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Sharon Muza, CD (DONA) Birth Doula Trainer (DONA)

Seattle, WA Service range 20 miles

(206) 465-1052

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

17 years and 496 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I have always been able to work very well with health care providers and am welcomed as a respected member of the birth team

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Experienced with HBACs

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Acupressure
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Birth pool rental
  • Cancer patients and survivors
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Miscarriage support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Parenting consulting
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • TENS units rental
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Birth Doula Trainer/Instructor at Bastyr University/Simkin Center for Allied Birth Professions Birth Doula Skills Workshop (doula training) Passion for Birth Lamaze Trainer Editor, writer and community manager for Science & Sensibility, Lamaze International Consulting Instructor, Great Starts Birth & Family Education Past PALS Board of Directors Past REACHE President Past ICAN Seattle Co-Leader

Fee Details

includes 1-2 prenatals, continuous labor support, 1-2 postpartums, 24/7 phone, text and email support from time of hire. (Non-urgent concerns addressed during business hours.) Apprentice doula available to join us at no extra charge if this is something you are interested in. Private or group childbirth education classes available for an additional fee.

Seattle, WA Service range 20 miles

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Client Testimonials for Sharon Muza, CD (DONA) Birth Doula Trainer (DONA)

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Eva Owens


Sharon was amazing and we would highly recommend her to anyone. 


She really follows the empowered birth concept. She doesn't bring preconceived ideas about what your birth should be. She helps you achieve what you want--whatever that is. 

As far as I can tell she is the doyen of the doulas and as a leader in this profession, she knows all the research and best practices and offers this information in an accessible way

She is hilarious, and down to earth and will totally support you and your partner.

We couldn't imagine having our first baby without Sharon by our side. She is so thoughtful, skilled, and compassionate. Any family would be lucky to have her. 


Becky Cooke


I chose Sharon as our birth doula for the birth of my third child. I am so grateful for her support not just during labor, but in the weeks leading up to it. I had to be induced at 42 weeks, and I was significantly uncomfortable and anxious in the weeks prior to my induction. Sharon was immediately responsive to all of my emails and texts. She always validated my feelings and offered comfort and reassurance. She helped me organize my thoughts and questions for caregivers as we made decisions about my induction. She was such an excellent source of information, and she really helped me stay calm and confident during those sensitive, anxious weeks waiting for my baby.

My labor was short and intense, and my baby was over 9lbs. Sharon always offered encouragement at the right times and knew how to provide perfect counter pressure on my back to ease discomfort. She was so familiar with the staff at the hospital that I felt like we were surrounded with friends while my baby was being born. Sharon really understood what was important to me in my labor, and she always expressed her confidence in me. She really bolstered my confidence in trusting myself and my instincts. With her assistance, I was able to acheive the perfect, unmedicated birth I had hoped for. I highly recommend Sharon as a birth doula.


Skye Henley


Sharon is an amazing human. She is strong, funny, the perfect amount of bossy, and very deeply supportive. I wanted a birth that would be the first of its kind: unmedicated, intervention-free, epidural catheter-free, midwifery-oriented natural birth of TWINS at Swedish. It's never easy being a trailblazer but Sharon helped us make it happen. She allowed my husband to be central, never wanted attention, knew all the ins and outs of the hospital (like order food now before the kitchen closes), and worked well with all the other people involved, which for twins is 14. After the birth, she provided ongoing support, referrals, placenta care and processing, and checked in with me numerous times to help me process the experience. She made me feel strong and capable. If I were ever to give birth again, I would call her up in a heartbeat to make sure she could be there. After four babies and three midwives or doctors, Sharon is the only person I would ask to assist again.  She was just perfect. 

Julia Nardelli Gross


I highly recommend Sharon!

Sharon is an amazing doula. I found Sharon while researching a doula to support my VBAC. My first birth was a homebirth that ended in transfer and an eventual c-section. Since I was a VBAC, I knew I would be in the hospital – a place I really didn’t want to be to begin with – and so I sought the support of a doula to help me make the experience as smooth and homebirth-y as possible. I also needed someone who understood why having a VBAC was a big deal for me, and understood and respected my emotions around my previous birth experience. With Sharon’s support, I had the VBAC I wanted – no meds, minimal intervention – in September.

Sharon has a ton of experience and is particularly knowledgeable around VBACs. She is supportive both in the moment and before labor, when you have questions and fears. I loved how knowledgeable Sharon was – she was often able to provide links to study and real data to help me make decisions.

Sharon also does placenta encapsulation, which I took advantage of. She came to our post-partum appointment with the pills – just a couple days after birth.

My husband and I also took Sharon’s one-day VBAC Your Way class, which I highly recommend.

Christie Schmid


We were connected to Sharon Muza by some dear friends who had Sharon as their doula. 

We decided to meet with Sharon to explore partnering together, and we were sold! I have had an ongoing nerve condition that doctor's noted could cause problems during the labor and delivery process.  We had been meeting with doctor's throughout my pregnancy about this situation, however, within one meeting, Sharon helped us generate a list of questions for providers, physical therapists and ourselves that was more helpful than any information or conversations we had with doctors.  Sharon continued to be supportive through the pregnancy, waiting (our son came ten days late), labor and delivery and home visit follow ups.

We had a hospital delivery due to my medical situation and Sharon was (by FAR) the most supportive, creative, helpful and nurturing presence we had during the birthing process. She did an amazing job of helping my husband, mother and close friend be involved in the labor and delivery. She also knew just when to intervene, advocate and be near me herself.  I had a long labor, starting Fri. mid day and ending Sun. morning. Sharon was with us each step of the way...helping us navigate long labors, back labor, long periods of not being able to push (but having the urge to push), long pushing and delivery! She was a positive presence, that continually brought new and fresh ideas to help us through.

Sharon helped us have the birth we dreamed of having! It was the hardest thing we've done (: but she helped us have our son naturally, with no interventions.  We also felt each step of the way that if we needed to call in other interventions, we had a fabulous resource and advocate by our side (thru Sharon).

I would highly recommend Sharon as a doula- her humor, directiveness (when needed), support, advocacy, wisdom, experience, energy and skills were amazing!

Jill Jurenka


When I became pregnant with my third child, I knew that I would be attempting a vaginal birth after two cesareans and wanted to find a great doula with a vast amount of VBAC experience. After meeting Sharon, I instantly felt a connection with her. Her knowledge of VBAC-related issues and her experience supporting mothers attempting VBAC were unparalleled, and I believed that she would be a strong but gentle and compassionate presence during labor.

My husband and I really enjoyed getting to know Sharon and attended her VBAC YOUR Way class, which was incredibly helpful, empowering, and FUN! During my third trimester, I had questions and worries about what was to come in my VBA2C journey. Sharon always put me at ease with words of encouragement, research-supported data, lists of resources when I needed more information, or anything else I requested.

During labor, I could not have asked for a more comforting and trustworthy presence. Having her there at my home, and then later at the hospital, boosted my self confidence, heightened my energy, and made me feel that it was okay to let my body do its work. I liked Sharon's approach during my labor – she stayed quietly supportive in the background when my husband and I were doing well on our own, but was always there when we needed her, quick to give hands-on help, advice, or words of wisdom and encouragement and humor.

Although I did not achieve the VBA2C that I was hoping for, I had a very positive birth experience, which would not have been the same without Sharon there to guide me throughout the journey. Feeling her loving and powerful support before, during and after the birth of my son were truly wonderful. My husband and I are so very lucky to have traveled this road with her for these many weeks. From the bottom of my heart, Sharon, thank you for all you have done to help shape what turned out to be an amazing experience that I will forever treasure!

Mary Riles


Sharon is a doula with incredible breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. She combines a passionate commitment to alternative approaches with a steadfast support of women and their partners in terms of their own personal choices, needs, and wants. She is creative and flexible, powerful and kind. She was someone I could lean on, but she always celebrated my own strength. Sharon is always willing to go the extra mile. She is a wonderful partner.

My husband and I also hired her for a private VBAC class. We both learned a lot, and gained confidence in ourselves. It helped my husband relax, knowing that he had tools grounded in his strengths with which to offer help.There is nothing that can prepare you for birth other than birth itself (and even then, every birth is different), but having a session with someone who can walk you through possibilities you hadn't considered, give you a chance to try responses out, show you tools tailored to the experience of a VBAC-ing woman is really invaluable. I came to the class already well-educated and well-informed, but I still learned new things. More importantly, I learned more about my own needs and boundaries, and gained confidence in asserting them.

This was continued through the labor and delivery of my twin babies. I moved pretty quickly into active labor after my mucous plug came out, and Sharon came over early in the process, because she could tell I needed the support. She showed me that I had control even when I was in great pain, that I could modulate my voice and make choices in the moment. She helped protect the metal/emotional space in which I could do what I needed without worrying about anyone else. She helped me handle labor when I felt I couldn't.

Sharon believes in women as powerful people. She is excellent at providing specific and personalized support to each individual client. We are deeply grateful that she was our doula.

Robyn Hodges


Sharon was an immense help to me as well as my "team" which consisted of my mom and my husband, plus the midwives at the hospital whose care I was under. I wanted someone who was going to get me through transition, and did she EVER! I wanted a strong, supportive but firm voice to get me through it and she was just what the doctor ordered. I don't think I would have been able to achieve my goal of getting through my labor without an epidural without her. I achieved this despite also having to be induced with Pitocin, making my contractions very strong with nearly no rest in between. I felt completely unabashed at any noise I made as I knew Sharon had my back and had seen (and heard) everything since she has had so much experience. I was at first worried whether or not our personalities would match, but her "east coast" style of talking I knew would be just what I needed in a time when everything else seemed bleak. I was so appreciative also of how she worked with my mom and husband, stepping in to help facilitate, giving ideas of what positions and ideas we could try, but also letting them do a lot of the supporting as well. I was very satisfied with my birthing experience and I think much of it is due to her strong but flexible support throughout.

Kristine Karlson


Sharon turned a potentially terrifying and disempowering experience for me (a scheduled C-section for breach twins) into the best memory I could have possibly made from this birth. Thinking back, it's amazing that she was able to calm me down and turn the experience around, especially given that I don't react well to the usual touchy-feely methods of soothing someone. Thank you, Sharon! I don't even let myself think about how it would have been without you

Melissa M


The birth of our first child was a very long labor that involved being induced and resulted in an unplanned c-section. When we got pregnant with our second child, I knew I wanted to attempt a VBAC and also hire a doula to help us with that goal during labor. I had some anxiety about the risks involved with a VBAC, so when I came across Sharon's profile and saw how much knowledge she had on the topic and was a leader of the Seattle ICAN group, I felt like she would be an excellent person to have in the delivery room with us. Sharon was extremely personable from the time we first met her. We told her how our first labor went and I expressed my concerns about attempting a VBAC. Sharon gave me a lot of statistics about them and talked through a lot of the reasons why I was having anxiety. I left that meeting with her feeling strong and confident about our labor approach. Unfortunately, at 38 weeks we found out our baby was breech. I immediately called Sharon to find out what our options were. She literally laid out all of my choices, gave me some websites that have information on things I could do to try and get the baby to turn, and also gave me the number for a chiropracter who does a procedure to help turn babies. Unfortunately again, our baby did not turn in time and we had to have another c-section, but Sharon helped us come up a birth plan that allowed us to preserve as many things as we could from a natural birth so that we had the best cesarean we could. Sharon met us at the hospital at 6am on the day of my surgery, helped keep me relaxed beforehand, and was even able to be in the operating room with us. In the end, Sharon didn't help us in the way we initially envisioned (support during contractions, suggesting birth positions, etc), but she ended up helping us in every way we needed her to. She was a great resource and comfort before, during and after the birth.

Joni Gupta


Sharon was our birth doula for our second child.  We had two extensive meeting with Sharon before the due date.  Both meetings were extremely helpful in getting us mentally prepared for what was to come.  Throughout the entire pre-birth process, Sharon provided tons of useful information about everything from delayed cord clamping to induction procedures.  Anytime I had a question, I could contact her and she gave thoughtful and useful answers. During the birth, Sharon's voice was magic.  It really helped make the whole labor process as peaceful and relaxing as possible.  She was also my brain and an external brain is really helpful in labor. At one point during labor the nurse requested I change positions and gave 4 or 5 suggestions.  Sharon knew that I was dazed by the options and basically got me into a new, comfortable position and I didn't even have to remove myself from my laboring dream. After birth, Sharon helped with breast feeding and getting me fed.  It was really great having all my needs taken care of and not even needing to ask. Sharon is experienced enough to just know what a new mom needs. To top it off, she has a great sense of humor and is an enjoyable person to be around.

Jane Peterson


As a  homebirth midwife, I know the value of a doula in helping women give birth.  There was no way I was facing child birth without one. 

I've been lucky enough to see Sharon at work, so it was easy for me to feel perfectly comfortable hiring her and adding her presence to a small birth team. 

I ended up with the homebirth I planned.  Sharon came as soon as labor got rough, and coached me through a few contractions with all the tips I could not remember once I was in labor.  It really did help me cope with labor.  She kept me hydrated and kept the puke bowl nearby, just in case.  Her presence was a calm eye in the storm, me and her working together, while the midwives whirled around doing midwife-y stuff and my husband made the final preparations for baby and dealt with additional people in the house who had questions and needs and stuff to find.

Sharon was also my insurance against the unexpected.  It brought me no small amount of comfort to know that she was there for me if I experienced a complication - if I needed to switch to a hospital birth - well, Sharon would be a constant.  If I transfered in labor - again, Sharon.  If my husband freaked out and forgot everything from childbirth class, well, Sharon would fix it.  

I would hire her again in a heartbeat and strongly recommend her. 

Tiffany Nance


My husband and I were on the fence whether or not to hire a doula. Since I decided on having a natural birth at a hospital we felt that it was important to have lots of support and experience to back us up with that decision. Sharon came to us highly recommended by a friend. After our initial meeting with Sharon we decided to hire her because she seemed very knowledgeable, opinionated, experienced, and most importantly she had a good sense of humor. From the beginning Sharon was straightforward and very professional and asked us if we were interested in helping out a doula in training by having one of her students present. We were happy to help and felt very lucky to have two very knowledgeable doulas on hand. Throughout the 34 hours of labor Sharon was right there from the beginning to the end. She was available by phone during the first stages, then came to our house to help with labor pains, and stayed with us at the hospital until after our beautiful daughter came into this world. She was a great at stepping in when necessary but also worked very well with the hospital staff. She was also great at helping my husband be a great coach so much so that it made my husband feel confident with every situation. Overall we had an excellent experience and would not hesitate to hire Sharon again if we decide to have a second child.

Adam Merrill


My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Sharon, I highly recommend her!  Everything was fantastic, from the first meeting through the post-partum visits.  My wife had a fairly long labor and a big baby, I think having Sharon's support throughout labor was a key reason why my wife was able to avoid a C-section.  We'll definitely be calling her again if/when there's a baby #2 in our future.

Mary DeJong


Sharon was recommended to us as someone with specialized experience with VBAC/home births and upon meeting her it was clear that her conviction and confidence matched our own-if not exceeded it! We were inspired by her, her work and her bold faith that we succeed with a VBA2C. My husband and I attended her VBAC Saturday class, which was enormously helpful and encouraging. It gave us helpful tools and important reminders of the birth process and what to look forward to. I would highly recommend this class to anyone considering a VBAC. I also visited her VBAC support group, which was another opportunity to be heartened and inspired by other women and their stories of voicing, and pursuing, the birth that THEY wanted. When it was clear I was in labor, and my water had broken, Sharon came to our home and entered into the rhythm of labor seamlessly. She intuitively knew when to allow my husband to participate at my side, when to encourage him to do so, and when to be at my side herself. My labor progressed, as did the long slow hours, and Sharon-tirelessly and enthusiastically-stayed alert and ready to assist me with my contractions as well as facilitated various methods to aid in labor. Ultimately, I labored at home for over 48 hours. The whole time Sharon encouraged, challenged and supported me in my hope for a VBA2C. She also knew when it was time to transition my labor to the hospital where I might take advantage of other options to assist me and my labor. I appreciated this ability to honestly assess a situation and make a decision, that while not my ideal, was best for me, my birth and my baby. Ultimately, we delivered our dear Anna after almost 60 hours of labor (2.5 hours of pushing!)...VAGINALLY!!! I know that I could not have accomplished this hope with Sharon and her belief in me and the power of my body. I would recommend Sharon and her services, absolutely!

Rachel Oppenheim & Christian Woods


We are so glad that we chose Sharon Muza as the doula for the birth of our first child. Her vast experience was incredibly valuable to us before, during, and after the birth. She has a very extensive "bag of tricks" and was able to answer every question that we asked and troubleshoot every situation that arose. Our birth was not an easy one, and was much longer than we had anticipated. Sharon was available to us at every step along the way and was always supportive, pragmatic, and incredibly knowledgeable. Crucially, in approaching hospital personnel, Sharon was always an advocate for us. Her depth of knowledge and years of experience meant that she felt comfortable asking questions and pushing for our needs and desires. This improved our experience tremendously. She also visited our home for two post-partum visits, both of which were very comforting and helpful for us as new parents. We would highly recommend Sharon Muza as a birth doula.

Alicia Hemphill


Our experience with Sharon revolved more around the months leading up to my VBAC rather than the VBAC itself, mainly because the birth was very fast. But, Sharon and I spent a lot of time talking for several months as my husband and I decided whether to switch from a hospital birth to a home birth. We ended up choosing and achieving a wonderful homebirth, and are very grateful for Sharon's support all throughout for whatever our choice would have been.  Her presence at the birth was VERY calming, and it was wonderful to be cared for by her in the immediate post partum hours. We also felt she was genuinely concerned for us the first few weeks as we had a couple visits to check in and talk about how things are going. We love Sharon!  I have no doubt that if my labor was prolonged, she would have been there to support us the whole way, helping us to achieve an amazing VBAC.

Melissa Sherrard


Sharon assisted my husband and I with the birth of our daughter last August. From the first meeting through our last follow up meeting a few weeks after my daughter was born and beyond, she has been unfailingly supportive. Prior to the birth, our meetings were very helpful in preparing my husband and I for what the birth experience would be like. During the 24 hour+ labor, she stayed with us the entire time and helped us understand what was happening and what our options were every step of the way. She helped me feel both strong and calm, which are two very important elements in the birth process! She did a wonderful job giving my husband the ability to be involved in the birth, suggesting ways he could support me along the way, giving him breaks when he needed it, and giving us our time together when it was appropriate. Sharon offers two post-partum visits as part of her fee and I found those meetings were also very helpful as we were able to talk about what happened during the labor and delivery as well as some of the new challenges I had encountered and would soon encounter as a new mom--everything from labor recovery to breast-feeding and nutrition. She is one of the most knowledgeable, experienced and well connected doulas I'm aware of in the Seattle area. Everyone I know that is somehow connected to the birth community knows Sharon! We were happy to share our birth experience with Sharon and would highly recommend her.

Debbie Mitchell


Highly recommend Sharon for VBAC birth.  We had the birth we wanted, because she helped complete our support team, lent books for C-section prevention/education, and boost my self confidence throughout my pregnancy and during labor to have a successful VBAC.

She helped complete out support team, which included my husband, midwife, postpartum doula who took care of my toddler, and Sharon who assisted with the birth.  We took Sharon's VBAC class in Seattle (  Best $100 I've ever spent. Felt cathartic to deal with the negativity of having a C-section, feeling damaged/broken, hearing similar birth stories. Learned statistics, different positions for pain management and helping the baby get positioned properly, and other coping strategies to feel empowered and feel whole again.

The books that Sharon lent for C-section prevention/education helped me come to terms with my unwanted emergency c-section with my first child.  She recommended: Understanding the dangers of cesarean birth, Silent Knife Cesarean Prevention & VBAC, The VBAC Companion, and Ina May's Guide to Childbirth.  

Sharon helped boost my self confidence throughout my pregnancy and during labor for a successful VBAC.  Her mantra seemed to be "You're gonna rock this" and I started believing it throughout my pregnancy.  During labor, she helped put me at ease with different positions, continuous feedback on how well I was laboring and progressing, and positive affirmations to help deal with the pain.  I especially liked how Sharon kept talking about the baby's hair, how much progress I made with each push, and how the baby will be out soon while I pushed for an hour with our BIG 8 lbs 11 oz baby girl.

We couldn't have asked for a better birth.   


Karen Koll


How glad I am that we were able to hire Sharon Muza as our birth doula. As a couple planning to attempt a vbac, we needed solid guidance, advice, and support. We found all of the above in Sharon. In our prenatal meetings she took plenty of time to get to know us and learn about our history. She was clearly extremely well informed in all things birth related, and she reassured us about our hopes for a vbac while also making suggestions for how we could tip the odds in our favor. She was available for advice and support throughout the pregnancy. I especially appreciated this near the end, when I was starting to feel pressure to begin intervention that I didn’t believe to be necessary. “Trust your baby and your body,” Sharon advised, “They know what to do.” Her words bolstered me and gave me strength when I was starting to feel tired and concerned. We attended her vbac birth preparation class, which was fantastic. We came away from it full of practical information and emotional and intellectual vigor. During the birth, Sharon was a great cheerleader, forthcoming with helpful encouragement. When our baby was born, she joined us in joyful celebration. In the hours following, she took care of so many tasks for us, took photos, fed me my lunch, and held my hand when needed. Postpartum she has helped with breastfeeding and emotional challenges. I certainly and happily recommend her as a birth doula and a labor instructor.

Erin Cyger


Having Sharon as a doula at the birth of my son made all the difference. She was terrific! With both gentleness and strength, she quietly gave me encouragement and suggestions as I labored without medication. Her help in preparation for labor and delivery was also instrumental, guiding my husband and I through various coping techniques. Sharon is confident, knowledgeable and also has a fun sense of humor. I highly recommend Sharon.

Erin Spiess


Sharon is compassionate, supportive, straightforward, and insightful.  She knows how to give support without taking away from others, knows how to ask the right questions, and knows how to bring humor and levity all while being very compassionate.  During prenatal visits Sharon took the time to get to know my husband and I and really understand what our wants and needs were.  She was always available via phone or email to ask questions of or simply to talk to for support on anything related to the pregnancy and upcoming birth.  I also appreciated her desire to have updates after all our prenatal midwife visits.  

Sharon was incredibly supportive and available during my two days of prodromal labor and during the earlier hours of my active labor.  By the time she actually arrived at our house I felt as though she had been with us all along.  She knew immediately how to be helpful to both my husband and me.  Throughout a long and difficult labor Sharon somehow always knew what was needed and never overstepped her boundaries nor took away the role from my husband.  She helped my husband be so intimately involved in the birth, in ways that he wouldn't have known how to be without her guidance.  From physically putting food and water into my mouth after every single contraction, to assisting me in breathing and keeping my energy inside, to playing YouTube videos for humor, to reading passages from my BlessingsWay book, to holding my hands while in the tub, to offering new positions that involved the support of my husband, to taking countless photos of the labor and birth (without ever being asked)...Sharon was amazing!  She was no doubt an intricate piece in the success of our home VBAC.  



Mvr Rod


What can I say about Sharon that has not already been said before.  She was an incredible addition to our birth experience and without her knowledge and support I could not have had the amazing journey of birthing my son.  What started out as a VBAC, turned into a scheduled C-section.  Sharon was with me all the way throughout my journey and in the end with the birth of my son.  She was sensitive to our needs and was an expert in all things baby and birth related.  I can't recommend her enough.  I feel very blessed that I was able to connect with her in this special time in our family's life.

Christina Ruddy


I had a great birth experience, and much of that had to do with the fact that Sharon Muza was my Doula.  I felt Sharon really used the pre-birth meetings with my husband and I to get to know us, to learn what we wanted out of our birth experience, and to share her vast knowledge and resources with us.  During the birth, Sharon never took over, she came out of the woodwork and supported us as needed- often even before we knew we needed support.  My husband initially worried he would be replaced by a Doula-- he says now that wasn't the case at all.  Instead, Sharon would help, support, and suggest so he could concentrate on being there for me.  After the birth, I had some minor problems.  Sharon was there for me with advice, support, and calls way beyond what was expected.  I will always be grateful to her for that.

Take a look at Sharon's resume.  She is incredibly experienced, and knowledgeable- I would say one of the most experienced in town. We were very impressed.  She doesn't flaunt this, however.  It becomes evident with the way she works with you- she tailors her work to your needs and your wishes. I never found her to impose her beliefs on me.  As far as my husband and I are concerned, you cannot go wrong with hiring Sharon as your Doula.  If we ever have another child, we will use Sharon.  I can't imagine getting through the birth without her. 

Rosalind Hitchcock


Having Sharon as a part of our birthing team was invaluable.  She carried us through what was a very unplanned, scary experience for us and gave us the tools and information we needed to weave our way through hospital protocols and get the help we needed.  She was consistently there for our family before, during and after the birth with resources, support and genuine care.  Sharon is intuitive, calm, quick thinking and has a true gift for empowering women (and men) to make the best decisions for themselves and their baby.  She will always have a special place in our hearts and we highly recommend her.         

Janya Veranth


When asked to describe Sharon, my husband says it best: she was our guide. No truer words can be said about the woman who was our doula for three years before she attended the birth of our second son. Sharon lovingly helped guide us through cesarean recovery, a miscarriage, surgery for an ectopic pregnancy, and, ultimately, the hard decisions about where and how to pursue a hands-off, yet fully supported VBAC.
Over the last three years, Sharon answered all of my tear-filled phone calls and gently, yet firmly, handed me the shovel when I needed to dig deep. When we were finally expecting our second son, Sharon was an enthusiastic supporter of our strong baby and in my inherent ability to birth him. We initially planned a hospital VBAC, but began to feel unsettled with our decision. Sharon was there every step of the way and, while she never told us what to do or how to do it, we knew she would “go to the mat” for us in whatever choice we made. We ultimately decided on a home GBAC (garage birth after cesarean) and I have Sharon to thank for believing in me before I believed in myself.
On the day of our son’s birth, Sharon was the first to arrive at our birth house (my mother-in-law’s converted garage) and let in the labor tub crew to set up and fill the tub. I was in active labor when we arrived and dove straight into Sharon’s strong embrace. She was an ace at reading my cues and body language as I was firmly ensconced in ‘laborland’ and unable to speak. Sharon and my husband had a great rapport and several rounds of priceless banter that still get me laughing. She was equal parts comforting, uplifting, and downright funny!
Our childbearing journey was a rough and tender road and Sharon helped pave the way to a perfect, simple, and powerful GBAC. Thank you, Sharon, from the bottom of our ever-grateful hearts. We did it!!!

Jennifer Giblin


 The birth of my first child left much to be desired. Although we were ecstatic to have a beautiful, healthy baby, both my husband and I felt really unprepared and un-supported during labor and delivery. I walked away from that experience knowing there had to be a better way to have a baby.

We met with Sharon and two other doulas as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my second child. We chose Sharon for many reasons. Besides personality fit, Sharon had the experience and knowledge we sought. Sharon is a great listener, easy to work with, and flexible. She was always available in person, by phone and email during my pregnancy and afterwards. During our meetings with Sharon we learned so much. Sharon presented a great deal of information about birth options and taught us numerous coping/support techniques--which we applied during labor. I also learned many little tips about all things pregnancy and baby along the way.

Sharon helped normalize the birthing process, taught me to trust my body and work with the “sensations” of labor. Sharon was extremely present and encouraging to both my husband and I during my birth.

I entered this birth with confidence and excitement, and left this birth feeling amazed and deeply satisfied with the positive birth I experienced. Thanks, Sharon!!!

Amelia Kaune


After witnessing Sharon in action at a friend's birth, I knew she was the doula I wanted at my birth. Her calm presence, experience, and compassion are second to none. Though I would have loved to homebirth, medical issues necessitated I birth in a hospital. Sharon was instrumental in helping me create an atmosphere in the hospital where I was able to 'let go' and have the unmedicated birth I'd hoped for. Being a postpartum RN I didn't think I would need much help after the birth, but after my baby was unexpectedly hospitalized for a week, Sharon was right there providing advice, emotional support, home visits, and assistance with breastfeeding. It was invaluable and helped us successfully navigate the transition from life in the hospital to life at home. Thanks, Sharon!

Dahlia Levin, MSN, ARNP


 After moving to Seattle and finding the medical birth community very unsupportive of VBAC, I joined ICAN and found Sharon. My husband and I met with her early in my second pregnancy and found her to be very experienced, warm, knowledgeable, and most of all really believes at her core that women can birth normally. I should mention that my background is that I worked as a high-risk OB RN as well as an Ob/Gyn Nurse Practitioner doing prenatal care for many years, so I'm pretty picky when it comes to choosing my healthcare providers. In conjunction with my CNM, we had a great birth team. Sharon met with us several times prior to the birth to go over coping techniques, talk about concerns, etc. and she was always available to me by phone as well. Unfortunately I ran into some very challenging circumstances at the end of my pregnancy (going very post-dates) and Sharon was reassuring and kept me resolute in my decision to have a VBAC. I ended up having a very long and difficult labor which ultimately ended in another c-section, however it was my choice to have the c-section and I had a very positive experience with it this time around. When I was in labor, Sharon came to our house at midnight and stayed with us at our house until the next afternoon when we went to the midwife's office. She massaged me, helped with breathing techniques, made me & my husband food, and kept me going mentally. My husband and I both believe that we would have gone to the hospital much, much earlier if she wasn't with us. When I had the c-section, Sharon was with my husband and I in the OR, cut my husband's shirt open to have the baby be skin-to-skin right after birth, and stayed with us postpartum to assist with breastfeeding, which was very helpful. Sharon is one of the leaders of Seattle's birth community, teaching other doulas, attending many births, and also has great connections with many different birth providers in the area. She is the best!


Bernie Ruddy


I'm your typical over-educated first-born Northeasterner who has a science background, so when my wife mentioned that she would like a doula at the birth of our first child, my first thought was, "Whatever you want, babe."  My second thought was, "What's a doula?"  After I found out, and went looking, Sharon came highly recommended to us to by Penny Simkin and her staff.

We met Sharon and I believed that she would be exactly what I perceived a doula to be - a Pacific Northwestern hippie chick who'll ask us what kind of incense we want coupled with the Gregorian chants that accompany every birth here in Seattle.

I am here to say that I could not have more off base - - I could not have been more wrong.  

We met twice before the birth and she went over what to expect, from the gory details to the beauty that will be our child.  We practiced exercises, and she has a way of explaining things to me that resonated with my background.  She was fantastic, well educated, has an experience level that surpassed most people at the hospital,  and even quoted studies at the birth center when the nurses and midwives were asking us about a certain procedure and if we wanted it.  

She knew all the little things that would help my wife get through the birth naturally, something that was very important to her.  Her sense of timing was impeccable, from making my wife eat to making sure I ate!

I can't recommend her highly enough, and I think a big reason my wife and baby girl got through it as well as they did was directly due to Sharon.  Good luck to you all, and may you be fortunate enough to have a doula as great as Sharon Muza!!!

Vanessa Kohlhaas


I met Sharon through ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network) of Seattle after my first son was born by c-section after a homebirth transfer.  When I got pregnant with my second child, Sharon was one of the first voices of encouragement of a successful VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean.)  She wrote me, "The story is not written and NO ONE knows how it will end up! I believe in you, your body and your baby! And I know, deep down, you do too!"  It was an easy decision to hire her to be our doula.  I carried her trust in me through my pregnancy and into the birth, even when I doubted myself.  We were planning to have the baby in Seattle, but my labor came on really quickly so our midwife made the decision to come to us.  Sharon dropped everything to drive from Seattle to Whidbey Island.  She arrived and immediately offered special support when I needed it most.  During the birth, there were times I would begin to cry after pushing, not believing that this time would be different, wondering when I would be told that it was time to transfer. But, then I would hear Sharon whisper words of encouragement into my ear giving me strength to keep going.  And in the end, I was able to have a beautiful (albeit unexpected) home birth and such a sweet welcome into the world for my second son.  After he was born, Sharon made us all grilled cheese sandwiches, apple slices, and chocolate chip cookies -- such a simple act that meant so much.  Her visit and phone calls afterwards helped me to celebrate this birth, heal more from c-section birth, and adjust to becoming a mother to two.  I highly recommend Sharon as a doula.

stephanie reich


I moved to Seattle about 6 months before getting pregnant with my 4th baby.  Baby #3, just 1yo, was a VBA2C in Atlanta.  Since I knew nothing about the birth climate here, I joined ICAN and met Sharon.  I felt comfortable with Sharon right away.  Sharon was incredibly supportive and knowledgable - and having had a VBAC herself really understood what I was going through.

I came to doubt my  providers' support for my rpt VBA2c and mistrust some of what I was being told.  Sharon agreed to be my BS meter.   We had two great prenatal appointments as the big day approached.  As I got further past my EDD Sharon helped me deal with my worries about being transferred to OBs at 42w.  (Fortunately, I went into labor before then.)

During my birth Shaon was great - encouraging, supportive of me & my husband, making sure I was staying bydrated between contractions, reminding me to use my voice and to ride out the contractions.  When my contractions were so intense that I couldn't get out of the birthing tub, she literally lifted me out!  I remember Sharon telling me the whole time I could do it, telling me she knew it was hard but that I could do it, if I wanted pain meds that was o.k. but lets try one more thing (we'd agreed on that tactic in the prenatal visits b/c in my mind epidural = cesarean). 

Sharon's belief that I could again birth vaginally helped me immensely in the midst of my own self doubt and mistrust of my care providers.  She really gave me the strength to be able to choose what I would consent to as opposed to "routine" procedures being done to me.  I would have had a very different experience had she not been part of my birth team - one that was not as joyful nor memorable in such a positive way.  My husband and I can't recommend Sharon enough.  

Dan Woodman


My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Sharon.  Because of the timing of our arrival, we asked Sharon to teach a private class in our home, which she readily obliged.  Although I have an 11yo daughter, I never learned as much nor as much of the _really important stuff_ about the childbirth process as I did from Sharon.  She was brilliant at both informing both of us about our son's pending arrival, as well as putting us at ease.  It wasn't just a valuable afternoon, all of us (including our dula) laughed our butts off.  I can't think of a more informative, more enjoyable way to learn about the whole birth experience.  Thank You, Sharon, for a great class and a fantastic afternoon!  -dw and rs 

Lisa Traxler


We hired Sharon for the birth of our first child last summer.  We had interviewed a couple other doulas but chose Sharon.  Our goal was an unmedicated non-hospital birth center birth, even though I am a total wimp with a very low pain threshhold.  One key reason I was drawn to Sharon is that I knew she could help me achieve this goal by keeping me focused and helping me breathe through the contractions.  I knew she wouldn't let me get away with giving up!

I really give her credit for helping us achieve an almost ideal birth.  She helped keep me hydrated and fed, helped me try different positions, aimed the hand-held shower at my back, led us all in a very effective breathing mantra and helped keep me sane.  She also relieved my husband so he could rest a bit here and there.

After the birth, I had really terrible hemorrhoids that kept me in bed for about 10 days, so Sharon came over several times to help us optimize our living space and she raided the kitchen to prepare and amazing cooler full of snacks.  She also brought over some herbal bath teas that were very helpful.

I would highly recommend Sharon and look forward to using her again if I decide to have a second baby!

Sara Easterly


After interviewing several doulas, we chose Sharon Muza because of her immense experience, degree of client support, and, frankly because we clicked with her easygoing, witty, and passionate-about-birth nature.

She’s doula’d more than 100 births… teaches incoming doulas for the Seattle Midwifery School… and also teaches various childbirth education classes throughout the community. In comparison to the other doulas we met with, Sharon offers so much more to her clients – 2 prenatal visits, 2 postnatal visits, and is very active throughout the birth. Our prenatal visits before the birth of our first daughter were incredibly helpful – I was quite frightened of labor and Sharon really helped get me in the right mindset via a labor simulation, relaxation/meditation tools, practice exercises, and access to her video library. As a result of the prep, along with Sharon’s generosity and energy throughout the labor, and her knowledge and confidence in questioning the need for unnecessary interventions, the birth was completely perfect. After the birth, she was so helpful with breastfeeding support, reminiscing over the birth, doling out survival tips, and keeping us laughing and sane. I worked hard to keep my expectations low with our second baby’s birth, because I was afraid that there was no way it could top the birth of our first. But again, thanks to Sharon’s support and faith in me and us as a couple, that birth was also perfect – even better than perfect, actually, blowing me away with how smooth and calm it was… which would not have been the case without Sharon. As my husband said in the midst of early labor, I was tense and frantic until we called her with updates, then suddenly I was happy, calm, coping, and fine.

I hope you’ll consider Sharon as your doula. We truly can’t say enough glowing things about her.

Meghan Eagen, CNM, ARNP


I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon often, and wholeheartedly recommend her services.  As a labor nurse, I frequently worked with doulas, and Sharon has a special knack for empowering her patients within the hospital setting while still maintaining strong professional relationships with the midwives, physicians and nurses who care for her clients.  She is a cheerleader, a coach, an advocate, a mediator, and a knowledgeable voice for her families.  It has been my honor to attend births with her clients, and I look forward to working with her as a midwife. 

Mitzi Zauner


I had no idea what a doula was and after doing some research, a doula was exactly what we needed for the birth of our baby. We interviewed a couple and Sharon was the obvious choice for us. After our initial meeting, we followed up to see if she was able to fit us into her birthing schedule and to our relief, she took us on as clients. Sharon was extremely professional and we learned a lot from her vast knowledge and suggested advice (I wish I would have contacted her earlier, she would have saved us time & money on things we did not need). Not only were her teaching techniques extremely informative and helpful, she also provided excellent reference material. In addition she is very well connected in the birthing community and was able to recommend many excellent resources. I can honestly say she was the most important factor in preparing my husband and I for the most life changing event of our life. From our initial meeting, we felt a strong connection with Sharon. Her advice and wisdom were very much appreciated and her wonderful sense of humour helped us through some difficult times. We would highly recommend Sharon, she is experienced, educated, intelligent, caring, sympathetic, straight forward, tell it like it is, hilarious and above all a doula who wants the best for you. She truly is amazing and I felt very blessed to have had her be a part of such a significant event in our life. Now that the birth is over, I not only consider her an excellent doula, I also consider her a good friend.

jodi rockwell


What role can a doula play if your baby is breech and you are faced with a C-section? 

Sharon, a natural teacher, educated me on the actual risks of breech rather than the presumed risks. She suggested I consider a midwife assisted homebirth.  I grew to trust her advice because she considered my personal history with giving birth (she supported me through my first birth which was natural and remarkably smooth), she understands the politics behind protocol in hospitals (she is good at reminding me I am empowered when it comes to my birth, not the hospital) and she knew midwives who were experienced enough to do deliver a breech (she knew more than my midwife in this case). 

I eventually chose a midwife in Portland (Andaluz Water Birth Center) experienced with 26 breech births; my breech baby was birthed without any complications.  Sharon could not accompany me there, but I would not have gotten there without her support, her educational information and vast resources.  It was a very difficult decision and I counted on her wisdom and belief in me to have the natural birth I was seeking.  I am so thankful that I was able to avoid a C-section and I know I could not have done that without Sharon.

Johanna Trobough


In a world that can be less than supportive of moms attempting vaginal births after cesarean sections, it was Sharon who planted the idea in my mind that not only could I achieve my VBAC, but I could do so in an environment and manner that felt comfortable and safe for me. At times during my pregnancy I felt scared, angry, and defeated. When this happened, Sharon was inevitably my sounding board and knowledgeable mentor--always helping me to regain my focus, shut out the naysayers, and find my inner strength.

By the time my labor started, I was as ready for my unmedicated, homebirth as any woman could be. And yet, when I hit "transition", the most challenging part of labor for many women, I began to feel overwhelmed and unsure how to cope. I remember calling out for Sharon, who then knowingly placed her reassuring, confident hand against my face, looked me in the eyes and reminded me that I could do this. And so I did.

Sharon was crucial to my success. Thanks to her help, her unwavering belief in me, in the power of all women, and in the process of Birth, I had the VBAC I had so desperately wanted. Thank you Sharon, from the bottom of my heart.

Sabine Asher


I had a succesful natural VBAC birth with Sharon. She was so very supportive and knowledgable and I always felt that she was the only one who really believed in me. Having her with me made the big difference. I felt heard and safe. She is a wonderful person and great doula. I would highly recommend Sharon to anybody!!

Cammy Singh


Sharon has been instrumental in both my deliveries and I cannot imagine a birth without Sharon being there. I was truly blessed to have had short labors with both pregnancies, but Sharon’s presence, her guidance, her encouragement and her support aided me much. She breathes a sense of calm, and this along with her positive attitude helps make the birthing process a whole lot easier. Those last few intense moment of labor was when I heard Sharon’s voice the most; her encouragement, her reinforcement that yes I can do it, her caring nature in hydrating me in between, her breathing with me and massaging my back all contributed much towards the beautiful deliveries I had. I commend her for her expertise, skill and knowledge as a doula and her loving nature makes her a friend to all. I highly recommend Sharon as a doula to anyone and I truly am an advocate for doulas and will support them and their work in making birthing a beautiful experience.

Tim Hunter


We just wanted to thank you for all you have done to make the birth of our first child the most amazing event of our lives. We distinctly remember during our interview process that you envisioned creating a “ring of support” to help guide us through this journey. It was also during this interview that you shared one of your greatest client compliments ... something to the effect of “you allowed us to be closer as a husband and wife team during labor and childbirth than we thought possible”. We couldn't agree more. I know that your support, encouragement and general presence, raised Michelle’s level of strength to another level. Your insight in varying labor positions (did we set a record for greatest number of different positions?!) and providing encouraging words and guidance were invaluable. Your preparedness for the situation at hand was second to none ... from having goo for energy boosts, to a hand held fan, to battery powered flickering votive lights, etc. In general, you created a birthing environment destined for success and for that we are forever thankful.

Not only did we take this incredible journey with childbirth, but we were also fortunate enough to venture into the world of doulas. I remember thinking in our birth class what in the world is a doula and why would we need them? Soon after we began talking to friends who hired doulas, we realized that not one of them regretted the decision to hire a doula. In fact. one friend said that it shouldn’t be a question of hiring a doula but a question of how many doulas you could have present at the birth. We couldn’t agree more and feel extremely blessed to have had both of you present creating a truly amazing “ring of support”.

Jen Hargrove


Sharon was everything we could have asked for in a doula eventhough we didn't know it yet when we hired her.  From the beginning she helped us plan and prepare for the homebirth of our first child through thought provoking questions and exercises as well as providing information and resources.  When we found out things weren't going to go as we had planned at 36 weeks (baby was breech), Sharon helped us deal with and process so much of what that entailed.  Sharon helped us to smoothly navigate a medical/hospital system that we did not think we'd ever be apart of by providing support and information.  When the time came, the birth that we had was not at all the birth we had hoped and planned for, but Sharon helped us to keep to our goals and values during a time that we might otherwise have felt helpless.  Looking back, our birth was awesome and I have so many good memories that she enabled us to have.  

Anna Jaross


When we first met Sharon during our interview process (20 weeks pregnant) we immediately knew that she was the perfect match for our needs.  I'm not sure if it was her witty sense of humor, or her obvious passion for advocating for women and the birthing process, whatever it was, we made a connection with Sharon right away, and I felt like we understood each other.  Being a VBAC candidate, I was determined to do everything in my power to not have another C-Section; I knew that she was the Doula for us.  Our prenatal meetings and communication throughout our pregnancy really helped put my mind at ease that I would have a successful vaginal delivery.  Sharon was a wealth of information regarding prenatal care, labor and postpartum care.  After having a C-Section (baby girl was Frank Breech) it was always stuck in my mind that there was something anatomically wrong with my body, and that was why my baby was breech.  Sharon helped me to understand that my body was MADE to birth a baby, and it would know what to do.  This time around, our baby boy was positioned head down, whew!  I'm proud to say that we birthed our baby boy vaginally, with the most amazing Doula at our side, cheering me on.  It was the most unbelievable experience.  Sharon's encouragement, wisdom and belief that I could do it were the main contributing factors in helping me to have a successful VBAC.  Thank you, Sharon. :)

Laura Geiger


We feel so fortunate to have had Sharon by our side and advocating with and for us, every step of the way, throughout our birth experience. We were VBAC canidates and we were very focused on having a good opportunity to have a successfull VBAC...and we did! Sharon was supportive, confident and well-informed which helped to guide our decision making process from the beginning all the way through the birth of our second daughter. From prenatal vists through post-partum care, Sharon knew how to be supportive to us intellectually, physically and emotionally. Sharon comes highly recommended by us to anyone looking for a doula. We would not do it again without her.     

Jessica Loetel


Sharon was wonderful! I had the idillic home and water birth, lasting less than 20 hours from the first contraction to the birth of our beautiful son. I have worked extensively in health care at the bedside, and know the value of supportive care. Sharon has been there for me in the weeks before, reviewing what our wishes were, what we could expect, and additional pregnancy support. She was wonderful during the labor experience, making sure I was well fed and hydrated, holding my hand, encouraging me to try different and supportive positions, and coaching and supporting my husband. Postpartum, Sharon has been available to answer any questions I've had about nursing, newborn care, and adjust to a postpartum body.

With the support and love I received from Sharon before, during, and after the birth of our son, I'm confident that she was an integral part of what I consider an easy pregnany, labor, and postpartum period. I can recommend her to anyone, because I will be using her services again with our next child.

Cory Sebastian


We can't thank you enough for helping us through our birth experience.  I am certain it would not have been as positive without you!  You gave us a great deal of confidence in our abilities and decision-making, and I think that made all the difference.  It felt really good to walk into the hospital knowing we had you to guide us.  Instead of being terrified, we felt very empowered, and as a first time mom and dad-that was exactly what we needed.  You are an amazing doula!  You played such an active role in our birth, and before and after as well.  You also coached us right on through the delivery, where Jeff and I could have easily slipped into panic.  We are so grateful for that!  I am also very thankful you helped me feel good about my birth experience, even though it wasn't the natural childbirth that I wanted.  I accomplished something great!  I am very proud of myself and Jeff too, and we couldn't have done it without you!


Jenni Wagner


Like so many first time parents, we were given so much information that we were confused about the priorities of what we really needed at the birth. We didn't think a Doula was nessicary . It wasn't until we were faced with a tragedy that we decided we needed support.

six months into my pregnancy my partner fell down the stairs and broke several bones and had swelling and bleeding in his brain. We were so scared and fearful for his life that we kind of forgot we had this baby coming, I never concidered a Doula before because we had our midwives. We didn't realize how invaluable Sharon really was until the first meeting with her. We knew at that moment we couldn't birth without her. She brought to us a compassion and confidence that was truely a gift in the midst of chaos. We were unsure if Bert was even going to be at the birth, so it was important for me to create a team of amazing people to be there for me.

Sharon was so kind and informative she literally whispered in my ear calming and enpowering words to help me through a very emotional birth.We could not have had the experience we had with out her and we were blessed to have her at the birth of our daughter.

Cindy Moulder


Sharon helped me to identify, and then create, the perfect birth experience for myself, my husband, and our baby. She was knowledgeable when I needed information, compassionate when I needed a friendly ear, supportive when I needed a backbone, and strong when I sought security. Sharon has a gift for giving you the pieces to the puzzle, but allowing you to put them together as you see fit. She is a strong advocate for choices in birth, and taught me to listen to my own intuition about what choices were right for me and my baby. I will always be grateful to Sharon for helping me to see what is possible, for guiding me through the many choices I made, and for helping me achieve a completely natural and peaceful VBAC.

Jodi Rockwell


Sharon’s advice and wealth of information proved invaluable every time for me. Even at the interview she suggested a group of midwives who became a perfect fit for my partner and me. All of us worked together so harmoniously during labor that the hospital staff and midwives claimed, “This is exactly why we do what we do.” Sharon lead us through an experience that could have been intimidating, frightening and painful, yet because of her deep understanding of the birth process as well as our personal choices, my labor was empowering and surprisingly enjoyable. Through the most difficult contractions, Sharon followed my breathing style and helped me keep a rhythm until she knew I had peaked and was coming down from the intensity. I relied on her wholeheartedly for each one until the excitement of pushing arrived. After the birth of Cash, Sharon showed me her favorite football hold position for nursing him and he took to it effortlessly, bringing our new family confidence and joy. Her guidance prepared us well and now our birth story includes a high recommendation for hiring an experienced doula, especially for first time parents.

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