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Summer Halsey (CD)DONA

Oswego, IL Service range 30 miles

(815) 325-0203

Birth Fee

$600 to $850

Birth Fee

$600 to $850

Birth Doula Experience

8 years and 12 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, July 2012

Type of practice: Solo practice

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
So far I have attended births at Rush Copley, Edward, Our Little Company of Mary, Sandwich, and Hinsdale hospitals and I look forward to attending births at other hospitals in the near future.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers
I have not yet attended at birth at a birth center but I would love to do so!

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I have attended two home births so far and I would love to attend more home births in the future.

College Education


Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

I have my MSW in school social work.

Fee Details

I would never want money to be the factor that prevents someone from having a doula.

Oswego, IL Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Summer Halsey (CD)DONA

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Kendra Schmidt


With my first baby, I had an epidural and no doula. It didn't go as I had hoped, so as I neared the end of my second pregnancy, I knew that I wanted to try it naturally but that I needed extra support to cross the finish line. I contacted Summer less than 6 weeks before our son was born, and she was able to meet me that weekend and discuss my thoughts for my delivery. She asked lots of questions, remembered the answers, and was very flexible to meet us where we were at. She really gave me the confidence that I could do this! During the last few weeks, Summer texted me often to touch base with how I was feeling and how appointments went. She stayed up much of the night texting with me the night before delivery as I measured contractions and tried to get labor to progress. The end when so fast, that she ran in the room just moments before I started pushing. Even though we were only at the hospital 30 minutes before baby arrived, Summer was a big help in just reminding me to breath and to slow down. She encouraged and supported through the crazy whirlwind of delivery and the following couple hours and first nursing. My son is 8 weeks now, but Summer has continued to keep in touch and encourage me during the crazy transition to one more. We have a lot in common and I know I got not only a doula but a friend and sister in Christ.  

Hosanna Smith


My husband and I both felt so much more confident with Summer in the labor room. Because of her help preparing before our baby arrived, I was able to have a great experience in the delivery room. She knew what I needed, and was able to help my husband feel like he was needed, and that he was doing a good job helping me. There was not one moment during labor that I thought I couldn't handle it, or that I needed an epidural, I was able to focus more than I have ever focused, and I wouldn't have been able to do that without the help of Summer. She made me feel safe, strong, motivated, and confident. She also made my husband feel useful, confident, and encouraged. She was more than available during my pregnancy, answering questions and checking in on me, she was more than just a doula to me, and I'll never be able to express how grateful I am for her being such a huge part of my wonderful experience! Could I have done it without her? Sure, I probably could have. But I would not have been in the same mindset, and I know my experience would have been a lot more difficult on myself and my husband, and I don't know if I could have gone without pain medication without the preparation she gave me. Having my first baby without someone who knew what what to expect, and had good solutions for handling contractions and fears, was the biggest part for me to have a great pregnancy and labor experience.

I would have her as my doula again without hesitation, and I would recommend Summer Halsey to anyone who is thinking about having a doula. 

Jessica Pasternak


I really enjoyed working with Summer. I was planning a HBAC with a midwife. We spoke on and off in the weeks before labor began, and she made herself available to answer any questions I might have had.  She is very cool, calm, and collected. I like all of those qualities in a person. She suggested different ways to deal with labor pains. She was hands on when I needed her to be, and in the background always. I would enjoy working with her again. 

We had a successful HBAC On 04/01/2015. Summer and I maintain a friendship where we talk very frequently. I would recommend her to any pregnant friends that I have. 

hubert wallace


Summer is a great doula! Very passionate and knowledgeable. She will talk and prepare you for the delivery day and check for updates in between. She may be at the hospital before you get there (it happened to us!) and she will keep you calm and focused throughout the whole delivery. We have two little girls and we were blessed to have her helping us deliver both of them.

Allison Jolley Wayne


I have had the privilege of having Summer as my doula for the past two births. Both times, my labors have been very fast, but even for the short time she was there, she made a huge difference. The latest birth was 2/5/2015. The weeks leading up to the big day, Summer kept in contact to make sure everything was going smoothly. She was excited for this baby to come, which made me even more excited and added to the positivity of the whole experience. I had a false alarm the week before the baby actually came and Summer came to the hospital and provided support. I was so disappointed to be sent home, but Summer was great to give me emotional support to help me not be so upset. I just wanted to meet my little guy! When labor fully set in, Summer was a great advocate to remind me to speak up and remember my birth plan. She helped my husband to feel useful and knew when to step in and when to let me be in my zone. It was my favorite birth experience so far. In the days following, she kept in contact to make sure I was doing ok emotionally and that breastfeeding was going ok. That had been my biggest worry, to have a good start with breastfeeding. She provided advice and helped me think of questions to ask my doctors which helped me have more confidence that I can do it. I am forever grateful that Summer has been my doula and made the entire experience more positive and empowering. Thank you Summer!

Elisabeth Belokas


Throughout the latter part of my pregnancy I struggled with the decision to attempt a VBAC.  I didn't have much support from my family so to empower myself I decided to conduct my own research and spent months reading books, journals, testimonials, and successful VBAC stories.  I knew that in order for me to have the highest chances of a successful VBAC I wanted an unmedicated labor that would allow me to remain mobile.  My research consistently highlightted the befefits of having a doula to achieve the type of birth experience that I wanted so I knew that it was important I find someone.

My coworker referred me to Summer and I contacted her immediately.  My husband and I met her in person shortly after and I believe this helped my husband become more accepting of the whole process and the type of birth experience I was planning.  I felt immediately comfortable with Summer and she was very positive about my choice to attempt a VBAC.

During the remainder of my pregnancy Summer was in constant contact about my well-being and offered suggestions and tips for those late pregnancy aches and pains.  When I went into labor at 2am on a Monday morning she was immediately available and arrived at the hospital promptly.  As the pain from my contractions increased Summer helped me breathe, applied massage therapy, offered verbal reassurance, and guided my husband to help me.  I was able to stay mobile during my labor which was very important to me.  

Toward the end of my labor, pain from the contractions became so intense I thought there was absolutley no way I could continue without an epidural, but Summer was able to keep me on track with my original plan.  

I truly beleive that if Summer had not been there with me I would strayed from my birth plan.  Her presence, calm reassurance, and birthing techniques helped me achieve a succesful VBAC. I am forever grateful!

Dayna Rihani


Summer served as my doula for the birth of my daughter on August 25, 2014. She was amazing to work with. She asked questions and sent suggestions in the weeks leading up to my labor, she was at my house soon after my contractions began. Even now she has continued to be a valued resource. As a first time parent I did not know exactly what to expect with labor. Summer was calm, informative, and confident. She helped me breathe through my contractions, massaged and applied pressure to ease my pain, and made sure to include my husband which was wonderful. She was key in creating the type of environment I wanted during labor. Candles, essential oils, calming music, all of these things helped me to stay relaxed and focused. She helped to progress my labor when it slowed by changing my position and walking with me. I am so grateful for her encouraging words and calm demeanor it was vital in creating the birth experience my husband and I wanted. She also keep a record of the time frame of my labor with details I wanted but was not in the state of mind to record. I would highly reccomend Summer! 

Erin Crofford


Summer is a wonderful doula who I would highly recommend! She supported me throughout the pregnancy and birth of my third child. This was my first time having a natural birth, and my second VBAC and Summer was a great source of knowledge and support. Throughout the pregnancy she was readily available for any questions or concerns I had and was diligent about checking in with me to ensure I was doing well. Throughout my labor she stayed by my side offering her thoughts and advice yet helping me feel confident in the decisions I was making. Her calm demeanor under pressure was especially comforting for my husband when we had some minor complications during delivery. She also took the initiative to take photos for us during parts of the labor and after our son was born that are some of our favorites as they captured special moments we wouldn’t have thought to document. Summer is extremely passionate about what she does. We love her and won’t hesitate to hire her in the future if we are blessed with more children!

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