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Debbie Bostock

Birth Fee: Not specified

Fee Details:

Birth Doula Experience: 0 years

Birth Doula Certifications

  • DONA International - Certified Birth Doula

Doula Training

  • DONA International, November 2009
Type of Practice: Solo practice

Clients per Month: 0 to 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I am willing to work at any hospital within 35-45 miles of Indianapolis.
Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
Attends home births? Any Home Birth

Childbirth Education Certifications

  • I am a Hypnobabies Mom & enjoy working with Hypnobabies/Hypnobirthing Moms. Currently working on my *HypnoBabies HypnoDoula certification.

Breastfeeding Certifications

  • I have attended 3 hospital breastfeeding courses and I am able to assist with breastfeeding. If any additional help is needed I would be happy to provide more resources.

Other Relevant Certifications

  • After having such a peaceful , empowering Hypnobabies birth (with a Doula ) I KNEW I had to help other women find their voice as well.

College Education

  • AA/AS

Specialized training or previous experience

  • Cesarean birth
  • Families conceiving with ART and IVF
  • High risk
  • Home Birth
  • Over 40
  • Postpartum mood disorders
  • Single parents
  • Survivors of childhood sexual abuse
  • VBAC
  • Waterbirth

Special Services Offered

  • Acupressure
  • Aromatherapy
  • Pregnancy, birth and/or newborn photography

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I am a member of the Indy Birth Alliance. IBA is a group of birth professionals empowering women and serving the birth community through support, service, education and advocacy.

Languages spoken: English

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Client Testimonials for Debbie Bostock

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Natasha Eccles

My pregnancy/birth experience with Debbie was everything I could've hoped or prayed for! She was definitely an angel sent to me. My husband & I met with her & I knew she was supposed to be with us! Throughout my second trimester I had trouble with my blood pressure which progressed all the way to HELLP Syndrome at the end. Before an appointment, Debbie came to our house to help me relax & try to get me super calm which was crucial for me. Turns out when she, my husband, and I went to my appointment I was told I needed to go to the hospital for observation because of my BP and 24 hr urine results (signs of preeclampsia). Without missing a beat, Debbie was there to support us. She gave me a big hug & we went back with us to gather clothes & necessities, got a bite to eat, & calmly went to the hospital for the night. Everything went well, but I was on bedrest with house puttering privileges after that. We ended up going to the hospital due to me having right-sided extreme pain (my liver, due to HELLP Syndrome). By sunrise, we were informed that was the day we'd meet our little man!! Induction began along with mag sulfate, epidural, & breaking of my water. We did HypnoBabies for relaxation (I had purchased the home study course) and I progressed steadily. FYI, #1 thing is the Lord & prayer. #2 He gave me Debbie who introduced me to HypnoBabies which helped me cope with my liver pain! So worth it!!! It ended up that baby boy was positioned posterior & after an hour & a half of pushing, we ended up getting a C-section. While in labor, Debbie had kept ice cold rags on my head, fed me ice chips, you name it!! She even helped moisten my mouth before I went into the OR (sooo thirsty)!! After surgery I was EXHAUSTED. Debbie helped my Mom & husband with Baby Boy as he was too sleepy to nurse well. He got some donor breastmilk & Mom & Debbie watched over him while I could not. I love you & thank God for you, Debbie!!

Posted 2/14/2016

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Jennifer Whitlow

Debbie Bostock was recommended to me by my physician.  When I first met Debbie, I knew she was the right doula for me.  She was so kind, honest, and the right level of support I needed.  Throughout my pregnancy, she initated conversations with me and flooded me with support and positive vibes.  She also answered my questions promptly and thoroughly.  She provided me with information about local prenatal yoga classes, hypnobabies, dancing for birth, and various other things.  We used hypnobabies and Debbies calm soothing voice was amazing in executing these techniches during my labor.  I can honestly say I had the labor and delivery I wanted.  Many thanks go to Debbie for intorducing me to things and techinques I did not know.  She was knowledgable and made me feel very comfortable.  During my labor, she came over to my home and helped monitor my pressure waves (contractions) and helped us make the decisions of when to go to the hospital and when to wait.  She helped my husband understand his role and was encouraging to us both throughout.  Once our precious baby was born, she stayed and provided us more support in terms of breastfeeding and making our room comforable for all of us.  Even after we returned home, she came to visit (when we were ready), and has stayed in contact with our family.  She is truly an amazing person!  

Posted 10/21/2015

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Kendra Morgan

I am so glad that we hired Debbie to be our doula for the birth of our second child. She was such a blessing to me while in labor. She was professional, yet felt like a friend. I was able to labor at home in comfort, feeling very supported by her. The techniques she used to help with the labor pains were exactly what I needed. I felt like I could stay focused and yet she helped keep my mind off the pain. She helped me recognize when to go to the hospital and when we arrived I was fully dilated. I really feel like she helped make my birth experience so positive. It really was a wonderful time that I'll always remember. And I'm so thankful for the pictures that she took. I wasn't sure I wanted pictures because I felt like having a camera in my face would make me feel so self conscious, but it wasn't like that at all. I didn't even realize she had taken so many until she came for her follow up visit and gave me the photo album. They are such a treasure. (And none of them are graphic or embarrassing to me at all, she really listened to my requests about what not to photograph) I wish I could go back in time and hire her to attend the birth of my first child!

Posted 10/14/2015

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Tony Cardinali

We hired Debbie for the second time after the amazing job she did mentoring us through our first daughter's birth.  Our birth did not go according to plan with our first and we weren't able to utilize our Hypnobabies training to the fullest as it was a C-Section.  This time however, we delivered completely naturally via VBAC and worked diligently alongside Debbie to get back up to speed with our Hypnobabies before our birthing time.  Throughout both births Debbie was amazingly supportive and knowledgeable.  She always made herself available for questions or concerns no matter the time of day and she did so much to ease our minds and hearts as nerves and anxiety crept in.  She was a constant positive force for both of us during each of our daughter's births but I was lucky enough to really see her shine in the delivery room with our second.

Amazingly, she never left my wife's side.  When she wasn't soothing and relaxing her, she was arranging the room to make it more comfortable.  She was never unattentive and never stopped working to make our experience exactly what we wanted it to be.  I was in awe of her unrelenting commitment to the moment and it allowed me to better appreciate the experience of my daughter's birth.  Her laser focus allowed me to breathe in the moments a bit more and that space to pause and reflect on the awesomeness of the day was truly a gift that I will be forever thankful for.

If you're considering choosing Debbie to be your doula, please stop reading this now and get in touch with her.  She is a kind, gentle positive force in the world but isn't afraid to fight for you when others try to stray from your plan.  I cannot thank, or recommend, Debbie enough.

Posted 10/14/2015

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Abby May

Debbie was a great source of support throughout the end of my pregnancy and labor. We used the hypnobabies program and she was experienced with this and helped me remember to use it throughout labor.  The essential oils she used were great too!  She was a great advocate with the hospital nurses especially once it was time to push and the nurse wasn't as available or aware of how close I was to having our baby! She was also helpful with breastfeeding and encouraged me to attend a support group when things weren't going well weeks after the birth. We then found out our daughter had  undiagnosed tongue and lip ties and were able to get them fixed and nursing is so much better!  My husband and I were so happy to have Debbie's experience and support at such a special time in our lives!!

Posted 10/9/2015

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Stephanie Clapper

Debbie was a blessing in my life for Jaxson's birth. My doctor recollected in my 6 wks follow up how even she and the nurses appreciated Debbie. They said she was an amazing support to witness and did not interfere with the nurses. They were impressed with her and could tell she was experienced and dedicated to me. Her calm voice and presence gave me peace of mind throughout my pregnancy and labor.

I have a very rocky relationship with the father, so when I was preparing for him to be involved Debbie engaged him and provided ways he could be supportive. Although she and I both had concerns for his involvement she never focused on the negative but only hope and my preparation. After I ruled him out she continued with confidence in my strength and practice in Hypno techniques. 

When it came to delivery day she was everything I had hoped for; calm, loving, empowering, trusting and patient. When we arrived at triage I was already 7cm and we celebrated with a tight hand squeeze. Not too long after I broke my own water during a push and was at 10cm. For the next 2 hours I pushed and not once did I feel frustrated or in pain I couldn't handle. Debbie had the lights off, fake candles going, my play list going by my head, a cooling fan over me and lots of cool washcloths. She gave me strength and support whispering to me to let go and breath after each surge. My sister and mom in the room said my body would literally go limp each time she would whisper to me. 

Debbie showed me how sacred pregnancy and labor are and to embrace the experience; every tightening and burning sensation was one step closer to meeting my baby. Her Hypno techniques proved worth while at my son's birth.

I would highly recommend Debbie for a birth support. She is seasoned in her blessed job of bringing women into motherhood.


Posted 12/5/2014

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Cheryl Sprowl

I am so grateful to Debbie for her help and involvement not only during my labor but also in the time leading up to my labor. I think a lot of the reason that I was able to have the natural drug free delivery I wanted is because I spent so much time mentally preparing for it. Debbie lent me books and videos with natural childbirth info and also sent daily words of encouragement and positive birth stories.  She also provided me with oils and other tips to advance my labor which kept starting and stopping over a space of two weeks.  When the day came for me to give birth I was so full of positive thoughts and expectations that I was hardly anxious at all, and my body was so ready that my labor only lasted 5 hours - and this was my first birth!  I know not every birth Debbie attends can go that quickly but I also know that mine wouldn't have gone that quickly if it weren't for all of her help, during and especially before.  If I am blessed enough to have more children in the future I will definitely be giving Debbie a call again!  

Posted 8/24/2014

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Michelle Washington

I had the pleasure of having Debbie as my doula for the birth of my second daughter.  I was fortunate enough to have an unmedicated labor and delivery for the birth of my first daughter, and was hoping to have the same experience the second time around.  I was so happy to have chosen Debbie to go through this journey with my family as I know I would not have had the same outcome without her.  My daughter was overdue and we were trying every way possible to encourage her to come.  During this time, Debbie was extremely helpful in keeping me calm and answering my questions.  She would also send me daily texts with inspirational messages as I was getting discouraged at the prospect of an induction.  When I was 10 days late, I finally decided to be induced, but not without a plan that Debbie and I discussed to allow for the least amount of intervention.  I am so blessed that she was there. She met my husband and I at the hospital that morning, got our room organized, and helped us settle in for what we thought would be a long day.  She was extremely supportive with every decision that we made.  When I started to become very uncomfortable due to the pitocin she was my biggest cheerleader.  I ended up laboring much faster than anyone expected, and was ready to push just 5 hours after the induction began. Debbie remained calm and encouraging through the 23 minutes of pushing it took to deliver Sydney.  Afterwards, she stayed with us until we were settled into our postpartum room.  She captured the first meeting of my oldest daughter and Sydney, as well as the labor and presented it to us in a beautiful photo album at our postpartum follow-up visit.  She also documented our birth story and presented that to us as well.  This is her passion and it truly shows in every thing she does!  I had the exact birth that I had envisioned and I know that it was due to having Debbie present for our birth.

Posted 1/16/2014

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Tony Cardinali

Debbie was our doula for the birth of our first child. As a husband, and soon-to-be father, I was a little apprehensive about letting someone else share our moment. Not only that, but I thought it was MY role to care for my wife during her birth time and sharing that responsibility with someone else was something I wasn't immediately comfortable with. I didn't want to be pushed out.

If you're a woman reading this, there is a good chance that your husband or partner feels the same way and if so, I'm writing to tell you that hiring a doula is one of the best decisions you can make. Not only does it not push you out as an active participant in your child's birth time, but it draws you in. It makes you feel like less of a coach and more like part of the team when you have someone there who is knowledgeable and caring yet calm and collected like Debbie. Debbie brings a sense of calmness into the room and into a situation where there otherwise might not be. She always knows the right things to say and do and is always positive and reassuring. She allowed me to worry less about the details and more about being there for my wife and daughter and for that I will be eternally grateful.

Leading up to the birth, Debbie was in constant contact with us, checking in frequently and never more than a phone call away. This responsiveness made me feel like she was truly part of the birth team and, more importantly, convinced me completely that this is her passion. I'm not sure I've ever met anyone who loves their job as much as Debbie and it shows in every interaction.

Again, husband or partners reading this, doulas (particularly Debbie) help, they do not hinder, they empower, they do not undermine and most important of all, they allow you to immerse yourself deeper in the unbelievable moment that is the birth of your child. I cannot recommend Debbie enough.

Posted 6/5/2013

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Stephany Cardinali

Debbie is amazing!!! After interviewing other doula's my husband I decided on Debbie because she so passionate about her craft. Being a doula is truly her calling in life and she cares deeply for not just the momma's and baby's but the whole family as they go through this amazing change! My husband and I feel so blessed to have met her, worked with her, and are now friends with such a kind, giving, thoughtful soul.
They say the journey is the destination, when it comes to doula's-Debbie is a guiding light! After we hired Debbie a sense of peace came over us and we just enjoyed the journey so much more.

Every woman should have a doula like Debbie. My pregnancy was not without some bumps along the way (what one isn't) but anything that came our way Debbie took the reigns and handled the situation so passionately, professionally, compassionately and fully. I felt so well taken care, so inspired, and so excited everyday because of her. If I am lucky enough to have another baby I definitely want Debbie to be our doula again and I can’t recommend her enough! After meeting her anyone will be able to tell she is the real deal-kind, patient, understanding, caring, and amazing problem solver! I could go on and on about all the things she did for my husband and I during my pregnancy, but I don’t want to give away any of her trade secrets! Basically  hire her you will be so thankful and find yourself not being able to thank her enough for all that she has done for you.


Posted 6/4/2013

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Sarah Smith

I want to give a little history first. I am a mother of five...four births were hospital and our fifth was a home birth. Our fourth birth was what lead us to having a home birth. I was sure and had my heart set on a home birth, but like others a bit anxious at the same time. I went through all the "what ifs" that I could go through. My husband was wonderful support during it all and at about the second trimester we were blessed to have Debbie as part of our support team. I did have a midwife as well..but what was great about having a Doula was her experience. I did a lot of reading and watched a ton of home birth videos..I feel I was very educated on the "process" so to speak. I had questions and as time went on specially towards the end. I was able to contact Debbie at anytime to ask questions and most of all just get words of encouragement. I asked questions at times I thought maybe to many :) but she was there for them all. As like with all pregnancies towards the end you get worn out from lack of sleep and she gave me so much strength to keep on going. Debbie was amazing and words cannot really describe it. I feel such a bond with her and I'm so grateful and thankful for her. She made my pregnancy and birth more amazing than I could have ever thought it would be. She understands what we are doing and understands our pain. She gets it and with that being said she is an amazing Doula.

Posted 12/11/2012

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Debbie was a tremendous support through our birth journey. Choosing a doula was a big decision for me and I am so glad that I followed my gut instinct and partnered with Debbie. Debbie made a seemingly unbearable process seem natural & doable. She helped prepare both my husband and I with tools, reading materials & in-the-moment support to build the confidence I needed in my body's and mind's ability, all of which enabled me to be successful and achieve an unmedicated hospital birth. Thank You for enriching our birth experience, Debbie!

Posted 10/3/2012

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Livia Ball

I had the wonderful opportunity to have Debbie be my doula during my natural hospital birth. Debbie took the time to meet with me before my birthing time to make sure she understood what I wanted and how I envisioned the birth of my daughter. She was readily available via phone, e-mail, and text for any questions and pregnancy and labor updates. She not only attended my daughter’s birth but also was an amazing birth coach. She was attentive to my physical and emotional needs and supportive of my desires for a natural, unmediated labor. Debbie made sure the hospital staff followed my birth plan by politely and firmly confirming my wishes. I am Hynobabies mom and Debbie is highly skilled in this birthing technique. If you’re curious about using self-hypnosis for an easy, comfortable birth of your baby, Debbie is very supportive of this technique. Overall, I was truly blessed to have Debbie be with me during the amazing birth of my daughter and to help make it the experience I wanted it to be.

Posted 9/18/2012

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