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Diana Walker

Nurturing Arms, CD(DONA), BS, RN, MSW

Noblesville, IN Service range 60 miles

(317) 919-0905


Birth Fee

$850 to $900

Birth Fee

$850 to $900

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 80 births attended

Doula Training

Not Specified

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 2

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Review birth process in home classes. I accompany all parents to hospital. Constant presence during labor and birth 1-2 hours after birth or until everyone is stable. Post partum visit in hospital. I visit family 4-5 days after birth in their home. Photography immediately after baby is born.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births

College Education



Special Services Offered

  • Antepartum doula support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth counseling for survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • Henna belly designs
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Parenting consulting
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reflexology
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Therapist or counselor

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

-Worked as staff Doula for Community North Hospital. -Creator and member of medical outreach committee - Down Syndrome Indiana

Noblesville, IN Service range 60 miles

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Client Testimonials for Diana Walker

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Paulo Figorelli


Working with Diana was the best support we could have had. In our second pregnancy we hired Diana to be our doula and all support that she provided from the very first call until after the delivery was an amazing experience.


From short to long calls, from enumerous text messages and lessons Dana guided us through this pregnancy and supported us to have the most amazing experience, jsut as my wife wanted.


Thank you so much Diana.



Diana was a wonderful Doula and a very important part of our pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum experience.  Diana played a huge role in making both the days leading up to delivery and the actual delivery less stressful and a smooth experience. 

From the day we hired Diana she worked with us to make sure we felt comfortable going into the delivery.  She came to our house every other week to go through the different situations that might occur, the options we had in regards to medical intervention and crafting our birthing plan.  Before we even got to the actual labor/delivery we had already spent many hours with Diana and felt very comfortable with her; she knew exactly how we hoped the labor would go and understood our personalities and how best to work with us.  This gave us a lot of peace going into delivery.

Diana was with us every step of the way during delivery and I am confident had she not been there it would not have gone as smoothly as it did. She worked with my husband to help him coach me and keep me focused and she was wonderful with the nurses and doctors.

Beyond pre-delivery and delivery, Diana went above and beyond her duties.  She has stayed in touch with us since our little girl was born and is always available to answer any questions we have.  She even brought me to the emergency room when my husband was unavailable to take me (this was postpartum).  Diana would drop anything to support and help her clients.  She truly does this because she loves it and loves her clients.

Both my husband and I would highly recommend Diana. She was knowledgable, selfless, and brought us so much comfort throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Tynessa Franks


I would highly recommend Diana for doula services. I was new to Indianapolis and fairly late in my pregnancy (~7 months along) when I reached out to her. She went above and beyond to make herself available and to ensure that we fit in teaching sessions to cover all of the material she typically offers. Before hiring Diana, I researched a couple other doula services, and I believe her flexibility and personable approach sets her apart. This was my second pregnancy. I did not have a doula for the first pregnancy, and I definitely had more knowledge and was more aware of my choices going into this labor/delivery. 

You'll be in great hands if you work with Diana! 

Jenni Grafton


We had a great experience using Diana as our birth doula. She came to our house numerous times leading up to the birth and took her time going over breathing, relaxation, positions, massage, basic newborn care, ect. She provided us with many handouts and books about pregnancy, labor and newborn care. This was my first child and we wanted to be prepared so we took several birth classes along the way. In the end we felt Diana was the most informative out of all the resources we used. I ended up having a pretty long hard labor and she was there with us every step of the way; including spending three long nights in the hospital and getting sent home the first two for not progressing. I'm not sure how I would have handled it all without Diana there to guide us! She was availale by phone or text 24/7 from the moment we hired her until well after the birth. It is obvious that she trully cares about her clients and made us feel like family!

Ashley Nixon


I cannot recommend Diana enough! She was referred to us by a friend of ours, and after having a very terrible experience with a previous doula, I wasn't sure I wanted to use one for our second child. Diana worked with us and quickly put my fears and anxiety at ease. I had a wonderful natural birth experience, and it was truly because of her and all of the care and teaching she did to prepare us for this journey. She kept the room calm and quiet, listened to me, reminded me how to breathe through contractions. I remember holding and squeezing her hand through contractions, and just knowing she was there supporting me was so comforting. She was truly a source of strength for both me and my husband. We love Diana dearly!

Alice Smith


I don't even know where to start! In preparation, Diana met us for several meetings/classes in the comfort of our home. She taught us various pain management techniques, massage, relaxation, stretches for pregnancy, basic newborn care, etc. It was all quite useful. She visited more often and was more involved than I expected both before and after the birth. She does whatever it takes to make sure you feel ready, you and baby are doing good, and you have the support you need. She was very generous with her time and really made sure it felt like a doula-mother relationship and not just a doula-client relationship. I would definitely recommend Diana to any friend if she is available on your date and I would use her again for any future children.

Diana was invaluable to my birth experience. As a first time mom, I was hoping for an unmedicated birth, but in a hospital so I knew I'd need a doula as an advocate. Diana prepared my husband and I for all the possible scenarios of L&D and helped us make a birth plan at one of the earlier meetings. I'm glad she made us so prepared because it turned out my baby went 9 days past his due date and the hospital wanted me induced. Diana helped me stay as close to my birth plan as I wanted to and was able to despite being induced. She empowered me to make informed decisions on steps I needed to take with the progession of labor even if they didn't completely align with my birth plan. Birth does not always stick to your plan - a lesson I learned! It was great having Diana work with me the whole time during labor and until we got settled after. Your comfort and health and safety during labor are her primary concern. 

Lindsey Bullinger


Diana was the best decision we made regarding our childbirth. She is very knowledgable, compassionate, and understanding, and truly wanted to work with us to understand what our desires and preferences were. She is uniquely skilled as both a doula and an RN - able to empathize and communicate effectively with the medical staff during labor - something we valued quite highly. She helped educate us through several one-on-two meetings during pregnancy, prepared us for a variety of scenarios, came to our house as soon as we suspected I was in labor, was a phenomenal birth coach and patient advocate, stayed with us in the hospital until we agreed we were comfortable, and visited us several times postpartum. She goes above and beyond for her clients - for example, she called me while she vacationed internationally to check on me postpartum - and has become such a trusted and valuable resource during our childbirth and postpartum experience. We are now several weeks postpartum and we continue to ask her for advice. We are so thankful we had her as our guide during our first pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

Erika Vladovich


I don’t know what I would have done without Diana! Throughout my entire pregnancy Diana has always been a calming presence. She makes me feel like I can accomplish what is ahead of me, even when it feels daunting. My husband and I have said numerous times that we couldn’t have done this without her. 

When I first met Diana I felt comfortable, like I could tell her anything. She made it clear that she was there to support me in any decision I made. Even in our consultation she was already asking me how I was feeling and giving me advice. She spent two hours with me that day and never made me feel rushed.

I called Diana to let her know I wanted to work with her and she was just as excited as I was. I worked with Diana from my 3rd month.  In the beginning there isn’t as much to prepare for, but Diana addressed all my concerns and questions. And I had a lot! I let her know that I wanted to be prepared, but I didn’t want to know every little detail about pregnancy and giving birth. She assured me that this was perfectly ok. And when I received some difficult news after one of my OB appointments, I called Diana and she met with me that day so we could talk it through and she counseled me to feel better. 

I went into labor at night and headed to the hospital at 2:30am.  Diana was with me the entire time.  She never left my side and helped me to follow all my wishes. Even my silly wishes…I didn’t want my husband to see the action that was going on “down there” and Diana made sure to hold up my maternity gown every time I pushed!

Now that my baby is almost 7 weeks old, Diana is still there to help and support me as I’m healing from giving birth. She has also helped me navigate how to be a new mom and provided guidance when I had questions about my baby. Simply put she is AMAZING and I am so grateful she was recommended to me :)

Amanda Brown


I was pregnant with my first and told only my closest friends the exciting news. One of those friends immediately referred me to Diana. She told me all about her kind heart and expert advice that had made her pregnancy and labor a wonderful experience. I didn’t know a thing about doulas but I also didn’t know a thing about being a mother! So I took a chance. When I met with Diana I was certain she was going to be what I needed to calm my nerves and give me strength to take on the unknown fears of pregnancy and motherhood. I couldn’t have been more right. She met with my husband and I numerous times in the comfort of our home teaching us every skill and necessary knowledge needed to get through this life-changing experience. At 36 weeks I found out I had no amniotic fluid left and I had to be induced immediately. You’d think I’d be absolutely terrified and unprepared for this news, but truly, I was ready for this unexpected change in my birth plan. Diana had prepped me for every possible detour and it eased my fears. The day I found out I had to be induced, Diana was at the airport about to board a plane for a short trip to the east coast. A premature birth of course wasn’t expected, but Diana retrieved her luggage and told the airline crew I have to be somewhere else right now and won’t be boarding. She was at the hospital with us within an hour. That’s the thing about Diana, her clients come first. She won’t let you down and she definitely makes sure you don’t ever feel alone. She was involved in every single step of the way until our son entered the world almost 48 hours later.

Tanya Conner Woodward


Our family used Diana Walker as our doula for both deliveries of our children.  We used her for a hospital birth with our first and an at home birth with our second.  Both times Diana was a wealth of knowledge and support and we could not have had as successful of deliveries without her.  We preferred as natural of a birthing process as possible with both, and Diana was sure to be our advocate and supporter in this wish, especially when in the midst of labor, when your mind is farthest from focusing on your birth plan.  

Something further to note, Diana was able to provide even more services when we did the at home birth, as she was not tied to the parameters set up previously when she worked for the hospital.  She did several preparation meetings with us prior to the birth and was sure to visit several times afterwards to ensure a smooth postpartum for mom and baby.  We think of Diana as part of our family, as she was there to help with ensuring smooth deliveries, during two of the most special moments of our lives.  

I highly recommend Diana for anyone considering using a Doula.  She is such a wonderful, caring person with great bedside manners that truly has a passion for what she does.  There is no doubt about that!  

Courtney Wiser


I think the most important thing for pregnant women and especially new moms to know is that no matter how much planning you do for your labor and delivery, you cannot actually plan how it will happen. Diana prepared me for every possible scenario through her explanations of what labor is like and how it progresses to what will happen during a C-section. I loved meeting with her monthly to discuss how I was feeling and practice breathing and relaxation techniques; however, I would say her most valuable moments were during my labor. I was set on having a natural birth, but things do not always go as planned. I started laboring at 10:00 pm without any sleep and my contractions were 5 minutes apart.  I labored for about 5 hours when Diana thought we should go to the hospital.  Once at the hospital, I was checked, but only measuring at 1 cm.  The nurses said the reason for this was because my son was posterior and not on top of my cervix, therefore my contractions were ineffective. And here is where Diana shined! Something they do not really tell you during your doctors appts or hospital visits, is that the nursing staff, although wonderful, is not really there to help you handle situations like this. Diana immediately said we need to get you moving so that he can shift. I walked the halls, did squats (yes, I said squats), was on all fours, etc. I did everything Diana said to help things change. An hour later, they checked me again and my son had moved into the proper position. I was then able to continue laboring as planned, but I know that without Diana I would have had a C-section. I also received a lot of compliments on my breathing techniques from the nurses and doctors. In addition, Diana was there for me afterwards to check on me for days and weeks. She has become a part of my family and I look forward to using her again for my next pregnancy. 

Anna Carey


Diana was exactly what I needed to get through the birth of my second child. My first baby was a looooong, difficult labor and I was afraid of the same thing happening again so I looked around for a doula that would help make the second birth a bit better. It was great having Diana in my life for what I think might be called "complementary medicine". In the months before the birth she showed my husband how to massage my back to lessen the pain, taught me that dried cherries lessen cramps and generally educated the whole family.

She set aside a couple hours to teach my 5 year old about babies in a way that really helped when her sister came. Diana also helped us come up with great ways for my oldest daughter to feel included.

When it was time for the birth, I was so thankful to have Diana around. I went through 3 shifts of nurses before I delivered, but Diana stuck with me the whole time. I had a 24 hour labor and 2 hours of pushing and I don't think I could've gotten through it without her. She was a source of strength and really helped keep me (more) comfortable and safe. She had a lot of good tricks. She showed me ways to position myself to be more comfortable and came prepared with a great bag of tricks like massagers and essential oils that magically halted my nausea in its tracks. The last L&D nurse I had was not so good (and thankfully stopped being a L&D nurse that week) but Diana did a great job of advocating for me.

I've already recommended her to a friend who also thinks she's great and wouldn't hesitate to hire her again if for some crazy reason we decide to have another child. :)

Justin Wiser


I am so grateful for Diana.  Diana was there for us for the birth of our first child.  Her "training" classes were very informative and convenient.  She worked with our schedules and the sessions were at our home.  Because of Diana's support on the day of birth (technically days, Sunday to Monday night), we will ask her to be there for us if we are blessed with more children.  Diana's knowledge and advocacy skills are amazing and truly made a difference.  

Gabrielle Caron


When I met Diana, I was still a bit unsure of what a Doula was...But after meeting with her, I decided that this was the perfect addition to my birthing experience. Since I'm not from Indiana, I also loved the idea of having extra support during the process. As I hear from other friends who are pregnant talk about the long hours they've spent in a classroom for birthing classes, I realize how lucky I was that Diana was in my life. She brings the birthing classes to you at your convenience. That is perfect for two busy working parents-to-be! Not to mention- she is always a phone call away. My husband appreciated that there was someone like Diana that could help him to support me through the pregnancy and birth. For a first-time father, he found her knowledge and experience to be invaluable.

Even though my birth did not go as I had planned (which they seldom do), Diana was a great resource and liaison between us and the medical team. Since we came up with the birth plan together, she was my advocate. When so many things are going on during the birth, it does cloud your vision. It was good to have a reminder that this is my birth experience and to be present in the moment.

Having Diana as your doula is the whole package- personalized birthing classes, on-call anytime, help constructing a birth plan, there to assist you at the birth and be your advocate, there to take photos after the birth so you don't have to worry about getting someone to capture those first moments, keeps a journal of your birth experience so you always have the memory, and meetings after the birth to check up on baby and check for postpartum issues/depression. Plus, she becomes a friend. I would highly recommend her to anyone- as I already have to all of my pregnant friends!

Danielle Houser


I can not say enough good things about my experience with Diana as my doula. It was very important to me that I deliver my first baby naturally with no medication and if it weren't for Diana I truly believe this would not have been possible. She helped me remain calm, provided direction for my husband who otherwise would have been lost in anxiety and fear, and guided me to the very last push. When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby she was on the top of my list of people to call. She has gone above and beyond my expectations throughout my pregnancy. My husband and I made the decision to have a home birth this time around and I can not tell you how helpful she has been throughout this process. I have been in contact with her at least once if not twice a week. She is always there to calm my fears and rid my anxiety. Anticipating the pain that accompanies labor can be very anxiety provoking but knowing that I have Diana in my corner really helps lessen that fear. She is not only my doula she has grown to be a friend of the family and we always look forward to our meetings with her. I would recommend Diana to anyone.

Lea Lundquist


Words can’t describe how thankful I am Diana was my doula! I had 2 very long, hard, natural labors that I wouldn’t have made it through without her. My husband & I are a unique couple and with our eldest I wanted a doula but was concerned we would have hard time finding a good fit. Diana is incredible! She is strong, smart, funny, and she exudes love and support- which is exactly what you need in the delivery room. I was induced with my daughter at 4pm on a Tuesday and she wasn’t born until 4am on Thursday –the whole time Diana was there by my side to give exactly the support we needed at that moment. My body went through every emotion and physical feel possible in that time, and with her experience and awareness she knew exactly what I needed in each stage of the process. During the pregnancy she provides exceptional support- being a nurse she gave great advice whenever I had a medical question or wanted to get her thoughts on what my doctor said, and she also worked with me to prepare labor techniques that would work for my body. When I got pregnant with my son I couldn’t imagine having him without her. The best part about her is that she listens to you (and during labor sometimes it feels like no one is listening to you but is working from monitors and manuals) and she makes sure everyone in the room is doing what you need to have the safest and best birthing experience. She explained everything that was happening and anytime I got nervous she reassured me and made sure I knew exactly what was going on. I have nothing but wonderful things to say and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lauren Abbott


Diana was a Godsend! I had heard that she was pretty amazing from a mutual friend, so when I found out I was pregnant she was the second person I contacted (yes, my husband was the first!). I was so scared of pregnancy and the birthing process as this was my first time, and Diana didn't belittle those fears or make me feel like I was ridiculous or irrational. She was available day and night for me to talk to, so much so that my husband would often be the one suggesting I contact her because she was so reliable. What I especially loved was that I knew I could always run a question by her, and she was very honest on whether that was something I needed to contact my OB about or not, and she even coached me on what to say using a more medical lingo as she is also a RN. I will say without going into too many details that my pregnancy was not one without concerns. My husband and I had our fair share of stress and scary moments; however the amount of stress we had in dealing with those situations was certainly reduced having Diana on our team. My pregnancy resulted in an emergency C-section, and I was so prepared for just about any situation thanks to Diana that I honestly did not recognize myself in handling that news and going through that process with the confidence, determination, and lack of fear I believe I possessed. What's more, Diana did not see that her "job" stopped once our baby was delivered. She truly invests herself into her families; Diana checked up on us in the hospital and visited us in the NICU in the following week and also checked on me once we were settled at home. If my husband and I are so lucky to get pregnant again, she will probably be the first person I contact next time just so I can make sure I get on her calendar! Thank you so much, Diana!
Love, Lauren, Micah and Lucas Abbott

Molly Scheller


A friend of mine encouraged me to meet with Diana after she had worked with her the year prior, but I was pretty skeptical that I would actually be interested. I didn't even really understand what a doula was, but I agreed to meet her. After we had lunch, I had a complete change of heart. As a first time mom, I was terrified about the entire process of being pregnant, delivering a baby, and being a mom. Diana was a source of knowledge, encouragement and comfort throughout the entire journey for both me and my husband.

Each time we met during my pregnancy, I felt empowered and more prepared to take on the dreaded delivery. She helped us write up a birth plan and served as our advocate during the delivery of our son. My husband and I have both said the entire process would not have been nearly as wonderful had she not been there. She was truly invaluable to us.

My son is now 5 months old and I continue to reach out to Diana with questions. Diana is a friend to our family. It was truly one of the best decisions I've made for myself, my husband and our son to hire her as our doula.

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