. Viji is a gifted doula that cares not only for the mommies that she works with, but also the whole family. Viji was always there when we needed her and that reassured us that no matter what happens we felt we were in good hands with her. I delivered my son naturally and with no medication whatsoever. Viji believed in my strength and worked hard to help me stay focused in relaxing, breathing slowly and pushing when it was time. There were a few times I almost asked the attending nurse for pain meds, but Viji stood still by my side, constantly reminding me how strong and amazing I am… her support was what I needed to hear constantly to helped me motivated to deliver my baby naturally. It took 15 minutes and 4 pushes to deliver my beautiful baby boy with no tear and no meds at all. My husband and I felt so blessed and fortunate to have Viji as our doula. Her passion in helping mothers and families to have a positive, smooth and wonderful delivery came to a reality for us. She is truly a gifted caregiver, who cares and gives more than what you expect from a doula. I have mentioned to my friends and family that it takes awhile to find the right person/doula to team with you during your pregnancy, labor and delivery… in our case, we are blessed and fortunate to have Viji by our side.Maricar and Mark Antonio Baby Milo Noah, 2.22.2014

Neha Mandhani


Viji is an absolutely amazing doula and we couldn't have had the same birth experience without her. She has the right blend of scientific information, intuition, warmth, love and decision making ability. She gave us ample space to make our choices while giving us the information we needed and empowered us to do what was best for us and our baby.

Viji was the first doula we interviewed and we connected and felt that we had found our match. Our main reason for hiring a doula was to feel loved and supported during our birth experience and she went above and beyond delivering what we hired her for. She knew what my body could handle and what interventions/pain medications would be best aligned with my intentions for birth as well as the health and safety of our baby. While I had a relatively smooth labor and delivery experience (from a medical standpoint), Viji did a fantastic job at appeasing my fears and anxiety. I felt incredibly safe emotionally and was loved and cared for sheer dedication and sincerity. I also want to add that she is very skilled at leveraging humor to make the experience more fun and enjoyable:-)

She is incredibly prompt in responding and will go out of her way to make sure she is available to communicate what her clients need. All throughout my pregnancy, I knew I had an ally, a support and a friend who made me feel at ease.

I have no doubt in recommending Viji as a doula. She certainly has the ability to improve your birthing experience. I am incredibly grateful to her for the birthing journey that I had.

Natalie Dale


Don't hesitate. Grab Viji while you can!

We met Viji at an event in Palo Alto. We liked her from the beginning, she has a calm and kind energy. We are first time parents and wanted the support of a doula to attempt a natural birth and to minimize the stress and anxiety of a first labor.

The prep sessions helped put us at ease and understand the possibilities that birth brings. She comes with no agenda, just mama and baby's health and happiness.

I was induced 10 days past my due date, which wasn't part of the plan, but Viji was very supportive and reassuring. We managed to get things going without pitocin or an epidural. Once active labor began she eased my nausea and supported me through the contractions; leading my husband by example. Her instinct and skill helped me cope without meds. She was my advocate with the medical staff who were unaware of how quickly I was progressing, and stood by to take pictures once our baby was ready to arrive.

I can't imagine a better experience and would hire Viji a million times over again. She is a gifted doula and I consider myself very lucky to have met and worked with her.

Eric Toyofuku


Viji provided us with the confidence and assurance to choose a natural birth process without any sedatives. We were able to remain at home for most of the labour and she patiently worked with my wife throughout the extensive waves contractions. She is loaded with the tools and methods to support the labour. She brings her little bag of homeopathic remedies to help sooth the discomfort. All these details added up to build the utmost assuring home laboring experience first time expecting parents can ask for.

As the husband in this process, we sometimes feel helpless and directionless, however, Viji, was also great at guiding me and defining my role along the way too. At the hospital, she was able to act as facilitator between us and the staff. She knows our birthing plan and will work with the nurses and doctors to achieve that plan to the best of our ability. As an option, she documented the whole birthing process which was great since I was too focused on trying to comfort my wife and too overwhelmed with watching my baby emerge. Trust me dads, you don't want to watch this moment from behind a lens of a camera. It's something you just have to witness with your naked eyes.

Afterwards, Viji continued her support, although she's not a nursing coach, lactation expert, etc. She was there afterwards to offer her insight and experienced opinions. All in all, having Viji present for this expereince was like having a trusted family member with us. Although she was just with us for a brief moment in our lives. It was an important moment, one my wife and I will always remember and think fondly of.

My only wish is that we can fly her down to Orange County for our next birth.

Melissa Wong


I was set on delivering naturally w/o meds, and by God's grace and Viji's support, I was able to. I could not have asked for a better doula. She was always there for me throughout my pregnancy, always willing to answer my many questions, was very thorough in all our skype/home visits, and is extremely personable. I always felt like she had time for me even though I know that she has many clients. I also feel that she truly cares for people-- that being a doula is not just a profession but a calling that fits her so well.

I felt comfortable with her from the moment I interviewed her. She is extremely knowledgeable about pregnancy, labor and delivery. I delivered 10 days past my due date and while I was waiting for my baby to come, Viji had lots of ideas about how to start labor naturally. During labor and delivery, she helped keep me focused on my goal and I felt that I had her support every step of the way. She massaged me in all the right ways during contractions, pushed me to keep going when I wasn't sure if I could handle it, and stayed close to my face breathing with me even though I vomited.

My husband and I always say that hiring her was one of the best purchases we have ever made in life. She has my highest recommendation!!! You cannot go wrong if you hire Viji as your doula. She took the best pictures of the labor and delivery; this was all while she was helping me during every contraction. How she did both at the same time I have no idea, but she is truly AMAZING!!! So many nurses and midwives asked me where I found her. (I found her on Yelp.) They all said that she was awesome and SHE IS!!!!! If I ever have another child, I want Viji to be there by my side.

Erica Gottfried


I cannot tell you exactly how I fell upon Viji’s website, but after unknowingly two hours going by, I found myself contacting Viji. I didn’t plan to include a doula for my pregnancy/birth or budget, but Viji ended up being a priceless and wonderful decision. Viji didn’t need to take me as a client, she choose to overextend herself and met me half way with challenging circumstances. I feel like I cannot put my finger on exactly why everything came together, but the both of us agreed and trusted the faith behind it.
As most people know, the birth experience is a hands-letting go experience; you just ride the wave and make the best decisions along the way. My main concern for my birth was of course the health of those involved, but also the team, “tribe” that was going to aid in this amazing process. I didn’t want any negativity or noncooperation. I experienced an amazing group of women, and I believe Viji’s professionalism and core-self, the nurses’, and OB working together created a truly positive experience! Viji’s presence and support enabled my husband to maintain his focus and be present and positive for the birth of his daughter. His experience would have been so different without her!
There are a people in your life that you have easiness with, impressively make choices about heart not monetary and have intuition and smarts…..well, Viji is all of these as well adorable and amazing for many reasons, those are just my experiences with her. Currently, I have a new found friendship with this extraordinary lady!

Sunny Rajagopalan


Viji is a bonafide miracle worker. We were a VBAC case, and we were skeptical about whether natural birth would be possible the second time around, but she made it happen. She's one of those rare individuals with the ability to strike up a rapport with anyone she meets, and she was able to get all of our 3 nurses (from various shifts) on our side. She was always calm and optimistic, which rubbed off on us, in spite of us being natural pessimists and worrywarts. :-)

Her combination of aromatherapy, positive attitude & various exercises and positions helped make a baby who was initially OP into OA, and to have him be delivered naturally in a stress-free manner against a lot of odds. She helped us do what the doctors told us wouldn't happen. We would highly recommend her services, grab her before she gets booked!

Archana Ganeshan


My husband and I had an instant connection with Viji when we met her. She said to us ' I don't care if you don't hire me but I can't let you go on without the right plan for your pregnancy support and delivery'. She guided us then on every step of the way. She was always available to answer the silliest of questions. She was my encyclopedia of pregnancy information. She loves what she does and it's hard not to notice how involved and concerned she is about every question/milestone in your pregnancy. She followed up with me after every single doctors visit, advised me on hospitals, delivery expectations and postpartum care. She was the strongest possible wall of support throughout our 36 hour labor. She coached my husband and me all along and co-ordinated with the nurses so I could get the best possible support . By the time I was fully dilated, I was completely exhausted. If it weren't for Vijis constant assurances and her positive coaching I can't imagine how I would have delivered my 7 pound wonder without an epidural!

Viji is a beautiful person inside and out. If you are thinking twice about your support and care in your pregnancy, you need Viji. You won't find anyone like her!

Sara To


Viji is a rockstar. She came highly recommended from several pregnancy/birth resources in the Bay Area. She has an eclectic and impressive background in science, teaching and serving families through her work as a doula.
Viji educated us about the birthing process and helped advocate for my husband and me during the entirety of the pregnancy. She met with us several times in-person and also Skyped with us before our birth. She was very reliable through texts, phone calls and email. If you give Viji a whiteboard, she'll sit you down, draw and diagram everything--like an inspirational teacher.

We were impressed by Viji's knowledge about the birthing process and her willingness to offer references to us so that we could to learn more about other people's experiences and be better advocates for ourselves during the pregnancy. She shared recommendations about people she knew who used post-pregnancy meal plans, offered her personal contacts whom she had supported during labor and also offered suggestions on where to find certain products for our labor process. Viji also does photography during labor, if requested. We hired Viji also because she does placenta encapsulation. We appreciated Viji's persistence and timeliness in sending her post-meeting notes and follow-up instructions.

During the birth process, Viji was by our side. She was there to hold my hand, coach my husband on how he can lead best, and worked with the hospital staff seamlessly. During labor, Viji gave us tips on communicating with the hospital staff and provided us with pointers on what we should say when we were uncertain about the medical options. She was also supportive of the hospital team; Viji was versed in balancing these relationships very well in the delivery room.

Viji works hard. We highly recommend her to any person wanting to hire a doula and we will miss having her as a coach.

Kenny Meehan


Our experience with Viji has been and continues to be wonderful.

Viji provided an abundance of resources and wisdom, everything we felt we would have learned in a class. She is a combination of Nurse/friend/experienced sage and she helped us feel comfortable, happy, positive, and informed throughout the pre-pregnancy, labor, and birth. She provided comprehensive lists (for labor, for hospital stay, etc) and was available by any method we preferred, including phone, email, text, and Skype.

Once the labor began Viji was in constant contact and helping from afar, checking in every hour or so. She came over once the contractions were consistent, arriving with her amazing toolkit - massage, aroma therapy, labor tincture, and electronic back stimulator. She helped with the labor by giving constant aid of all forms and stayed with us over night, sleeping for a few hours on our living room couch. Viji’s presence was invaluable, from giving emotional support to occasionally spoon feeding apple sauce, she helped immensely the whole time. Our plan was to labor at home and have the birth at Kaiser - when we arrived at Kaiser Viji knew most of the nurses and staff by name and helped facilitate getting us properly checked in and into a good room. Throughout the birth Viji kept us informed and supported us both. The birth went very smoothly.

After the birth Viji gave us a tutorial in getting our baby to “latch” on to his mothers breast, performed placenta encapsulation, and returned to visit us the next day. She also wrote up “our birth story” which brought tears to our eyes when we read it.

Viji was great, all around. She was accommodating to our preferences and acted as an informed and caring guide through this precious life transition. Thank you Viji, we love you.

juli carter


Upon initially meeting Viji there was an immediate sense that she truly was a kindred spirit. Her skills in Ayurveda, yoga and massage therapy were instrumental in my preparation for birth and throughout the labor process. Prior to the delivery of our son, she was always available to answer any of our questions or concerns. Viji was unconditionally supportive and very attentive to our individualized needs. She provided encouragement when we needed it and kind reassurance when we had any doubts. When I finally went into labor she was immediately available and by our side. She provided excellent care with kindness, humor and compassion. We are very happy that we selected Viji to help guide us through this wonderful journey.

Anna Iosifova


We have contacted Viji and almost immediately she has responded to our request. While this could have been expected, further, during our first meeting, Viji went above and beyond. She met with us right after she came back from the overseas. She has accommodated our schedule despite that she was still suffering from the jet lag. She has listened carefully to our needs and responded with brilliant ideas. Even more, she has offered to make a trip to the hospitals that in her opinion could serve us better. You may know that Hospitals offer labor and delivery tours according to their schedule. Viji organized a tour for us right after we came to the hospital, just because this is the way she cares for people either you hire her or not. If there were no Viji, we would not have the best possible option for us to welcome our baby to this world.

I think we used almost all types of her services including placenta encapsulation, herbal consultations and “back up Dula”. We were happy with these as well.

Viji, as a birth fairy, is always smiling, always positive, clear and confident. You will not believe how strong this tiny woman is! She was on a well long planned trip when I went to labor. She made it to the hospital to join us right after her plane has landed. I had 36 long hours in labor and all this time she was next to me. She was well known in the hospital where I delivered. But despite that the Hospital medical personal was impressed one more time with Viji’s abilities and knowledge of the non-medical alternatives that help and support a laboring woman. With massage and herbs Viji could do what Pitocin is used for in other cases. She can help you to avoid unnecessary medication to keep you and your baby healthy and enjoy the entire process.

I wish every woman has a chance to have a Dula, especially if this Dula is Viji!

Thank you, Viji!

With love,

Anna, Mikhail & Maxim

Mehul Gandhi


My wife and I hired Viji the first time we met her. We didn't interview anyone else, we just knew that she was the right person for us to work with. We new that having a child was a divine journey, but we didn't understand Viji's divine gifts when we met her. She truly has a gift for helping women through the birthing process from beginning to end. Additionally, her knowledge and intellect are truly impressive. She was a scientist for many years in the pharmaceutical industry. She left to study Ayurveda and other healing modalities in India. She brings this impressive body of knowledge to you in an incredibly simple and easy communication style at the right times in the pregnancy. Because of Viji, I didn't spend a ton of time researching and reading about what the process would be like, because I knew she would have us covered. I simply didn't worry. Viji made herself more than available to both of us. My wife was constantly texting her and talking to her about her questions. Questions that doctors won't always answer or have answers too. Viji helped us choose a doctor and hospital that was philosophically aligned with our birthing goal - to have as natural a child birth as possible. When nothing went with our birthing plan, Viji stepped in to give us the perfect advice at the right time. During the labor she stayed with us for the two straight days without sleeping. During the labor Viji used a technique to minimize my wife's labor contractions by pressing her hips. It was incredibly effective. When she was contracting every 2 minutes for 30 seconds at a time, Viji kept pressing on her hips each time. I tried to help out after she showed me what to do. After 20 minutes I was exhausted. I'm amazed at her physical strength too. This technique truly helped my wife conserve vital energy that she needed during the pushing labor.

My wife's labor was long, complicated and should have ended up in a C-section. Without Viji it surely would have gone that way.

Dana Sakal


Viji came highly recommended to me within the birth doula community, and I am so thankful that I had the privilege of working with her a few weeks before my son was born. I had a c-section with my first, and was very nervous about the upcoming birth with my second, since I was planning a VBAC. Viji was such a huge part of my support system toward the end and was more than just a practitioner. She became a true friend and helped me get as physically and emotionally prepared for the birth as possible.

From the start, she truly cared about me and my story and spent tons of time with me on the phone getting to know me and then providing advice and support as needed—and I needed her a lot! She is highly accessible and always responded very quickly every time I reached out. She would also check up on me periodically to see how things were going and offer any additional help.

Beyond her caring and nurturing nature, Viji has a gift for ayurvedic massage and treatment, as well as a strong intuition to provide support exactly where you need it most. She gave the most amazing massage, which not only helped induce labor, but more importantly helped me relax and let go of many of my concerns regarding the birth. She also did my placenta encapsulation, and provided a wonderful service. She picked up my placenta immediately after the delivery (which was at 3am) and dropped off the pills the following day. The pills helped me stay strong and healthy for the first 6 weeks after the baby was born. I absolutely loved them!

Viji is extremely attentive, nurturing, knowledgable, genuine and caring. Warmly recommended!

Elaine Uang


I first met Viji at Blossom Birth's Meet the Doula session and could tell she was a rare find in the doula world. Viji is intelligent, articulate,outgoing, personable and just radiates energy. She calls me an overachiever, but this woman raises the bar on that word.

We interviewed some amazing doulas, but went with Viji for several reasons. First, she is trained as a scientist, and is able to explain and critique the current medicalization of childbirth in this country. It was important that our doula not be dogmatic about any childbirth approach and Viji always provided insight into why doctors do what they do, clearly described alternatives, but always left the choice to us.

Second, she is an Ayurvedic practitioner and complments the scientific aspect of her birth doula practice with time & culturally tested herbs, oils and & tinctures. Her oils were great for relaxation, pain relief and for speeding labor along.

Third, she goes above and beyond with her doula services. She is always available by email/phone/sms/im/skype to answer any questions, offers life advice, and documents the birth in pictures & words.

And lastly, she provides an amazing array of other services - bodywork, aromatherapy, placenta encapsulation, lactation support, post-partum visits. When I experienced pelvic pain at 6.5 months, one bodywork session with Viji cleared up the pain for the rest of my pregnancy.

During labor, Viji was the ultimate whole body-mind-community birth companion. She was the perfect complement to the team, guiding us with next steps as labor intensified, minimizing pain, cheerleading during contractions & during pushing, bringing in help when hospital staff was busy, getting water and supplies, etc. The hospital staff at LPCH (Stanford) really liked her, especially our nurse, who could not stop raving about her afterwards!

I wish every pregnant mama could work with Viji!

Miroslaba Velo Egonmwan


Viji loves what she does! Even though she has a demanding schedule, Viji went out of her way to meet with my husband and I on the weekends spending more than the contracted time. We not only talked about labor, but also had heart-to-heart conversations about life. We met twice at my home where she went over a questionnaire that helped us create my birth plan. At the next meeting, she explained the labor process, what to pack to the hospital, and ways to induce my labor naturally. If a question ever came up, she was only a text or phone call away and always responded promptly.

During my labor Viji was our rock. She brought an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness even when difficult decisions had to be made. I was in labor at the hospital for almost 24 hours, and Viji was there the entire time! The support she provided for us over exceeded my expectations! After being in labor with no pain medication for 14 hours, I gave up and demanded an epidural right away. As soon as I was pain free, I remember asking Viji if she was going to stay for the rest of the labor. She looked at me perplexed and said ‘why wouldn’t I?’ I assumed the hard part was over and since she had been with me for a long period of time she would leave. But Viji stayed with us even after our baby boy was born! The next day she returned to visit us and brought me my placenta pills. A week later she emailed us our birth story and pictures.

Both my husband and I are especially blessed and grateful to have met Viji and to have her at the birth of our son. She is a knowledgeable, caring, and passionate doula that goes above and beyond what is expected of her role. You will not find another one like her!

Serena Finn


Before we made the decision to hire a Doula, we went back and forth several times trying to make our decision before finally hiring Viji. We were unsure if we needed a Doula, but my husband and i cannot imagine going through the labor and delivery without her, or the advice she provided prior. There are so many amazing things that Viji did for us but i’ll try and keep this review short. I can honestly say that Viji did much more than we would ever expect of a doula, she went way above all of our expectations and we think she is worth every penny we spent on her services. Prior to the labor Viji took us to different hospitals so we could find the one we were comfortable with. During my labor, Viji arrived at our home in the early hours of the morning, after spending many hours supporting us over the phone. I was starting to feel more pain during my contractions and wasn’t really dealing with them very well. I got scared and wanted to go to the hospital. Viji arrived and laid with me through the night, supporting me through each contraction enabling my husband to get some rest. She was able to turn a stressful situation into a very calm and controlled one. She showed me how to work through the contractions and I was even able to nod off between each one. Viji totally renewed my confidence in my ability to get through the night without going to the hospital. I was able to labor, in the comfort of my own home for around 24 hrs before heading to the hospital the following morning. At the hospital, Viji made our room feel like home and worked very closely with the medical staff assigned to our birth. She worked like the nurses, being familiar with all of the medical equipment and procedures and able to give us a second perspective on what was being proposed or discussed.Thanks Viji, you are an amazing person and wonderful at your job. We are so glad that you were there to help us bring our very happy and healthy little baby boy to the world!

Angela Lee


Viji is amazing!
I contacted her at 37 weeks with my second pregnancy. I was getting scared of going through labor the second time around because I knew how painful it would be and wanted to prepare myself.

I wanted to set myself up to attempt to have a natural birth but needed support and felt that my chances would be much higher with a doula.

I called her and met with her the next day and talked to her for 30 minutes. That was it! I knew that it would not get better than Viji. It was like I was talking to an old friend and I felt confident that I would not need to search further. (I am the type to exhaust every option before making a decision)

Over the next almost 5 weeks, I talked, skyped and texted her on a daily basis and she put me at ease and gave me so much information about the choices and options I had regarding my birth plan.

I didn't have a horrible experience with my first but just didn't know the options and the information I felt like I should have had. ( regarding drugs administered and other options such as iv and being allowed to delay things for the baby till after I had time to cuddle with him!)

Viji was there with me through the ENTIRE process and answered all of my hundreds of questions and was the reason I was able to have a natural birth with my 9 lb 11 oz baby! I could not have done it without her!

She is so knowledgable and advised me to an an awesome OB and hospital and the staff LOVED her during the labor which helped me to receive such attention and care.

I could not recommend her enough!!!!

Kristina McMillan


When searching for a Doula for the birth of our first child, my husband and I didn't really know what we would need. Going through childbirth for the first time was like being asked to coach a sport that you had only ever watched on TV. We knew some of what to expect, but we knew there was so much more we didn't know.

First stop, "Meet the Doula" event at Blossom Birth. We had the opportunity to interview 6-7 doulas that day and Viji was an easy choice for me. Personally, I was looking for someone with an open mind and lots of experience and research to support her advice.

Throughout our preparation time (before labor) Viji was available and supportive, guiding us through conversations and discussions around the type of birth experience that was important to us. Even when things got complicated near the end of my pregnancy (the baby was breech, we had her turned, changed OBs and hospitals), Viji was an unwavering source of encouragement and support.

When the night came for us to be induced, Viji was a source of energy and calm amidst the excitement. She managed both my husband and I to make sure we were taking care of our needs and pacing ourselves for the duration of labor. She also helped explain the details of what was going on, which really made the whole process a lot less scary.

I can honestly say that Viji helped make the labor and delivery process a joyful experience (aside from the wonderful baby prize at the end :) I will definitely invite her to be apart of future births, it wouldn't be the same without her.

Thanks Viji! :)

Jahanarha Shah


This was our first pregnancy so my husband and I knew that we needed someone there who had the experience and expertise in labor and birth. When we started interviewing doulas we knew right away when we met Viji she was the one. Our connection with her was immediate and she made us feel so comfortable from the first meeting. She spent more time than any other Doula going through the birth process and this was just the interview!!
After we hired her she came to our house for the subsequent visits and was so thorough with everything she explained to us. Viji has a unique ability to connect with you on a an emotional level. She was able to sense what my fears were about labor and birth and she spent hours helping to ease those fears and anxieties I had. She was also extremely helpful for my husband as well. She helped him understand what his role was and how he could support me during labor. That being said she never left my side for the 32+ hours I was in labor. She was amazing and so caring and calm with me. She helped us so much when the dr's and nurses wanted to do "unnecessary" procedures on me or baby; she would tell us what was actually going to be helpful and what we could do without. During my labor she massaged me with natural oils and was always positive and calm. She took pictures and video so my husband could hold my had during the delivery of our daughter.
I would recommend Viji without a doubt to anyone going into labor and looking for a great, hardworking, kind and compassionate doula to assist with your birth. She was amazing and we are so blessed to have had her with us through our journey. She has become a great friend to my husband and I as well as an aunt to our precious daughter. Viji is one of a kind!!!

adrian theopulos


This was our first pregnancy so my husband and I both wanted to have an experienced guide during labor so that neither of us freaked out and so that my husband would have someone who he could “bother” if I needed space from him at any point. After meeting Viji, we knew instantly that she would be a great fit and we could not have been happier with our decision! She was a fantastic support throughout my pregnancy and during the home birth. She helped us formulate our “just in case” birth plan should we have needed to transfer to the hospital. During labor, she provided aromatherapy oils and back massages, she photographed, and helped my husband with when he wasn’t sure how to provide support. My labor was through the night, and Viji was just an amazing spirit to have in the room, giving emotional support and guidance, especially in the hours before our midwife arrived. We also took advantage of her services to encapsulate the placenta, which she delivered promptly within a couple days after birth and she even wrote a birth story for us. Viji is extremely knowledgeable, professional, patient, and kind; and she was a tremendous help to my husband and me before, during, and after the birth. She struck a great balance between the practical and the emotional aspects of giving birth and without having to tell her, she seemed to just know when I/we needed space during labor and when we needed guidance. We recommend her unreservedly!

Rupa Parikh


I just gave birth the day before yesterday and still felt the need to write this reference for my fantastic doula as soon as possible. I am still stunned as to what she helped me achieve. After an undesirable and painful c-section three years ago, I was determined to have a VBAC this time around.  It must have been fate that I Viji and I connected only one month before my delivery. A doula with Viji’s expertise is usually booked up one year in advance. Not only is she ridiculously knowledgeable about everything related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, she has a magical instinct about the body and handles each second of prenatal, labor, and postpartum care with precision and detail. I knew the day I met her that she would be the perfect birth attendant for me. She’s so easy to talk to, very caring, and incredibly humble. You can tell that she is passionate about being a doula and perfected and studied every aspect of her job. Viji went above and beyond the call of duty for me. Before I went into labor, she visited my husband and I and described in detail how labor would likely unfold, how to handle labor contractions through breathing and exercise, which vitamins and supplements would likely make labor easier for me, and she addressed and eased every concern I had. Viji used her deep knowledge of Ayurveda and essential oils to help me through my labor. From the onset of my contractions, she rubbed all sorts of soothing 100% grade essential oils on me and she knew very well how each would help my labor progress smoothly. Her instincts were 100% correct because my experience turned out to be very unusual. My entire labor lasted only 9 hours and I only had to push for 15 minutes, which apparently is unheard of for first time VBACs. I am so grateful to her for helping me achieve a successful VBAC.

Haley Champion Carter


For us, Viji has redefined what a doula is and how she can be a critical part of a family and the birth of a little one. Not only is Viji intellectually gifted and well-read, but her experience in an array of modalities means she has a huge toolkit to draw from to support a woman through pregnancy, birth and post-partum. Not only did I rely on Viji for these skills- which she used to help me have exactly the birth I wanted, 100% natural - but her emotional intelligence and support were what got me through some challenging pregnancy moments. She is a gifted healer, one of those people who has a sixth sense about what everyone needs physically and emotionally to be well and happy. She also is experienced in a variety if postpartum treatments and I cannot thank her enough for all she did to help ease pain postpartum and answer lactation questions. We would absolutely recommend Viji to anyone seeking this kind of support and cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed having her in one of the most precious life experiences. She has become a great friend and our daughter loves having Aunty Viji over!

Tal Mashhadian


We hired Viji to be our Doula for our first child. We learned of her through my cousin, and ultimately recommended her to my wife's coworker.

Overall, my wife and I didn't really know what to look for or ask when interviewing, so we sort of went with our gut feelings. Not only did Viji make us relaxed, but her education and specialties outside of Doula-ing were a big positive for us.

Never deliver without a Doula.

She was great- although the only drawback was we were overdue and she had a previously scheduled trip, so she couldn't be at our side during the delivery. We knew of the trip, but didn't figure we'd be all that late- but Viji had a backup in place who was also fantastic.

Anyway, up until we had to switch, Viji was excellent. She had great suggestions and information regarding our upcoming baby, and was always on time with meetings and any information she promised to send to us.

We would absolutely recommend her to anyone who is expecting.

Tom Whitnah


We couldn't be more amazed with our experience with Viji. She was such an incredible blessing and we couldn't imagine going through labor and delivery without her. She is such a wonderful presence, an attentive listener, well-organized and concerned with us as parents and adoring of our new baby. She was really easy to work with. She is geared towards parents looking for a natural birth, but is very open to many different approaches. She was well-read and very practical, aware of the medical underpinnings of her recommendations and aware of their limitations too. She performed massages and aromatherapy on my wife, which my wife really took to. She was always available for questions and makes it easy to forget you aren't her only client.

On the day of the labor, one week before our due date, we called around 1pm when my wife's contractions were really hitting and she was over within an hour, massaging my wife, helping her breathe through the contractions and providing advice and guidance I couldn't provide nearly as well, despite all the birthing classes we took together. We arrived at the hospital around 4:15pm and with Viji's guidance, our baby was born just 75 minutes later without the need for an epidural or Pitocin. While I'm sure she'd remind us that not every delivery under her care can always go so quickly, I strongly believe it wouldn't have been so easy (relatively, of course) without all her great work.

Post-delivery, she was really helpful in keeping us organized around paperwork, cord blood banking and placenta encapsulation (which she performed).

She's come by twice since the birth five days ago and is someone we consider a friend and we hope will get to see the delivery of our newborn son into adulthood.

Jamie Noguera


Viji stood out to me from the moment I found her. She is friendly, warm, nurturing and everything that I would need to put me more at ease for our delivery. My husband and I met with her and he immediately agreed. She fit us perfectly we were both comfortable and happy to work with her. She was an amazing support for both of us from the very first meeting all the way through to the end. Viji's giving personality and her strength make her exactly the person you would want by your side. Her knowledge and expertise helped us through many parts of what turned out to be a difficult delivery. I cannot even think what it would have been like without her. When we have another child I definitely want her by my side again with all her love and guidance.

Ashley Zehnder


My husband and I were looking for a doula to help us have a natural unmedicated birth. I wanted my husband to help me and we wanted someone who could support him. We interviewed several doulas and we really felt a connection to Viji. She had a very down-to-earth manner and her approach to the birth process matched ours. During my actual labor, she was a life-saver and helped my husband fully support me. Her guidance allowed us to have a natural birth and brought my husband and I so much closer. I would recommend Viji as a doula without hesitation to couples who want excellent, caring support during their birth process. We will be looking for her services again when it's time for our next baby!!

Karen Moulton


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Viji! My husband and I were sure we wanted a doula and we began to look them up and got connected with Viji. We met her and knew she was it for us. She even strongly recommended interviewing other doulas but we knew we didn't need to. Viji was always very open, honest, and caring in her approach. She provided so much support before, during, and after birth it was incredible. I had planned on a natural, medication free hospital birth and Viji was with us every step of labor. With Viji's help I was almost fully dilated and ready to go when we arrived at the hospital. Unbeknownst to us baby was breech and we had to make a last minute decision for a c-section. . Viji never left our side at the hospital and did everything she could to support us! Through our entire experience Viji was knowledgable and strong. She is a shining light through the birth experience. Even when we got home she worked with me for recovery and really went above and beyond to help healing. We plan on having at least one more child and hopefully a natural VBAC and could not imagine having anyone else with us. If you are wanting a certain birth experience, Viji is my recommendation. She will get you there without judgement and in the most caring way possible.

Lindsay Edge


The birth of our son was perfect! We wanted to have a completely natural birth but with this being our first child, we didn’t know what to expect. Our OB-GYN recommended going to Meet the Doula night and that is where we met Viji. We hit it off right away and new that she would be the one to guide and support us through the process of labor and delivery. Viji met with us to talk about all of our hopes, questions, and fears and together we developed a plan. During early labor, Viji was in constant contact via text and email and then came to our home to provide support before going to the hospital. We took advantage of her aroma-therapy expertise and tens-machine to help with the labor. At the hospital, Viji was a wonderful support through the tough moments. She also captured beautiful photos that we will treasure forever. We are so glad she was with us through the entire process and able to help us have the natural birth experience we wanted. 

M & D & A


Dear Viji,

Or should I say "aunt Viji"? Where should I start? I always find difficult to put words into emotions. And there are a lot of emotions in our relationship.

To be honest with you, I was a little bit hesitant when my wife told me that she wanted to hire a doula. Why do you want to bring a stranger to your delivery,? I used to think. What a silly husband I was!!. Viji was never a stranger. From the moment she put her feet in our home for our first meeting we both knew that she was the one. Viji is outgoing, friendly and loving, and at the same time, energetic and calm.

Her personality really shined during my wife's delivery. Viji was the best support that my wife could have. We are sure that without her help her labor experience would not have been the same.

To make things even better, in addition to provide the best support possible to my wife, Viji also was able to find the time to provide some support for me and take some really wonderful photos of the delivery. Also, her advice during the prenatal and postpartum visits have proven to be really valuable, making our transition into parenthood much easier.

Thank you Viji for helping us bringing our little one to the world.
M & D & A

Tami D.


Viji exceeded all my expectations. She gave me outstanding support, confidence and the guidance I needed to enjoy the experience of giving birth. This was my second baby and with Viji's help and positive energy I enjoyed this birth process much more than my first experience, which was without a doula. I highly recommend both the aromatherapy and placenta encapsulation. The aromatherapy massage definitely helped kick start my labor. The placenta pills significantly helped with my energy level, milk production and baby blues. All things I had issues with after my first baby. She is smart and works well with the hospital staff. If you are reading this and wondering if you should hire her the answer is yes. It's one of the best decisions I made.

Anne Detwiler


We met Viji at the Meet The Doula event at Blossom Birth in Palo Alto (which is an amazing resource). The moment we started talking, I knew I wanted her to be my Doula. She had just returned from a birth and was on fire, she had been up all night with a laboring mom, and was so animated, passionate, and thrilled about her experience that I knew I wanted to work with her. Also, Viji has an amazing variety of skills and passions. She has 15 years experience working as Scientific Researcher and is also a yoga teacher and is trained in Ayurvedic medicine. She is scientifically minded and is incredible at visualization. I signed up for Viji's aromatherapy package, where Viji used different scented oils to help calm and ground me. She also does placenta encapsulation which I am very happy I signed up for. Viji is punctual, professional, and extremely positive every step of the way. She helped us with our birth plan which was extremely helpful. I can't think of labor without thinking about how amazingly supportive Viji was to my husband and myself. Viji used visualization during contractions which were instrumental to my getting through such a challenging time. She was with us for 3 days of the laboring process and I had some complications and she was calm and helped us navigate the hospital protocol. I can't tell you how many compliments we received about Viji from all of the nurses, midwives, and Dr's at Kaiser, Redwood City. They kept coming up to me asking how I found my amazing Doula! Her dedication to myself and Kristian for three days was unbelievable. If you are looking for someone to support you, encourage you, and be there for you, you have found the right Doula.

Dyuti Sengupta


For my first child, I did not have a doula, but for my second, Viji was our doula. For this reason, I was able to experience the difference between having a doula and not having a doula. I also became acutely aware of how important it is to have the RIGHT doula. For me, Viji was that person, as she is at once sensitive and intuitive, yet equally forthright and rational. In our early meetings, we clicked well and Viji was quickly able to pinpoint my concerns and tie them to lifestyle choices that I could control. She helped me keep on track with my goals, provided our birth plan, and also helped both me and my partner feel confident about our options in the delivery room (sidenote: her bicultural background also helped me deal with my mother, which was alone worth the investment!). Despite my going from early labor to late labor over the course of 1.5 hours, I still feel that Viji was an invaluable asset - she appeared magically at the front door of the hospital just in time, and she helped me through several very strong contractions in the hospital waiting room (!) using massage and other tools, and also helped calm and soothe me during what could have otherwise been a very stressful experience. She just knew what to do and did it fast and calmly. I simply felt better having her there, and also truly appreciated her vast knowledge of the labor process - all things many women forget after giving birth once. I highly recommend Viji as a doula who best described as professional, warm and intuitive.  

Gianna Driver


We ultimately chose Viji because she had the experience we valued, her energy was a good fit with ours, we trusted her, and she had a grounded-ness about her that we didn’t find in other doulas. We met several times before the birth to go over what to expect at the hospital and during the birth, my preferences, her role, etc. Viji answered all our questions patiently, lovingly, and with a grace that put us at ease as we neared this momentous occasion! As our due date came and went, we were in close touch with Viji about how we may need to alter the birth plan to accommodate what we couldn’t control. I ended up being induced, which wasn’t “in the plan,” but Viji helped us understand our options and helped us make an informed choice that felt right. During the actual labor, Viji was just incredible! Absolutely a shining star!! Honestly, I don’t know how anyone makes it through birthing without a doula, and I can’t imagine having pushed out our 7 pound 4 ounce baby girl without Viji’s support and guidance. She coached me, explained things, massaged, and was a steady, strong support person for me during the labor and birth. Aside from being there for me, Viji was instrumental for my husband. She explained things to him, gently coached him in how to support me, and really was a “doula” for both of us! We had a beautiful birthing experience, and I’m forever grateful to Viji for her love and support during this process. We entered this arrangement thinking of a doula as a support person, and we’re leaving this experience truly understanding what it means to have a fabulous doula… and we’ve gained a dear friend. Again, I strongly recommend Viji to any woman who’s pregnant and looking to have a really beautiful birthing experience. She’ll WOW you and impress you beyond what you thought possible! ? Thank you, Viji, for being part of our family as we welcomed baby Abigail into the world.

Eva Moncada


 My husband and I loved having Viji as our doula and by our side for a majority of my pregnancy and for the birth of our baby. Early on she helped me create a relaxing yoga routine to prep my mind and body for labor, and she also offered aromatherapy which helped me with lower back pain, insomnia and also my prego congestion. She was the best support system all the way through the process, and was always a phone call or text away if I had any questions or needed support. Viji has great energy, and is always up beat and smiling and very positive. We delivered at Kaiser Walnut Creek, which Viji was very familiar with and during the birth she helped everything go super smooth, and I had a great experience.

Its been so awesome to get to know Viji, and learn all she has to offer. I would do it all again! I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for a truly great doula.

Josefina Tso-Guillen


I am so grateful to have had Viji as a doula. I was especially touched by the emotional support she provided through my pregnancy and throughout the labor. During our prenatal visits, she made me feel like a friend and a sister. Her presence was also comforting and peaceful in the midst of intense labor contractions. She also helped me talk to the hospital staff to make sure they were not over stepping and pushing me to take interventions that were not necessary. As a result, I was able to have a medicine free labor. The way she communicated with the staff was great and the nurses really enjoyed working with her. The positive communication created a good atmosphere in my hospital room. She also empowered my husband to be an active participant in the labor, supporting me throughout. As a result, we had a really close and meaningful experience in bringing our son into the world. Thank you Viji.

Regine N.


Viji was an excellent birth doula. Her services were beyond outstanding, not to mention that my husband and I were completely in love with her. Her outgoing personality and love of her job was part of the reason we selected her above our other choices. I would recommend her to my friends and anyone else thinking about using a birth doula. Viji comes equip with several tricks her bag, including but not limited to scented oils, massage techniques, yoga poses and a birth ball. She is there to met your every need as you progress during labor. Her oils create a relaxing atmosphere and her calming, reassuring voice will put you at ease immediately. My labor and delivery would not have been as rewarding without her assistance.

Victor Tso


 "I love you," I gestured at Viji during a particularly intense contraction. We had been in labor for hours without much of a break in between and she had been with us the entire time. She has the strength of a wrestler, the mind of a scientist, and the spirituality of an aesthete, and we needed all of it the whole way. Viji's presence felt something like between a devoted sister/best friend and the village birth expert. You can count on her to provide a steady hand and calming, focusing presence. As one without any training, I still found myself equally liberated to grab a bite to eat as well as to coach my wife through the most challenging moments - that's the gentle and empowering energy and knowledge of the incomparable Viji. I wholeheartedly endorse Viji's help to dear friends and strangers alike as well as for any future births of our own, for now we have gained a new friend and partner.

Vik Dutta


One word for Viji - Awesome !!!!! I will highly recommend Viji to anyone that is looking for a Doula in the east bay area. She helped us with our first baby and she was more than a Doula to us.
My wife was so happy that we found Viji and it also took tons of pressure off of me in the L&D Room.
I went with the reviews online and met up with Viji to discuss her services and the process. We had decided to interview 3-4 doula's before we would choose one but we connected with her in the first 5 mins of our convo and never interviewed anyone else.

We took the Aromatherapy package (reasonably priced)- It helped a whole lot while viji's visits and even in L&D as my wife got all the extra attention from the docs and mid-wives and all. She has an extensive knowledge in essentials (oil) and always carries 'em wtih her. ( It kept me from fainiting in the L&D room as well She was consistent with her visits before and after and kept regularly following up with my wife on text msg. She was a huge support. Just dont think any further- if you are reading her, she is the best. We will hire her for our second baby as well. Also, She offers more support and guidance than listed in her package... My wife and I had no clue of what we would do in the labor room(we even took Lamaz classes and all but its different in the L&D), she walked us the process beforehand and was there to support right when my wifes contraction started at home and was their throughout till after the baby was born. If you can afford it, I would say get Viji only (Doula service).

sue tan


I am honored to wholeheartedly endorse and recommend Viji as a birth doula and overall wonderful person. I had played with the idea of water/home birth but since this was my first child I felt hesitant to take what many would call a risk to be outside a fully equipped medical facility should things go wrong any second. I had hoped that I could find a middle road, i.e. water birth at a professional birth center or hospital but there were surprisingly few options. Having a Doula was the way to make the best of a hospital birth - from minimizing the use of interventions, to helping my husband and I navigate labor and the medical system. Also, my OBGYN would likely not deliver me and I would get who was on call at the hopstial. With a Doula, I would have a person, not a hospital hotline, that I could call when I started to feel labor and help me do as much laboring at home which also reduces the likelihood of medical intervention to "speed things up" with piton, etc. We didn't find Viji until I was 37 weeks but the first time we met her, and even through her early correspondence, we felt an immediate sense of comfort, warmth, professionalism and sincerity.

I was blessed to be able to have a 100% natural birth (no epidural/pitocin) and I attribute that largely to Viji's support and guidance. I labored for 36 hours at home and Viji was with us through much of this time, coaching us and helping our labor progress step by step. She helped us through a handful of routines from walking around our neighborhood, around the house when it was in the middle of the night, certain ways of sitting, etc. Had it been just my husband and I alone I would be second guessing what I was supposed to do and be more anxious about when to go to the hospital. Viji is an absolute joy and has the nurturing, kind yet guiding and instinctual qualities that you would want in a Doula. I highly encourage you to take the time to meet her - you will love her :)

Seshadhri Comandur


Getting Viji as a doula was one of the best decisions we made regarding the birth of our child. Her dedication is incredible and she goes well beyond the call of duty to take care of my wife. (She came over a few days before our induction date to massage her; she was immediately on call when labor started; she spent two hours with a lactation consultant a week after the birth.) Viji doesn't treat her work as a business contract and behaves like a friend and guide.

My wife was able to go through her labor without any epidural or painkillers mainly because of Viji's coaching and massaging. As the husband, it was very reassuring to have Viji around the entire time, since she was continuously guiding and comforting my wife through the (difficult!) process of birth. Our nurses were thoroughly impressed with Viji and said that she changed their opinions on doulas.

Needless to say, we would heartily recommend Viji as a doula.

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