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Karina Plotek RN, CPD, LE, CSC

PP Doula / Sleep Coaching /Breastfeeding/Twins

Hayward, CA Service range 35 miles Serving Peninsula, North San Jose, SF & East Bay,

(510) 677-3151


Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Postpartum Rate

Not specified

Postpartum Doula Certifications

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings - Certified Postpartum Doula

Postpartum Doula Experience

15 years and 80 families served

Doula Training

  • Cornerstone Doula Trainings, June 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 1 to 3

Postpartum limits/restrictions: Love pets

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • American Red Cross First Aid and CPR
  • Antepartum doula support
  • Babywearing education
  • Cloth diapering education
  • Infant massage education
  • Military families support
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sleep educator
  • Surrogates and intended parents
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I will be happy to support you on your parenting journeyas a Certificated Postpartum Doula, NCS, Lactation Educator and Certificated Pediatric Sleep Consultant including special needs children ( trained and certificated through IPSP ). I have over 15 years of experience serving Postpartum families providing: Night Time Postpartum Services, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding Support, Sleep Coaching/Consulting, New Nutritional Advice for Nursing Moms, Parenting Education, Baby Registry Tips, Nursery Set Up and much more. I work primarily overnights (8-12 hrs shifts ) but sometimes during the day time as well (min 4 hrs a day). I do home prenatal and postpartum visits, infant sleep consultations along with phone, web,email support. I also cook for clients delicious Healthy European dishes for an additional fee. Experiences with TWINS,TRIPLETS, premature and special needs babies. Volunteer at Mother and babies HOPE Center & Klinik Pep Bondye in Jeremie Haiti for 13 months. CPR certified. Vaccinations up to date. I travel to most Bay Area locations. Satellite -SKYPE/ Face Time & Phone Doula Support/ Consultations available Please visit my website for more info. www.doulababyservices.com Looking forward to hearing from you !

Languages Spoken

  • English
  • Polish

Fee Details

Contact me to schedule consultation regarding your baby's needs, breastfeeding or your infant sleep problems. I travel to most Bay Area locations. Satellite / Face Time & Phone Postpartum Support/ Infant Sleep Coach/ Baby Care Basic available. Contact me for current rates. One parent's perspective on hiring a postpartum doula: "I figured one 4 hour session of postpartum help cost the same as one hour of professional therapy. Having an organized house and a helping hand when everything else was so chaotic probably saved me more money in therapy and frustrations. If you're concerned about money, then this is one way to look at this 'indulgent' expense. Whatever your opinion is about asking for help - if you can't ask your mom, there's always a postpartum doula.

Hayward, CA Service range 35 miles Serving Peninsula, North San Jose, SF & East Bay,

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Client Testimonials for Karina Plotek RN, CPD, LE, CSC

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Karina is such a sweet, caring, and professional doula. We had the pleasure and honor of having her help with our twin baby girls and it was the most helpful and best experience during those crazy early months. Karina is extremely trustworthy and we learned lots from her. She was helpful to our whole family taking care of mom, the twins and even helping dad keep his sanity. Coming home with new babies for the first time was extremely overwhelming and stressful for us. Having karina’s guidance and love for our babies made a huge difference. She helped us with feedings, bath, naps, and answered every question from how to care for newborns to moms postpartum physical and mental issues. She’s very experienced and knowledgeable in her field with a strong nursing background as well. Also Karina was helpful is helping us with sleep training. We had virtual coaching sessions and she helped us learn how to properly train the girls to sleep overnight.

If you or anyone you know is having a new baby and considering to hire a doula, or needs sleep training advice, don’t look any further. Having Karina will be the best investment and experience as she is passionate about her job and a true professional. We are forever grateful to her for everything.



We hired Karina as a postpartum doula and infant sleep coach for our first born daughter, Elisa. With a background as a pediatric nurse and many years of experience, Karina is very knowledgeable on best practices for taking care of newborns and infants. During the time she was with us she was very proactive about sharing recommendations where the baby’s safety was first and to help the baby meet developmental milestones (feeding frequency and volumes, sleeping through the night e.g.), recommendations spanning all interactions with the baby, to setting up the environment where the baby was taken care of, to researching products that fit our daughter’s preferences and helped her developmental stage. We were only able to book her for several nights a week as her schedule was already full when we contacted her, but she coordinated with the other night nanny perfectly and ensured there was consistency in care and best practices across the board. She also helped put together a checklist of best practices for taking care of Elisa which we used with our day nanny. Karina recommended a wonderful app for tracking our daughter’s progress night and day, she would check on Elisa’s ongoing progress during the day, and would share recommendations that helped with Elisa’s care during the day. She was consistently on time and treated our daughter with a lot of love, and having her with us during Elisa’s first months gave us 100% peace of mind that our daughter was getting the very best care. In addition, thanks to Karina’s sleep training, Elisa started sleeping through the night in 10 weeks. All in all, we were extremely fortunate to have Karina help us (she came highly recommended by a co-worker) and we would hire her again in a heartbeat! We’re actually planning on booking her as soon as we find out we are pregnant again.

Valerie Villarreal


Karina is an amazing night doula, better than we could have dreamed for.  We hired her for 2-3 nights a week for the first few months of our newborn's life, and she is a true professional care taker and baby whisperer.  She goes beyond the call of duty (beyond caring for baby while parents get magical 8 hours of sleep).  She attends to their feeding, health and growth needs....also with nice touches of bringing warmth and sanity during a stressful time.  She is not a "low cost babysitter", she is a pro, but that's the quality we wanted for our precious first born baby!  We love Karina and proudly recommend her to friends!



Karina is a true professional and a pleasure to work with. She helped my husband and I get much needed rest while caring for our newborn at night, assisting me with breastfeeding and nighttime pumping, and keeping me nourished! 

At first, my husband was wary of hiring nighttime support, but immediately after meeting Karina, his mind was put at ease! She is very experienced with babies -- including those with reflux, gas, and difficulty sleeping, like ours. She was so gentle and soothing with our baby, we slept well knowing that she was finally sleeping well, too!

Karina also went the extra mile with us, helping me with my breastfeeding diet, making me tea and breakfast, and even picking up a few groceries when we needed items. In the months that we worked with her, she became a trusted friend; and I would highly recommend her to any family that needs some extra R&R, or even just reassurance that their baby is doing OK and guidance to help them (eventually) become a better sleeper :)



Karina was a fantastic caregiver for our newborn. He arrived early and needed some extra TLC. Karina was helpful from the phone consultation: sharing tips about resolving gassiness, and suggesting we train the newborn on a bottle. I did multiple reference calls and they were specific, positive, and showed that Karina is flexible. I really wanted someone who based their recommendations on both experience and medical knowledge and she brought that to bear. In addition, she definitely is a professional: she handled the tax withholding of our payment; she responds promptly; and she communicates clearly (hard to do at 2am!). Like another mom whom I called for a reference, I did cry on Karina's last day with us. She's fantastic!

Brittany McLaren


We hired Karina following the birth of our first baby in December, and we couldn't have been happier with that decision. She is everything you would hope for in a night doula - knowledgeable, warm, experienced, and responsive. Karina was there for us the first night we got home from hospital, and continued to allow us so many invaluable nights of sleep in the weeks after. With her background as a pediatric RN, she was also an incredible resource for me and my husband. She's just filled with practical knowledge about our baby's health, sleep, and digestive issues - as well as offering so many great recommendations for all the items first-time parents don't realize they need ! She's also willing to help out with the little things the house - washing bottles and pump parts, putting away dishes, folding laundry, bringing you a warm cup of tea in the morning. In the end though, my favorite thing about her is how warm and gentle she is with baby. She's a natural, and you can see how much she truly loves children. I would highly recommend Karina to anyone looking for a kind, maternal presence in their home to give their baby the best level of care while you get some much-needed sleep.

Johanna Domenig


It’s almost impossible to put into words how wonderful Karina is. We hired her as a nighttime postpartum doula for our daughter for four weeks. Karina was in constant contact with me before our daughter arrived. Offering tips on products to buy and to avoid. When our daughter was born she came over the very first night home from the hospital. She immediately helped us for caring for our daughter. Karina made the first four weeks easy for us new parents! She showed us how to give our daughter a bath, how to trim her nails, pretty much everything we needed to know she was able to help us with. we are forever grateful for Karina. She is truly a special woman and I can’t recommend her enough! I feel blesssed she came into our lives and I couldn’t imagine having anyone else help us navigate the first month of our daughter’s life. Hiring her was the best decision we made. We miss you Karina! Thanks again for everything!

Mary Frances Frayne


It is hard to put into words just how wonderful Karina is both professionally and personally. I honestly do not know how my husband and I would have managed during those hazy first few weeks following my daughter's birth without Karina's seasoned pediatric wisdom, her unbelievable work ethic, her steady, patient guidance, and her unfailing compassion and kindness. Hiring her to be our postpartum doula is hands-down one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

As neither my husband nor myself have any family in the area, and since we were both inexperienced with babies, we booked Karina to come into our home for six weeks following the birth of our first child as soon as we discovered that I was pregnant. Karina's incredible knowledge of all things baby related was apparent during her interview. Knowing that I had an expert to rely on gave me huge peace of mind.

Unexpectedly, I suffered a series of quite serious complications following the birth of our daughter. Karina was an absolute godsend. She went with us to the hospital multiple times, she cooked us delicious meals, she went shopping for us, she did laundry and recommended the best baby products. She was always on time, always professional and warm, always looking for ways to help us and our baby. She taught me so much about caring for my daughter and myself and she was a pleasure to be around. She seamlessly integrated into our lives. We were so sad to see her go when we came to the end of her contract but because of her we felt very confident in our new roles as parents.

I can't recommend Karina highly enough. She is an incredible person and my family is so grateful for her support.

Laura Jacobs


Karina was our night doula for several months when our son was born. Her great experience, love and care for both me and our son was clear from day 1. She always went the extra mile to help me and make sure I was rested and taken care of. She had great advice for taking care of our son and ensuring he was happy, comfortable and sleeping well. Mostly you could tell how much she loved him and how much passion she has for her job. Karina is wonderful and we all miss her!

Anya Bemis


We had an amazing experience with Karina on our team! She was there for us and our twins from night one offering care and affection for our babies and a piece of mind for me and my husband. She answered our questions and concerns, offered great tips and suggestions, helped us navigate through the very tumultuous, but exciting, newborn period, and was respectful of our parenting choices. Karina helped us establish a night time routine having BOTH babies on the same sleep/feed schedule, and ensured that I maximized my sleep while meeting my feeding or pumping goal for each night. And best of all, each morning I woke up to a hot breakfast and all baby gear clean and tidy and ready to go for another hectic day. Having Karina to help us get through the night allowed us to be more rested, energetic and engaged with our twins during the day. We will always be grateful for that!

Betsy Goldenberg Magen


I can't say enough great things about Karina. From the moment I met Karina, I immediately trusted her and was impressed by her knowledge and experience regarding newborns/babies. She helped us after the birth of baby #2 - we were so tired from 2 kids and she helped bring rest and calm to our house the nights she helped us. 

In addition to providing excellent care to our baby, she also gave many helpful suggestions regarding swaddle blankets, techniques for night time feedings and how to help our baby's gas.

Karina is truly a baby expert and your child will be in very trusted hands with her. 



I couldn’t have asked for a better night nurse. Karina is extremely calm, knowledgeable, experienced, patient, and intuitive. She knew exactly what my baby and I needed and I felt completely at ease when she was caring for my baby (which is no small feat for a nervous first time mom). She has a nursing background, which was extremely helpful since my baby had some feeding issues when she first came home. She gave me so many helpful tips on how to care for my little one and was extremely nurturing. She truly was a lifesaver. 

Irina Seals


Karina was a life saver for me and my family. I was barely sleeping for 4 weeks straight as my baby was screaming day and night and I didn't know what to do or how to get some rest. My husband and his family were equally confused and we decided to get help. Karina was a referral from our sleep consultant and she was the only one who realized what was wrong with our baby. After just one day of changing his feeding schedule and my diet with her guidance he stopped crying so much and I was able to get the most needed rest with her help at my house. I felt 100% sure she would take great care of my newborn child and loved all the new things I learned from her. She also supported me in keeping breastfeeding even though I wanted to give up due to sleep depriviation and depression. I can't recommend Karina highly enough and if I will have a second baby I will make sure to reserve my spot early on. Thank you Karina for your help!

Caitlin Winner


I can't overstate how much we enjoyed working with Karina. She was gentile yet informative in helping us navigate the first few months of our son's life. Within her first few nights with us she had quietly figured out our routines and unobtrusively made everything easier. We will definitely call Karina again for all future babies.

Stefanie Maragna


Karina was a wonderful night nurse doula!  When my son who was 2 months premmie finally came home, I was put at ease immediately by Karina. She was a wonderful addition to our family for 2 months and helped me with my baby during that time. Wonderful support and best of all, my baby loved her too!  I highly recommend Karina for care in your home and with your newborn.  Best decision ever!!

Fiona Thomas


I highly recommend Karina.  We had just arrived in San Francisco and our baby boy came three weeks early.  We were very unprepared and Karina put us at ease right away.  We only used her for three weeks but I would have loved to keep her on for much longer.  It is a testament to how helpful, informative and kind she was that we felt comfortable taking over after three weeks.  Having a night nurse was such a great investment and Karina could not have been better!  Thank you Karina!

Francois Richard


We have had Karina for 5 months as a night nanny to help with our twin boys.  I can honestly say that this was the best investment of my life.  Karina made us feel at ease from the first night we brought the boys home and she was very understanding and accomodating with all our various requirements. Karina was very flexible and she was able to accomodate our various requests to come earlier at night or to leave later in the morning. Karina was easily able to make us feel at ease with handling our newborn babies and she brought us a big wealth of knowledge on how to handle multiples.  Finally I want to highlight that Karina was able to teach our boys very good sleep habits and by the time our boys were 6 months old they were sleeping 12 hours per night.

Henry Robertson


Karina is wonderful. We enlisted her services with our first child for several months and couldn't be happier. Always prompt, friendly, and reliable. She has a vast knowledge of all things babies and helped us fine-tune our methods. We miss her (especially the dogs!) and wouldn't hesistate to have her come back for #2. 

Sherry Johnson


Karina spent 6 months with my boy/girl twins, starting with the night they came home from the hospital.  As first time parents, my husband and I highly appreciated Karina's extensive nursing and doula experience, proactive guidance, and the sense of security that she brought to our household every week night.  We slept well knowing that Karina was taking such exquisite care of our newborns - everything from feeding to putting them to sleep to trimming their nails.  She was so gentle with them, always calm even during their most frantic moments, and she always knew what to do.  Karina was an important part of my twins' early development, and she really helped us to understand them better by pointing out the tiny changes and progress we might not have noticed on our own.  I also credit her with helping to train them to be independent and confident babies who could wait their turn to be held - very important when you have twins.  She also taught us many parenting skills like feeding techniques, infant safety, how to bathe them, and how to manage reflux issues with our daughter.

Karina also took great care of me, providing me with recommendations to help with breastfeeding, cooking/baking delicious treats, and making sure I got as much rest as possible by doing everything she could to make my household run smoothly.   She even befriended our super shy cat, bringing some stability to the poor kitty's life during what was probably a confusing time!  It was such a pleasure to work with Karina, and I consider her to be a great friend and mentor.  Bringing Karina to our household was probably the best parenting decisions we have made so far.  I would absolutely recommend her night doula services.

Gloria Young


Karina was our night nanny/baby nurse for our twin boys from two weeks to six months old. She was kind, knowledgeable and extremely competent.

We bottle fed our twins with breast milk and formula. Karina took care of them completely at night and let the adults sleep through the night. One of my twins had problems putting on weight when he first returned home. Karina started feeding him every two hours, and recommended us to do the same during the day. The pediatrician complimented me on taking great care of my babies during each of our regular checkup. i gave a lot of the credit to Karina.

Karina does the kids laundry, bottles, setting up my pumping equipment, and light house cleaning. She also teaches me the skills to handle my babies. She was a registered pediatric nurse in Poland, and has been working with children in the US for 12 years. She has taken care of 8 pairs of twins and one set of triplets!

Having Karina was a blessing to my family. I can recommend her to any family without any hesitation.

Maggie Danielson


Karina is the best there is! She came to work with us the day after I got back from the hospital after having had my daughter via c-section and her tenderness with both me and my daughter, her vast knowledge of newborns and tender, calm demeanour were invaluable. Having been a nurse in Europe she is very competent with all things medical but also offered alternative, more holistic, methods for certain things which I really appreciated. 

Being a first time mom I really  relied on her to show me her methods and she did that without making me feel incompetant. It takes a special type of person to work with newborns and new moms....someone calm, patient, caring and nurturing and Karina is all of those things. Any family would be lucky to have her in their home. 

Susan Kim


Karina was a lifesaver for us!

She has an incredible nurturing aura and was helpful in everyway when my daughter was born.  We would hand off our newborn daughter and she treated her with kitten gloves and made us feel at ease when she was in our hoome.  At times, our newborn had colic so Karina would give her a baby massage and knew ways to make her feel at ease as well.  I highly recommend Karina for any newborn and even new parents!

Maryjane Marcus


We used Karina for the first two months of our daughter's life.  She was a godsend.  She brought so much love into the house and clearly adored our daughter.  Whenever our daughter was upset, she knew exactly how to calm her down.  She treats her babies as you would treat your own.  She is always on time, friendly and fun to have around the house. She is particularly good if you want someone to adore your newborn, to help with any potential fussiness and to give you peace of mind.  We also really appreciated her flexibility in giving us more hours for the first few weeks and then a change in schedule after that.  

Paul White



February 2013


Karina was our night time Doula for our newborn son for four months, six nights a week. Many candidates responded to our job posting, but what caught our attention about Karina was her background as a pediatric nurse. As first time parents, it was important to us to have someone with medical experience in case our son became sick. 

She has a very warm and calm demeanor and having her presence around us made being first time parents less anxiety ridden.

During the first few months, our son had gas pains as his digestive system was maturing, with the pain often occurring at night. Karina helped make him more comfortable by rocking and holding him in various positions throughout the night. What I found most valuable as a new mom were her suggestions and tips about effective ways for holding him and massaging and warming his tummy during this difficult period. Karina was always happy to share her knowledge and she gave us helpful suggestions about natural remedies for various situations. With her help, we were able to help our son with his pain using a more natural approach.
  Karina supported us with decisions regarding our son's growth and development and never pushed her opinions or pressured us to do things in a certain way. Instead she offered advice when we asked her and would send us information when requested, so we could make informed decisions.
We consider ourselves fortunate to have found someone with her qualifications and love for our son.



Staci Abel


If you are seeking a dependable, responsible and caring individual to care for your infant(s) throughout the night, then my husband and I strongly recommend Karina Plotek. Karina began caring for our twin boys the very first night they were brought home through three months of age. Karina is a gentle, calm and nurturing person. On nights when the boys were fussy, she remained calm. While we had explained to her that she could wake us if need be, she always managed on her own – allowing us to get much needed sleep. Many times, she fed two babies at the same time. One of our boys suffered from acid reflux, and Karina always made sure to hold him upright after feeding him before laying him back in his bassinet. She even went above and beyond when our boys suffered from a terrible rash on their bottoms due to a virus. Rather than simply wipe their bottoms with a wipe or wash cloth, Karina cleansed them during each diaper change in the sink with warm water. It was always obvious to us that Karina cared for our boys and wanted to provide the best care possible for them. Karina was also very dependable. She was on time for work and often even early. She stayed late many times. She worked four scheduled nights a week for us, and was always willing to work on the other nights when needed – even when she had to work her other job the next day. She even worked on Christmas Eve! Each night that she worked, Karina filled out a sleep/eat/diaper log for us and was always very thorough in doing so. Her experience working as an RN at a children’s hospital in Poland and the Czech Republic was extremely valuable. She was open to homeopathic remedies and offered suggestions when appropriate. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at (925) 330-8111 or staciabel1@mac.com. Our family was very blessed to have Karina in our lives during the boys’ first three months.



Karina took care of my son overnight for about 2 months, starting from when he was about 5 weeks old. She is wonderful - very caring, knowledgable and reassuring. As a first time mom, I appreciated her background as a pediatric nurse since so much about childcare was unfamiliar to me. She clearly cares for babies (and moms!) and was always professional, punctual and conscientious. She goes out of her way to help. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

D. Cohen


Our family hired Karina to help during both day and night shifts following the birth of our son in 2010. An experienced pediatric nurse in Poland and childcare provider in the U.S., she quickly distinguished herself as a professional yet compassionate caregiver who we still hire to look after our son. She is a genuinely kind person with a very calm and soothing demeanor.



Karina worked for our just a few days after my daughter was born and she was a complete lifesaver! She has much experience with babies from her background as a NURSE in Poland as well as through many other caregiver jobs, and it really shows through her work. She has a very calming and nurturing demeanor. Karina gives just the right balance of  both advice and respect I feel especially for new mothers. She is detail-oriented and will listen to you and do what you prefer but will also give helpful suggestions from her many years of experience with babies.

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