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Nubia Jones, CD(DONA), CLC (Lactation)

Doula Viva Births|Postpartum|Lactation|Nutrition

Red Bank, NJ Service range 50 miles


Birth Fee

$2800 to $4500

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $65

Black Doula

Birth Fee

$2800 to $4500

Postpartum Rate

$50 to $65

Birth Doula Experience

10 years and 350 births attended

Postpartum Doula Experience

7 years and 200 families served

Doula Training

  • DONA International-Approved Workshop, May 2012

Type of practice: Partnership with 2 or more doulas

Clients per month: 2 to 4 births and 2 to 4 postpartum families

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
Working as an Evidence Based Birth® Professional Instructor to provide clients with evidence based birth support. Sharing research to empower families to have an active role in creating a gentle and respectful birth.Discounted rates available to low-income families of color or underserved populations. Please inquire for more information as various factors are considered before determining the discounted fee. Monmouth County residents strongly encouraged to inquire about local services.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Any Home Birth
Confidential doula services available to HIGH PROFILE families.•Private•Respectful•Exclusive Support•

Special Services Offered

  • Abortion support
  • Aromatherapy
  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Belly binding
  • Belly casting
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Birth pool rental
  • Childbirth education services
  • Infant massage education
  • Lactation consultant/counselor services
  • Military families support
  • Mother blessing celebrations
  • Newborn care specialist
  • Parenting consulting
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Prenatal & postpartum fitness services
  • Prenatal or postnatal massage
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption
  • Reiki
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • Sibling support (for your older children at the birth)
  • Sleep educator
  • Sleep support consulting
  • TENS units rental
  • Therapeutic bodywork
  • Vaginal steam/peristeam services
  • Virtual and remote doula support

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Served on the Board of Directors of the Family Health and Birth Center, Washington, DC, for four years. Served as Volunteer Birth Doula at the Family Health and Birth Center with Community of Hope (2012-2014)

Fee Details

*IN-PERSON SUPPORT IS AVAILABLE DURING COVID-19* . Nubia is passionately serving women of all ages with diverse backgrounds, economic levels, cultures and personal beliefs at various stages in their lives. She began birth work in 2012 in Washington,DC (her hometown) and now serves the New York/New Jersey area. She has gained her knowledge and skills through professional development, as well as birthing 5 children of her own. Nubia offers a holistic approach coupled with an understanding that medical care is sometimes needed in birth and moms need strong advocacy support in order to make informed decisions about medical recommendations. She is consciously connecting with each mom to create a relationship full of nurturing, empowerment and respect. She aims to improve the integrative health and wellness of mom and baby starting with pre-pregnancy and beyond. She is available to serve you on your personal birth journey no matter which path you travel.

Service Area

Red Bank, NJ Service range 50 miles

Client Testimonials for Nubia Jones, CD(DONA), CLC (Lactation)

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Margaret Rosario


Nubia was my incredible doula fall 2022. I procrastinated so much because the process of finding a doula, interviewing can be a bit overwhelming but as soon as I met her I knew that I wanted her to be part of my support team. She has a wealth a knowledge and an extremely calming energy. She shared so much information, she checked in on me via text and was always a call or txt away, she responded super fast- she's like that friend that's a good texter.

She visited me at my home before my due date and then met us at the hospital when I was in labor. I'm convinced that my experience would have been so different if she wasn't at the hospital with me, I was honest with her on what I wanted and she advocated on behalf when the doctor was being pushy. Nubia stood her ground with the doctor when I needed her. I did get an epidural but Nubia made sure I was still moving, the whole time she didn't stop making sure I'm moving my legs. The whole time we were just chatting it up. An hour or so before I started pushing, she encourage I take a nap with the lights off. I was able to wake up someone rested to make it to the end. She was on one side and my partner on the other holding my hand. She made sure I was okay, because giving birth in the hospital it feels like you suddenly don't matter and it's all about baby but you are also human and you need someone checking in on you and making sure YOU are okay as well.

After birth she stayed around for a little bit to make sure I'm okay. She met my parents then went home. She visited me the following week and spent some time with us. Sharing helpful information on how to help baby feed. 

Nubia always felt like she was someone I could text and reach out to at any moment when I needed advice or unbiased opinions. 

i would recommend anyone to Nubia. With all the said I think it's important to know why you want a doula and what you would like out the experience. 

Trilce Ortiz


Nubia is absolutely faboulous!

I've heard it was a good idea to have a doula supporting my birthing journey. I wasn't that sure what a doula was, and then we met Nubia.

From our first virtual interaction, Nubia transpired an energy of calmness, knowledge, positivity and true caring. This was all true once we met in person. 

She quickly became a trusted source of judgment- free support and birthing resources. I loved how supportive she was of my choices and was ready to provide guidance for the path I chose.

During my birth at the hospital she became a loving but firm advocate for my needs, a touch of love and an invaluable source of support for my husband. She made me feel secured, listened to and cared for.

My family and I are for ever grateful to Nubia for her support during the welcoming of our daughter. We're not planning on having more children, if we were, Nubia would be our doula, no doubt!

Rowena Marin


My labour was 38 hours long. During  that time frame I was induced and I got an epidural, both things that I did not want for my experience. I had a clear plan in my mind, but everything changed because of the lengthy process. The fact that I had Nubia to explain to me with kindness and patience everything that was happening meant the world to me. She helped me prepare but she also kept me adaptable and flexible to what was going to happen. During all the pain she helped me cope with her guidance, wisdom and care. 

I would recommend Nubia to any future mom,  but specifically to first time mothers because she can be the rock one needs in order to overcome any possible challenge in the beautiful and difficult process of giving birth 

Stephanie D


From the very first time we spoke to Nubia I knew she would be the perfect doula support for my pregnancy, labor and beyond. She was professional, knowledgable, kind and made me feel at ease with her calm and nurturing voice. Although we decided to work together later on in my pregnancy, Nubia did everything she could to bring me up to speed and put my mind at ease as my delivery date grew near. She was patient, thorough and was very comprehensive in answering and addressing all questions and concerns, as well as following up with links and literature to support and reaffirm everything she said.

Nubia was just as hands on as she was with her verbal coaching. During our live visits she showed my husband and I different breathing techniques and labor techniques to ensure I was comfortable and moving baby a long in right direction .

On the day of my delivery, Nubia was there to support me every step of the way. She provided constant encouragement, help with positioning and made sure my husband and I were both taken care of. Her knowledge and experience showed as she helped guide us through each stage of labor and delivery. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to have the amazing birth experience that I did without Nubia's help. After the delivery, Nubia made sure that I was comfortable and provided support as I adjusted to being a new mom. Her postpartum visits were just as nurturing and supportive as her prenatal and labor support. I highly recommend Nubia to anyone looking for a doula. She is truly a blessing and I am grateful to have had her by my side during such an important time in my life.

Naomi Rybeck


Nubia was amazing - she supported us physically, emotionally and mentally for the birth of our first child. She was calming, loving, positive, and nonjudgmental.

During pregnancy, she answered all our questions, sent helpful resources, and showed my husband and I positions we could do at home to help with labor pain, which all made me feel more confident and prepared going in.

When I first felt contractions, I was able to relax and sleep at home because I knew we could call and text Nubia with all our questions.

At the hospital, I’m pretty sure she massaged me for 12 hours straight. I had back labor and she guided me through positions to help “corkscrew” out the baby. I wouldn’t have wanted anyone else by our side to support us and help navigate an unmedicated birth in a hospital.

She also came over after the birth to see how we were doing and help with breastfeeding. I couldn’t imagine doing this without Nubia!!

Jorge A


When my wife told me she wanted to hire a doula, I was originally thinking about the added cost.  Let me start off by saying our doula was worth every dollar, plus more!  After I finally gave in and we reached out to numerous doulas, one did stand out above the others.  From our first initial meeting onward, it was one of the best decisions we made to guide us through the experience as first-time parents.  For the fathers out there, especially first-time fathers, any doula would be greatly beneficial but I would highly recommend choosing Nubia.

My experience with Nubia was amazing as I literally had no idea what I was doing or what to expect, and Nubia made sure to not only support my wife but me as well.  I attended all the prenatal sessions and felt our connection with her grew every time.  During labor, Nubia was so knowledgeable and calm, cool, and collected which helped me with my anxiety and worry (which was at an all-time high).  Even when my wife’s birth started to deviate from the birth plan, Nubia’s guidance and reassurance made me feel comfortable with all the decisions my wife had to make.  Nubia was there for us until the very end, with a beautiful, healthy baby boy and exhausted, but very happy, mama.

Amanda A


I'm a first-time mom, delivered my son about a month ago, and hiring Nubia was one of the best decisions I ever made and I would do it again without question. She was exactly what I needed during my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She is both knowledgeable and experienced, equal parts IQ and EQ, such that I felt supported in every way in each stage.


On the IQ side, she was able to provide guidance/support on nutrition, supplements, physical activity, and mental preparation during pregnancy; pain management, labor progression, and intervention options during labor; and breastfeeding and mental health support postpartum. Really anything I had questions about or needed advice on, I turned to Nubia for guidance, and she never disappointed.


On the EQ side, Nubia immediately felt like family when we met and she continues to feel like family. We always felt very comfortable with her, and she with us. Throughout my labor, she was both gentle and assertive, getting me to do things I wasn’t exactly excited about doing but would ultimately prove helpful in moving things along (eg using the peanut ball, standing through contractions, and repeatedly taking the stairs when my labor stalled).


I labored for 40+ hours and Nubia was with us for 30+ of them. Though we were aiming for a home birth, we ended up making a non-emergency transfer to the hospital around the 40-hour mark and Nubia didn’t hesitate to say she would be joining us. At the hospital, Nubia knew exactly how to navigate the hospital setting, work with our midwife and L&D nurse, and help us advocate for the birth preferences we'd chosen in the event of a hospital birth. She also captured beautifully intimate moments on camera for us (with our consent of course) that we will cherish forever.


All in all, I plan to be a repeat customer (God willing) and I would highly recommend her.

Amy Miele


Nubia is truly an angel on earth. My entire pregnancy was during quarantine so we had our prenatal consultations via Zoom.

The day of my labor, my water broke at 5am. I contacted Nubia and she gave me tips on how to relax and get labor going when needed. When the contractions started, she was on her way. I cannot describe the relief I felt when I saw her in person for the first time! She brought such a sense of immediate relief. She helped me (and my husband!) through the entire birth process with ease, and she made us feel so comfortable.

I am forever grateful that during my postpartum period Nubia frequently texted me to check in and tell me that I was doing a good job as a mother, which was exactly what my soul needed to hear. When breastfeeding became a struggle, she told me about possible ties which I had never heard of before. My son got a corrective procedure done to fix his ties and our breastfeeding journey got easier!

I believe everyone should have a Nubia in their life for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum! Hire her immediately!!!



Working with Nubia was incredible. As soon as I confirmed that I was pregnant I knew I wanted a doula but had no idea how much support a doula could truly offer. Nubia was available for chats whenever I felt anxious or needed to think something through. She was responsive to text messages and would check in on me if she had not heard from me in a while to make sure that I was doing well and if I had any questions.  Most importantly, having Nubia during my daughter's birth was... well, I don't know what I would have done without her. She translated doctor's next steps from doctor speak to layman's terms. She helped me weigh the costs and benefits of each action. She helped me advocate for myself with my doctor's to slow down the birthing process. She helped me labor down my baby to +3 with various exercises. Sometimes she just talked to me and helped distract me when I needed it. She encouraged me to keep on going at my hardest points. She was an amazing birthing coach and I am truly thankful for all that she did. I highly recommend her services!



I can't say enough about how essential Nubia was to our lives before, during, and after the birth of our first child; as my husband and I say: hiring Nubia was the single most important thing we did in my pregnancy. Her vibe is so calm and graceful, and in the midst of a pandemic when we couldn't meet with her until the birth itself, she made us feel so held and secure. During my labor (an induction), she somehow managed to make it fun by dancing with me to get my hips to open up, made me tea, and massaged me through EVERY SINGLE CONTRACTION (!!). She was our pillar of strength, helped my husband find his own helpful role during labor, and was an incredibly important voice for us at the hospital. 

It's also worth noting that Nubia always made me feel completely supported in my birth preferences; I elected to have an epidural and while I know there's a lot of pressure on birthing people to have a "natural" birth, Nubia helped my labor to feel natural and doable to me. 

Finally, Nubia was available at all hours in our post-partum weeks to give advice, check in, and mostly make me feel like I could be a momma, especially in the hardest, sleep-deprived moments. She helped me see the bigger picture for me and my baby, and her smile and soothing voice eased some really rough moments. 

As my people say, Nubia is a mensch, through and through. 

Iseult M.


Bringing Nubia into our birth journey was the best decision we made, outside of getting pregnant in the first place! She brought me and my husband so much knowledge, serenity and grace throughout the process and beyond. A tremendous advocate, especially during COVID restrictions. We are forever grateful for her expertise and could not recommend more highly. Thanks for everything, Nubia!

Julia Bennett


We couldn't have been happier with the support we received from Nubia across the entire spectrum of pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. Since this was our first child, we really didn't know what to expect, how to prepare, or even what we wanted sometimes. Nubia talked us through everything, including how we could physically, mentally, and emotionally prepare for labor and birth. She gave us lots of resources that we found incredibly helpful including meditations, yoga, conversations we should have to get on the same page as a couple, breastfeeding tips and tricks, and more. 

Nubia has a wealth of expertise, bringing both evidence-based practices and personal knowledge as a mama. This combination makes her approach super informative AND super empathetic. She made us feel like pregnancy and birth could really be a positive, safe, and joyful experience (even with challenges and pain), which it really was for us!

We gave birth to our daughter during the COVID pandemic, and through all of it she was committed to being there for us in person whenever possible while being very safe, including coming to the hospital for labor and visiting us at home when we were struggling with breastfeeding and needed hands on support. She was also available for virtual support to answer any questions, provide us with tips and resources, or to just provide moral support.

Nubia is pure sunshine - her presence is instantly and always calming, supportive, and reassuring. We couldn't think of anyone better to support us in bringing our first child into our family. We're just so grateful we found her!!

Savi Dias


We’ve had Nubia as our birth doula for the birth of our son and 2 years later for the birth of our daughter. She’s an amazing sense of emotional and physical support. I’ve felt a bit anxious, overwhelmed and emotional during this pregnancy and Nubia was there along the way providing her calm and grounding energy. She has many ‘tools’ in her doula bag to help get through some of the tougher moments of labor - i especially loved all the back rubs and rebozo work. She’s also an advocate for you in hospital to get your needs met. There is a reason we chose Nubia 2x - she loves what she does and she’s great at it! 



Nubia is amazing! I knew I wanted a doula who brought a positive, calm energy and Nubia was just that. Throughout my pregnancy, Nubia was a knowledgable resource for everything. In the height of the pandemic, she was sure to check in on both my physical and emotional well being, providing invaluable advice along the way. When I chose to switch from a hospital birth to a home birth, she was nothing but supportive and even led me to my awesome midwife. During labor, Nubia was on her way as soon as I said the word. From the moment she arrived, she was constantly comforting me (and my husband) and guiding me through each contraction. With Nubia's support, I had a peaceful, positive, empowering birth. We feel so fortunate to have had Nubia on our birth team. I cannot recommend her enough!



Nubia was recommended to us by our birth doula for her postpartum services. Upon leaving the hospital after my son was born, I was exhausted, still recovering physically, and very anxious about caring for my newborn. Nubia came to our rescue on our very first night home and provided us with invaluable support and guidance. She stayed at our apartment through the night and woke me when my baby needed to feed. She essentially taught me how to breastfeed as it was completely new to me and my milk hadn’t really come in yet. She also enabled me to get as much sleep as possible in the first 24 hours home, which made me better equipped to care for my son once we were on our own. After this experience, I wholeheartedly believe that every new mother should have the support of a postpartum doula. I would recommend Nubia in particular to all of my friends and family. She is exceptional. Her calming presence and wealth of knowledge put my mind at ease and allowed me to more seamlessly transition into motherhood. I don’t know what I would have done without her.



I knew I didn’t want to have a birth experience I needed to emotionally recover from. I also know that with birth, as in life, you never know what will happen. You just have to do your best to be prepared. For me, that meant connecting with a doula. After much searching and many interviews I knew intuitively that Nubia was the doula for me. Her energy, philosophy, experience, and positive personal birthing experiences is what made my partner and i choose her without reservation. She was extremely supportive, knowledgeable and communicative throughout the pregnancy. During the birth, she helped keep me grounded, served as my advocate, and helped to make sure me and my husband asked the right questions to understand my options that the medical team laid out. Even with the unexpected, I felt i was well prepared and completely supported in my birth. If we ever have more children, I will be calling Nubia first thing!

Christina R


Working with Nubia before, during, and after my pregnancy was one of the best decisions we made. I wanted a natural hospital birth (I am claustrophobic, and feared that not being able to move my legs with an epidural would cause an anxiety attack), a nd we decided that it would be best to work with a doula to manage through that intensity. During my pregnancy, she offered support and guidance whenever I needed it (and even times when I didn't realize I did), whether it was help dealing with anxiety, pregnancy complications, or advice on vitamins, symptom management, and birth classes.

I can say with confidence that I would not have had the natural birth I was hoping for if it wasn't for Nubia. As soon as my contractions started, she was available, checking in regularly via phone until she arrived for in-person support (within 30 minutes of me telling her that it was time). I labored entirely at home (made two trips to the hospital), and our healthy baby boy was born within 35 minutes of us arriving at the hospital, with no epidural or pitocin. Nubia coached me and my husband brilliantly, and advocated for my wishes in the delivery room. She was a calming, strong presence, who made me feel confident that I could have the birth I had envisioned.

Nubia was also available after the birth, beyond her post-natal visit, whenever I had questions, specifically around breastfeeding. 

If we are lucky enough to have a second pregnancy, we hope to work with Nubia again!

Dawn Palmer


My experience with Nubia was life-changing. I approached her as a candidate for a TOLAC after two C-Sections. We worked on Spinning Babies techniques, stretches and nutrition prior to my delivery. When I went into labor she was there every step of the way providing a safe, encouraging, comforting space in the labor room. She reminded me of my goals,  kept me moving and made sure I trusted my body's capabilities. In the end, the birth I wanted was the birth achieved. She entered my life as my doula and became my sister when I needed her most.



My husband and I are pretty anxious and nervous people so we knew we wanted a doula present during delivery. We wanted someone kind, warm, and knowlgeable. We found all of these qualities and more in Nubia. She encouraged me to contact her whenever I was unsure of something during my entire pregnancy, which I did. I had a low grade fever at 35 weeks on New Year's Eve and was unsure of what to do since my doctor's office was closed. Nubia was there to answer all my questions and reassure me that the baby would be fine. I appreciated that she sent reading materials and videos if I had specific questions, but did not bombard me with too much information. Instead she coached us through what we could expect the day of delivery at our in-home prenatal visit. On the day of delivery, it did not go as planned, but my husband and I know for certain that we could not have done it without her. I managed to labor for 15 hours unmedicated because Nubia was there to coach and massage (thank you!!) me through each contraction. At one point, I literally fell asleep on her in between contractions. She worked wonderfully with my doctor in an attempt to give me the type of birth I really wanted. She was in the hospital with us for close to 24 hours, never taking a break for herself. In the end though I had to do an emergency C-section. Nubia stayed well after the operation was over to make sure I was settled in and that the baby was latching on properly. After we were home, Nubia checked in every few days to see how we were doing. She came to our home twice to help me adjust to being a new mama. It meant the world to me. If you're looking for a nurturing and warm spirit the day of delivery, I highly recommend Nubia. 



After our initial interview, which felt more like a conversation amongst old friends, my husband and I were sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Nubia was the person that we wanted to support the pregnancy, labor and delivery of our firstborn. Her energy was calming and her spirit was warm, which was exactly what we needed and wanted. Nubia was always extremely patient, responsive, and thorough. As the lifelong learner that she is, Nubia continued to educate herself on new techniques and best practices by pursuing a new certification, which she was able to employ during my pregnancy and labor. This let me know that she was serious about her work as a doula and that despite her many years of experience, she is always looking for opportunities to grow. During our prenatal sessions, she took her time and ensured that we fully understood the content she was educating us on. She made it clear that our labor and delivery experience was our own, that we had options, and further, that we had the right to make it what we wanted it to be, not having to succumb to whatever was offered at the hospital. Nubia always followed up with us to see how things were going and to reassure us of her support. Having her with us at the hospital made me feel confident and at peace, as she provided support every step of the way. She was direct, but kind with the hospital staff when advocating for me, and facilitated an atmosphere of teamwork among all of us. With her there, I never felt alone. In fact, I felt very powerful because at every turn, she knew just what to do. Even my family, who had only met her once at the hospital when I was in labor, raved (and still raves) about Nubia, her professionalism, her responsiveness, her knowledge, and her demeanor. I could not imagine this experience without her, and hope to have her as a support for our future children as well. I highly recommend Nubia, a top of the line doula, for an excellent childbirth experience.

Olephia Williams-George


There is not enough words to express how great of a doula Nubia Jones is. She is reliable and knowledgeable. She made me feel safe and comfortable. Not to mention I was able to get all my questions answered and much more. I was also able to express my true emotions within her presence. From the moment I text Nubia telling her I'm losing my mucus plug she was there with guidance and support. When I mention that I wanted her to come, she came right away. I was amazed at how much better I felt when she arrived at 6 in the morning on that Monday. I felt stronger. Nubia was with me and didn't leave my side until hours after my baby was born. Baby girl arrived Tuesday at 7:26pm and was 8lbs 15oz.  Knowing that my baby was more on the big end, I was a bit nervous. (I just tend to naturally carry big babies) My first child was 10lbs 4oz and I did a c-section. So this time around I knew I didn't want to go down the same path. I wanted little to no invention. While laboring at home we did all different forms of exercises and we even use the shower. Nubia educated and assure me that I was able to have my baby vaginal and with no epidural. And so I did!!! My husband, my son and the rest of my family was more that pleased with the service and care she provided for us. She officially became a part of our family. Nubia is deeply committed to supporting other women and their families in all area of childbearing. From prenatal to labor and postpartum. I strongly recommend having Nubia Jones at your side.

Verzhine Owens


I met Nubia late in my pregnancy (35 weeks) when I wasn't quite sure I needed a doula since it was my second pregnancy.  I decided to meet Nubia (and her back up) as she was strongly recommended to me by my sister who had a positive birth experience with her. After interviewing other doulas, I found that Nubia was the easiest to talk to and knoweldable-having attended many births, seminars and workshops. I decided in the end that it was important to have someone like her on my team even if I felt more confident in this coming delivery. Nubia remained available to me before my birth and helped me w/ resources/exercise to coax by my baby to turn when he unexpectedly went breach at 37 weeks which were a success! On the night of my birth, we met at the hospital as planned. The OB unit was over crowded and I was only able to labor in triage. Nubia advocated to be present in the room with me and my partner when many of the nurses and doctors where quite busy. She had a warming touch helping me work through my late labor contractions. Most of all I am lucky Nubia was present because as my water broke and my husband went off to alert the doctor and nurses, Nubia was the only one initially present in the triage room and guided me into the bed as my body naturally began pushing. Just 3 pushes later my baby was born, all without a doctor present and a whole slew of nurses barely making it in time! Had it not been for Nubia I may have birthed my baby into my own arms! In the aftermath, Nubia stayed around to assist with my initial latching and nursing. Nubia remained available to me via text with questions that came up and providing me a much needed referesher on how it's all done.  Following my birth Nubia visited on two occasions when I felt like I needed most of her support (early lactation support) and pre-returning to work pumping schedule. No need to look further! Nubia is wonderful. 

Fazeela Siddiqui


We interviewed 3 doulas before choosing Nubia. We *knew* she was the right fit within 5 minutes. Our energies were all on the same vibration. And THIS is the most important aspect of choosing a doula IMO. It’s personal and each individual will require something unique. 

She provided me with a calm and evidence-based support that I needed. Especially because I had a major case of tokophobia. Knowing that she gave birth to 5 children, vaginally, in birthing centers allowed me to have full faith in her wisdom and expertise. 

I highly recommend her. Especially if you are a person of color. Her wisdom is ancestral and rooted. 

Corina Aoi


We can’t say enough great things about our experience with Nubia as our postpartum doula. Not only was she of great help the first week, giving us little tips and tricks to make a smoother transition into new parent life, she was also of great emotional support. I had a very rough labor that did not go according to our birth plan and she was extremely open and willing to help me process what happened. Sometimes it was just a chat about my experience, other times it was a literal shoulder to cry on! She was a completely necessary part of our post birth experience! She was extremely gentle and soothing with our new little baby, and she always seem to know when to lend additional support around the house, like tidying up dishes or offering to cook something for us. Most of all, she was a blessing to have around just so we could get some sleep! Great personality, super knowledgable about the birthing process and how to care for a new baby. Highly recommended. Thanks Nubia!

Brandy Houser


I absolutely loved working with Nubia. She was incredibly supportive and empowered me at every step. Nubia offered extensive knowledge as a lactation consultant which got me off to the races despite some initial difficulties. This has allowed me to tackle all things breastfeeding including now pumping at work. Additionally, Nubia is a fabulous human who is a mom herself. She gave me a lot of insight into how my baby should be growing and what new activities I should be engaging in next. Nubia gave me confidence as a new mom AND she helped me feel comfortable with getting back to my normal active self. I would highly recommend Nubia to anyone who is looking for a post-partum doula and/or lactation support.

Jasmin C


Nubia is simply wonderful. She has such a warm and inviting spirit. Nubia was both my birth and post partum doula and my family and I had the best experience with her for the birth of our first child. Firstly, things did not go according to plan with my birth, but my partner and I could not have done this without Nubia. She was really there for us each step of the way and even though the outcome was not what we had hoped for she definitely helped create a positive experience. I had post partum complications, so her post partum visit ended up being in the hospital. She went above and beyond to help my partner who was at home with our 1 week old by himself. Aside from that once we got home, she really helped me settle in as a first time mom and with my partner going back to work after 2 weeks. She cooked meals for me, let me sleep and brought the baby to me to breastfeed. My baby is now almost 3 months and Nubia is still helping my family out from time to time. My daughter absolutely loves Nubia. She has such a calming spirit and when my daughter is with her I am at ease. She is always on time and very reliable and does her best to make herself available to you.

I would HIGHLY recommend Nubia without a doubt. I am so thankful for her support, she is truly a blessing. When we have our second child I look forward to having her by my side again.

Anna Daglyan


All I can say is, Nubia completely changed my birthing experience for the better.  She was a strong advocate for me in the delivery room and I truely believe if she had not been there, I would have ended up with a cesarean or at least multiple interventions.

My water broke very early, however I was not having contractions.  The MD wanted to start me on pitossin which I did not want  since it would make my contractions stronger and force me into an epidural earlier.  Nubia helped me move around to start bringing in the contractions, which even suprised the MD and my husband.  Once the contractions started, she gave me massages and compresses which were very soothing.  In the end of the delivery I was still not reaching 10 cm and the MD said if I did not progress within 30 minutes, I would have a cesarean and Nubia again provided different techniques to get me to the finish line.  While pushing she provided great support and comfort to me and my husband.  After the delivery, she provided great lactation support and reassurance of how baby and I were doing.

Nubia was amazing and I would have no reservations recommended her to anyone!  Thank you so much!

Ashley Rader


I don't even know where to begin when describing my experience with Nubia. From day 1 of speaking to her on the phone I felt at ease, supported, and truly heard when talking about my fears, anxieties and wishes about giving birth. I set up an appointment in person so that my husband could meet her and hopefully get that same good feeling I had about her. Having no idea what a doula was, he was pretty skeptical that we even needed one. However, after sitting down for an hour over a cup of coffee,  even he could feel  what I felt. Nubia is genuinely one of the kindest, warmest and most nurturing people we have ever had the privilege of knowing. She has a wonderful way of putting you at ease throughout pregnancy and the labor and delivery process. She is a constant source of really useful information too! On the day I went into labor I felt so prepared (as much as you can be at least) regarding what to expect, what steps to take, and what positions or strategies to use during labor. Nubia helped me to manage pain during contractions, supported me in my own decisions, explained my options when decision making moments came up, and was coaching me, cheering me on and literally holding up my leg through the pushing process! A few days later she came over for a post partum visit and taught me how to use a breast pump and helped me figure out some things as a new mom. She is such a special person and it was a huge blessing that we found Nubia. We honestly can't imagine going through the process without her!

Danielle Devine-Baum


We had the most amazing experience with Nubia throughout my pregnancy and during the birth of our son. We can not imagine what it would have been like without her there. First, Nubia has an incredible energy about her. She is caring, funny, down to earth and is an excellent listener. She immediately made me feel like I had a coach who was truly invested in helping me accomplish the type of birth I was hoping for. Nubia was available for many questions that came up towards the end of my pregnancy and also did a few sessions at our home to go over our birth plan and talk us through lots of possible scenarios. We let her know when labor started and she was there at the exact moment we needed her support. Throughout the labor, she was instrumental in helping my husband and I navigate a natural non-medicated birth in a hospital (not an easy path to take). She helped me pace the labor on my own terms, while being very respectful of the nurses and my OB. Nubia came with a literal bag of tricks to help me cope with the pain and was extremely helpful and hands on. That said, she also knew when to give me gentle coaching from the sidelines. Between Nubia and my husband, I had a birthing dream team. After the baby was born, Nubia stayed by my side to comfort us and also stopped by our apartment a week later for an awesome post natal visit. Both my husband and I are so grateful to have had her there for our birth, and someday when we have another baby, we will absolutely lean on her again. Nubia- thank you so much for your support. You are truly gifted.



I truly believe that it's in large part, if not solely due to Nubia that I was able to have the birthing experience I wanted. The thinking behind hiring a doula was to have access to a perspective that differs from that of an MD, but at the time I had no idea how relevant that would become for me. Close to birth I found myself in a position I did not actually think that I would - I was in the center of a predicted "big baby" saga and was faced with options that were not in line with my hopes for birthing my daughter but were presented as medically advised to avoid injury. Though labor started naturally, the doubt from the medical perspective pervaded throughout and it was only because of Nubia's belief in me and my body and due to her encouragement that I was able to trust the process and stick to my plan. I do not suggest ignoring the MD, but I firmly believe that the other point of view is indispensable. Nubia is warm, kind, incredibly supportive, entirely present yet unobtrusive. She was of immense help to me and my family (heck she felt like part of my family!) and I couldn't be happier about my birthing experience. I highly highly recommend her and would use her again in a heartbeat!

Claire Golden


We loved working with Nubia! She was a calm and wonderful presence before I gave birth, and was absolutely amazing during labor. We were stuck in triage for six hours and Nubia helped us make the most of a very cramped and suboptimal situation. Her props and support got us through and helped make the delivery as smooth as possible. She worked with the nurses and doctors to make sure we were supported teh whole time. We don't know what we would have done without her!

Tiffany Shanelle


I truly enjoyed working with Nubia. Being a first time mom, it was great to get advice from a doula with a wide range of experience like Nubia who has 5 children of her own. Once I hit 37 weeks, Nubia was on call 24-7 for whatever questions or concerns I had - and I had quite a few! I was so anxious for my baby to come, I started to think something may have been wrong, even though I hadn't even reached 40 weeks. Nubia always calmed me down and told me to trust my body and my baby, for they would do exactly what they were supposed to do when the time was right. On my delivery day, Nubia encouraged me to stay home and labor as long as possible, where I would be more comforable. By the time I reached the hospital, I delivered my baby in 3 hours, and Nubia was right there next to me cheering me on. It was the toughest 3 hours of my life, I didn't believe I would make it through (especially without an epidural), but Nubia encouraged me to push through. When my beautiful boy was born Nubia helped teach me how to breast feed my son, I didn't even need the hospial lactation specialist. A few days later she came to our house to see how we were doing. I was having trouble getting my son to stop crying and Nubia taght me some super helpful soothing techniques. All in all, my husband and I both agree that having Nubia support us duing this special time in our lives was one of the best decisions we could have made in regards to the birth of our son. i hope to stay in contact with her as I feel lilke I made a good friend in Nubia as well.

Emara Grainger


Nubia rocks! I contacted Nubia about 3 weeks before I gave birth. I was sure it was too late but she assured me that she could still help me and was willing to be flexible. Being that my first birth experience was a c-section, I explained to her how determined I was to have a vbac. Nubia understood my frustration with my previous birth and encouraged and coached me on how to increase my chances of having a vbac. She was always available by phone and quickly responded to my concerns and fears concerning my desired vbac. When I naturally went into labor the day before my due date nubia guided me through the process and arrived at my home quickly when i requested that she come.  She helped me through what I believe was the toughest experience of my life. Nubia was 100% present during my labor and helped me work through the pain and decision making process  while in the hospital. At the end of it all my vbac was a success :-) and my family and I will forever be grateful to nubia for the important role that she played.

Natosha Alford


Nubia Jones is an awesome doula and we love her. I can not sing her praises enough. My husband and I could not have gotten through my labor journey without her! From the moment we met, Nubia was very warm and caring. She was always full of great ideas and suggestions during my pregnancy from nutrition to exercise. She was also a great resource for information about natural childbirth. She also helped us understand what type of interventions that could be offered in a hospital setting and the possible impact to our birth plan. As first time parents,having this information and Nubia as a constant support took away the anxiety of being in a hospital setting. Although my labor did not go as planned due to unforseen complications, I was still able to utilize as much of my birth plan as I could. Without Nubia's support. I would not have thought that was possible. Over the course of my pregnancy and through labor, Nubia has become part of our family. Nubia's caring nature and support extends well beyond the birth of our child. She is still available as a source of support in newborn care from suggestions of products to use, sleeping techniques and breastfeeding support. She still checks in to make sure me, my husband and our 9 week old son are doing well. She has definitely made the transition into parenthood much smoother. To us she is more than a doula, she is Auntie Nubia. I would not hesitate to call her when we are ready for baby number 2.

Huntress Jackson


Nubia was a valuable and calming presence throughout the second half of my pregnancy as well as inthe delivery room. We had a amiable and easy relationship from the onset. I felt at ease with her as did my husband. Nubia visited with me 3 times before the big day and was also in contact via email and text throughout. She counseled me on nutrition, exercise and personal care (like yoga, chiropractic, etc) to help ease the process of birth and pregnancy pains.
When the big day came, Nubia was on call and responded to my texts even in the middle of the night!Nubia helped advocate for me in the hopsital, especially through the worst of my contractions. The birth experience was everything I had expected and I was very grateful she was with me. Even after the birth, she sat with me for an hour and chatted about the events of the day which definitely helped me come down off the adrenalin high of the birthing process. She also made a postnatal visit to the home to check in on me and the baby. 
I would highly recommend!!

Jay Jordan


Nubia Jones is an amazing woman firstly and was the ultimate reason why we selected her to be our doula. Nubia has such a warm and inviting personality. She works so hard for mothers. This is truly her gift. Every step of the way she guided us. She was our nurturer. During delivery, she did everything and more. I couldn't of gotten through my natural child birth without her. She has my sincerest gratitude for her advocacy. If you want someone with a wealth of knowledge, patience, discernment, and supreme advocate for mothers--Nubia Jones is by far the best in the business.

Desaray Mnyandu


I found Nubia on less than a month before I gave birth to my first baby. Despite my timing and budget constraints, Nubia made it clear that I was making a good choice and that she was willing to work with me to make that choice a reality! My husband and I only met with Nubia once before I gave birth. However, she was very thorough with her questions and advice. Both my husband I left that meeting confident that we had made a great choice. After the meeting, Nubia kept in contact with me via email and text. She quickly responded to my questions and regularly sent tips and helpful information. With this being my first baby I assumed that my labor would be a long. I called Nubia when I began having contractions to keep her up to date but declined when she asked if I needed her to come. I figured I could labor a few more hours on my own. But my labor progressed much faster than I or Nubia could have guessed. It wasn’t until I was on my way to the birth center that my water broke and I called Nubia. My body was pushing and she could hear it in my voice. So she rushed to meet us at the birthing center. I gave birth only 30 minutes after arriving. Nubia arrived just a few minutes later. Although she didn’t make it in time for the birth, Nubia was still very much needed. She was invaluable! She was so warm and encouraging during the difficult process of being stitched. While my husband held our baby, she held my hand and stroked my hair when I cried. It wasn’t until I watched some videos and pictures, which she graciously took, that I was really able to see how much she was doing when I was focusing on other things. Finally, my postpartum meetings with Nubia were very helpful. She answered lots of questions and calmed the fears typically plaguing a first time mom. I find her opinion to be experienced, caring, open, and encouraging without being pushy! I would, without hesitation, book her again when I have another baby

Krissah Thompson


I had planned on an unmedicated bsirth, but I'm not entirely certain I would have actually managed to do it without Nubia's support. Even our doctor commented on how great our doula was and she's been practicing for decades.

I literally would not have made it through 33 hours of natural labor without Nubia. She gave guidance to my husband, sister and son -- helping them to support me effectively and helped me interact with the hospital's medical team.

My labor was very intense because of its length but Nubia was a steady and active presence throughout. We hired her mid-way through my pregnancy. I had lots of questions because this was my first baby and Nubia helped to calm my fears. She was available to encourage me and provide professional consult. We met three times before I went into labor and she was avialable via text and email too. We discussed my birth plan, vision for baby's birthday and comfort prefrences.

In the hospital Nubia was amazing. From the moment she arrived she was entirely supportive. Her presence was calming and she was hands on, helping to apply pressure and hot/cold presses as my contractions intensified. She also helped my sister and husband apply comfort measures. When I was unsure whether I was on track during active labor, Nubia gave me positive feedback and helped to movitvate me when my energy began to flag. She was truly one of the family.

When my contractions stalled after many hours of active labor, my doctor wanted to give me a bit of Pitocin. I was nervous but discussing it with Nubia helped me to make a decision I was comfortable with.

If you're looking for a doula to support you all the way through your pregnancy, hire Nubia. She believes in the strength and power of women to birth their babies, she will support your vision for your birth and having her in your corner will give you a great shot at having the kind of birth you envision.

My husband, son and sister loved her!

kimberly wilson


Deciding to work with Nubia was the best "birth choice" we made as we prepared for the arrival of our baby in November 2013! I wanted to try to give birth naturally, but having never experienced labor pains before, I was unsure whether I would be able to tolerate the pain and in general, just a little anxious and worried about the whole labor experience. I heard that Doulas could help ease the labor process because they are familiar with different labor positions, and they can help you relax and "go with the flow" of your contractions.

We found Nubia through a recommendation and we liked her right away -- she is very calming and supportive, and just has a very positive and sweet personality that we thought would be perfect in a potentially stressful delivery room. I'm an older mama -- in my late 30s -- and I was delivering just past my due date. I needed fetal monitoring, but the nurses (Sibley nurses are excellent) and Nubia worked beautifully together to make sure that I could move around, even taking a nice long hot shower during early labor, and also get the monitoring I needed. In addition to having a great personality and communication style, she displayed great knowledge of her craft. She helped me find the right labor positions to stay as comfortable as possible, helped me breathe and relax between contractions to save my energy, used wonderful massage techniques, and kept me focused during pushing. She was also wonderful with my husband, making sure he went to the cafeteria to eat and conserve energy to care for the baby when I was exhausted after delivery.

I had a calm and natural birth experience thanks to Nubia -- I really could not have done it without her and I cannot recommend her highly enough. My only regret is that we did not find her earlier during my pregnancy, because she has a lot of information and tips to offer to prepare your body for labor.

Antar Ymi Ali


Our birth experience with Nubia was amazing! Nubia was able to be the calm voice in a sea of chaos.  We were impressed with the patience and organized manner that Nubia gave. During the pregnancy and delivery. Her thoroughness and attention to detail During such an emtional stressfull time was wonderful.  We were also glad that Nubia kept the staff at the hospital on par with our birthing plan.    Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

Stephanie Daniel


My experience with Nubia Jones was amazing. I had an extremely lengthy labor that spanned two different settings-a birth center and a hospital. Nubia arrived at the birth center about 20 hours into my labor (taking over for another doula) and stayed with us for the next 14 hours, including my transfer to a hospital. She not only provided me with comfort, massage, and scented fragrance (lavendar and peppermint during different phases of the birth process), but she also advocated strongly on my behalf for the natural delivery I desired. She provided me with great confidence that I could get through the birth without pharmaceutical intervention. Because my back labor was so excruicating, she spent most of the 14 hours using counterpressure and a variety of massage techniques on my lower back. I'm not confident I would have been able to endure an unmedicated labor without her. Nubia's presence at during my son's birth was irreplaceable; she truly exceeded my expectations of a doula assisted birth.

Amy Weiss


Our experience with Nubia was nothing short of wonderful.  Nubia took the time to get to know me and my family well before our due date and worked with us to make suggesitons, listen to what we wanted and make a plan together with our family.  Nubia was the utmost professional - communicating with us and answering all of our quesitons.  Her calm, cool and collected nature made us instantly at ease throughout the entire process.  Nubia helped us to focus, embrace the process and enjoy this momentus occassion in our lives.  She was supportive, fun, knowledgable and most of all, made us comfortable and confident in the birthing process.  Nubia stayed with us, celebrated with us and came to visit us once we were home.  She was a person I could trust, turn to and rely on.  I feel blessed to have had the chance to get to know her and to have her by side at the birth of our second daughter.  I can't say enough great things about her!

andrea stutzman


Nubia has an incredibly warm, caring demeanor that put us immediately at ease. She made it clear that our desires and preferences for the birth experience were her number one priority. Though we didn't connect until just a few days before my daughter's birth, she took the time to meet with my husband and I so we could get to know each other. She has a number of kids herself and diverse experiences with other moms, so we knew we could trust her experience. She wanted to hear all our questions - no question was too silly - and her responses were thoughtful, thorough, and personal (including research, others' experiences, and her own opinions). She was able to provide great resources for us to do some reading on my own to help make our decisions.

When it came time for Eva to be born, Nubia joined us at the birth center where labor had already become pretty intense. She didn't arrive as promptly as she hoped but the timing was still great as we didn't have any ideas on how to make me more comfortable in the particular positions I was laboring in. She was a calm, supportive presence to both me and my husband, very sensitive to the birth process, and her suggestions and techniques were gentle and non-intrusive. (Even in the early stages when I called her from home before we went in to the birth center, her suggestions were timely and helpful.) She assisted the midwives as much as possible as well so that I was able to fully focus on the process and not worry about anything else.

Also, it meant a lot to us that Nubia reached out and gave me a call a couple days later to check in, then made the effort to come out for a home visit to see how we were all doing and answer any additional questions that had come up.

Even though our time together was short, Nubia became dear to us! We would call her again in a heartbeat.

Olga Magas


Nubia is a very caring and supportive doula. She has helped me tremendously during the 33-hour labor of my first child. Nubia and my partner were taking turns to provide necessary support and comfort for me. I am so grateful Nubia was with us the whole time, both at home for the first part of my labor and at the hospital. Her patience, care, and encouragement throughout the whole labor process were truly invaluable to me. I also appreciated all the information Nubia shared with me prior to my labor. I give Nubia my highest recommendation, without reservation.

Andrea Edwards Maynard


I can't thank Nubia enough for all she did for me during my labor and delivery. She was patient, kind and gentle. She offered several suggestions for alternate positions to help me manage the pain. My labor progressed very fast and she remained calm and helped calm my husband as well. I am so glad she was there and that she helped me achieve my natural birth. Even before my labor she gave me lots of helpful information and resources of things to do to achieve a natural birth. Although it will be a few years I plan on usin Nubia as my doula again.l

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