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Brandie Stoneking, BSN, CD(DONA), CLS, LCCE

Your Birth, Your Way

Carmel, IN Service range 40 miles None

(317) 645-6671

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

7 years and 202 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, February 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 2 to 4

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
With a Certified Midwife

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Childbirth education services
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Indy Birth Alliance, Indiana Perinatal Network Member, Previously volunteered and worked in maternity home for teenage mothers,

Fee Details

Discount for repeat clients.

Carmel, IN Service range 40 miles None

Client Testimonials for Brandie Stoneking, BSN, CD(DONA), CLS, LCCE

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Angie D


When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to have an unmedicated, natural birth.  I knew a Doula would be essential to helping make that happen.  Brandie was recommended to me by a friend of mine who worked as a labor and delivery nurse with her on a patient.  

At 41 weeks, I was unexpectedly induced.  I knew going into my labor that this would change my plan for an unmedicated delivery and was a little worked up about it.  Brandie constantly encouraged me and reminded me that the most important thing was holding my baby once it was all over. She was confident that I could still have the birth experience that I wanted and that helped me tremendously.  After many hours of labor, I was only 5 cm dilated and had been awake for almost 26 hours.  I chose to get an epidural.  At first, I was very disappointed in myself and felt like I had let my birth plan down by not being able to push through.  Brandie again assured me that as long as I was making the right decision for myself and for my baby, that was all that mattered.  

She was attentive, not just to me, but to the baby's vitals throughout my labor and was very engaged with the nursing staff.  My epidural was set too high and I began to have complications and felt very out of it.  Brandie advocated for me with the nursing staff and they were brainstorming ways to help get things under contral to allow for a vaginal birth.  

After a very long couple of days, my husband and I welcomed our son into the world.  Brandie was at the hospital with us for nearly 30 hours!  I really don't know what we would have done without her.  She followed up with us once we got settled at home and get great advise for breastfeeding when we ran into some issues.

We will definitely be using her for any future children we have!




This woman was such a gift to us! She is worth her weight in gold and then some. 

When I first learned I was pregnant, I was terrified and unsure about everything. When I decided to pursue a natural birth process, my husband and I knew we needed some backup. Brandie came highly recommended to us from a good friend and now we recommend her to every pregnant couple we know. If we ever have more children - Brandie will be there God-willing. I can't imagine going through birth without her!

She normalized the birth process and helped us know what to expect. Her experience, humor, bedside manner and genuine care won us over instantly. She spent time with us during the end of my pregnancy and we made a plan and when the time came for our son to arrive, Brandie was incredible. She stayed with me the whole time and helped caoch my husband with how to help me. She took pictures and wrote down things I said - I will always treasure these. She also had all kinds of tricks and tools to help with pain management and I was able to have a natural birth! I largely credit this to her creativity and coaching.

My husband is a bit squeamish was it was wonderful for him to be able to just be my husband and not my birth coach. He was able to take a break or two and she helped him know what to do to help me. Brandie helped me breastfeed after delivery and that was so helpful because I had no clue what to do. She was always availalbe to answer questions over text or phone and when we came home from the hospital, I so looked forward to her postpartum visit. 

My husband is probably her biggest advertiser :) We thank God for this woman. She made all the difference for us! Anyone who gets the chance to make her a part of their birth experience will not regret it!



Brandie is a terrific doula. She helped my husband and me feel informed and prepared before our son was born. During my labor and delivery, she knew exactly the right thing to do: hold my hand, offer aromatherapy, encourage me, help me change position, etc. After he was born, our son went to the NICU and Brandie stayed with us to keep us calm and to navigate a scary situation. Brandie's calming and reassuring presence made our birth experience so much more manageable than it would have been without her. I can't recommend her enough. 

Molly K


Brandi is fantastic! I had a unmedicated VBAC. Brandi being there for me throughout my pregnancy and my entire labor, not only brought me so much peace of mind, but was such a calming presence for my husband. She struck the perfect balance of standing up for me and my birth vision and working with my nurses and doctor. Brandi is fun, straight forward, reassuring, sweet, and has such a wealth of experience and medical knowledge. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. She was the perfect match for our family and I’m so thankful she was part of my son’s smooth arrival. 

Megan Sternhagen


I loved working with Brandie! She was so kind and personal while remaining very professional. She was always available for a phone call or text if I had questions or concerns and she often followed up with me even after I’d had baby. I’d recommend her to anyone! 

Deb Neary


Working with Brandie was the absolute BEST!  I couldn't imagine a better investment in our childbirth experience.  

This was my second delivery, but first time having a doula. My first delivery was 3 days of labor that ended in a cesarian.  Working with Brandie (and probably some luck + patience) helped me have a successful VBAC and a birth experience that I feel positive about. I had a 30 hour labor at the hospital, and Brandie stayed with us providing support, guidance, gentle suggestions and advice for both me and my partner.  While I had preferred a "natural childbirth", I had many interventions that were helpful to discuss with Brandie, and that i ultimately feel like were the right decisions for me and my baby. 

Brandie is supportive, experienced and knowledgable, kind, assertive when needed, and also just fun to be around. She's a very strong communicator and was a helpful bridge between the medical staff who change every 12 hours and don't know all your history/desires/situation.

She has a great medical background combined with a network and experience that makes her at home at a hospital (or wherever she is). I would definitely work with her again and recommend her to EVERYONE I know.  She was also super responsive and helpful both pre and post delivery.  She clearly loves her work and excels at it!  I feel very blessed to have worked with Brandie! 


Jan Nesteroff


This was my second time using Brandie for the birth of my baby. I really could not have done a non medicated birth without her! She walks through each stage of labor with you and lets you know what you’re feeling is normal and encourages you that you can do this. She also gave my husband tips for how he could help me through labor as well. I highly recommend Brandie as your birthing doula! 

Kylee Tharp


Brandie was absolutely wonderful. My husband and I were expecting our first child, and I knew I wanted to hire a doula. I looked into a few different options in my area, but contacted Brandie after a friend recommended her. We met her for coffee and immediately knew she was a great fit for us. Brandie was so helpful in preparing me for what to expect during the remainder of my pregnancy, and especially in preparing me for labor and delivery. It was my desire to have an unmedicated birth in the hospital, and she spent lots of time with me to set us Up well for this.  In the days leading up to when I went into labor, she was so helpful and available to answer my slew of questions I sent her way! Once it was time to go to the hospital, Brandie met us in triage and stayed with us all the way, and even helped with the first feeding. She was so helpful and encouraging during labor and was such a calm presence in a time thet can seem so chaotic. She was also very helpful for my husband to know how best to help me during labor. They took turns massaging me, and she would help my husband with different techniques. Brandie was also a huge advocate for me which I am so thankful for. There were times that different interventions were suggested, and it was so great to have her there to help us make the best decision for us. The last hour of my labor was so challenging, i know I wouldn’t have been able to continue naturally if it weren’t for Brandie. Whether your goal is to have a natural labor or not, I can’t explain how beneficial having a doula was for us. I can’t say enough about Brandie and all she did for us. She loves her job and truly cares for her clients. Believe me when I say you want Brandi on your birth team!! 

Chelsea Carpenter


Brandie was amazingly informative and supportive leading up to labor/delivery, during delivery and throughout the post partum phase. She answered all of my questions/concerns and connected great with my husband as well who was originally hesitant to have a doula present at the birth of our daughter. Brandie kept me focused and my husband encouraged during labor. She also worked seamlessly with the staff at St. Vincent Carmel and adovacated for me when I was unsure what the nurses/doctors were doing. A few weeks after delivery Brandie checked in with me regularly and addressed depression concerns that my husband had for me, she is still checking in via text and I appreciate it immensely. Without Brandie I am not sure that I could have achieved an unmedicated labor/delivery or kept my sanity post partum with a newborn. We are extremely grateful for Brandie and her services/friendship throughout these life changing times, she is the best!

Angie Barronton


We knew we wanted Brandie to be our doula from the first few moments of meeting her. She exudes warmth, knowledge, confidence, peace, love, and everything else you could ever want in a doula. During our prenatal visits Brandie took great time and care to make sure my emotional and physical needs were met as well as helping me to problem solve any concerns or doubts I was having. I felt truly cared about. When my baby turned breech at 36 weeks and I had a version completed at 37 weeks Brandie checked in on me multiple times to make sure I was doing okay. I was so touched that she went above and beyond what I was expecting from her. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy Brandie checked in on me frequently. I considered her just as much of a friend as a doula. When my labor started Brandie gave me specific ideas and ways to cope and manage the progression. This was so helpful, as it is very difficult to think logically when you are in pain. The labor ended up being extremely fast. We most certainly would not have made it to the hospital in time without Brandie's support and insight that our son's birth was imminent. It was vital to have her at the hospital with us. Things were moving extremely fast and we needed a voice of reason to safely bring our son to the world. She took incredible and candid photographs of the labor so that I will always cherish the experience. 

Abbe Spaans


I cannot recommend Brandie more highly. She was incredibly knowledgeable on every aspect of childbirth, so easy and fun to talk to, and a savior during my delivery.

In the sessions leading up to my delivery Brandie walked us through everything we could expect - routine or special circumstances - so we could be aware and prepared. These sessions proved to be invaluable since the hospital classes we were registered for often didn't go into the level of detail needed. 

When it came time to have my baby Brandie was there every step of the way providing whatever I needed - guidance, distraction, pain relief, rest. It was wonderful to have had someone in the room who knew what was going on and could stay with us the entire time. Because of her I was able to stay happy and relaxed throughout the entire process.  

I'm so happy I had Brandie as my doula and would most definitely work with her again in the future.

Megan Flood


My husband and I knew we wanted a doula way before we were ever pregnant, so when the time came we started our search. Brandie was the first doula we interviewed and we knew before we walked away from our meeting that she was the perfect fit! Brandie was great to check up on me throughout my pregnancy and answer any questions I had, and her book recommendations for us (Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and The Birth Partner) were incredibly helpful. They completely changed my husband and mine's perspectives on birth. We learned a lot from Brandie during our two prenatal meetings and were so excited for our son's birthday to come! Once it did, I labored at home for a while, and when my contractions picked up my husband and I went to the hospital. They started to slow down just before Brandie got there, so when she arrived she recommended we all go on a long walk, which was exactly what my body needed! She was great to continuously help me keep my body relaxed and my breathing steady and effective--I always felt like each conraction was productive! I was amazed at how she seemed to know exactly what I needed when I needed it, whether that was silence, a comforting touch, conversation, or encouraging words. When the challenging times of pushing came, Brandie was invaluable. I had an "I can't do this" moment, and Brandie's motivating words at that time gave me the exact motivation I needed to bring my sweet baby boy into the world. As a sweet bonus, Brandie took pictures during our birth and I am so glad I have those precious moments to look back on. I feel so great about my birth and how it went, and I know without a doubt that Brandie was an essential part of that; I can't imagine going through childbirth without her!

Jan Nesteroff


I could not have had a natural birth without Brandie! I was able to focus on labor and birth knowing Brandie was fielding the medical questions on my behalf.  She knew exactly how I wanted my birth experience to go and helped make that happen with my nurses and doctor.  I felt comfortable with her, and she knew exactly what to say and what to do to encourage me to keep going when labor felt impossible. She also helped my husband to relax and focus on helping me throughout labor. I highly recommend Brandie as a doula! 

Diana Vida


Brandie was a great doula!  Early on we met with her and she was a great resource throughout my pregnancy.  She helped us create a birth plan that met our needs.  I would recommend Brandie.  She was very open and honest with us and helped us know our options.  

Melissa Staley


After having a c-section birth with my first child, I knew I wanted something different the next time around so I began researching things that might make a difference. I quickly realized a doula would be the best addition to my next birth plan. After searching and meeting several doulas we knew Brandie was the best fit for both my husband and I. Durbig my pregnancy she met with us a few times and talked through our wishes for delivery day.   (We learned a few things during these meetings that I wished we'd had known the first time.. we even took an indepth course through our hospital previously). Since my biggest goal was a vbac I was limited on options to induce labor... Brandie was such a great emotional support when I was starting to worry a vbac was going to be out of the question.  A few days shy of 42 weeks I began having contraction, but nothing consistent. She stopped by our house and checked on me and checked in Frequently to encourage me and see how I was doing. When it was finally time to head to the hospital she helped support my husband So that he could be the best support to me during early labor. Brandie arrived just as things started to get more intense and offered ideas to help delay the need for an epidural. She helped reassure me when needed, and helped us talk through each decision we made. I felt like she was instrumental in prioritizing my wishes for the entire labor And delivery. I felt much more confident that I could have a vbac and get through everything because she was there helping us.  After a birth that didn't go according to plan the first time I was thrilled to be able to have a vbac. Regardless of how my birth would've ended up; Brandie was the best decision to add to our support team. I can't thank her enough for helping me achieve my birth goals!  I now recommend a doula to every expecting mom I know (specifically Brandie if they live close enough). WE LOVE YOU BRANDIE!

Lindsey Burns


Brandie is an amazing doula!  My husband and I met with her a couple of times before our little girl was born and the information she provided during those meetings was so crucial to our successful and healthy delivery.  Ruby went over her due date but once we got to the hospital, she decided to make a fast and furious entrance.  We were able to labor at home for several hours which was very helpful and were in touch with Brandie that entire time to decide when to head to the hospital.  Once we got to the hospital, my husband felt much better prepared because he could recall the information we had discussed with Brandie to help make the labor and delivery as successful as possible.  I was able to deliver naturally in large part to that preparation we had beforehand.  Brandie was also able to be at the hospital for the delivery and provided support for both Aaron and I during those final stages of labor.  She made sure to explain things that were happening in simple terms and was a great go-between for us and the hospital staff.  During and after delivery, she also took pictures that we will cherish forever.  It was nice that we could be in the moment and not worry about also getting those first pictures.  In addition, she stayed after to assist with latching and breastfeeding and continued to text and check up on us in the week following.  She made one last stop by the house to follow-up on how things were going and ensure we had what we needed and answer any questions we had.  I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula!

Susan Wojcicki


Brandie was invaluable before, during, and after my labor and delivery. She helped make my husband and me comfortable with the process leading up to the day by in home meetings and being there for us during all of the excitement. It was similar to having my own personal nurse and advocate. She was able to anticipate my needs; whether it was a shoulder to lean on, a tissue to cry into, or a cup of water to sip on. She made sure I could continue as close to my birth plan, even though modifications were required to make sure my baby and I were safe. For instance, my baby needed to go to the NICU post-delivery, and I was unable to breastfeed. Brandie made sure the nurse provided me a breast pump immediately so that I could start pumping for my baby. It was her suggestions that were available during the excitement that helped keep me focused on what was important to our family. Without her we would have still delivered our precious baby boy, but with her, we had an awesome experience and were able to bond as a couple and then as a family.

I plan to seek her assistance for future pregnancies. And would be happy to recommend her in the future to others.

Valerie Keinsley


Brandie was a godsend to us for our birth! The prenatal meetings put us so much at ease prior to the birth, and Brandie did a great job of walking us through what to expect, answering our tons of questions and easing my anxiety. When our little boy was in the wrong position, Brandie helped provide exercises to do to try and get him to flip, which I'm happy to say worked! She was there for every question I had and was super encouraging and helpful throughout the pregnancy. And there aren't words to describe how wonderful it was to have her present for the birth of our son! She was so encouraging throughout my whole 16-hour labor and was so supportive and helpful the entire time. I was so glad to have her there, and her suggestions about different positions to try during labor or things to do to bring comfort were great. Even though things ended up going differently than we expected or planned, she was right there every step of the way. Brandie truly cares about you having the birth YOU envision, and doesn't try to push any one type of birth experience. She has been so helpful as we've navigated some breastfeeding issues as well. She is kind, funny, super knowledgable and gifted as a doula. We're so grateful that she was part of our story!

Mallory Van Gerven


Hiring Brandie was one of the best decisions we made when it came to the birth of our son. She helped us get prepared and calmed our nerves prior to the big day. During his birth she knew how to keep me focused and helped me achieve my goal of a pain med free birth. I don't think I could've done it with out her! She kept my husband calm and showed him how to be supportive. She was very encouraging, reminding me that I was getting closer to meeting my baby every time I thought I couldn't go on. She brought essential oils, they were very relaxing. Brandie also took pictures of the birth. I am so happy she captured that day, the pictures are a reminder of the most amazing thing I've ever done. I highly recommend Brandie, she is a great doula and an overall wonderful person!

Janelle Clark


I gave birth to my baby girl June 29th and I couldn't have done it without the help of Brandie Stoneking.  At first I wasn't sure of having a doula, but after meeting with Brandie I was sure that she needed to be apart of my birth plan.  Brandie was awesome.  She was always intouch with me throughout my pregnancy and answered all of my firt time mom questions both before and after the birth.  She fit in like another family member with me and my husband. Her presence was felt in the delivery room and she always helped to ease my anxieties.  She was geat support for my husband giving him tips on how to be the best coach during labor, and he was! I wouldn't have been able to have such a smooth unmedicated birth without her and her coaching my husband.  I am planning for another baby and I wouldn't want another doula with us.  We ruly made he best decision by choosing to work with Brandie.  Thanks Brandie for all that you did during this emothiional process with us!!


The Clark's



Brandie was our doula for the birth of our 3rd child. This was my first planned hospital birth at a hospital known for medicalized birth, and we wanted to do everything we could to have the birth experience we wanted. Brandie was a fantastic partner. She also had a good relationship with my OB and the hospital staff, making things easier for everyone.

She was valuable in helping us prepare for and think about the birth, something that is hard to do with two other children at home. During the final days of my pregnancy, Brandie checked in with me regularly.

The birth was very fast, as 3rd births often are! I was so grateful to have both my husband and Brandie with me during the birth. Having a doula takes a lot of pressure off of the father to do and to be everything during those intense moments. Brandie was calm, encouraging, and supportive. She also took some awesome photos that we will treasure! The birth experience was everything we had hoped it would be.

Amber Hughes


Brandie was an invaluable part of my pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum experience. She provided emotional support and peace of mind during my pregnancy, and was a wonderful resource for questions I was having trouble finding reliable answers for. She prepared both myself and my husband for what to expect during labor, which alleviated many of our fears.

Hospitals can be very intimidating, and her presence at the hospital during my labor and birth was very calming. She worked with the doctors and nurses and advocated for my wishes during my labor, and as a result, I was able to achieve natural the birth I was hoping for. During the intense part of my labor and through pushing, she was there coaching me on how to breathe and push effectively.

She has checked in with me several times postpartum. During the postpartum visit, she spent a long time recalling details of my birth, many of which I did not remember. She also helped me understand how to make sure my son was latched on properly during breastfeeding, and how to help him if he was having trouble latching.

I cannot say enough wonderfult things about Brandie and the support she provided not only for me, but for my husband as well. I would highly recommend her to anyone considering using doula services, and look forward to working with her again during my next pregnancy and birth!

Seema Shah


I am so thankful that I found Brandie. She was an amazing support person during my labor and delivery, which didn't go quite as I had anticipated. I do not know how I would have gotten through everything without her.

After the labor and delivery, Brandie helped me establish a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with my son. It was amazing to have someone so well-versed in lactation to help me right away. It really has paid off--he has gained back all of his birth weight and more less than two weeks after his birth.

I would highly recommend Brandie as a doula!

Jessica Raynard


Brandie was a perfect fit into our birthing team! I knew from our first meeting that we would be friends. I tend to worry about everyone and everything I possibly can and Brandie helped me work through this on our journey together. I knew with her on our side that I wouldn't have to worry how my husband was doing, I could just focus on myself and getting our baby girl out so we could finally meet her. Brandie made sure we were nourished, relaxed, positive and focused. We had two meetings before the birth and she made sure she knew our hopes and fears going into labor and delivery. We made a game plan as to how we were going to deal with our fears and my anxiety. I am glad we did this because it helped immensely. Our goal was to go natural and drug free but due to certain circumstaces drug free was not in our journey. With our conversations that we had before birth, I felt more prepared emotionally for this. I wouldn't have prepped for this without Brandie. (I tend to avoid thinking about different outcomes until I am faced with issue, I know). Brandie was a beacon of positivity and light throughout it all. When I was in pain, she helped me through. When I was losing focus, she re-centered me. After our daughter Kayli was born, she took photos of our new family. I will cherish these memories forever. Her amazing generosity didn't stop there. Our postpartum visit was like catching up with a friend. She made sure we were all doing well. She corrected our breastfeeding form, which helped immensely! Brandie also sent emails to our friends and family for a food delivery service to help us in the first few weeks of being home. I can't even begin to describe how much this idea helped us. Brandie helped make our birth of Kayli something we can always look back on with pride and joy. I am forever grateful! :)

christina Ticks


Brandie was our doula in March 2014. Looking back I am extremely thankful I had her as a doula. Not only was it my first child, but also being in a foreign country, not knowing "how things work here", she offered emotional as well as all kinds of other support.

In the beginning I was determined but still pretty scared about having a natural birth. The conversations with Brandie and her calmness and ease to talk about all kind of topics made me feel a lot more confident and relaxed about the birth.

It was great having her around. She had lots of good ideas and input, regarding birth plan, relaxation methods, preparation and organization. And like I said her personality just makes you calm down and relax. Also my fiance, who was quite nervous, said it was such a good idea to have Brandie around. She knew exactly what was going on any minute of the birth and gave us confidence and support.

I would highly recommend hiring her and I wish her all the best for her future. Thanks a lot for everything Brandie!

Bethany Jensen


Brandie exceeded all of our expectations for a doula.  We did not choose to have a drug-free or home birth, but I still wanted the security of having an experienced birth professional there at my delivery.  She provided emotional support and encouragement, answered questions, and was a calming presence throughout the experience.  She was very straightforward in her interactions with both my husband and myself, and we developed an excellent rapport.  I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Vesna Watters


Our experience with Brandie was an extremely pleasant one and she played an integral role in our birthing experience. Although our plans for a natural birth weren't possible when our transverse breached little angel decided to arrive at 35 weeks, Brandie's support and assistance during the hours preceding and post our c-section were priceless. She was involved and active during the entire process, which had a very positive outcome. She alleviated our anxiety regarding the entire event, and we found her to be extremely resourceful and calming. To state it simply, Brandie is a fantastic doula and we highly recommend her!



Erica Waggoner


I cannot say enough good things about Brandie Stoneking! She was a huge asset to the natural birth of our daughter. Prior to meeting Brandie, I was a little hesitant about even having a doula. I didn't want the doula to take the place of my husband as my coach, alter the mood, or impose on this life changing moment we were about to experience.

Once I met Brandie though, I instantly felt a connection. She is extremely real and transparent, which was comforting for me. She was very respectful of our Birth Plan and the role my husband wanted in our daughter's birth. She became a friend very quickly and we actually didn't interview anyone else! She stayed in touch with us quite often until the big day.

On the morning I thought I could be going into labor, she was readily available and quick to respond with feedback/encouragement. Once we decided to all go to the hospital, she was an amazing team member and could read my body language even early into labor. She was able to give my husband some relief when needed and was by our sides every step of the way. With this being our first child, we had no idea what to expect. The nurses in the hospital are great, but they can't be with you every second like Brandie can. We had our daughter according to our Birth Plan, all natural! I have heard that some people have a doula for their first child and then feel they can handle it on their own for additional kiddos in the future, but we will be having Brandie for EVERY child that we have. We can't imagine a birth without her! She truly cares about what she does and I'm so glad we chose her. You rock Brandie :)

Amanda Rogers


We hired Brandie Stoneking as our doula and had a wonderful experience.  She was always just a phone call away when I had questions about false labor, and was able to come to our house for real labor.  She helped give me confidence as a first time mom that I could have the labor I wanted.  She was very supportive of our choices and helped me get through a natural birth.  Her presence also allowed my husband to focus on me during labor and calmed our fears about labor.  I would recommend all mothers to hire a doula and I would hire Brandie again.  

Laura Cole


I can't say enough about how great Brandie has been during our pregnancy, birth and postpartum!  Throughout our pregnancy, she was an excellent resource and always willing to lend an ear.  During the birth, she talked us through everything and helped us to be informed of all of the decisions we were making.  Our birth ended in a c-section because the baby just wouldn't fit.  Brandie not only talked my husband and I through the process, but also talked to my inlaws in the waiting room and reassured them.  Being able to breastfeed was extremely important to me and immediately after the baby arrived and I was out of surgery, she had the baby latched on and nursing in no time.  She even grabbed our camera and made sure we had pictures of my first moments with the baby.  Of all of the money we've spent on pregnancy and our baby, hiring Brandie was the best investment we made.     

Rachel Moorhead


I met Brandie when she came to talk to our Bradley Method class about the benefits of having a doula. My husband and I were undecided on whether we wanted a doula at our birth, but we both immediately felt comfortable with Brandie. Her approach was laid back and she seemed like the perfect labor coach for us. We called her the next day and she became our doula. We met twice before the birth and kept in contact the days leading up to the start of my labor. My husband and I felt 100% comfortable with Brandie and knew we had made the right decision in hiring her.

The day I went into labor, I was on the phone with Brandie, letting her know how things were progressing. She gave me several great tips and reassured me that what was happening was normal. She met us at the hospital and had so many things that helped with my labor: a birthing ball, oils and so much reassurance. I cannot tell you the number of times that Brandie told me how amazing and strong I was and how great I was doing. She was my biggest cheerleader (along with my husband). When I started to feel like I couldn't do it, she convinced me that I was doing it and that I could carry on.

I was in labor for 32 hours. And Brandie helped me through the entire thing. I can honestly say that I could not have had the natural labor I wanted without her. She not only helped me, she helped my husband to help me. They were an incredible team. When my baby started to crown, Brandie had tears in her eyes because she was so happy for me and knew how hard I had worked. She is an incredible doula and I would recommend her to my closest girlfriends.

Brandie helped me to achieve the natural labor that I so desired. She is amazing, supportive and caring. She was an invaluable part of my birth experience. I will forever be thankful for what she did for me and my family.

Kimberly Posto


Brandie Stoneking was our doula for the birth of our baby girl. She was wonderful. She helped me to remain focused and get my mind off the pain. Brandie provided support and comfort to me, but also my husband. She helped him to stay calm when things did not go according to plan. The birth lasted 38 hours and she was their the entire time. We are glad we had her as our doula and hope she will be available for the birth of any future children.

Melissa Pope


I talked to many doulas over the phone, as soon as I talked to Brandie, I knew she was the one for us.  I interviewed one othe doula before meeting with Brandie, and i was so comfortable with her from the beginning.  I decided to use a doula as soon as I got pregnant so I had a long time getting to know her, and her to know my family.  She was always supportive, would answer any questions I had, and got me to focus on what I really wanted in my birth.  I went into labor 2:20 3-27-13, she woke up and met me at the hospital, while my husband stayed home to let our 3yr old sleep.  We walked the halls, she was great helping me focus through my contractions.  I ended up having a repeat cesction at 11:20, I was exhausted and ready to see my baby.  Brandie helped me get him latched as soon as he was born, and has helped me since with any bf issues, or any other concerns I have had with him.  Shes an amazing person!  I would highly reccomend her to anyone!

Laurie Morse


Brandie was a wonderful doula and I would absolutely recommend her!  She did a fantastic job helping me prepare for the birth and gently reminding me to keep on track with my to do list.  As this was our second child and we both had a lot of work and school commitments, Brandie helped us keep our focus on the birth in the midst of all the chaos in our lives.  

While I had a good birth experience the first time, there were several things I wanted to do differently this time around.  Brandie listened well and was easy to talk to, she helped ease my fears and gave helpful suggestions for overcoming challenges.  

My birth could not have gone better.  Brandie helped us make the right decisions about how to work through early labor and when to go to the hospital.  She met us at the hospital & was so helpful keeping me comfortable and focused through triage (which was difficult because it turns out I was in transition then).  I was able to have a natural birth with no interventions, it was exactly as I had hoped.  After my son was born, I kept saying "that was so easy!"  

On top of all of it, Brandie snapped some amazing photos that we will always cherish.  I am so glad she was by our side, I am positive my birth went as well as it did because we knew we had her unfailing support.  

Amber Kern


Having Brandie at my labor and delivery was such a blessing! My husband and I had hired a doula months before who ended up bailing on us at the last minute and Brandie stepped in seamlessly to help. I'm so thankful it worked out the way it did because she was amazing in every way. We waited for natural contractions to start after my water broke, but twelve hours passed with no sign of labor picking up, so the nurses started me on Pitocin. Brandie knew that my strong desire was for an unmedicated birth and she did an amazing job of reading my signs and "running interference" with the nurses who wanted to up the dosage against my wishes. It turns out that the dosage didn't need to be adjusted and Brandie listened to me and watched my body language instead of the hospital monitor. She was compassionate, professional, so calm and just comforting to have there. With her help I was able to deliver my first baby without an epidural (even though I wanted one!) She is also a postpartum doula and lactation specialist, so she came to check on my son and me a few days after delivery, which was wonderful. I would highly recommend Brandie to anyone who is seeking the invaluable services of a doula - she is awesome! 

Lydia Keegan


It was my third birth and I knew what I was probably going to happen.  That means I also knew where I needed help, and a doula was the one who needed to provide the help!

Brandie was my first choice as my doula because she wanted me to have the birth I wanted, and she had the tools to help me achieve it!  Trained as a nurse and having experienced her own drug-free births, I knew she would help communicate with the nurses effectively AND relate to me in the hardest parts of labor because she had been in my shoes before.

I chose Hypnobabies hypnosis for childbirth, and Brandie was excited to experience it and respected all the guidelines for hypnosis.  It was my third time with Hypnobabies, but my first two times I ended up going with an epidural.  Though circumstances were harder with my first two ( 28 hour labor and then and induction), I believe that having Brandie there to hold my hands (literally) and encourage me through transistion was exactly the support and push I needed to finally accomplish a drug free birth. 

Brandie was there to protect my delivery room; she made the space a birthing space, and not a waiting room. She also interceeded on my behalf when the nurses went to turn up the pitocin; I had my eyes closed in hypnosis and Brandie asked them to stop increasing the pitocin.  And she of course helped when I needed it most, holding my hands and coaching me to stay on top of the contraction and breathe. 

I loved my birth experience!  I am so happy I hired Brandie for my birth, and I believe I appreciate doula's even more after having my own.  I wish I'd had her for my first two births! 

Lori H


 Brandie was an amazing doula. She was there for me during the last weeks of my pregnancy and was a comfort to me when I needed it. I went in for a biophysical profile when I was 41 weeks and found out I had no amniotic fluid left. I needed to have another c-section. My hopes for a VBA2C were gone. I called my husband to let him know, but he was watching our other children, so he couldn't be with me until family could come. I called Brandie, and she left to be with me immediately. I had to go next door to the hospital to be monitored until I had the c-section. I would have been alone, crying and blaming myself for needing ANOTHER c-section, if it weren't for Brandie. She comforted me, massaged my arms and legs, using her wonderful aromatherapy "stuff", and even had mints for me. (Which was great, since I couldn't eat or drink anything.) The doctors tried to wait for me to have my c-section til my mom & sis got here, but they couldn't wait any longer. Brandie sat in the waiting room and made sure to watch for my mom and sister and explained everything to them. I love that she's also a nurse, so she understands both the medical stuff the doctors say, and can explain it to those of us without medical training. After the surgery, she waited with me until I was transferred out of recovery and into a regular room. Which, again, was great because by this time it was midnight, and my family had to leave. She helped carry personal belongings to the next room and was just a real comfort to me after having an EXTREMELY difficult surgery. It was also nice to know I could call her and talk after having him if I needed her. I didn't have a doula for my other 2 births, and having her this time, even though I ended up having a c-section, was totally worth the money. I would recommend Brandie to anyone!

Megan Lauman


Brandie's assistance with our birth was a Godsend. Her support of our birth plan and adjustments throughout the labor process was essential to making the experience a beautiful moment in our lives. Her support became even more crucial when our son was readmitted at 5 days old for severe jaundice. She assisted with breast feeding advice and encouragement-a necessity for one freaked out first time mom. Thanks to her support, we have one happy healthy baby boy. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for doula services.

Alyson Bray


Brandie was a wonderful doula, and a very important addition to our birth team. She was so supportive, and did anything that we needed done. She was by my side the whole time, which was very comforting to me. And her support didn't end in the hospital, she continued to answer my frantic, first time mom 3 am texts until I felt secure in being a mom. Her focus throughout the whole labor process was on me and my son, and I felt very well taken care of in her hands. I will definitely want her at my next birth, and would suggest her to anyone who's pregnant!

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