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Amber Roman, RN-BSN, ICCE, ICD

Belly to Cradle, LLC

Cantonment, FL Service range 50 miles Additional transportation fee for services outside my service area

(850) 324-5393

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Birth Fee

$1200 to $1400

Birth Doula Certifications

  • BEST - Certified Birth Doula

Birth Doula Experience

9 years and 190 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, May 2012
  • International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA), July 2012
  • Stillbirthday, July 2016
  • BEST Doula Training, February 2018

Type of practice: Doula agency owner

Clients per month: 1

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I regularly attend births at Sacred Heart Hospital, Baptist Hospital Pensacola, West Florida Hospital, Naval Hospital Pensacola, and Santa Rosa Medical Center.

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
I am happy to attend homebirths with a licensed midwife in attendance--I am unable to attend planned unassisted births.

College Education


Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Babywearing education
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Cloth diapering education
  • First Aid and CPR
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Placenta encapsulation
  • Reduced rates for women considering adoption

Relevant volunteer or advocacy work

Social Media Editor for ICEA, Associate Editor for The International Journal of Childbirth Education, Member and active volunteer for La Leche League, Member of the Doulas Association of Pensacola, volunteer childbirth education instructor for Safe Harbor Women's Resource Center. I am currently the president of Project Birth Center Pensacola, a non-profit organization seeking to establish a local out of hospital birth center.

Fee Details

Visit our website to view and choose a care package that fits your needs and financial ability! Also, ask about payment plans and options. I accept credit & debit cards, cash, check, PayPal and HSA/FSA cards at this time.

Cantonment, FL Service range 50 miles Additional transportation fee for services outside my service area

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As a first time mom, it felt very overwhelming trying to find a doula. After reaching out to multiple companies, Amber was the only one who responded, and did so immediately. Right away, I felt at ease with her. We opted to do our childbirth education classes with her, and the information we gained was invaluable. I put many of the tools she taught me to use duing my labor. We could not have asked for a better experience with BTC! 

Trent Daiuto


Several of our friends recommended BTC and we couldn’t be happier that we decided to make Amber a part of our birth experience. The education she provided leading up to the birth was invaluable and was vital in helping me make educated decisions before, during and after the birth of my son. During the labor process, Amber’s support was intuitive, non-obtrusive and generally just incredible. She anticipated my wife and I’s needs and was a huge part of my wife’s success in achieving a completely natural and intervention-free birth. We elected to engage one of the lactation consultants, Jen, after we arrived home and her guidance greatly contributed to the success my wife is currently having breastfeeding our son. I can’t recommend Amber and BTC highly enough!

Ashley Black


Amber and Kendall were amazing at helping me bring my sweet son into the world. As a first time mom, their knowledge and support helped me handle my anxiety and get through pregnancy/labor along with the early days of breastfeeding. The mom support group on Facebook has given me resources to figure out this newborn stage and connect with local moms for needed supplies. My husband and I truly think of Amber as our friend when she was a complete stranger when we met her. We are forever grateful for her support which has continued beyond what we expected!

Chrissy Smith


I had an idea of what kind of experience I wanted out of my labor and delivery, and I knew that experience could only come with the support of a truly strong and like-minded doula and mid-wife. I had my mid-wife picked out and all that was left to do was pick a doula. The task became daunting the longer I waited. Who do I trust? Do I really need a doula? What exactly does a doula even do?! This was my first pregnancy, my husband was gone at basic training for the army with little to no communication. I thank my lucky stars I found Amber. She empowered me to become an active participant in my own pregnancy, she gave me the tools and educated me on the changes that were happening and were going to happen. She was thorough and consistent. I'd like to think I've seen my fair share of accomplishments, but the birth of my son has been my greatest experience and accomplishment thus far. And I can truly say Amber made that possible. My husband and I are currently waiting on orders to be stationed across the country and I can only hope that with our next pregnancy I'm able to find another doula as amazing as Amber. If you are local to the area, and you're looking for a doula, do yourself a favor and take advantage of her services. Because if I could somehow fly her out to us for our next pregnancy, I would in a heartbeat.

Courtney Anglin


4 months after the birth of my first son I still look back on my pregnancy and birth and think about how much I couldn't of had my dream experience without Amber. My husband and I are from Texas, we are here in Pensacola for the Air Force. When I first met with Amber I told her I need support because we have no family here and of course I had no clue what I was doing. She was ALWAYS quick to respond to any of my questions. The birth experience classes were at the comfort of my own home. The day I went into labor, it was unexpected and it happened QUICK but Amber was with me right away and helped not only me but also my husband. With out Amber I most likely would of had my baby in my bathroom. She was able to get us up and out of our house and to the hospital just in time. She was the best help with breastfeeding, also. I can say that if it wasn't for the help she gave through the first couple weeks of breastfeeding I would of given up. Amber, I will never forget you and how big of an impact you had on the birth of my son. Forever thankful.

Jessica Lambert


Amber was amazing! She made me feel so confident and prepared for the big day.  When in labor she knew just what I needed, especially when I didn't.  The childbirth classes really prepared us and I am so glad we did them.  I was able to start the labor process without nerves and the whole experience was wonderful, largly due to her. 

Fallon Rudisill


I would highly recommend getting a Doula and hiring Amber! From day one she was there for me with any questions or concerns I had, and I am not 6 weeks post-partum and she is STILL there for me! She walked my fiance and I through everything we needed to know about birth, addressed any concerns and questions with an open mind and heart. She absolutely helped me achieve my birth goals and comforted me when certain things didn't go how I had envisioned. She supported my fiance in the labor room, as well as used methods to help me endure each contraction then quickly relax afterward. Amber is knowledgeable, friendly, caring, hard working, reliable, and the list goes on! We don't regret hiring her for one second and you won't either!!

Ana Weekley


Amber was EXCELLENT. From prenatal education to labor and delivery to post natal a first time mom I literally don't know what I would have done without her. Hiring a doula was one of the best decisions we made, and Amber was great! I had a very long natural labor, and I told her immediately that I don't think I would have made it without the drugs if she hadn't been there :) Also, the help she provided postpartum with breastfeeding was priceless. Placenta encapsulation service was great, too! Had the pills within a few days. Highly recommend hiring Amber!

steven lauver


Lauren and I did not know what to expect when it came to birth preparation and care, but we were very pleasantly surprised with Amber! We went from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain to comfortably prepared over the course of 4 classes. Amber does a great job of mixing the facts and research piece with the emotional side of things. During labor, when things started getting crazy, Amber gave us guidance and reassuring words that helped us to take control. I would highly recommend Amber to anyone with questions about how to make the best of their or their loved one's labor experience. She is experienced and backs up her lessons with research, and she brings the compassion and patience necessary to take the nervous edge off!

Grace Smith


My little one is almost 16 months and when I think back at my labor and delivery all I can remember is how amazing Amber was. Amber Roman is THE BEST. When my midwife notified me she would be on holiday around my due date. I freaked out. We had moved here recently and I had no friends or family close by. I reached out to Amber and she was able to squeeze me in even though I only had a few months until I was due. Amber was very knowledgeable and confident. Just knowing she would be there made me feel confident, calm, and ready (as ready as anyone can be) for my entire labor and delivery. Then immediately after, she noticed my little one's tongue and lip ties, referred me to a great lactation consultant and dentist. With her knowledge we were able to quickly laser the ties and start a healthy breastfeeding relationship, which is still ongoing. She also had a great community of moms that helped me get out there and enter the world of babywearing and start my own weekly playdates. If we ever have another child, she will be the ONLY doula I would want there.

Ashley Bass


Amber was my doula with my sixth pregnancy. Throughout my pregnancy, Amber was so supportive during my emotional times after disappointing prenatal appointments. I can think of so many times I needed a "shoulder" to cry on, and I called her. She was alway so encouraging and patient. But, most of all, she always was supportive of my preferences. She always said, "Whatever you want to do, is what we will do. I will support you all the way. " When it came time for my labor, Amber had been in a whirlwind of babies being born for over 24 hours. A storm had rolled in, and it was literally raining babies! I texted her after my water broke. I had some heavy meconium and wasn't sure how to proceed. She contacted my midwife right away, and we made the decision to head to the hospital. Amber finished up with a birth, and then came straight to me. I was so thankful for her coming to be with me, even though she had been from one birth to the other! She walked right in, and saw to making me comfortable. Due to the fact I was still in early stages of labor, Amber made arrangements for a back-up doula to be with me while she got a few hours of rest. I was very pleased with the back-up doula she chose for me, Jenny West. She stayed with me until Jenny arrived and we all got settled again. Amber came back four hours later, and I was about to hit transistion. Perfect timing! I was getting uncomfortable, and wanted to be in the tub. The nursing staff were denying me this, as they said it went against protocol due to my water being broken and the meconium. Amber said, no way! She took charge, and got me in the tub. I was so grateful, as I knew I needed the water to handle the rest of my labor. Amber stayed by my side, coaching me, holding my hand and just overall a comfort. After my baby arrived, I loved her emotion and how she was feeling the joy of the birth of our daughter as well. I still remember those moments and it meant to much to me! Amber was such a blessing! 

Curtis Inouye


My wife and I had an incredible experience with Amber. She is very knowledgable and has a lot of experience.  She continually went above and beyond in her services that she lists on her website. For our first two meetings with her she was very thorough in answering any questions we had and went into great depth and detail of labor and delievery.  When my wife did go into labor Amber was exceptional throughout the whole process.  She stayed with us the entire time from 12am until 3pm the following day.   She helped me on how to coach my wife and be her main support.  She was extremely supportive and always knew when to let me take the lead in supporting my wife and when to step up and be the main support.  If it wasn't for Amber I would not have been able to support my wife through the difficult labor she had.  Amber also honored our birth preferences and helped us stay true to what we wanted when my wife was struggling through labor.  After the delivery she remained with us for a few hours and kept helping us and giving us more advice and tips on nursing and other post partum topics.  As a husband I would highly recommend her, she was always helpful and complimented the support that I gave and never detracted from it. 

Emilee Inouye


Where to begin? Amber is AMAZING, and so good at what she does. We hired he after my sister suggested we find a doula, still somewhat wary about the idea. But now I cannot imagine our story without her. Amber goes above and beyond to inform, listen and truly care for her clients. She listened to our desires, presenting ideas and evidence-based research, but never forced any decisions on us. She truly catered to what we wanted. She helped us stay true to our desires when the going got rough during labor, and she gave a unique perspective that my family could not bring in the room. She was present through the beginning stages all the way through hours after the birth of our first son. She was at our house, in the hospital room and even walked around the parking lot in the middle of the night with us for 2 hours! I cannot recommend Amber enough, choose her as your doula!!! 

Anna McDonough


I always feared child birth growing up I never wanted kids. However, the unexpected  miracle came my little Eden. Anxious after finding out the news I read birth stories and watched video after video. After researching I read about doulas, I knew I had to have a doula especially considering I moved two times while I was pregnant. One move being states away. I started looking up Doulas on google and booked with Amber to hold  spot for when I moved with my boyfriend in Pensacola. We moved here for his job with the military. I have no friends or family in Pensacola and none attending the birth. 

I wanted a natural birth so I knew I needed some support, and the quite honest I needed some female support. Especially since my mother wouldn't be there to attend and cheer me on. So we booked and I really enjoyed my pregnancy and having the constant support from someone so educated really helped. I could ask questions and feel safe. Long behold Eden finally came 36 hours of natural birth, the birth was everything I had ever wanted. Amber was there from laboring at the house to hours at the hospital laboring. Giving me suggestions for different positions, getting the bath ready to wiping my face after I vomited (right before my big push). Out Eden came. Amber was just what we needed to get my family through. Support for Mama and Papa making sure we had an informed pregnancy knowing all risks and benefits, to the birth class, late phone calls, hospital support for my partner and me. To even after the placenta encapsulation and the emotional post pardom me when I thought I was losing my mind. 

If someone would ask me today if I would do a natural labor again after the 36 hours. I would say yes again and again. I went from being scared of child birth to really enjoying this right of passage. Out of anything Amber did that was one thing that really helped the most she helped me enjoy and love birthing my child. 


Amy Hall


Amber was the missing puzzle piece to our birth plan. I knew I wanted to go natural and have my husband be my support person. However, the closer we got to the due date the more I stressed. I was trying to tell Brad what I was reading about so he could help. A friend of mine told me about Amber and we were both so excited from that point on. I stopped stressing ab the delivery and was able to enjoy that time with Brad. 

The day of delivery was perfect in my eyes. My water broke before labor and Amber  on the phone with me off and on that day guiding me on what to do. Once we got to the hospital she was everythjng I was praying for and more. We felt very comfortable around her and could tell she is very passionate about her job!

Thank you for helping us welcome our little girl into this world. 

Chelsey Foster


We quickly realized that hiring Amber as our doula was the best decision we could have made. She was absolutely essential in creating a birth experience that my husband and I cherish. We met her at the beginning of my pregnancy and she immediately brought a calming reassurance to the process. There were so many times before, during, and after labor that we had questions and concerns, or felt overwhelmed. Having Amber there to educate us and help us understand the situations and our options was so important to us. She made me feel confident and empowered in making the best decisions for my baby. During labor she helped me to stay relaxed and focused. During delivery when the baby’s heart rate dropped I kept looking over at Amber and her calm demeanor and words were so reassuring that everything would be okay. It was close to a 60-hour process and I know we wouldn’t have been able to create a positive birth experience without Amber helping us through it. It was also very comforting to have her support in the days following the birth and at our two-week follow up. I had so many questions and she had all the answers as usual. We are so grateful to have had Amber as our doula and highly recommend her services. 

Olivia McCart


We decided to work with Amber just a few weeks before my due date. I had a srtong desire for a natural birth and my husband didn't feel like he could provide everything I needed to achieve it. I did some research and asked a few friends for suggestions and Amber came highly recommended. She definitely lived up to her reputation. She returned all my phone calls, texts, and emails promptly. She even attended an appointment with me when I went a week late and had to have a non-stress test. When I finally went into labor (nearly 2 weeks late;) she came over at the perfect time and escorted us to the hospital a short time later. Even though I was only 5cm when we got to the hospital, I progressed quickly which caused my contractions to be very very intense. I can safely say there is absolutely no way I would have made it without intervention if it Amber wasn't with me. Even my husband said he was so grateful for her and that he would not have been able to make it through without her. She was an advocate and encouragement for me from the very beginning. She always says she has a passion for helping women achieve a natural birth and that the whole experience is so beautiful to her. Initially I would not have described my natural birth as "beautiful" but in hind-sight, it really was. 

Chelsea Zimmerman


I love my birth story and a large part of it is because Amber helped me feel prepared, empowered, and excited to bring my son, Liam, into the world. We moved to Pensacola when I was 8 months pregnant. Being in a new place without family or friends allowed me to consider and pursue the type of birth experience I desired. While none of my friends had ever hired a doula, after meeting Amber I felt confident I was making the right decision.

Amber met with my husband, Drew and me several times to discuss our expectations, fears, the birth process and if necessary, interventions. These times were invaluable as it helped us form a game plan and walk into the labor process informed and prepared. I knew what signs to look for and she was always just a phone call away if I had questions or concerns. She backed and supported my birth plan and gave me excellent tools to achieve my own personal goals.

When Amber came to my house I was in active labor. She coached me on my breathing and calmed me down which helped with my pain level immensely. I arrived at the hospital exactly when I wanted to and she immediately made the hospital room feel cozy and comfortable. Having her present during and immediately following the delivery was relieving, as she would explain what was going on and why. This put my mind at ease and helped me focus on Liam and my new family of three.

She cared just as much about my healing as the baby’s health. She visited me afterwards at home and it gave me an opportunity ask further questions and she offered advice and assistance on breastfeeding and my own personal recovery.

Amber strikes the incredible balance of being extremely professional yet a friend that you can feel comfortable sharing the most personal moments of your life with. You could not go wrong inviting her into your birth story. I cannot imagine mine without her!

Starla Cody


Amber is an amazing doula, and a spectacular person in general. I found out about her last minute (I was at approximately 36 weeks). I had just found out that my OB wasn't able to give me the birth experience I wanted. She jumped through hoops (Not literally) to get me in to see a midwife that would better suite my wants (and this was before she was even my doula.) Then during my labor/birth, I felt nothing but support, and I could feel the love she had for her job. When I got afraid when it got closer to time to push, she really helped me overcome that fear, and helped me really dig down and find the strength I had. My birth wouldn't of been anywhere near the same had she not been there, and I recommend her to everyone. She's definitely going to be my doula with any future children I have as well. :)

Becca Bates


Amber was an awesome partner to have durging labor and delivery. Even before labor began, she helped to prepare me and my husband with childbirth education classes. She have us the confidence we needed to face one of the biggest challenges we had ever faced. When it came time for the delivery, she was an amazing coach. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone who is well education on evidence-based practices. 

Diana Cabral Challen


I found Amber’s website and knew I wanted her to be my doula before we even met. Her philosophy, experience, and personality shined through, and when I met her in person I was not disappointed. She was very professional and knowledgeable, but also very warm and immediately made me feel at ease. As a military spouse with no family in the area, it was comforting knowing she would be present at my baby’s birth, and she felt more like a friend than someone we had hired.

My husband and I found ourselves looking forward to our pre-birth classes with Amber at our house. She answered any question I had via email immediately, and every product she suggested worked very well for me, from the nursing pads to the supplements. When the big day arrived, complications arose that forced me to make difficult decisions on the spot, some of which were not part of my original birth plan. This was the aspect where it was most helpful in having Amber as my doula. She was level-headed, informed, and calm, and was a great advocate for us at the hospital. I cannot stress enough how comforting it was to have someone present who had been through this before, because it took some of the pressure off of us to make complicated decisions alone under stress. She stayed with us for the entire 24+ hours I spent at the hospital in labor, and remained positive and energetic the entire time. She even captured my baby’s first precious moments on my camera phone, something I would never have thought to do at the time, but am so grateful to have. Once we got back from the hospital, Amber was there to check on us and answer any questions we had. She even helped me set up my breast pump and figure out how to use it.

Even though it didn’t go exactly as planned, I was very happy with my birth experience and know a large part of it is due to Amber’s support. I hope to hire her again for my next pregnancy and would recommend her to anyone.

Chelsea Guest


Amber has been a tremendous help to me after the birth of my 3 kids, particularly in the area of breast feeding. After my first baby was born, I was totally clueless and helpless! She sensed that there was a problem, and in a caring way, offered her assistance. I appreciate the fact that she not only uses her logic and gut feeling, but that she also fully listens to my "mommy instinct" regarding my own babies as well. She helped me work through a difficult latch problem, clogged ducts, oversupply--all the issues that bombarded me as I was dealing with a newborn and the emotions that come with it as well. I appreciate the time and sacrifices she has made to help me gain better confidence as a mother with my young babies; having that support was what I needed to pull through those difficult days!

Kelly Rhodes


Hiring a Doula was the first thing on my to do list when I found out I was pregnant. I was so thrilled when I met Amber, because she was offering everything that I wanted, from educational classes, to placenta encapsulation, and the support. Looking back at my pregnancy & birth experience, both my husband and I were glad we had Amber to call on. She was able to answer all of my questions and concerns at the drop of a hat. I also felt very comfortable being able to call or text her,  like should I worry about this, is this normal, do you think this is labor...ect. 

When I finally did go into labor and my water broke, Amber actually came and picked me up from my house to take me up to the doctors office to get checked. She was on the phone with my midwife and keeping her informed about how I was doing, and letting her know that we would be heading to the hospital, so everything could be prepared for our arrival. This was my first pregnancy so it was so wonderful to be with someone who was familiar with the hospital, midwife, and hospital staff. Amber was not afriad to speak up and insert herself in the situation, and did so on many times on my behalf to make sure things were following to my birth plan.

She helped me focus through the contractions, to make them bareable, and constantly kept reassuring me that I was doing an amazing job, and that I was almost there. I could not imagine just lying in a bed in pain. Amber also encouraged me to try different laboring positions untill I found the most comfortable position. She helped my husband coach me through many of the contractions which was awesome just staring up into his eyes and using him as a focal point while breathing.

I had such a wonderful natural birthing experience, and everything went just as I wanted it to. Amber played such a huge role of taking the mystery/ uknown out of the equation, and I was able to stay focused and let my body do what it was designed to do.

Delanie Schulze


I would like to start by explaining my situation, as I know it may be like a lot of other women in this area.  I am a military spouse with no family in the surrounding area and we were expecting our first child.  I have always been very apprehensive about child birth and it was made even harder not living in a place where I was familiar with my birthing options or had a lot of family and friends to rely on.  Immidiately after finding out we were pregnant, I contacted Amber based on a referral.  I have to say, this was one of the best decisions my husband and I made throughout the entire pregnancy.

Having someone there for my husband and I to ask all the "new parent" questions to was a life saver.  Also, Amber was great about posing questions to us that made us think about things that we would have never thought about.  One of the things that she discussed with us was the skin to skin right after our son was born.  I know for a fact, I would not have placed that much emphasis on this happening if it wasnt for Amber and I am so grateful that we talked about importance of this before birth.  I really think this is why my son had a good start with breastfeeding and the bonding that we had during that time was irreplacable.

My husband and I have said many times over that we would not have had the kind pregnancy and labor/delivery experience we had if it wasn't for Amber.  She guided us both through the entire process with a caring heart and we are forever grateful.  There are so many choices/options you have to make as a parent, from the day you find out your pregnant, and hiring Amber is one that you should not think twice about.  The care she has for her clients and their well being is top notch.  


Christie Corlette


Having Amber as our doula was such a blessing.  She's very knowledgeable! Having someone who has gone through many births with other couples gave us a lot of added confidence along the way. There are so many little things/questions that come up before, during, and after the birth of a child, it was such a relief to have someone to call if need be who has had her experiences. She helped us be prepared for the ride to the hospital, which no matter how prepared will be chaotic, ours thankfully went pretty well. Perhaps the best part of having Amber present at our birth was her role as an advocate for us, she was part of our team. Having someone in the birth room with us who was calm, knowledgable, knew our wishes and was supporting us was irreplaceable. The hospital delivery room can be/was (this was our second child) very intimidating, people rushing around, hooking things up, questions being asked, forms being pushed in your face to sign, medical people talking around you, etc. Having Amber there I think forced them to slow down a bit at times, I think it forced them to be clearer in their explanations to us because they knew if we did not understand we could/would ask Amber what they were talking about.  =) At least in one instance this lead to us making a different choice, one that we were more happier with because we were able to get to a clearer understanding of what one of the nurses was asking us. My husband and I enthusiastically recommend Amber as a doula. Not only is she a great doula she is a great person as well.

Alexi Felty


We are so grateful to have had Amber on our team as our doula. She was very informed and had answers to all of our questions. She was prompt with replies (nearly immediate responses to emails, texts, and calls), which is so important during pregnancy. She was professional always. We planned for a natural birth, but had to modify when we discovered that my baby was breech. Amber guided me through ways to try to flip her, and when I couldn't, she made sure I felt supported and encouraged during my c-section. I never felt like a failure, and she had a lot to do with that. During the unmediated labor prior to the c-section, she knew just how to keep me calm and relieve pain. She also supported and guided my husband in his role. Basically, she was great and very flexible with our situation! Will definitely use her for future pregnancies and hopefully my VBAC! 

Teresa Byron


Amber is AMAZING. I decided to seek out the services of a doula because my boyfriend and I are here with the Navy and both of our support systems are up in the northeast. It was practically impossible for any of them to be here for our sons birth so it was a MASSIVE relief to have someone experienced and knowledgable by my bedside. Though Amber generally has a more naturalistic approach, she will completely support the type of birth you believe is right for you and will help you make good, informed decisions with unbiased facts. I had a very difficult birth and she was there for me through the whole thing backing up every decision I made. I ended up needing a c-section and she was the first person to suggest it thinking of the comfort and safety of me and my son, not the lofty idea (at the moment) of a natural birth. Even though I had wanted to avoid a c-section going into the hospital, the perspective she gave helped me to quickly realize that it was the best option, and my doctors agreed. After my c-section Amber came right to the recovery room to help me start breastfeeding and stayed with us until we were sure we were ok. She came back to the hospital a couple of days later and again to my house a couple of weeks later to check in and make sure I was doing well mentally and physically and that Harper was doing ok too. The support didn't stop there. Amber has also set up a Facebook group for her doula moms to talk to her and each other and post about any joys we have or ask for help. This has been GREAT for me as a young first time mom and it seems to really help the others too. She has started group "play dates" also to help moms get together for some adult time and help the kids get some interaction with other kids. I haven't been able to go yet, but I am very excited to go to the next one! All in all, I would DEFINITELY recommend Amber to anyone and will be VERY sad that she won't be there for my next pregnancy since we leave Pensacola next winter.

Christa Small


I met Amber near the beginning of my first pregnancy. She spent hours answering my questions and helping me to orient myself with this overwhelming new experience. She's got a great mix of patience and enthusiasm and has clearly found her calling in being a doula. Her attitude both put me at ease, and made me feel empowered for the sometimes scary adventure of giving birth, and after our first meeting, I felt more confident than I ever had that yes - my body CAN do this! I interviewed multiple doulas, and even though I ended up choosing a birth center where they provide you with birth assistants, Amber was absolutely my first choice if I had needed a doula! I would highly recommend you meet with her and see for yourself what a great teammate she makes!

Betsy Brown


I had a wonderful birth experience with Amber Roman as my doula.  Looking back on the experience, both my husband and I agree that we were so much more relaxed and at ease having her there, especially because this is our first baby.  We can't imagine not having her there. 

First of all, she helped me decide when we should head over to the hospital, and before that, she came to our home and helped me with massage and giving me water so that my husband could get an hour or two of sleep.  As we arrived at the hospital, because she was familiar with the hospital and everything we would need to do to check in, there was no confusion getting settled and we again were able to feel at ease.  

She kept calm and positive and supportive the whole time, and even helped create a calm atmosphere in our room by bringing soft tea lights and a string of christmas lights. I loved that! She didn't take the place of my husband- he was there for me to hug or hang on, and was always at my side.  She knew to do things that we weren't thinking holding a bucket for me when I was nauseous and throwing up :) 

I felt very comfortable having her there as well because she could interpret the changes that were happening to me and helped reassure us that everything was normal.  She thought to do things that I wouldn't have asked for, but really loved- like cooling my forehead with a cool damp cloth as we neared the end.  

After our baby came, she visited us again in the hospital and helped with breastfeeding.  It felt good having another person there telling me how proud they were of me and helping me reflect on my birth and what I learned about it.  

If I were still in the Pensacola area I would want Amber as my doula for all my future babies!

Molly McCool


My family and I were definitely not sure what to expect when my sister mentioned looking into a doula for her delivery...however, the first meeting I attended with Amber, I knew we would benefit from her! Amber was absolutely amazing! From the at home birthing classes, to the meeting with those of us in the delivery room and what to expect, she made us feel so comfortable and empowered to make the decisions that we thought were best for my sister and my niece! Julie (my sister) had a very difficult and unusual labor experience and throughout the entire process Amber was there or available to us. I called her on numerous occasions at midnight or 2am and she never failed to answer the phone with a cheerful voice and ready to explain everything she could! She did not pretend to take the place of the doctor or medical staff and if she didn't know an answer right away then she would find it! Julie'a delivery was extremely traumatic, the baby's heart rate was going down and she was in extreme amounts of unexplained pain...and throughout the process Amber kept us and Julie calm and talked us through it all. I believe the most skeptical of us all was my brother in law, Dane, and after everything we have been through, he is a strong advocate for Amber and has already decided that we Have to have her when baby number 2 is on the way! Amber truly loves what she does and takes a strong interest in your family and the baby! We could not imagibe a better fit for us! 

Michael Grimshaw


Initially, I was hesitant to agree to my wife's idea to hire a doula.  I have 2 teenagers from a previous marriage and my wife and I both read the books, so I thought we were set.  I also thought that having a doula might minimize my role as my wife's birth partner.  However, after one meeting with Amber, my mind was changed... we needed her!  There is no substitute for the knowledge and experience she has.  Meeting with Amber and having her to reach out to was very helpful throughout the prenancy and birth planning stages.  I really can't overstate how essential it was to have her there with us in the hospital when the time came for our child's birth.  She was so supportive and knew exactly what to say and do to help my wife stay strong during a long labor, and to help her at the exact moment she needed it to have the natural birth that we wanted!  She also helped me throughout the process and gave me suggestions on how to help my wife.  Amber outperformed all my expectations and has my highest possible recommendation!  Thank you so much Amber!

Adrienne Jurado


From the very start I knew I wanted to work with a doula because of the fears I had about giving birth and my ability to have the natural birth I wanted. Not only did I want the help for myself, but I wanted someone to help coach my husband as well and relieve some of the pressure that would be put on him. After all, he didn't have a clue about the childbirth process or what would help me get through it either. 

Finding and working with Amber is the best thing that could have happened to us in temrs of our prep, labor, and delivery. She came to our house once a month to educate and prepare us for the whole process. I found this was especially helpful for my husband, since I was the one that had been doing all the reading and mental prep. After the fact, my midwife asked if we had been going to classes or practicing a lot at home because she said he was such a fantastic coach/help to me, and I said, "Not really, he just did exactly what Amber told him to do!"

I was also able to have my mom be a special part of the labor thanks to Amber helping my mom know how to coach me as well. She showed them how to help me breathe through the contractions, how to make me most comfortable, different positions to try, and kept me well hydrated. Because of her, I felt like I had a seamless team working on my side to help make it all possible. 

Natural labor/birth was one of the most intense and challenging things I have ever experienced, but I'm so happy I was able to have the completely drug/intervention-free birth I hoped for. There were times when I felt like I was going to lose it, but Amber was always there to help me regain my steadiness and stay in control of what was happening. I honestly can't even imagine being able to get through it without her. If we decide to do this again, I know exactly who I'll want by my side! 

Thank you so much for everything, Amber--best doula ever!

S Niewiarowski


Thanks to Amber, my wife Katrina was able to maintain great physical, mental, and spiritual strength during pregnancy, . Amber is an exceptional doula because she is highly knowledgeable on all the healthcare options that were available to my wife. She provided information to develop our desired birth plan and  information for me  so I could advocate for Katrina and our baby. Amber has a God-centered approach that always puts a priority on family

Even though this was my wife’s third pregnancy, Amber proved the value of having a doula when things began to feel abnormal. One week prior to her due date, Katrina awoke to sharp back pain and contractions that led her to thinking she was in labor. Amber arrived soon to help; she figured out that the irregular pattern of contractions and location of back pain was not labor—which proved true as she passed a large kidney stone later that morning!

When active labor did begin, Amber had remarkable positioning suggestions to ease Katrina’s pain. At Eglin AFB, Amber has established credibility with the  doctors and nurses from previous births attended there, creating an environment in which her role is respected and honored. During the last 30 minutes before birth, Amber was a rock of support as she coached Katrina through her final contractions and pushing. Amber provided me with all the necessary prompts to insure that our birth plan was honored to include minimal interventions, maximum skin-to-skin time, and ensuring release of Katrina’s placenta for Amber to provide placenta encapsulation.

During her postnatal visit, Amber provided valuable breastfeeding advice. Amber empowered Katrina to trust her body, knowing that God has given her the ability as a mother to care for our baby. If we have another baby while in the area, we will definitely have Amber be our doula again. I highly recommend Amber for any family looking for the benefits of a doula!

Caitlyn McGhie


Mother's Perspective:

Amber was a wonderful doula. She was always available to answer any questions and give advice and support as needed. 

During labor, her extensive knowledge and experience allowed her to share a number of effective techniques that relieved pain, increased relaxation, and ulitimately led to a positive, drug-free birthing experience. 

In the toughest moments, the combined support of my husband and Amber allowed me to calm my nerves and continue to adhere to the goals that I had set for myself. 

Post-partum, Amber was helpful in a number of ways, but also gave us plenty of time and space to bond with our newborn. 

All in all, hiring Amber as our doula was one of the best decisions we made. 


Father's Perspective:

Although I was originally sceptical about hiring a doula to assist in our daughter's birth, I knew after meeting with Amber that she would be helpful throught the process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery. It turned out that she was much more helpful that I even expected. 

Throughout the whole process, Amber was professional, caring, and considerate. She answered all our questions, helped coordinate with doctors and nurses, and played a vital role in making it possible for my wife to deliver our daughter without the aid of any pain killers. 

She listened to our ideas and goals for the pregnancy and delivery, then helped us take the necessary steps to accomplish them. I have and will continue to reccomend Amber Roman as a doula. 

Savanna Morgret


Amber Roman was my doula for the birth of my first child. I cannot begin to explain how invaluable Amber was to my husband and I before, during, and after the birth of my daughter. She is incredibly well versed and knowledgable about medical procedures and hospital practices, and she truly cares about helping you obtain your goals. She had so many helpful suggestions for comfortable postions, and tailored her skills to my needs. She truly is an incredible asset in the birthing environment. I'm not sure that I would have been able to keep it together had it not been for her constant support, encouragement, and persistence. 

Amber helped my husband and I make our daughter's birth an intimate experience by giving him the tools to keep me comfortable. She was able to alleviate stress on him, leaving him the ability to focus his complete attention on me. That was very important to us. Towards the end, when I started to feel out of control, she helped me focus so that I could deliver my baby naturally, and safely. 

Amber Roman is a truly amazing doula. I credit my amazing birth in part to her. I'm not sure I would have been able to accomplish what I did without her! I can only hope that we are back in Pensacola again for the birth of our future babies!!



Anna Cotton


Amber was simply a great doula! The very first thing she helped me do was find a new supportive care provider when I wanted to switch providers at 26 weeks.  Then we had a great meeting where she interviewed my husband and I about our wishes for our birth and helped educate about any topics we hadn't previously thought about.  She also showed us some labor techniques that we could practice as a couple. She kept in touch and was a source of encouragement during the long weeks at the end of pregnancy as my "due" date came and went. When my midwife and I decided on an induction at 42 weeks Amber was there through the entire experience.  As labor picked up, she was so supportive in reminding me of relaxation techniques, suggesting positioning/walking, encouraging my husband in ways he could participate when he wasn't so sure what he should be doing! She had a great rapport with the hospital nursing staff and my midwife which made the environment seems one of friends rather than strangers. Her support allowed for a pain-med free birth which I had seriously doubted would be possible with an induction.  

She stayed with us for several hours after the birth to make sure we were comfortable and to assist with breastfeeding if needed and was a wonderful source of information and encouragement during the first few tough weeks of breastfeeding.   I recommend her without reservation and hope she will be available for my next birth!

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