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Bath, PA Service range 30 miles

(610) 704-7041

Birth Fee


Birth Fee


Birth Doula Experience

11 years and 70 births attended

Doula Training

  • DONA International, October 2011

Type of practice: Solo practice

Clients per month: 0 to 3

Attends hospital births? All Hospitals
I normally labor with women at their homes for a period before going to the hospital with them. I support clients with a variety of birth wishes (natural, VBAC, planned epidural, etc).

Attends birth center births? All Birth Centers

Attends home births? Some Home Births
some midwife assisted homebirths- please ask if we work with your provider!

Special Services Offered

  • Baby-led weaning
  • Bereavement doula (pregnancy & infant loss)
  • Military families support
  • Miscarriage support
  • Satellite doula (for remote and rural clients)
  • TENS units rental

Fee Details

$1,000 This includes unlimited phone support during pregnancy and for a month after the birth. Also includes free interview, minimum one prenatal visit (about 2-3 hours), uninterrupted labor and delivery support and one postpartum visit. Also one detailed keepsake typed birth story. I am trained and was certified through Doulas of North America (DONA) for several years. However, as of November 30, 2015, I allowed my membership with DONA to expire. I plan to re-certify through another international agency soon. *discounts for repeat clients and for active military families at SideKicks' discretion www.facebook.com/sidekicksdoulaservices

Bath, PA Service range 30 miles

Client Testimonials for Katrina Beier

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Jackie Loew


Katrina is an absolute rockstar! Every conversation you have with her leaves you feeling empowered, educated, and capable. When I began searching for a doula during my second pregnancy I knew I needed someone who not only had experience with VBACs but also someone who had the heart of a teacher and an encourager. Once I found Katrina I knew the search was over. She was not only an incredible practical support during the pregnancy (answering my calls/texts with any questions I had) but I also felt emotionally supported as well (during our 36 week meeting she was so attentive to my desires for this birth as well as working through the emotions of my first labor and delivery). And when it came to labor and delivery Katrina was so good at keeping the mood of the room light and excited. From the first contraction to the final push, she was there cheering us on! 

I firmly believe that hiring Katrina to walk through this pregnancy with us was one of the best decisions we ever made - after the birth of my son, I walked out of the hospital feeling empowered and confident and I know that Katrina and her heartfelt desire to be an encouragement to her clients was a huge part of that. I will forever be grateful for her.

Quianay Bennett


We LOVE Katrina! Our birth experience was hands down the most amazing and beautiful experience of my life. It was everything I wanted it to be. She was an integral part of that. 

When our first birth by C-section yielded a beautiful baby girl but a terrifying infection we knew that the second time around HAD to be different.  I needed an ally if we were going to successfully have a natural VBAC. I read Katrina's reviews here and I just knew. Hubs is a bona fide dude who wasn't interested at all, but fast forward was so glad that I persisted. She was invaluable to us.

She made me feel comfortable and was great with my older daughter too. We met around 20 weeks and hired her officially about a month later.

She was wonderful after each doctor's appointment. A defining moment was when I called her terrified, "I want to be excited, but I'm just scared." And she got me seriously HYPED about labor! that's when I was hooked on SideKicks!

At 38 weeks, the perinatologist said we had to get the baby out in the next 48 hours. We called Katrina and she advised/encouraged us and we met her at the hospital. 40+ hours later of encouragement, prayer, checking in, funny stories, dancing in the hallways to get the baby out, her before-dawn arrival in a crazy summer thunderstorm/power outage, our little girl arrived.

I'll never forget Katrina being by my side, her holding my face and telling me I was doing great & counting me through contraction or her being gentle with me when I was afraid.

I know I've said a lot, but literally I can't say ENOUGH. She is sweet and fun to be around, a woman of faith who prayed over me. Not to mention that she really, really, really knows her stuff. I wish I could underline that. I could say more but there's just something to be said about someone who can be who you need in these critical moments. She was exactly, EXACTLY who we needed.

Jackie Setili Wood


Katrina was absolutely invaluable for the birth of our first baby. I decided to hire a doula because I wanted to labor at home as long as possible and was interested in an unmedicated birth (but open to how I felt in the moment). Katrina was incredibly attentive, responsive, and knowledgeable leading up to labor from the moment we hired her (around 20 weeks), checking in via text or email and answering numerous questions. When I went over my due date, she provided moral and emotional support as well, as I became increasingly nervous about inducement. When I (finally) began experiencing contractions, Katrina kept in touch by phone and text for over 12 hours before coming over and driving with us to the hospital. Over the next 6-7 hours of labor until our baby girl was born, Katrina made me feel incredibly supported and confident to stick with an unmedicated birth, without ever pressuring me to do so. She also took several amazing pictures right after our baby was born (which we were not in the mind frame to do). I would absolutely work with her again!

Robin Houston


I can't recommend Katrina enough. During my pregnancy she was not only my doula, but a friend that was with me every step through the strange journey that is pregnancy. Her knowledge, humor and gentle caring kept me sane. During delivery Katrina was there with the exact words to help me focus and she had wonderful suggestions to help me feel more comfortable. She knew the right times to push me and when a gentle touch was needed. My delivery had some serious complications leading to my daughter ending up in the NICU. When I say Katrina was with me the entire journey, I truly mean it. Even now after my recovered and healthy baby girl is home with us and already 2 months old, Katrina is still checking in to see how we are doing. It's not often you find someone that is in a profession that you feel they have a true calling for - Katrina is one of those people.

Alaina Swartz


Katrina was absolutely incredible to work with during my pregnancy and delivery. From our first meeting, I and my husband felt totally at ease with Katrina. Though we planned on an extended search, we ended up only interviewed her, after my doctor's office confirmed that they loved working with her, too. We appreciated Katrina's viewpoints, and it was clear that she was totally non-judgmental.

Katrina was available to answer questions during my pregnancy and on more than one occasion put my mind at ease when concerns arose. She was a voice of encouragement and was absolutely incredible during my delivery, especially when my early labor stalled and I was totally discouraged. Ultimately, I was able to achieve my goal of a natural birth, and though my husband was an amazing partner, we both agree that we never could have done it without Katrina there. She anticipated my needs before I asked, she kept us both calm, and she encouraged me when I felt like I couldn't go on. Our beautiful baby boy is here and if we decide to have a second, we already have agreed that we want Katrina to be at our side again!

Kevin Lee


My wife and I hired Katrina 2 years ago for the birth of our second child. I always thought of a Doula as someone who would assist my wife in the labor process since as a guy its hard to know how to assist best. Well Katrina had no clue what she was getting herself into with us...lol. We made it to the hospital in time but the check in process took forever, they put us in the hallway to the emergency room so we would be out of the waiting room and away from other people till someone found us a wheelchair.Then it happened just as the security guard brought us a wheelchair my wife delivered the baby right there!!! Katrina immeditately jumped into action and caught our baby as the security guard and I stood there in disbelief! Katrina was awesome and prety much directed the emergency room nurses and doctors to move us to a room and what to do from there. She also came to visit us after we were home and gave us a birth story typed up so we can forever remember that crazy birth.

So when it came time to hire a Doula for our third child we had no second guess who to hire...Katrina! This time around Katrina knew to get my wife moving along to the hospital in plenty of time. We knew this third child was measuring larger than the other two pregnancies so Katrina was prepared to help my wife through this. When the time came Katrina comforted my wife through labor and to a amazingly easy birth....BUT wait there's more?! After the Dr. handed off the beautifull baby girl to my wife he looks at her and says "She still looks pregnant??" Katrina throught at first that was the rudest thing she ever heard! I was like "what?" then I look and sure enough yes my wife still looked pregnant!! Twelve minutes later baby #2 our fourth beautufull girl was born! To all of our amazement my wife was carrying twins! Thank God for Katrina being there to help my wife through the birth of two baby girls. She again was amazing! We would recommend Katrina to anyone looking for a Doula.

emily marvin


My husband and I hired Katrina to be our doula for the birth of our first child this past August. In part we decided to do this because our family lives on the other side of the country and we weren't sure if they would be able to be there during the birth and we thought we might need the additional support. Even though my mom ended up making it out in time to be there, we were so glad we hired Katrina! Her encouragement and suggestions were invaluable. She is completely non-judgemental and really wants to help you have the birth you want for yourself. We couldn't recommend her enough!

Kate Minnich


Katrina was able to be an advocate for me when I was too overwhelmed to be one for myself. When the staff wanted to push pitocin early on she was there to intervene & buy me more time to labor naturally. She held my arm as we walked the halls, held the trash can as I vomited, had this wonderful cooling band for my head & neck when I was overheating, brought me slushes & kept reminding me that each contraction was one more out of the way & I was that much closer to holding my daughter. With zero pain medication she was there to suggest a variety of alternate pain management ideas & was completely patient & supportive when I had no idea what I even wanted! Her encouragement during pushing, guidance during breast feeding, endless source of information before/during/after labor was all priceless!! She absolutely loves people & babies & births & never once thought about herself even though she was also running on no sleep & no food- she was all about my (& my husband's) comfort & experience above all else. She was a pivotal member of my birth team & I cannot imagine having done it without her!!! If you want a doula who has a passion for life, will support you no matter what, has a magnetic personality & carefree sense of humor (which are definitely necessary during labor!!), tons of experience which leads to an abundance of first hand knowledge & plenty of "tricks in her bag" - than she's the one for you!!!

Candi Kruse


I hired Katrina when I was just around 12 or 14 weeks pregnant...we knew we wanted a doula, and after making some calls, I found that doulas book out pretty far in advance! We knew our price range (less than $1k) and what we were looking for in terms of support, and found 5 or 6 individuals or companies that fit the bill. We interviewed 2 - Katrina being the first, and we liked her immediately! She made me feel at ease and that she got the kind of birth I was looking to achieve. We hired her right away, and I really liked having access to her via text in those months leading up to labor with random pregnancy questions. She walked through our birth plan with us in person around 36 weeks - it was really helpful because she had questions for us that weren't on our OB's list, including some of the immediate newborn care.

And then, finally, time to have a baby! My water had broken overnight (though I wasn't sure) and Katrina encouraged me to call my doctor when I texted her the next morning. I got busy at work (such denial!) and finally saw my doctor that afternoon and found that I was in pretty active labor! We met Katrina at the hospital, and she was amazing at keeping hubby & I focused throughout the entire process. With a 39 hour labor and 5.5 hours of pushing, we were exhausted. Katrina kept us calm and informed, keeping track of the comings and goings of the nurses and doctors through the evening. She helped me to come up with my questions before the resident came in every few hours. And when labor got really hard, she was great helping hubby to coach me to get that wee baby into our arms, and made sure we were comfortable breastfeeding before she left the hospital.

Katrina stopped in a week later for our post partum visit, bringing along a wonderfully written birth story. There's no way I would have maintained the focus that I did in labor & delivery without Katrina's support and expertise!

Renae Heath


I don't think I could have done labor without Katrina! She was right there to support me, console me, pray with me and even joke and lighten the mood as I was pushing! She was there for my husband, giving him ideas and supporting what he wanted to do for me. She was there before labor, sending me articles and links on things that I needed to research! She was very informative! I would recommend hiring a doula and Katrina to have the best labor possible!

Bekah and Mike Bachman


When we decided to hire a doula at the end of my 3rd pregnancy, I was still unsure how much I would need her since I'd had a natural birth before, and my husband is an awesome birth coach. But I am SO glad we decided to hire Katrina! I ended up having a very frustrating, prodromal (start and stop) labor for over a week. Katrina was always available to talk and text during this time, and she checked in on me often to encourage me. When active labor finally did kick in, it went FAST, and we barely had time to get to the hospital. I was panicking, but Katrina was supportive and calm through it all. She helped me to change my breathing so that I DIDN’T push and avoided having the baby in the ER. This was where she was really indispensable! We had taken a birth class years ago, but had never learned how to change breathing at the end of labor if you feel the urge to push but can’t or shouldn’t (like in this case). Katrina was awesome, helping to keep me calm and reminding me to “blow bubbles” when she could tell I was instinctively pushing with contractions. Our son was born less than 5 minutes after finally arriving on the L&D floor, about 15 minutes after arriving at the ER. My husband is an amazing birth coach, but without Katrina’s support to help me NOT push, I would have had the baby in the ER. I’m so thankful she was there! Though the delivery went super fast, Katrina stayed with us for hours afterwards, and even after going home she checked in with me often over the next several days. At our in-home postpartum visit she gave us our son’s written birth story. It was so wonderful to read about the whirlwind of events from an outside perspective and to have that documented so we can always look back and remember. I’ve also seen her work at 2 of my sister’s births. She is fantastic at helping her clients to feel comfortable and empowered. She's amazing at what she does!

Rashada Nuñez


Katrina's services during the delivery of my first child were invaluable.  She was very knowlegable and put me at ease.  She explained all of the procedures that I would endure and aided me in making birthing decisions.  

As a first time mom, I had questions and concerns which Katrina expertly addressed.  She also brought books from her personal library to help me get into the right mindset beforehand.  

My delivery was particularly long and Katrina was up with me and encouraged me every step of the way.  It was intense but Katrina's support made it a positive experience and helped me handle the contractions with measured breathing and informed instruction.  (She even saved me from having to pay for natural pain management classes as she was my exclusive coach!)

I don't have enough positive things to say.  I've already recommended Katrina to several of my contacts. 

Lynn Marie


Katrina was awesome! She was super supportive for all stages of my pregnancy and delivery. She was always quick to respond to any questions I had via texts and phonecalls. She helped me feel prepared and in control of my labor. Her massage during contractions made them much easier to gandle! My husband and I were both extremely impressed with Katrina, and, if/when we have another child, we'd totally use her services again!

Erin Vellela


My husband and I had a wonderful birth experience with Katrina Beier as our Doula. This was our first child and we didn't know what to expect, so It was so reassuring to have Katrina coach me through the entire process.  Because of her we were able to have the natural birth that we planned for.

Not only was she incredibly helpful during the birth process, but she was there to support us before and after I delivered. It was easy to tell that she cares deeply about her job.

We could not say enough about how much we appreciated Katrina and would highly recommend her to anyone. In fact, we have already recommended Katrina to several of our friends and family.

Shannon Rauch Rapp


The first time we met Katrina we knew she was the right fit for us. She made us feel very comfortable and was very informative. This was my second birth and first with a doula. My first child was born via a scheduled c-section and I knew I wanted to have a VBAC with my second as I wanted a better birth experiance. She was very supportive from the beginning and was always there for me to support and answer any questions I had along the way. I ended up being high risk again and had the same issues as in my first pregnancy. I was so worried I would yet again end up having another c-section. With the support and knowledge provided to me by Katrina, I feel I was better educated and more able to voice my wishes about my birth plan and in the end got to have my VBAC and an amazing birth experience!!! I absolutely loved reading my birth story provided by Katrina! I was out of it and focused on my labor, unable to pay attention to what was going on. It was awesome to read about my daughter's birth and will have that to keep forever!  I highly recommend Katrina, especially if you are planning a VBAC birth!! :)


Kristin Moyer Madeira


I cannot recommend Katrina enough!!!  I had c-sections with my first two births.  I did not have a doula with my firstborn and had a different doula with my second (I had attempted a VBAC).   For my third child, I did a lot of research and decided to attempt a V2BAC.   I had read a lot about doulas and decided I wanted one by my side.  I cannot tell you how glad I was to have Katrina with me for my third delivery!!  She not only took care of me, but she also put my husband at ease.  She was my much needed cheerleader.   When I was starting to have some pain on one side (turns out the epidural wasn't fully working but I was afraid of uterine rupture), the doc assured me the baby's heartbeat was ok but of course they then leave you....Katrina brought me a lot of peace just by being with me the WHOLE time.   She also had many different techniques that were so soothing and calming.  With my first two children, I dilated to 10 cm quickly but then pushed for three hours before the C-sections.   With my third, with Katrina helping me, I pushed for a total of 15 minutes and had a very successful vaginal birth!!!   It was one of the most awesome and exhilarating moments of my life....and I couldn't have done it without Katrina!  She is AWESOME!!!  (PS A bonus is that she captures those first few minutes photos while you and your husband are caught up in the beauty and awe of meeting your new little one....I absolutely treasure those images!)

Otilia Rivera


Being pregnant for the first time was scary and yet exciting. I didnt know what to expect especially when it came down to delivering my baby boy. I was all nervous about it and wanted my experience to be stress free. I don't know about the rest of you momma's but the excitment and expectations from family and your own spouse can be stressful. I wanted everyone to not worry and to enjoy this experience as much as I was but you all know how things can get when there are high expectations and parents who lovingly care and want to be there every second guiding you and giving you suggestions. I needed someone who can balance and set everything at ease because Lord knows I wouldnt have the energy to calm everyone down. So I hired Katrina to help me out with the Delivery process. She was awesome! She was able to get me through the roughest moments of pain and also allowed my husband to get some rest. She knew what I needed, and even if I was mean or rude, she didnt take it personal. Her calm presence and motivation really helped me to get through my labor. She was great at informing my family what was going on and directing the situation without stepping on anyones toes. She was direct, patient, and kind with everyone. 

Cher Ramsay


I have 3 kids and for my last one I didn't have a midwife so I decided I needed a doula. Katrina is a friend of mine so I already knew that I would like her. I didn't expect, though, that she would be giving me foot rubs and massages at the end of my pregnancy! I had pre-labor for 3 days before going into active labor, and Trina was available for all 3 of those days. She was also amazing during labor! She's well educated in making labor the best experience it can be! I would recommend her to any woman having a baby!

Amy Templeton


I decided in my 8th month of pregnancy that I wanted to try my 3rd pregnancy without an epidural. All the research I read up on kept saying things like, "It's like preparing for a marathon, and you need to prepare". Naturally this had me on edge as I was just considering going natural with less than 6 weeks to go. I reached out to Katrina when I saw on her facebook page that she had an opening for Feb. My husband knew nothing about a Doula or why I would want to utilize one. He did research of his own and agreed we should consider it. Katrina was amazing from our first meeting and we knew right away we needed to book her! She came right to our house and went over a lot of information with us, some things we hadn't even considered or knew about. She was a very constant presence throughout our time together, calling and texting. I ended up going a week past my due date and she was very helpful when I was down or upset. When the time came, my labor to delivery was only 2 hrs total and very intense. The first thing I said to Katrina when she arrived was that I didn't think I could do it, but she reassured me that I could and she was right! She helped my husband and I navigate the checking in process at the hospital and was right by my side the entire time. With such a quick delivery, my husband and I agree that had it not been for Katrina's presence and help through contractions, my experience would likely have been much harder than it was. If you are considering a doula, I highly recommend that you do, and hope you choose Katrina, she's absolutely talented at what she does and passionate about it too!

Kelly Kurtz Wood


When my husband and I found out that we were pregnant with our second child, we knew that we wanted a completely different experience than the birth of our first child, which was a C-Section under general anesthesia. To increase the chances for a successful VBAC, we decided to hire a doula. We met Katrina at a “Meet the Doula” event at Motherbaby Naturals in Bethlehem. She arrived slightly late, as she had just come from supporting a birth following a 40+ hour labor. Even still, she exuded so much warmth and positive energy after her long shift of working. My husband and I knew immediately that she would be a good person to have with us to provide support and guidance through our labor and delivery. We were right. She was a tremendous support throughout the end of the pregnancy and beyond. I began experiencing contractions and false labors at around 36 weeks, and would text Katrina every time. She always responded quickly with a kind word of encouragement. At 42 weeks/1 day, we realized that the baby wasn’t going to arrive on her own, and we went into the hospital for an induction. Katrina stayed with us the entire day – tracking the progress, massaging my feet with essential oils, praying with us and even sneaking me bits of chocolate when I needed a little energy boost before pushing. She immediately grabbed our camera and captured the intimate first moments of our daughter’s life, and stayed with us until Baby was nursing successfully.

Without Katrina, we undoubtedly wouldn’t have had the incredible birth experience that we did. The love and support that she provided helped to calm my husband’s nerves as well as gave me the extra strength I needed to make it as far as I did without an epidural. We love reading the birth story that Katrina wrote up for us and reliving that special day and know that if we are to have another baby – she will be one of the first people we call!

ashley perrine


I found I was pregnant with my first baby and knew immeidately that I wanted to have a natural birth -- with no drugs or interventions. I had heard great things about doulas and was unsure if I wanted/needed one. After a lot of research I decided it would be greatly beneficial to me to have one. I interviewed a few in the local area -- I connected with Katrina right away. She had an outgoing personality, was knowledgable, and was someone I could see myself being friends with. This was important to me to not only have someone that was knowledgable but someone that I could be comfortable with. She supported the type of birth that I wanted -- and let me know if  I changed my mind once I was in the middle of labor (wanting an epidural, etc.)  -- she would support any decision that I made -- afterall it was my birth! 

I was able to call/text Katrina anytime throughout my pregnancy to ask her questions and she always got back to me right away. This was comforting -- especially when my water broke before I started contractions and I was unsure if my water actually broke! 

Katrina was supportive, helped me with my breathing, helped with positions, and best of all -- cheered me on! 

My husband was unsure whether we really needed a doula -- people give birth all of the time wihtout one! After the birth -- he was extremely grateful that she was there with us. 

I would recommend Katrina over and over again. She knows what she is doing, is upbeat, and reassures you that you can do this -- even when it feels like you can't!  Not only those things, but since having my baby she has texted and kept in touch to see how both me and my son are doing.  

Choose a doula who will support you and your birth plan.... Choose Katrina -- I assure you -- you won't regret it! 

Iryna S


I am truly grateful to have found Katrina and hired her to be my doula. I have interviewed many doulas but once I met her, I knew she was the one. She was easy going, always assuring and always had an answer to any question I asked.

On the day of my delivery she came to my house and stayed with me the whole night, counting my contraction and assuring me that everything was going well as it supposed to. When we got to the hospital, I was 10 cm dialated! I couldn't believe it, I was ready to deliver my baby! And within 50 min after admission my daughter was born. I had no epidural, no pain medication of any kind. I gave birth naturally as I really wished. This was my first delivery (first child) and I couldn't have imagine to have such a great delivery without her. Her support and encouragement throughout this experience was really magnificent and helped me tremendously to believe in myself and to believe that my body is capable of delivering the baby with no interventions. I am truly, truly greatful!! Thank you Katrina for all your support, for believing in me and helping me believe in myself. I strongly recommend her because she is the best!

Kat Fix


Katrina Beier was my doula for my first birth on 3/3/14.  We met a couple of times prior to the birth to go over my wishes for my birth experience.  Katrina was open with me on what the hospital would most likely agree with.  She stayed with me during my labor and helped my husband relax and get some sleep!  She helped me obtain my goal to avoid a c-section and use minimal pain medicine.  After the birth she was very supportive and readily available to answer all my breastfeeding questions and just being there in those tough first few weeks.  I would recommend her to anyone and hope to be able to have her as my doula for my second child.

Alison Norton Ruta


Katrina was amazing with my sons birth and I could not have gone through that without my husband and herself. I went into my pregnancy knowing that there was a major possiblity that I could not have an epidural due to my chronic disease, so I went looking for 'extra hands'.

From the moment of meeting Katrina I felt an instant connection and I said to myself and later to my husband, 'she is the one I want throughout my birth'.  I cannot say enough how faboulous she was with it all and I would recommend anyone to her that is about to have a baby or thinking about getting pregnant.



Colleen Marsh


After my midwife's assistant unexpectedly moved away and the doula who works in her office left town for a wedding, Katrina served as the doula during my baby's homebirth. She was a wonderful support! I am so glad that circumstances led her to be the one to help me through the process. She was kind, helpful, understanding, and knowledgeable. I felt quite well cared for before, during, and after the birth. She checked up on me in the days following and even took the extra time to type up the highlights of the experience in a birth story for us to have. She definitely helped my first childbirth be a positive one!

Marianne Beahn Danubio


My homebirth was my first ever homebirth and the experience was amazing. Working with Katrina was awesome. She made sure my every need and want was met. She helped my husband and midwife with everything as needed. Not only did she help with all my wants and needs she also captured every moment with photos. To top everything off she also presented us with a written birth story on my postpartum visit. It is a great keepsake. I would definetly work with Katrina again and would recommend her to anyone wanting to work with a doula.

Catie Moyer


When you're choosing someone to spend several hours of pain with you, it's important they bring the right energy to the table. I began my search on DoulaNet and after reviewing local options, I immediately felt compelled to give Katrina a call. She was the first doula I interviewed and after a fifteen-minute conversation, my search was over.

The other reviewers are right that Katrina has no agenda, except to support whatever birth plan you have and help you roll with the punches as they come. I began with a natural birth plan and ended up being induced, trying several pain meds and inevitably having a C section due to complications. Katrina was there through it all, offering natural pain relief, helping me weigh my options at each decision point and maintaining an unrelenting positivity through it all.

Having supporting countless births, Katrina certainly has the experience to handle any case. But more than that, when you're 20+ hours into labor, she does whatever she can to make YOU comfortable: for me, that meant hooking up a tens machine, massaging my back and starting a game of Scrabble on her phone to take my mind off the pain (and it worked!). I'd recommend her to any woman looking for exceptional labor and post partum support.

Lin Elizabeth Preiss


We are so thankful for Katrina and would recommend her hands down! My husband and I had our first baby this fall and Katrian was the ideal addition of support for our process. She is the perfect balance of encouraging cheerleader and calming strength not only for the delivery but before and after as well. While we had an idea of what kind of labor we were hoping for, Katrian guided us through our questions, without judgment or persuasion, and quickly became someone we felt we could trust. Her warmth and knowledge even come through her texts for any questions or moments of doubt we had.

My husband is a doctor and great coach, so it was important to me that he be able to be there in tandem with Katrina. They were a great team, exactly what I needed, as Katrina offers strength with a servant's heart, never letting ego get in the way of our family moment or with the medical staff. We had a hospital delivery and Katrina was a great support prior to our getting there and helped us transition smoothly to the hospital routine. She is a great advocate for the mama and family while working gracefully with any nurses, etc, who also want to do their job. In the times of greatest stress and LABOR, she knew exactly the right touch, word or prayer to suit the situation. Such a blessing to be have her a part of our day!

Katrina seemingly works tirelessly and even documented our birth story with details we would have forgotten in the moment. She is a great support afterward, becoming one of our favorite parts of the story, and our little munchkins first days of life.

Kiara E Calverley


 I've been to a few births myself before having my own two and have never witnessed such knowledge on the matter from a non doctor/ nurse.  Doctors and nurses have their technical terms and they see babies being born every day so you don't really feel like your situation is any different or special in any way.  My first was tough and to be able to have someone knowledgeable that has seen so many births and has had three of her own ALL NATURAL was refreshing to say the least.  I think I would have had to cave and get an epidural if it wasn't for her.  I just kept thinking, she did it 3 times, I can do it once! And if I DID plan on drugs and an epidural that would have all been in the plan.  When you have such commotion going on you really need someone that's going to make sure you get the care that's in your best interest.  I 100% recommend, I don't know how I would have done it without her! 

Natalie Stewart


My experience with Katrina, aka my "labor fairy," was amazing... She was a Godsend! My husband and I really started questioning our birth plan in my last month and started worrying and feeling very anxious about our original plan (which was not the natural route) and after watching "the business of being born" documentary, we realized we needed more experienced support- and Katrina was perfect. She was there every step of the way and did above and beyond for me things I didn't even know I needed. She has a great sense of humor too, and genuinely is passionate about her clients having the best birth experience possible. I definitely recommend her to anyone who is a first time mom or looking for great emotional support and sound wisdom... What you'll have is peace of mind at a very important time of your life! 

Denise Weaver


I would highly recommend Katrina! I am pretty sure she saved me from having to get a c-section. I was taking forever to move from 1 cm and the doctor wanted to put me on pitocin and get an epidural right away. She helped me have the strength to push through with my goal of not getting an epidural by walking with me and having me get in the shower and run warm water on my lower back. I had such terrible back labor that even at 1 cm it felt unbearable. There was another woman in labor across the hall who had a similiar situation as me - stuck at 1cm and she did get an epidural and pitocin right away at the dr's advice. She ended up going 36 hours in labor and then needing a c-section. Katrina helped me and my husband push through the hardest parts of my 37 hour labor & delivery and I was so relieved that I had her there with me!

Alison Norton Ruta


Katrina was amazing. My epidural did not work and she was right there helping me through, she was my angel from start to finish. She even helped my husband so he did not have to work as hard.  I would recommend Katrina Beier 100 times over to friends or anyone that is pregnant.

Laura Sergi-Senkow


I used Katrina for my second baby, as I was attempting a VBAC...and I can't say enough good about her! She was incredibly knowledgable, compassionate and always available for even my silliest questions. She gave me & my husband tons of great advice for our birth plan... as well as amazing tips for my pregnancy, labor & delivery and postpartum healing. And even though I ended up with a C-section (and not the natural birth we had planned), I was SO GRATEFUL to have her beside me encouraging me and soothing my fears. I can't imagine doing it without her...without a doubt I will hire her for our next baby!

Every woman needs an advocate for her in the delivery room...every woman deserves to have a qualified support person beside her, to give her emotional strength and make sure she gets what she needs/wants from the medical staff. Katrina is your girl! Her passion for babies and experience in the delivery room will create the birth experienice you've been dreaming of! Believe me, you won't be disappointed!

Dina Gougoustamos


Having Katrina by my side was like having my very own angel there with me. I felt as though she was looking after my needs throughout my entire birth. Not only was she invaluable during birth, but her wealth of knowledge and information during ourconsultations  beforehand proved extremely beneficial. Without a doubt, completely worth hiring her! Can't recommend Katrina enough!!!

Emily Jane


I loved having Katrina as my doula.  She was very attentive to my (and my husbands) needs during the birth of my second daughter.  She helped me to achieve my goal of a drug-free VBAC with her caring support.  It was comforting to have her knowledge and expertise to wade through the birth process.  Katrina is compassionate and takes a genuine interest in her client's birth experience.

Nicole DiBello


I had always hoped to give birth without any medical interventions (e.g. an epidural). However, I caved during the birth of my oldest son. I was not at all happy with the birthing experience, although I was thrilled to have my son safely in my arms. When I became pregnant with my next son, I was more determined to have natural birth experience. I knew I needed help, though, to push toward my goal. Katrina was just that. In a professional, confident, calm manner, she walked me through a medication-free birth. I loved the experience. Thanks to Katrina, I was able to experience the most empowering moments in my life. I highly recommend hiring her as your doula.

Bethany Vitaro


What I love most about Katrina is that her goal is for you to have the birth experience you want. She comes with no agenda except to provide the best support possible. Should I have any other children, I will definitely hire Katrina again, if at all possible. I didn’t have the easiest of pregnancies and Katrina’s support was crucial. I had false labor several times during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and she made several visits to the house to help us decide whether my labor was moving forward or not.

Katrina kept track of things for me so that all I had to do was focus on the labor. She kept track of my contraction lengths, when I had last eaten or gone to the bathroom, she even reminded me to check my blood sugar. When I was in labor with our daughter, my husband felt guilty running around the house packing last minute items, mowing the lawn or taking a shower because he felt like he should be sitting with me. But this time he felt free to do what needed to be done. When we reached the hospital and the triage nurse asked what time I had last eaten, Katrina was able to tell them. When I was considering pain relief, she reassured me that if that was what I wanted, it was fine. I hadn’t failed. When we finally checked into our room and the contractions got stronger, Katrina encouraged me, “You can do this, but you don’t have to do this.” With her assurance of my capability I felt confident to get my epidural without feeling like a wuss or a cheater. She sat with me after my son was born so my husband could run to the cafeteria. She stayed at the hospital with us when I was having post delivery bleeding complications and called my parents to keep them updated.

Obviously not every person’s experience with a doula is as wonderful as mine was, but it is a worthwhile option to consider, even if you aren’t planning an “all natural” birth.

Jennifer Peiffer


I used Katrina as my Doula for my second child. She was absolutely amazing! Although my husband, and nurses and doctor were there, none of thier help compared to Katrina's. She is extemely knowledgeable and able to pick up on your personality and what you like and don't like. She is NEVER pushy, but always precise with the help she gives. The best part for me was the on call availability. I could call her anytime and she always got back to me right away! She also stayed with me when I started labor ALL THE WAY to the END! Not like the doctors or nurses who just come in and out and leave you clueless and by yourself!

I would highly recommend her to anyone who is pregnant! Don't wait till your second birth---hire her right away, YOU WON'T Regret it!

Bethany Vitaro


Should I have any other children, I will definitely hire Katrina again, if at all possible. I didn’t have the easiest of pregnancies and Katrina’s support was crucial. I had false labor several times during the last few weeks of my pregnancy and she made several visits to the house to help us decide whether my labor was moving forward or not. 

Katrina kept track of things for me so that all I had to do was focus on the labor. She kept track of my contraction lengths, when I had last eaten or gone to the bathroom, she even reminded me to check my blood sugar. When I was in labor with our daughter, my husband felt guilty running around the house packing last minute items, mowing the lawn or taking a shower because he felt like he should be sitting with me. But this time he felt free to do what needed to be done. He made a light dinner and finished up any dishes while Katrina helped me through my contractions. He and Katrina took turns doing double hip squeezes to help with the back labor. When we reached the hospital and the triage nurse asked what time I had last eaten, Katrina was able to tell them. When I was considering pain relief (laying on my side in triage did not make it very easy to cope with contractions), she reassured me that if that was what I wanted, it was fine. I hadn’t failed. When we finally checked into our room and the contractions got stronger, Katrina encouraged me, “You can do this, but you don’t have to do this.” With her assurance of my capability I felt confident to get my epidural without feeling like a wuss or a cheater. She sat with me after my son was born so my husband could run to the cafeteria. She stayed at the hospital with us when I was having post delivery bleeding complications and called my parents to keep them updated.

I highly recommend Katrina, even if you aren't planning an "all natural" birth.

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